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The King James Bible 1611.

My mother Mrs. Denny Leonard O'Shields Sr. loved the King James Bible 1611. We as children were taught the word of God at an eary age. we can talk about family bible and most of us do. But i have mothers family bible which i have just got to brag a little. I love this bible more than words could ever say. Yes mother wrote lots in her bible someone got some of the things that mother wrote in the bible. This is ok because if it helps whoever then praise God. Mother wrote much about her family of each one of the children and grandchildren. Her mother and daddy's daddy and mother. Daddys mother was Mr. and Mrs. W.G.S. O'Shields Mothers daddy was Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M. Riddle.

True grave of my great Uncle William Paschal O'Shields born 1824-1909.

Mr. William Paschal O'Shields is buried in Cedar Shoalds Baptist Church Cemetery. Near Enore and has been buried there since 1909. Sometime we want to prove a point that we will hatch up a place where a person we want to be where a person is buried. One researcher even used the marker of Old Lebanon Baptist Cemetery. To try to say that William Paschal O'Shields was buried in the Old Lebanon Baptist Church Cemetery this just is not true. Even showed a picture of a marker that had no name to try to prove this to be his marker. There is no proof that any O'Shields is buried in this Cemetery. This Cemetery is all grown up trees have fallen on markers and broke them to where they can't be read. This researcher even has put his birthdate as 1800 or 1805 which this is not true. Most of the researchers out there know that i have done my research and i have give true facts. Even the other researcher used a letter that was wrote by Sarah Jane O'Shields a daughter of William Paschal O'Shields and Elizabeth Heaton. Year 1929 is when the letter was wrote. In the letter Sarah Jane O'Shields states that she don't know when her daddy died nor where he died but she goes on to say thathe went to check on his sons wife. Sounds strange to me don't give name of son. Looks like that he must have been back in Spartanburg at some point which he must have died in Spartanburg 1909 and buried next to his first wife Caroline Hammond she was buried 1908 Cedar Shoalds where both are buried. Elizabeth Heaton was buried in North Carolina.


What i'am about to write is about W,G.S. O'Shields and his bible. Now he only wrote about his family that he grew up in. Shall we walk down history road of his family that he loved. Mr. O'Shields was my grandaddy but he died two years before i was born i was born 1940 grandaddy died 1938. Grandaddy was 75 at his death he was the youngest child of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. Well lets start with what he wrote in the bible. W.G.S. O'Shields wrote that Wiley Drayton O'Shields and Julia Smith O'Shields was his mother and daddy. He goes on to say that his daddy was born 1832 July 27'. He said that his mother was born September 14' 1826 this is what W.G.S. wrote in the bible but on her tombstone reads September 8 1827. He told that his mother was the daughter of Enoch and Abigail Elder Smith. Their 1st child born was James Monroe O'Shields June 12' 1852' Next was Frank Marion O'Shields born 1853' 1855 Robert Belton O'Shields' 1858 Enoch Thomas O'Shields 1859' Giddeon Henry O'Shields' 1860 Henry Wetsel O'Shields' 1863 W.G.S. O'Shields born.

We have heared it said about family history.

It has been told about three O'Shields brothers that come here from Ireland' Well now we must try to clear this up for this is just not true. The O'Shields started saying this way back then with no proof i don't know who started this. But this was handed down from first one and then another. I'am sure that this has took place with all of us from time to time. I love my family very much as we sure should. Yes we all are very proud of family members as we should be. When i started my research about the history of the O'Shields i searched for true facts. I have been doing this research for over 12 years someone may worry how the name has been spelled. Wiley Drayton O'Shields that was born in Spartanburg SC. 1832-1882. Wiley Drayton O'Shields was 50 at his death. Wiley Drayton O'Shields my great grandaddy it seems that he wrote in his bible about O'Shields and he spelled the name O'Shealds. Some researchers make a deal from this but this is not anything to worry about still the same name just spelled another way. Back then they did not know how to spell. Things get started just like about the brothers.Lets take time to look at Wiley Drayton O'Shields and his Family. We must look first at his mother Nancy O'Shields. Shall we look at the birth of Nancy O'Shields born in the year 1804 August 17. I don't like to write what i'am about to write because Nancy was my great-great grandmother but i loved her and very proud of great-great grandmother. I hope that you will understand what i'am saying. It is time to try to clear up some of the things that have been told down through the years. Nancy's mother was Teresa O'Shields Teresa was a daughter of Daniel O'Shields. We have no record if Nancy O'Shields ever got married.But it is believed that Nancy worked in a doctors office in Spartanburg S.C. The doctor was Dr. John Simth Nancy and the doctor were good friends. Look at this Dr. John Smith changed his name to Dr. John Winn Smith. Stay with me as we keep going down history road. O'Sheal is a Irish name but the O'Sheal or O'Shields or O'Shealds O'Shiel did not come from Ireland. I have got lots to bring all of this out for all those that are doing research i intend to do my best to help others who are doing research. I hope you enjoy reading this what i have posted for i lots more to write. So stay with me for this is real history. Although the ancestry of Colonel David O'Sheal' the immigrant is not known beyond his father John O'Sheal a merchant of London.


Wiley Drayton O'Shields was born July 27' 1832 son of Nancy O'Shields which W.G.S. O'Shields his youngest son had put this down in his bible. Which we call the family bible Annie Wilson had this bible of W.G.S. O'Shields in her home after her mother died . Her mother was my aunt and a sister to my daddy and a daughter of W.G.S. O'Shields. Annie Wilson my first cousin has told me that Nancy O'Shields was the mother of Wiley Drayton. She has also said that there was a picture of Nancy O'Shields on tin but said that she does not know where the picture got too. Nancy O'Shields was born August 17' 1804 in Spartanburg S.C. At this time very little has been found on the parents of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. But with research and lots of research i have had a break through about Wiley Drayton O'Shields. Lets take a good look at this as we keep going down history road. Shall we take a look at his married life of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. On August 17' 1851 Wiley Drayton O'Shields married Julia Smith she was born September 14' 1826. This date was taken from the family bible of W.G.S. O'Shields. But on the tombstone it says she was born September 8' 1827. On December 29' 1861' Wiley Drayton O'Shields enlisted in the Confederate Army by Col. P.F.Stevens of the Holcombe Legion at Camp Walsh' as a private. was listed as 31 at the time. On April 5' 1862 he was discharged on a medical discharge. His forwarding address was given as Walnut Grove' S.C. Wiley Drayton O'Shields was a farmer by trade and was a good farmer. Now he and his wife had a good life . Julia Smith was the daughter of Enoch and Abigal Elder Smith. Let me and tell about the place where they lived. Wiley and his wife lived on a 272 acres of farm land which was the same place that he was raised on as a boy. This was the O'Shields Plantation which Wiley Drayton O'Shields bought in 1868 from Ann Smith. Nancy O'Shields his mother did indeed live in his home with him and his wife. But at some point after 1855 Nancy moved out of the house. The reason for moving was that she moved in with her daughter Polly Ann [O'Shields] Epps and B.J. Epps Pollys husband. They lived in Pickens' S.C. and Easley S.C. and T. Rest S.C. Going on down history road about Wiley Drayton O'Shields and his wife. Let me take this time to name the children that were born in this home. On June 12' 1852' the 1st child was born James Monroe O'Shields. On September 7' 1853' the 2nd' child was born' Frank Marion O'Shields. On September 8' 1855' the 3rd child was born' Robert Belton O'Shields. On January 6' 1858' the 4th' child was born Enoch Thomas O'Shields. On January 30' 1859' the 5th' child was born' Giddeon Henry O'Shields. On May 8' 1860 the 6th' child was born' Henry Wetsel O'shields. On April 6' 1863 the 7th' child was born Wiley George Simpson O'Shields he was their last child. Please note this about these children that were born in this family they were all listed in the family bible. Boy this is real history i'am very proud to be just to be a part of the O'Shields family. Wiley Drayton O'Shields died on Octobet 31' 1882 in Spartanburg County' South Carolina. Julia Smith O'Shields died on November 20' 1904. Both are buried in the Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery in Pauline' Spartanburg County' South Carolina. This is a picture of the tomstone thats in the cemetery.

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William Paschal O'Shields

William Paschal O'Shields born July 4TH 1824-1909 he was 84 at his death. William Paschal O'Shields was the oldest child of Nancy O'Shields.William Paschal O'Shields was over 6ft tall had black hair as a young man and blue eyes. William Paschal O'Shields had three brothers and a sister. I will name each one of his brothers and his sister. Samuel Drayton O'Shields born 1825' Wiley Drayton O'Shields born 1832-1882 Wiley Drayton O'Shields was 50 at his death. Mary Ann [Polly] O'Shields born Jan'15' 1833' Isaac Scott O'Shields born 1834 or 1835. The O'Shields had a O'Shields String Band. Which all these brothers enjoyed playing in this band. Now they lived on a large plantation which was called the O'Shields Plantation 272 acres of farmland. Their mother Nancy O'Shields worked very hard. As she worked in a Doctors Office Dr John Smith who changed his name to Dr. John Winn- Smith. Nancy O'Shields was a Mid Wife and she would get in her buggy and would always go to those that needed help. Nancy O'Shields done lots of good but i did not agree with her lifestyle. But there is one thing that i'am proud of Nancy O'Shields is that she was a christian in latter years. But lets get back to William Paschal O'Shields he was married to Caroline Hammond. Which has been told that they had 13 children in Spartanburg SC. William Paschal 1n and around 1856 he was in North Carolina this is where he meets Elizabeth Heaton. It has been told that Elizabeth Heaton was a full blooded cherokee indian i don't know if she was or not but from the looks of her picture i would say that she sure did have indian in her. But this don't really matter where she was an indian or part does not matter. But what really matters is that in the year 1857 Elizabeth Heaton and William Paschal O'Shields were both in Pickens SC. Now hold off just a minute as most of the O'Sheal and O'Shields in Pickens believe William Paschal O'Shields as the leading ancestor in Pickens S.C. I will go so far as to say that he sure was the leading ancestor. Now Elizabeth Heaton was with child when they were in Pickens S.C. 1857. Let me say this William Paschal O'Shields was my great uncle. Sarah Jane O'Shields was born 1857 and she died 1932 she was 75 at her death. This is their first child next Isaac O'Shields he was born 7/15/1859 4/7/1941 Isaac was 82 at his death. 1860 Milas O'Shields was born -1944 Milas was 84 at his death. Joseph O'Shields born i don't have a record of his birth. This is all their children that i have record of. Mr. William Paschal O'Shields was a farmer and a very good one as i have heared from others. Elizabeth Heaton was born 1825. I want to point out that in 1856 William Paschal O'Shields was 32 and Elizabeth was 31. Some researchers will have you to believe that there was a William Paschal O'Shields born 1805 and around 1860 that he was dead or killed or something well there may have been another William Paschal O'Shields but the one that died in 1860 was not the one that was married to Elizabeth Heaton Elizabeth was only 35 years of age in 1860 and one they claim that was born 1805 would have been 30 years older than Elizabeth this just is not true. This does not add up a 65 year old man was the father of Milas O'Shields in 1860. I don't think so let's be for real. I have wrote this in all due respect. I'am doing this to help other researchers that are trying to research the O'Sheal O'Shields history. I'am 71 years of age and i have been doing this for years. May God Bless you as you read this look at this with an open mind. But let me say this is my kin that i love them very much.

William Paschal O'Shields My Great Uncle.

William Paschal O'Shields was the oldest child of Nancy O'Shields. William Paschal O'Shields was born July 4 1824. He had three other brothers and a sister which i'am going to name them in order. Samuel Drayton O'Shields born 1825' Wiley Drayton O'Shields born 1832' Mary Ann [Polly] O'Shields born Jan 15 1833' Isaac Scott O'Shields born 1834 or 1835. This is all the children in this family i have put them down to try to help others to understand where i'am comming from. I'am comming back to William Paschal O'Shields but i don't want to go to fast with this. Let me say this that Nancy O'Shields was born August 17' 1804. Now lets go back to William Paschal let me say this about William Paschal O'Shields he was over 6ft.tall black hair and blue eyes as a young man as all his brothers. William Paschal played in the O'Shields string band. The O'Shields string band all started on what was called the O'Shields Plantation. Now this was a large Plantation 272 acres of farmland. This was in Walnut Grove Spartanburg County SC. Lets keep walking down the history road and together we will see and hope that we will know that this is William Paschal O'Shields that lived a double life. Yes he was married to Carolina Hammond it has been told that he was the father of 13 children by Carolina Hammond.There is no proof that has been found that he married Carolina Hammond. Some researchers try to say that he was born in 1805 i will not say that there was not another William Paschal O'Shields but if one was born in 1805 it is not the same one that i'am talking about. For the one that i'am talking about went to North Carolina in around 1856 this is when he met Elizabeth Heaton. The year is 1857 they were in Pickens SC. Elizabeth Heaton is with child Sarah Jane is born' Isaac O'Shields born 1859-1941. Milas O'Shields born 1860-1944' Joseph O'Shields don't have his birtdate. Elizabeth Heaton was born 1825 in NC. It has been said that Elizabeth Heaton was full blooded cherokee indian i don't know but if you take a good look at her picture i would say that she does have indian in her. William Paschal O'Shields was a farmer and a very good one.