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Louisa Porter and Lewis Maynard's children

Lewis Maynard 1843 Pike, KY
Louisa Porter 1846 Cabell, VA
Isabella Maynard 1886 Dec 4 Wayne, WV

I believe I have to be missing some of their children. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

Roxy toppins and Mark maynard's children

husband Mark Maynard 1845 Pike, KY
wife Roxy Toppins 1854 sept 15 Wayne VA
son John Maynard 1876 Wayme WV
daughter America Maynard 1878 Wayne, WV
daughter Mary Jane Maynard 1875 March 28 Wayne, WV
son James William Maynard 1872 May 29 Wayne, WV
daughter Margaret Maynard 1873 June 21 Wayne, WV
daughter Catherine Maynard 1878 December 29 Wayne, WV

Does anyone know if I am missing any of the children?

Nancy Nelson and William Maynard's children

husband William Maynard 1841 Pike, KY
wife Nancy Nelson 1843 Cabell, VA
daughter Perlina Maynard 1863 Wayne, VA
son Mark Maynard 1865 Wayne, WV
son Parkin Maynard 1868 Wayne, WV
daughter Anne Maynard 1869 Wayne, WV

Does anyone know if I am missing any of the children?

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Nancy, Millie Maynard, Sarah Maynard and Jeremiah Ratcliff

wife Nancy Maynard 18312 Pike, KY
no children recorded

wife Sarah Maynard 1835 Pike, KY
husband Jeremiah Ratcliff 1826 Pike, Ky
no children recorded

wife Millie Maynard 1838 Pike, KY
no children recorded

Need info for all of these family members.

Thomas Jefferson Baker and Amy Maynard's children

wife Amy Maynard 1848 April 29 Cabell, VA
husband Thomas Jefferson Baker 1846 Inez, Martin, KY
daughter Martha Baker 1867 Wayne, WV
daughter Elizabeth Baker 1869 Wayne, WV
daughter Rebecca Baker 1889 Wayne, WV
daughter Sarah Baker 1891 March 1
daughter Virginia Baker 1884 March Wayne, WV
daughter Mary Baker 1865 Wayne, WV
son Fraank Baker 1874 april 10 Wayne, WV
son Lindsey Baker 1867 Wayne, WV
daughter Isabelle Baker 1877 May 21 Wayne, WV
son John Baker 1876 June 1 Wayne, WV

I beleive I need information on all the children.

Mary Jane Jatten and Thomas Kirk Maynard's children

husband Thomas Kirk Maynard 1851 Feb 9 Wayne, either VA or WV
wife Mary Jane Hatten 1855 Wayne, WV
son Frank Maynard 1882 Eastland, Williamson, TX
son Charles Maynard 1889 Eastland, Williamson TX
son Lorenzo Dow Maynard 1891 Marble Falls, Wlliamson, TX
missing (Living)
Son Claude Maynard 1894 Oct 3 Marble Falls, Williamson, TX
son Truman Conner Maynard 1884 apr 1 Eastland, Williamson, TX
daughter Eulah Maynard 1903 Eastland, TX

Does anyone know if I am missing any of their children?

Vashti Damron and John J Maynard's children

husband John J. Maynard 1844 Cabell, VA
wife Vashti Damron 1849 Cabell, VA
daughter Virginia Maynard 1870 Wayne, WV
son Wayne Maynard 1872 Wayne, WV
son Thomas Maynard 1867 March 7 Wayne, WV
daughter Hessie Maynard 1877 August 19 Wayne, WV
son Sampson Maynard 1875 aug 29 Wayne, WV

Does anyone know if this all of their children?

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Myrum Hatten and George W Maynard's children

husband George W. Maynard 1841 Cabell, VA
wife Myrum Hatten 1865 Minnesota

Missing all children, any info would be greatly appreciated.

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Harrison and Catherin Maynard's children

husband Harrison Maynard 1839 Cabell, VA
wife Catherine Maynard 1840 Wayne WV
son Harrison Jr. Maynard 1855 Wayne WV

Missing some children, any info would be appreciated.

George S Maynard

George S Maynard 1855 March 7 Wayne WV

Missing any children, and or marriages for this person.

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