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Robina HUNTER b. Abt. 1847 in Carlaverock, Dumphries, Scotland

My 2nd Great Grandparents, on my fathers side are;
Robina HUNTER b. Abt. 1847 married William FEAKS b. Abt. 1840

Children of William & Robina are;
NOTE; possiable, two children's list in one. One father & two mothers.?
Any corrections extreamly welcome.

? 1. Sarah FEAKS b. 3 May 1864 m.
? 2. Margaret FEAKS b. 19 Jul 1865
? 3. William FEAKS b. 29 Apr 1867
4. Agnes Hunter FEAKS b. 11 Nov 1869
5. Eliza FEAKS b. 3 Dec 1870
6. Robina FEAKS b. 19 Nov 1871
7. Mary Ann FEAKS b. 15 Jul 1873
8. Mathew FEAKS b. 1 Mar 1875 m. Margaret MC. MACORKINDALE b. 1874
9. John Hunter FEAKS b. Abt. 1877 - MY GRANDFATHER
10. Georgina Hunter FEAKS b. Abt. 1879
11. Louise FEAKS b. 4 Jul 1881
12. James Hunter FEAKS b. 8 Feb 1884
13. Edward FEAKS b. 24 Apr 1888

9. John Hunter FEAKS b. Abt. 1877 - MY GRANDFATHER married;
Evelina CASTLING or Evelyn CANTIGLE. Please, Again any help please, on
I don't know when or why, but William married a second time to;
Mary JARDINE b. UNKNOWN the daughter of UNKNOWN.

I think I need some serious help here, I am so confused on the children, I'm not getting anywhere fast. I think some of the children from the above list, Children from William & Robina are not correct. Is it that the first three names [Sarah, Margaret & William] are the only children of William & Mary JARDINE ?, & the rest are children of Willian & Robina HUNTER ?.
As all the children are from William FEAKS, they would all have the surname of FEAKS.

Any connections out there. Please. Robina HUNTER, now, there is another brick wall. I've got plenty of them. Smile.
Who are the parents of Robina HUNTER b. Abt 1847
Thank you in advance

Thomes Eather b. 15 Jul 1764 married Elizabeth Lee b. 1772

Hi all,
I am Looking for the parents of Elizabeth LEE, born 1772.
Elizabeth married Thomas EATHER, born 15 Jul 1764.

The Children of Thomas & Elizabeth EATHER;

1. Ann Elizabeth EATHER b. 18 Apr 1793
2. Robert EATHER b. 29 Apr 1795
3. Charlotte EATHER b. 5 Jun 1797
4. Charles EATHER b. 1 Oct 1800 ( Twin )
5. Thomas EATHER b. 1 Oct 1800 ( Twin )
6. John EATHER b. 3 Oct 1804
7. Rachel EATHER b. 26 Oct 1807
8. James EATHER b. 4 Apr 1811

I know it is not alot of info to go on, but, I am sure someone out there has the correct info, please help. Any corrections welcome.
Thank you

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Family Research & my Health Improvements

I have been interested in Family History, well forever, I am sure I was born with a natural interest in all sides of family history. I had never anything to work with as I am from a disfunctional family with not alot of communication on family issues or history. My own birth place has been a hugh challenge, still to this day I have no solid proof. Broken family's with Step Parents ect. So you can imagin. I started with myself & my parents, asking for names constantly through my life, & working with what ever little piece I got.
In 2007 my father gave me a copy of the Paf file that his sister Diana had mostly researched with him [John].

This paf file has been my saviour. It has given me a new leace on life, liturlay. Having so many names now to work with & finding my GGGGG Grand Parents & more. It was like the door I was knocking on finally opened. Since 2007 I have been using the internet to find certificates for proof of information & comming across alsorts of bits 'n' pieces. I have made a copy of Dad & Diana's paf file & filling in gaps on my own paf file, so if any mistakes are made, I can start again from the origional paf file.
There is still a long way to go, to fill in the gaps & get a better conection with my new found living relies, & retracing the steps of our ancesters. I have always thought our family to be the only ones in the phone book, as it were true for many years, but on my research I have found to expand the spelling of the surnames, & keep a wider outlook than the imediate family.
I am a direct descendant from the names, Feaks, Playfair, Pitt, Matcham, Laycock, Hunter, for a start.
I am interested in communicating with anyone with interest any time, & find this sight "Family Tree Circles" a refreshing & informative sight with easy to read [for sight impared] clear imfo.
Thanks. much better

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