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50 Years of being married.

Carolyn O'Shields and myself were married 50 years August 20th. We had this event 8/4/12/ what a grest time that we had in the church August 4 at 2pm on saturday. We really thank each one that was there on that day. Praise God for Bro' Billy was the one that was in charge and let me say a job well done. We were so happy on that day. Praise God for my wife and children and grandchildren. Glory Glory to my Lord and my God for evermore.

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What i'am about to write is about W,G.S. O'Shields and his bible. Now he only wrote about his family that he grew up in. Shall we walk down history road of his family that he loved. Mr. O'Shields was my grandaddy but he died two years before i was born i was born 1940 grandaddy died 1938. Grandaddy was 75 at his death he was the youngest child of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. Well lets start with what he wrote in the bible. W.G.S. O'Shields wrote that Wiley Drayton O'Shields and Julia Smith O'Shields was his mother and daddy. He goes on to say that his daddy was born 1832 July 27'. He said that his mother was born September 14' 1826 this is what W.G.S. wrote in the bible but on her tombstone reads September 8 1827. He told that his mother was the daughter of Enoch and Abigail Elder Smith. Their 1st child born was James Monroe O'Shields June 12' 1852' Next was Frank Marion O'Shields born 1853' 1855 Robert Belton O'Shields' 1858 Enoch Thomas O'Shields 1859' Giddeon Henry O'Shields' 1860 Henry Wetsel O'Shields' 1863 W.G.S. O'Shields born.

Mrs' Sula Bea Chastain O'Shields

Mrs' Sula Bea Chastain O'Shields. 100 of Dacusville Community wife of the late Oscar Jackson O'Shields. Passed away Wednesday morning February 22 2012 at her home. There's not a lot of people that reach 100 which she almost reached 101 she was born 1911. I have been in her home a few times and everytime that i have talked to her she was always the same. I became close to one of her sons before that he died his name was Bruce O'Shields. As most of you know is that i have researched the O'Shields for many years. I went to see Bruce O'Shields about every other week while Bruce was sick. I started going to the O'Shields Reunion at Mt' Carmel Baptist Church. Bruce and myself walked over the graves at Mt' Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery about a year before he died. I believe that we were kin i think that we were in the same line. But any way lets get back to Sula Bea Chastain O'Shields she loved people and she loved God. She was born in Pickens County S.C. She was a daughter of the late Oscar and Bertha Masters Chastain. Mrs O'Shields lived most of her married life in Dacusville Community she was a homemaker. She was the oldest living member of Mt' Carmel Baptist Church.

5 Generations Of Chumley Males.

Look at this please about the Chumley Males. This came out in the newspaper.In Pickens SC. take a good look at this. Male descendants of Jeff O'Shields and Polly Chumley. Take a look at the picture top center is Thompson Chumley who was the son of William Chumley nee O'Shields. William Chumley was the illegitimate son of Jeff O'Shields and Mary [Polly] Chumley. This article appeared in the newspaper in Pickens County' Georgia. It was placed there by James Chumley who appears in the photo above. This was give to his sister 2001. Let me tell you this is real history. This is documented.

Faye Rice Bloodworth August 1' 1934-April 20' 2012.

Faye joined her heavenly choir monday' April 20th. Born in Greenville' SC' She was the daughter of the late Ovie and Bertie Rice. Survived by daughter' Gwen Kilcrease' and son' Dennis Bloodworth. Two grandchildren' Neal Holder and Katie Kilcrease. Four great-grandchildren' DJ' Katelyn' Christopher' and Choloe. She is survived by two brothers' Robert and Thelma Rice' and Rev. James and Gail Rice' one sister' Azelia Rice Walden. She had 15 nieces and nephews. She is predeceased by a sister Clara Rice Allen' a brother Guy Rice' and a grandson David Holder. Faye will be missed dearly.

God's Special Choir

This is my desire This is my dream To one day sing in the choir Where the angels cannot sing To join the redeemed my robe of purest white Singing praises unto God with my soul and all my might For me to sing in this choir A price must be paid i must be washed in the blood that my savior gave I love to sing unto the Lord while living on earth below songs that praise my God And of His love and mercy show There are many great singers in the world that i admire But i'll sing like the very best when i sing in that special choir. By FAYE BLOODWORTH SEPT' 22' 2000.

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Bo-Bo The Clown

Bo-Bo was so sad that he thought' No one likes me. I wish that i was out of the Circus. I'am thinking about running away. The other clowns tried to talk to Bo-Bo but he would not listen to any of the clowns. They tried to tell him that running away was not the answer. But Bo-Bo still ran away. Most of the time when we won't listen we get into trouble and this is what happened to B-Bo. No i don't with the law but he got into trouble in other ways. Lets look at some of the ways that Bo-Bo got into trouble. His first trouble starts in a large city. There he is in a city where he doesn't know anyone. This is trouble for Bo-Bo right from the beginning. This also makes Bo- Bo very sad. Bo-Bo sees lots of strange looking people. Bo-Bo thinks boy' I'm in trouble now. I wonder what i can do now. All these strange people scare me. Bo-Bo tries to hide from the people. Maybe i can i can run and get away from these people. But this didn't work. Nothing was working out the way that Bo-Bo thought that it should. What was wrong with these people/ There wasn't anything wrong with them' it was Bo-Bo. Self is our biggest problem. We need to get self out of the way. Don't fell sorry for yourself. Bo-Bo was so tired that he didn't know what to do. Then he saw a bench. Bo-Bo sat down on the bench. He had a tear coming down from his eye. A little boy came and sat down beside him. The little boy saw the tear in Bo-Bo's eye what is your name/ My name is Bo-Bo he answered. The little boy told Bo-Bo his name was BILLY. Billy said to Bo-Bo' why do you have a tear in your eye/ Bo-Bo said because nobody likes me. Billy said well i like you. Billy told Bo-Bo how he loved to go to the circus. Billy said that he loved everything about the circus but loved the clowns most of all. Billy told Bo-Bo about the time that he was in the hospital. How he hsd to have his leg taken off and how sad he felt. Billy felt that no one cared about him. He said that he would cry all the time and that he would not listen not even his mother and daddy. He did say that he never would forget the day that the clowns from the circus came to the hospital and how happy that they made him that day. They made him understand that he really was loved and tthat he needed to stop felling sorry for himself. Bo-Bo looked at Billy with tears in his eyes but not for feeling sorry for himself but these were tears of joy. For the first time in long time Bo-Bo was really happy. Yes a little boy had showed him that he was loved. Bo-Bo told Billy that he had acted so silly. He said i'am going back to the circus where i belong where i know i'am needed. So Bo-Bo headed back to the circus. You talk about being happy. Bo-Bo the clown was very happy as he was going back to the circus. Speacking to everyone that he saw. What a change that has come over Bo-Bo. No longer sad as before but happy. As he goes near the gate to the circus all the circus people see Bo-Bo coming. They all rush to the gate. The circus people started singing come on home Bo-Bo come on home. Bo-Bo was truly back at home where he belonged. The staff at the circus loved Bo-Bo. I hope that you enjoyed reading this short story about Bo-Bo the clown. Written By Charles O'Shields.


Wiley Drayton O'Shields was born July 27' 1832 son of Nancy O'Shields which W.G.S. O'Shields his youngest son had put this down in his bible. Which we call the family bible Annie Wilson had this bible of W.G.S. O'Shields in her home after her mother died . Her mother was my aunt and a sister to my daddy and a daughter of W.G.S. O'Shields. Annie Wilson my first cousin has told me that Nancy O'Shields was the mother of Wiley Drayton. She has also said that there was a picture of Nancy O'Shields on tin but said that she does not know where the picture got too. Nancy O'Shields was born August 17' 1804 in Spartanburg S.C. At this time very little has been found on the parents of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. But with research and lots of research i have had a break through about Wiley Drayton O'Shields. Lets take a good look at this as we keep going down history road. Shall we take a look at his married life of Wiley Drayton O'Shields. On August 17' 1851 Wiley Drayton O'Shields married Julia Smith she was born September 14' 1826. This date was taken from the family bible of W.G.S. O'Shields. But on the tombstone it says she was born September 8' 1827. On December 29' 1861' Wiley Drayton O'Shields enlisted in the Confederate Army by Col. P.F.Stevens of the Holcombe Legion at Camp Walsh' as a private. was listed as 31 at the time. On April 5' 1862 he was discharged on a medical discharge. His forwarding address was given as Walnut Grove' S.C. Wiley Drayton O'Shields was a farmer by trade and was a good farmer. Now he and his wife had a good life . Julia Smith was the daughter of Enoch and Abigal Elder Smith. Let me and tell about the place where they lived. Wiley and his wife lived on a 272 acres of farm land which was the same place that he was raised on as a boy. This was the O'Shields Plantation which Wiley Drayton O'Shields bought in 1868 from Ann Smith. Nancy O'Shields his mother did indeed live in his home with him and his wife. But at some point after 1855 Nancy moved out of the house. The reason for moving was that she moved in with her daughter Polly Ann [O'Shields] Epps and B.J. Epps Pollys husband. They lived in Pickens' S.C. and Easley S.C. and T. Rest S.C. Going on down history road about Wiley Drayton O'Shields and his wife. Let me take this time to name the children that were born in this home. On June 12' 1852' the 1st child was born James Monroe O'Shields. On September 7' 1853' the 2nd' child was born' Frank Marion O'Shields. On September 8' 1855' the 3rd child was born' Robert Belton O'Shields. On January 6' 1858' the 4th' child was born Enoch Thomas O'Shields. On January 30' 1859' the 5th' child was born' Giddeon Henry O'Shields. On May 8' 1860 the 6th' child was born' Henry Wetsel O'shields. On April 6' 1863 the 7th' child was born Wiley George Simpson O'Shields he was their last child. Please note this about these children that were born in this family they were all listed in the family bible. Boy this is real history i'am very proud to be just to be a part of the O'Shields family. Wiley Drayton O'Shields died on Octobet 31' 1882 in Spartanburg County' South Carolina. Julia Smith O'Shields died on November 20' 1904. Both are buried in the Philadelphia Baptist Church Cemetery in Pauline' Spartanburg County' South Carolina. This is a picture of the tomstone thats in the cemetery.

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Charles and Carolyn O'Shields and Family.

First let me start by saying that i'am Charles O'Shields born in Greenville S.C. Next to the youngest child of Mr. and Mrs. Denny Leonard O'Shields Sr. I married Carolyn Fay Rice O'Shields Carolyn was the daughter of Robert James and Alice Rice. Carolyn and myself got married August 20 1962 and we have three children that the Lord gave us. We love these children very much their names were Teresa' Eddie' and Vickie. We also have three grandchildren as i write this Brian' Shawn' and Brittany. Brian is the son of Teresa and Shawn and Brittanty are Vickie's children. Teresa was married to Dewayne Jones Vickie married Timmmy Bryant. As i write this Carolyn and myself have been married 49 years. I praise God for my wife and my family.

Mr. and Mrs. Calvin M. Riddle

Calvin M. Riddle was born 1859 in Gray Court Laurens County SC. Mr. Riddle met Carrie Rampley at Friendship Baptist Church in Gray Court. They were married at this church at a young age. Carrie Rampley was born 1864. There was lots of love in their home. Both Mr. and Mrs. Riddle loved the Lord and the Church. They moved to Greenville at one point and they lived on Pendleton Street and members of Pendleton Street Baptist Church. In 1943 Mr. and Mrs. Riddle were married 64 years before he died he died in same year at the age of 84. Mr. Riddle always had a garden every year. He loved tomatos very much. They would bring grandaddy tomatos when he got bad off and he would not eat them but he said they were nasty. Seems that the children all loved him and the children would call grandaddy Santa Claus because of the snow white beared that he had. I shall never forget my grandmother Riddle as was walking down the hall she could see them fight on the T.V. grandmother prayed that this would stop it did the T.V blew out. When grandmother was 90 years of age she said if you boys will get me those apples i will bake a pie we did and she baked the best pie that i have ever eat. When Mrs. Riddle was sitting out on the front porch she was 94. She kelpt looking up at the sky my daddy said Mrs Riddle why you keep looking up. Grandmother said Denny i'am going home he said you will be ok. My daddy did not understand what she was talking about she was talking about her home in Heaven. Grand mother died that same year 1958.

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