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Edmondsallan- The next few sentences may cause some feelings / irritation / etc among the Pakeha & Maori descendants I am sincere when I say this is part of a life's story that should be of interest to us all . I can asure everyone no offence is meant . At this point we need to mention ( in the right tense ) Pakeha & maori and some personal feelings back in those times . Although " John Samuel Edmonds" was a lay preacher / stone mason his father " John " although he was brought to NZ to christianize , pakehas & maoris he was very angry and bit upish about 3 of his sons marrying or having the company of Maori Woman He never forgave " Arthur " for his marriage & John Tucker's marriage to women of Maori heritage . " Ruben - the Rover also caught many a tongue bashing from His father When " Arthur " the apple of his eye married a woman of maori blood and who already had a child , he told Arthur never to cross his footsteps again. John Tucker also felt the harshness of his tongue and he never did have any more to do with them until he died . John Samuel Edmonds was not the " God loving Man " many believed he was. In fact some of his dealings in aquiring land from the maori chief's for his own personal gain, left a lot to be desired and so did his collection of monies for the church . I will not go any deeper than this , as it is gone & past I can asure the readers of this journal , he was not the image he showed to his flock of parishoners Of interest nearly all of John's sons worked in the gum fields.at Kerikeri , including their own swamp . Many an argument was with their father " John "who at one stage did all the selling for his sons gum findings . In one of these very heated arguments , with a lot of profane language being used by all edmonds & sons in attendance they took the controls from him as they reckoned he was withholding monies from them any not getting all the selling price . After this huge family set to, 3 weeks later " Samuel John Edmonds " headed to auckland and became one of the great business success stories in that era ." Arthur also took off & later opened up his grocery / all sorts of stock shop for sale in Kaikohe . " John " also lost over 3,962 acres ( value was approx' 1,981 pounds ) he aquired from the maori chiefs of the Ngati Wai iwi( recorded in the land court register ) When " Govenor Grey " first came to Nz, one of his first tasks was to give back many many acres of their land - stolen / cheated / under valued / or just taken - to the local chiefs it had been aquired from . " John Samuel Edmonds " who had accumulated his acres by unseemingly trading practices and only outlaying an amount less than 500 pounds , was confiscated by the NZ Government . Because of his sons he was allocated the fifty acres for each son at Lake Opare. near Kaikohe .A total of 548 acres However because of his financial position , at that time . & land was 10 shillings an acre, which would have meant finding 274 pounds to pay the Govt' land settlement department he was only took up a grant of 50 acres at kaikohe . Later on I will give a summary of the Monies & land grants given to John Edmonds & his family Regards edmondsallan


i have mentioned John samuel Edmonds original bible before in the Journal " John Tucker Edmonds " I am going to repeat some of that Journal ( as far as that Bible is concerned ) as a part of the story did not get told . Also more on Edmonds family Bibles . John Samuel Edmonds original Bible was his Great Grandfathers- Robert Edmonds . b 1742 Swanage , Dorset . UK pasted down to his father W#illiam Edmonds b 6th march 1768 in swanage . Dorset . UK . This bible was lost when they went a shore to Melbourne to Have "Alfred " One of the trunks in the long boat fell into the sea . It contained that particular Bible A new one was purchased by his Grand Father & Family .in May 1844. Size 42 cm x12 cm x or 16.5" x 12.5" weight 10 kgs or 12lbs. Leather cover Parchment covers 3 mm thick Gold tinted embossing $ wording . A beautiful book by any standards.I as the eldest living direct son inherited " John's personal + church Bible " Their is more to this story on the bibles, Hence the Journal on them .John's Father had a close friend whose name was " Brewer " who in turn had a son who was being sent to NZ english armed constabulary. This person " Lieutenant Brewer" left London on the 19/7/1845 on board the " Castle Eden ". the ship arrived in the Bay of Islands , at Paihia on the 10th of Dec 1845. Lieutenant Brewer delivered that new bible placed in his care to the Reverend Williams at Paihia , who in turn later delivered it to John Samuel Edmonds. This particular Bible is handed down in trust a long with other papers & also more of the holder's notes to the next selected son in direct descent line selected by the holder at that time , to the next trustee holder . The flow of that " Bible & Papers )Started with John's eldest son " Samuel John Edmonds" Then went on to " Arthur Milsom Edmonds " My grand father , then onto my father " Howard Milson Edmonds" & on his death onto me " Allan Clayton Edmonds " All of John Samuel Edmonds children by his first marriage ( 13 ) were issued with a family bible . They are far smaller & many of them were printed in early NZ . I have had statements sent to me saying they have the original Family Bible . This is not true As shown by this full explanation and needed this fact put in the right sequence of events Regards edmonds allan


edmondsallan - The edmonds family who established the " Edmonds Baking Powder Company " in christchurch . nz are not related to the original ancestor to arrive in the Bay of Islands - ( John Samuel Edmonds ) and are unrelated to his second son Arthur. The edmonds " baking powder " family are related to " william Edmonds" born 1200 & eventually became a sheriff in the County of warwickshire england . my research showed that some of this family lineage went from Warwickshire , England for a brief period then went to Southern Ireland. They went to New england , USA during the Irish Potato famine They then split up again and one family went melbourne to mine gold at Ballarat, Australia They were unsuccessful in mining. However they survived by selling Baking ingredients to the Gold field camps After they saved a small amount of monies They then moved to Hokitkia , Westcoast nz. , tried again to for gold in the ( now ghost town of stafford , on the scenic walking trail )once again unsuccessfully , they also tried again in otago unsuccessfully and reverted back to selling baking ingredients . which became NZ famous . Of Interest John Samuel edmonds , before they had the edmonds name Were known as " Men of Stone " in Kent . The & eventually travelled to the Stone Quaries in Kent However thats another story regards edmondsallan


edmondsallan --- Hi to all edmonds who are descendant from John tucker Edmonds . he was born on the 17th of july 1835 As a direct descent of the eldest son Samuel I have inherited the original Family bible of John samuel edmonds I wish to bring two points to the edmonds family ancestry .
( a) John tucker edmonds real father was the reverend Tucker . He came to new zealand and having recommended John samuel edmonds for the nz position , he stayed with them while in Nz, before he rushed back to england .John Tucker Edmonds mother was Maryanne Edmonds , wife of John at that time ( notation from inherited notes Of John samuel edmonds ) To hush wagging tongues and to save his religous position they, John & mary ann sorted out between themselves , came to agreement to adopt John tucker as The 6th child of their family.
( B ) The original Bible of " John " was given a " family bible" handed down to his grand father by his father His grandfather living with them at hooke with the rest of johns family at Hooke England Gave that original to John before he left England . When they went a shore in Hobart, australia to have " Alfred " on the 5th of december 1833. the long boat nearly capzied and a couple of trunks were lost in the sea . They included the original family bible His Grand father , although very ill , gave all his savings left and to which the rest of john's family contributed to have a new one Printed in Glasgow . in may 1844. . Size = 42 cm x12cm or 16.5 " x 12.5 "x 4.75 " = weight 10kgs or 22 ilbs. cover leather parchment 3 mm thick with gold tinted Embossing & wording pages are gold edging Because of the use it had from being handed down & (I can still remember this huge bible sitting on a special book stand in my fathers home as a child ) I had to find a specialist book binder to carry out sme minor repairs which cost a fortune . I did not inherit the book stand . I now have that very valuable heirloom in a special built box with gold lettering . WHICH reads as follows --- THE EDMONDS FAMILY BIBLE --- This heirloom will pass onto my son when I am called up to do some sort of research in another Place Regards to all edmondsallan.

edmonds family tree . 0946 A.D to 2010 .A.D.

To whom it may be of interest . John samuel Edmonds B. 1799- m.1822. D.1865 -age 66 years ( buried in symonds street cemetery AK. nz I am a direct descendant of Samuel ( eldest son ) If you are of Maori blood Lines you are a descendant from the second son Arthur I have researched the edmonds family for over twenty years and most of the material in the Book " A good keen Man " brought together by Mrs massang . now in the national Library of nz I have to date completed 5 books of over 400 pages each on the 4 parts of the " edmonds Family tree". I also have completed the maori waka papa of the genealogy going back to the great maori explorer " Maruiwi & the better known maori explorer " Mahuhu" The great paramount maori chief " Rahiri" was one of his descendants I have the tribal boundary maps back into 1600. & nearly all of the nz maori wakapapa in Nz The maori " edmonds" Name started with Arthur who married 3 maori wives . To save time . The original edmonds name was Edmund. They were known by their trade" Sons of stone" The Kings Son - prince edmund got into a huge debt. He decided everyone would have a name in his kingdom .to collect taxes. If you did not have a name your head was cut off.The "men of stone" working in his quarrie adopted his surname " Edmund" The 5 books are for my present family when I pass on > I also have the original "edmonds Family Bible passed down to me Regards allan edmonds

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