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The story about the burning of Atlanta.

My aunt Jewel Robinson was born a Golden and she is my father's older sister.
[ She married twice. First she married Mr. Chaney. I am not sure about the spelling of his name.They begat a girl named Shirley. Aunt Jewel's second husband was Frank Robinson.She is still living.Both her husbands and Shirley are dead ]
My aunt Jewel told me the following story.

When she was about 5 years old her Aunt Peggy Dameron [ nee, Golden ]took her up on her knee and she told my aunt Jewel this story :

When Peggy was about 5 years old she lived with her family in a cabin [ somewhere ] north of Atlanta. A mountain hid their view of the area southward , where Atlanta lay.
Peggy heard her mother crying and she went out of the cabin to see what was the matter.
She asked , "Why are you crying , mommma ?"
Her mother went back into the cabin without saying a thing.
Peggy tugged on her big brother's coat and asked,"Why is momma crying?"
Brother said, "Look at the mountain..."
Peggy looked and it appeared that the sun was just then setting on the other side of the mountain ... but the sun had gone down some time ago.
Brother said," Father took produce to sell in Atlanta. And that was days ago and he should have been back by now. And a traveller brought news that Sherman is burning Atlanta. That ain't the sun goin' down ... that's Atlanta burning."

Now, when i was about 5 years old,i was 5 years old in 1951 , my father ushered me into my great aunt Peggy's room.She was sleeping. Pop said, "That's your great aunt Peggy. You be sure to remember her." I remember the little visit , short as it was , with my great aunt Peggy ... the girl on that mountain !

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