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The Gilvarry Clan (Gilvary)

The Gilvarry Clan

I Thought I Would Never See Or Hear Of
Another Gilvarry/Gilvary!
But I Was Wrong!
Here Is Some Info I Found!


1824-1860:-1.E.8.Donegal,Rep.Of Ireland.
Tithe Allotment Books:-1833.
Griffith Evaluation:-1857.

Name: Griffith: Tab: Barony:

Inishmacsaint Parish,
Tirhugh Barony,
Ballyshannon Union,

Extract Of 1857 Griffith's Valuation (Compiled By Lindelb Kiakoura New Zealand)

Anne Givarry:- The West Port,Ballyshannon Town
Anne Gilvary:- Bundoran Town
Anne Gilvary:- Drumacrin
Anne Gilvary:- Magheracar
Hugh Gilvary:- Finner
James Gilvary:- Bundoran Town
James Gilvary:- Drumacrin
John Gilvary:- Bundoran Town
John Gilvary:- Magheracar
Mary Gilvary:- Magheracar
Michael Gilvary:- Ardfarn
Michael Gilvary:- Bundoran Town
Patrick Gilvary:- Magheracar (Died 1893)


2.A.1..Co.Mayo,Rep.Of Ireland.
Tithe Allotment Books:-1834.
Griffith Evaluation:-1857.

Name: Griffith: Tab: Barony:

Kilmoremoy Parish,
Tirawley Barony,
Ballina Union,


3.F.10.Co.Sligo,Rep.Of Ireland.
Tithe Allotment Books:-1834.
Griffith Evaluation:-1857.

Name: Griffith: Tab: Barony:

Amamlish Parish,
Carbury Barony,
Sligo Union,


1901 Census,40/9.
Amamlish Parish.
Thomas Gilvarry;Land & House;
Owner,Viscount Palmerston.


1901 Census,4/2.
Town Of Ballyshannon,

Stephen Rogers;Owner,Anne Gilvarry.

Anne Gilvarry;House & Land;
Owner,Robert Mcneelance.


1901 Census,5/6 & 5/3.

Mary Gilvary;House & Land.
Anne Gilvary.
Patrick Gilvary.
John Gilvary.

1901 Census,5/12c/1 & 5/12c/3.
Town Of Bundoran.

Anne Gilvary.
James Gilvary.



Margaret Kilvarry.


Part Of Town,

Daniel Gilvarry;Shoemaker;57;Co.Donegal.
Bridget Gilvarry;Wife;50;Co.Leitrim.



Mary Gilvarry;Married;40;R/C;Farmer;Co.Donegal.
Micheal Gilvarry;Son;10;R/C;Scholar;Co.Donegal.
Mary Gilvarry;Dau;9;R/C;Scholar;Co.Donegal.
John Gilvarry;Son;7;R/C;-------;Co.Donegal.
Bridget Gilvarry;Dau;4;R/C;----;Co.Donegal.



Mary Gilvarry;75;Widow;Co.Leitrim.
Anne Gilvarry;44;Dau;N/M;Co.Donegal.
James Gilvarry;42;Son;Labourer;Co.Donegal.
Francis Gilvarry;35;Son;Railway Plate Layer;Co.Donegal.

Bridget Gilvarry;60;Farmer;N/M;Co.Donegal.

Lewis Gilvarry;38;Farmer;Co.Donegal.
Catherine Gilvarry;30;Wife;Co.Donegal.
Patrick Gilvarry;9;Son;Co.Donegal.
John Gilvarry;7;Son;Co.Donegal.
James Gilvarry;5;Son;Co.Donegal.
Micheal Thomas Gilvarry;3;Son;Co.Donegal.
Lewis Gilvarry;11 Mths;Son;Co.Donegal.


I Found This Info On The
"Igi Record Familysearch"
Mormon Website

Roman Catholic,Calry,Sligo,Rep.Of Ireland.
Dionisius Gilvarry [M] Catherina Feeny.

Their Children;
Maria;B 21-12-1862.
Margarita;B 3-4-1865.
Anna;B 17-7-1871.
Brigida;B 16-8-1874.


Info Obtained From "Heritage World"
The Heritage Centre,
26 Market Square,Dungannon,Co.Tyrone,
N.Ireland,Bt70 1ab.
E-Mail:[email protected]

James Gilvery,Born 17-8-1879,
Parents;Luke Gilvery & Sarah Colgan,

Michael Gilvarry,Born 27-9-1881,
Parents;Luke Gilvarry & Sarah Colgan,

Patrick Gilvary,Born 9-11-1884,
Parents;Luke Gilvary & Sarah Colghan,

Hugh Morgan Gilvarey,Born 4-3-1887,
Parents;Luke Gilvary & Sarah Colghan,

Terence Gilvary,Born 8-11-1891,
Parents;Luke Gilvary & Sarah Corrigan,

*You Will Note That Luke's Surname Is Spelt
Gilvery,Gilvary,Gilvarry & Gilvarey!!!!
This Happened At The Registering Of Each Birth!
*Also Sarah's Surname Is Spelt
Colghan,Colgan & Corrigan!!!!
Spelling Wasn't That Great Then!!!!


I Obtained A Marriage Cert For
Luke Gilvarry & Sarah Colgan.
From Births,Marriages & Deaths,
Lombarth St,Dublin City

1877,Roman Catholic Church,Saint Maccartuis,Clogher,
No.26,13th February 1877.
Luke Gilvarry;35;Widower;Servant;Ashfield,Clogher,
Father's Name;John Gilvarry;Labourer.
Sarah Colgan;28;Spinster;Servant;Fardross,Clogher,
Father's Name;James Colgan;Butcher.

Edward Hines.
Alice Hynes.

Philip Connelly.


Obtained From The Civil Register Of Deaths 1864.

7-4-1915;Luke Gilvarry;Widower;66;Labourer.
Address;Church Street,Cookstown,Co.Tyrone.
Registered By Patrick Gilvarry;Son.

30-5-1910;Sarah Gilvarry;Married;57;Wife Of Labourer.
Registered By Michael Gilvarry;Son.


Marriage Cert,Cookstown Parish.
Patrick Gilvarry(Father Luke)Blackhill.
Susan Martin(Father Patrick)Cookstown.
Terence Gilvarry & Catherine Martin.

Their Children;
Michael Gilvarry;B 1909.
Ann Gilvarry;B 1910.
Patrick Gilvarry;B 1914.
Catherine Gilvarry;B 1917.


1911 Census.
3 Killymoon Street,Cookstown.
Patrick Gilvarry;Hof;27;Labourer;Co.Tyrone.
Susan Gilvarry;25;Wife;Scotland.
Michael Gilvarry;2;Son;Co.Tyrone.
Anne Gilvarry;8 Mths;Dau;Co.Tyrone.
Luke Gilvarry;75;Father;Widower;Co.Donegal.
Terence Gilvarry;20;Brother;Labourer;Co.Tyrone.


The Gilvary Clan In Menooka,Pa,Usa!

[email protected]


The Gilvarry Clan In Australia.

[email protected]


The Gilvarry Clan In Ireland.

[email protected]


I Found 16 Gilvarry Names In The
Social Security Death Index.
[For The Usa]

Agnes;B 1903;D 1983.
Ann;B 1913;D 1991.
Catherine;B 1899;D 1976.
Delia;B 1881;D 1974.
Dorothy;B 1907;D 1987.
Frank;B 1907;D 1991.
James;B 1914;D 1984.
John;B 1917;D 1989.
Maurice;B 1919;D 1974.
Michael;B 1887;D 1971.
Patrick;B 1897;D 1972.
Patrick;B 1928;D 1982.
Richard;B 1932;D 1991.
Richard;B 1958;D 1996.
Thomas;B 1935;D 1973.
William;B 1894;D 1963.

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The Long Search

After reading other Researchers Successes and Adventures! My little Odyssey fades in comparison.

It was 1973 and I was nine and half years old when my family Immigrated To the Republic of Ireland from Australia: After a Prodigal Celebration! I discovered, I was the eldest of Over Fifty 1st Cousins; Split equally between my parents Siblings.

There & then! , I felt it was my responsibility to record our family tree!

It all started with a very large piece of White paper. I put my brothers & sisters at bottom of the page and worked my way up the page, leaving enough space between generations for extra Information.
[I still have that small faded piece of paper!]

My brother Stephen assisted me by starting a pre 1911 in-depth research of the Gallagher male lineage; Using the National Archives, Tithe Allotment Books, Griffith Evaluation Books, 1901 & 1911 Census Returns (1901 & 1911 are now "Free" from the Irish Government on a Dedicated Website), & Births, Deaths & Marriages records Lombard St.
I used his methods to research all of our female lineages.

Searched Ely Place Land Registry Office & King Inn St Registry of Deeds Henrietta St , And nailed down who owned the Gallagher's Homestead in Kilraine [Kilteevogue] Cloghan , Glenfinn , Co.Donegal.

Wrote to the Parish Priest of Cloghan , Lifford , to get a Letter of Permission to research the Parish Records in the National Library He also gave me some Baptismal Records added onto the letter to assist me in that research!

[Note: Cloghan , Lifford , Parish Records start 1855 to 1862 (missing) 1870 to now)] It was the missing years I was looking for! Of course!!!

While I was in the National Library, I got lucky and found Colonel William Style. He was the Landlord of Kilraine [Kilteevogue] , Cloghan. He kept records of his properties Dated 1773. Discovered that the two Lessees were my ancestors.

My Uncle Joseph Gallagher got me modern information on his Parents & Siblings Descendants.

My Grandmother Kathleen Kelly's maiden name was Gilvarry. They were from Cookstown , Co. Tyrone. I am finding it extremely difficult to trace further back from 1850's and connect to the Gilvarry's of Co. Donegal.

Had a Morbid Fascination for Cemeteries to the Bewilderment of my Wife, Parents & Siblings [Slagging me about contacting the living instead!!!] I wandered around, Photographed, "Shaving Creamed" & Scraped a lot of Headstones, From Donegal , Galway , Laois , Kildare , Dublin & Wicklow!!!!! Some this information is on my Website.

For nearly Ten years I have been subscribing to the Genealogical Research Directory [GRD] (Issued once a year) and getting my Family Surnames, Research Dates & Locations published. Just by Chance I found a complete Branch of my Mother's family the Kelly's Living in New Zealand. Thanks to David & Maree Stevens.

Permission was granted from the Maynooth College Library for me to research our link, As the Kelly's were Plasterers & Slater's Contracted to work there c1850s. These Kelly's also resided in Rathcoffey Co.Kildare and it was the Marriage Certificate for John Kelly & Elizabeth Grogan c1866 that Linked us to the New Zealand Family. And I finally met David & Maree , & Maree's sisters. In person.

While recently searching for my Wife's Cahill family, I got Fantastic assistance from Bernadette Marks IFHS No1703 in the Carnegie Museum Swords Co.Dublin. Managing to trace the Cahill's all the way back to the Marriage of Andrew Cahill and Mary Monks in c1804 Malahide Co.Dublin [Note could everybody keep an eye out for old Police Records copied from The 1871,1881 & 1891 Census returns!!!! As I know of a few saved from a Bonfire in Malahide that should have been lodged into the National Library]

Then Ten years ago , We got a computer and I started my FREE Website in August 1999 called Gallagher & Cahill Ancestry.

But in 2001 (updated 2004 & now updated again Oct 2009), I had to change over to a new FREE Website now called

An Irish Family Tree Home Page

Having very little REAL research time lately between Family & Work. and after Thirty Five years of gathering all this Research

I put as much information as I could onto this FREE Website. and I try to help all queries as best as I can through CYBER surfing!!!! I would like to thank everybody who has visited my websites, signed my Guest books & Web board over the last Four years! It is very much appreciated!!

I would like to see all Ancestor Research Websites FREE of charge! & The Births, Deaths & Marriages Record Offices stay in Dublin City!!!!

Paul J.Gallagher; IFHS No 1431; GRD No 26823;
Email:[email protected]

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