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edmondsallan . OK lets get to know the wife of John Samuel Edmonds - "...

edmondsallan . OK lets get to know the wife of John Samuel Edmonds - " Mary Ann ( nee Strickland ) This is how " Verna Mossong " named and wrote about this person in the Family Reunion Book and said . daughter of William & Mary ( nee Andrews ) and she was born on the 21st of October 1804 . I have the proven details on file , handed down the line from our original to NZ ancester,John Samuel Edmonds to Samuel- his eldest Son - in the documents & Family papers inherited . They in turn were passed onto Arthur ( his 10th child ) who was chosen to carry on the family trust and what that entailed . Arthur in turn passed them onto his Eldest son < Howard Milsom Edmonds ( my father ) who on his death were passed on to me. Having established the genuine proof of the following , we need to correct the beginning of the the book , " John - A very suitable man for New zealand " compiled by " Verna Mossong " which was also distributed with additions by the committee at the
" Family Reunion " has been , researched incorrectly , wrong documentation was collated & and put together as the " Edmonds Family Reunion Book " Their are many parts that are not correct , they can be sorted another time, even some of the Maori past ancesters, who some think they were descendant from . We first need to correct the very beginning. so our start from our ancestral root will be strong, correct , and shared by all around the world . If researching they will have a sound base to work from .with mistaken documentation corrected . This why we must all enter for perusal any notations and if possible, proven . If Not Say so . !!!! By doing so , It makes all think and try to find the answer if we don't already have it somewhere .
The reason " Verna Mossong " did not give a very good desription of " Mary " was because she made a mistake in researching the the wrong name by accident . She gave the parents name as ' STICKLAND ' *** note the correct spelling ) --However , when compiling the actual record of John & Mary's family , her birth etc -their family - some how she went on with her research of a another family named *** note the spelling " STRICKLAND " WHO ALSO HAD A DAUGHTER . ' called MARY ANN- " WHO WAS BORN ON THE 21ST OF OCTOBER -1804 . HER PARENTS WERE NOT OF THE SAME NAME AS PRINTED , from the _ " LDS " records on " Ancestry . co " Many of their entries on their wonderful & huge website are inaccurate However, still great for a guide line < where to go , what date Etc. I don't know what all other Genealogists have found. The ones I know & trust for accuracy, reckon about 40 Percent is incorrect . May I respectfully suggest , by all means use " Ancestry " Website . Just be very careful you have the correct info . To assist us all to understand this mistake of which , if you have the book is not correct ( you need to correct the mistake - to as follows .
Our " Maryanne Stickland ( note the -e- on the end of Anne . Her given names, are not seperate , like that , that is normally printed . . Her correct given name is " Maryanne " ( - note the surname " Stickland ' came from an ancestry reared in the Dorsetshire - local political scene We can go back further , not a problem < however to save time we will go to one of her early ancesters - ' Christopher Stickland ' who in 1628 , built one of the few schools in Dorsetshire , appointed and paid for it all , plus a master ,who was instructed to carry out the following , I quote - " " To for ever train ,instruct , teach children good learning , true religion , and the fear of God " un quote . This is recorded in the UK archives the following is also
" Mayors of Dorsetshire "*** - Robert Stickland " 1784 to 1791.
George Stickland - 1814 - Charles Stickland - 1815 to 1836.
" Mary Anne Stickland " was the 12th child of " John Stickland- b - 2nd of Jun 1751 . Dorsetshire -m - 27th July 1772 - d -7th June 1813 age( 62 ) & Elizabeth ( nee Hancock )- b- 18th May 1752 Dorsetshire John's - father was Richard Stickling- b 1719 who in turn was the , was the 5th son of " Richard " -b- 1690 in Dorsetshire . uk & we can go back and back with this ancestory .
Maryanne Stickland - Eleven ( 11 )Brothers and sisters were as follows /
Thomas - b- 1773 // Sarah -b- 1775 // John -b- 1777 ( only lived 2 years ) buried 28th April 1779 - John - b- 6th Aug 1779 // George -b- 4th Feb- 1781 // Joseph -b- 23 Feb 1783 // William -b- 27th Mar 1784 ?/ Samuel -b- 24th June 1787 // Hannah -b- 10th Aug 1788 // Hester -b- 24th Aug 1789 // Ann ( note no (E)& in two seperate spellings ) -b- 28th Aug 1791 // and finally - the 12th child - " Maryanne Stickland " -b- 29th Dec 1792 in Swanage Dorsetshire , occupation - clothing mill worker -
and who married John Samuel Edmonds - 25th July 1822 ( 30 years of age ) John was definitely the son of William & Priscilla Edmonds- not John & Martha as printed in the _ reunion book. " Maryanne was older than John by ( 9 ) years when - Maryanne - died on the 9th Mar 1862 She was aged she was ( 70 ) years of age as her death certificate ( 989 )shows . I have deliberately left off ( 4 ) numbers for privacy reasons I realise this is a big shift to absorb and correct what many many of you may have on your computer , or you have passed on , Some may not see this major correction in Family Tree Circles on the net . If you have sent on imformation on the " Edmonds Ancestry from the Reunion book , compiled by Verna Mossong and the reunion committee ,or from somewhere else on the net about " John & Maryanne " and I have never doubted the reunion committee on doing their utmost to be correct ,may I respectfully suggest , some how - some way - try to correct the mistakes made ,. I realise how difficult this may be . However I feel that in doing so, we pass on to our Mokapunas . a wonderful , great , correct " Edmonds " ancestry record . -- till we meet again - regards edmondsallan

edmondsallan. hello to one & all. Although their is still much more to tell...

edmondsallan. hello to one & all. Although their is still much more to tell on " Arthur Milson Edmonds" and " Ada Ellen " his wife . I think it is time to introduce or partially introduce the two " Halves " of the " Edmonds Family Tree " to each other . WE seem to be in two Parts . The " Maori side " & the European ( Pakeha ) side . In doing so I feel anyone or everyone who wishes to do so on either side , could gain from this " Journal Meeting " of the " Family Tree Circles " . Excuse me for using the following colour terms . no insult intended . Imagine-If I am of strong maori descent bringing home my European ( born in NZ )lover ( male or female in either case ) home to meet my parents . One of the parents says to the newcomer , " What do you work at " I work on the rubbish waggon picking up your rubbish. thats how I met your daughter 3 years ago . " OR - a mother asks " how are your parents , dear , and where do they live ? " reply " they live in kaikohe, on the dole at the moment . they still catch a few silver belly eels, from the local creek , to help pay for the Kai " I think either side can now see the mental picture ,understands where I am now coming from .Most of the Maori Edmonds descendants( especially from Arthur & John Tucker) are getting to know their ancestral roots very well Thanks to the " Edmonds committee reunion " and the hard work they put in . The Book compiled by Verna Mossong also assisted greatly . If I asked the question to either side of this huge family world wide" what do you know about _ John Samuel Edmond's -- wife -- what was her maiden name .- and what do you know of her Ancestry , the whole of the whole family would answer " Mary Ann Strickland " & she was born on the 21st of October 1804 , Swanage Dorset. uk & her parents were William & . Mary Strickland. and nothing else .I don't think for the our family ancestry we have really had a good look into the beginning of our nz known roots. On the other Hand on our european side starting from John Edmonds & Mary Ann , they have not taken in the proud heritage, their first arrival in NZ , or even have any knowledge of " The Great Chief " Rahiri " of their maori relations . If I asked how did the Maori name " Edmonds " get started in NZ , I doubt if any of the cussies on the Pakeha side would have a ciue . If I asked the same Questions , they would answer the same thing yet have no further knowledge of John's wife .I think I have been Lucky to research both the Maori & European sides . Having stirred the pot to get every one to cross over a little and learn more about what this " Edmonds " family really consists of, Lower the barriers a bit if we can. I will take a break & then come back -- regards -- edmondsallan


edmondsallan - Hello to all - What have I been doing ? I ask myself , 1/2 the day gone . I did the journal on the" CD scam " that is trying to infect our website ,read the news - took the cat for a short work . yes I have a cat that just loves me to take her up the street ( about 5 houses up ) for a walk & Back - no lead . I'm thinking of coming back as a cat . this one is spoilt rotten . Stop your yapty yap-- edmonds allan & get on with the journal .
" Ada Ellen Edmonds " my grandma, who reared me from a baby , was one hell of a woman . By the way - please excuse this slight digretion - which is-- I was going to tell the story on Arthur in parts . When I re-looked at them , they really are seperate stories, so I will not put them as " Part one ( 1 ) etc . My grandma had a cure for everything . I never knew her to fail . I can well remember , in those grand days way back , that food was not as fresh as we get today . Every Friday night we got the same treatment after tea . She would hold my nose , & tip that -~~~ senna tea down my throat , & believe me folks it had the effect she wanted . The other great cure she had was " Iodine " Every skin ailment got a dose . After you jumped around for a good hour , She would say " I love seeing you get better so quickly "
" Arthur Milson Edmonds " was born in 1870 in Auckland , He was the tenth child of " Samuel John Edmonds " Eldest son of our original ancester - " John Samuel Edmonds " By the way readers - on many of official documents ( not all ) he only was known as
" John Edmonds "
" Arthur " having met the love of his life at her parents house , followed " Ada " to Te Aroha in the . Waikato. In those days it was thee town to be in with the crowd , not the sleepy lovely small town of today . " Ada " was a type setter for the " Te Aroha Times " Later on in her life , she became the head type setter in the NZ Herald.
When I was doing her Ancestry , I followed the ' Pedigree ', through the centuries ,plus the DNA, where her original ancestors surname was " Crosse " and back further into 1243 AD were her ancestor as born in Wigan - Lancashire -uk was called " Adam Del Crosse ," whose parents ancestors came via northern France , mid Rhine < Germany - thro' to a border canton in Switzeland, then back to the Hungarian plains . where they where Nomads In this short sentence we have just stated about 4.1/2 years of ancestral research . I found & followed the DNA , the name changed at the beginning of AD from that of the tribal leader . Arthur's wife ancestry is rich around the Lancashire area , She also is a direct relation to the " Del Crosse " Private Houses & estates.well known in the English ancestry circles . I don't suspose she ever knew any of her Wealthy Ancestry and it would not have effected her in any way at all . Their is much to tell about this great woman , including rowing to work & back to her Home , morning & evening ,across the Waitemata Harbour from Greenhithe to Auckland wharves . then walking the extra to the NZ Herald Building - Five ( 5 ) days a week , Hail , rain or sunshine . No mean feat for over 28 years . At the same time she reared Five ( 5 ) children successfully . So amazing was this Lovely simple person , it is recorded in the archives of NZ. " Arthur's wife -- Ada Ellen ( nee cross ) died in 1947 at the age of ( 76 ) from two massive strokes a week apart .When she died, the original " Horton Family " who owned the NZ Herald came & paid their respects . My grandma is buried in the - Waikaraka Cemetery , Onehunga, Auckland . I have all her burial details which I will not release, as I consider them to be very personal. Their are many more stories on Arthur Milsom Edmonds wife & their short life together - However thats another story or two
regards edmondsallan


edmondsallan- hi everyone .I think we may have some " greedy- all for me -money - money " on this great " F-R-E-E-!!! " Ancestral web site . This is not a witch hunt! . I just hate some people who take advantage of others who put in their Knowledge of their Ancestry , then certain types of get rich quickly- sifted thro" the imfo given freely to all in good faith, burn it onto a CD Disk & sell it to the, usually, " just started ancester researcher " For $ 65.00 cash or more . We have a couple of them on this great web site for all . They are also doing the same thing on another free web site , Maori.org. nz. Their proceedure goes like this. They reply to some innocent researcher's enquiry , saying contact me , I can give you all , some times even their cell phone No'. once they make contact they draw in the net to get $ 65.00 or more . In trying to be helpful to one & all who geniunely interested in their researching of the family tree. " BEWARE !!! " Have some patience . All that they are selling you is already on this free web site . If not someone who is genuine will answer your enquiry, if you give them time - or go thro the Large number of Journals . You need to put something genuine in to get something Genuine back . Don't fall for these costly CD's- Most would do you a Set of CD's for less than $ 15.00 if you need to do that just to recupperate the actual costs and are genuinely helpful . Some one like " diellis " _ on this free web site , who is constructing mostly , the" Maori Edmonds " can give you heaps of imfo .and their are many others who will genuinely assist anyone In my Journal on the 24/ 8/2010- to Maori Wahine , on copy write I Should of mentioned also that today 's copy write laws , auto matically take in all mechanical & electronic copying if money changes hands. the fines are very large these days . Some of you may think I am trying to run this free website . I can sincerely say . My only intention
is to keep this , one of the few great websites , free in this world , which has very high credentuals , and repected by many , including me , free of some of these scalpers, one in particular , who live in the geyser country & another two up in northland . Ok - I have said my piece & I hope it will encourage many more young researchers of all ages to put in what they know . Someone else will tell you the rest and it won't cost you $ 65.00 or more . Forgive me everyone for bringing this matter to attention . I hate rip off artists . -- regards - edmondsallan .

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edmondsallan- Hi to everyone . I am looking out the window at some miserable weather . A certain angel,who seems to have liked me a very long time , just refilled my cuppa, the cat is in her usual place ,warming the computer . what more could one ask .
Having put the John Samuel Edmonds death saga away to be filed , I thought we could look into another Edmonds, a few years closer to our time frame .and also has a mystery about him in our family records. Why have I suddenly brought this piece of ancestry up ?. I will tell you. . I am fortunate to own two ( 2 )computers . One is very old , with a huge amount of research / ancestral/ family / sea currents / wakapapa's / maori tribal Boundaries / and much , much more .I daren't get rid of it ,as I could not replace / remember / or transfer this valuable resource without causing some very big problems . The other is an up to date real workhorse. . I had both specially built to certain specs ( I better stop blowing my trumpet or you will all run away ) just warming up the hands . OK . now I'm ready -
On the old computer a was looking up info , & I came across some enquiries dated -- 16 / 8/ 2006 asking after " Ada Cross " wife of
" Arthur " If we go to our family tree , we have " Arthur's ' in every generation . When this enquiry asked after , " Ada Cross " with
" Arthur " my brain engaged some missing cog . and said I thought I had replied to that way back . On pressing a few more of "old faithful's " keys , I see I had not sent it off , or given it to Verna Mosoong,to go into the book . I apologize to the family for not doing so . I think we may have to do two ( 2 ) or three ( 3 ) journals on this subject as it goes right back Here is the first part .(
The enquiry was about " Arthur Milson Edmonds " & his wife . both were my grand -father & grandmother. in fact, " grandma reared me from when I was 18 months old to when I was 9 years old . We will start with " Arthur Milson Edmonds "
His occupation was an Architect& surveyor, One of his great works was assisting to survey the whole length of the great north highway ( now the ' No 1 Motorway 'from the central post office in Auckland to the far northern little town ship of " Tangoake " just past Te Kao in the far north from Kaitaia .He was originally an apprentice to a " William Henry Cross " who was born in Lancashire uk in 1841, became a certified architect in Uk then came to nz with his english born wife Louisa ( nee Duke ) born 1841 in Northhampton . uk . William Died in NZ 1930 - age 89 --Death /Reg ' No'-7804 & Louisa died in NZ -1925- Death /Reg No -2798
Ada Ellen Cross was the daughter of William & Louisa. ( ** Arthur married the Bosses daughter " )in 1889 AK > NZ. They had Five ( 5 )
children , HOWARD ( My father )- Gordon - Florence - Millicent -Phyllis. Both her Parents are buried in Waikumete cemetery. west Auckland. In the next Journal ( 2 ) I will cover the, story of his death,& burial, Etc which has also been a mystery . in the edmonds ancestry family records . till then - regards -edmondsallan

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edmondsallan - Are we all here ? Ok . lets get under way .& dip the pen in the ink & tell all the " Cussies " what really happened .

Samuel had his father's body & coffin were taken to his residence ,then to the undertaker , then back to Samuel's residence. The following date which was the 20th of July 1865 , a short service was held at Samuel John Edmonds ( eldest son ) residence . Those in attendance , including his second wife " Ellen " signed the memorial book . He was taken to the Symond Street Cemetery . In his will , John Samuel Edmonds , asked to be buried with his 1st wife , writing that he still loved her very deeply. One of the two very large burial plots , which Samuel had bought when his mother died 2 years before ,Lots- 1A 25 & 26 - for all the Edmonds to be buried in, was reopened & John Samuel Edmonds was buried on top of his first wife , " Maryanne ( nee Stickland ) This is the conclusion of where Our first ancester is buried . To day we know of 13 Edmonds or nee Edmonds that are buried in these 2 burial lots in the Symond Street Cemetery .Plus many more in Waikumete . AK . It was a common practice in those days as not everyone could afford to pay for a seperate burial plot .( Digital records available today do not disclose the the true story . In fact they are very brief & do not give the records behind the new death allocated numbers .) We do have some other documents that need to be explained. .Their were two death certificates issued . second one was issued in 1882. Remember me explaining these death records & dates for us to peruse ,this is why . They were both brought together and given a new reference no'/ reg ' no when the records were going digital. With the deepest of respect to those who assisted to compile the "Reunion book " ( I did not bring the matter up ,as it would have shown complete dis respect to the organizers. The time was not right or proper .) Some of the work Mrs Verna Mossong did & had put into the book " A good keen man " are wrong as you now know by reading these journals .They are Honest Mistakes !!! Although we supplied to " Verna Mossong " a great deal of the info she used to compile the book . Their was no way she could have known about what really happened to " John Samuel Edmonds " or the death certificates or their numbers ,unless I had given her the imformation . It was decided not to have some particular private papers published for all to read . Their are still other papers / documents etc' that are still being with-held from public scrutiny . I have previously mentioned the 5 books I have written of over 450 pages each . that will pass on to my children on the Edmonds Ancestry for safe keeping . It is expected they each will add their life's story , from beginning to end. Each book is well bound & designed to take a further 150 years of our " Edmonds Ancestry " Both Pakeha & Maori . I hope now , that anyone who is preparing or arranging another book on the rather large family ancestry of the " Edmonds " will be careful not to upset any part of the family , Maori or Pakeha . I hope any body reading these journals will not be offended . The records must be correct , especially the first ancestor to arrive in NZ and start this now huge family ,now known world wide, in the records of" Ancestry " I also hope that many family members will now know the truth of what became of " John Samuel Edmonds " Till we meet again , regards , edmondsallan


edmondsallan- I have had my morning cuppa , chockie Biscuit , am recharged , and hitting the key board again to complete this Journal - " John Samuel Edmonds -- Death record -- Part 2 "
Dear reader . ** Note the name of the Witness ** Louis C ( clifford ) Goffe , John's son in law married - husband of Sarah Gammond - nee Edmonds ,-Louis , had a store at Haruru Falls , Paihia and a very run down Hotel ." John " was staying with him for a few weeks. John was visiting them , when he collapsed & died suddenly . John Edmonds , he had mentioned the marriage problems he was having in his second Marriage to " Ellen " He needed to get away for a while from a baby who cried all night & day & the sharp tongue of Ellen . This why he went to stay with his daughter , without Ellen & 2 children ( the youngest being around 4 months old )They remained at the Edmonds Homestead , kerikeri
At this particular time & date , unloading cargo at Kerikeri , was one of his Eldest son's( Samuel John Edmonds ) small cargo coastal vessel , the " Sea Breeze "-- Louis C Goffe & the captain of the " Sea Breeze" Having got past the shock of his father in law's Sudden Death ( although his wife Sarah , knew he was seriously ill , from the carbuncle , but John would not go to the doctor ) - agreed to have the deceased prepared quickly , placed in a coffin , and return to Auckland as fast as possible. The crew unloaded other cargo due to go northward , took on board the deceased on the evening of the 16th of July 1865 at Kerikeri--( this is how the rumour got started , that he died & was buried somewhere in Kerikeri ) and sailed all night to Auckland . His Son , Samuel first heard of his father's death and that his coffin was on board his vessel, the " Sea Breeze " from the signal station at Northhead . Auckland on the morning of the 17th The ship finally docked at 10.20 am on the morning of the 17th of July 1865 after battling heavy winds and making tack after tack up the Hauraki Gulf & Waitemata harbour , during a local storm .The crew were exhausted. But they all stood in line with their captain as a mark of respect to their employer . " Samuel John Edmonds " who with the Official Death Registrar -" R L Boulton " came on board the " Sea Breeze " After viewing the deceased & certified by Samuel , that the body in the coffin , was his father ,- John Samuel Edmonds - The first death certificate was written out after the registrar read the witnesses note ( Louis C Goffe ) also signed in the prescence of a assistant store Keeper at Haruru & later on , the captain of the " Sea Breeze . I think we will have to start another journal. " Part 3 " coming up -- Patience !!- regards -- edmondsallan


edmondsallan--- Good morning to one & all of the Edmonds ancestry
The sun is up & like all of natures creatures , it is time to " Rise & shine " ( re the very old Edmonds cook book )
I thought this morning we should try and sort out , the rumours, no one knows where he is buried , he was buried secretly , and a host of other incorrect here say on " John Samuel Edmonds " Death & burial records . For all of us, as descendants of this " A Good Keen Man " and those who assisted to compile this re- union book , it is important to get the details of our first ancestor in NZ correct . Otherwise the rest of the book & our knowledge , may be classed , by others , as ---" Not a true account of the life of " John Samuel Edmonds " I will start at the beginning ( some of this imfo you may already know ) in the month before he died . ( As already explained in other journals )I have the copies of the original death certificates , their official Death regristrar Numbers . and other official documentation to surport this Journal and other notations . Having now cleared the way, so to speak, let us peruse the following , I think you may all find this journal very interesting .

John Edmonds ( John Samuel Edmonds )died in Haruru Falls , Northland , NZ July 15th 1865. His Official death Certificate No'( withheld for privacy reasons )states The following--- Occupation - Storeman -- Cause of death - Carbuncle - age - 65 - Where he died -- Louis Clifford's Home ( son-in-law ) witness to his Death -- Louis C . Goffe and his wife . This is the total written imformation on the first certificate . In my jounals issued . I did explain that before 1882 The lack of proper death information . We also need to note that the first death certificate was not issued with its number till the 17th of July 1865. when the body reached Auckland . NZ . To explain and tell the full story on " John Edmonds " death & burial is going to be to long for this Journal . I will call the next Journal " John Samuel Edmonds " death record - Part 2 . We have a very interesting story to tell. till then -- regards to all -- edmondsallan


edmondsallan . hello to all . The storm here is causing havoc & even the cats are snuggling close as I put this journal together. Good time to keep part of a promise I made to you. Having explained about death records etc' in the last two journals to assist us all to follow how rumors & mistakes can easily be made in ancestry workings . , I think it is time to put pen to paper & do the first Journal on some burial rumors of the Edmonds, Maori & Pakeha ancestry . However the Main thread, Main Character , in this journal & for all to understand,is John Samuel Edmonds . It may take two or three journals to get the real story out to you for your perusal .In doing so it is not my intention to sling off at anybody,or upset any one of our "extended edmonds family " .only to seek & tell the truth .
" OTAHUAO BURIAL RESERVE " This is the name of a little known burial ground on the South-east corner of the now Edmonds Ruins . The maori land court granted this piece of land to be used as a burial ground & appointed a maori family as trustees, which is still with that trust today The family who made the application many years ago and succeeded was the " Strongman " family . I believe , but have no proof ,told to me by a descendant still alive today .with paper work on this burial ground, that this particular " Strongman family " in this area were in dispute with their close whanau, & were not allowed at the time to bury their dead in their tribal burial grounds . I do not know the ins or outs of this story only what what i was told & which I believe may be true . This is how that burial ground got started . This descendant was the last to rent the annexe of the " Edmonds original home " after the fire in 1885-86. Perhaps we should look at the calender about this " Edmonds Home "
1841 Construction started , 1858 construction completed , 1885-86 house destroyed by fire , 1886 to the 1950's - " Edmonds Descendants " continued to live in the annexe to the house . I have the name of that married couple , and spoken to his wife who is still alive & as bright as button .I will not disclose this family's surname , to ensure their privacy . I will say that most of the knowledge they accumulated is already officially recorded . Her late husband kept records of what was happening in the area . So at last we have the genuine entries & documentation about the " Otahuao Burial reserve " Besides what the present trustees hold , from a family who has lived & is still living in that area . Their son has his fathers papers and when I spoke to him , he told me part of all that was documented by his late father & will research further papers to tell me all about this generally unknown Burial Reserve . What i have been told & have now proven as correct is as follows .
The first burial in this " Otahuao Burial Reserve " was _ Davis Andrew Strongman - born 1845 - died 1872 , He was the husband of Matilda Edmonds , 6th child of John & Maryanne edmonds ( our original Ancester )*** Keep this date in mind for the next journal . Why should we remember it ? Because " John Samuel EdMonds " died on the 15th of July 1865 . Therefore he could not be & isn't buried there. Fake Truth & rumor says he was . You can now see he wasn't & which will be proved beyond any doubt . Their are approximately twenty( 20 )people buried there .including children . Their are other Strongman"s -- Cook's -- Crowley's. I have in hand some of their details . Hopefully further details will be sent on to me very soon, as mentioned previously. This is also why you need to refer to the dates on the burial laws . you can now see that they did not have to file anything offically & did not , Later,a record allocation was done . In case some of you are still wondering , their is no one buried in the " Edmonds" home grounds That particular enquiry was investigated by official authorites in 1975. Their is another smaller ground alongside the " Otahuao " burial reserve . This where the " percenta " ( after birth)from children of the whanau were buried . Their are some edmonds buried there , at a far later date , believed to be of the maori ancestry . The decendant told me they were children. This particular documentation is still being investigated & researched from previous mentioned. I hope this journal clears the clouds away from an un proven rumor and some times put into print. To Finish off - Once again < I repeat " John Samuel Edmonds " is not buried at the " Otahuao Burial Reserve " at Kerikeri . Northland NZ.. Till next we meet - keep digging , ask Questions on anything that passes thro your hands , -- Regards to all -edmondsallan


edmondsallan - hi to all . I am sensing that many kiwis of all races may be experiencing some difficulties in finding the very old or the very latest records on our Birth, - Marriage - deaths in new zealand . To do so or to know how to proceed to find these records we need to understand the Offical system still in use I hope this will assist one and all
In NZ all records officially held by the NZ Government Internal affairs have certain conditions applied to them .which you will not be able to break thro' They are the following
From the daily date - day- month- year--- you cannot aquire the any official record = Births - 100 years ( example - 2010 -100yrs = 1910
Marriages- 80 "
Deaths - 50 "

At this point I think we also need to have knowledge on some of the
" ACT's " Passed & their approximate dates . Their is to many to publish in this journal , so we will go just cover the "Official Acts" on Deaths. Before this 1882 many records were held by the church in their records . Usually it was just the date of death, where they were born , age , & sometimes the parents , From 1882 they recorded the name of the deceased ,- where he died , doctor in attendance , Birth date , marriage date , either spouses name , parents name , Funeral director , Oficial assignee & sometimes ( APPROX ' 80 PERCENT ) not always -- where they are buried , lot numbers etc , Many official recordings of unregistered deaths were added in 1895 and many more in 1908
1 st cemetery act = 1882 Had to be recorded on the official govt'
death certificate & registered with the Govt'
1895 The running , maintaining , recording in detail any deaths &
burials in NZ of any individual regardless of Race
1908 Death certificate numbers issued to all known deaths official
or otherwise before 1882 in NZ Regardless of Race
1964 A tidy up of all the Acts -including official permission to
open graves at cemeteries if necessary

Their is no doubt some slipped thro the offical records before 1882 . It is believed to be less than 200 for the whole of NZ all races regardless. They were mainly in the years from 1828 to 1840. We also in those very early years of NZ have some very visionary people who wanted & did record many Births , Marriages , deaths and a host of other historical documentatation . One of the Greatest of these early nz collections held in our National library is the
" Turnbull Collection " All tho' not available to many , except a very small amount on the net . I have had the rare permision & pleasure of researching the total collection many years ago plus other Genealogists & historians recorded works & documents & drawings . while researching the Original 18 families in NZ .
When some of you are stuck in trying to seek imfo on those earlier years in our NZ ancestry & nothing is showing up , remember the dates supplied on what has been recorded It will save you many a grey hair . I deem myself to be very fortunate indeed in being allowed to research those very early records & with what Samuel John Edmonds passed on down in trust has allowed me to see nearly all of the NZ Edmonds Ancestry plus way back into BC . Finally , Enjoy the research you are doing . Don't be afraid to jump the " Genealogy Gap" which quite often turns up . Jump a 100 years or so either side or less or more just as your instinct tells you , when you get that tiny inkling of a clue - Hunt it down to the finish !!! Shake it like the terrier shakes a rat when it catches it , you could get the info you seek .
ok -- time for a cuppa . Good hunting - regards -edmondsallan