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Through, and other sites, I found out infor-
mation on my grandfather. I called the cementary just to
see if he was buried there, and he is at the same
cemetary as my parents, I even found his marker. Now I
just need to find my grandmother, I found no information
after the 1930's. on Justyna Fosty. Might be Staphanic.

Looking for Information on FOSTY, FORTY, STEPANIK

Looking for information on the FOSTY family. (Was mis-spelled
in the 1930 census as FORTY). There is a step-dad with the
name of STEPANIK. While looking up information on the
family, there are siblings I do not reconize:
In the 1920 Census- Jacob Fosty - Age 4 months
Vincent Fosty - Age 2 Months
In the 1930 Census Alex Fosty-(Mis-spelled at FORTY) age 3
Samuel Fosty-(Mis-spelled as FORTY) AGE 1
THERE IS 6 month old with no name and is listed on the census. At this time they lived in PITTSFIELD, MASS ON
MADISON AVENUE. Any info would be nice.
Might have been put in foster homes and adoptions. I know
that my father's sister was apdopted.

More Information for Fosty

I found out more information about my father. In 1930, my father and his brothers and sisters (William, Michael, Jack, Andrew,Mary,--all of which are deceased now-- and there is Ann, Aleck, & Samuel,)
All of these have the last name of FOSTY--Mispelled as FORTY in the census record)had a step-father with the last name of STEPANIK, There is a half sister with the name of Sophia Stepanik. At this time they lived in Massachusetts, There might have been a Vincent & a Jacob Fosty.

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Looking for information on Spence

My mother (Nancy A. Fosty) madian name was Spence. She told me she was born in Worcester, MA. She was the daughter of Patrick & Rose or Rose Ann Dunn Spence. Brother died around the age of 10. My mother passed away in 1984, she was 57. Date of Birth was January 22, 1927. She married my father Andrew Fosty, in 1947.

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Looking for any information on FOSTY

Hi my name is Debbie. My Fathers name is Andrew F. Fosty Sr. He passed away 4/29/1997, I am starting to look up information about our family tree. His D.O.B. is July 8, 1921. He also had brothers by the name of Mike, William, Jack, and a sister Mary. (all are deceased now). I know that there was a nun, by the name of Sister Mary Adornia (not sure on spelling) Growing up we were told he came from Austria,(I have now learned the HIS PARENTS came from Austria) We were also told that he had a twin that died at birth? His parents were John & Justyna Romunuk Fosty. He,my father, was brought up in Lanesboro, and Pittsfield, Massachusetts. I have also learned that there might be some relation with the name of "ROMUNUK" He Also served in WW2 in Europen Theater.

My grandfather John, came over from Austria in the year of 1912, on the ship called Petorria, 2 years after 1914, his wife, Justyna came over on the ship called Kriser Wilhelm DerGrosse. They live in Pittsfield, Massachusettes.

My grandfather was born in the month of March in 1885, and died in October of 1928. In the year of 1918, he was drafted at the age of 33

My grandmother estimted year of birth was around 1892. Do not know when or where she passed away.

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