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Dorcas Maynard missing entire branch born in Pike, Kentucky

Looking for this family line.
wife Dorcas Maynard born 1868 Pike, KY mother Charity Maynard father Isaac Jr Maynard

Edmond Elliott and Aminta Maynard's children

wife Aminta Maynard 1856 Dec 20 Wayne, Va
husband Edmond Elliott 1860 Apr Wayne, Va
daughter Mary E Elliott 1894 Jan Wayne, Va
daughter Delilah V Elliott 1895 Jan Wayne, Va
son Millard Elliot 1900 Feb Wayne, Va
son Wayne Elliott 1883 Mar Wayne WV
daughter Martha E Elliott 1888 June Wayne WV
son John S Elliott 1884 Sep Wayne WV
son Elijah Elliott 1889 Sep Wayne WV

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?

Elias Queen and Lourana Maynard's children

wife Lourana Maynard 1849 Cabell, VA
husband Elias F Queen 1848 Cabell VA
son Harry D Queen 1870 Wayne WV
daughter Sarah E Queen 1872 Wayne WV
daughter Minta Queen 1875 Wayne WV
son Fullin Queen 1868 Jan 13 Wayne WV
son Martin J Queen 1879 Oct 30 Wayne WV
son Samuel Queen 1882 Feb 22 Wayne WV
son John S Queen 1877 Wayne WV
daughter Polly Ann Queen 1884 Nov 19 Wayne WV
daughter Martha E Queen 1888 Dec 14 Wayne WV

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?

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Elizabeth Robinson and John F Maynard children

husband John F Maynard 1871 March Wayne WV
wife Elizabeth Robinson 1876 Feb Wayne WV
daughter Nancy Maynard 1894 Oct Wayne WV
son Andrew Maynard 1898 Mar Wayne WV
daughter Mary A Maynard 1893 Wayne WV
Looking for any and all info for the children. Am I missing any children?

Emaline Fitzpatrick and Sampson Maynard's children

husband Sampson Maynard 1840 Cabell, VA
wife Emaline Fitzpatrick 1845 Lawrence, KY
son Thomas J Maynard 1867 Lawrence, KY
son W J Maynard 1868 Lawrence, KY
daughter Anngeline Maynard 1870 Lawrence, KY
son Albert Maynard 1871 Lawrence, KY
son John Maynard 1874 Lawrence, KY
daughter Mary E Maynard 1877 Lawrence, KY

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?

Frances Leeton Moore and Millie Maynard's children

wife Millie Maynard 1858 Wayne, VA
husband Frances Leeton Moore 1859 Mar 1 Wayne VA
daughter Polly Ann Moore 1888 Jan 7 Wayne. VA
daughter Ora Alberta Moore 1895 Jan 26 Wayne. VA
daughter Siddie Moore 1896 Oct 9 Wayne, WV
daughter Mary Ellen Moore 1882 Wayne WV
son Gilbert Moore 1881 Feb 11 Wayne WV
son William B Moore 1890 feb 12 Wayne, VA
daughter Mildred Moore 1892 feb 16 Wayne, VA
son Jesse Moore 1879 Wayne VA
daughter Clara Victoria Moore 1898 Wayne, VA
daughter Nary Moore 1884 Wayne VA

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?

George S Maynard

George S Maynard 1855 March 7 Wayne WV

Missing any children, and or marriages for this person.

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George W and Martha Maynard, James C, Alifair Maynard

husband George W.Maynard 1857 Fev 15 Pike, KY
wife Martha E Maynard 1860 Wayne. WV
no children recorded

James c Maynard 1854 May 8 Pike, KY
no children recorded
Alifair Maynard 1864 Wayne, WV
no children recorded

I need any and all info for these family members

George W Maynard of Wayne co WV born 1871 missing his family branch

Any and all information would be appreciated.

husband George w Maynard 1871 July Wayne, WV mother Nancy Jame Lycans father Isaac Maynard

George Washington Adkins and Amy Maynard's children

wife Amy Maynard 1843 June 1 Cabell, VA
husband George Washington Adkins 1843 Apr 4 Cabell, VA
son Sampson Adkins 1872 Jan 21 Wayne WV
son Spencer Adkins 1879 Oct 12 Wayne WV
daughter Aminta Margret Adkins 1877 Feb 5 Wayne WV
son John Harvey Henry Adkins 1882 Feb 12 Wayne WV
daughter Nancy Jane Adkins 1869 May 29 Wayne WV
daughter Malinda Ellen Adkins 1874 Jul 12 Wayne WV
daughter Sarah Elizabeth Adkins 1867 Jul 14 Wayne WV
son Simon Spencer Adkins 1879 Nov 12 Wayne WV

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?