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Irvings originating from Ruthwell, Scotland

I'd like to recognise the help recieved from Julie Reagan who provided details of my ancestor for the Irving family.

My grand mother Hilda Irving was born 1901, she had 5 sisters and 2 brothers Ada 1892, William McDonald 1893, Jessie 1897, Nellie 1898, Lillian 1903 and Frederick 1913.

Hilda's mother and father are William McDonald 1869 born in Liverpool and Georgina Gleadell 06/02/1869 born in Salford. William had a brother Robert 1865 and sister Ada 1873.

Williams parents are Robert McGuffick 11/01/1838 born in Treggiles and Elizabeth Jane Tollitt 06/02/1845. Robert had 3 brothers and two sisters.

Roberts parents are John 1813 born in Ruthwell and Jane McGuffie 1817. John had 6 brothers and 3 sisters.

Johns parents are David 1788 born in Ruthwell and Elizabeth Hall 1802.

Irving is a popular name in Scotland and it is hard to trace ancestors in Scotland. Does any one know how I can trace earlier Irvings?

Stephen Smith

Is anyone researching Holmes family

I have a Gertrude Smith born 1888 in Nottingham who marries a Frederick Holmes born 1890 in 1910. The had a daughter Gertrude in 1910. They lived with their mother in Nottingham in 1911, I have this from the 1911 Census.

It is not known if they had anymore children.

I would like to know if anyone is researching this family and have any knowledge of Gertrude mother or duaghter.


Stephen Smith

Looking for Decendants of George Birchenough

George was born in June quarter 1861 in Macclesfield.

In 1871 census he was living on Pickford Street in Macclesfield. His father died in 1874 and sister, Mary, was married in 1876.

In 1881 census George lived with Mary and her husband and brothers and sister in the family home.

There is no listing for their Mother, Hannah, and it is feasible that she could have re-married. There are four possible marriages for a Hannah Birchenough between 1874 and 1881, and one in Macclesfield.

There is a marriage for a George Birchenough in Jun 1884 in Macclesfield. It may be possible that he married Rachel Swindells.

Is there anybody reasearching Birchenough who can help spread some light on decendant for George and what happened to Hannah.


Stephen Smith

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Looking for Decendants of Thomas Birchenough

Thomas Birchenough was born in 1848 in Macclesfield. From FreeBMD there are two Thomas Birchenough, one born 1848 in Wolaston and another Thomas Garner born in Dec 1849 in Macclesfield. I can rule out the one born in 1848 and I am not certain that the other Thomas is the one I am researching either.

There are no clues on Familyserach site either.

In 1851 Census he was living in Lodgings with his father, Charles.

In 1861 Census his father married and started a family where Thomas was included.

In 1871 Census the family grow and Thomas still lived with them.

In 1881 his father had past away in 1874 and half sister, Mary married in 1876 and lived in the family home with his other half brothers and sisters. Thomas did not live with them.

There is only one Thomas Birchenough listed in 1881 and this is the one born in Wolaston.

There are no recorder marriages or deaths for Thomas.

There is one probable death for Thomas in 1888 in Oldham. I do know that one of his half brothers married in 1885 in Oldham and it is possible that Thomas moved there with them or near them.

If any other persons researching the Birchenoughs can spread any light on Thomas life I would appreciate your input.


Stephen Smith

looking for marriage and death for Jessie Leary nee Irving

My Jessie Irving born November 1897 parents William McDonald Irving and Georgina nee Gleadell. She had 5 sisters and 2 brothers. Jessie is believed to have been married to a Serviceman name of Leary. They had two children Lillian and Victor. I understand Jessie died in 1975 in Glyndwr, Clwyd, Wales.

I can not trace any marriage for Jessie, her spouse is unknown to me.

I can not trace any birth records for Lillian or Victor.

I can not trace Jessie's death.

This is a long shot, can anyone help by tracing the marriage? This would confirm her husbands name. Any other help would be appreciated.


Stephen Smith

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Makings origination from Suffolk, moved to Derbyshire and Nottingham

My grand mother is Elsie Makings born 16/07/1900, she was one of many children which all had middle names, Elsie didn't. She is the daughter of Samuel 1858 and Sarah Ann Brown 1860.

Samual and Sarah were married in 1881, registered Mar 1881 in Basford, Notts. Samual had a Brother James Henry 1863 who married Annie Maria Hodgkinson in 1884. I do not know all the children they had but I have listings for births of Makings in Nottingham in addition to children of Samuel. Samuel also had a sister Fanny Maria 1856.

Samuel's parents are Henry 1833, he married Betsy Cooper nee Berrington (1827) on 23/10/1856. Betsy was previously married to Joseph in 1847 and they had a daughter Ruth born in 1853. In 1881 census they have listed a Edith Annie Severn as grand daughter. I believe this is a daughter of Fanny.

I have found that Henry's parents are Francis (1805) and Lettice (1811), they married in Nrton Suffolk on 15 January 1830. The had 6 children (including Henry), Susan 1830, Henry 1833, Sarah 1837, George 1840, Jemima 1843 and Anna 1850.

I have found that that the surnames changed and some birth years changed between cencus. In 1841 Francis 1806 and Lettice 1811 surname as Meakins. In 1851 Francis 1803 and Lettice 1808 surname Makins. In 1861 Francis 1805 and Lettice 1809 surname is Makings. In 1871 Francis 1804 and Lettya 1809 surname as Meakings.

Lettice maiden name is Slebblings.

I believe that Robert Meakins 1761 is the Father of Francis. I do not know the name of Francis mother. I do not know if Francis had any brothers or sisters.

With the surnames changing I am having trouble trying to trace the families of Susan 1830, Sarah 1837, George 1840, Jemima 1843 and Anna 1850.

Any help verifying what I know (or think I know) and information on their ancestors would be appreciated.

Stephen Smith

New lead on Charles Birchenough

I have found in 1841 census that there is a Charles Birchenough listed as being born 1826. From waht I can see it appears that he may be living with relatives rather than his own family. As the head is William (1816) married to Mary (1816) and have children Samuel (1836), Maria (1838) and Adam (1841).

Please can someone look up this census record for me.


Stephen Smith

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Revised query Seeking maiden name for Ann married to Benjamin Lansdown about 1870

Ann(maiden name unknown)(b 1849)married Benjamin Lansdown (b 1840) about 1870. Ann is listed in census 1871 as being married to Benjamin.

Ann and Benjamin had a son William R Lansdown born 1873.

To make things complicated in 1881 census Benjamin and William were lodging with a family Arthur and Silvia Skidmore and their daughter. A familysearch for William reveals Arthur and Silvia are his parents. This is not actually true.

Ann died in 1875 at age 27 in Somerset.

Can anyone tell me Ann's maiden name.


Stephen Smith

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Sarah Ann Brown - Census 1861 Nottinghamshire

I am searching for my Great grandmother in the 1861 census. Sarah was born in 1860 in Kirkby-In-Ashfield. However, I can't find her birth record either.

Sarah's parents are William Brown 1842 and Pheobe Ann Hayes both born in Kirkby-In-Ashfield.

Sarah had a number of brothers and sisters, but one older born in 1858 all others born after 1861.

Can anyone help, I have tried numerous time and adjusted my searches without any luck.

Thanks Steve

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Searching family for Edward Birchenough 1902 from Ardwick Manchester - Now found thanks to Boru

I am stuck tracing my family tree with my Grandfather Edward Birchenough born in 1902 in Ardwick Manchester. I understand that he had a sister and three brothers, Gertrude, Bernard, Arthur and Thomas. I can find Edward and Thomas on freebmd. I have no idea when his sister or two brothers were born. Nor do I know who their parents are.

From Familysearch;
Edward Birchenough
Born :02 Jul 1902
baptism : St. Silas' Church, Ardwick, Lancashire, England
Parents : Albert Birchenough + Ada

From this information, I have found the rest of Edwards family;

Albert (1865) and Ada Sturgess (1866) were married in Oldham, registered Sep 1885. Albert was born in Mscclesfield and Ada in Cheadle Staffs.

In 1891 or there abouts they moved to Salford, Gertrude birth was registerd in Chorlton in Sep 1890. Bernard birth was registed in Oldham in Jun 1896, Arthur birth was registed in Salford in Dec 1891. My Grand father, Edward was born in Ardwick, registered in Chorlton Jun 1902.


Stephen Smith

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