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edmondsallan . hello to all . what a lousy morning with the wind & rain
The title of this journal should make many of our Edmonds ancestry line, jump out of their chairs to grab pen & paper . I have in hand, in my personal folder to go with the " Edmonds " documents, for safe keeping to be handed on,the following ." wait for the punch line -- we must have patience in this ancestry work !!!!! ". they are all " officially " documented , proven beyond doubt . These documents cover fully , including - John Samuel Edmonds - and the very first known " edmonds" or related to --- to be buried in NZ . the years are from 1862 to 1960 . at this stage . they all of the known officially registered of Maori & pakeha of all ages to be buried in NZ, in all cemeteries & burial grounds Including a very little Known one " OTAHUAO BURIAL RESERVE " on the south-east corner of the " edmonds ruins,Edmonds rd , kerikeri" (** are you their DI-Ellis , this could assist your records , you might need to alter some of them ** ) In total,in " Edmonds name only" their are 396- from 1862 to 1960. death records , 94 percent. Their is everything including,date of death , when & where they are buried . Each individual has an official Registered Govt' number issued, which you can all purchase of each individual burial record you want, from Wellington . For our personal " Edmonds records " I have been able to see & record all. The very first person in our ancestry line with official records ,was " Mary Anne Edmonds - Reg/no' 1862/989. The first related to an Edmonds , was " Matilda Edmonds " ( 6th child of John samuel Edmonds if you include his adopted son,)Husband -- DA Strongman -
Reg/ No'-1872/2799. As you can all imagine, their is just to many entries to put all this imformation into journals for you all to peruse . however I will write another journal in the short future , correcting all the supposed records of where, how & when John Samuel Edmonds died . Including, in your reunion book a sentence by Verna Moosong - that this gentleman's death records / burial etc is unknown. I will supply the govt official records & numbers . Last words of this Journal
" Don't believe that John Samuel Edmonds was among the 3 graves in the " Otahuao burial reserve or his own property " I know who they are & I will give you their correct details at a later date . Ok I reckon thats enough to consume on this . damn rainy dull day , Good hunting, shake the rubbish well - you never know what may drop out - regards to all - edmondsallan

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edmondsallan -- good morning to all. In reading thro the journals , I see their is a lack of imfo on George Edward Budlong who married Jane Elizabeth Edmonds. Their is also a story that goes with the imfo . Samuel john Edmonds was not to trusting of George E Budlong as he was a seaman off a whaler as already told. This future brother in law actually jumped Ship because , as he said , cruel treatment . The
" giant Tane Mahuta " Reckoned Jane could physically take care of any male if came to a fight as he could remember his father spanking her for knocking " Arthur to the ground " knocked out 2 of his teeth , when he he played a harsh joke on her . Apparently so the story goes , Jane did not have a sense of humour ,even if " Arthur " was far older at the time. 2 years after Jane settled down to married life , Samuel wanted to make sure she was ok . He packed a shipping trunk of goodies .He paid for one of his most trusted employees to travel to New Bedford ,America on the pretext that he would was trying to start an importing / export business there . The other instructions he gave to his personal representative , was to deliver the rather large trunk, speak to her & make sure she was ok . Another instruction he had was to find a good solicitor & pay him with the monies provided to look into George Budlongs Family and see they were reputable . He expected him to return & report to him personally ,within 12 months Besides developing business contacts, & other personal observation of Jane etc . His trusted employee returned passing over the records he had accumulated on the Budlong family ancestry History . This is it as follows .. The original ancestor of George Edward Budlong was a Francis Budlong ,. This was not his real name . He was Francois Boulogne b 1641 With a nickname of "Jaques " among his fellow soldiers he escaped with . He was also distanly related to " Eustace" Count of Bologne.France. He married Rebecca Lippitt. Both were murdered on their farm in Indian attack even though he had been warned to retire to the fort well before He did leave his children their before they returned to their farm . Here is that family tree starting with Francis Budlong ---
Son - John Budlong b 1672 m -Isobel Potter - d - 1744
son John Budlong Junior- b 1698 - m - Renew Moon _ d -1763
son - James Budlong -b 1750 -m -MaryDavis-1772- d 1832
son -Charles Remington Budlong-b-1790-m-Elizabeth(nee taylor )
son George Edward Budlong b-1836 Etc '
*** note their were other children all the way and other imfo which I have not entered into this journal . Some I feel belong to our personal papers ok Time to go . hope somebody will be able to use this info -regards edmondsallan


emondsallan , hello to all . I wonder if some of you ever questioned, why most of the early maori landings in New Zealand from Hawaiki , always landed on the West coast of NZ & not the East coast . I certainly did . When doing my research on this I found their was documents in The Turkish National Archives in Instanbul, relating to many sea voyages made by many peoples of our earlier world . They seem to have specialised in ocean currents & who used them ( Besides that on NZ I recommend to you peruse their documentation on the chinese fleets of around 1247 )Not all of the following was from their . In making a study of the ocean currents ,along with the ancestry , I found out how important the knowledge became in the settlement of our world . Their are many stories on the likes of " Maui "& " Kupe " Many maori elders can tell you the way they navigated with stars. the birds , the feel by hand of the ocean flows , and the movement of the clouds for wind direction . For all of this knowledge , they still landed on the west coast. Before 960 AD Their was at least four ( 4 ) discovery voyages & return , carved on those very historical walking sticks handed on, and by chanting & story telling . I believe that " Tino-o-Maruiwi" commander of the " Kahutara " had knowledge past onto him from other great Maori Navigators , who had been to " Aoteoroa " & returned to their homeland . In 925 AD the 3 canoes of this fleet under " Maruiwi " made land fall at Taranaki . Was this by good luck . I don't think so . Then why Taranaki. I firmly believe , he knew of the wind & currents that headed south down the coast Eastern Australia far out in the Tasman The interesting thing is, that as this current sweeps South west from the northern Pacific ocean with the wind right down to Tasmania it then does a sweeping direction below 40 '( degrees ) to nearly , 50'D then sweeps north out in the deep ,out from Hokitika , Sth Island heading North. This is not the end of this currents flow . It actually breaks up into three, at sea ,out from Taranaki just over 600 kilometres out . One of the three break up prongs actually keeps going to just outside the Hauraki Gulf I also believe that when " Toi " & his crew of Sixty ( 60 )sailed & landed in Tamaki . Ak NZ in 1150 Ad , they had knowledge of these currents. When the Maori canoe " Mahuhu " left the Kaipara , his crew is believed to have rowed north close to the West coast before rounding North cape . Their they caught the warm current, that flows across the the south pacific from " Ecquador " South America, that travells down our east coast . This how the Bay of Islands, Home of the paramount tribe " Ngapuhi " was started way back in those ancestral days . No matter where we start , or what great maori navigator we take . on the early arrival of our maori canoes & ancestors, they follow the same Maori Navigational Map . Later on some did sail down to the west coast of the South Island . That is another story . regards - edmondsallan


edmondsallan . hi everyone . The title of this journal made me think about how serious we can get doing this ancestry work . I thought I would add some -- Myth or Truth ? -- to clear a few cob webs from our over worked grey matter. When he met this chief ," Muru -Paenga " who was a descendant of the first maori's in the Kaipara he noticed 2 of his Mokapunas had " Red hair ". He laughed. when we sat down to eat & talk . and he said to him ." all his other children had beautiful black hair, where these two with red hair, adopted ?. " He explained , that some of his ancestors way back , lived in the Waitakere ranges , were called the " Patupaiarehe" the Fairy race & could only be seen by people gifted with second sight . they had been blessed by the gods & had -" hereitary powers" from the old -Patupaiarehe" from Hawaiki . He believed they inherited these powers from -- Tumutumuwhenua & his wife Kui -- One day , their mokapuna , with reddish hair , will be great among other's "__ end of Quotation . Samuels inquistive mind , couldn't let it go , so he asked about the legendary " Kui " the wife of " Tumutumuwhena " He was told that she brought the gourd & the taro to Ruawai . She could also appear suddenly at any gathering and could travel under ground . Only those with the gift, could see her . I am undecided that this is correct I must admitt ,this has now made me curious . So please excuse me if I ask someone out their - of Maori descent and has a mokapuna with red hair " do they have magical powers & second sight ? " or is this a maori legend/ Myth - handed down ?.

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edmondsallan- good morning all . Some of you have a copy of the " Edmonds " book from the Edmonds Family Reunion. Their was 1/2 a dozen pages on Samuel , eldest son of our original Ancester John . Many, many others are only interested in the - Maori descent . May I respectfully suggest to them & all who are following the Edmonds ancestry. Study " Samuel ". He was a key player to all his family , brothers & sisters . He lent & gave them all at different times ,large sums of monies to keep them & their families in business & with so many children, could not surport themselves in hard times . Their was no social welfare in those days As one of his direct decendants, their is much more to " Samuel John Edmonds " also known in Auckland & Northland Maori tribes as " Tane Mahuta" a God among men & forest ( english translation ) Let us take a. look at this person & see why he was so respected by all.Most of the next imfo comes from his personal documents handed down. Samuel was 6 ft 6 in' tall . he weighed in at just over 16 stone ( in Hard gum digging physical condition ) He was 58 inches across the chest .The palms of his hands. were 6 inches across . When he shook peoples hand they indeed felt they were shaking hands with a Giant . He was indeed " A giant among his fellow men in physical statue ". No wonder he was called by the Maori people " Tane Mahuta " just like his brothers " Arthur , Alfred & John Tucker he could speak fluent Maori.In buying land near the seashore of both coasts of NZ to make wharves etc for his coastal shipping . He dealt personally with the different maori Chiefs & received many gifts of friendship from them .Many may know of his shipping interests of some 25 coastal cargo vessels. Here are more of his private investments . He was also financial director of the first Maori Newspaper to be published in Maori in 1883 , The " Korimako " He was a major shareholder in the following Gold mines in Coromandel, " Marquis of Hastings "- " Full Moon "- " Silver Crown " - The Colleen Bawn " & the " Junction Gold mine " He owned Land & buildings in Queen street Auckland & remember the harbour came up to nearly their at that time ( It was where -246 - is built today ) He was a partner in the Auckland Flour mill , up by symonds & karangehape Rds , Not only was he Customs Licensed .Agent appointed by the Crown . he also was an exporter & importer from overseas. He asisted to finance schools for Maori & pakeha in the north And sometimes had the 2 room small schools built & paid for, from his financial empire that he built .He regularly assisted his bothers to survive Financially . Other times it was for food - stores when they had nothing or were in bad shape . Many of the " maori Edmonds families would not be here today without the assistance he gave . He was a religious man & St Mathews in Auckland owe much to him in those olden days . He & his wife were Known thro out Nz for their Musical & invitation parties . the Govenor of Nz attended , many times as well as many of the many financial Gentry . In fact , I can see he used these parties to gain for his business he was developing He owned a 2 storey house in Nelson st / Victoria st . Today it is the Post office Sorting OfFice. Land value today is over 2 million . Yes he became a wealthy man. He was also very humble . He never forgot his upbringing , his sister & brothers , his many maori & pakeha friends . when he died he left some of his wealth to his children . He bequeathed the greater part of his fortune to assist many uneducated children & people of both races in Auckland & northland His great love of northland , & how he missed it, how the maori people surported his father , mother & family , when they had little food or monies . He always remembered how much he owed & his family to their generosity in hard times . He endeavoured to repay those who he remembered and indeed he did ,which is not well known among the
" Greater Edmonds Family " When we look at this man - At 16 years he was gum digging and building his fathers mission house ., long hard physical work .within 16 years he had built a substantial strong financial business empire. By age 45 he was assisting his fellow man in many ways ". where ever he made contact - Maori & pakeha .This why I respectfully suggest , when you are remembering your " Edmonds Family Tree " Maori or Pakeha - don't forget " Samuel John Edmonds" who assisted our ancestral family tree to survive many times .He was indeed a " Tane Mahuta " a giant kauri --.among his fellow man .

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edmondsallan- hello to every one . In the previous Journal on the " Kerr ancestory " re- 5,000 -- 2,009 AD we covered the " First " years in the early Kerr ancestory . This Journal is in general on the Middle part of their Ancestory. Before we get underway , we need to mention a characteristic that has flowed in over 90% of the Kerrs with part of the original Gene still in their bodies today . They are usually left -handed , or can use either arm / hands etc' as easy as we use one . The following poem was writtten by the " Lord " general who's army's ,fought the " Kerr's " at the battle of " Flodden Field " in 1513 AD


From " John Kerr - Hunter of Stobo " who now has a huge land grant from " De Bruys "a relation of King Bruce of Scotland ,we move onto " Sir Ralph Kerr a grandson of the original ancestor " John Kerr" We can see he was already ' Knighted " To save a lot of detail which I have & are proven documents ( available on the Net ) we follow the following

Ralph had two (2 ) sons
Eldest - Sir Thomas Kerr- m - 1st Catherine Colville-
Children - Margaret who m- - Thomas Kerr - son of Andrew Kerr
( 2nd son of Ralph's)they had a son " Sir Andrew Kerr of Ferniehiest"
He married a Janet Home ( daughter of Lord Home - advisor to the
Royal Family )
They had three (3 ) sons -Thomas (d- 1524)Sir John ( eldest -d-1562
and " Robert of Ancram " who married " Isabel Home) related to Lord Home .Thomas & Sir John's famillies both within a 150 years died off with no following ancestors.The Surviving family was " Robert of Ancram." the following is that line of Descendancy

William Kerr( d-1590) m- Margaret Kerr ( his cousin )
eldest son - Robert _ 1st Earl of Ancram (d-1654 )ist m Elizabeth Murray- 2nd M - Anne . He had eight ( 8 ) children with Elizabeth & one (1 ) with Anne - his name was" Charles" By his 1st marriage are as follows
William - 3rd Earl of Lothian - d 1675- m- Lady Anne- Countess of Lothian their eldest son was
Robert - 1st Marquis of Lothian - d 1703 . the next five ( 5 )eldest Descending sons were called - William and numbered 2nd , 3rd ,4th, 5th ,6th ,
Marquis of Lothian . the Last was called John 7th Marquis of Lothian. From these in Line descendants all the ancestory and surviving " Kerrs " around the world come from . The descendants who went to Ireland , Australia , and New Zealand were from "Robert 1st marquis of Lothian" who -m- Lady Jane Campbell From this point forward they are all easily traceable if any one wishes to do so. I have up to 2009 documentation details on nearly all the world's " Kerr " Families .
Today the " Floors Castle ( a beautiful huge ancestral home of the 'Kerrs " ) with over 22,000 acres of land including villages etc is occuppied by the "Duke & Duchess of Roxburgh " Roxburgh is the county which in the clan map of a' Scotland ' is known and called ' Kerrs " county . The Duke & Duchess are of the " Kerr descent ". Of interest " Stobo Castle" is stiil well kept & occuppied .
It took over 5 years to gather & prove them . Their is more about these " Kerrs " that I compiled, & printed & bound . This Book I gave to my new son in law " a " Kerr" as it is the only one of its kind and is from many proven documents from 5,000 BC till 2009 AD in time it will become very valuable because of its Rarity . time for me to go - Edmondsallan


edmondsallan Hello / good morning / salutations to everyone . I have been doing some research plus looking thro some of the "Edmonds" books /documents etc' . The descendants of John Samuel Edmonds owe much to the forward future thinking of John's eldest son " Samuel John Edmonds " As well as becoming a high roller & very very wealthy gentleman with huge investments in shipping ( on both coasts = 26 vessels )major shareholder in two Coromandel gold fields , property owner he was also a partner of Charles Davis in many other companies including the Auckland Flour mill How he achieved all this is quite a story He was reared in a very poor family . & for many years his father ( John )had no monies or assests of any kind . It was Samuel & Arthur , as youths finished the family home . Samuel also lent monies to his brothers , Especially Arthur & William , quite large sums , to get started as he climbed the golden ladder . He also kept on researching his known world . To his memory in Book 1,
"THE EDMONDS FAMILY TREE - 0946 AD to 2005 AD " with its " red soft leather coverings & gold lettering & edges .of over 450 pages , which I compiled,after much research I have in the 3rd page added a "LAMENT " his far reaching forward thinking . It is humorous & I thought I would share it with you in this journal . I hope you may all enjoy it .
I started out camly , tracing my family tree
To find , if I could , the making of me
And all that I had was great granfather's name
Not knowing his wife or from where they came
I chased him across along line of states
And came up with pages and pages of dates
When all put together, it made me forlorn
I'd proved that poor grandad had never been born
One day , I was sure the truth I had found
Determined to turn this whole thing upside down
I looked up the record of Uncle John
But then found the old man was as young as his son
Then , when my hopes were fast growing dim
I came across records that must have been him
But the facts I collected , made me quite sad
Dear old grandad was never a dad
I think maybe someone is pulling my leg
I'm not all sure , I wasn't hatched from an egg
After hunreds of dollars I have spent on my tree
I cannot help but wonder , if I'm really me

When you hit a snag in your research of our " Edmonds " family
and you are ready to smash the computer to pieces , read this
lament . It could help -- regards to all edmondsallan


edmondsallan - hello everyone . I found among our Edmonds documents some other maori descendant charting . On the previous ' Maori " chart I did only " Ngapuhi" This time we will link or bring together through our common ancester " Rahiri" the Ngapuhi & Ngatimanu sub tribe . ---- Rahiri == Ahua-iti ( 1st wife )
Uenuku- kuare -------- Kare- ariki ( f )
Uewhati ---------Pikl-ao( f ) Hauhaua------- Toro-ngare
Hine-a-maru ------Te Koperu
Pera -------Tau- rere
Wai-pihanga-rangi -----Wae-kamania
Rae-wera ------------------------------Moe-ahu--Whare-rua
Te-Uwhinga-- Tau-ere Te Tawai - Huna
Te -Huru - Hau-tai Te Ruki Kawiti
Te Arahi - Pataea
Te whare-umu ( ( King George , or Shulitea

I see I still have some other old charts here in this section . I need to have a look & see what they are . Hope this particular chart assists someone - regards to all edmondsallan

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edmondsallan - hello to all . Some of you who are following the " Family Tree " back into early A.D's or B.C " may find it difficult to believe you can trace most families , but in general not any individual, unless he was a leader / chief / royalty / etc'. Today's up to date genealogy reseacher can now track down at least seven ( 7 )major DNA's which go back in age to over 80,000 years ago . I can sense the doubt you may have , perhaps we should do an exercise ln
" Finding the needle in the haystack " First of all all males have the Y- chromosome . The major ones ( 7 ) have had a number ( coding ) given to them This has also enabled Gene-- alogists ( note how the word is made up -- " Gene " alogists " to identify the time & place they were at from their bone skeletons From before 80,000 yrs ago to the present day . Naturally over time the Gene structures of all humans changes slightly when another is born because we now have the Father's gene's & the mother's gene's combined . To aid their research into a standard copy chart , all genes within humans have been given a letter , . This has been added to the original gene that has come through the past 80,000 years in every human ever born . I personally think that is a a miracle that has been achieved . I also now admire " Mother Nature" on being able to produce such a make up in every human . Let us imagine I want to have a rough idea / or a correct idea of were my ancestors might have come from many years ago . Let us ask the Questions . My ancestors were spanish in 840 AD or 10,000 Bc . The major Gene's number in general in those times is " R1b1b2a1b " they arrived in Spain 50,000 years ago via the plains of Hungary via Russian steppe plains via across the Black sea via Turkey, Middle East via Egypt from Central Africa . Of course each stages of these human movement across the world have a part of the ( 7 ) major human gene . all numbered . We are not talking about the individual total gene structure, only of the inherited major part of the original gene . What do we have now to follow or to assist our ancient ancestory research -- It is a map of the whole world where a human was -- with genetic make up in a well documented time frame in a certain part of the world . We can now research for that change of name etc ' As an example also -- Australia was inhabited ( along with its numbered gene structure ) 70,000 years ago . That was way ahead of the Americas which was inhabited ( Gentic Gene N0's only 16,000 years ago . You are probably saying at this point how will this assist my up to date ancestor research ? It will only assist you if you wanted to go all the way . From Now to the very beginning , thousands of years ago In some of my own research I was able to find , even with the name changes , thro the DNA in humans all the way back to Palestine Middle East So what , some of you might say . Well in this particular research .This family today , Live in Christchurch . Nz they were Scotish who came from Angus county in Scotland from the Vikings on the west coast of Norway ,
( Stavanger ) via Denmark via France via Switzerland via Hungary via Southern Russia via Turkey from Palestine and they were originally of Jewish heritage I have deliberatley left out the finer details . This has all come about by learning , researching / the worlds genetic structure . Finally all of this is correct . And as a finishing bit of fun . I was able to show these real accented Scotch speaking people --- Wait for the punch line "" They were Scotch - Jews " think about it ! give the researching of the Human DNA ago -regards to all - edmondsallan

THE KERR ANCESTORY . - 5000 BC --- 2000 AD

edmondsllan -- hello to all Kerr Researchers - I have just finished the " Kerr " ancestory ( if any genealogy ever gets Finished )It has taken 4 to 5 hours a day , 5 days a week , for over 5 years The reason was my daughter was marrying a "Kerr " in NZ & I wanted to give her husband a book that in time would become " Rare " & the only one of its kind . They are now married , and they have their " Ancestral Book " of over 260 pages . I have said all this, so anyone researching knows where I am coming from . To tell all would take many many Journals . In this Journal I will give a general Ancestory History Even at this stage I can anticipate the doubts, when you see the dates of research 5000 BC to 2009 AD I have proven 98 % of the following . Ok -- enough of the blarney and start . Proven by DNA - The name of " Kerr" as we know it today is one of the few names that survived over the centuries , even if it has had some spelling changes . dear researchers , you may need to read the next info slowly . It will be as a brief . and very condensed .I do have the finer details in hand . *** The original name of " Kerr" way back at the beginning was " Kjars " from near " Jordan " middle east They were of the " Jewish Faith" They joined up with a massive tribe made up of 5 other tribes across the " Black sea" and gathered on the " Russian Steppes " They then travelled to the " Hungarian Plains "as one huge " Nomad ' tribe. We are talking in a time frame of centuries. Their DNA then shows they split up as one large tribe . 3 seperate ( Y- DNA's ( tribes travelled towards & into " Switzeland ) one Y-DNA ( Tribe ) went deep into " Russia " Northward .Another went down towards the " Mediterranean " Another trbe made up of mostly their forward scouts & armed mounted horsemen went towards the Baltic , was known as " Prussia "now Eastern Germany .This Particular Tribe & followers in general Became the " Mounted Samartians " and also employed by the "Romans " The " Kjars name " was now " Kjiers " some kept their old spelling ( still all had part of the Y- DNA ) The originaters of the ( ' Kerr " )name went to 'Denmark ' and settled for a while . They then got offside with the king of Denmark of that time and fought them & then kicked them out of 'Denmark ' This particular small tribal band who had followed a particular Tribal Leader , changed their name to the same as their leader " Kjers "
In their home made sea going ships sailed up the Danish Peninsular up towards 'Sweden' around to the West coast Of Norway to a sea port of " Stavanger " Here they farmed for many years . In time they came under the leadership Of the great viking chief named " Rollo " His second in command was his Brother " Odo " . they also had part of the original DNA. These two fellas Loved nothing better than a good fight, followed by wine , women & song . They had sailed to " Scotland & back " Many times . We are still in the time frame of ( BC ) In 911 BC they set off to invade "scotland " again Their are two major sea currents . The deepest one flows out of Baltic sea straight across to the " Firth of Scotland ' turns north , across the top of 'Scotland " past the northern top of ' Ireland " and on towards America . The other is a warm current , wide but not very deep comes down the west coast flows over towards 'France " down past the west coast of Spain to the " Azores " and over to South America In 911 BC " Rollo " with his brother & several Long boats , headed to ' Scotland via the Norwegian current going South East . ttying to catch the deeper current going to Scotland so they could plunder . Some how ( they missed the current going towards Scotland and stayed in the warmer current going to France . In 911 BC. they finally Landed in Cherbourgh ,France and many of them stayed Changing the history of the world . They Named their captured lands " Brittany " This Tribe which by now was very large ( still with the ancestral DNA ) captured Normandie . " Rollo" married the King of France's daughter " Gusille " William the conquerer " was a descendant of " Rollo" the Viking chief .The name " Kjer " was still about and most of them worked for a " Lord De Bruys " the owner of huge Estates & a decendant of " ODO " ( Rollo's Brother ) " De Bruys was also closely related to " Bruce , King of Scotland " through Marriage When Robert Bruce asked for assistance to fight the English , " De Bruys " Gathered some 3,000 soldiers and workers, including our eventual Kerr ancestor and went to 'Preston " England near the English West coast . This " Lord De Bruys " was very keen on eating well . One of his followers , who was one of the best Hunters on His estates & provided the lord with great food was a " Kerr " but still spelt " Kjer" while in England & hunting for the " De Bruys " Table . he was given the name of " John - Great hunter of an area named " Stobo " When the fighting was nearly over " Bruce < King of Scotland " Rewarded the ' De Bruys ' with huge estates the east coast of Scotland on the border of England . " De Bruys " was became angry with the hunter / supplier to his personal Table . He was also caught stealing from the Ladder , He was hung & his body left to hang for over a month as a warning to others . He then sent for " John - Hunter of Stobo " He granted John a very big property, a part of his Scotish Estates . and ' John , changed his name from " John Kjers _ Hunter of Stobo " to " John Ker " . This :
' John Ker " was the very first person to be named " Ker " in the all the now known as United Kingdoms of Britian Between 1190 AD & 1300 AD this family became Marquises of " the now well known
" Fernhirst Castle , Powerful and rich and owned huge estates . . This was the start of the " Kerrs " with the same line of DNA who now inhabit the world under the Kerr Name All ancestory of this name finishes at this proven , well Documented Ancestral Place . Their is a lot more to tell But this Journal is getting to long . I have the rest of the story in detail and proven for the Time being - Regards too all -- edmondsallan