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[b]Origin of the surname McDonic?[/b] Does anyone know where this surname...

Origin of the surname McDonic?
Does anyone know where this surname originated? Was it France? as a recent family contact (Mike) believes.

Mike wrote:--"I had always regarded it as most-probably a (phonetic) re-spelling of McDonaugh or McDonaugh or something similar, but there is a long-standing family story of a french connection, and I have a (late-1920s draughtsman's transcription of a tooled leather 'family crest' that clearly depicts both lion and shield covered with fleurs de Lits... I'm fairly confident thast it was 'manufactured' during the 1800s for either Timothy 'The Elder' or 'Timothy the second McDonic'.... Timothy McDonaugh seems to really appear for the first time in the (Hartlepool) Stockton census of 1861 (The 1841 census records for the area were lost or destroyed)... In the 1861 (and subsequent) census records, he reports his birthplace as variously "Hythe, Kent" or "Seth, Kent"... I can't find any record of Seth as a Kent place name, but Hythe, Kent is about as close as one can get to France... The name on Timothy (the Elder)'s marriage document (I'm told) is "Timothy Macdonet"... There are no even-vaguely similar records that I can find for Hythe, or anywhere else in Kent... It could be that records have simply been lost... It could be that "he" actually oringinated in Ireland (Timothy McDonaugh would have been a perfect proper, extant, Irish name at the time... Or it could be that "he" tacked a "mac" prefix on a perfectly-common French name "Donet" at the time... Indeed, I have found a French birth record for a born-out-of wedlock child (Pere Inconnu) who would almost certainly have been raised "Louis Donet" or "Louis De La Donet", born in the same birth year (1807) that Timothy reported in the census records... It seems to me (whether this Donet or otherwise) that anglicization of "Donet" to "Timothy MacDonet" would be a quite-reasonable change toward 'dropping into' a new country...
Long-and-short, I'm trying to figure out where "McDonic" came from - If you have any insight or suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated"

The family connection between myself and Mike is via the Fernie branch of my husband'x family:-
Samuel Henry McDonic and wife Catherine Fernie, together with their English-born children Henry Reed McDonic (aka Harry) and Helen McDonic (only known as Nellie) moved to Canada in the late 1800's


Frederick Geo Dighton

Frederick was the informant on the death certificate of my gggrandmother where it says he was a brother in law.
BUT we cannot find the connection between them --- only thing in common is that they both died in Charleville, Qld, Aust.

My GGgrandmother was Agnes Letitia Brotherwood who married Edward MacGovern and had child Ada Grace (my ggrandmother)in Tamworth, NSW. Agnes then had a child with John Avery, followed by 11 children with James Kelly who she never married (as far as we know). Agnes moved to Charleville to live with her married daughter Evaline Peacock, and died in 1918. Death is registered as Agnes Patricia Kelly, parents William Brotherwood (should be Henry) and Anne White. Only Grace is acknowledged as child of first husband.

Can anyone give us a clue --- I've searched both the NSW and Qld BDM's but without any luck.

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Cramp, Crouch and Weaver ---- a puzzle to be solved.

We (on the Cramp line) have been sent a puzzle (by someone on the Weaver and Crouch family line) and I'm hoping I might be able to get some help from contributors to FamilyTreeCircles.

In the Kent and Sussex area, Richard Weaver (b1733) married Ester Crouch in 1767. Their son James (b1774) married Elizabeth Buttenshaw and had seven children. One of their daughters (Mary, b1801) married a George Crouch (b 1805) ----- and one of their sons (Thomas, b1803) married Elizabeth Bourne. Thomas and Elizabeth had daughters Mary (b1839) and Anne (b 1843). Mary married Samson Maynard (b1834), and Anne married Samson's half nephew Edmund Cramp (b 1847).

To make it even more complicated, Edmund's great grandfather, also called Edmund Cramp (b1759) had married a Hester Crouch (b1764).

I would be grateful for any clues on sorting out the relationship between Ester, Hester and George Crouch.

McGovern Family from Sligo, Ireland

I'm interested in any information about Stephen McGovern, father of Edward Baslow McGovern who I've been told was born in Gibraltar in 1799. Edward married Elizabeth Shannon in 1821 in Sligo, had one child, Hugh. After Elizabeth's death, Edward married Margaret Stanley and had 4 children in Sligo.
Hugh married Anne Regan and fathered several children (including my gggrandfather Edward McGovern) after they had emigrated to Australia.


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Richard Arthur Webb

Does anyone know of a Richard Arthur Webb b 12th July 1908 -- possibly in Hassocks,England ---- son of Arthur Richard Webb and Euphemia Thompson (who may have previously been married to a man with surname Mayer). Sorry to be so vague but I'm asking on behalf of his descendant and this is all the info I have. Richard is believed to have migrated to Victoria, Australia when he was about 18 yrs old --- and there is the possibility that he was in fact illegitimate.