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HODGINS, George - Born 1843 Rickmansworth, England, Died 1926 Naseby, New Zealand

I am looking for information on the parents and siblings of GEORGE HODGINS.

I have been unable to find any information regarding their names, birth dates and places etc.
Any information, especially names, would be extremely helpful!

Born 1843 Rickmansworth, England
Died 1926 Naseby, New Zealand

Married Marion Rosina Winstone 1874 in Mount Ida, New Zealand

They had 9 children between 1871 and 1891: Lillian Eliza, Emily Jane, Rosina, Matilda May, George Theodore Winstone, Helen Annie, Frances William, Edith Lavinia, and Lucy Rubina.


Thank you,


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Rachel Alice BLACK (Westport, New Zealand)

Rachel Alice Black was born 26/01/1913 in Westport, New Zealand and died in Christchurch 06/12/1969.

She was married to Dudley (Ben) Arthur Wright in 1936 in New Zealand, in the Canterbury region.

Mother to 7 children, Robert Llewellyn, Pauline Ann, Arthur Laurence, Janet Mary, Kathleen Judith, Alexander John, and Ian Frank. All most likely born in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Her parents were Frederick John Black (1876-1917) and Ethel May Saunders (1896-1918).

It has been said that she spent her youth in Nazareth House Orphanage after both of her parents had died, however i have contacted them and they have no record of her.
It has also been said that she had a brother, possibly Robert, but i have been able to find no information regarding him either.
Her whole life has been rather a mystery to all of us in her family.

If you have any information regarding her, her parents or possible siblings please message me!


Doris Kathleen HODGINS (Balclutha, New Zealand) + Bill TEMPLETON???

Doris Kathleen Hodgins was born in Balclutha 22/02/1920 and died in Christchurch 22/07/2012.

On 16/12/1943 in Dunedin, Doris had a daughter, Glenda June Hodgins, who was adopted out.
I am looking for anyone that might have any information on who Glenda's father may have been.
We have heard a possibility that his name was Bill Templeton, however this may not be accurate.
It is most likely that he was from the Otago region.

Please message me with any information you may have on this subject.

Thank you.

Daphne Iris HODGINS + Arthur IRELAND (Balclutha, New Zealand)

Daphne Iris Hodgins, known as Iris, was born 06/04/1918 in balclutha and died 02/09/1991.
Arthur Ireland was born 1906 and is deceased.

I am looking for any information about Iris and Arthur, particularly any children they may have had.

If you have any information at all please message me.


Eric Norman HODGINS (Balclutha, New Zealand)

Eric Norman Hodgins was born 22/01/1917 in Balclutha and died 22/04/2011.

His parents were Frances William Hodgins and Rachel Grace Lawer.

I am looking for any information on a possible spouse for him, and any information on any potential children he had.

Any information would be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Vera Grace HODGINS + James Graeme ADAIR (Balclutha, New Zealand)

I am looking for information on Vera Grace Hodgins and James Graeme Adair. More specifically any children they had.
Vera was born 02/10/1910 and James was born 1913.
They were married in 1933.

I am looking for information on any children they had.
If you can help with any information at all please message me!


Looking for JAMES WRIGHT and HANNAH AUSTIN of England

James Wright, born 1816 in Cranbrook, Kent, England, died 1894 in French Farm, Akaroa, New Zealand. Buried in Wainui cemetery.
Son of James Wraight and Elizabeth Drury, both born in Cranbrook, Kent, England.
James Wraights parents were most likely Thomas Wraight and Lydia.

Married Hannah Austin (Austain, Austin), born 1821 in Cranbrook, Kent,England, died 1914 in French Farm, Akaroa, New Zealand. Buried in Wainui cemetery.
Daughter of John & Mary Austin (Austen, Austain).

I have information regarding their descendants, but am trying to find information regarding their ancestors including their parents and so forth.

Any info would be great. Or if you'd like any info regarding their descendants i can help.


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Looking for DENCH and BLOOMFIELD

Lilly Ethel Dench, born 1910 Christchurch, New Zealand. Died 1989 in Christchurch, New Zealand. Married Percy Price Quartly, born 1908 in christchurch New Zealand. Died 1994 in Christchurch New Zealand.

Parents were Frederick Dench and Annie Elizabeth Bloomfield, born 1877. Presumably both born in Christchurch, New Zealand.

Annie's parents were Harry Bloomfield and Jessie Gowdie.

Any info would help.


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Looking for QUARTLY and BRADSHAW

Percy Price Quartly, born 1908, died 1994. Married to Lilly Ethel Dench.

Parents were Hugh Alexander Price Quartly, died 1974. And Annie Helena Bradshaw, born 1885, died 1974.

Annie Bradshaw's parents were George William Bradshaw, born 1839, died 1910. And Mary Elizabeth ?, born 1954, died 1946.

Any info would help.


Looking for HODGINS and LAWER

Francis William Hodgins, born 1886, died 1963.
Married to Rachel Grace Lawer, born 1892, died 1956.

Francis' parents were George Hodgins and Rosina?

Rachel's parents were Richard Lawer and Rachel?

Any info would help.

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