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edmondsallan - Good morning to everyone - In general the " Edmonds" mental & physical condition , thro out our known world is rated very highly. Some of the reasons for this is their diet . I always mean't for this notation to be placed in the " Edmonds " family book
"A Good Keen Man " when it was being compilied . Unfortuneately , everybody was busy,busy, busy and got missed . Here it is now - To set the mental scene - the Questions are being asked by one of our studious - uni taught, married , with (2 ) children ( aged 24 )seeking Health / diet advice .In his own educated way he was endeavouring to change some of his fathers - eating habits. The answers were being given by 1/2 maori - 1/2 pakeha male in his late fifties ,His Father -- with (14 mokapunas ) sitting in his favourite chair, knocking the top off a beer , after a feed of pork , roast potatoes Etc' ( the works ) Both of them had the surname of Edmonds . This is how a lot of good advice is passed on down in our huge multiplying tribe . Having set the scene, we'll make a start .

Q - Should I eat meat or be a vegeterian ?
A - Yes . Grass is a veggy . meat animals eat grass & change it to
meat. Therefore meat is from Vegetables

Q - To be healthy should I drink wine , spirits or beer ?
A - Yes. We humans have bodies that are made up of 90 Percent
water. When they make wine ,spirits , beer - the makers add to
the ingredients 90 % water , so really we are just replacing
water with nearly all water

Q - Should I eat Choclate, as it makes me chubby, ( looking at his
father's belly ) large & round and lose my body shape ?
A - Yes. Choclate Pods are grown like veggies in a market garden .
They must be a veggy , Chubby -large and round is a shape - so
shape cannot be lost. People who have seen whales say they
are large , chubby & round and they like whales . Not eat
choclate ? are you mad !!!

Q - Should I keep up the dieting & fitness work outs , to stay
healthy ?
A - If you want pain & hunger, go ahead.

Q - By doing all these things will I live Longer ( A dig at the old
man ) ?
A - No.Only sleep and rest will do that .

Q - Will all these things , dieting etc', running flat out up
hills , long distances , making my heart work harder and
faster make me live Longer ??? ( the father is onto his son
now !! )
A - Ask yourself this question. If you drive your car hard as hard ,
flat out up a hill or mountain over long periods, how long will
the engine last !!!

Q - By increasing the heart beating rate ( this son isn't going to
give in on making his old man more healthy ) over a period of
time ,will this make my heart stronger and will I live longer ?
A - No. ( father is sensing this son of his , has been over-educated
and decides to show his son how well educated his father is )
Just like a car engine , a frig, and many other things you use
it has a built in deteriation rate . A heart is designed so many
times.each person has been given a different number of heart
beats , otherwise everyone would pass out at the same time.
What a catastrophe that would be . If you use your total heart
beats sooner than later, you have to expect to pass on earlier.
The slower the heart beat in a given period of time the longer
you Live .
Q - By practising and actually doing all these healthy things for my
mind & body -- that I read about ( really getting at the old man
now & driving in the final killer punch ) will I live longer,
or put off my passing away ???
A - Can't you understand what I have just been telling you !! ( his
father has had enough of this no all son , his cold beer is
getting warm !! & he is missing the race on T V )
The answer is No !!!!! and besides that , who wants to die
looking like a scarecrow , and have a dull life doing it !!!.

I hope you all enjoyed this bit of humour on Dieting . The father
was right.I fully agree with that last sentence.what about you !! ?
Ok - till we meet again - regards - edmondsallan

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edmondallan -- Hi everyone. We need to get underway quickly at this time of the day , as explained in the previous Journal . I had a delayed start & the sun is higher than I thought , and that blade of grass has nearly turned halfway in following the Sun - on its daily routine . I sense a " Doubt " on that. OK - I state - " Every blade of grass in the world, as we know it,every day , follows the sun from west to east,( in our hemisphere ) hail - rain or snow . Whats more , by morning it has returned to its original starting point , ready to go again! We are but small fry in mother natures world , At times , that she chooses , she shows how powerful she really is !!! Mark a blade of grass ( as I did when a very High Maori Rangitira ) decided to take a hand & put me back on the correct life's trail) He showed me , many things - " the power of mother nature " _ and how we are given area in her world to fit in , in her chosen place for each of her human individuals . I learn't a real , real , lesson in life , back then . OK - onward . Most Chinese in the Philippines , come from either " Fujianese " from Fujian or Hokolo . They speak the " Lang- lang " Philippine " variant of the - Minnan - chinese dialect . The most common Southern Fujianese dialect in the Philippines is the - XIAMEN -dialect , which is very simular to the - Quanzhou - dialect spoken among the Chinese in the Philippines. " Cantonese " language groups of the " Han Chinese " ancestral trail . Usually marry their own chinese race . Most have come from the province of Southern China- of " TAISHAN " city of " Guangdong " province . They speak - " YUE " Chinese ( Cantonese )language. Many of them today only speak the more common chinese Language -" Minnan " Generally they are not as prosperous as their " Fujianese " fellow Chinese in the Philippines . Why I have not researched . Some , very small in number , married " Portugese " They are called " Macanese " ( offical records ) Other Chinese living in the Philippines , generally in the capitals of certain Islands , Envoys, Consulate senior staff , and chinese people with distinct / official / positions etc', usually come from " Bejing " ( Shanghinese )and in general , their ancestry is of "XIANG " or " HUNAESE " origin .We are getting their . how this particular person's ancestry ,and how her family was formed .If you are still interested - I think it may be time to go to Spain .- Till we meet again -
regards - edmondsallan


edmondsallan - good morning everyone. I slept thro the alarm clock this morning.!! When it goes off it makes a screaming noise like a train engine about to explode .( right by my ear ) I was awakened by a vigorous shaking , thumping & shoving --- from a dream ( about money - I just won the lotto !!!!!!) by a beautiful girl I married .a long , long time ago . She was Yelling repetively " are you dead !!!!! Are you dead !!!- Wakey - Wakey !!! ( *** push- shove - thump thump !!!!! " ) --- I yelled out " YES -YES " . My partner, in crime " the Cat " was also doing her bit to wake me up. by lying right across my face in a suffocating manner . I tell you reader " their is going to have to be some changes around here !!! " OK. in my last journal in the studying of the " Philippines we sailed from ,Fuzhou - on the east coast of China to the Island of Cebu in the Philippines. Why, because the Filipino family I am researching are descendants of ( 3 ) nationalities. - Filipino - Spanish & Chinese. The latter being the reason for me to try
( I said Try !!! ) to understand - when - why - where - & how a certain name was given . Even " Roots "-- " & Ancestry .com ' and many other genealogy web sites , have very little info. Some have small books to assist . They usually only contain , chinese who migrated to their countries . and many ' anglo sized ' their names. Why don't we just touch on what I found out " the hard way ".
I found the further you go the harder it gets . Of interest to you all. Yes -- we have two - " Edmonds " who married Chinese women in our ancestry ." *** " Edmonds, our cussies " seem to have a way with them ,especially with the female inhabitants , right around the world !!! " That could be another story .??? (*** " not allowed _ ha ha ! so us males will still keep our secret charms "
" Chinese " names usually consist of Two ( 2 ) or Three ( 3 )main parts . Each part has a meaning , they are a lesson in Chinese History, where they came from originally ,the family name , their given name , sometimes whether they are a married female , and sometimes their occupation . A families name , is a families Pride & Honour -- and among the Chinese, has some very strict codes .
Chinese Surnames go back to the " Chinese Emperor -- Fu Xi " started in 2,852 BC. Why ? The same old up to date story - To collect Taxes -
In China , once married , usually a symbol/ addition - is added to their name - Example -- the male's famiy name - " Wong " when married, his wife would generally add ( Shee / Shih / See . = " Wong Shee "
Her honourable family name or maiden name is also , in general, added
also .If her maiden ancestral name was , ( say ) " Fu Yue " Her married name , could read " Wong Fu Shee ) in most cases the Male & Female , use the name of the place they came from ( usually ancestral & abreviated . )" Mrs Wong Fu Shee " could be or also be - or added - ( say ) "Tan"
Their name could then become " Wong Fu Tan Shee " the addition of the Tan to the name , means his / her ancesters came originally from the Chinese Province / State /- etc' of " Tan " during the " Zhou " Dynasty . I un covered much more, Tried to learn and understand a great amount of it. Even though I eventually got back to 1384 AD with the name I was researching , I also learn't how it came about , their honorable history, how they travelled from Northern China to the East coast of China to the Sea port of " Fuzhou " then onto the " Cebu " Philippines. Being a bit of a head - full of saw dust - , for all my efforts I was unable to prove every step within a generation , of this families travel plan. I followed & huntered with the best instincts a Genealogists can muster . " Boy -o Boy - did I Hunt" I had a paper nightmare with all my notes . Although I now have a better understanding , of how chinese ancestry un folds in the layers of time . In a grading out of 10 - I class myself as ( 2 - ** minus ) However I did succeed in Learning & knowing about most of " Chinese / Filipino " name I was researching . Of interest to you all , and up to the present day in official " Filipino records " The Chinese / Filipino marriages & their descendants are known as " Mestizo Sangley's " .
The Philippines is home to several " Mestizo Sangley " billionares with their ancestry going way back into BC. Their is also a middle class , ( not like our Kiwi standards) yet of reasonable size .
Well over 50 Percent of the Filipino people ,live below the poverty line. Like many people who have migrated from one country to another in this world of ours ,those that migrated , send money & goods back to their relations to assist them to live. Many of them to repay the monies raised , usually by their extended family . Those that remained , yet gave their assistance , know the debt will be honoured. Many of our NZ Filipino , hard working families , and many of their women have married Kiwis of all races, while getting ahead in life , still send Monies & goods back to their families. Some times their families back home put a portion of that money , a side. This to get ready for / or to assist the next family member . They follow in the same traditions , that has been around in our world for centuries . That is " If you look after your greater family & assist your close family to survive & live happily , you will gather great spiritual personal strength -mana - and your own family will do well- From such wonderful thought & actions , mother nature will care for you from the beginning to the end . To me this ' Chinese " way of thinking , seems very familier . I know our Maori race have a simular belief. I wonder if they originated from China ? , are they the missing link ? Another story ???? I wonder . - regards - edmondsallan


edmondsallan . Hi to all . I am drinking my cuppa , munching a bikky, and suddenly got a feeling I would like to board ship and cross an ocean or two . Just like the very early Chinese or Spanish .When you depend on the wind to take you across the sea too another destination , you just have to have knowledge of the sea currents & wind flows in the area you are heading into . Simular to the knowledge , some of our great maori navigaters knew & learn't.
In those oldy oldy days , if I left " Huzou " Port on the east coast of China and was heading for the Philippines to sell my silk etc, I would have to catch the sea current that sweeps Northward , up past Japan from the Philippines at approximately 120 degree's latitude and head eastward on approximately 30 degrees north Longitude till we got near 140 degrees north Latitude , and head towards America . The prevailing winds in general would have changed from north east to south-east at that Latitude . My vessel would be , being pushed at this stage , eastward. I have to steer, south/ east using that wind to get past the shallow currents still flowing north. We would then ,pick up the warm current flowing from the west coast of America
( southern Mexico ) across the northern Pacific , also the wind flow generally in this area is blowing N-N-West. We now have both the wind and the sea current, helping us to get to our Destination. " the Island of Cebu " in the Philippines
We are now , after, say- 5-6 weeks , approximately on 10 to 12 degrees Longitude west( not very accurate ) We keep sailing along this navigation , --- Bit of left hand down a bit --- or --- right hand down a bit, because of the wind which is trying to push us more directly North. Wait for it __ Fom the crow's nest 100 ' ft up the mast comes The cry " LAND AHOY - ON THE PORT SIDE !!! " and very soon we are in sight of the large Island of " Minadao " of the Philippines . As the crew start to think of having a good time . our Captain of our two masted sea going Chinese junk ,gives navigational orders to " stay on 10 Degrees longitude west , so we can hit the northern sea straight at the Tip of northern " Mindanao " where the sea current & wind will just about take us right into
" Lapulapu " and Cebu . When we want to go home ( back to " Hanzou "in China , our home ) we come out into sea on the western side of the Philippines just above the " Spratley Islands " at 20 degrees north - Longitude / 115 degrees Latitude west . If we stay on this course we will have another smaller current & a prevailing north west wind assisting us all the way on our homeward Journey . If the weather is right our journey home will be nearly a week shorter in time. This how the Chinese tried to trade & migrate to the Philippines way back in the 1400 ,- 1500, & 1600 centuries . Of interest to everyone , for the last 10 years including 2010 AD the Chinese have been claiming the " Sprately Islands " as their original sea boundries . Several close nations < Including the Philippines , is resisting this demand as especially the Philippines already have them in her official territory. Well may you ask , what brought this on by China & some other smaller groups ? It is one of the great breeding & fishing grounds in the world which the Filipinos Control . But their is more !!! Huge area containing the " Spratelys " has billions of untapped barrels of oil reserves .
Wam !!! . The reserves are well known world wide . Just after the second world war , when the American forces cleaned out the Japanese armed forces in the Philippines they started to assess these huge oil reserves . What will happen I haven't got a clue .- Till we meet again - regards--edmondsallan .


edmondsallan - Hi !!! . I see we have a few followers on the Philippine research . I hope we can bring more of the Philippine people into the " Family Tree Circle " If my " Boyo " ( son ) marries this very nice Filipino Girl , we could have ancestry, within our " Edmonds " ancestry in the future in the Philippines .or perhaps we already have ? ---- I see my companion, the cat with one tooth left ( my favourite Pet ) is giving me the - ' stare '!!!! . Excuse me for a second while I talk to - Her !! . " what do you want ? _ Alright I'll tell them -- " I'm back , She says she " Has licked her self clean , washed her face , scratched her hair into shape & wants me to get printing as she has been following the news on " Boyo " and the series ." What a cheeky cat !!! I'll have words with her later on .Ok ,Lets floor the pedal - & progress. !
To understand the "Filipino " People's ancestry , we need to know , how they all came about ,& who they are ? . It may interest you , on our " Maori " side - that the very earlier Maori's who came to NZ , have part of the " Five " ( 5 ) original - ab1b1b1 DNA, established over 50,000 years ago, -- as the " Filipino " people. ??? Now , don't jump to a conclusion that you have found the missing DNA LInk , cause you haven't. All it means is at some time ,way, way , way, back - your paths crossed , Boy met Girl --~*~. some thing occurred
( I am not spelling it out for you )- & they went on their merry way to different destinations . All tho I have researched the very early ancestral make up of them , we could be here a month tabulating it all . Their is already some well written research one can read if one wants to . I will start just before the Spanish invaded their country in the 1521 AD & the baptism of 800 natives of the Philippines & " Humabon " their leader . The Spanish recorded , they were a race of people with the same beliefs & artefacts , as the Malayan People ( We know that country as " Malay ) This could be true - as the ocean sea currents in that area. sweep up past " Borneo " on their West coast and goes further on to the Philippines before
dispersing . They dressed , behaved . and spoke a simular language as the, Malayans, they had encountered in their earlier travels. Some had Hindu & Moslem religious beliefs . Forty Odd years later , the Spanish started to trade & establish themselves in their country . Around the same time , The " Chinese " were already trading their . Gradually for over 300 years, we had these three main races blending together . Generally speaking , this how that beautiful hair coloring ( that dark black , which is so deep in colour , it has blueish shine to it ) which is common with the chinese women & men . The further we investigate this " Filipino " race the more we can see the harmony & blending of these Characteristics in their people .The women, when angry, have that fiery Spanish temper . It can just -explode _ then gone . They love to get together & dance . make music . The men drink hard & fast .They love to Gamble ( a chinese trait ) their woman hardly touch alcohol.They love to have a feast ( now that may bring their characteristics close to yours ) Today one of the larger southern Islands , named " Mindanao" is still muslim & fighting the catholics on their Island . The rest of the 7,000 Islands are nearly ( 90 percent Catholic .)
I think to assist any readers to understand all that I have written so far ( on this race of people ) I will need to take a genuine name from the Philippines and take us on the research trail in Asia & Southern Europe . Till then - regards edmondsallan


edmondsallan - good morning all. This story on Filipino ancestral research may to some readers , be very interesting ,if they are after or comdemplating - research in the Philippines . In my previous journal on the Philippines, I wrote about the strict rules they have on any ansestral inquiry & the " Claveria Decree " on the giving of surnames beginning with A in the far north . I think I should have given you all better background on the research I was doing plus some of the basics of the country invovled ;.
( a ) Population of the Philippines in 2000 AD was 37,333,330 .
( b ) In the second world war , the Japanese while fighting the Americans used a scorched earth policy . Among that destruction & enslaving the " Filipinos " they destroyed , over a million ancestral records that had been amassed / & held by countrie's archives -etc'. This particular action was to destroy nearly all known BDM records especially between the years 1552-- to -- 1898 . Many other records were destroyed also and were more up to date. Worse than the Irish destruction of their BDM records.
( c ) The regathering, reconstructing of their ancestral heritage records , and computerizing them , did not restart till after 1948. Today ,this huge time consumming work load, the BDM records, are held in Manila , capital of their country . Many areas are still being researched and when proven added to the BDM computerized System. This in turn has caused researchers world wide , huge problems.
The name I was researching in the Philippines of Cebu, one of the 9 larger islands. This person knew her father & mother, sisters & brothers , a few cussies , couple of Aunties . and after that came a big black space in time / ancestry. Even if we click on " Ancestry " ( LDS ) you will see a very small collection & records . This young lady had no idea at all , what nationality her grandparents came from . Neither did her mother , who migrated to NZ with her children , after marrying an Austalian . living in NZ. Wanted to know her ancestry background after viewing works I had already completed . 4.5 years later . she now has a book being compiled by me , of approximately 400 pages . with photo' , history , family ancestery, step by step , each generation, back to China & Spain to 1384 AD . Todate, only one generation on her fathers side is not proven . - known !! but not proven .I am not trying to blow my trumpet here . I am trying to show anybody , who hunts down the research on their ancestry . have patience against all odds . keep notes , numbered , filed for reference will succeed. What you will put together will be a a rewarding classic of your ancestry . Right across our beautiful country today , we have in NZ , well over 150,000 Filipino residents with families . More want to come . We have been a multi- cultured race of people . and I believe we will become more so. Just as kiwi maoris & europeans and other people from far off lands are now as one, raising or have raised their families , we need to also get to know , the " Filipino People " & their ancestral ways . Our children may choose to bring them into our family - I will go on with this ancestry path at a later date , if any one is still interested - Regards - edmondsallan


edmondsallan. hi everyone . I thought perhaps we could take a break , from the " Edmonds Family Tree " A change is as good as a rest. I may have mentioned that I have been researching the " Filipinos " now for nearly 4 years , quite consistently . If you feel like a change of research , come with me on this Journal . You may find it very interesting
When you start off researching another country for someone . The first thing to do is to find their National Registrar Records , availability. contact etc . This part usually just skims the surface & nine times out of ten you will find the person you are looking for , with usually both parents info . If you want to know more , you may need to study the history , ocean currents . how they were settled , or in a lot of cases press the button & hit " Ancestry " etc' website for the LDS at Salt lake city . The largest ancestral collection in the world . Not So when you research the Philippines !!!. Being an 89 % Catholic country with very strong religious beliefs , the Catholic church has & is trying to stop the " Latter Day Saints, Mormons " from gathering any info .or setting up their family centres. Quite often you will crack open the first step , then Bang !!! all doors shut on you . The " Filipinos " themselves can go personally to their countries regristrar , show their Catholic Regristration . then they are given the whole ancestry of their immediate family . The following I find also very interesting

( a )The " Philippines " consists of over 7,000 islands ( including 9 very large ones )
( b ) After " Fernando Magellan " came & raised the flag for Spain in the 1500's , the new official rulers discovered that about 90 % of their caputured inhabitants had the same name , or were named after some chieftain - local or otherwise .
( c ) They very quickly established the " Catholic Religion " right thro the whole country , with churches & priests , and made the locals pay for it . They also appointed governors for many regions
( d ) They then went for the big one , which many countries , have tried & failed to do or would still like to attain . The Spanish Authorities from Spain based in the " Philippines " under instructions from " King Philip" King of Spain -- Decided that starting in the very north , east & west , and south of all the
Philippines ( 7,000 Islands ) to change nearly every ones surname & all Foreigners , except the very Few selected ,to be expelled from the Philippines.
( e ) they started , Alphabetically _- ( A ) at the very north and so on and so on ,right thro the whole of the Philippines. Any new baby born had to be Baptised into the Catholic Faith & the priest chose the babys surname from the list he was authorised to use . Wow !!! ( f ) This was called - the " CLAVERIA'S DECREE " ISSUED ON THE 21ST OF NOVEMBER , 1849 . ( IN THE SAME ERA AS OUR TREATY OF WAITANGI 1840. )
-**** DEAR FOLLOWER / READER If you are an outside genealogists , like myself , from another country , trying to find someone , its like looking for a needle in a haystack & the officialdom & what they require is really really strict . I think we need to come back on the Philippines Journal if you readers would like to go further . Their is a lot more to tell You . Why try & explain or tell about the Philippines ? - I tried to learn the language & failed , I'm just to old to learn it . I am practicing a few words - Oh !! I forgot to mention that over 80,000 fully qualified Nurses leave the Philippines every year to nurse in other countries , Mainly USA where they are are short of close to 1,000,000 nurses. Getting back to the " Filippino Ancestry " I have found it to be one of the most fascinating , complicated , piece of genealogy I have under taken . You guessed it fellow researchers , "I am enjoying every moment of it- Its made my grey jelly in side my head , throb WoW !! - party time !!! - till we meet again - regards edmondsallan


edmondsallan , Hi everyone , I thought that we might try & find some answers in this - extra early hour - we now have . Someone out their in our" Edmonds Family Ancestry " must have something that tells us , when " Erana ( Edmonds - Mihaka - Poole - Kaire - Kareariki- Pehiriri )died " under what name - where she is buried - and what date .
The reason for doing so, is to assist us all in our family tree..
Since last saying hello ,I have put on the jug, & had a cuppa . I have researched very thoroughly , the Official NZ govt registrar - for all - Births - Deaths - Marriages for all- NZ, since 1840 - 1960 . I have also researched " Waldo Heap's" , nz collection held in the nz museum . dated from 1818- 1941 for Auckland and all Northland .by Area's ( Even the LDS - have gathered a huge amount of people facts- BDM- from " Waldo's )I don't know of any Genealogists who doesn't admire the research he did ' in volume & detail . " Pearl" & " Kim " websites state openly and add regularly to the collection mentioned as well as using it for their own Knowledge for Auckland - Northland NZ. After she left Arthur ( as no death record can be found ) she must of taken up with another & changed her name again . This must have been - if she did - some time after 1860 or if she died sometime before 1877 when " Arthur married Annie " Legally . So the puzzle deepens . " Bruce Calkin " said he knew of the three ( 3 )Men she had been with . Poole- Mihaka - Edmonds I have already told you all, that I have reseached from 1818 to 1941 - 3 days of 5 hours = 15 hours = yet no sign of her . Where is this woman !!! ? Did she change her name Again !!! ? The years I searched very thoroughly covers a range of 123 years - so she isn't still alive . Our personal Records , say " Arthur died at his sisters place ( Goffe's)at Haruru falls even tho' he is buried in kaikohe However thats another story .Could do with some help from one & all on - the missing - " Erana " till we meet again - regards - edmondsallan

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edmondsallan . I thought that we all as one family of the " Edmonds Family Tree " should as one , not pakeha or maori - take a deeper look at " ARTHUR ( ATA ) EDMONDS ". Why ? - you may all well ask. Its all in the " Edmonds Book " that many of us have . Some of you may deeply feel personally , the research that uncovered . some things not mentioned . My intention is not to hurt any one !!! In todays world & the way we live,( marriage - partners- just living together ) is no big deal and is accepted by all . We have just forgotten that many of our ancesters did exactly the same except, by some , ( as mentioned ) was not acceptable in anyway at all by many human races. Having debated with myself for quite a while on what I am about to tell you , on the right or wrongs of some of our ancesters., I decided it is not for me to decide - just tell the truth on what I know about the Edmonds ancestry , so all the others can decide or just accept what happened back in those times past . Ok _ Having tried to - ease - into -" More on Arthur & Erana ," I will make a start.
Why John , Arthurs- Father , was so infuriated with Arthur & John Tucker ( we will cover the latter later on )and cut them off cause it went against his Religious Principals. In fact John Edmonds had nothing to do with " Arthur " until he married Annie Edmonds ( nee Ngarepe ) a 21 year old widow , at Arthur's home in Kaikohe in 1874 by the Rev William Rowse of Hokianga ( NZ Reg 'No - 1874 / 10129) Some of you may not know that " Erana Kaire "or " Erana Kareariki " was 1st " GIVEN " ( a maori marriage ) by her father & a maori elder, believed to have been at the " Punakitere Marae " to a " Luther . M. Poole " at the age of ( 16 ). Their were no children. Erana left Luther Poole.Erana then - Lived with " Herbert Mihaka" they had a son " Mesheck" adopted by Arthur in 1851 ( Unofficially )but Baptised & parents given as " Arthur & Erana ", 1851 . Their is a doubt that Erana did not die , while with ' Arthur " . Their is no proof of any kind ( unless someone today knows & tells everyone , no dates etc or the date & where she was buried .)-- their is a very strong story handed down , that " Erana " left " Arthur " and a possibility he was already visiting " Annie Ngarepe " To date I have been unable to Prove or dis-Prove this rather consistent rumour which was going around at the Family reunion . Their is no record ( & I sincerely hope I can be proved wrong ) that " Arthur" ever married Erana " either by traditional Maori or European ceremonies of any kind . If some one knows differently, please tell us all , the dates etc . Erana was certainly not " Given " away a third time by her parents . This means if true , that all of the children , from
" Arthur & Erana " are illigitemite. This why " John Samuel Edmonds " blew his top , broke of with him , something which " Arthur" often spoke to his eldest brother about the situation, to see if some how he could help cure the problem . When " Arthur " married " Annie " with a proper Christian Wedding ( which by the way is recorded as - 1874/ 10129 - I repeat it to you )on the NZ official Records ) His father did a complete turn around . We have here a bit of the calling the kettle black , With " John "completely & conviently forgetting is own wife - Maryanne - ( indiscretion with the Rev Tucker) who was here on a short visit . ) I hope someone out there has the proven Death records of Erana & the age she died . It would clear up this well hidden bit of Family ancestry . If you only think you,are right, its no good without the three things > Age - Date of death - where she is buried . I have tried very hard to unearth these records. It could be right under our noses . I have not had any success. -- We will have to talk on " John Tucker Edmonds " another time - till we meet again - regards -edmondsallan

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edmondsallan - hi everyone . The title of this journal , is what happened to Arthur Milson Edmonds , husband of Ada Ellen ( nee cross ) As already mentioned , this Arthur- my Grandad - was a Registered surveyor , after being an apprentice to his father in-law , an english architect /surveyor . Arthur was born in 1870 - married Ada in 1889-and died in 1906 - age 36. Within that time they 5 children . We have a story to tell , which just goes to show us how much we are intergrated with the northland area .and assists us to bring both halves of the Edmonds Family together .
Arthur was surveying the Kaikohe to Rawena Rd , being up graded & widened , this 70 kilometeres now known as highway 12. He had been working there for a very long period , in stormy atrocious weather . His workmates noticed one day that he wasn't there . In fact when they started asking around he hadn't been seen for at least 3 days . A search was organized , first their camp , no sign . The cook said he was pretty crook with the flu and coughing heavily . They widened their search & found Arthur lying face down , just past the Waima valley stream, dead . The Autopsy said he died of pneumonia . It appeared that even tho he was seriously ill , he went to work as usual . To not notice he was their among them ,was not uncommon as the surveyor often went ahead along way , some time, days , to try and find the best way for the road to go .The deceased was placed in a coffin and sent by sea , down the west coast, thro the Manakau harbour to the Onehunga wharves , where Ada, who had been told of his death was waiting .The deceased was transfered to the morgue at the " Waikaraka Cemetry " and then buried there at the same place . When " Ada Ellen Edmonds" my grandma, Died in 1947 - 41 years later -aged ( 76 ) she was buried along side her beloved husband - Arthur Milsom Edmonds - Can you imagine the task she set out to achieve . - their was no Social welfare in those days , Her whole life must have been a real struggle to rear her family and make ends meet.and still loved her husband to the very end . At the age of ( 70 ) when my father was in trouble , without hesitatation , she just moved in & reared us three . the children of her eldest son . Besides all the little things I can remember about her , now I have lived for quite awhile , & like all of us have experienced ,some of life's real problems , I can only admire & say " Grandma -- you really were one great woman ,and showed all of us " Edmonds " how to keep on going,when the going gets tough - -- Hope this uplifts somebody - regards - edmondsallan

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