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Lewis O'Shields

Lewis O'Shields was born Dec' 17' 1833 Spartanburg County' South Carolina' USA. Death; Oct. 24' 1908 Texas' USA. Lewis O'Shields was 75 at his death. Value documentation this is fact and true. Look at this Tombstone is a double tombstone with the husband's name listed as L. O'Shields And his wife as N.R. O'Shields. Lewis O'Shields was the son of Henry and Sarah O'Sheal. Lewis was the grandson of Jethro O'Sheal and his wife Catherine [Sarah Catherine]. Jethro O'Sheal aka' Jethro O'Shields was a Revolutionary war soldier of Spartanburg District S.C. He is buried at Friendship Baptist Church' Pauline Spartanburg County. S.C. Lewis's parents Henry O'Sheal [1788-1851] and his wife Sarah [Born; 1790- died after 1860]. Elizabeth O'Sheal Hewitt. [1793-1873] and her husband Rev' James Hewitt was a pastor in the late 1840's. N.R. O'Shields was the wife of Lewis O'Shields' Her maiden name was Harris and her full name was Nancy Robertson Harris O'Shields. She was born August 6' 1844. Lewis O'Shields and Nancy Robertson [Harris] O'Shields

Family Of O'Sheals

Please lets take our time as we look at this family. A researcher has said that he has found the family of Wiley Drayton O'Shields that was born 1832-1852 and died at 50. Look at this one researcher has come up with this 1850 census. You hear the word documentation which i'am putting this down about this family so you can be the judge. Head of household J. O'Sheals age 50 male white born 1800' Eva O'Sheals age 40; female white born 1810. L. O'Sheals age 21 male white farmer born in S.C. J. O'Sheals age 18 male white farmer born in S.C. E. O'Sheals age 16' male white farmer born in S.C. P. O'Sheals age 14' male white born in S.C. J. O'Sheals age 12' male white born in S.C. D. O'Sheals age 16 male white born in S.C. This researcher says all kind of things about Wiley Drayton O'Shields that his parents have never been found well that is not true. But now he has changed his mind and says this could be the parents of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. While I think God for this family of O'Sheals that were in this census 1850 this is not the family of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. Now this even gets worse as he goes on find a grave of Wiley Drayton O'Shields and he puts this 1850 census on there don't say that this could be the parents but that he has found the parents. I do not know the daddy of Wiley Drayton O'Shields but I sure know the mother. I have done research many years and I hope to stay at this for as long as God will let me do what I do for my children and grandchildren an great grandchildren. Nancy O'Shields is my great-great grandmother Nancy was born August 17' 1804 daughter of Teresa O'Shields Brother name Wiley O'Shields born 1801; Samuel O'Shields another brother born 1799' Elizabeth O'Shields sister born 1791. Nancy O'Shields rasied her family on the O'Shields Plantation 272 acres of farmland. Nancy O'Shields worked for a Doctor John Smith. The Doctor changed his name to Dr. John Winn-Smith at some point. Nancy O'Shields was a nurse maid she went about doing good. Listen many O'Shields Reunions were held on the O'Shields Plantation.

Mary Jones Israel/Rogers.

Mary Jones Israel/Rogers birth 1774 Wilkes County North Carolina' USA. Death 1821 Biltmore County North Carolina' USA. Family links; parents; Joshua Jones [1740-1838]. Elender Medley Jones[1750-1840]. Spouse; Jesse Israel[1769-1806]. Children; Elizabeth'Betsey' Israel Jarrett [1796-1888]. Sarah Graves Israel Ledford [1799-1877]. Lewis Israel [1803]-1810] Nancy Jones Israel Smith [1805-1889]. Siblings; Stephen Jones [1773-1860]. Mary Jones Israel/Rogers [1774- [1821]. William Jones[1778-[1845]. Russell Jones [1780-1836]. Thomas Jones [1780- 1831 Nancy Jones [1789-1856]. Calculated relationship. Burial; Jesse Israel Burying Ground. Buncombe County. North Carolina/ USA. We are reading and looking at real history.


Let me start this tract by saying that Jesus Christ is no Super Star. Nor has He ever been a Super Star. We must not put Him in the place of some movie star. Jesus is no movie star never has been one and never will be one. We must never low-rate Jesus Christ. Jesus has power to save a person from going to a devils Hell. He can lift you up today which no Super Star can do. Jesus can heal those that don't know which way to go or where to turn. When someone may be down and out Jesus can and will touch them if you will let Him. I sure do not know of any Super Star or Stars that can do the things that Jesus did. Because there are not any. Stay with me please as we see that Jesus is in control. Matthew; Chapter 8' Take a look at the verse or verses 1st. verse reads this way. When he was come down from the mountain' great multitudes followed him. 2nd. verse And behold' there came a leper and worshipped him' saying' Lord' if thou wilt' thou canst make me clean. 3rd. verse; And Jesus put forth his hand' and touched him' saying' I will' be thou clean' And immediately his leprosy was cleansed. In these verses we see that Jesus has the power to cleansed the leper. What power that Jesus Christ has He can do what no Super Star can do. Yes Jesus cares about you won't you trust in the Son of God. Don't put your faith in some Super Star some movie Star. But put your faith in Jesus Christ the one that can save you if you will believe. I'am so glad that I trusted Jesus as my Lord as my all and all. Won't you do the same trust Him in your heart. Now Jesus is the bright and morning star. With this tract I want to show you the power of God. As we go a little more in the word of God. We are back in Matthew; Chapter; 8' verse; 4; And Jesus saith unto him. See thou tell no man; but go thy way' shew thyself to the priest'and offer the gift that Moses commanded' for a testimony unto them. 5; verse; And when Jesus was entered into Ca-per-na-um' there came unto him a centurion' beseeching him. 6; Verse; And saying' Lord my servant lieth at home sick of palsy grievously tormented. Verse; 7; And Jesus saith unto him. I will come and heal him. 8; verse; The centurion answered and said' Lord' Iam not worthy that thou shouldest come under my roof; but speak the word only. and my servant shall be healed. Verse; 9; For Iam a man under authority' having soldiers under me; and I say to this man' Go' and he goeth; and to another. Come and he cometh; and to my servant. Do this' and he doeth it. I want to go to verse 13 same Chapter. verse; 13' And Jesus said unto the centurion. Go thy way and as thou hast believed so be it done unto thee. And his servant was healed in selfsame hour. Listen to this preacher Jesus want's to save you. Look to Jesus Christ now accept Him in your heart. Pray right now ask Jesus to come into your heart. Dear God Iam lost Iam full of sin forgive me of all my sins. Jesus I do believe in my heart that you saved me just now. Listen to me if you just now know that you got saved let me know so that I can rejoice with you give me a call 864-908- 2499. God Bless You IS my prayer.

Can I Be Saved/ Written By Rev' Charles O'Shields

Can I Be Saved/ Yes my friend you can be saved. Because Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood for all that will call on Him. We must call on the name of Jesus. You cannot be saved in any other name. It must be in the name of Jesus. Trust in His name today. Believe that Jesus is the Son of God. Then you have life in Him. I hope that you can see that this the only way to have real life. We have everlasting life if we believe in Jesus Christ. Why not believe right now/ As you read this tract believe in your heart. Believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of the Most High God. Jesus Christ is seated at the right hand side of God. My friend lots of people think they can buy a ticket to heaven or maybe work their way to heaven. Some people even think that they will go to heaven because they are good. But this is not enough they must be saved. The same goes for everyone. We all must be born again. Born of the Spirit of God. We need the sword of the Spirit. Which is the word of God. The word of God cuts. The word is quick and powerful and sharper than any two edged sword. We can not save ourselves. You Must have faith in God. Faith in Jesus Christ knowing that He loves you. Yes He loved us so much that He died for our sins. He was buried and He rose again from the dead the third day. According to the word of God. Let's go to the word. Here are some verses taken from the Bible. I'am sure that these verses can help you. Shall we take a look/ Romans; Chapter 1' verse 16; For I'am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ; for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth to the Jew first and also the Greek; Romans; Chapter 10; verse; 12 and 13; For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek; for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon Him. For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. I hope that you can see that whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved. That my friend means you or anyone who will believe in Him can and will be saved. Trust Him in your heart. Don't just believe in your head but your heart. Let's take a look at Ephesians; Chapter 2' verse 8 and 9; For by grace are ye saved through faith and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God; not of works' lest any man should boast. I want us to look at some more of God's word. Let's look at Luke Chapter 13' verse 3; But except ye; repent' ye shall all likewise perish. Now God does not want anyone to die and go to Hell. Listen to me friend God wants to save you believe in God. Don't turn Him away but ask Him into your heart. I must give you this verse in the bible John; Chapter 3; verse 16; For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish' but have everlasting life. Accept Him now. Don't put Him off any longer. Let go and let God in your heart let the Devil know that you are saved. Because you have asked God to save you and you believe He has if you did this praise God. And listen to this preacher If you know that you did get saved I want to praise God with you call me if you would like to call 864-908-2499.

O'Shields Plantation 272 Acres of Farm Land in Walnut Grove Spartanburg S.C.

Going to part two about my great granddaddy. I left off about Dr. John Winn Smith changed his name. But anyway this is the O'Shields plantation where Nancy O'Shields raised her children. John Winn Smith put her on this plantation of 272 acres of farmland. NOW IN 1860 Wiley Drayton O'Shields did not own any land. But he was living in the same house that he lived in as a boy. Lets go back and take another look at childhood days.Nancy O'Shields was a nurse maid she would be out trying to help anyone who needed help. Wiley Drayton O'Shields married Julia Smith that 1851 was born 1827-1904 was 77 at her death. from what I have heared she was a good person. Wiley Drayton O'Shields born 1832- 1882 he died at 50. I could go on and on but i think i will stop with this. But if you need my help on this i will try to help you anyway that i can. God Bless You is my prayer.

O'Shields Plantation 272 Acres Of Farmland Walnut Grove.

Here I go with this about my great granddaddy Wiley Drayton O'Shields. I need to write this because I have children grandchildren and great grandchildren and this is for all those that are searching their family. I want you to know that I know where i'am coming from. Now listen to me my name is Charles Edward O'Shields. Next to the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Denny Leonard O'Shields. My daddy was the youngest child of my granddaddy W.G.S. O'Shields and granddaddy was the youngest child of Wiley Drayton O'Shields and Wiley Drayton O'Shields was my great granddaddy. I'am 75 years of age myself and I thank the good Lord up above for letting this old man do this. I have had others that have asked me to tell about this person or some other person. This is also the reason for this about my family. Now let me tell you what some researchers are saying they have found the family of Wiley Drayton O'Shields of his mother and daddy. They claim that they have proof of this that in 1850 census proves this. I want to put down what some are saying 1850 census. Head of household J. O'Sheals age 50 male white born 1800. Eva O'Sheals age 40 female white born 1810' L. O'Sheals age 21 male white farmer born in S.C. J. O'Sheals age 18 male white farmer born in S.C. E. O'Sheals age 16 male white farmer born in S.C. P. O'Sheals age 14 male white born in S.C. J. O'Sheals age 12 male white born in S.C. D. O'Shealds age 16 male white born in S.C. Now there are two sides to this the fake or false for that family of O'Sheals is not the family of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. First of all no one has ever found the daddy of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. Not talking about the way that they spell O'Sheals' or O'Shields has nothing to do with this. But I do know the mother of Wiley Drayton O'Shields her name is Nancy O'Shields that was born August 17' 1804 in Spartanburg S.C. Nancy O'Shields worked in a doctors office in Spartanburg S.C. Dr. John Smith was the Doctor she worked for Nancy was a good friend of his. The doctor changed his name to Dr. John Winn Smith. Ok stay with me as we are going to another page I will call part 2.

Prayers By Charles Edward O'Shields Sr.

4/21/15. Dear God I love you wrote this 12;11 a.m. 12;15am. I Wrote Dear God Help Me as I go to the doctor at 8'00a.m. Dear God thanks for letting me live yet another day. 10'12a.m. 4/22/15. Dear God oh how I love you for all things as i'am here in the bedroom at 1'10p.m. just want to give you praise. Today and every day. 4/22/15. Dear God i'am getting ready to go to Church at New Life Baptist Church starts at 6'30p.m. looking forward to being at church.4/22/15. Thank you Dear God I was in church 6;30p.m. here at New Life Baptist what a great service we had the power of God really moved tonight. Praise your wonderful name. Dear God how I have prayed for Eddie O'Shields our son who had a very bad stroke Feb' 20th' 2015 have to feed him with a feeding tube. You that read this please pray that Eddie will be able to eat without the tube. And pray that he will be able to walk once more. I do thank God over and over and over for the way that God has already touched Eddie O'Shields but he still has a long way to go. Dear God I have to pray for Mr. Robert James Rice almost about to lose his eye site I pray God save his eye site. Mr. Rice is 90 years of age my wife's daddy and a good daddy to his children which he loves his family researchers pray for him. Pray for his wife Thelma Ann Rice she is 85 has a shoulder and wrist which is broke touch them both dear God. Pray for my drear wife she has had 2 strokes one on the left side and on the right side she is much better but still needs to be healed her name is Carolyn O'Shields. Been about 2 years since my wife had these strokes but still can't walk but my prayer that she will walk. On 4/23/15' Dear God I pray for people everywhere there are so many that hurt God touch them with a special touch. Dear God there are so many that do not know where to turn God help them to understand that Jesus is the answer. He is the only true way there are lot's of way's but the true way is Jesus Christ my prayer is this do not wait to late. Trust in God today right now He is standing at your heart's door do not turn Him away. God is so big that He can hold the whole world in His hands. Yet God is small enough to live in our heart. Dear God so many have loss a family member God touch them in a time of need are a time of trouble. God help me to help someone along the way. God i know that time is not on my side at my age but I hope and pray dear God give me a few more years to work for my Lord and my God. Praise you dear God Glory' Glory' to your name.

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Charles Edward O'Shields Sr. Born 1940, In Greenville South Carolina.

What i'am about to write is about me my life as a boy and now. I was born Charles Edward O'Shields. Next to the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Denny Leonard O'Shields sr. My mother and daddy lived together 52 years before my mother died in 1971. Both mother and daddy were born 1900 daddy was born in Spartanburg County SC. And mother was born in Laurens County SC. Daddy and mother had 8 children. Three children were born dead two baby boys buried next to granddaddy W.G.S. O'Shields in Spartanburg County SC. and a baby girl buried in Spartanburg SC. This was in the early 20's my oldest brother was born 1920 Denny Leonard O'Shields Jr. Mildred O'Shields was born 1923. Roderick M. O'Shields was next I can't put his birth on there he is still living as I write this I have to respect that and more than that I guess I will let this be. Next I was born Charles Edward O'Shields year 1940 in Greenville. SC. Youngest brother was born Patrick Ryan O'Shields in Greenville SC. Lets back up I want to go back to daddy and my mother I already said my mother died 1971 mother was buried in Mountain Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Daddy Denny Leonard O'Shields died 1987 almost 87 he was 86. He is buried at Mountain Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Denny Leonard O'Shields Jr. died 1981 he was 61 years of age at his death. D.L. O'Shields Jr. is buried at Mountain Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Going down history road i'am having a great time doing this for this is true every bit of this about my family. Denny Leonard O'Shields Jr. was married to Alberta Cooper they got married in the year 1955. No children were born in their home. Alberta D.L's wife is also buried at Mountain Creek Baptist Church Cemetery. Going back to my sister Mildred O'Shields was born 1923. Mildred Carolyn O'Shields married Joseph Charles Seaborn year 1947. Let me give the names of the children that were born to the home. Now I have the dates and the year they were born but will leave this off due to respect. Oldest child Russell Gary Seaborn' Next one born was Mike Riddle Seaborn' Robert Earle Seaborn' Patracia Ann Seaborn. This is the list of their children. Roderick Malcolm O'Shields married Faye McNeely in 1956. Their children born in the home Michael David O'Shields Donnie L. O'Shields this is the list of all their children. Faye died year 2000. Roderick got married after Faye died they were married almost 44 years. 2001 Roderick O'Shields married Mary Jo Spearman. Mary Jo is good to Roderick and we thank God for Mary Jo. Hope you like this i'am doing this for researchers trying to help you. N if I can. Now I want to tell about my family August the 20th' 1962 I married Carolyn Fay Rice. We have three children. I shall name the children staring with Teresa Ann O'Shields' Charles Edward [Eddie] O'Shields Jr. Vickie Lynn O'Shields. This is all our children we love our children very much. Each day that I live I thank God for my family. I must give God all praise glory to His name forever. Patrick Ryan O'Shields married Doris Ann Wilson 1967. Their children Sharon O'Shields' Richard O'Shields' Brian O'Shields We really thank God for Patrick and Doris children. Boy oh boy how time moves time sure don't stand still that is for sure. What joy our children have brought to us.

Stephen Jones Born 1773.

Stephen Jones was born in 1773 Albemarle County Virginia USA. He died 1860 Hominy Buncombe County North Carolina USA. Family links parents; Joshua Jones 1740 -- 1838 Joshua Jones was 98 at his death, Elender Medley Jones 1750--1840 Sibilings ;Stephen Jones 1773-- 1860 Mary Jones Israel Rogers 1774-1821. William Jones1778-1845. Russell Jones 1780 -1836 Thomas Jones 1780-1831 Nancy Jones Jones 1789 1856. Burial Joshua JonesBurying Ground Buncombe County. North Carolina USA. I put this down and this is real history.