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COMPARISON TIMES - Southern Hemisphere - / Northen Hemisphere

Some one may be interested in this . And it has been brought to your notice with good intentions and that is to assist all on this great website

Auckland _ NZ we are ( 2 ) hours ahead the same day -- Australia

Auckland NZ " " ( 16 hrs ) ahead in the next day to- America
& Canada ( usually )

Auckland - NZ - " " ( 11 hours ahead of London - British Isles -

General Prime times on the Net in other countries in their times are generally the same time of the day /night - different world time zone -does not include -Saturdays - Sundays - Holidays ( they can be any time)

New Zealand ( time ) Southern Hemisphere ( same prime times generally in all countries )

Morning ( 9 am to 11 am ) Same

Afternoon ( 2 pm to 4 pm ) Same -

Evening ( 6 pm to 10 pm ) Same -
Australia - in world time frame New zealand usa uk

Morning 11 am -- 1pm ( same 24 hrs )

Afternoon 4 pm - 6 pm " "

Evening 8 pm - 12 pm " "

America / Canada in World time

Morning 5 pm - 7 pm ( Day behind )

Afternoon 10 pm - 12 am ( " " )

Evening 2 am - 6am ( " " )

London/ uk

Morning - 10 pm - 12 pm ( behind )

Afternoon 3 am - 5 am ( behind )

Evening - 7 pm - 11pm ( behind )
New Zealands prime times from the Southern Hemisphere to the Northern Hemispher especially from USA / Canada shows we are having tea and watching the 6 pm News in their morning prime operating times

their afternoon prime times the aussies and us Kiwis are about to make super Cleaning the teeth - usual gargle before hitting the sack

the evening prime times from Both USA / Canada , Aussies & kiwis are snoring their heads off . I do most of my work in the morning starting at 7 am ) prepared by my " old Faithfull ' during the night and in general another run after tea

Of interest this website of ours in general has open space to be used over 24 hours 0f over 12 hours if you don't believe it add it up . I find these figures very interesting -

The front page also seems to turn over 1.5 to 1.75 flow time in 24 hours some times faster sometimes slower

The Removal of the points sytem by scott is a vast improvenment and kill the old aged argument of chasing points once and for all and no one will be able to say that again - great !

The new blocking system is also a huge improvement - Of interest > my " old faithful " and i on the other computer did an exercise with it to test what it can do = The results are startling
It is a very powerful web tool to have in all members Hands and yet to be fair that is the way it must apply . their is no other way - an excellent tool in every way . when my work mate and I were going through the tests we found you could keep block on any one , remove all the work they had put on the website . In actual factor , Though no one would want to .( i hope ) the whole website could be crashed down and if it came up again someone can put down again and again .It may be to powerful and may need twigging a bit to only cut out certain journals - not every bit of some ones total work or do as previously mentioned . at Present an excellent tool I hope it can be adjusted

Ok enough of the gab its time for me to have a bit to eat and a grandad nap . Honourable son is looking at houses at the moment I am playing - Stint at the moment - part of learning about life - I reckon I done me dash today - One last thing for Janilye . Don't forget to put a few bob on the Aussie playing Sth Africa - The boy o and I will be watching it - could be a late start on Sunday - regards

Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan

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DAVID RASMUSSEN - Ireland - 1777

David RASMUSSEN (AFN: CC4S-RS) Pedigree
Sex: M Family

Birth: Abt. 1777
<So Jernlose, Holbaek, Denmark>
Spouse: Maren OLSEN (AFN: CC4S-S0)

Till we meet again - Regards - edmondsallan

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SAINT PATRICK - of Ireland

Saint Patrick of Ireland

Much of Patrick's life is shrouded in mystery and historians differ on the probable chronology of the saint's life. Fortunately, he has left behind two documents, his Confession and his Letter to Coroticus, Saint Patrickwhich describe some of his experiences. He was not the first Christian missionary to reach Ireland, but the principal credit for converting the pagan island and establishing the Celtic church belongs to him.

He was the son of a Roman official, Calpurnius, living probably in Wales. As a boy of sixteen, Patrick was captured by raiders and sold to an Irish chieftain, Milchu. He spent years in slavery, herding sheep on Slemish Mountain in Co. Antrim. He escaped following a dream in which a voice told him a ship would be waiting to take him to his own country. After a journey of 200 miles he found the ship, and was eventually able to return to his family.

One night, in a dream, he heard voices calling him back to Ireland. It is thought that he studied under Saint Germanus at Auxerre, France, and that his mission to Ireland was approved due to the early death of Saint Palladius, who had been sent as a bishop to the Irish "believing in Christ" in 431. Consequently, 432 is the traditional date for Patrick's voyage to Ireland, which ended on the shores of Strangford Lough. He quickly made a convert of a local chief named Dichu, who gave him a barn at Saul, Co. Down, for his first church.

Before long Patrick made his way to the Hill of Tara, Co. Meath, seat of the high king of Ireland. Arriving on the eve of Easter, he lit a paschal fire on the nearby Hill of Slane. At this time of year, it was pagan practice to put out all fires before a new one was lit at Tara. When the druids at Tara saw the light from Slane, they warned King Laoghaire that he must extinguish it or it would burn forever. Patrick was summoned to Tara, and on the way he and his followers chanted the hymn known as "The Lorica" or "Saint Patrick's Breastplate".
source:From the Appletree Press title: A Little Book of Celtic Saints.

Till we meet again - Regards -edmondsallan