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I wish to draw the attention to " MIRACLES TAKE A LITTLE LONGER"

Hello FTC members . today I started on a request for a new member wanting info on ( 16 surnames ) not one detail was given to assist I took the first name of ALLEN , put it on the world net ( could'nt do anything else that would make sense . UP came the answer = over 4,000,000 = , FTC at this stage has over 90,000 members . If we divide this up , just the first surname , we will over ( 44 ) to do each -- OR -- if I worked on it everyday for a year I would need to turn over Over 10,958 a day . AT this early stage MY Cat " Jasmine " has fainted
( she reads everything ?? can see she might not get fed for a while ) And " old faithful " my other workmate - Computer . said " dont look at me _ I AM out to this one " I am asking all members to have alook at this and any kind suggestions are acceptable . KEEP OFF THE HARD STUFF !!!!! I will ask for my details . what do you think her answer will be ??????????? regards to all edmondsallan

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HOLIDAY IS OVER -from edmonds allan & " old faithful "

hello to all . had a great break AT PARIKI . BEAUTIFUL WHITE SAND AND RUGGED surf . My daughter was back home from LONDON with her first child A beautiful grand daughter . I called the Personal family ( 30 )in to have get together and some of the other children to see what their eldest ancestor looks like i got lots of hugs and told them all a few stories on the edmonds clan . we all had a great time and my daughter shed a few tears at the welcome she and hubby recieved . Somethings are just so simple to do . and make this world a beautiful place . Ok I wish to thank my assistans ( including "Old faithful " for looking after everything . What a great team they are . Give me a day or two to build up steam and once again we will do our best to assist FTC members in many ways and also my other work internationally . Great to be back !!!! come on Ed - up and at it !!!! regards to all allan edmonds

International Research on DNA

Hello to all . If you wish to get some great background and history on DNA researching may I recommmend an article put on line by the editor of " FINFACTS " web address = http://www.finfacts.com/irishfinancenews/article_10009121.shtml. Their is ( ii pages )

Shortly , ( 4 ) friends ( IQG') will be up dating our reference folders in the east coast of the united states and also parts of italy

Have you tried the New = familysearch.org website = 15,000,000 updated names and places etc I have found after using the new site for nearly a year It has a lot going for it - O k till we meet again Regards edmonds allan


Hello - I never knew that some of our oldies fought in the American civil war in 1861-65. Learn something everyday

source = american war records

American Civil War 1861-65
Several men from New Zealand served in the American Civil War between 1861 and 1865. Most of them were born in New Zealand prior to 1840 and were of mixed race, as American records classify them as Mulatto or Copper complexion.

Charles Lyman was 25, born in New Zealand, of copper complexion, 5' 6", when he enlisted at New Bedford in 1864, in the Union Navy, as a landsman.

John Morris was 26, complexion black, height 5' 5", born in New Zealand, when he enlisted in Boston in 1864 as a seaman and served on the Cayuga in 1865.

Joshua M Addeman was born in the Bay of Islands, and served in the 14th Rhode Island Heavy Artillery. He was an ex- Captain.

Thomas Brown- USS Augusta, and Thomas Dowd- USS Augusta were both born in New Zealand.

James A Fossett was born in Auckland, and served in 1859 in San Francisco. He was an ex- US Regular.

William Murray- ex 10th Connecticut Regiment, Robert Spicer- ex- landsman USS Sabine and John Williams(on)- 2nd New Hampshire Regiment, also US Navy- USS State of Georgia, USS Dict

Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan

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Hello to all members and ( erassy ). This journal is about the enquiry you made = " Looking for my Great Grandfather -Gary Hans Rasmussen "

I think you are going to need more Dates/ ages / etc' . I did a brief search for this person . I found they were not able to be sorted into the possible person we are looking for because we couldn't use a date to say _ Thats Him. I tried using a time frame measurement ,that some of us geneoligists use , to find the possible date area we need to be in and used its adjustments . It works like this .
WE say the researcher's ( 50 ) or older
next take the average between generations ( Father to eldest child =
( 25 years )
We then use the adjustment in the year time frame of = 0 -2 -5 -10 - 20
to cover the time generation of that person .
If the name is correct , and the info / entry is their in the records we have found this method , has a success rate of over 87 % .
The following is what I did find -
Their is about 80 entries for " Gary Rasmussen " in Familysearch.org or Ancestry.com. They come from Denmark - Norway or born in USA .They are in several states. The year range is from 1815 to 1981. Many are called Hans Rasmussen In Minesota in The 1880 census their where
( 5 ) Hans Rasmussen - No -Gary Hans Rasmussen . Most times the " Hans " comes first in a name
Their are also ( 3,270 ) family trees in tribalpages.com with the " Rasmussen " name related . I did not search them . Think you may enjoy having a go at them If you could even assess the date of your great Grandfather - it would help you and others to find him . I hopethis journal is of some assistance

Till we meet again Reards -edmondsallan

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When we were journing to Mahia on the east coast for our summer break ,You could drive their in a day ( a big day over 13 hours & not to many breaks )from Auckland. After trying to do it that way the first time. , we decided in future trips to stay at Opotiki for a night and take off again next morning . over the hills and gorge to Gisborne . We would stop there ,have a toilet stop - bite to eat and on our way again along Highway ( 22 ) to our beloved Mahia . Just before the Turn off at Nuhaka which goes to Mahia - about 10 k's on the left hand side, are the Morere Hot springs . In those days , the springs were pretty primitive . Some natural rock tubs and some changing rooms . a tucker shed where you paid to get in . I don't know what it is like today. We were ony about an hour's drive away from our final destination . This was the starting point of our winding down . WE would get in that hot mineral water and soak off & on for about an hour or two . then we take off , foot to the pedal and get to Mahia - We would move in quickly and roughly . buy a meal for all of us . No matter what time we arrived we did this proceedure . We would all use the Motel shower get changed , hit the sack and sleep . After those hot springs , and feed of freshly caught scnapper and scallops , shower -- believe me -- we just went out like logs . in fact a dead sleep . What a life ! it was . After being their for 2 or 3 weeks ( depending on what was going on back home--we kept in touch by phone every night)-of eating crayfish, scalops , oysters , mussells , home grown small new potatoes & fresh vegey's etc . swimming . Just lying their doing absolutely nothing , when you came home . All of you was over charged and you just wanted to work and work . You didn't seem to get tired for a couple of months - then it was time to take another short break. This time we used the family launch and headed arond the Hauraki Islands - especially Kawau - or we would use Bonacord Harbour as a base to go out from every day . However thats another story. Those were the days . Plenty of work and plenty of relaxation. both work well together . righty oh --time for a cuppa

Till we meet again -Regards -edmondsallan

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hello This journal is to assist a member ( franpoosie )enquiring about the " Juhl " ancestry . Is this part of your ancestry you are trying to find ?

Peter H. Juhl

Birth: 11 Jun 1877
Hamburg, Schleswig, Holstein, Germany; Immigrated through Hamburg, Germany port; per obituary and census records.
Death 27 Jul 1970
92 years old; Aledo, Mercer County Hospital, Illinois
Burial: 30 Jul 1970
Olin Funeral Home, New Boston Cemetery, New Boston Township, New Boston, Mercer County, illinois; per obituary,
Father: Peter (Sr.) Juhl
Mother: Hedwek Hedwik Hedwig Hattie Peterson
Spouse: Florence Mae Hand
Marriage: 28 Oct 1935
Aledo, Mercer County, Illinois
Spouse: Lilly Lillie Anna Stoecken Pin
Marriage: 28 Apr 1898
Davenport Township, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
He had a stroke in 1965 before his death, and had been a nursing facility in Aledo, Mercer County, Illinois per his son
Naturalization: 30 Oct 1899
U.S. Citizen, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Census: BET 15
Rutland Township, Martin County, Minnesota with mother Hedwig Juhl, Lena & Willie Juhl.
Immigration: 10 Jun 1892
Ship-Columbia from Port of Hamburg; Residence-Sorupholz, Schleswig, Germany; 14 Jun 1892-Arrival New York, then to Dave
Census: 1895
Iowa State Census, 1895 Record; age 16, race white, birthplace Germany, residence Davenport Township, Scott County, Iowa
Census: 15 Jun 1900
Living Davenport Township, Davenport, Scott County, Iowa. See Notes.
Census: 27 Apr 1910
A Peter H. Juhl is living in Rutland Township, Martin County, Minnesota working as a laborer on a ditch with several others
Census: 6 Jan 1920
Living in Rutland Township, Martin County, Minnesota with his mother Hedwig, and daughter Evalina. See Notes.
Other Marriage

Personal Information
Social Security Number:
Private. Kept in Elkins/Juhl Family Records.
National Origin: 1878
Born German
Religious Affiliation:
Member Immanuel Lutheran Church
Residence: bet 1899 and 1904
Davenport, Scott County, Iowa
Residence: bet 1905 and 1935
Northrop, Granada, and Fairmont, Martin County, Minnesota
Residence: bet 1935 and 1970
Joy, Millersberg Township, Mercer County, Illinois
Retired painter and paper hanger

*Peter (Sr.) Juhl
Birth: 6 Apr 1847
Schleswig, Holstein, Germany; Immigrated through Hamburg, Germany port.
Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minnesota; per head stone and death index for Martin County, Minnesota.
Burial: 23 Aug 1911
Village of Northrup, Rutland Township, Martin County, Minnesota
Father: *Hans Peter (I) Juhl
Spouse: Hedwek Hedwik Hedwig Hattie Peterson
Marriage: 1877
Probably in Schenefeld Church, Holstein, Germany; married for 23 years per 1900 Federal Census.
Other Event(s)
Son George Juhl gave the information for the death records for the State of Minnesota after Peter's death.
Per 1895, 1900 & 1910 Federal Census came in early 1892 with his family from Germany to Davenport, Scott County, Iowa, U
Immigration: 10 Jun 1892
Ship-Columbia from Port of Hamburg; Residence-Sorupholz, Schleswig, Germany; 14 Jun 1892-Arrival New York, then to Dave
Census: 1895
Iowa State Census, 1895 Record; age 40, race white, birthplace Germany, residence Davenport Township, Scott County, Iowa
Census: 8 Jun 1900
Actual Census Record + Index Card--Peter Juhl Sr., Naturalized Citizen, married 23 yrs;
Census: 26 Apr 1910
Rutland Township, Martin County, Minnesota; Petter with wife Hattie, son Hans Nick, dau. Anna M., grandson Jesse Stolten
Personal Information
Born German; Became a U.S. Citizen on 30 October 1899, in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa.
Religious Affiliation:
Immanuel Lutheran
Residence: bet 1899 and 1910
1899-1900, he was living in Davenport, Scott County, Iowa; Per 1910 Census he was living in Martin County, Minnesota.
Occupation: bet 1900 and 1910
Census's-Factory and Farming in Iowa and Minnesota

*Hans Peter (I) Juhl
Birth: abt 1827 Holstein, Germany
Death: abt 1897 Schleswig, Holstein, Germany
Spouse: Wife ( ? )
Marriage: abt 1846
Probably in Schenefeld Church, Holstein, Germany

Till we meet again -Regards -edmondsallan

" ARNOLD " AD - PART ( 1 ) SECTION ( A )

edmondsallan . Good morning - At the end of Part ( 2 ) I mentioned a
" Lord Sitsyllt " I am going to start this Journal with him .This journal will have exactly whats in our personal book on the " Arnolds " on the opening page ,in this section . The only bits that are missing is the Gold Printing .


1126 AD


He married a " ANNE VERCH GRUFFYDD " in 1146 AD. They had nine ( 9 ) children. We have found in our research and have printed a section for this personal ancestral book -- 32 pages of proven evidence of her genealogy relationship to the royalty of those Times in the known world . Lord Sitsyllt also has just as many pages & listings . However his ancestral flow chart goes further and is related to many families , including ' Royals & Leaders ' of most of the oldest families in the world we know in that era. Of the many families ( now world wide )only the " ARNALLTS " have a direct relationship with these two people mentioned of royal descent .

After you have read that opening you may realise the depth of that statement. It took me over 18 months to sort & prove that opening statement with its proven documentation as surport . The journal today " Part ( 1 )is part of that research . I will start this part of this journal with the shortened version of " ANNE VERCH GRUFFYDD "
wife of " Lord Sitsyllt " both of Wales. A few entries did not have all or what I require in full , they have not been entered even though in the notations they follow on . You may see this by some of the dating . They have not been missed to make things meet .Most of them were not entered because they only had one parent given or something simular not available .

1076 -b - Prince Gruffydd Rhys of Wales - father -m- Gwenllian Verch
( no maiden name given
0997 -b-Prince Rhys Tewdwr - Wales- m- Gwladys Verch Rhiwallon Powys
-d- 1093 - brecknock, Beacon , Wales
0977-b- King Tewdwr Mawr -Wales -m-Gwenllian verch Gwyn Anglesea
d- 0977
0940-b-Cadwell Einion Owain Deheubarth -m ( no details avail' -d-0984

0913-b-KING Owain Deheubarth -m-Angharad-vech -Llewelyn Pows -0938
0887-King Hywel Dda Cadell Gwynedd-m-Elen LLywarch Dyfed-0904
d-0950 - Dynevor Castle - Carmarthenshire - Wales
0784-b-King Cadell Rhodri Gywnedd-m-Rheingar Gwynedd ( no details )
( He was born on the Isle of Man )- **> nearly missed him
0764-b-King Merfyn Frych Gwriad-m-Nest Verch-Cadell Powys ( no dates
d-0844- Cyfeiliog, Kettell - Wales
0700-b-King Gwriad Elidyr Rheged-m-Esylit Verch Cynan Dindaethwy
( he was born Isle of Man (no other details available
0660-b-Elidyr Sandde Rheged -m-Celemion verch Tudwal Ynys Manau
d- ( no dates - Isle of Man )
0620-b-Sandde Alcum Rheged -Powys-Wales ( no other details available

0580-b-Alcun Teged Rheged - " " " "

0540-b-Teged Gwyar Rheged - " " " "

0505-b-Gwyar Dwywg Rheged - " " -m- Anna MawagawsePendragon Britian

0482-b-King Llywarch Hen Elidyr- m- ( none given )-d- Powys Wales

0462-b-king Elidyr Lldanwyn Meirchion-m-Gwawr Brychan Brycheiniog

0442-b-King Gwrast Lledlwm Ceneu ( I think he was killed in
a fight/ Battle ( couldn't prove it )

0438-b-King Mierchion GulGgwrast Rheged-m-Essylt Culwynedd Rheged

0382-b-King St-Ceneu Coel Ebrauc ( no other details found )

0350-b-King Coel Hen Guotepauk-m-Ystradwal verch Cadfan Dumnonia
0320-b-Tegfan Gloff Deheuwaint Britian - ( From now on -no other
details on ( M & D- Found )
0300 -b-Deheuwaint Telpwyll Britian( BRITIAN was part of the surname
0280 -b- Telpwyll Urban Britian
0260-b- Urban Gradd Britian
0240-b- Gradd Rhyfedel Britian
0220-b Rhyfedel Rhydeyrn Britian & Rhydeyrn Euddigan Britian ( Twins )
0170-b-Eddigan Euderyn Britian
0125-b-Euderyn Euifudd Britian
0085-b-Euifudd Eudos Britian
0035 AD -b-Eudos Euddolen Britian

0012 BC.-b-Afallach Luid Britian
0040-BC -b-King Liud Llaw Erient Beli ( Note of Interest -- This is how United Kingdom of Britian got its Historical name of " Britian '
The rulers of the land were named " Britian "

This is the end of ( Part 1 ) Section ( A )- Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan


edmondsallan - Hello- We are still in Wales - " Part ( 2 ) - camera ! .- Hold ! " - Take " and a way we go ( Always wanted to do that excuse the lad in me )

CERAINT ap ELIDER WAR - -b - 0708 AD Wales
( I made a note here- It is believed he married his mother in
0733- IT is said , that it was to safe guard her - or it could have been to inherit the leadership ahead of his brothers .

GWRIAD ap ELIDER -b -0738 AD - Wales
m - NEST VERCH CADELL - 0762 AD - Wales
MERFYN " FRYCH ' ap GWRIAD - b -0764 AD - Wales
m- ESYLLT VERCH CYNAN -0786 AD - Wales
( Merfyn was killed in Battle of CYFEILIOG .He was travelling from the west coast of Wales with his armed forces and was trying to get to Eastern Glamoragan when he was ambushed . Many of his followers escaped to the " Black Mountains " of Gwent .Their was a lot of fighting going on around Gwent to see who was going to have all .)

( He died in 0878 AD The Girl he married " ANGHARAAD "WAS THE ( 3RD )
daughter of one of the Greatest Fighting Welch leaders of all time .
He was known as " MEURIG - THE GIANT " his description is -- 6' 4 " in height weighed about 19 stone . had a chest of over ( 58" )and used the largest two handed sword in all of Britian . ( Wow !! just what Wales needs in that scrum of theirs today as a lock !!!! )

ANARAWD ap -RHODRI - b- 0857 AD Gwynedd - Wales
m- 0880 AD ( no name available )
YNYR - ( KING OF GWENTLAND ) -b- 0882 AD Wales
AYDAN ( IDDON )ap YNYR b- 0916 AD Wales - m - ( ? )
( did not become King of Gwentland )
YNYR ( 2ND ) ap YPNR b- 0960 AD Wales ( He became King )
YNYR ( 3RD ) ap YNYR b- 0985 AD Monmouthshire - Eng

MEURIG ap YNYR b- 1010 AD " " "
YNYR " FYCHAN "ap MEURIG b- 1031 AD Monmouthshire - Eng
( 8 children - only one survived
( " CARADOR " )
CARADOG ap CARADOR b-( no date)Monmouth - Wales
m- 1085 Abergavenny-Wales " NEST LE GROS "
DYFNWAL ap CARADOG b- 1086 Monmouth - Wales
m- 1124 " " " JOYCE DE BALLADON
( NOTE ** > The family of this last couple were not named in the records - except one He later became known as " LORD SITSYLIT of DYFNWAL ARNALIT " THIS WAS THE START OF THE " ARNOLD " NAME EVENTUALLY IN WALES FROM THIS LINE OF ANCESTRY . " LORD SITSYLIT " also became one of the real foundation blocks in " Weich Ancestry "
Many other families are linked to this person. In fact over ( 80 % ) of other Welch ancestry are linked one way or another. He is the Genealogist's Dream and many many of my fellow genealogists have started at this point in a 365 Degree circle . He was one of the great finds in modern day records . This is also the end of part two ( 2 )- ( Shortened version ) It was nice for the wife to know all the history , the affairs , the fighting , and much more . However I think when others are looking at such an extradinary long ancestral chart as this . They just want to see flow chart . OK - Till we meet again - Regards -edmondsallan