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Nancy Whit and Martin Maynard children

husband Martin Maynard 1828 Pike, KY
wife Nancy Ann Whit 1826 Pike, KY
son Jesse Maynard 1857 Wayne, VA
son George S Maynard 1855 March 7 Wayne WV

I almost think I would have to be missing some of their children. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

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James T Kirk and Mary Maynard's children

wife Mary Maynad 1832 Pike, KY
husband James T Kirk 1826 Cabell, VA
daughter Martha Kirk 1850 Wayne, VA
daughter Amy Kirk 1852 Wayne, VA
daughter Ella Kirk 1853 Wayne, VA
son Precie Kirk 1856 Martin, KY
son John F Kirk 1856 Martin, KY
son George Washington Kirk 1858 Martin, KY

I was wondering if I am missing any children?

Charles and Lucinda Maynard's children

husband Charles Maynard 1794 Wilkes, Nc
wife Lucinda Maynard 1801 Wilkes NC
daughter Lydia Maynard 1826 Pike KY
son Ellijah Maynard 1829 Pike KY
son Lark Maynard 1832 Jan Pike, KY
daughter Charlotte catherine Maynard 1836 Pike KY
daughter Sarah Maynard 1842 Pike KY
son Charles Jr. Maynard 1892 Pike, KY
daughter Elizabeth Maynard 1835 Pike, KY
son Jesse Maynard 1821 October Pike ky
daughter Susan Maynard 1822 May 29 John;s creek Pike, KY
son Alvis Maynard 1824 June 2 Pike, KY
daugter Millia Maynard 1846 July 10 Cabell VA
son John Maynard 1844 August Lawrence, KY

I could be missing some of their children. Anyone have info, would be appreciated.

Delliah Maynard and John Stone's children

wife Delliah Maynard 1782 Wilkes, Nc
husband John Stone 1778 Wilkes co Nc
daughter Margaret Stone 1828 Wilkes co NC

I think I missed some children. Back in these days people had 8 or more. Any info would be appreciated.

Charles, Mary, Milli, Henry Maynard North Carolina

Charles Maynard 1793 N.C.
Mary Maynard 1795 N.C.
Milli Maynard 1719 Wilkes, Nc
Henry Maynard 1800 Wilkes, Nc

I have no record of marriages or children for this sybling group. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Sarah Welch and Jesse Maynard's children

husband Jesse Maynard 1790 Wilkes, N.C.
wife Sarah Welch 1793 Wilkes, Nc
daughter Mary ann Maynard 1826 pike, KY
daughter Elizabeth Maynard 1837 Pike, KY
son Charles Maynard 1817 Jan 29 Pike KY
daughter Nancy Maynard 1828 Pike KY
daughter Millie Maynard 1821 feb 19 Pike KY
son John Maynard 1834 feb 19 John's creek Pike, KY
son Absolom Maynard 1842 June Cabell, VA
son Jesse Jr Maynard 1833 July Pike, KY
son James Maynard 1814 Nov 19 Pike, KY
son Lewis Maynard 1824 Mar 2 Pike, KY

I was just wondering if I had missed any children?

Lewis Maynard and Tabith Edwards children. Where ae they

husband Lewis Maynard 1784 Wilkes, N.C.
wife Tabitha Edwards 1783 Wilkes

Looking for any and all info on children.

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Need info on Hiriam Mathews and Mary Maynard's children

wife Mary (Polly) Maynard 1795 N.C.
husband Hiriam Mathews 1790 Floyd, KY

I have no info on their children. Someone out there has info. I would appreciate it.

John Stone and Dilley Maynard's children

wife Dilley Maynard 1781/1782 aprx Wilkes. NC
husband John Stone 1779/1783 aprx Wilkes,cty, N.C.
daughter Margaret Stone 1828 Floyd cty, KY
son James Stone 1830 Floyd cty, KY

I only have two children for this couple. Anyone with info would be greatly appreciated.

Dorcas Maynard and Harrison Jarrell children

wife Dorcas Maynard 1781/1782 aprx Wilkes. NC
Husband Harrison Jarrell 1819 Pike, KY
daughter jane Jarrell 1840 Wayne, VA
daughter vashti Jarrell 1842 Cabell, VA
daughter Catherine Jarrell 1849 Cabell, VA
daughter Rachael Jarrell 1845 October Cabell, VA
daughter Polly jarrell 1856 Cabell, VA
son George Jarrell 1848 April 7 Cabell, VA
daughter Mary Jarrell 1853 June 17 Cabell, VA
daughter Rhoda Jarrell 1851 July Cabell, VA
daughter Elizabeth Jarrell 1859 Dec Martin, KY

I need any and all info on the children. Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?