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edmondsallan - In my research folder's I see I have some imfo on
" William Cook " The following notations I see I have attached to this notation many years ago. Some parts " unproven as yet " dated 16th of May 1983. Ok lets see what we have . " William Cook " ( 1790-1874 ) married Tiraha Taura in 1848 Tiraha was related to was related to some very high ranking Maori chiefs . Tamati Waka Hene was one of them
Both graves are at the _ Russell Church cemetery . With her name is (- 1808 -- 1885 ) *** Researches Note *** >>> the following is uncollated imfo <<< They had 12 children - Eldest son " George Cook " 1825 -1870 m Matila Hannah ( nee Fawkes )another son -Albert Edward Cook ( 1863-1930 )married a "Liaise Mafi Ma'ake " A tongan I also traced a " Christopher Cook "( still alive in San Francisco ) son of Albert Cook , son of George Cook, who was another of William's Cook Sons . *** A late note says > " they were holding a reunion in San Francisco in Oct 2008 < " Email address 'crekcr @ yahoo.com ' William cook was also called " Kuku " From the land court - claim No' 127 ( I do not have a copy ) only notation In the claim - of 1840 - William claimed he had been a resident & working around the bay . Repairing vessels . and he was living at Orare point on the North side of the Waikare Inlet . He was claiming 40 acres where resided & a further 200 acres at Pahiko Some other notes refer to his personal abilities . Apparently he was an excellent " Ships Carpenter - large chested & very strong . In fact he was known for his strength and what others had seen him do in his work Their is " Whakapapa Chart " around the " Poutu's " Northland, somewhere . I have heard about it , but never followed it up . Their is some other bits & pieces . Hope this assists someone - Regards edmondsallan


edmondsallan To anyone reseaching the " Calkin " Ancestory especially " diellis " this website -- From my family files -- may be helpful This is a world wide list of the " CalkinS " and many are in new zealand If you click on the name, each profile comes up. I found it very useful Go to -- www.calkin.co.uk/calkinroot.html --- regards to all edmondsallan


edmondsallan ---In reading the " Family Circle Journals " I see a couple of enquires on " Ruben The Rover " well I went through quite a few documents to see what we might have . We have some that are proven & some that are not . He apparently did keep in touch on & off with two of his brothers & one sister . They were " Samuel "- Joseph -- & Jane - his younger sister In bringing together info' of all three . their is a lot of gaps in time Their is nothing continuous. This time readers you will have to forgive me if nothing seems to make sense / nothing in some years / a broken story of a persons life if their ever was one'
" Ruben " was nick named the " Rover " and he certainly was. He tried many things . worked in many many places both here in NZ and Australia. He was also a fluent maori speaker . Jane once said he was better than Alfred ? After he left Kaikohe , he worked at odd jobs in Auckland . Samuel says he was working for him , & then came to him one day ,out of the blue , and said he was catching a boat to Dunedin and going to have a go at gold mining at " Gabriels Gully , Otago . He was 26 at that time in 1863.. He wrote to " Jane at christmas time - two years later . saying he was now in Roxburgh & Alexander still mining ., was in good health & had made a little money .Nothing more . wrote to Joseph , a note saying he was in Australia at Ballaratt , victoria Digging for gold ( no date ) & if not successful was heading to The gold fields of Bendigo - Australia . He also said he wasn't attached to any body , that enjoyed going out with the other lads , for a drink & female companionship . In 1897 ( he would have been 58 years of age ) He asked " Jane" if she could send him some monies to pay for his passage back to New Zealand as he was unable to work and was of ill health. " Jane " did not have the means to assist him so she wrote to " Samuel" who paid for his passage back to Auckland ) Samuel went to meet him . and somehow they missed each other ,Samuel wrote to Jane saying he thought it was deliberate . The family was shocked . to hear he was dead & buried in the " paupers burial plots " In Symonds st cemetery AK . The whole family was greatly distressed & were blaming each other for what had hapened and held a private service at his grave , long after he was interned The year 1899. Now my part comes in . Just over twenty years ago when I started on the family book - No1 . I went seaching for " Rubens " grave It wasn't there . After many enqires I found that thousands of graves had been shifted into a mass grave to make way for the new motor ways under Grafton Bridge . I know that before removal . a J D Richardson took many photographs of those graves . many were missed , thousands were taken . When I seached the archive Photo's of the tombstones & graves that were going to be removed . I did not Find _ " Ruben's Grave" I can find no proof that that is where he is buried . only the letters and " Samuel paying for his ticket ." Their is no proof , believe me I have searched that he did get back from Australia > In several ship Passenger lists is the name Edmonds , but no age or Christian Name & no dates line up . Dear reader as I said in the beginning of this journal . It could be absolutely true ( which I believe it is ) But their will always be a doubt on its correctness. To those who are still trying to find " Ruben- the Rover "I hope this imformation can assist you . this the only reason I have released it for public scrutiny . -- Regards edmondsallan


edmondsallan --- This Journal is on Alfred . I have taken from our " Edmonds" info, they don't rhyme / their is no special order in our personal collection on the family Samuel at one time . was the senior watchman on all the family . I don't know the answer .
Alfred --- was fluent in the maori language . He was employed by the NZ Native Lands court , for Land settlements of all kinds, Court Appearences of Ordinary and titled Chief's . and many other tasks to do with our maori people up to 1869 when his Official NZ licence was cancelled . Samuel also used him in Native business dealings . Un fortuneately, he was a heavy drinker of spirits which caused him many marriage problems and up before the courts on violent Physical behaviour several times . Samuel paid his bail a number of times . He even says " Alfred " worries me . He might accidentally kill somebody one day." In 1870's Alfred was invovled in a very big law case invovled over a vessel This case went on for months & can still be seen on the law records as it set some predicents in NZ Law . The case was " Tutere Te Aru v Alfred Edmonds " I have the details from the archives . It is far to much to enter in this Journal . For all his faults , Samuel considered him to be a great asset to his business . Governor Grey used him as an interpretur several times when he was negotiating with the maori chiefs . The reason given is that both parties trusted him . He died from severe Liver & kidney ill health. I have printed these comments , not to be derogaty , but for others in our edmonds clan to see how some of our past relatives lived. The reunion book has good imformation on Alfred & his family , supplied to Verna Mossong from the Edmonds
family. This type of info plus more ,at the time was considered to
be not necessary to assist the Edmonds Family reunion . and time was needed to wipe away some harsh moments in our edmonds world Regards edmondsallan .

Maori wahine 2007

hello Joyce . Very pleased it helped . After our conversation I decide I could assist many edmonds Descendants, Hence the Journals . I have since also found out about the " Edmonds Reunion Book " Copyright from the proper authorites . including the National & other Libraries . Because Verna Mossong used a higher percentage of pages than allowed from a previous book lent by the " Edmonds Family " to assist the national Libraries collection of early New Zealanders , although she collated the book( Re reunion ) she cannot hold the copy right . Neither can any one else . If someone wants to do copyright They can do so only 70 years after the death of the original author who collated the original book where material may have been taken from for another book . Their is also only a very small percentage of the original book pages allowed to be copied . So it looks like , Joyce , the National Library of NZ Wellington has kept to the agreement made with us "the Edmonds Family " some time ago and will do so into the future,unless we give our personal authority in writing to release all or part of our Edmonds Family ancestral history ..To do this or get this release ,proof of direct ascendency. must be first attached to the letter to release all or part of the book copies they have .If a new book or upgrading of the old book has material in it from the previous mentioned book , or they have used above the very low percentage of pages allowable . they will be breaking the copyright law & can be sued in a court of law . So you can see Joyce , my fear that someone or a publisher , some day could exploit this ancestral book is now safeguarded. This is also why no other copyright number was issued in regards to this particular book on our personnal " Edmonds Family " etc. I am very pleased that this clarification of copyright has been brought up to date and anyone can read this" Family Tree Article" and now anyone in the world can view it in the world libraries . I know you were interested in the outcome of this matter so all is safe guarded once again . I intend to put out a few more Journals yet. Which I sincerely hope others will use to assist their own ancestral knowledge . By the way you may not know this next piece of imfo . I use to see Verna Mossong off & on Over the years when she was president of the NZ society of Genealogists . She is now 85. When I went to see her recently she was seriously ill with " Alzheimers " & cannot recognize anyone or anything . Very sad moment Joyce . She Had a wonderful mind & highly intelligent . Regards edmondsallan - ( allan )


edmondsallan - I have been surprised that of the many who are re-searching the " Edmonds" family tree have put in alot of time in researching " Arthur" & John Tucker " in the main . Quite a few have looked into John Samuel Edmonds own descendantcy. Their seems to be an absence of Knowledge on John's " Mother" - Priscilla on how her maiden name was " Edmonds" or how that came to be, or why were some of his own children ( christian ) names were given . the following extracted documentation from " THE EDMONDS FAMILY TREE " Book 1 ( held in trust )may assist those that are interested in knowing . Samuel John - who wiil one day, be the head of the family and your descendants ,have accepted why your grandma's maiden sur name was ' edmonds " You have never dicussed the matter with me. It is possible some time in the future you will be or your descendants asked on this matter ,. I have here ,part of the old family tree so you will have the Knowledge. The two family lines - your grandmas & mine are related. 120 years ago. My ancestor " John Edmonds " who lived in Langton Matraver , Dorset. had a family which included two sons the names of those two sons was " John " the eldest ) & "Edward " last to be born. On leaving home to find work they went their seperate ways . Their children did not come together until " " William " ( B 1768 ) descendant of " John ' the eldest & " Priscilla" ( B 17TH JUNE 1770 ) descendant of " Edward " They were married in Gods church . on the 24th may 1791 with the blessings of both families .( ** >I personnally have researched this information & found it to be correct < **).I am sure 'GOD' ordained this meeting & marriage as they have been very happy & all their children raised in good christian values I don't think you know all of my sisters & brothers . I will write them down for you also . " God goes with " Their were also further records of ancestors going a way back in time. As the ink was fading badly & the papers themselves was deterating ,I had them reprinted & put into the " Edmonds Family Tree " Book 1 . I hope this explanation will undo any disruptible thoughts if any one has them on John Samuel's mother .
Regards - edmondsallan

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Edmondsallan- Many of you who are descendant from " John Samuel Edmonds " may or may not have much knowledge on his children .or only on one of them that you are a descendant from In the documentation I hold in our private Family papers and also now in print in our Edmonds ( private ) family books on our genealogy & many other records etc , in " THE EDMONDS FAMILY TREE " book one ( their are 5 of them , over 450 pages in each ) their is a couple of pages added to them from another direct inline ancestor. like myself.on where many of them are buried . I have not tried to prove the accuracy of all of these printed notations . The ones I have are 100% correct .They are as follows ( and in order of birth
Samuel John Edmonds b. 1823 - d 1865 - age 66 yrs Symonds stAK.nz
Louisa (nee Makepeace) b 1833 - d 1896 " 63 " " "

Arthur -1825-1914-( 89 Yrs) All 3 buried in Kaikohe Northland NZ
Erana -1st w.1828-1872-( 44 yrs )/ Ani 2nd w 1853-1910 (57yrs )

William -1829-1897 ( 89yrs ) Both buried in Waikumete - West auck' NZ
Emmaline Marie - ( nee Irving -1821-1910 (89yrs)

Henry - 1831- 1906( 75 yrs ) Both buried at Paihia Northlnd NZ
Ann Catherine W - ( nee Kemp ) 1844 -1914-( 70 yrs )

Alfred -1833-1898( 65yrs) Both buried in Symonds st AK NZ
Sarah Ann-1835-1916(81yrs)Ist m( Erana Te Onerere 2nd w ( no records )

John Tucker- 1835-1918(83 yrs )Waimate cemetery Nth Auckland NZ
Kirimangu - Ist w ( Records not readable )- paper staining
Eliza ( nee Pekama ) " " Both buried ST michael church Ngawha.Nth auckland

Joseph - 1836-1920 ( 84 yrs )Both buried in symonds st cemetery AK
Felicia Ann - ( nee Tremain )1 st m -1836-1875 ( 26 yrs)
Annie ( nee Coyle )2nd m 1856-(75 yrs )Buried Purewa Cem'AK NZ

Ruben - !836- 1899 ( 63 yrs ) No record of Marriage( some female names he lived with ) Buried in Kaikohe

Jane elizabeth(nee Edmonds m GeorgeEdward Budlong)1837-191(73yrs)
Both buried in Springvale Cemetery ,Eastprovince,America

Sara Gammon(nee Edmonds)1839-1903(64yrs)1st m Louis Cliffor
Goffe both buried Waimate North , Northland NZ
@nd m. - Samuel Francis Procter ( no records available )

Matilda ( nee Edmonds)1844-1921 ( 77 yrs)
John Wright Hingstone( 1842-1921(79 yrs )Both buried at Waimate NZ

**** John SamuelEdmonds 2nd M to Ellen Davies

John George Petingale Edmonds - 1863-1902 (39yrs ) crushed to death at Coromandel while minening for gold Buried in Coromandel . NZ
Mary ( nee not known ) married a second time to Mr McaAnney/
Both are buried in Te kuiti Cemetry . King country NZ

Mary Ann Edmonds- 1865-1946 (81yrs ) m Henry Keen ( 1854 1939 ( 85 yrs ) both buried in Waikumete Cemetery , West Auckland NZ .

That is all of them . I have deliberitely left out imformation on Marriage dates , children & other imformation . we need another 20 pages . It also still keeps a semicontrol on the inherited documents


edmondsallan - It was pointed out to me by Diellis , that their are 3 graves at kerikeri . I had mentioned previously that John & his first wife, Mary ann to her that both were buried at symonds street. Auckland . I also did know of those graves in keri keri However I may have still not clarified the burial Places which I will correct now . from documentation , now held by me , Mary ann is buried at symonds St ( proven ) & his second wife is also buried in Auckland Although the Symond st cemetery was altered dramatically to make way for the Motor ways . the Edmonds graves are still their , which I have shown my own family . They are all of Samuel John Edmonds Family , my great grandfather . Regards - edmondsallan


Edmondsallan - I have previously mentioned that I am a direct descendant Of john samuel edmonds Eldest son - Samuel John . Among the edmonds papers that i hold in trust some very old ancestral charts , some how further on has been typed up & attached to the notes on the Maori " Paramount chief " of the Ngapuhi
" Rahiri" I cannot vouch for their accuracy, however they seem to be correct in very little search I carried out into this maori's lineage . Many of you are descendants of the " Arthur Edmonds " family so this may be of some assistance or at least knowledge for you . The chart is as follows __________ Rahiri m Ahua -iti ( 1st wife )
Eldest son - Uenuku kuare m Kare-ariki ( " " )
" " - Maikuku (dau) m Hua-takaroa
" " - Te Ra m Whaka-kopapa
" " - Kamama m Papatu
" " - Papa-roa m ( not known )
" " - Ripia m Takare
" " - Tapua m Kawe-hau
Patu-one ( eruera Mahihi ) Nene ( Tamati Waaka )

I am still sorting out 7th, 8th & a few 9th generations of this maori ancestra line from arthur's marriage to Erana kaire and their adopted first child " Mesheck Edmonds " I am noticing in General that the maori edmonds descendants are being researched, more questions , etc than the other children of John samuel edmonds who married europeans . I must admitt even though I have been researching our Edmonds family for over 40 years , the maori side seem to have many more mokapunas which I have reseached so far up to the 9th generation .for over 30 yrs My last 2 books of over 450 pages with excellent details on all, I concentrated on the European side . The No 1 volume has taken over 12 years . and even goes right back in time to before the iceage in BC & forward to 2009 . In general now the proven " DNA " is known it has made interesting research My dream is to see a total combined " Edmonds Family Tree" So far in NZ alone we have over 13,000 ": Edmonds " who are related to " John Samuel Edmonds . Of others who are in other lands are many in number . I have been contacted from " Edmonds " relations from , India - France- Yugoslavia -Holland - Germany - - Argentina - Chile - Pacific Islands - even in Russia & Norway and of course the two main countries Great Britian & USA America , both these last two mentioned have more related edmonds than our own Kiwi land Many Many of them are just like you & me ( wonderful People ) seeking more Knowledge on their family tree I have lost count of the number my research has assisted to attain knowledge on the " Edmonds Clan " regards to all------ edmondsallan

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edmondsallan- As a direct descent of " Samuel John Edmonds" Eldest son of " John samuel Edmonds" I am bringing further knowledge to the Journal " John Edmonds - a very suitable man " complied by Dianne Mitchell , now dellis entered under user name " Diellis" when Verna Mossong selected the Edmonds Family for her thesise, The national library of NZ gave her permission to search other edmonds records available which had been sent to assist the research of the
" original 18 families in nz " The edmonds family of which i hold ,being the eldest surviving son from "John Samuels ancestral Lineage" , & handed on by each chosen son in turn to the next generation to be of the next holder of the " Edmonds Family Bible & their notations The reason I bring this to attention is . when permission was given for the Edmonds Family imformation to be allowed to be public or perused ,by my elder brother , who is now dead , it was agreed no copy right was to be available without confering with who ever was the present trustee of original " Edmonds Family personal holders of the Family bible with its family notations. Their is no doubt that a lot of work by many went into the holding of the re union in 1982 and the book compied by Verna Mossong . However in the book is notations that could have only come from the "personal edmonds notations" lent in good faith to the library for all Edmonds through out the world could peruse . Without causing any harm , because of all the work achieved on the mostly " maori side " of this book and which you now state has a registered copy right under the name of Dianne Mitchell . Un fortuneately the copy right cannot be held by anyone , except by permission of the " Edmonds Trustee of the Originl Bible & family notations " this is why I would ask if you would forward to me the actual nz registered copyright number . which will be of a later
date than the number that I hold in trust . I am hoping by bringing this matter to every ones attention , that it can be sorted . I also wish to add that most of the imformation In the book , Of which , one of the two ( 2 ) original Printings was sent to me from the Library for allowing imformation on the " Edmonds Family" to be reproduced . Of further interest that original book is now incorporated into one of the five ( 5 ) books of 450 pages each . The name of that book is " THE EDMONDS FAMILY TREE " BOOK ONE ( 1 ) 960 AD TO 2005 AD These five ( % ) books will be held in trust by me , family Bible & notations and all the books compiled by me , until I select the next trustee in the next generation as has been for the past One hundred & eighty six years ( 186 ) I look forward to the imformation being supplied to me , so all the Edmonds clan through out the world including our own paradise new zealand , can peruse at will thro the National Library channels in NZ This will safe guard all on the Edmonds family well into future generations