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Thomas Noble in Westfield, Massachusetts - 800+ page book from 1878

To support my research into the Noble family line, which seems to begin in England but in the US with the birth of Thomas Noble in 1632, I was Google searching for "Thomas Noble of Westfield, MA" ... and lo and behold, I came up with a book that was published in the 1870's, authored by Lucius M. Boltwood, with that very title!! Here is the link:

This Thomas Noble was definitely our ancestor, since all of his birth and death dates, his wife (Hannah Warriner), children and their spouses are all spoken about in this book! And as you may already know from your research, Thomas Noble was born in the Massachusetts colony in 1632... and according to the current info I have, his parents (Thomas Noble & Rachel Gardner) were born in England, and emigrated to America (we don't have an exact date... but I'm thinking it would be about 1630... when there was a big immigration into Boston) and, interestingly, they both died in the same year that their son, Thomas, was born in America, but not in the same month... though I still have to confirm this. So who raised the baby Thomas... our first American native ancestor? This is an open question (siblings, aunts/uncles, others?), and I am now interested in answering. We also are now more interested in going to Westfield and understand where our Noble line lived from the 1630's until the ~1860's(?), when Bohan Noble left to Iowa with his family.

At any rate, I copied this book from online, into an MS Word document and am reading through it (~only 1% so far, it's 10 MB file of 2,000+ pages!), I'm correcting the mis-translated words (from the obvious electronic scan and translation into electronic type), and adding a new, more detailed, table of contents (which MS Word can do automatically as long as you code the headers), as I go. So as I tighten it up it will likely come down to <1,000 pages by the time I'm done. It will likely take me a number of weeks and months to complete this task. However, a printed book (which is 700-800 pages(!) depending on the version) can be purchased on-line for < $70... so I will likely buy a copy, too... since it also has the pictures, which the online version does not.

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