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Hi to you all.
I am looking for any info what so ever on an ALBERT TAYLOR MCCALLUM.
I do not have much info on him at all only as follows.

ALBERT TAYLOR MCCALLUM & ETHEL MAYSHAW were living in Scotland in the 1800's.
They had a son ALFRED TAYLOR MCCALLUM, who was supposably born in ABERFELDY, SCOTLAND.
I have traced up a few records for ALFRED, who is, I guess born on 13 AUGUST, but not sure what year, as he seems to pick and choose a different year on everything I find. The date is always the same, but the years range from 1873 on his criminal records file to 1899 and lots in between on all his Army Records. Even the Head Office for the War Records cannot work it out. I have ALFRED's marriage 1st marriage certificate, where he married in Western Australia to an ELLEN BRYAN. This where he states that his parents were the above two people ( ALBERT & ETHEL ) I also have ALFRED's son's birth and death certificates, that also state, ALFRED & ELLEN, were his parents, and that ALFRED is born in ABERFELDY, SCOTLAND.

ALFRED's army records also give ALBERT TAYLOR MCCALLUM as his Father for his next of kin, with an address in BALHAM, ENGLAND in 1917.
Then in the 1930's he is living in VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, and he lists his next of kin as his wife, ALICE MCCALLUM.
I have found no death records for any of these people above, except for ELLEN BRYAN.

I have no idea where to turn or look next, can anybody out there help me out PLEASE !!!

Cheers Chez :)

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Looking for info on Elsie May Cozens & Charles Henry Dalton in Western Australia

My Cozens are in Western Australia, but bot sure where before that.
I am looking for Marion Rose ? or Rose Marion ? who married William James Cozens.
They had a daughter Elsie May Cozens and a son Clarence William James Cozens.
Then I know Elsie May had three daughters, June Dalton born 1935,in the Fremantle area, not sure of the other two. June's father was Charles Henry Dalton ( they married in 1935 fremantle and he died in 1944 ). Not sure if he was the father to the other two girls. There was not many years between these girls and I think the other two were younger than June.

Cheers in advance if you can shed some light on any of these for me

Chez :)

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Looking for info on Charles Henry Dalton & Elsie May Cozens? & their families in Australia

Cozens Family

Elsie May Cozens Born around 1900, not sure where married Charles Henry Dalton born in 1899 in Guilford, Western Australia. Elsie also married a William George Ryan.
She had 3 daughters, June, maybe Pearl ?, and don\'t know the other. All were born in W.A somewhere pretty close together. We know June Dalton was born in 1935.
Elsie May Cozens father was William James Cozens born around 1872 in Victoria. I am not sure if Elsie\'s mother was Marion Rose McEachern ??? not sure where she is from either.
My husband\'s family must have been a very secretive family on both mother and father side, as I have only hit brick walls with them, either there is no traces or nothing matches.

Looking for info on Alan David Gamble & Adelaide Muriel Ruthven Family in Australia

My Gambles are from around the Colac areas in Victoria.
My grandfather was Alan David Gamble born 1911,who married Adelaide Muriel Ruthven born 1917 in Western Australia. They had 11 children, I have all the info on their children. I am now going backwards to Victoria, where Alan was born in Colac.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers Chez :)

Looking for MCCALLUM from Scotland to Australia.

Looking for anybody who can give me any leads on the surnames I have mentioned as I have hit a few brick walls. I would like to fit the picture together so I can share with others on here. I am new here so am just learning my way around and how to use this place, lol.

Most of the surnames I have mentioned are all here in Australia.
MILAS is from Austria??? or Yugoslavia???
PETRICEVICH is from Yugoslavia then to Australia.
MCCALLUM is from Scotland and England then to Australia.
DALTON from England to Australia.
COZENS from England to Australia.
GAUNT from England to Australia.
GAMBLE from ??? to Australia.
RUTHVEN from ??? to Australia.
YAPPO from Australia, mainly of Aboriginal Decents.
NEWBURN from ??? to Australia.
SMITH-INCE form England to Australia.
JOHNSTON mainly from Australia.
COOKSON from England to Australia.
NITA from Poland through England to Australia, also from England to France.

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