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"HIND" family in India records

I am currently researching my HIND side of the family from India. Originally the HIND family came from England, Nottingham area. James Hind born 1787 joined the British Army and went to Bengal, India in 1807. James Hind married Anne Shelvington. They had a son Charles George Hind born 11 March 1836. He married Eliza Earwicker on 26 May 1855 in Kussowlie, Bengal, India.My great grandmother Maud Eveline Hind is the daughter of Charles George Hind and Eliza Hind born 1872(i am still to find Maud's birth record). Anyone with connections to this family, i would love to hear from you. Thanks

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Charles George HIND married Eliza Earwicker 26th May 1855:Kussowlie,Bengal, INDIA

Looking for any information about Charles and Eliza HIND. I am 98% sure they are the parents of Maud Eveline HIND, born India 1872. I have found records of Charles and Eliza having a family but no mention of Maud. On her death record in Australia her parents are Charles George and Eliza HIND.
Maud 18 married Frederick Nixon 21 on 3rd October 1890 in Jhansi,Bengal,India. Her father Charles George is mentioned but her mother is not, making me wonder if her mother was deceased by this time.Frederick Nixon died 10th June 1895. Maud Eveline Nixon then married Ernest Taylor in 1896 in Essex, England. In the 1901 england census they had a family of Arthur, Edith and Charles. Maud then was living with Patrick King in Hanwell, Middlesex, England in the 1911 census with children: Charles King(was really TAYLOR)Bridget King,Margaret King, Michael King, Patrick King, Eveline King(my grandmother) James King.
On the 14th of November 1912 the King family arrived in Sydney Australia to start a life here. Baby james was extremely ill and died 3 weeks later in Coolah NSW. The family were split up as my dear grandmother was fostered and raised by a woman who owned a shop in Redfern named Francis Brown. My grandmother was only 2 years old when her family came here. She never knew anything about her family. We only found out a few months ago and are now trying to put the puzzle pieces together. Sadly she died 7 years ago age 92 never knowing. If anyone has information on the HIND family please contact me.

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Desperately seeking family of: Margaret Inez WORBOYS (nee King) & John William Thomas WORBOYS: Parents to Maurice John Worboys.

My darling grandmother Eveline Mary King died 7 years ago age 92 never knowing she had a large family spread out around NSW Australia, and she grew up and lived in Queensland Australia. We could almost have touched them.
We only discovered her family history a few months ago from the ships register which we had been researching for a very long time.
My dear grandmother was 2 when she travelled from Liverpool England, arriving into Sydney Australia on the 14th of November with her parents Patrick and Maud Eveline King. On arrival their baby James was extremely ill and died 3 weeks later December 1912 at Coolah NSW. We dont know the circumstances surrounding the family being broken up but my grandmother was fostered to a woman named Francis Brown, who owned a shop in Redfern Sydney and raised by her in Queensland. My grandmother was still very young when this happened as she had no memory of having any family.
We have just discovered her sister Margaret Inez KING married John William Thomas WORBOYS. We discovered all of the information from the Mother Maud Eveline Taylor's death certificate. Her grandson MJ Worboys was the informant of her death. We have found Margaret and John had a son Maurice John WORBOYS.
Anyone else researching this family would be related through Margaret.
Please contact me. We need to find out what happened, in Eveline's memory.

Bridget Mary KING Married Alexander John MORAN 1925 Kensington NSW.

Wanting to make contact with living relatives of Bridget Mary MORAN. Bridget was my grandmothers eldest sister. We only found out the last few months any family of hers existed. Sadly she died 2003 at age 92 never knowing.
Patrick and Maud King arrived in Sydney Australia on the 14th of November 1912 from England. Travelling with them were children Charles, Bridget, Margaret, Michael, Patrick, Eveline(my grandmother) and James. Sadly baby James died 3 weeks after arrival at Coolah NSW,age 8mths. After this we dont know what happened to split the family up but my grandmother was raised by a woman Francis Brown from Redfern Sydney. As she was only 2 when they arrived in Australia she was too young to remember anything.
Only today i received Bridget Mary Moran(nee KING) marriage and death certificates. Her married life was spent around the Kensington area Sydney and her children were Alexander and John.
In her memory we would dearly love to find any of her family.
If anyone reading this knows of the family or has any information on any of them please contact me.

What happened to Maud?

Looking for living family of MAUD EVELINE KING (nee HIND).She arrived in Australia with her Husband PATRICK KING and their 7 children,CHARLES,BRIDGET,MARGARET,MICHAEL,PATRICK,EVELINE(MY GRANDMOTHER)& JAMES. They were in COOLAH 3 weeks after arrival as baby James sadly died age 8 months. What happened after this is a mystery, as my grandmother was only 2 at the time and had no memory of family,so we are guessing on the time frame (1912-1915) for her being fostered by a woman named FRANCIS BROWN and raised by her.What happened to the other children, we dont know. What happened to Maud, we dont know. We do know, father Patrick died ten years later, 1922 in RYLSTONE NSW.My dear grandmother sadly passed away 7 years ago, age 92 never knowing she came here with all those family members, we have only discovered this information a few months ago. So in her memory we are now trying to find any of her living blood relatives.Desperate for information any one can give us on the family in question.

KING family. Known to be around COOLAH,RYLSTONE,PARKES areas 1912-1922

Our KING family we are looking for were PATRICK and MAUD KING. Originally from England, they arrived in Sydney Australia on the 14th November 1912 on the ship "Irishman". With them were 7 children Charles, Bridget, Margaret, Michael, Patrick, Eveline and James. Little James was very ill and saw a doctor in Sydney before they made their way to Coolah, where sadly baby James died and is buried there. After this we have no idea what happened to the family as my grandmother Eveline who was only 2 at the time was put into care not long after this, as she had no memory of coming to Australia with a family. She died 7 years ago age 92 never knowing any of these details.We have only just discovered this information the past few months and are very keen to put the puzzle together. We have found a few interesting pieces. Another bit of information we have found is their father Patrick's death record at Rylstone, NSW 5th December 1922 and is buried there. On his death certificate his daughter Bridget was noted as an informant of his death and under her name is written The Club House Hotel, Parkes, we presume she worked or lived there. What happened in the 10 years in between these 2 significant dates escapes us. So if you are also searching for the family of Patrick and Maud KING and their children please contact me as we are very anxious to find out what happened to their Mother Maud and the rest of the children.

My family of Patrick and Maud KING arrived in Sydney,Australia on the 14th...

My family of Patrick and Maud KING arrived in Sydney,Australia on the 14th November 1912 from Hanwell Middlesex England, embarking from Liverpool on the ship "IRISHMAN".Travelling with them were their 7 children. Charles,Bridget,Margaret,Michael,Patrick,Eveline(My Grandmother) and James. Baby James sadly died 3 weeks later in Coolah NSW. Something happened after that to separate the family as my grandmother was fostered to a woman in Redfern Sydney, who raised her. Ten years later in 1922 her Father Patrick KING died at RYLSTONE NSW(Im awaiting his death certificate in the mail). This may give us more information. Sadly 7 years ago my dear grandmother died at age 92 not ever knowing she had 6 siblings. We have only discovered this in the last 3 months. If we do find existing family from one of her siblings it would be wonderful.Any of you KING family members also looking for our family will be welcomed very warmly. As you can imagine we are excited and anxious to find our darling grandmother EVELINE MARY KING'S relatives.

Hoping to hear from someone out there looking for same.I can be contacted by email [email protected]

Donna Dunn