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Andersons of Logan Co. Arkansas

I hope that some of the remaining family find this useful.
Marshall ANDERSON was born in January 31, 1729 in Georgetown, Kentucky the son of Samuel ANDERSON and Nancy (ASHBY) Anderson. Marshall passed away on November 27, 1800 in Georgetown. Marshall and Nancy had a child Basil T. ANDERSON (1755 - 1826). Basil T. ANDERSON married Elizabeth (RANDOLPH) b. March 7, 1756, she passed away January 1, 1820. Basil and Elizabeth had a son; James ANDERSON b. September 20, 1782. He married Elizabeth (ARMISTEAD) Anderson born July 19, 1783. She passed away June 5, 1881. They had a son Charles ANDERSON b. 1803. He died in January of 1852. He married Eliza (HOUSTON) Anderson. They had a son Charles Pincney ANDERSON b. September 15, 1835.
Charles Pinkney ANDERSON was born in what is now Sevier County, Arkansas, in 1835. He was the son of Charles ANDERSON and Eliza Houston ANDERSON, sister of Sam Houston. In 1840 his parents moved to southern Logan County near Magazine Mountain. As a young man he went west to California when gold was reported. He returned by boat via Cape Horn. In 1857 he married Martha Jane ELLINGTON, daughter of Nathan ELLINGTON who was the first judge of Logan County when Logan County was formed as Sarber County. He served in the Union Army until the end of the war in 1865 and held the rank of Captain.
His wife, Martha Jane managed during the Civil War somehow to look after herself and several children in the face of threats from scalawags and possible raids from Indians. It is said that she managed to keep a pony hidden out so she could get corn ground at the mill. All livestock had been taken by the Army. Aunt Ellen who married James BOWERS said that if it had not been for Uncle David MOORE, younger brother of Mary MOORE, the wife of Judge Nathan ELLINGTON, they would not have made it.
Soon after the war Charles Pinkney ANDERSON built a house, doing a great deal of the work himself. The house was built near an oak tree beneath which he had placed his saddle for a pillow for the night while he was searching for the land which he later homesteaded. This oak tree was just to the right of the back porch steps of the house. Key TAYLOR, the son of his daughter Rose and I played many times beneath this old oak.
Charles Pinkney ANDERSON had 13 children. Years of birth are approximate. Ellen, born 1858, married Jim BOWERS. Her grandson Faubian BOWERS was a translator for President Truman at the time of the Japanese surrender aboard the Battleship Missouri.
Mattie, born 1860, married Henry BAER, a merchant in old Magazine. They moved to Salt Lake City in the early 1900's and returned to Magazine only a few times due to the difficulty of travel then.
Julie, born 1862, married ? ELKINS and lived in Texas.
Maretta, born 1864, married Charles WAGONER, editor of the Paris Progress.
Anne Elizia born 1866, married James ELKINS. She lived in Booneville, the only one of the children to settle nearby. Some of her children still live in Booneville.
Charles S., born 1868, spent most of his life in Oklahoma and died in Ada.
Thomas Sherman, born 1870, was a pharmacist in Arkansas and Oklahoma.
Flora, born 1872, lived most of her life in Magazine and Paris. She was said to be a "jolly person".
Clayton, born 1874, married Annie Ellis. He was a ready-to-wear merchant in Arkansas. He died in Hugo, Oklahoma.
Seth, born 1876, who married Florence TRUMBY, lived in southern Kansas on a wheat farm.
Theodore, born 1879, died in 1898 in the Spanish-American War.
Rose, born 1882, married John TAYLOR, a minister. They lived in Arkansas and later in California. Her son, Key TAYLOR, became a Methodist minister.
Josephine, born 1884, married Grant GILLESPIE, a lawyer. She was a teacher as were her daughters who lived in Houston and Los Angeles.
Charles Pinkney ANDERSON died in December 1912. His children were scattered far and wide and helped the development and progress of the country.
Submitted by Geneva Anderson Huggins
Their son Jim BOWERS is Madison James BOWERS or "M.J.", Ellen and Jim also had a large family, ten children. Jim and Ellen lived out their lives in Paris Arkansas and are buried there. During his life Jim was intent to settle a long standing battle with the Dawes Commission and the Cherokee Tribe. His mother was Mary Sabra (Christie) BOWERS and based on family history all of the family members and close friends of the family had close personal knowledge that Mary was at least one half Cherokee. But because of the way the family came to Arkansas she was never included in the Roll. Armed with the family history Jim BOWERS filed application with the Dawes Commission in 1890 to include his family in the Roll. The commission ruled but never notified Jim. By 1892 Jim found a law firm to take his case to Federal District Court. The Cherokee Nation denied that any of Mary's family were listed on the Roll, in fact they are to this day. The Court ruled that the family "could not be Cherokee because they are citizens of the State of Arkansas" essentially dening our Cherokee Heritage for the entire family.
Jim and Ellen's children were Marieta J, Lilly June, Johnie, Ezra James, Ellen Edna, Charles Dennis, Freda May, Powell Clayton, Harrison M. and McKinley. There are no known living siblings.


I have hit a brick wall on my gg grandma; Nancy Caladonia (BROCK) Bowers b. Apr 24, 1876 in AL. d Nov. 24, 1920 in Shady Point, OK. Leflore Co.. Her father is reported by family record to be J.W. Brock. Her mother is reported by family record to be Rebecca Mildred (Weir) b. ca. 1844 and d. ca
. 1915. Any help with her family tree /Choctaw decendency will be greatly appreciated!!
Rory Bowers

W.J. Hamilton Family Tree Names; 1804 to 1946

Henry J. Hamilton Family Tree Names 1804 to 1946

Henry J. Hamilton b.1804 d.1869
Dorcas Hamilton nee Cox b.1814 d.1873
William Jefferson Hamilton b.1866
Laura Jane "Jannie" Hamilton nee York b.Apr 18, 1872 Humbolt, TN
Paul C. Hamilton
Blanche A. Looper nee Hamilton
Mary M. Bray nee Hamilton
Nell L. Trotter nee Hamilton
Elizabeth Bowers nee Hamilton
Lorene Mason nee Hamilton
Mary E. Hamilton nee Gryder
John Hensley York b.1837 d.1917 Avalon, GA.
Amanda J. York nee Dean b.1836 d.1912
James Madison Dean b.1808 d.1894
Amanda Dean nee Jenkins b.1810 d.1864
Adair, Vallie nee Pettus
Adair, William
Adair, Norine
Adair, Lucy
Barry, Merthyne nee Adair
Bonham, Bessie, Elizabeth nee Monday
Bonham, Delma
Bray, Mary M nee Hamilton
Bray, Mary M. nee Hamilton
Bray, George A.
Bray, Elizabeth "Betsy"
Bryant, Nedra nee York
Bryant, Patricia Ann
Bunch, Frances nee Pitchford
Bunch, Bess
Bunch, Mary Sue
Cahoon, Madge nee Morris
Cahoon, Phillip Earl
Caldwell, Mary Mildred nee Norris
Clawson, Sara Elizabeth nee Hamilton
Cox, Helen nee York
Crockett, Marsolette nee Gassoway
Crockett, Robert Lee
Crockett, Beverly Ann
Curry, Cinthia nee Mayfield
Davis, Dixie Marie nee Gryder
Davis, James William
Davis, Audry Allen
Davis, Oscar Wayne
Davis, Marshall Henry
Decker, Delva nee Gryder
Decker, Charleene Dean
Decker, Jerry Don
Drake, Jeanette nee Gassoway
Drake, Connie Joe
Dunn, Era nee Hamilton
Dunn, Jimmie
Dunn, Sherrill Lane
Dunn, Bettie
Dunn, Winnie Ola nee Robertson
Dunn, Wanda Lucille
Dunn, Linda Faye
Dunlap, Trula nee York
Dunlap, James Jr.
Eoff, Sara Lou nee Gryder
Edens, Viola nee York, Lewis
Evans, Mary Jane nee Hamilton
Evans, Will
Evans, Carl
Evans, Fred
Evans, John
Evans, Leslie
Evans, Irene
Evans, Charley
Evans, Rosie
Evans, Martha
Foster, Etta Faye nee Brittain, Low, Low
Foster, Wendell Lee
Foster, Linda Ann
Foster, Larry Lee
Foster, Marsalus
Foster, Mary Ann
Foster, Gary James
Foster, Mary E. nee Hamilton
Freeman, Dora nee Dean
Freeman, Thomas G.
Freeman, Joe
Freeman, R.M.
Fincannon, Julia Rosie nee Gryder
Fuller, Vannie nee Smith
Fulton, Dessie Pettus
Gale, Lottie E. nee Gryder
Gale, Joe Alvin
Gale, Elsie
Gale, Edna Veneta
Gassoway, Dessau nee Pitchford
Gassoway, Eunice nee Pitchford
Gassoway, Wynema
Gassoway, Lucian
Gonderman, Bertha May nee Hamilton
Graham, Vera nee Evans
Gryder, John Newton
Gryder, Julia Ann
Gryder, James Parker
Gryder, John Newton Jr.
Gryder, Walter Richard
Gryder, James Charles Augustus
Gryder, Morris Hobbs
Gryder, Nolie Haven
Gryder, Elizabeth Lee
Gryder, Mary Alice
Gryder, Sara Pearl
Gryder, William Jessie
Gryder, William H.
Gryder, Benjamin D.
Gryder, James Richard
Gryder, Richard
Gryder, Annie Mae
Gryder, Ardie Fay
Gryder, Carl Denton
Gryder, Alfred Duane
Gryder, James Franklin
Gryder, Sam Houston
Gryder, Carl Dean
Gryder, Harris Eugene
Gryder, Donald Ray
Gryder, Lester Orville
Gryder, Thomas Mozelle
Gryder, William Houston
Gryder, Addie Jane
Gryder, Joseph Edward
Gryder, Charles Anderson
Gryder, Charles Delbert
Gryder, Elizabeth R. nee Gabbert
Gryder, Isaac Newton
Guilidieu, Daisy Pearl nee Monday
Guilidieu, Lorene
Gurley, Lorene nee Mayfield
Hare, Fred Jr.
Hare, Joyce nee Wester
Henry, Faye nee Hamilton
Henry, Neal
Henry, Donald
Holman, Cornice nee Mayfield
Holt, Mrs. George
Huff, Mattie, nee Pettus
Knecht, Clarice nee Gassoway
Kolehouse, Margaret nee Sutton
Kolehouse, Barbara Jean
Leatherman, Lorene nee Gryder
Lewis, John Jr.
Lewis, Hale
Lewis, Helton
Lewis, Ray
Looper, Omer Joe
Looper, Vance Jennings
Lockhart, Jack Neal Manic
Lockhart, Harold Edward Manic
Lockhart, Bobby Manic
Lockhart, Richard Jean Manic
Lockhart, Wretha G. nee Wester
Mattox, Lizzie nee Smith
Mayfield, Julia Ann nee Gryder
Mayfield, Milton Garland
Mayfield, Raymond Curtice
Mayfield, J.M. Jr.
Mayfield, Carl
Mayfield, Mary Lou
Mickle,Lulu Ida Paralee nee York
Mickle, Laban Charles
Mickle, Luala Jim
Mickle, Obed Saul
Mickle, Archibald Urban
Miller, Dora nee Clawson
Manic, Ruby
Monday, William Bryan
Monday, Juanita Lee
Monday, Joe Doyle
Monday, Robert Lee
Monday, Harvey C.
Monday, Robert
Monday, Dean
Monday, Raymond
Morris, Gaudie Gertrude nee Gryder
Morris, Charles W.
Morris, D.F.
Morris, Eldon
Morris, Joy nee Hamilton
Morris, Bobby
Morris, Dorothy
Massie, Sallie nee Evans
McKinney, Jennie nee Pettus
Mounger, Mary Lois nee Foster
Mounger, Donald Homer
Mounger, Mary Ann
Mulvanie, Flossie
Mulvanie, Mildred
Norris, Etta Dora nee Hamilton
Norris, Henry Harold
Norris, John Raymond
Norris, Ruth Ann
Pettus, Mary Rosalie nee York
Pettus, John
Pettus, Wallace
Pettus, Forrest "Pete"
Pierce, Elsie nee York
Pitchford, Emily Adeline nee Hamilton
Pitchford, James Garrett
Pitchford, John
Pitchford, Leon
Pitchford, Adeline
Pitchford, Mary
Pitchford, James
Pitchford, Ronald
Pitchford, Wendell
Presse, Rubye Fayne nee Hamilton
Presse, Phil
Robinson, Nellie J. nee Gryder
Robinson, William Harvey
Robinson, Billie Marie
Robinson, Dottie Lou
Robinson, Herbert
Robinson, Ola Mae
Robinson, Harold Herbert
Robinson, Mary Jo
Robinson, Dora Faye
Robinson, James Ernest
Robinson, Thelma Lee
Robinson, Edward Ernest
Robinson, Thomas Joe
Robinson, L.J.
Robinson, Waldean
Robinson, Arthur A.
Robinson, Annie Janet
Ross, Grace nee Lewis
Ross, L.B.
Ross, Beril
Ross, Viola Ross
Schoenrock, Ruby nee Mayfield
Schoenrock, Doyle
Schoenrock, Gaynelle
Sellers, Lulu nee Pettus
Shaw, Mildred Marie nee Looper
Short, Goldie Treasure nee Monday
Smith, R.M.
Smith, Ben F.
Smith, Jim
Smith, J.R. "Bob"
Smith, Henry
Smith, Juliana nee Brittain
Smith, Teddie
Sutton, Ada Jewell nee Foster
Sutton, Katherine E.
Sutton, Howard D.
Sutton, Alta Jewell
Trotter, Richard Patrick
Trotter, Michael Hamilton
Wakefield, Ollie nee Hamilton, Mulvanie
Wilson, Myrtle nee York
Wester, Julia Dorcas nee Hamilton
Willingham, Effie nee Smith
Whistler, Alice nee York
Wood, Amanda nee Zeidler
Wood, Harley
York, John G.
York, John H.
York, Annie nee Thompson
York, Amanda J. nee Dean
York, Arthur J.
York, George T.
York, Virgil
York, Betty Jo
York, George T. II
York, John Herbert
York, John Eddie
York, Koren Jume
York, Wallace
York, Clint
York, G.W. Jr.
York, Brenton
York, Charles Wally
York, Harrison Tison
Young, Mildred nee Monday
Young, Geraldine
Zeidler, Jessie
Zeidler, Billie (twin)
Zeidler, Bettie (twin)