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Simeon and Elizabeth Maynard's children

husband Simeon S Maynard 1838/1839 aprx Cabell, VA
wife Elizabeth 1844 Cabell VA
daughter Millie Maynard 1858 Wayne WV
son James M Maynard 1864 Wayne WV
son Jacob Maynard 1871 Wayne, WV
son Franklin Maynard 1876 Oct 10 Wayne, WV
daughter Easter Maynard 1887 Oct 19 Wayne WV
son Sampson Maynard 1868 Wayne WV
daughter Martha J Maynard 1875 Mar 28 Wayne WV
daughter Polly Ann Maynard 1883 Mar 28 Wayne WV
son Lafe Maynard 1884 Apr 6 Wayne WV
son John W Maynard 1856 Apr 15 Wayne WV
daughter Elizabeth Maynard 1877 May 25 Wayne WV
daughter Georgia A Maynard 1879 May 25 Wayne WV

Can anyone tell me if I am missing any of their children?

Amenta Perry and James Maynard's children

husband James R Maynard 1837 Cabell, VA
wife Amenta Perry 1841 Cabell VA
son Arnold P Maynard 1859 Wayne VA
daughter Martha G Maynard 1860 Wayne, WV

I need info on their other children. I know this can not be all of them. Thanks

Mary Ann Mathews and George f Maynard's children

husband George F Maynared 1836 Pike, KY
wife Mary ann Mathews 1840 Cabell, VA
son Marion Maynard 1871 Wayne WV
son Joseph Maynard 1867 Jan 5 Wayne
son Jacob Maynard 1866 Jan 25 Wayne WV
son John Maynard 1859 Oct 18 Wayne WV
daughter Martha Maynard 1856 Oct 30 Wayne
son John F Maynard 1871 March Wayne WV
son Thompson Maynard 1861 Apr 25 Wayne WV
son Wiley Maynard 1863 Dec Wayne WV
son Janes Harvey Maynard 1859 Apr 18 Wayne VA

Does anyone know if I am missing any of there children?

Isaac Jr and Charity Maynard's children

husband Isaac Jr Maynard 1838 Pike, KY
wife Charity Maynard 1845 Pike, co KY
daughter Polly Ann Maynard 1864 Pike, KY
son William Maynard 1867 Pike, Ky
daughter Dorcas Maynard 1868 Pike, KY
daughter Nancy Maynard 1872 Pike, KY
son IsaacIII Maynard 1874 Pike, KY
son Samuel Maynard 1875 Pike, co KY
daughter Lydia Maynard 1878 Pike, KY
daughter Rebecca Maynard 1879 Pike co KY
son Charles Maynard 1882 Pike co KY

Does anyone know if I have all of their children?

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Two Alfred Maynard's born the same year, and the same place. One's mother is Patty Jude, the other is Polly Smith

husband Jesse Maynard 1869 January 9 Wayne, WV
wife Patty Jude 1870 Maarch 24 Laurel, Edmonson, KY
son William Maynard 1889 Pike, KY
son Alfred Maynard 1843 Pike, KY patty jude

husband Alfred Maynard 1843 Pike, KY Polly smith
no children recorded
I need info on any other children of Patty and William.

The two Alfred's are two different ones by different mothers and fathers. I need info on both

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Price, Alifair, Cainan, Aminta, Elias, William Maynard

Pricy Maynard 1872 Wayne, WV
Alifair Maynard 1864 Wayne, WV
Cainan Maynard 1858 Wayne, WV
Aminta Maynard 1866 Wayne, WV
Elias Maynard 1863 Wayne, WV
William Maynard 1874 Wayne, WV

I have no info for any of these family members, any and all info would be appreciated

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George W and Martha Maynard, James C, Alifair Maynard

husband George W.Maynard 1857 Fev 15 Pike, KY
wife Martha E Maynard 1860 Wayne. WV
no children recorded

James c Maynard 1854 May 8 Pike, KY
no children recorded
Alifair Maynard 1864 Wayne, WV
no children recorded

I need any and all info for these family members

Jesse and Martha Maynard's children

husband Jesse L Maynard 1852 Pike, KY
wife Martha Maynard 1856 October 1901 Wayne, WV
son Monroe Maynard 1878 Wayne, WV
son J.H. Maynard 1873 Wayne, WV
daughter Mary Elizabeth Maynard 1876 Wayne, WV
son General Maynard 1883 Feb Wayne, WV
son Tennesse Maynard 1896 Feb Wayne, WV
son George Maynard 1891 Feb 16
son Lewis Maynard 1869 feb 17 Wayne. WV
son James H. Maynard 1873 Wayne. WV
son William Monroe 1881 March Wayne. WV
daughter Bella Maynard 1893 Wayne WV
son Thomas Maynard 1885 May Wayne, WV
son Wiley Maynard 1896 Wayne. WV

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?

Nancy Lycans and Isaac Maynard's children

husband Isaac Maynard 1847 Pike, KY
wife Nancy Jame Lycans 1854 Pike, KY
son Vester Maynard 1874 Wayne, WV
son Grant Maynard 1878 Wayne, WV
daughter Hester Maynard 1879 Wayne, WV
son John Maynard 1882 Feb Wayne, WV
daughter dollie Maynard 1891 Wayne, WV
son Sampson Maynard 1873 June 4 Wayne, WV
son Hayes Maynard 1877 Wayne, WV
son George w Maynard 1871 July Wayne, WV
son Kelly Maynard 1896 Nob. 16 Wayne, WV

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?