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Thought we could have a look around south carolina and see what makes it tick .Could interest some members. People & families later.

Humans arrived in the area of South Carolina around 13,000 BC. These people were hunters with crude tools made from stones and bones. Around 10,000 BC, they used spears and hunted big game. Over the Archaic period of 8000 to 2000 BC, nuts, berries, fish and shellfish became part of the diet, and trade between the coastal plain and the piedmont developed. There is evidence of plant domestication and pottery in the late Archaic. The Woodland period brought more serious agriculture, more sophisticated pottery, and the bow and arrow. By the time of the first European exploration, twenty-nine tribes or nations of Native Americans lived within the boundaries of what became South Carolina.

By the end of the 16th century, the Spanish and French had left the area of South Carolina after several reconnaissance missions and failed colonization attempts. In 1629, Charles I, King of England, granted his attorney general a charter to everything between latitudes 36 and 31. He called this land the Province of Carlana, which would later be changed to "Carolina" for pronunciation, after the Latin form of his own name.

In 1663, Charles II gave the land to eight nobles, the Lords Proprietors, who ruled the Province of Carolina as a proprietary colony. After the Yamasee War of 1715-1717, the Lords Proprietors came under increasing pressure and were forced to relinquish their charter to the Crown in 1719. The proprietors retained their right to the land until 1719, when the colony was officially split into the provinces of North Carolina and South Carolina, crown colonies.

In April 1670 settlers arrived at Albemarle Point, at the junction of the Ashley River and Cooper River. They founded Charles Town, named in honor of King Charles II. Throughout the Colonial Period, the Carolinas participated in many wars against the Spanish and the Native Americans, including the Yamasee and Cherokee tribes. In its first decades, the colony's plantations were relatively small and its wealth came from Indian trade, mainly in Indian slaves and deerskins. The slave trade affected tribes throughout the Southeast, and historians estimate that Carolinians exported 24,000-51,000 Indian slaves from 16701717, sending them to markets ranging from Boston to the Barbados.
Planters financed the purchase of African slaves by their sale of Indians.
By the end of the 16th century, the Spanish and French had left the area of South Carolina after several reconnaissance missions and failed colonization attempts. In 1629, Charles I, King of England, granted his attorney general a charter to everything between latitudes 36 and 31. He called this land the Province of Carlana, which would later be changed to "Carolina" for pronunciation, after the Latin form of his own name.

In 1663, Charles II gave the land to eight nobles, the Lords Proprietors, who ruled the Province of Carolina as a proprietary colony. After the Yamasee War of 1715-1717, the Lords Proprietors came under increasing pressure and were forced to relinquish their charter to the Crown in 1719. The proprietors retained their right to the land until 1719, when the colony was officially split into the provinces of North Carolina and South Carolina, crown colonies.

In April 1670 settlers arrived at Albemarle Point, at the junction of the Ashley River and Cooper River. They founded Charles Town, named in honor of King Charles II. Throughout the Colonial Period, the Carolinas participated in many wars against the Spanish and the Native Americans, including the Yamasee and Cherokee tribes. In its first decades, the colony's plantations were relatively small and its wealth came from Indian trade, mainly in Indian slaves and deerskins. The slave trade affected tribes throughout the Southeast, and historians estimate that Carolinians exported 24,000-51,000 Indian slaves from 16701717, sending them to markets ranging from Boston to the Barbados.Planters financed the purchase of African slaves by their sale of Indians.

In the 1740s, Eliza Lucas Pinckney began indigo culture and processing in coastal South Carolina. Indigo was in heavy demand in Europe for making dyes for clothing. An "Indigo Bonanza" followed, with South Carolina production approaching a million pounds (400 plus Tonnes) in the late 1750s. This growth was stimulated by a British bounty of six pence per pound.
South Carolina did not have a monopoly of the British market, but the demand was strong and many planters switched to the new crop when the price of rice fell. Carolina indigo had a mediocre reputation because Carolina planters failed to achieve consistent high quality production standards. Carolina indigo nevertheless succeeded in displacing French and Spanish indigo in the British and in some continental markets, reflecting the demand for cheap dyestuffs from manufacturers of low-cost textiles, the fastest-growing sectors of the European textile industries at the onset of industrialization.

In addition, the colonial economy depended on sales of pelts (primarily deerskins), and naval stores and timber. Coastal towns began shipbuilding to support their trade, using the prime timbers of the live oak.

South Carolina's liberal constitution and early flourishing trade attracted Sephardic Jewish immigrants. They were mostly elite businessmen from London and the Barbados, where they had been involved in the rum and sugar trades. In 1800, Charleston had the largest Jewish population in the United States
source -free wikipedia

Till we meet again - regards - edmondsallan

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Hansen family

Arrived: 1814
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: Te Puna
Source: Book; The First Family

Thomas Hanson Snr was born in London in 1762, he married Hannah Coats in 1784 in London. They emigrated to Australia on the 'Duke of Portland' as free settlers in July 1807. Thomas purchased and land and was granted other land. The Hansen's were next door neighbours with the Marsdens. In 1812 his daughter Hannah and John King were married by Rev Samual Marsden. Thomas sold his land and gave up farming to go back to sea.

Thomas was the commander of the 'Active' when it sailed for New Zealand arriving December 18th 1814. On board was his wife Hannah, daughter and son-in-law Hannah and John King and his son Thomas jnr amongst other passengers. After off-loading everyone at Rangihoua in the Bay of Islands, Thomas sailed down to the Thames and back again. Samuel Marsden formerly purchased land from the natives for the mission on February 24th 1815. Thomas snr also purchased land but this was later disallowed in the Old Land Court in 1841 for lack of evidence. Thomas made many trips around the pacific taking missionaries to their stations but was dismissed by Rev S Marsden at the end of 1816 after Hannah Hansen who always accompanied her husband on these trips, was allegedly bossing him around and drinking.

Thomas continued working as master on ships. Hannah was caught gun-running and sentenced to 7 years in Newcastle but was bound over to her husband. She was 67yrs old at the time.

Hannah died in May 1823 aged 71yrs whilst they were living at Cadman's wharf, George St, Sydney.

Thomas died in 1837. His obituary reads: Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser 2nd February 1837
Died at the house of Mr John Cadman, Lower George St, much respected by all who knew him, Mr Thomas Hanson, late commander of the schooner Isabelle, at the advanced age of 74 yrs. Mr Hanson emigrated to this colony about 25 years since and resigned his employment under government, two years since from ill health.

Thomas Hansen Jnr
Thomas,born 1785 was christened at Stepney in London. He arrived as crew on the boat 'Active' with his father in 1814. Young Thomas stayed with the mission in New Zealand when his parents departed on the 'Active' in February 1815. Later that year he traveled back to Sydney with his parents and sister where he met and married Elizabeth Atkinson Tollis, daughter of Corp Thomas Tollis and a convict, Betty Atkinson. In 1815, Elizabeth was 16 years old. The young couple returned to New Zealand in Feb 1816. Their first child, a daughter named Hannah King Hansen was born Jan 1817.

Thomas and Elizabeth's children were not schooled at the mission even thought it was just next door, for the mission station taught the Maori and the children of the missionaries only. It is thought that some of the children received some schooling later at Paihia or Waimate North.

Butler employed Hansen who was living on 4acres next to the mission station. In 1825 only the Hanson and the King families were left at Oihi after the Kendalls and the Halls returned to Sydney. By the end of the 1820's the mission was focused at Paihia, Kerikeri and Waimate North.

Thomas later diversified to carpentering and bushwork. He helped build Kemp house in Kerikeri and milled timber for John Logan Campbell.

Thomas also worked on ships occasionally and kept up with who's who on the ships coming and going. He was always interested in finding husbands for his daughters amongst them and was known to ask for handouts like shoes for the children. Thomas and Elizabeth never left New Zealand after arriving back in 1816 and Thomas helped provide an early bridge between the ship's captains and local Maori as the missionaries drew a line at common people who might like the odd drink or two.

Thomas, unlike the missionaries he worked for, did not grow rich by buying more land than he could use, but unlike the missionaries whose families seemed beset by illness and misfortune, his family flourished and grew and grew.

Elizabeth Atkinson Hansen died on March 25th, 1867 aged 69yrs. Thomas died at Russell where he had been living with one his children on March 8th 1874 aged 89yrs but was buried at Oihi according to his wishes.

(1) Hannah King Letheridge nee Hansen formerly Clapham
Hannah married George Clapham, Captain of a whaler in 1837. They settled at Kerikeri until 1845 when they went to Sydney. George remained a captain and often sailed to the Navigator Islands out of Sydney. George died and Hannah remarried to Jeremiah Letheridge in Sydney and they returned to New Zealand. She had a son and two daughters to George. The two elder children died in Sydney and the younger returned with her mother to New Zealand.

(2) Thomas Hansen (3rd)
Thomas was baptised by Rev. Butler in 1819. He went to Sydney for a few years as a young man and returned to the Bay of Islands where he had a cattle station at Mimiwhangata or Purerua. He had married 1852 in Sydney to Elizabeth Huckstepp, a dressmaker from London. They didn't have any children and often lived apart. Thomas was found to be very convivial company and was famous for his hospitality. He died at Russell in 1894. His niece, Hannah Mountain nee Clapham and her husband George Pinn Mountain took over the farm.

(3) Jane Flowerday nee Hansen
Jane was baptised in 1820 by Rev. Butler. She married Charles Flowerday who was on the whaler 'Harriet' in 1838. She was 19 and he was 39.Charles became a baker. Apart from fleeing Russell in 1845,they resided there until their deaths.

(4) William Brind Hansen
William was baptised 3rd June 1823 by Rev John Butler at Kerikeri. He migrated to Australia and married Jane Cheers in NSW. He died in Queensland in 1889 and had a total of eleven children.

(5) Edward Hansen
Edward was born at Oihi on June 24th, 1823 and became a butcher and had his own business in Kawakawa. He married in 1847 to Mary Ann Cains, born 1829 in Sydney, she had been eight years old when she came with her family to New Zealand. They had eleven children and retired to Opotiki where Edward is buried. Mary Ann died at Kawakawa. Edward was an enthusiastic student of the local Maori Chief and learnt the genealogy of the tribe.

(6) Harriet Hansen
Harriet was born in 1824 and baptised in 1827. She married Samuel Bowyer in Whangaroa in 1847. They lived at Kaeo and had thirteen children. Harried died in 1911 and Samuel in 1891.

(7) Martha Hansen
Martha born 1826, was baptised in 1829. She married Mr Reed and had three children, the to Mr Wood and had two sons, and finally to a Mr White.

(8) Phillip Hansen
Phillip born 1828, died 1891. He emigrated to America.

(9) Dinah Hansen
Dinah was born 1831 and died 1910. She married Daniel Poole and they had seven children. They were married at Paihia by Rev. Henry Williams in 1850.

(10) Amy Hansen
Amy was born in 1832 and died in 1920. She married William Baker and they eight children. William was a boatbuilder and they lived at Russell.

(11) John Tollis Hansen was born in 1834 and died in 1910. He married Martha Lang and they purchased land near where the old mission station was built and farmed there till they died. They had thirteen children.

Till we meet again - Re3gards - edmondsallan

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" ARNOLD " -- " A TRUE STORY - 400 AD "

edmondsallan - Hello - How did the brain teaser go ( the DNA et'c ).
just in case you are still struggling with it , I thought you could put the " Brain Teaser " down , read this story to relax , then go back to the other . Would you like that ?? - you would -- ok .We going to jump to around 400 AD which was around the time frame this story took place .

This story was documented by 'Italian Priests " and is still held in their archives by them in the town of " Bludenze " Austria - This township is about 20 kilometres from the ' Swiss - Austrian Border .
By the way , the name of " Arnold " was derived from the " Germanic - Scandinavin name of " Arnulf " meaning - " EAGLE RULER "
Their were two brothers " Arnulf and Alaric " Both are related by blood lines to " Magog " already mentioned in our ancestry in Part ( 4 ).and was the start of the name eventually becoming " Arnold " These two brothers lived in the Swiss province / canton of " Thurgau " They had many followers and they were all known for their infamous deeds , plundering / raping / capturing / enslaving etc ,.( you name it - They did it by invading other countries near them . Their is one particular journey they repeated several times in their efforts to rob & plunder , etc . You may need the Map book , showing Italy
Switzerland etc . They would cross over the swiss border , sail down the Italian Lake of " Largo di Como " - then down the river of
" ADDA " right down to the sea to the Township of " Po della pila" into the Adriatic sea , then go further on the east coast to then named " Porto d ' Ascoli" There they travelled up the river as far as they could go , tramped over the mountain pass till they reached the " Tevere River ( now known as the Tiber ) and sail down to " Rome " to the Vatican itself there the plundered & carried out all the other things they wanted and enjoyed . When they were finished , usually a week or two , they went back to their home in Switzerland
the same way . with their treasures and other things . These were real bad robbers . As it was happening to often and the vatican as losing a lot of wealth . the Vatican made a financial arangement with these Two Swiss brothers and their followers to to stop raiding them and also supply protection from any others who may want to do the same They supplied the vatican with their own men to guard them for a huge annual financial fee . Today the Swiss Guards -- guard the Vatican in Italy . This one of the reasons that this came about and is still being used today . I was unable to find out whether the Financial agreement is still in place between the Vatican & Switzerland . The answer is well guarded by those in charge . Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan


edmondsallan - Good morning . It is raining heavy here at present. Honorable " Son " who is never the best in the wake up , get up , get to work sequence took off moaning about the rain . The missus is bouncing around that the rain is wetting her flower garden that she prize's . She even talks to Her flower plants especially the new ones she buys . I have heard of this many times & the plants just love it and do their best. And people say I am crazy talking to "old faithful " whose Little red eye glows solid all the time except when she is talking to me then her one eye blinks like mad and faster when she is excited . In fact " old faithful" did a lot of searching for me last night while I was a sleep . I set her the task of finding this particular DNA record among all she keeps for me >> Hang on a minute she wants to talk to me-- > " I found it . do you think they will understand it ? suggest you tell them to go over it several times so they get the hang of it " ( me ) > why ? they should be alright <
( Her )" I had to teach you and look how long you took to grasp the basics !! use my suggestion . " ( Me ) Ok ! Ok ! could be right .

The purpose in doing or following this next section of research is because this will be the starting block of two different ways ,each seperate group went . One from Rome under " Brutus " adopted son of Julie Cesar - Roman emperor - ( original son of Silvus )- the other from the Black sea to " Switzerland and further under the leadership in general by Japeth's son ( one of seven ) named " Magog " Both have different times in BC when they started - Magog - being the earliest . Eventually, when we get their , you will see how they fought each other in " Brittian " and " Wales " they did not know they were related . You might not have believe it also in this very long ancestral chain , unless I show you the proven ( DNA ) of these people . which has proven it beyond doubt in our modern times . May I respectfully suggest ( to please " old faithful " ) take foot off pedal and study it carefully as it in general one of the great keys in research of how our names , our travelling , where we came from & where we went and where we are , for Billions of people on our planet . We are only going to follow a small minute part of it all .

Appendix 1: DNA links in Europe and Asia
Both Shem and Japheth possessed the same YDNA key at Haplogroup F. This Haplogroup was carried by all sons of Shem and Japheth, whereas the sons of Ham did not possess this link. The link for Hg F is P14, M89, M213. All Haplogroups from G to R possess this lineage.
From what we see, the lineages of Shem and the tribes Shem from F produced the Haplogroups G, H, I and J. - Japheth produced Haplogroup K and all the groups coming from K are sons of the sons of Japheth.
The sons of Japheth can be identified from the YDNA chart, but the mutations are not as early as the break-up of the sons and thus some of the sons have descendants of differing Haplogroups. For example, the sons of Gomer possess both R1a and R1b combinations, as well as other Haplogroups. Some of the sons of Gomer as listed by the Bible have developed the same Haplogroups as other sons of Japheth.A puzzle that is posed by modern science is that of the origin of the sons of HN, who split into the N and O Haplogroups. They came from Hg K and they were one line at M214, and from that ancestor they split into N (LLY22) and O (M175). These sons of HN produced a massive number of people. HN was the ancestor of the Huns and the sons of Han, being the Han Chinese. The dissimilarity is only in a vowel between the two consonants, being Hun and Han. They both had the same ancestor HN at M214. What makes this most fascinating is that the Finns, another Magyar people, of N Hg as are the Huns, speak Uralic-Altaic languages. Hungarian is part of this group as is Turkic, Mongolian, Manchurian, Manchu-Tungus, Old Korean and Japanese. The Mongols and related peoples are Hamitic Group C and the Japanese are Group D with some Group C, but fifty percent of the Japanese are also Hg O coming from the same group, as are the Tibetans. The Tibetans, who are sons of Cush, also are Hamitic Hg D, but they also have fifty percent O. The Southern Han of South China are Hg O with some C and D. The Sumatrans have more than 50% O and less D (say 5-10%). The Malays have less, but some Hg C also. The Hgs C and D are discussed in the paper Sons of Ham Part II: Cush (No. 45B). The Lapps/Sami are also Hg N, as are some Lithuanian Ashkenazim. Most Ashkenazim are Hg R1a. Ashkenaz is a tribe of Gomer. Riphath is the second son of Gomer and most of Riphath YDNA is R1b.
This is enough to consume just for now . Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan

(Copyright 2007 Wade Cox)
This paper may be freely copied and distributed provided it is copied in total with no alterations or deletions. The publishers name and address and the copyright notice must be included. No charge may be levied on recipients of distributed copies. Brief quotations may be embodied in critical articles and reviews without breaching copyright.
This paper is available from the World Wide Web page:
http://www.logon.org and http://www.ccg.org


edmondsallan . Good morning. Before I start on this " Arnold " ancestral chart . I need to give you some guide lines / explanations / mind pattern - for you to read & to absorb this lengthy , exceptionally rare ancestral chart .
( a ) Major - Because this was a 25th wedding anniversary present to my wife whom has been the greatest partner one could wish for. No expense was spared . I did have to get official approval to access the records held at " Givat Ram" National Ancestral Library of Israel
and some other countries as well
( b ) This section ( part 4 ) is 96 % proven . Only two entries were not 100 % proven In fact all the other ( 3 ) parts to this rare but accurate ancestral document are 100 % proven .
( c ) I mention this -- as it may be hard for anyone to believe that a tribal name / names, back in the days of old could be followed / changed to the way it is spelt today . This is why it has taken ( 5 1/2 years working 6 hours every day 6 days a week . The time it took to prove beyond doubt / surported by Documentation ( which won't detailed in these Journals . They have been kept , official / scribble / places etc in our own personal ancestral records .The reason is you can realize the amount of notes and paper used to put this together . I am not exaggerating when I say close to a 1,000 seperate pieces of info .
( d ) Other genealogists from other countries assisted me in return for payment or on a work for exchange basis . As it unfolds you could be amazed at this ancestry . Finally you will need to have patience .Don't get bored with the reference numbers at the beginning and their crude details . Realize the significance of finding them each seperately and putting them into sequence . Imagine the thrill at finding one , several numbers either side of another and the search to hunt out another. It was like having a rocket booster tied to you . Read slowly and if possible make your mind actually vision those old days just as I did to try and find the next step back to the beginning of my wonderful partner's family ancestry . You are going to be priviledged to view a very personal gift to my loving wife .
This will be on her father's side of her ancestry only. The gift , her personal ancestry book also contains . the same lengthy ancestry of her mother's side . This woman who is the greatest part of my total world . when I asked her permission to put it before the Public, asked - will any body abuse it - ? / will they believe it all - ? / will they learn from it - ? . I said yes to all three with my fingers crossed .It was a major decision by her to show to everyone something personal, a gift she treasures very very highly indeed !! Permission was granted -- We will make a start

Part ( 4 ) each entry has a reference nunber which is actually taken from the records found with the ancestry details
They are in sequence now . They weren't when I was searching for them . Note the change in the last ( 3 ) digits for " Eve " We will be working back to front so the parts match up '

EVE > 478186
ADAM > 478161

SETH > 478162
ENOS > 478163
CAINAN > 478164
JARED > 478166
ENOCH > 478167
LAMECH > 478169
NOAH > 478170
JAPHETH > 478171


JAVAN > 478120
SEPTEM > 478121
CEIPRUS > 478122
BRUTUS > 478123
SILVIUS > 478124
CREITIUS > 478125
SATURNUS > 478126

( 'ap = son of )
DARDAN ap JUPITER > 478128


( Prince of Troy - Greece - BC )

We have now travelled from " Jordan / Israel to Greece " and are about to go to Italy .Still in BC .
(also note the last 6 letters of this name. we will eventually get to " Wales " and you will see simular names with this " Welsh " Language spelling . In fact from now on - going forward - you will see the same sort of fimilar letters in the names )I find it truly amazing . Now for the " Italian " scene . I think we will take a break . We are about a third ( 1/3 rd ) of part ( 4 ) Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan .


edmondsallan - Hello - Had a very nice suggestion made to me recently - by someone , I consider to have given back to this web site . enormous amount of material for others to benefit from. The suggestion was to perhaps write a bit more on unknown ancestry , generally speaking . In reply I explained some certain compiling and the reasons for it . Never mind who the person is that I am compiling / or set a certain task to be accomplished, when finished I intend for that person to have a greater knowledge now of NZ , her home , At present it would fit under a postage stamp . Her knowledge of the rest of the world you would need a library to contain it all . What will this mean to you ? I am going to do two tasks at the same time without interfering with my other daily research work . One task will be a complete " ARNOLD " ancestral story ( of our family only )that has been proven in just about every detail from BC . It originally took 5.5 years to complete , edited , printed and bound in its particular coloured imatation. leather ( a deep rich blue with gold lettering and enbossing - Numbered Book ( 4 ) as it is my wife's family ancestry.- and is the only one of its kind in the world , which our children one day will inherit . The " Edmonds Family Books "( 1-2-3 ) are in the same material etc except in a very deep deep red with all the gold trimmings. All books so far , in size measure 30 cm x 22 cm x 4.5 cm thick ( 445 - 450 pages ) Having given you an in sight to our family ancestral library ( something I have never done before,)and perhaps never again , the two tasks we will be doing is compiling Biographies in NZ which will be inter woven with the the " Arnold " story of my wife's ancestry . I apologize if the method chosen causes any inconvience . I will try to make it as smooth as possible as time might play a big part in completing these two tasks Lastly but not least
The " Arnold " story is to show the person who made the suggestion. some gratitude for her patience with me and the high regard I have of her . Her task for the benefit of all the world is not an easy one to direct, and is free to all. Having told you where we are going . lets just get under way . The following is the different spellings of " Arnold " world wide
Arnoldsen (Denmark ) Arnoldus ( Denmark )Von Arnold ( Sweden ) Arnult ( France )Arnoldsson ( Finland ) Arnoldsen ( Norway )
Arnold ( Germany & England ) Arnault ( Germany , Norway, Ireland , Isle of White , Wales ) Also in following the " Arnold's " we must remember that they did not go with the nomad tribe that went north into Russia - re Siberia - on to Finland and also across to Alaska
into Canada and the rest of the Americas < > In general the Denmark " Arnolds are not related to those in Finland ( Only a very few that live their have travel from Denmark and they are from recent times .
Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan

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Australian Cemeteries Index

HELLO -- I might be handy to keep this document for researching dead relatives in Australia

Cemeteries List for New South Wales
565 cemeteries listed for New South Wales

Cemetery name Address Inscriptions

Aberdare General Cessnock Street, Aberdare 2325 NSW 2020 (complete to 2008-09-09)
Aberdeen General Segenhoe Street, Aberdeen 2336 NSW 883 (complete to 2006-10-30)
Aberfoyle General Aberfoyle Road, Aberfoyle 2350 NSW 51 (complete to 1998-12-31)
Albert General Melrose-Dandaloo Road, Albert 2873 NSW 92 (complete to 2007-11-15)
Albion Park Anglican Church Street, Albion Park 2527 NSW 454 (complete to 2007-10-31)
Albion Park Catholic Tongarra Road, Albion Park 2527 NSW 442 (complete to 2007-10-31)
Albion Park General Croome Road, Albion Park Rail 2527 NSW 407 (complete to 2007-10-31)
Albion Park Pioneer Russell Street, Albion Park 2527 NSW 71 (complete to 2007-10-17)
Albion Park Presbyterian Columbarium 250 Tongarra Road, Albion Park 2527 NSW 10 (complete to 2007-10-19)
Allman Hill Historic Clarence Street, Port Macquarie 2444 NSW 3 (complete to 2010-03-07)
Allynbrook Anglican Allyn River Road, Allynbrook 2311 NSW 206 (complete to 2010-02-28)
Anna Bay Lawn Nelson Bay Road, Anna Bay 2316 NSW 558 (complete to 2002-08-31)
Apple Tree Flat General Castlereagh Hwy, Apple Tree Flat, Mudgee 2850 NSW 50 (complete to 2004-05-27)
Arakoon General off Lighthouse Road, Arakoon 2431 NSW 552 (complete to 2005-12-26)
Armatree: Sunnyside Castlereagh Highway, Armatree 2831 NSW 8 (complete to 2005-03-24)
Attunga General off Neal Street, Attunga 2345 NSW 291 (complete to 2006-08-13)
Avalon Anglican Columbarium Cnr Barrenjoey Rd and Kevin Ave, Avalon 2107 NSW 57 (complete to 2009-10-15)
Bandon Grove Off Chichester Dam Road, Bandon Grove 2420 NSW 93 (complete to 2007-09-04)
Bangalow General Granuaille Crescent, Bangalow 2479 NSW 1536 (complete to 2009-06-30)
Baradine General Creek Road, Baradine 2396 NSW 874 (complete to 2006-03-02)
Barooga General Cemetery Road, Barooga 3644 NSW 261 (complete to 2007-08-29)
Barraba General West Street, Barraba 2347 NSW 2163 (complete to 2006-09-21)
Barrington Pioneer Barrington East Road, Barrington 2422 NSW 66 (complete to 2009-12-12)
Beechwood General Cnr Koree Island & Pappinbarra Roads, Beechwood 2446 NSW 345 (complete to 2009-05-31)
Belford Anglican Bell Road, Lower Belford 2335 NSW 42 (complete to 2010-04-30)
Belgrave General Allyn River Road, Eccleston 2311 NSW 119 (complete to 2000-04-30)
Bellata General Millie Road, Bellata 2397 NSW 83 (complete to 2006-03-30)
Bellbrook Off Armidale-Kempsey Road, Bellbrook 2440 NSW 125 (complete to 2010-09-03)
Bellingen General Lyon Street, Bellingen 2454 NSW 2208 (complete to 2010-07-19)
Belltrees Private Belltree Road, Belltrees 2337 NSW 16 (complete to 2010-04-05)
Belmont General Green Street, Belmont 2280 NSW 3111 (complete to 2006-12-31)
Beloka Cobbin-Beloka Road, Beloka 2628 NSW 316 (complete to 2010-08-20)
Ben Lomond Catholic Inn Road, Ben Lomond 2365 NSW 72 (complete to 1989-12-31)
Ben Lomond General Ben Lomond Road, Ben Lomond 2365 NSW 52 (complete to 2004-09-08)
Bena General Off West Wyalong-Condobolin Road, Bena 2877 NSW 78 (complete to 2007-04-30)
Bendemeer General Caroline Street, Bendemeer 2355 NSW 313 (complete to 2007-11-06)
Berkeley Pioneer Investigator Drive, Unanderra 2526 NSW 321 (complete to 2002-10-19)
Berridale Gegedzerick Road, Berridale 2628 NSW 878 (complete to 2010-08-20)
Bethshan Tingley Rd, Wyee 2259 NSW 435 (complete to 2010-08-31)
Bingara General off Riddell Street, Bingara 2404 NSW 3031 (complete to 2007-04-24)
Binnaway General Leaders Road, Binnaway 2395 NSW 667 (complete to 2005-11-17)
Birubi Point Ocean Avenue, Anna Bay 2316 NSW 70 (complete to 1999-12-31)
Bishops Bridge Anglican Wollombi Road, Bishops Bridge 2326 NSW 129 (complete to 2003-08-14)
Black Hill Uniting Church Black Hill Road, Black Hill 2322 NSW 56 (complete to 2006-01-31)
Black Mountain General Elder Lane, Black Mountain 2365 NSW 125 (complete to 2010-07-12)
Black Springs New General Campbells River Road, Black Springs 2787 NSW 128 (complete to 2006-10-19)
Blackmans Flat General Castlereagh Highway, Blackmans Flat 2790 NSW 39 (complete to 2004-11-24)
Blackville Catholic Blackville 2343 NSW 4 (complete to 2008-06-17)
Bo Bo Creek General Hillview Lane, Burrell Creek 2429 NSW 268 (complete to 2008-11-04)
Bodangora General Mine Road, Bodangora 2820 NSW 148 (complete to 2002-11-05)
Bogan Gate General off Condobolin Road, Bogan Gate 2876 NSW 252 (complete to 2002-01-31)
Boggabri General Caxton Street West, Boggabri 2382 NSW 1311 (complete to 2006-03-31)
Boggabri Lawn Caxton Street West, Boggabri 2382 NSW 67 (complete to 2006-03-31)
Bogolong Henry Lawson Way, Grenfell 2810 NSW 3 (complete to 2010-08-30)
Boloco Cobbin-Beloka Road, Beloka 2628 NSW 316 (complete to 2010-08-20)
Booragul Pioneer Billy Goat Hill, Booragul NSW 10 (complete to 2010-08-31)
Booroolong General Booroolong NSW 22 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Bowenfels Catholic Old Bathurst Road, Bowenfels 2790 NSW 91 (complete to 2007-11-14)
Bowenfels Old Presbyterian Great Western Highway, Bowenfels 2790 NSW 407 (complete to 2007-09-19)
Bowling Alley Point General off Woolomin Road, Bowling Alley Point 2340 NSW 89 (complete to 2009-12-14)
Bowna General Off Plunkett Road, Bowna 2644 NSW 28 (complete to 2009-08-30)
Bowraville General Gumbayngirr Road, Bowraville 2449 NSW 1205 (complete to 2010-07-04)
Branxton Anglican Columbarium Cessnock Road, Branxton NSW 2335 NSW 189 (complete to 2009-05-15)
Branxton Catholic Station Street, Branxton 2335 NSW 997 (complete to 2009-05-31)
Branxton General Dalwood Road, Branxton 2335 NSW 664 (complete to 2009-05-15)
Branxton Uniting Church Columbarium 9-11 Drinan Street, Branxton 2335 NSW 50 (complete to 2009-05-15)
Breeza General Off Kamilaroi Highway, Breeza 2381 NSW 73 (complete to 2007-09-27)
Bridgman Anglican Goorangoola Road, Bridgman NSW 56 (complete to 2009-04-26)
Brisbane Valley Catholic off Beaconsfield Road, Foleys Creek 2787 NSW 17 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Brooklyn General Brooklyn Road, Brooklyn 2083 NSW 278 (complete to 2004-12-31)
Brunkerville Uniting Church 1407 Freemans Drive, Brunkerville 2323 NSW 217 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Bucca Cemetery Road, Bucca 2450 NSW 32 (complete to 2006-07-31)
Bugaldie General Guinema Road, Bugaldie 2357 NSW 15 (complete to 2006-03-01)
Bulahdelah General Red Gum Road, Bulahdelah 2423 NSW 1220 (complete to 2009-02-28)
Bulgandramine Mission Wellington 2820 NSW 11 (partial listing)
Bulli Anglican 66 Park Road, Bulli 2516 NSW 472 (complete to 2010-06-25)
Bulli General Carrington Street, Bulli 2516 NSW 5763 (complete to 2010-09-06)
Bundarra General Dawkins Street, Bundarra 2359 NSW 600 (complete to 1954-01-01)
Bungwahl General The Lakes Way Bungwahl 2423 NSW 231 (complete to 2007-07-31)
Bungwahl Old Off The Lakes Way, Bungwahl 2423 NSW 8 (complete to 2009-05-24)
Bunnan Anglican Bunnan Road, Bunnan 2337 NSW 42 (complete to 2005-10-27)
Burraga General Bathurst Road, Burraga 2795 NSW 125 (complete to 2006-11-09)
Burrawang South Private Yarrabandai-Warroo Road, Yarrabandai NSW 10 (complete to 2006-05-31)
Burren Junction General Off Walgett Road, Burren Junction 2386 NSW 68 (complete to 2006-03-28)
Burrendong Valley Lake Burrendong, via Wellington 2820 NSW 110 (complete to 2004-06-14)
Buttai: Elliott Private John Renshaw Drive, Buttai 2323 NSW 55 (complete to 2008-04-18)
Buttai: Price Private John Renshaw Drive, Buttai 2323 NSW 23 (complete to 2008-04-18)
Buttai: Wilfred Elliott Pte John Renshaw Drive, Buttai 2323 NSW 7 (complete to 2008-04-18)
Bylong Anglican Rylstone Road, Bylong 2849 NSW 44 (complete to 2002-06-05)
Bylong Catholic Upper Bylong Road, Bylong 2849 NSW 4 (complete to 2002-06-05)
Camberwell Anglican Glennies Creek Road, Camberwell 2330 NSW 225 (complete to 2008-01-31)
Camden Catholic Cawdor Road, Camden 2570 NSW 916 (complete to 2009-06-30)
Camden General Cawdor Road, Camden 2570 NSW 1793 (complete to 2009-06-30)
Camden War Cawdor Road, Camden 2570 NSW 23 (complete to 2009-06-30)
Capertee General Castlereagh Highway, Capertee 2846 NSW 178 (complete to 2002-08-14)
Cargo General Cudal-Cargo Road, Cargo 2800 NSW 457 (complete to 2008-06-07)
Carinda Historic Carinda 2831 NSW 6 (complete to 2008-07-31)
Carrington General North Arm Cove Rd, Carrington 2294 NSW 21 (complete to 2000-07-31)
Carroll General Off Oxley Highway, Carroll 2340 NSW 136 (complete to 2006-09-23)
Carwell Private Windamere Lake Road, Rylstone 2849 NSW 36 (complete to 2002-02-12)
Casino General West Street, Casino 2470 NSW 3339 (complete to 2011-01-23)
Casino Lawn Reynolds Street, Casino 2470 NSW 5016 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Cassilis Anglican Cassilis Road, Cassilis 2329 NSW 208 (complete to 2004-05-13)
Cassilis Catholic Llangollen Road, Cassilis 2329 NSW 143 (complete to 2004-05-13)
Castle Hill Anglican Old Northern Road, Castle Hill 2154 NSW 160 (complete to 2011-01-22)
Cawdor Uniting Church Cawdor Road, Cawdor 2570 NSW 793 (complete to 2009-04-30)
Cherrybrook Uniting Church 134 New Line Road, Cherrybrook 2126 NSW 415 (complete to 2009-01-31)
Chinderah General Chinderah Road, Chinderah 2487 NSW 27 (complete to 2008-06-17)
Chinese Inscriptions Various cemeteries NSW 62 (complete to 2006-05-28)
Clarence Lawn Armidale Road, South Grafton 2460 NSW 7145 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Clarence Town Anglican Cnr Grey & Queen Streets, Clarence Town 2321 NSW 61 (complete to 2007-07-31)
Clarence Town General Cemetery Fire Road, Clarence Town 2321 NSW 731 (complete to 2007-07-31)
Club Forster Columbarium Strand Street, Forster 2428 NSW 336 (complete to 2009-04-30)
Cobbora General Golden Highway, Cobbora 2844 NSW 109 (complete to 2005-02-17)
Coffs Harbour Historic Coff Street, Coffs Harbour 2450 NSW 4749 (complete to 2010-07-31)
Coffs Harbour Lawn Coramba Road, Karangi 2450 NSW 2612 (complete to 2010-06-30)
Collaroy Station Private Golden Highway, Cassilis 2329 NSW 30 (complete to 1995-12-31)
Collie General Trangie Road, Collie 2827 NSW 31 (complete to 2004-03-24)
Colly Blue Off Coonabarabran Road, Colly Blue 2343 NSW 14 (complete to 2008-07-21)
Condobolin General Maitland & Boona Streets, Condobolin 2877 NSW 4206 (complete to 2007-04-30)
Condobolin Sacred Park Cnr Molong & Station Streets Condobolin 2877 NSW 55 (complete to 2004-01-31)
Conjola General Princes Highway, Conjola 2539 NSW 88 (complete to 2009-01-01)
Coolabah General Cobar Road, Coolabah 2831 NSW 18 (complete to 2005-04-14)
Coolah General Walker Street, Coolah 2843 NSW 1021 (complete to 2004-07-01)
Coolongolook General Pacific Highway, Coolongolook 2423 NSW 267 (complete to 2007-09-28)
Coonabarabran Anglican Dalgarno Street, Coonabrabran 2357 NSW 1080 (complete to 2005-11-19)
Coonabarabran General Dalgarno Street, Coonabarabran 2357 NSW 987 (complete to 2005-11-16)
Coonabarabran Lawn Dandry Road, Coonabarabran 2357 NSW 337 (complete to 2005-11-17)
Coonamble General Memorial Drive, Coonamble 2829 NSW 3038 (complete to 2005-03-23)
Coonamble Old General Auburn Street, Coonamble 2829 NSW 629 (complete to 2005-03-22)
Coopernook General Off George Gibson Drive, Coopernook 2426 NSW 336 (complete to 2008-08-21)
Cooranbong Catholic Martinsville Road, Cooranbong 2265 NSW 367 (complete to 2009-11-15)
Cooyal Methodist O'Brien's Lane, Cooyal 2850 NSW 28 (complete to 2009-12-17)
Copeland off Scone Road, Copeland 2422 NSW 61 (complete to 2010-02-06)
Copeton General Under Lake Copeton, via Inverell 2360 NSW 39 (complete to 1994-12-31)
Coramba East Bank Road, Coramba 2450 NSW 173 (complete to 2010-07-09)
Corby Private Dubbo Road, Mendooran 2842 NSW 2 (complete to 2005-10-04)
Corindi General Kangaroo Trail Road, Corindi 2456 NSW 8 (complete to 2010-07-20)
Corrimal Catholic Princes Highway Corrimal 2518 NSW 794 (complete to 2008-02-29)
Coutts Crossing Armidale Road, Coutts Crossing 2460 NSW 182 (complete to 2011-02-27)
Crescent Head Columbarium Belmore Street, Crescent Head 2440 NSW 1 (complete to 2010-05-31)
Crudine General Crudine Road, Crudine 2795 NSW 46 (complete to 2002-07-15)
Cudgegong General Off Castlereagh Highway, Cudgegong 2850 NSW 100 (complete to 2003-02-12)
Cudgen General Chinderah Road, Chinderah 2487 NSW 27 (complete to 2008-06-17)
Cullen Bullen General Castlereagh Highway, Cullen Bullen 2790 NSW 244 (complete to 2004-11-24)
Cumnock General Yeoval Road, Cumnock 2867 NSW 409 (complete to 2002-11-28)
Curban General Hillside Road, Curban 2827 NSW 19 (complete to 2004-04-02)
Curlewis General Off Kamilaroi Highway, Curlewis 2381 NSW 206 (complete to 2007-09-27)
Curra Creek General Off Curra Creek Road, Curra Creek 2820 NSW 4 (complete to 2003-06-14)
Currabubula General Werris Creek Road, Currabubula 2342 NSW 129 (complete to 2007-12-03)
Currawong Anglican Currawong Road, Currawong NSW 34 (complete to 2009-08-04)
Currowan Private The Western Distributor, Currowan 2536 NSW 13 (complete to 2010-04-30)
Dalvey Private off Rouchel Road, Dangarfield 2336 NSW 26 (complete to 2010-04-05)
Dangarfield Private off Rouchel Road, Dangarfield 2336 NSW 16 (complete to 2010-04-05)
Dapto West Catholic West Dapto Road, Kembla Grange 2526 NSW 671 (complete to 2002-08-31)
Dark Corner General Dark Corner Road, Dark Corner 2795 NSW 80 (complete to 2005-01-06)
Dawson River (Taree) General Off Lansdowne Road, Taree 2430 NSW 3757 (complete to 2008-03-31)
Dawson River (Taree) Lawn Off Lansdowne Road, Taree 2430 NSW 2997 (complete to 2008-01-31)
Deeping Grove Private Saumarez Ponds 2350 NSW 25 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Deepwater General off Wise Street, Deepwater 2371 NSW 292 (complete to 2008-07-24)
Delungra General Off Haywood Road, Delungra 2403 NSW 369 (complete to 2007-04-24)
Denison Town Pioneer Black Stump Way, Denison Town 2844 NSW 56 (complete to 2004-06-23)
Depot Glen Hawker Gate Road, Milparinka 2880 NSW 4 (complete to 2010-06-19)
Dicks Camp General Off Oxley Highway, Collie 2827 NSW 69 (complete to 2004-03-24)
Dinton Vale Ashford Road, Dinton Vale 2360 NSW 25 (complete to 2008-08-31)
Dorrigo General Waterfall Way, Dorrigo 2453 NSW 1571 (complete to 2010-07-25)
Doyles Creek Anglican Doyles Creek Road, Doyles Creek 2330 NSW 58 (complete to 2002-04-13)
Dubbo Pioneer off Angle Road, Dubbo 2830 NSW 20 (complete to 2006-01-01)
Dunedoo Anglican Columbarium Merrygoen Street, Dunedoo 2844 NSW 51 (complete to 2010-06-30)
Dunedoo General Avonside North Road, Dunedoo 2844 NSW 755 (complete to 2005-10-04)
Dungowan General Off Back Dungowan Road, Dungowan 2340 NSW 85 (complete to 2009-01-06)
Dungowan Parish General off Woolomin Road, Bowling Alley Point 2340 NSW 89 (complete to 2009-12-14)
Dural Anglican Old Northern Road, Dural 2158 NSW 298 (complete to 2009-04-09)
Dural Uniting Church Derriwong Road, Dural 2158 NSW 400 (complete to 2009-01-31)
East Gresford Allyn River Road, East Gresford 2311 NSW 117 (complete to 2008-05-27)
East Gresford Catholic off Park Street, East Gresford 2311 NSW 258 (complete to 2008-02-19)
East Maitland Anglican George Street, East Maitland 2323 NSW 322 (complete to 2006-09-10)
East Maitland General Raymond Terrace Road, East Maitland 2323 NSW 6901 (complete to 2007-06-30)
East Maitland Presbyterian Columbarium 66 George Street, East Maitland 2323 NSW 98 (complete to 2009-05-31)
East Maitland War Raymond Terrace Road, East Maitland 2323 NSW 6 (complete to 2007-06-13)
Ebor General Waterfall Way, Ebor 2453 NSW 123 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Ellenborough Oxley Highway, Ellenborough 2446 NSW 75 (complete to 2009-04-30)
Elong Elong Golden Highway, Elong Elong 2831 NSW 33 (complete to 2003-02-04)
Elsmore General 1115 Elsmore Road, Elsmore 2360 NSW 170 (complete to 2009-01-20)
Emu Creek Krawarree Road, Gundillion 2622 NSW 74 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Emu Plains General Short Street, Emu Plains 2750 NSW 959 (complete to 2010-07-31)
Euchareena General Maroombah Road, Euchareena 2866 NSW 118 (complete to 2002-12-04)
Failford General Pacific Highway, Nabiac 2312 NSW 698 (complete to 2007-10-15)
Farnham Orange Road, Farnham 2820 NSW 85 (complete to 2006-01-11)
Fernmount Hyde Street, Fernmount 2454 NSW 351 (complete to 2010-05-08)
Fifield Fifield 2875 NSW 60 (complete to 2007-11-15)
Foleys Creek Catholic off Beaconsfield Road, Foleys Creek 2787 NSW 17 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Forster General Strand Street, Forster 2428 NSW 1479 (complete to 2010-08-31)
Frogmore Catholic Frogmore Road, Frogmore 2586 NSW 121 (complete to 2009-12-26)
Galong General off Galong - Boorowa Road, Galong NSW 366 (complete to 2009-10-31)
Garra Cemetery Road, Garra 2866 NSW 136 (complete to 2010-03-07)
Gegedzerick Gegedzerick Road, Berridale 2628 NSW 878 (complete to 2010-08-20)
Georges Plains St Johns Road, Georges Plains 2795 NSW 118 (complete to 2007-03-08)
Gerringong General Cnr Belinda & Percy Streets, Gerringong 2534 NSW 1152 (complete to 2007-09-30)
Geurie General Off Mitchell Highway, Geurie 2831 NSW 359 (complete to 2003-02-04)
Giants Creek General Off Golden Highway, Giants Creek 2328 NSW 121 (complete to 2001-04-17)
Gilgandra General Castlereagh Highway, Gilgandra 2827 NSW 2655 (complete to 2004-04-16)
Gilwarra General Gilwarra Lane, Glenthorne 2430 NSW 60 (complete to 2008-04-27)
Gins Leap Kamilaroi Highway, Boggabri 2382 NSW 5 (complete to 2008-02-16)
Girilambone General Arcturus Street, Girilambone 2831 NSW 118 (complete to 2005-04-14)
Glebe George Street, East Maitland 2323 NSW 322 (complete to 2006-09-10)
Glen Alice Glen Alice Road, Glen Alice 2849 NSW 114 (complete to 2002-08-14)
Glen Shea Private Cobborah Road, Merrygoen 2831 NSW 19 (complete to 2005-10-04)
Glen William Anglican Glen William Church Road, Glen William 2321 NSW 102 (complete to 2004-01-01)
Glencoe General New England Highway, Glencoe 2365 NSW 118 (complete to 2007-09-14)
Glenmore Uniting Church Wine Country Drive, Rothbury 2320 NSW 60 (complete to 2010-04-30)
Glenridding Uniting Church Putty Road, Singleton 2330 NSW 525 (complete to 2001-10-31)
Glenthorne General Gilwarra Lane, Glenthorne 2430 NSW 60 (complete to 2008-04-27)
Gloucester General Cemetery Road, Gloucester 2422 NSW 2748 (complete to 2010-01-17)
Goolma: Lambing Hill Gollan Road, Goolma 2852 NSW 7 (complete to 2005-02-17)
Gooloogong General Cemetery Road, Gooloogong 2805 NSW 400 (complete to 2005-04-30)
Goorangoola Anglican Goorangoola Road, Goorangoola 2330 NSW 95 (complete to 2007-11-30)
Grafton General Villiers Street, Grafton 2460 NSW 4858 (complete to 2009-03-31)
Gravesend Off Gwydir Highway, Gravesend 2401 NSW 8 (complete to 2002-06-04)
Greenethorpe Private Greenethorpe 2809 NSW 31 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Greengrove: St Peter's off Mangrove Creek Road, Greengrove NSW 65 (complete to 2009-05-31)
Gresford Anglican Church Street, Gresford 2311 NSW 432 (complete to 2008-02-19)
Gulargambone General Muraiman Street, Gulargambone 2828 NSW 612 (complete to 2004-10-08)
Gulgong General Castlereagh Highway, Gulgong 2852 NSW 2914 (complete to 2004-03-14)
Gum Flat General 965 Copeton Dam Road, Gum Flat 2360 NSW 188 (complete to 2008-10-31)
Gundillion Krawarree Road, Gundillion 2622 NSW 74 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Gundy Anglican Mayne Street, Gundy 2337 NSW 27 (complete to 2010-03-31)
Gundy General Merrimuka Road, Gundy 2337 NSW 177 (complete to 2010-02-07)
Gundy Historic Church Street, Gundy 2337 NSW 15 (complete to 2010-01-31)
Gunnedah General Hunter Street, Gunnedah 2380 NSW 3799 (complete to 2009-10-31)
Guy Fawkes Waterfall Way, Ebor 2453 NSW 123 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Gwabegar General Narrabri Road, Gwabegar 2356 NSW 72 (complete to 2006-03-02)
Hallsville Methodist Manilla Road, Hallsville 2340 NSW 15 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Hanging Rock Historic Nundle - Hanging Rock Road, Hanging Rock 2340 NSW 81 (complete to 2007-06-02)
Hargraves Catholic Hargraves 2850 NSW 70 (complete to 2004-06-04)
Hargraves General Off Mudgee Road, Hargraves 2850 NSW 101 (complete to 2004-06-04)
Hargraves Pioneer beyond Merinda Street, Hargraves 2850 NSW 15 (complete to 2002-09-01)
Harley Hill Beach Road, Berry 2535 NSW 36 (complete to 3004-09-30)
Hartley General Great Western Highway, Hartley 2790 NSW 285 (complete to 2007-08-29)
Hartley Vale off Fields Road, Hartley Vale 2790 NSW 152 (complete to 2009-09-16)
Havilah Anglican Lue Road, Havilah 2850 NSW 12 (complete to 2008-05-23)
Havilah Catholic Lue Road, Havilah 2850 NSW 18 (complete to 2008-05-23)
Helensburg General Cemetery Road, Helensburg 2508 NSW 535 (complete to 2009-09-06)
Hermidale Girilambone Road, Hermidale 2831 NSW 41 (complete to 2005-04-12)
Herons Creek Herons Creek Road, Herons Creek 2443 NSW 143 (complete to 2010-03-10)
Hickeys Creek Toms Gully Road, Hickeys Creek 2440 NSW 64 (complete to 2010-09-03)
Hiland Crescent Hiland Crescent & Maize Street, Tenambit 2323 NSW 499 (complete to 2006-10-31)
Hill End Catholic Off Mudgee Road, Tambaroora 2795 NSW 76 (complete to 2002-06-30)
Hill End General Mudgee Road, Tambaroora 2795 NSW 458 (complete to 2002-06-30)
Hinton Anglican Cnr Paterson & Elizabeth Streets Hinton 2321 NSW 199 (complete to 2006-01-01)
Hinton Pioneer Paterson Street, Hinton 2321 NSW 183 (complete to 2006-01-01)
Hinton: Smith's Pte Nulla Nulla Lane, Hinton 2321 NSW 14 (complete to 2007-11-22)
Honeysuckle Sandgate, Newcastle 2300 NSW 373 (complete to 2006-10-15)
Iandra Private Greenethorpe 2809 NSW 31 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Ilford General Cafes Road, Ilford 2850 NSW 143 (complete to 2002-07-15)
Isabella General Isabella Road, Isabella 2795 NSW 42 (complete to 2006-11-09)
Jamberoo Catholic Chapel Lane Jamberoo 2533 NSW 172 (complete to 2007-10-10)
Jamberoo General Drualla Road, Jamberoo 2533 NSW 724 (complete to 2007-10-10)
Jamberoo Presbyterian Allowrie Street, Jamberoo 2533 NSW 47 (complete to 2007-10-10)
Jamberoo Uniting Church Macquarie St, Jamberoo 2533 NSW 72 (complete to 2007-10-10)
Jerrys Plains General Piribil Street, Jerrys Plains 2330 NSW 241 (complete to 2000-01-17)
Jerrys Plains Old Anglican Pagan Street, Jerrys Plains 2330 NSW 79 (complete to 2000-01-17)
Jerrys Plains Old Catholic Pagan Street, Jerrys Plains 2330 NSW 64 (complete to 2000-01-19)
Jindabyne General Barry Way, Jindabyne 2627 NSW 280 (complete to 2010-08-18)
Johns River General Stewarts Road, Johns River 2443 NSW 0 (complete to 2008-10-31)
Jupps Cemetery Allyn River Road, East Gresford 2311 NSW 117 (complete to 2008-05-27)
Karangi Lawn Coramba Road, Karangi 2450 NSW 2612 (complete to 2010-06-30)
Karuah Tarean Road, Karuah 2324 NSW 365 (complete to 2010-09-30)
Kellys Plains Anglican Kellys Plains 2350 NSW 17 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Kembla Grange Old Reddalls Road, Kembla Grange 2526 NSW 59 (complete to 2002-09-30)
Kembla Grange War Reddalls Road, Kembla Grange 2526 NSW 12 (complete to 2002-09-30)
Kempsey East Naiooka St, East Kempsey 2440 NSW 5534 (complete to 2010-05-31)
Kempsey West General Broughton Street, Kempsey 2440 NSW 2375 (complete to 2010-08-31)
Kendall General Albert Street, Kendall 2439 NSW 695 (complete to 2008-09-30)
Kiama Anglican 2 Terralong Street, Kiama 2533 NSW 132 (complete to 2008-05-31)
Kiama General Princes Highway, Bombo 2533 NSW 2865 (complete to 2007-10-31)
Kiandra Snowy Mountains Highway, Kiandra 2630 NSW 14 (complete to 2009-01-13)
Kilcoy Presbyterian Chandler Road Kilcoy 2350 NSW 102 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Killabakh General Comboyne Road, Killabakh 2429 NSW 245 (complete to 2008-11-30)
Killawarra Private Bootawa Rd, Killawarra 2429 NSW 6 (complete to 2009-10-31)
Kingstown Station Private Kingstown 2358 NSW 8 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Kirkconnell Catholic Off Sunny Corner Road, Yetholme 2795 NSW 141 (complete to 2006-02-22)
Kookabookra General Off Kookabookra Road, Kookabookra 2370 NSW 9 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Kooloonbung Creek Gordon Street, Port Macquarie 2444 NSW 93 (complete to 2008-08-31)
Koorawatha General Cowra Street, Koorawatha 2807 NSW 282 (complete to 2010-03-13)
Kootingal-Moonbi General George Street, Moonbi 2353 NSW 513 (complete to 2007-03-31)
Krambach General Cemetery Lane, Krambach 2429 NSW 718 (complete to 2008-09-09)
Kunopia Station off Garrah-Boonangar Road, Boomi 2405 NSW 5 (complete to 2009-04-30)
Kurrajong Catholic Old Bells Line of Road Kurrajong 2758 NSW 258 (complete to 2007-04-14)
Kurrajong Heights Uniting Church Bells Kine of Road, Kurrajong Heights 2758 NSW 50 (complete to 2007-04-14)
Kurri Kurri Anglican Columbarium 97 Barton Street, Kurri Kurri 2327 NSW 296 (complete to 2008-04-30)
Kurri Kurri Bowling Club Columbarium Tarro Street, Kurri Kurri 2327 NSW 75 (complete to 2008-04-30)
Kurri Kurri General Hospital Road, Kurri Kurri 2327 NSW 5728 (complete to 2008-05-17)
Laheys Creek Dapper Road, Laheys Creek 2844 NSW 7 (complete to 2005-02-17)
Lambing Hill Gollan Road, Goolma 2852 NSW 7 (complete to 2005-02-17)
Langs Creek Anglican off Lachlan Valley Way, Langs Creek 2586 NSW 63 (complete to 2009-01-19)
Lansdowne General Central Lansdowne Road, Lansdowne 2430 NSW 522 (complete to 2008-12-16)
Laurieton General Ocean Drive, Laurieton 2443 NSW 1034 (complete to 2008-09-30)
Lawrence General High Street, Lawrence 2460 NSW 443 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Lawson General Wilson Street, Lawson 2783 NSW 371 (complete to 2009-09-16)
Leadville Sir Ivan Dougherty Drive, Leadville 2844 NSW 11 (complete to 2004-05-19)
Lithgow General Great Western Highway, Bowenfels 2790 NSW 8687 (complete to 2007-08-09)
Little Plain New General 8371 Gwydir Highway, Little Plain 2360 NSW 24 (complete to 2008-08-31)
Little Plain Old General Gwydir Highway, Little Plain 2360 NSW 89 (complete to 2007-09-13)
Lochinvar Anglican New England Highway, Lochinvar 2321 NSW 239 (complete to 2010-04-30)
Lochinvar Catholic New England Highway, Lochinvar 2321 NSW 784 (complete to 2010-12-03)
Lockhart General Cemetery Road, Lockhart 2656 NSW 1334 (complete to 2008-08-15)
Lockhart Lawn Cemetery Road, Lockhart 2656 NSW 254 (complete to 2008-05-31)
Lonely Graves Various Locations, NSW 104 (partial listing)
Long Swamp Catholic 377 Old Trunk Road, Arkell 2795 NSW 217 (complete to 2009-04-23)
Lostock Anglican Paterson River Road, Lostock 2311 NSW 109 (complete to 2010-02-26)
Louisa Creek beyond Merinda Street, Hargraves 2850 NSW 15 (complete to 2002-09-01)
Lue General Off Rylstone Road, Lue 2850 NSW 84 (complete to 2002-05-05)
Macksville General Wallace Street, Macksville 2447 NSW 2140 (complete to 2010-03-31)
Maclean Lawn Brooms Head Road, Maclean 2463 NSW 2381 (complete to 2008-11-07)
Macquarie Plains Methodist O'Connell Road, O'Connell 2795 NSW 22 (complete to 2006-11-09)
Maitland Anglican Columbarium 66 Church Street, Maitland 2320 NSW 378 (complete to 2008-03-31)
Maitland Uniting Church Columbarium Cnr High St & Ken Tubman Drive, Maitland 2320 NSW 155 (complete to 2008-03-30)
Manilla General Namoi River Road, Manilla 2346 NSW 1985 (complete to 2006-09-22)
Marlee General Bulga Road, Marlee 2429 NSW 532 (complete to 2008-11-30)
Marshall Mount Methodist Calderwood Road, Marshall Mount 2530 NSW 232 (complete to 2002-11-03)
Meadow Flat General Off Sunny Corner Road, Meadow Flat 2795 NSW 132 (complete to 2004-01-12)
Mendooran General Dubbo Road, Mendooran 2842 NSW 428 (complete to 2005-11-11)
Mendooran: Corby Private Dubbo Road, Mendooran 2842 NSW 2 (complete to 2005-10-04)
Merrendee Various locations, Merrendee 2850 NSW 42 (complete to 2008-06-17)
Merriwa Golden Highway, Merriwa 2329 NSW 21 (complete to 2008-08-10)
Merriwa General Flags Road, Merriwa 2329 NSW 732 (complete to 2004-07-07)
Merriwa Old Anglican Bow Street, Merriwa 2329 NSW 78 (complete to 2004-07-07)
Merriwa Old Catholic Memorial Park, Bettington Street, Merriwa 2329 NSW 143 (complete to 2004-07-07)
Merriwa: Holy Trinity Columbarium Bow Street, Merriwa 2329 NSW 42 (complete to 2004-07-07)
Merrygoen Private Cobborah Road, Merrygoen 2831 NSW 19 (complete to 2005-10-04)
Millfield General Millfield 2325 NSW 270 (complete to 2002-09-17)
Milton Anglican Pioneer Croobyar Road, Milton 2538 NSW 97 (complete to 2009-01-15)
Minmi Old General Minmi Road, Minmi 2287 NSW 642 (complete to 2000-02-03)
Miscellaneous Inscriptions NSW From various cemeteries, NSW 3180 (partial listing)
Mitchells Island Leslies Lane, Mitchells Island 2430 NSW 344 (complete to 2008-05-31)
Mitchells Island Anglican St Marks Lane, Mitchells Island 2430 NSW 197 (complete to 2008-04-27)
Mogo General Princes Highway, Mogo 2536 NSW 200 (complete to 2008-12-31)
Molong General Molong Cemetery Road, Molong 2866 NSW 1947 (complete to 2003-01-09)
Monteagle General Sads Lane, Monteagle 2594 NSW 158 (complete to 2009-09-19)
Moonan Brook Moonan Brook Road, Moonan Brook 2337 NSW 100 (complete to 2010-02-28)
Moonbah Catholic Barry Way, Moonbah 2627 NSW 424 (complete to 2010-08-19)
Moonby House Private Churchill Drive, Kootingal 2352 NSW 6 (complete to 2010-05-03)
Moorland General Off Pacific Highway, Moorland 2443 NSW 622 (complete to 2008-09-08)
Moredun General Moredun 2369 NSW 45 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Morpeth General Butchers Lane, Morpeth 2321 NSW 2132 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Morpeth: St James' Columbarium Tank & High Streets, Morpeth 2321 NSW 204 (complete to 2007-07-31)
Mount Mitchell Mount Mitchell 2365 NSW 14 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Mount Olive off Honeysuckle Falls Road, Mount Olive 2787 NSW 9 (complete to 2004-10-21)
Mount Thorley Off Golden Highway, Mount Thorley 2330 NSW 31 (complete to 2001-01-31)
Mount Victoria General Off Victoria Falls Road, Mount Victoria 2786 NSW 77 (complete to 2008-08-29)
Mount Vincent Anglican Mount Vincent Road, Mount Vincent 2323 NSW 291 (complete to 2008-02-29)
Mudgee General Ulan Road, Mudgee 2850 NSW 7815 (complete to 2007-01-30)
Mudgee Lawn Ulan Road, Mudgee 2850 NSW 799 (complete to 2010-01-19)
Mudgee Memorial Park Douro Street, Mudgee 2850 NSW 390 (complete to 2004-04-30)
Mulbring Uniting Church Palmer Street, Mulbring 2323 NSW 224 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Mullion Creek Catholic Long Point Road, Mullion Creek 2800 NSW 1 (complete to 2007-01-31)
Mungindi General Carnarvon Highway, Mungindi 2406 NSW 505 (complete to 2009-10-31)
Murringo General Murringo Road, Murringo NSW 585 (complete to 2009-09-30)
Murrurundi Catholic Polding Street, Murrurundi 2338 NSW 550 (complete to 2010-11-30)
Murrurundi North General New England Highway, Murrurundi 2338 NSW 8 (complete to 2001-12-31)
Mutton Falls Anglican Lowes Mount Road, Mutton Falls 2787 NSW 222 (complete to 2005-01-12)
Nangus General Nangus Road, Nangus 2722 NSW 316 (complete to 2010-03-31)
Narrabri Old General Old Moree Road, Narrabri 2390 NSW 3346 (complete to 2006-05-05)
Narromine General Algalah Street, Narromine 2821 NSW 2534 (complete to 2004-10-28)
Narromine War Algalah Street, Narromine 2821 NSW 12 (complete to 2004-10-29)
Nelligen General off Runnyford Road, Nelligen 2536 NSW 222 (complete to 2008-12-31)
Nelson Bay Stockton Street, Nelson Bay 2315 NSW 385 (complete to 2000-05-15)
Neranie Head off The Lakes Way, Bungwahl 2423 NSW 11 (complete to 2007-07-31)
Nerriga Catholic Nerriga Road, Nerriga 2622 NSW 37 (complete to 2004-12-31)
Nerriga General Willow Forest Road, Nerriga 2622 NSW 46 (complete to 2009-11-30)
Netherton Private Walcha 2354 NSW 8 (complete to 2010-09-30)
Neurea Mitchell Highway, Neurea 2820 NSW 6 (complete to 2005-10-31)
Nevertire Warren Road, Nevertire 2831 NSW 156 (complete to 2003-12-10)
Newcastle Anglican Cathedral King Street, Newcastle 2300 NSW 113 (complete to 2001-10-12)
Niangala Weabonga Road, Niangala 2354 NSW 32 (complete to 2009-04-25)
Nowendoc Thunderbolts Way, Nowendoc 2354 NSW 69 (complete to 2010-04-08)
Nullamanna Nullamanna Road, Nullamanna 2360 NSW 17 (complete to 2009-01-31)
Nundle General off Point Street, Nundle 2340 NSW 480 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Nymboida Armidale Road, Nymboida 2460 NSW 113 (complete to 2011-02-27)
Nyngan General Cemetery Road, Nyngan 2825 NSW 2039 (complete to 2005-04-13)
O'Connell Anglican Black Springs Road, O'Connell 2795 NSW 83 (complete to 2006-11-09)
O'Connell Catholic Bathurst Road, O'Connell 2795 NSW 79 (complete to 2005-02-04)
O'Connell General Mutton Falls Road, O'Connell 2795 NSW 215 (complete to 2006-11-09)
Oban Station Private Backwater 2365 NSW 17 (complete to 1987-12-31)
Oberon General Abercrombie Road, Oberon 2787 NSW 1205 (complete to 2006-10-26)
Oberon Old Anglican Oberon Street, Oberon 2787 NSW 10 (complete to 2006-10-26)
Oberon Old Methodist Duckmaloi Road, Oberon 2787 NSW 166 (complete to 2004-02-04)
Old Bar Old Bar Road, Pampoolah 2430 NSW 773 (complete to 2008-05-31)
Ollera Private Ollera 2365 NSW 394 (complete to 2008-08-27)
Oswald Methodist Oswald Lane Lochinvar 2321 NSW 89 (complete to 2008-01-31)
Owens Gap Catholic Owens Gap 2337 NSW 11 (complete to 2007-01-31)
Oxley Island Oxley Island & Ferry Roads, Oxley Island 2430 NSW 296 (complete to 2007-03-13)
Paddys Gully via Ward's Mistake 2350 NSW 9 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Pallamallawa General North Street, Pallamallawa 2399 NSW 223 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Peak Hill General Newell Highway, Peak Hill 2869 NSW 1552 (complete to 2007-08-31)
Peel General Bathurst Road, Peel 2795 NSW 99 (complete to 2005-02-04)
Perthville Uniting Church Vale Road, Perthville 2795 NSW 56 (complete to 2007-03-07)
Picton Anglican Menangle St West, Picton 2571 NSW 432 (complete to 2009-06-30)
Pilliga General Lagoon Street, Pilliga 2388 NSW 283 (complete to 2006-03-02)
Pilot Hill Pilot Street, Harrington 2427 NSW 8 (complete to 2008-07-18)
Pinkett Catholic Pinkett 2370 NSW 9 (complete to 2008-07-21)
Pioneer Hill Elizabeth Avenue, Raymond Terrace 2324 NSW 1097 (complete to 2010-01-31)
Pipers Flat General Portland Road, Wallerawang 2845 NSW 766 (complete to 2004-12-02)
Point Clare General Coolam Avenue, Point Clare 2250 NSW 4621 (partial listing)
Port Macquarie General Widderson Street, Port Macquarie 2444 NSW 3417 (complete to 2008-09-02)
Port Macquarie Historic Gordon Street, Port Macquarie 2444 NSW 93 (complete to 2008-08-31)
Porters Retreat General Abercrombie Road, Porters Retreat 2787 NSW 79 (complete to 2006-11-09)
Portland General Sunny Corner Road, Portland 2847 NSW 1575 (complete to 2006-02-22)
Puddledock Goldfield Rays Road, Puddledock 2350 NSW 7 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Pyramul Anglican Grattai Road, Pyramul 2850 NSW 57 (complete to 2004-05-27)
Pyramul Catholic Prices Lane, Pyramul 2850 NSW 84 (complete to 2004-05-27)
Quambone General Coonamble Road, Quambone 2831 NSW 117 (complete to 2005-03-23)
Quipolly General Quirindi-Gunnedah Road, Quipolly 2343 NSW 127 (complete to 2007-09-26)
Quirindi General Russell Street, Quirindi 2343 NSW 1897 (complete to 2007-09-26)
Quirindi Lawn Russell Street, Quirindi 2343 NSW 1098 (complete to 2007-09-26)
Raymond Terrace Anglican 43 Sturgeon Street, Raymond Terrace 2324 NSW 201 (complete to 2008-04-17)
Raymond Terrace General Elizabeth Avenue Raymond Terrace 2324 NSW 1521 (complete to 2008-04-14)
Raymond Terrace Historic Elizabeth Avenue, Raymond Terrace 2324 NSW 1097 (complete to 2010-01-31)
Red Range Lil Vale Road, Red Range 2370 NSW 142 (complete to 2009-12-31)
Redbank General Old Bar Road, Pampoolah 2430 NSW 773 (complete to 2008-05-31)
Riverside Historic Welsford Street, Riverside 2444 NSW 4 (complete to 2009-05-31)
Rothbury Anglican Wilderness Road, Rothbury 2320 NSW 187 (complete to 2010-04-21)
Rouchel Brook Back Creek Road, Upper Rouchel 2336 NSW 138 (complete to 2010-04-05)
Rouse Hill Anglican Aberdour Avenue, Rouse Hill 2155 NSW 184 (complete to 2009-01-10)
Rozelayne Tillings Lane, Curra Creek 2820 NSW 36 (complete to 2002-11-19)
Running Stream New Olivers Road, Running Stream 2850 NSW 31 (complete to 2002-08-14)
Rutherford Catholic Columbarium Young Street, Rutherford 2320 NSW 34 (complete to 2009-06-01)
Rutherford General New England Highway, Rutherford 2320 NSW 735 (complete to 2003-07-31)
Rydal General Cemetery Lane, Rydal 2790 NSW 147 (complete to 2005-01-12)
Rydal: St Matthews Catholic Rydal 2790 NSW 2 (complete to 2005-01-12)
Rylstone General Olinda Road, Rylstone 2849 NSW 2585 (complete to 2007-02-21)
Sallys Flat RC Slattery Road, Sallys Flat 2850 NSW 93 (complete to 2004-05-07)
Scone Old Catholic Kingdon Street, Scone 2337 NSW 106 (complete to 2010-03-16)
Scone St Luke's Anglican Liverpool Street, Scone 2337 NSW 182 (complete to 2010-02-28)
Scotts Creek Anglican St Marks Lane, Mitchells Island 2430 NSW 197 (complete to 2008-04-27)
Seaham General Grape Street, Seaham 2324 NSW 130 (complete to 2004-01-01)
Sedgefield General Gresford Road, Sedgefield 2330 NSW 1257 (complete to 2004-08-31)
Shooters Hill General Shooters Hill Road, Shooters Hill 2787 NSW 104 (complete to 2006-11-09)
Singleton General Gresford Road, Sedgefield 2330 NSW 1257 (complete to 2004-08-31)
Smithfield Anglican Horsley Drive, Smithfield 2164 NSW 163 (complete to 2009-07-30)
Smithfield General Dublin Street, Smithfield 2164 NSW 1116 (complete to 2009-07-30)
Smithfield Uniting 711 The Horsley Drive, Smithfield 2164 NSW 222 (complete to 2009-09-30)
Sofala Anglican Hargraves Street, Sofala 2795 NSW 69 (complete to 2004-06-17)
Sofala Catholic Upper Turon Road, Sofala 2795 NSW 102 (complete to 2004-06-17)
Sofala General Bathurst Road, Sofala 2795 NSW 179 (complete to 2004-05-07)
Soldiers Flat Memorial Billimari 2804 NSW 20 (complete to 2005-04-26)
Somerton General Off Oxley Highway, Somerton 2340 NSW 23 (complete to 2006-01-11)
South Grafton General Cnr Bent & Tyson Streets, South Grafton 2460 NSW 2082 (complete to 2009-01-31)
Spicers Creek General Gulgong Road, Spicers Creek 2820 NSW 39 (complete to 2002-06-13)
Spring Hill Warburton Lane, Spring Hill 2800 NSW 87 (complete to 2009-08-19)
Spring Ridge Tungenbone Road, Spring Ridge 2343 NSW 71 (complete to 2008-10-13)
St Judes Old Northern Road, Dural 2158 NSW 298 (complete to 2009-04-09)
Stewarts Brook Stewarts Brook Road, Stewarts Brook 2337 NSW 19 (complete to 2010-03-31)
Stockton General Fullerton Road, Stockton 2295 NSW 2012 (complete to 2003-04-21)
Stockton Hospital Memorial Fullerton Road, Stockton 2295 NSW 32 (complete to 2002-07-27)
Stoney Creek Orange Road, Farnham 2820 NSW 85 (complete to 2006-01-11)
Stratford General Bowens Road, Stratford 2422 NSW 208 (complete to 2009-12-12)
Stroud Anglican The Bucketts Way, Stroud 2425 NSW 185 (complete to 2008-03-27)
Stuart Town General Wallaroi Road, Stuart Town 2820 NSW 596 (complete to 2002-11-12)
Sunny Corner General Dark Corner Road, Sunny Corner 2795 NSW 156 (complete to 2005-01-06)
Sunnyside Private Castlereagh Highway, Armatree 2831 NSW 8 (complete to 2005-03-24)
Swamp Oak Michell Street, Weabonga 2340 NSW 30 (complete to 2009-04-25)
Tambar Springs General O'Rourke Street Tambar Springs 2381 NSW 197 (complete to 2007-04-25)
Tambaroora Catholic Off Mudgee Road, Tambaroora 2795 NSW 76 (complete to 2002-06-30)
Tambaroora General Mudgee Road, Tambaroora 2795 NSW 458 (complete to 2002-06-30)
Tamworth General Westdale Road, Taminda 2340 NSW 10153 (complete to 2008-08-31)
Tamworth War Forest Road, Tamworth 2340 NSW 28 (complete to 2007-03-22)
Tangmangaroo Anglican Lachlan Valley Way, Tangmangaroo 2582 NSW 44 (complete to 2008-01-19)
Tannabutta General Castlereagh Hwy, Apple Tree Flat, Mudgee 2850 NSW 50 (complete to 2004-05-27)
Tarana Anglican Lowes Mount Road, Mutton Falls 2787 NSW 222 (complete to 2005-01-12)
Tarcutta General Gresham Street, Tarcutta 2652 NSW 300 (complete to 2008-03-31)
Taree Anglican Columbarium 294 Victoria Street, Taree 2430 NSW 521 (complete to 2009-06-06)
Taree Estate Private Edinburgh Drive, Taree 2430 NSW 289 (complete to 2007-09-28)
Taree Old General Woola Road, Kolondong 2430 NSW 197 (complete to 2007-09-18)
Taree Presbyterian Columbarium 76 Albert Street, Taree 2430 NSW 25 (complete to 2009-06-30)
Tarro General Quarter Sessions Road, Tarro 2322 NSW 141 (complete to 2008-06-19)
Telegraph Point Farrawells Road, Telegraph Point 2441 NSW 30 (complete to 2009-03-14)
Teralba Pioneer Billy Goat Hill, Booragul NSW 10 (complete to 2010-08-31)
Terrible Vale Private Kentucky 2354 NSW 53 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Thalaba Baptist Community Thalaba Church Road, Marshdale 2420 NSW 200 (complete to 2010-09-20)
The Bight Tinonee Road, Wingham 2429 NSW 316 (complete to 2008-11-03)
The Rock Milne Road, The Rock 2655 NSW 700 (complete to 2009-10-31)
Tibooburra Off Silver City Highway, Tibooburra 2880 NSW 140 (complete to 2010-07-31)
Tinonee General The Bucketts Way, Tinonee 2430 NSW 536 (complete to 2008-10-31)
Toms Gully Toms Gully Road, Hickeys Creek 2440 NSW 64 (complete to 2010-09-03)
Tooraweenah General Off Coonamble Road, Tooraweenah 2831 NSW 18 (complete to 2006-03-01)
Toorigal Anglican Golden Highway, Merriwa 2329 NSW 21 (complete to 2008-08-10)
Tottenham General Umang Street, Tottenham 2873 NSW 396 (complete to 2007-11-15)
Trangie General Mungery Street, Trangie 2823 NSW 1020 (complete to 2004-03-24)
Triangle Flat Catholic Triangle Flat Road, Triangle Flat 2795 NSW 28 (complete to 2009-11-30)
Trundle General Condobolin-Trundle Road, Trundle 2875 NSW 848 (complete to 2009-06-06)
Tucki Tucki General Wyrallah Road, Tucki Tucki 2480 NSW 109 (complete to 2009-08-31)
Tullamore General Tullamore-Tottenham Road, Tullamore 2874 NSW 372 (complete to 2007-11-15)
Tuncurry General Manning Street, Tuncurry 2428 NSW 2462 (complete to 2009-11-30)
Turondale General Turondale Road, Turondale 2795 NSW 51 (complete to 2007-12-13)
Tweed Heads Lawn & General Sunshine Avenue, Tweed Heads 2486 NSW 3462 (complete to 2008-11-30)
Tweed Heads Old General Razorback Rd, Tweed Heads 2485 NSW 918 (complete to 2008-06-30)
Uarbry General Off Turee Street, Uarbry 2329 NSW 159 (complete to 2004-05-19)
Ulan General Off Main Street, Ulan 2850 NSW 193 (complete to 2004-03-13)
Ulladulla Historic Princes Highway, Ulladulla 2539 NSW 6 (complete to 2008-12-31)
Ulladulla Racecourse Princes Highway, Ulladulla 2539 NSW 6 (complete to 2008-12-31)
Ulmarra General Coldstream Road, Ulmarra 2462 NSW 908 (complete to 2008-05-24)
Uralla Old General Uralla Square, Uralla 2358 NSW 301 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Urunga General Cemetery Road, Urunga 2455 NSW 764 (complete to 2007-07-31)
Vacy Anglican Gresford Road, Vacy 2421 NSW 28 (complete to 2008-02-19)
Walcha Catholic Fitzroy Street, Walcha 2354 NSW 449 (complete to 2010-06-30)
Wallabadah General Elizabeth Street, Wallabadah 2343 NSW 495 (complete to 1990-06-30)
Wallerawang General Portland Road, Wallerawang 2845 NSW 766 (complete to 2004-12-02)
Walli Belubula Way, Walli 2794 NSW 8 (complete to 2004-12-31)
Wandsworth General Wandsworth Road, Wandsworth 2365 NSW 17 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Warialda General Mosquito Creek Road, Warialda 2402 NSW 1691 (complete to 2006-10-01)
Warialda Pioneer Stephen Street, Warialda 2402 NSW 289 (complete to 2002-06-04)
Warkworth Anglican Off High Road, Warkworth 2330 NSW 173 (complete to 2008-08-13)
Warren General Industrial Access Road, Warren 2824 NSW 1530 (complete to 2003-12-10)
Wattle Flat Anglican Bathurst Road, Wattle Flat 2795 NSW 73 (complete to 2004-05-07)
Wattle Flat RC Bathurst Road, Wattle Flat 2795 NSW 140 (complete to 2004-06-17)
Wattle Flat Uniting Bathurst Road, Wattle Flat 2795 NSW 31 (complete to 2004-06-17)
Wattle Valley Private Aberfoyle 2350 NSW 10 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Wauchope Crossroads Off Rosewood Road, Wauchope 2446 NSW 238 (complete to 2009-03-01)
Wauchope General Oxley Highway, Wauchope 2446 NSW 2791 (complete to 2009-04-30)
Weabonga Michell Street, Weabonga 2340 NSW 30 (complete to 2009-04-25)
Wee Waa General Wee Waa - Pilliga Road, Wee Waa 2388 NSW 1265 (complete to 2006-03-28)
Wellingrove Presbyterian Wellingrove 2370 NSW 21 (complete to 2009-09-11)
Wellington Blacks Camp Wellington 2820 NSW 11 (partial listing)
Wellington General Mitchell Highway, Wellington 2820 NSW 3986 (complete to 2002-10-03)
Wellington Lawn Mitchell Highway, Wellington 2820 NSW 2200 (complete to 2004-07-22)
Wellington Pioneer Mitchell Highway, Wellington 2820 NSW 429 (complete to 2002-11-14)
Wellington RC Holy Family Renshaw McGirr Way, Wellington 2820 NSW 548 (complete to 2004-07-31)
Werris Creek General Memorial Drive Werris Creek 2341 NSW 923 (complete to 2007-09-27)
West Bogan Anglican Brewarrina Road, Coolabah 2831 NSW 9 (complete to 2005-04-14)
West Wallsend General Cemetery Road, West Wallsend 2286 NSW 1252 (complete to 2000-04-30)
Weston Anglican 59 First Street, Weston 2326 NSW 255 (complete to 2007-12-31)
Wheeo Uniting Church Wheeo NSW 29 (complete to 2009-12-24)
White Rock White Rock Road, White Rock 2795 NSW 81 (complete to 2007-03-08)
Willow Point Willow Point Road, Nabiac 2312 NSW 13 (complete to 2009-05-24)
Willow Tree Anglican Merriwa Road, Willow Tree 2339 NSW 186 (complete to 2006-09-17)
Willow Tree Catholic Merriwa Road, Willow Tree 2339 NSW 58 (complete to 2007-09-24)
Windellama Anglican Windellama Road, Windellama 2580 NSW 223 (complete to 2009-11-30)
Windellama: Roberts Family Private Lumley Road, Windellama 2580 NSW 52 (complete to 2006-12-31)
Windeyer Catholic Pyramul Road, Windeyer 2850 NSW 83 (complete to 2004-05-27)
Windeyer General Windeyer Road, Windeyer 2850 NSW 132 (complete to 2004-06-04)
Wingen off Abbott Street, Wingen 2337 NSW 13 (complete to 2009-04-26)
Wingham Anglican Columbarium 7 Bent Street, Wingham 2429 NSW 136 (complete to 2008-10-25)
Wingham General Glenyarra Road, Wingham 2429 NSW 2479 (complete to 2008-12-31)
Wingham Presbyterian Columbarium Moon Street, Wingham 2429 NSW 23 (complete to 2008-12-31)
Winton General New Winton Road, Winton 2344 NSW 10 (complete to 2007-03-15)
Wollar Anglican Barigan Road, Wollar 2850 NSW 101 (complete to 2004-05-04)
Wollar General Off Barigan Street, Wollar 2850 NSW 242 (complete to 2004-05-04)
Wollombi General Wollombi Road, Wollombi 2325 NSW 801 (complete to 2002-09-18)
Wollongong Old Catholic Crown Street, Wollongong 2500 NSW 184 (complete to 2004-06-30)
Wollongong Pioneer Park Cnr Bank and Kembla Streets, Wollongong NSW 130 (complete to 2010-03-19)
Wombat General Caroona & Bibaringa Roads, Wombat 2587 NSW 204 (complete to 2009-09-15)
Wongarbon General Veech's Road, Wongarbon 2831 NSW 42 (complete to 2006-07-21)
Wongwibinda Private Wollomombi 2350 NSW 7 (complete to 2000-12-31)
Woola Woola Woola Road, Kolondong 2430 NSW 197 (complete to 2007-09-18)
Woolbrook General Berman Street, Woolbrook 2354 NSW 140 (complete to 2007-11-06)
Woolgoolga Lawn Centenary Drive, Woolgoolga 2456 NSW 317 (complete to 2007-11-30)
Woolgoolga Monumental Centenary Drive, Woolgoolga 2456 NSW 630 (complete to 2011-02-06)
Woonona Presbyterian Memorial 7 Gray Street, Woonona 2517 NSW 85 (complete to 2010-06-30)
Wyee off Summerhayes Rd, Wyee 2259 NSW 96 (complete to 2009-02-28)
Yarrabin Various locations, Merrendee 2850 NSW 42 (complete to 2008-06-17)
Yeoval General Tremain Drive, Yeoval 2868 NSW 448 (complete to 2002-11-28)
Yetholme Anglican Porters Lane, Yetholme 2795 NSW 161 (complete to 2006-02-22)
Young General Hennessy Place, Young 2594 NSW 2701 (partial listing)

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Boake, Barcroft Henry Thomas (1866 - 1892)

26 March 1866, Balmain, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
May 1892, Long Bay, Middle Harbour, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Boundary rider

BOAKE, BARCROFT HENRY THOMAS (1866-1892), surveyor, stockman, drover and poet, was born on 26 March 1866 at Waterview Bay, Balmain, New South Wales, eldest son of Barcroft Capel Boake (b. Dublin, 1838), professional photographer, and his wife Florence Eva, ne Clarke (1846-1879). His parents had married on 7 March 1865; three of their nine children died in infancy. He was an active child, fond of sport, but showed early signs of depression, forerunner to that melancholia which was to oppress him for much of his life and ultimately to cause his death.

His father, though an agnostic, profoundly distrusted state schools and had the boy educated at private institutions. From 8 to 9 he attended a school run by the Misses Cook at Milson's Point. He spent the next two years with Allen Hughan and his wife, friends of the family, in Noumea, where he picked up some French. On his return he had two terms at Sydney Grammar School and then five years at the private school of Edward Blackmore in Hunter Street.

At 17 he began work with a surveyor in Sydney; he passed the entrance examination to the Survey Department and worked in it for a year. The rest of his life was almost entirely spent as surveyor, stockman or drover outside Sydney. Office life he detested, and open-air work gave him as much satisfaction as his temperament permitted.

In July 1886 he began as assistant surveyor to E. Commins near Adaminaby in the Monaro district, where he was to remain for two years. There at Rocklands station on the evening of 14 July 1888 his celebrated mock-hanging took place. For a prank he and a friend hanged themselves from a beam. The friend's performance was tentative, but Boake's was almost fatal. After two days he wrote a rueful account of it to his father. A more imaginative version was published in the Bulletin nearly four years later. At the end of his term he rode some three hundred miles (483 km) to Mullah station, near Trangie in the Narromine district, where he stayed as a stockman until mid-1889. Then he moved north and by June had crossed the Queensland border. His experiences as a drover began about this time, and in October he ended up with cattle at Burrenbilla, near Cunnamulla. There he spent some weeks waiting for his next job, and for the first time read in their entirety the poems of Adam Lindsay Gordon. Some comments he made in letters are revealing enough: 'Gordon is the favouriteI may say only poet of the back-blocker; and I am sorry to say Emile Zola is his favourite prose writer I am afraid after all the bushman is not a very fine animal; but at any rate, even in his most vicious moments, he is far above many of the so-called respectable dwellers in towns'. This attitude finds sharper expression: 'If I could only write it, there is a poem to be made out of the back-country. Some man will come yet who will be able to grasp the romance of Western Queensland For there is a romance, though a grim onea story of drought and flood, fever and famine, murder and suicide, courage and endurance I wonder if a day will come when these men will rise upwhen the wealthy manshall see pass before him a band of menall of whom died in his service, and whose unhallowed graves dot his runthe greater portion hollow, shrunken, burning with the pangs of thirst'. At the time Boake could not foresee that he was to be essentially that poet, commemorating in a bitter threnody the never-sleeping drover and in its two final stanzas condemning the absentee owner.

A few weeks later he went south with cattle to Bathurst, where he arrived in March 1890. After a week in Sydney with his family he returned to Bathurst but an expected job fell through, and once more he returned to surveying. From May 1890 until December 1891 he worked for W. A. Lipscomb, with headquarters near Wagga Wagga; within this time all but a few of his poems were published in the Bulletin.

His last five months were the gloomiest. He returned home at the end of 1891 to find it a place of grief. His father was practically bankrupt, having lost the last of his money in Melbourne land speculations. Boake contributed his savings, some 50, to cover immediate household expenses. His father sums up the position: 'His grandma was invalided and confined to her bed and his eldest sister had found marriage a failure and was domiciled with me her husband being a helpless creature was dismissed from the Railway Dept., I myself was hopeless about everything and quite unfit to cope with the fiend melancholia that I plainly saw was oppressing him'. He mentions a blow that Boake received: 'About this time he received a letter from the country, and in reference to it said to one of his sisters: I hear that my best girl is going to be married.' A return to the outback might have saved Boake, but he seemed to have lost the capacity to make up his mind about anything. A few attempts to find work in the city proved futile and he sank into brooding inactivity. On 2 May 1892 he left the house. Eight days later his body was discovered in the scrub at Long Bay, Middle Harbour, hanging by his stockwhip from a bough.

Physically tough, emotionally sensitive, temperamentally unstable, financially inept, Boake may appear a predestined victim. This picture, however exaggerated, is closer to the record than one of him reasonedly rejecting materialistic civilization, finding God dead in Australia, and accordingly hanging himself. Modern drugs might have postponed Boake's suicide for years. His extant prose, neither extensive nor very effective, remains unpublished. Nearly all his published verse was collected and issued by A. G. Stephens in 1897, with a 'Memoir' by Stephens, a critical biography on which any later account of Boake's life is almost wholly dependent. The memoir, in its turn, was almost wholly dependent on an account written for Stephens by the poet's father, together with some letters from Boake himself. In a second edition in 1913 some poems were added, the notes were fewer, the first appearance of each poem was not given and Stephens's acknowledgment of his debt to Boake's father was omitted. Boake's reputation with the general reader rests on Where the Dead Men Lie (first printed in the Bulletin 19 December 1891 and signed 'Surcingle'). Critics have since pointed to other poems and have speculated on Boake's possible development had he lived longer. But his temperament does not afford any rosy prognosis; and it is at least arguable that he died when he had written his best poetry.
Source: Where the Dead Men Lie

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Charles Heaphy
Arrived: 1839
Country of origin: England
Area in New Zealand: All over
Source: Paperspast

Details: Daily Southern Cross 29 August 1864. (Discussing plagarism). Mr Heaphy came to New Zealand in 1839 on a scientific expedition with Deiffenback the hydrographer, he has since then been constantly employed in exploration and surveys and the Admiralty has published his surveys and charts. In 1839-40 he explored the Wellington, Whanganui and Taranaki country and subesquently the Chalham Islands and the west coast of the Middle Island, for which he received a government appointment.

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Hello to all menbers . On the 21st March 2011 when going thro the new posts < I read --> ' Who is "Content Fish " ??? Who are her ancestors '. Members were trying to assist " Maxine06 " to find the answers . In reading on further, I see the marriage to " Holdridge " children of the marriage are their plus more on the Holridge ancestry and very little on the Fish Ancestry.
" Old Faithful" some of you may have heard about , remember - my working mate . was blinking at me asking to give her a task to do.
( She is very jealous of the Newer Machine !! )So i thought _ Ok Find the" Fish " ancestry .This is what she found ( what a worker ! ) The following may assist you " Maxine06 "- Not all is proven . I think it is ( 96 % ) correct and with back up . Their is a couple of Large ancestral gaps Plus a very broken ancestry trail ( even tho' its there )I'll explain as we follow the " Fish " ancestry trail .
from --> Switzerland -( Lauterbrunnen) -->( Fysh)--> Germany -(Inzlingden) ( Fische )--> France --(Basse-Ham)( Fysshe- Fische)--> England (It is believed they landed at ( Harwich -and on to Leicester ) *** Not Proven *** After " William the Conquerer" = 1066 AD ( Fishe )and eventually on to America. " Old Faithful "also found the following
It is from an ancestral book in a very small library in Uk and my own european data file research . The " Fish Family Ancestry " put together way way back by one of the Scot family who married a "Fish " I cannot find info on her to prove this book is correct . I am assumming it is because the data - sentences seem to flow like somebody Knew what they were talking about
To start with The Fish " name has several different spellings yet they all started from the same on the North western side of Hungary
** Not in Book **- From My European data file research ..Shortened version from that Book
The following is Some of the "Fish " Given Names in their ancestry-
and proven - Preserved - Mercy - Obedience- Hope - Recompense- Silence- Constance -Provided- and Captivity( Such strange names ) many did not use them . Thats what made it so hard to follow . So many blind trails - Part of that book that concerns the Fish family-
(This information is part of- taken from a Family His-Tree Book, that my Great-Aunt; Luella Jelly ( ?? ) wrote - I believe that some of her information came from a book by a " Fish " ancester )

The first authentic mention of a FISH family in history is in 1066 when a family of that name followed William the Conquer to England from Normandy. The English Family of Fish is believed to be a branch from an old Saxon family which, in the tables of German nobility, dates from a remote era. The spelling has changed from FISCH, to FISCHE, FYSSHE, FYSSH, FYSH, FISHE and finally in the 16th century the ( e ) was dropped and it became FISH. There are several peculiar Christian names among the Fish families; such as Preserved, Mercy, Obedience, Hope, Recompense, Silence, Constance, Provided, and Captivity.
The Fish Family in America ( my heading ! )

THOMAS FISH, eldest son of ROBERT FISH and ALICE FYSH - both descendants of EDMUND FISCHE of Market Harborough, and his brother John came to America in 1643. They landed at Portsmouth, Rhode Island. Thomas is often mentioned in the Records of the Town Meetings of Portsmouth. He held various offices of Portsmouth and was prominent in the early affairs of Portsmouth Colony. (It is noted that many of the early land owning colonists were unable to sign their names, and used only their mark, while the name "THOMAS FISH" was written in bold legible handwriting.) Thomas married MARY SOULE (?). They had seven children. It was noted that this family was among the survivors of King Philip's War of 1676.

THOMAS FISH, son of Thomas and Mary Fish, was born and died in Portsmouth, RI. He married GRIZZLE STRANGE. They had five children. They are the parents of the first Preserved Fish in the line.

PRESERVED FISH, son of Thomas and Grizzel Fish, was born and died at Portsmouth, RI., also. His death is recorded in the Book of Society of Friends (Quakers). He married Ruth Cook. They had eight children. Their son, Preserved, died at the age of 99. He fell on a hatchet from a cherry tree.

THOMAS FISH, the eldest son of Preserved and Grizzel Fish, was born at Portsmouth, RI. He married MERCY GOGGESHELL, the daughter of John and Mary (Stanton) Coggeshell. The Coggeshells were, also, prominent among the the founders of Portsmouth. Thomas and Mercy had nine children. Thomas moved his family to Dartmouth, Mass. and about 15 years later moved again to the "Oblong" Amenia Precinct, Dutchess County of New York. Thomas died there.

JOHN FISH, son of Thomas and Mercy, was born at Dartmouth, Mass. He married EUNICE_________. They had five children. They are the parents of our Revolutionary War ancestor, Ephriam.

LIEUTENANT EPHRIAM FISH, was born in Amenia Precinct, Duchess County, NY. He enlisted about October 1st, 1776, and served in Captain Peter Van Wort's Company, Col. John McRea's Regiment. On April 28, 1781 he was commissioned Lieutenant and her served fourteen months. He was on an expedition to Lake George and was present at the surrender of Burgoyne. His claim for pension is S-3357. In 1809 he lived at Cincinnatus, Cortland Co. and later in Chenango Co., NY. He was a member of the New York legislature. He married MARY POTTER, daughter of Stephen and Bridget (Allen) Potter. They moved to Lyme, Huron Co., Ohio some time before July 27, 1832, the date his pension was received. Ephriam and Mary Fish had eight children.

BENJAMIN FISH, son of Ephriam and Mary Fish, was born in 1787. Benjamin married DELIA PEASE. I have determined from census records and a document of the settlement of his estate in La Grange County, Indiana that Benjamin and Delia FISH are the parents of Mother's father - Wilson Chester FISH. Benjamin and Delia died in LaGrange County are buried in the Woodruff Cemetery.

The following information has been secured on Benjamin FISH. He served in the war of 1812 with Great Britian. He was fifer in Capt. Elias Benjamin Jr's company of New York Volunteers in the Albany Regiment commanded by Lt. Col. John Mills. He volunteered for one year's service the 31st of Jan. 1813. Records for the Company Pay Roll indicate that he deserted Oct. 16, 1813. (I don't know why he would want to desert such a lucrative service - $9 per month. ?) His desertion must have been justified somehow, however, because he received a bounty land grant for 160 acres. Warrant # 2809, Norwalk, Huron County, Ohio. Vol. 35 page 30.

WILSON CHESTER FISH was born in 1825 in New York. He moved with his family to Huron County, Ohio. He married his first wife, Mary Randel, while living in Ohio. The Benjamin and Wilson Fish families moved to La Grange County, Indiana about 1845 or 1846. The first five children of the Wilson Fish family were born in Ohio and Indiana. Before their last child-Charles- was born they moved to Peoria, Polk County, Iowa. Mary R. died in November 1860.

Wilson then married my mother's mother - Mary E. GRUBB BEARD. Grandmother had two children from her first marriage and then there were six children born to this union. Two of these children died in infancy or early childhood. Wilson died when Mother was so young that she didn't remember much about him but she felt that her mother was the happiest in this marriage of the three that she had.
That part took us into the Amercian ancestry _ the greater part of the trail to approximately 1825 _ think that from this knowledge many gaps could be researched and filled in by others if they wish to do so
As the " Holdridge " part of this query seems to be correct and able to be found and assisted . I went the other way The "Fish " ancestry I had to have a starting point to go into the ancestor's side . I took the Proven Base so I could go either way as follows " Jonathan Fish " -b-1615- Fardon-Northhampshire-England who settled and died in New York 1663 -He was also married Married three times
-Mary / Martha Ireland -1633
-Mary Willingham -1644
-Mary ( ? ) -------- -1654 ( ** not proven Surname missing
Along with others I believe he was one of the family to arrive first in the states. I think his brother may have also . I did not try to prove this - as I was researching backwards to Hungary - This gives us a base line going either way in the research of this family and better still it is a proven base for any one to work from - WE start at Jonathan's Father & Mother back to
1491 AD ( all Proven )

Father-Thomas Fish Fyshe-b-8th may 1584 Warwickshire. Eng -d-12th Jan
1673- Leicestshire - eng'
Mother -Mary Spriggs -b-24th Jan 1585-1st -m- 1609- Leicestshire-Eng'
Children- ( 11 ) ** note ( 3 )John's --> John Fyshe -b-d-same year
- Craddock Fish -b-9th Aug 1612 Northhampshire Eng '
- Ambrose " -b-18th Oct -1613 " "
- ( living ) " -b- 1614 ( not proven )
-Jonathan " -b- 16th Feb-1615 Northhampton Eng'
-John Fyshe " -b-d- -1616 " "
-John " -b- 1617 ( ?? ) -d-1663-Massachussetts USA
-Nathaniel " -b- 1618 Northampton Eng
-John " -b 21st Jan 1621- -d- 1689 - Connecticut USA
-Esther " -b- 21st Dec 1622 ( no place found )
-Hannah " -b-5th Oct 1625 Leicester Eng
-Nathaniel " -b-7th March 1629 -d- 1631 ( 2 yrs old ) "
** Note -As you can see a minefield with ( 3 )- " Johns ) and ( 2 )
" Nathaniels " when researching . In the future if following the children Take care before a real tangle occurs . This is why I have Documented it clearly.

-G-Father-John Fish-b-1565-m-1577-d-19thFeb-1625 Leicester
-G-Mother- Margaret Craddock -b-1557-d-28th April 1630 ""
-( Inlaws )
William Sprigge -b- 1555- m-1584 -d- ( ? )** note the (e )end
Mrs ( william Sprigge-b-1563 ( not proven )

-Augustine Fish --b-1525 - m-1550 -d-26th Aug 1579 Leicester Eng
-Henrietta Farmer -b- 1529 - ( ????? ) needs researching

-Edward Fish -b-1491-m-( ? ) -d- 1516 Leicester Eng
- Mrs Edward Fish -b-1495 " ' ( not proven )

Their is a big gap in 1491 to approx' 1066 AD Yoy might needto try and research church records. In this brief piece of research on your families ancestry. I did not research them I am sure their is a path thro that gap .

~**#~* ( please excuse me a moment - " Old faithful" Moi working mate - is trying to get my attention and is blinking furiously . " What do you want " - " You have found more ? " Ok -OK - " I am back I will put on this extra that she found . I don't know whether you are related or not. I have only just read it - I think you are .

The Fish family is a family of American politicians. The family is of English origin and is descended from Jonathan Fish [1] (16151663), who was born in East Farndon, Northamptonshire, England and settled in the Province of New York.

* Hamilton Fish (18081893), candidate for New York Assemblyman 1834, U.S. Representative from New York 18431845, candidate for Lieutenant Governor of New York 1846, Lieutenant Governor of New York 1848, Governor of New York 18491851, U.S. Senator from New York 18511857, U.S. Secretary of State 18691877. Father of Nicholas Fish II and Hamilton Fish II.[1]
o Nicholas Fish II (18481902), U.S. Charg d'Affaires to Switzerland 18771881, U.S. Minister to Belgium 18821885. Son of Hamilton Fish.[2]
o Hamilton Fish II (18491936), New York Assemblyman 1874, 18761879, 18891891, 18931896, delegate to the Republican National Convention 1884, U.S. Representative from New York 19091911. Son of Hamilton Fish.[3]
o D. Maitland Armstrong (18361919), U.S. Consul in Rome, Italy 18691871; U.S. Charg d'Affaires to the Papal States 1869; U.S. Consul General in Rome, Italy 1871-1873. Nephew by marriage of Hamilton Fish.[4]
+ Alfred C. Chapin (18481936), New York Assemblyman 18821883, New York Comptroller 18841887, Mayor of Brooklyn, New York 18881891; U.S. Representative from New York 18911892. Father-in-law of Hamilton Fish III.[5]
+ Hamilton F. Kean (18621941), New Jersey Republican Committeeman 19051919, delegate to the Republican National Convention 1916, Republican National Committeeman 19191928, candidate for U.S. Senate from New Jersey 1924, U.S. Senator from New Jersey 19291935. Grandnephew of Hamilton Fish.[6]
+ Hamilton Fish Armstrong (18931973), U.S. diplomat; editor Foreign Affairs 19281972. Son of D. Maitland Armstrong.[7]
# Hamilton Fish III (18881991), New York Assemblyman 19141916, U.S. Representative from New York 19201945, New York Republican Committeeman 1936. Son of Hamilton Fish II.[8]
# Robert W. Kean (18931980), delegate to the Republican National Convention 1936, U.S. Representative from New Jersey 19391959, candidate for U.S. Senate from New Jersey 1958.

Well Maxine ( 06 ) I hope this assists your original query of
" Who is Content Fish ??? Who are her relatives - I will be web-hopping in France -and Europe next week- I'll be in Baden Germany at some stage on other ancestry work . If I get a chance
I'll try and hunt a few bits and pieces that I have noted but yet to prove. The notes also take in part of that gap in England. May find other info to correct anything to make things more accurate

All the best in your research , Till we meet again - Regards -edmondsallan

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