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Connections: Both Live and Dead

In working to find my ancestors, I found that I wanted to connect with my dad. We have not spoken in a few years, long story. Anyway, I sent him a letter and he called me. We had a very nice talk. It's interesting how family history has brought us together when I had expected to not want that relationship restored.

I found his maternal grandparents were from Humboldt County, California. Now the famous Redwood forests mean a lot more to me.

Looking for Clarence Lovell Harris

My grandfather that I am trying to find is Clarence Lovell Harris. He went by the name of Frank for some reason. We think he was from Texas, and lived in Modesto, California in the early 1940's. He was a taxi driver there I think.

Committing myself to genealogy research.

My job has to do with teaching people how to make money on the Internet, so I decided to follow my own advice and create a website and a blog with that in mind. One of the fundamental principles is to choose a topic you are passionate about. So I chose family history.

So far, I have been focusing on family histories, not really doing more research. But now I have decided to do just that. So this will be my journal of my research, and from my website and my blog I will send traffic here as well.

Here are some notes as to why I am interested in certain surnames:

Harris: This is my legal surname, obtained by being adopted by my stepfather.

Lawrence: This is the surname of my natural father. I am interested in both Harris and Lawrence lines because they both have given me much heritage.

Christensen: This is the surname of two grandparents. My maternal grandfather was Lloyd S. Christensen of Salt Lake City, Utah. His wife, Ethel, has a grandfather of the surname Christensen.

Barrett: This surname is from my Grandma Ethel (see above), her mother's maiden name.

Palmer: This is my wife's maiden name.

I have four family history books. Reading these books is what has turned me on to family history.

My first few plans are to gather these books and other genealogical information I have, and then read the lessons at