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Just thought i would give my reason for doing the Sunnex research
Only became interested after my father died because of what he used to tell me many times about his family and thought maybe i should look into it
I remember all his stories about being in the J force occupying Japan and getting wounded after war finished by driving over a land mine in a jeep in Japan,about 4 to 5 soldiers were hurt in some way but no deaths
I did find reference to this and also his father shooting himself in the foot while hunting which was why he said all male Sunnex after this have a slight imperfection in their right foot
But the most outstanding story he was always telling was about a relation that told him when he was just a little boy,do not worry son when i die,none of the family will get my money and he still remembered being shown a Kero tin full to the brim with Gold sovereigns buried just below ground level,and told him you remember when you get older and i am gone
Of course the years went by and Dad moved around,went to school and eventually worked for his parents on cow farm before enlisting in the army
While in Japan he lost his sister to drowning and on his return married my mother and had 4 children
I still remember myself when he would go on his little expeditions to his family old addresses looking for the gold,but of course everything had changed so much,he went many times and gave up believing someone had already found it as many houses had been built were he thought was the area
He still remembered the relation never had money,until he would return from walking down the railway tracks to a Hotel,getting highly drunk and coming back with jingling pockets and giving my dad half pennies
A lot of Sunnex,s had a drinking problem in those days,maybe still do

Sunnex unknown

Does anyone have any info on the following ie: parents etc

Victoria William Sunnex died 1913 aged 8 weeks
Thomas Sunnex died 1897 aged 61yrs
Mark Sunnex died 1896 aged 5yrs
Elizabeth Sunnex died 1893 aged 47yrs
Mary Ann sunnex died 1865 age unknown
Annie Sunnex died 1934 aged 63yrs
Rita Hazel Sunnex died 1937 aged 5 mths
Eliza Sunnex died 1897 aged 98yrs
Martha Sunnex died 1886 aged 6 weeks
William Sunnex died 1957 aged 86yrs
Ida Muriel Sunnex died 1964 aged 57yrs
Lawrence William Sunnex died 1933 aged 29yrs
John Henry Sunnex died 1930 aged 22yrs
Ernest George Sunnex died 1927 aged 8mths
Wallace Charles Sunnex died 1915 aged 3 weeks
Charles Leonald Sunnex died 1911 aged 3 mths
Dorcas Elizabeth Sunnex died 1913 aged 15 mths
Leslie Sunnex died 1913 aged 3 mths


Thomas Sunnex married Elizabeth Hanning 1872
George Sunnex married Lucy Pratt 1898


Alice Mary Sunnex born 1906 to Mary And John Sunnex
Unknown Still born child to Ida Muriel and Thomas Sunnex 1935
Barbara Ann born 1942 to Hazel Teresa not recorded father
Frederick Sunnex born 1904 to Elizabeth and Thomas Sunnex
Annie Sunnex born 1880 to Mary Ann not recorded father
Martha Sunnex born 1886 to Mary Elizabeth and Thomas Sunnex
Mary Ann Sunnex born 1864 NR
william Sunnex born 1871 NR
Elizabeth Sunnex born 1870 NR
Frank Edward James Sunnex born 1870 NR

Thanks any small bit of info might enable me to fit into my tree,maybe i can find the missing link

Hello Can anyone help ? My name is Doug Sunnex am trying to do Sunnex...

Can anyone help ?
My name is Doug Sunnex am trying to do Sunnex family tree
Have come to dead ends in all directions (some had only daughters or had sons died early)
so tried the other end but because of lack of info allowed to public cannot trace the other way ,have over 120 sunnex in tree at moment and have over 200 more that i cannot add because do not have access to get info on who is mother and father to who,etc
Can any help with everything they know to further my progress

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