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Aaron Stepp and Rebecca Maynard, Kentucky

wife Rebecca Maynard born 1879 Pike co KY mother Charity Maynard father Isaac Jr Maynard
husband Aaron Stepp born 1875 Pike,co Kentucky

Amenta Perry and James Maynard's children

husband James R Maynard 1837 Cabell, VA
wife Amenta Perry 1841 Cabell VA
son Arnold P Maynard 1859 Wayne VA
daughter Martha G Maynard 1860 Wayne, WV

I need info on their other children. I know this can not be all of them. Thanks

America Maynard born 1878 Wayne co WV, missing maynard branch

Need any and all info for America.
daughter America Maynard 1878 Wayne, WV 1952 August 16 mother Roxy Toppins father Mark Maynard

Anna, Canon, Margaret and Dolive Maynard

Anna Maynard 1854 Wayne, VA

Canon Cainon Maynard 1857 Wayne, VA

margaret Maynard 1862 wayne WV

Doliver Maynard 1868 Lawrence, KY

Need any and all info on this sybling group.

Any family of Pearl Stanley born 1915 Mason county West virginia

Pearl Stanley was my mother's half brother. She only met him one time. I would like to connect with any family of his.
His father's name was Warren C Stanley. Warrent's mother's name was Elenore.

Are you looking for dawson family or others from West Virginia?

I came accross this photo on the internet. If anyone can identify the remaining people in this photo please contact The West Virginia Historical society. or org. Unfortunately, my computer would not allow me to copy the picture. Here are some names of people already identified in the picture.

Mystery Pictures - Page 1


This picture was sent to us by James Goode, and is said to be of the Trace School, around 1905-1908. We know that there were three schools on Trace Fork, and do not know which one this might be. Herb Dawson has identified the teacher, in the dark suit on the right, as his great-uncle, Jacob Harmon Dawson. Herb also thinks the three boys directly behind the teacher are brothers, Lucian, Claude and Arthur Winchell. The little girl to the left of the three boys, with the hat on, may be Pearl Winchell, daughter of Roxie. Herb also believes the older woman behind the three boys, in the back row, far right, is Roxie Colegrove who married a Winchell. The older lady on the back row, far left, Herb believe may be Minnie Winchell (Johnston) (Dawson) and perhaps the baby which she is holding could be her son, George Dawson. If you can identify anyone in this picture, please contact us by email.

Bella Maynard born 1893 Wayne co WV missing family tree.

Missing entire tree. Please help

wife Bella Maynard 1893 Wayne WV mother Martha Maynard father Jesse L. Maynard

Charles and Lucinda Maynard's children

husband Charles Maynard 1794 Wilkes, Nc
wife Lucinda Maynard 1801 Wilkes NC
daughter Lydia Maynard 1826 Pike KY
son Ellijah Maynard 1829 Pike KY
son Lark Maynard 1832 Jan Pike, KY
daughter Charlotte catherine Maynard 1836 Pike KY
daughter Sarah Maynard 1842 Pike KY
son Charles Jr. Maynard 1892 Pike, KY
daughter Elizabeth Maynard 1835 Pike, KY
son Jesse Maynard 1821 October Pike ky
daughter Susan Maynard 1822 May 29 John;s creek Pike, KY
son Alvis Maynard 1824 June 2 Pike, KY
daugter Millia Maynard 1846 July 10 Cabell VA
son John Maynard 1844 August Lawrence, KY

I could be missing some of their children. Anyone have info, would be appreciated.

Charles Maynard born 1882 Kentucky

husband Charles Maynard born 1882 Pike co KY mother Charity Maynard father Isaac Jr Maynard

Charles Maynard of Wayne co WV born 1885

missing entire branch or tree. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

husband Charles Maynard 1885 May Wayne, WV mothr Martha Maynard fathre Jesse L. Maynard