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More Of Mary M. Jones

I want to keep on going on down history road so stay with me as I want to go back where I left off. The dew of heaven was not more kind to the withering grass than was her presence to the parched and wearied heart her home like a fairy region where all the harsh and stormy passions of the world were silenced furnished a resting place to the soul all that we know and conceive of hospitality was there dispensed with a heart whose philanthropy knew no bounds and a hand open as day to melting charity. But she is gone her voice will never again welcome the coming guest nor her hand relieve the sufferings of the needy the brightest and mildest star in our moral firmament has set forever. I stood beside her aged and exhausted from a few hours after the spirit was not there how different the attitude from that in which I had recently before observed it then moving majestically along the current of life attended by all its graces and dispensing all its blessings and now in cold obstruction. I never beheld a face so intelligent and serene in death it wore to the last those felicitous traits of expression which illumined it when living. On life itself she was so still and fair that death with gentler aspect withered there. As if she scarcely felt but feigned a sleep. Boy oh boy what joy this is to me just to be able to put this down for other researchers out there. I would like to say to you that are new at this don't ever stop for you must keep this going for your family. Every day I have to thank God for He sure has stood by me down through the years. I started research for my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Still going on with this we left off right here. And made almost mockery yet to weep. He who hath him o'er the dead Ere the first day of death is fled. The first dark day of nothingness. The last of danger and distress. Before decay's effacing fingers. Have swept the lines where beauty lingers. And marked the mild angelic air. The Rapture of repose that's there. And fixed yet tender traits that streak. The languor of the placid cheek. Stick with me as we must keep going with this. Some moments ay one treacherous hour. He still might doubt the tyrant's power. So fair so calm so softly sealed. The first last look by death revealed. A gilded halo hovering round decay. The farewell beam of felling past away. I gazed upon that aspect without tears. For I read in its attitude moral of her life and almost fancied that I still communed with an animated being but for the sad and shrouded eye I had yet doubted whether her spirit had flown. Oh o'er the eye death most exerts his might. And hurls the spirit from her throne of light. Sainted spirit fare thee well- there have been tears and bursting hearts for thee and mind though riven with its own affiction hath bled and would have died for thee. Farewell A word that must be and hath been. A sound which makes us linger yet farewell. Willie Jones picture I put on here Mary M. Jones husband.

Mountain Adventure year 1928 August.

My mother wrote more and more things in her bible. I loved mother so very much and i sure loved the family bible more than any bible. Oh it is great to have this bible been lots of pages removed from her bible but that is ok. My mother wrote about this mountain adventure. Lillie Belle O'Shields my mother put this in the family bible as she says that every summer that her husband and their childern would spened a few days in the mountains. This picture is a picture of Lillie Belle O'Shields my mother. They are ready to make this trip in the mountains. Location that was selected for what was to be a happy adventure being Cove Creek twenty miles beyond Waynesville NC. What a great place to be the mountain people were so friendly that we just loved being around them. As mother wrote in the bible she told that it was August 1928. That Mr. Denny Leonard O'Shields my daddy got out the old model T Truck out of the garage and overhauled it and made a canvas top for it. This was like what you would see on a mountain wagon. Which was packed with the tents cots bedding cooking utensils food and clothing even had watermelons and chickens and two dogs on the truck. Gee what a loaded truck. Now mother writes that the kids were to ride on top of all those things and mother and my daddy were to be in the cab. Mother says that daddy's brother and his wife and little girl were also going on this trip. Which they would be traveling in their Doge coupe following along behind. Mother says that it is six oclock when they left a very black cloud in the sky. Mother said that she was not in favor of trying to keep going. But the rest said oh it will be ok so she said ok. Night was coming on it was really rough yes i mean rough. Lighting very keen streaks flashed about us and the rain beat down. Mother says that they stopped several times lights were burned out could not get lights fixed. Mother said i think we should stop and wait till morning. But no they said we can make it we can drive by my husband's brothers lights they said. Moon light was bright and it blinded my daddy he slipped a little to close to the bank. Mother writes on with this story down' down we went crash' crash. Mother goes on she say's that she sat up on the ground. Too frighten and stuned to dat an eye looking around i saw my husband by me.But oh where was my children a thousand of things was running through my mind. I was hurt and scared as i was. Next thing i found myself sitting on top of the hill looking down upon the turned over truck below. I can not till this day explain how i got on the hill. My eight year old boy was ok and our little girl was ok.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M. Riddle

Calvin M. Riddle was born 1859 in Gray Court Laurens County SC. Mr. Riddle met Carrie Rampley at Friendship Baptist Church in Gray Court. They were married at this church at a young age. Carrie Rampley was born 1864. There was lots of love in their home. Both Mr. and Mrs. Riddle loved the Lord and the Church. They moved to Greenville at one point and they lived on Pendleton Street and members of Pendleton Street Baptist Church. In 1943 Mr. and Mrs. Riddle were married 64 years before he died he died in same year at the age of 84. Mr. Riddle always had a garden every year. He loved tomatos very much. They would bring grandaddy tomatos when he got bad off and he would not eat them but he said they were nasty. Seems that the children all loved him and the children would call grandaddy Santa Claus because of the snow white beared that he had. I shall never forget my grandmother Riddle as was walking down the hall she could see them fight on the T.V. grandmother prayed that this would stop it did the T.V blew out. When grandmother was 90 years of age she said if you boys will get me those apples i will bake a pie we did and she baked the best pie that i have ever eat. When Mrs. Riddle was sitting out on the front porch she was 94. She kelpt looking up at the sky my daddy said Mrs Riddle why you keep looking up. Grandmother said Denny i'am going home he said you will be ok. My daddy did not understand what she was talking about she was talking about her home in Heaven. Grand mother died that same year 1958.

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Mrs' Sula Bea Chastain O'Shields

Mrs' Sula Bea Chastain O'Shields. 100 of Dacusville Community wife of the late Oscar Jackson O'Shields. Passed away Wednesday morning February 22 2012 at her home. There's not a lot of people that reach 100 which she almost reached 101 she was born 1911. I have been in her home a few times and everytime that i have talked to her she was always the same. I became close to one of her sons before that he died his name was Bruce O'Shields. As most of you know is that i have researched the O'Shields for many years. I went to see Bruce O'Shields about every other week while Bruce was sick. I started going to the O'Shields Reunion at Mt' Carmel Baptist Church. Bruce and myself walked over the graves at Mt' Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery about a year before he died. I believe that we were kin i think that we were in the same line. But any way lets get back to Sula Bea Chastain O'Shields she loved people and she loved God. She was born in Pickens County S.C. She was a daughter of the late Oscar and Bertha Masters Chastain. Mrs O'Shields lived most of her married life in Dacusville Community she was a homemaker. She was the oldest living member of Mt' Carmel Baptist Church.

My Mother Mrs. Denny Leonard O'Shields Sr.

My mother was one who prayed for everybody everyday. Yes mother always prayed for her family that God would save all her children and her grandchildren and her great grandchildren. My mother prayed that her husband would get saved before it was too late. We are thankful that daddy got saved before that he died. I'am very thankful for the family bible that my mother had and that she studied from and mother loved the word of God. And mother wrote prayers to God in the family bible i may not write this word for word but then i may. This was wrote by mother June 26' 1968 this was wrote early a.m. Here goes Dear God' I want to thank you for thee for the life that thou has give me. And for all the beautiful things that goes with it. Trees' flowers' grass' and everything. And for the birds that fly in the air. Thank you Dear God for the families thou has gave us and for the families we grew up in we thank you.Dear God you have taught me how to live. And you have taught me how to get ready to die. O/ God i'am so full of mistakes.Lord save all my family thank you God. A-MEN. I love you my dear mother. My mother was born Lillie Belle Riddle March 5' 1900-1971 mother was 71 at her death.

Nancy O'Shields

Nancy O'Shields born in Spartanburg SC. August 17' 1804. Nancy O'Shields worked in a Doctors Office in Spartanburg SC. Dr. John Smith He changed his name to Dr. John Winn-Smith. Nancy with my study in my research looks like that Nancy O'Shields had 4 sons a one daughter. Which i will name these children. William Paschal O'Shields born July 4th. 1824' Samuel Drayton O'Shields born 1825' Wiley Drayton O'Shields born 1832' Mary Ann [Polly] O'Shields born Jan' 15' 1833' Isaac Scott O'Shields born 1834 or 1835. This is all the children of Nancy O'Shields. This family lived on a large plantation called the O'Shields Plantation 272 acres of farmland. Some researchers try to say that there is no proof that Nancy O'Shields was ever born. I know that most of those that do research know better than that. I can't say that i agree with her lifestyle because i did not. Nancy O'Shields never married or if she did i can't find any record of Nancy O'Shields ever getting married. But she was a person who in latter years was a christian. So we need to look at the things that Nancy did helping others. Nancy O'Shields was a Mid-Wife and Nancy would get her buggy and would be on her way to help someone in need. Lets look a little more at Nancy O'Shields was a person who was not scared of work. On this Plantation there was smoke houses for hangig their meats. Yes times were rough but as her children grew it was a lot better. Each one of these children had their chores to do. There was lots of love in this family. Nancy had some slaves to help on the Plantation. I want to take time to say i thank God for My great-great grandmother praise God for Nancy O'Shields.

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O'Shields Plantation 272 Acres of Farm Land in Walnut Grove Spartanburg S.C.

Going to part two about my great granddaddy. I left off about Dr. John Winn Smith changed his name. But anyway this is the O'Shields plantation where Nancy O'Shields raised her children. John Winn Smith put her on this plantation of 272 acres of farmland. NOW IN 1860 Wiley Drayton O'Shields did not own any land. But he was living in the same house that he lived in as a boy. Lets go back and take another look at childhood days.Nancy O'Shields was a nurse maid she would be out trying to help anyone who needed help. Wiley Drayton O'Shields married Julia Smith that 1851 was born 1827-1904 was 77 at her death. from what I have heared she was a good person. Wiley Drayton O'Shields born 1832- 1882 he died at 50. I could go on and on but i think i will stop with this. But if you need my help on this i will try to help you anyway that i can. God Bless You is my prayer.

O'Shields Plantation 272 Acres Of Farmland Walnut Grove.

Here I go with this about my great granddaddy Wiley Drayton O'Shields. I need to write this because I have children grandchildren and great grandchildren and this is for all those that are searching their family. I want you to know that I know where i'am coming from. Now listen to me my name is Charles Edward O'Shields. Next to the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Denny Leonard O'Shields. My daddy was the youngest child of my granddaddy W.G.S. O'Shields and granddaddy was the youngest child of Wiley Drayton O'Shields and Wiley Drayton O'Shields was my great granddaddy. I'am 75 years of age myself and I thank the good Lord up above for letting this old man do this. I have had others that have asked me to tell about this person or some other person. This is also the reason for this about my family. Now let me tell you what some researchers are saying they have found the family of Wiley Drayton O'Shields of his mother and daddy. They claim that they have proof of this that in 1850 census proves this. I want to put down what some are saying 1850 census. Head of household J. O'Sheals age 50 male white born 1800. Eva O'Sheals age 40 female white born 1810' L. O'Sheals age 21 male white farmer born in S.C. J. O'Sheals age 18 male white farmer born in S.C. E. O'Sheals age 16 male white farmer born in S.C. P. O'Sheals age 14 male white born in S.C. J. O'Sheals age 12 male white born in S.C. D. O'Shealds age 16 male white born in S.C. Now there are two sides to this the fake or false for that family of O'Sheals is not the family of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. First of all no one has ever found the daddy of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. Not talking about the way that they spell O'Sheals' or O'Shields has nothing to do with this. But I do know the mother of Wiley Drayton O'Shields her name is Nancy O'Shields that was born August 17' 1804 in Spartanburg S.C. Nancy O'Shields worked in a doctors office in Spartanburg S.C. Dr. John Smith was the Doctor she worked for Nancy was a good friend of his. The doctor changed his name to Dr. John Winn Smith. Ok stay with me as we are going to another page I will call part 2.

Prayers By Charles Edward O'Shields Sr.

4/21/15. Dear God I love you wrote this 12;11 a.m. 12;15am. I Wrote Dear God Help Me as I go to the doctor at 8'00a.m. Dear God thanks for letting me live yet another day. 10'12a.m. 4/22/15. Dear God oh how I love you for all things as i'am here in the bedroom at 1'10p.m. just want to give you praise. Today and every day. 4/22/15. Dear God i'am getting ready to go to Church at New Life Baptist Church starts at 6'30p.m. looking forward to being at church.4/22/15. Thank you Dear God I was in church 6;30p.m. here at New Life Baptist what a great service we had the power of God really moved tonight. Praise your wonderful name. Dear God how I have prayed for Eddie O'Shields our son who had a very bad stroke Feb' 20th' 2015 have to feed him with a feeding tube. You that read this please pray that Eddie will be able to eat without the tube. And pray that he will be able to walk once more. I do thank God over and over and over for the way that God has already touched Eddie O'Shields but he still has a long way to go. Dear God I have to pray for Mr. Robert James Rice almost about to lose his eye site I pray God save his eye site. Mr. Rice is 90 years of age my wife's daddy and a good daddy to his children which he loves his family researchers pray for him. Pray for his wife Thelma Ann Rice she is 85 has a shoulder and wrist which is broke touch them both dear God. Pray for my drear wife she has had 2 strokes one on the left side and on the right side she is much better but still needs to be healed her name is Carolyn O'Shields. Been about 2 years since my wife had these strokes but still can't walk but my prayer that she will walk. On 4/23/15' Dear God I pray for people everywhere there are so many that hurt God touch them with a special touch. Dear God there are so many that do not know where to turn God help them to understand that Jesus is the answer. He is the only true way there are lot's of way's but the true way is Jesus Christ my prayer is this do not wait to late. Trust in God today right now He is standing at your heart's door do not turn Him away. God is so big that He can hold the whole world in His hands. Yet God is small enough to live in our heart. Dear God so many have loss a family member God touch them in a time of need are a time of trouble. God help me to help someone along the way. God i know that time is not on my side at my age but I hope and pray dear God give me a few more years to work for my Lord and my God. Praise you dear God Glory' Glory' to your name.

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Rev. J.A. Cave Pastor Of Mt. Creek Baptist Church Greenville South Carolina.

Rev. J.A. Cave our pastor really he was much more than a pastor to the O'Shields family he was a real friend. Yes you could count on Rev. Cave anytime that you needed him he would be there. It did not matter what time that it was all that you needed to do would be to just give him a call. I'am sure that lot's of times that he was tired but if he was preacher Cave would be right there what a pastor and friend. There are preachers and then there are preachers but a preacher like Rev. Cave are few and hard to find. Rev Cave loved his family and he loved his church family. Did not matter to Rev. Cave if you was poor or rich i really believe that he was true to all his church family. I have to also have to say that he had a wife that loved him very much and his children loved their daddy. Rev. and Mrs. Cave are both buried at the church cemetery Mt. Creek Baptist Church. The O'Shields family miss the Cave family of Rev and Mrs Cave. Hope to see you someday.