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William McLuskie served in Armed Forces during World War I where and when??

My great uncle William McLuskie born (possibly August 20, 1893 in Hamilton Lanarkshire Scotland. I have a picture of him in uniform as well as family picture including my grandfather James McLuskie taken around 1915 in Scotland. I am unable to find any info on who he served with possibly Highland Light Infantry and have no idea if he ever married or when he died. Parents William Bennett McLuskie and Mother Isabella (McLauchlan) McLuskie and sister Williamina (Ina) McLuskie.

Any help greatly appreciated (have all info I need for my grandfather James McLuskie but do not know what happened to parents William B, and Bella as well as the brother William)

Trying to find out about my McLuskie/McLauchlan ancestors in Scotland - great grandfather William Bennett McLuskie born Dec 23 1866 and married Isabella McLauchlan born around 1867 - not sure when married and not at all sure where Isabella (Bella) born an

who her parents are. Also they had 4 children James (my grandfather born 1888 in Perth); Isabella born 1890 - there is no further info - does not show up in later census etc - probably died as baby but do not know why and when; brother William born around 1892 probably Glasgow but no idea when he passed away or where and if he ever married. Do know he served in armed forces in first world war as I have a family picture taken in Scotland around 1915. The daughter was Williamina (Ina) and have found out quite a bit about her (married a MacPherson).Anyone can help about this part of family where buried and died etc. greatly appreciated. James McLuskie died Vancouver BC Canada 1972.

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Trying to Understand What Happened To Some Of My McLuskie Ancestors

I know that my great Grandparents were William Bennett McLuskie and Isabella (Bella) McLaughlan from Perth but then moved to Glasgow sometime in 1890's. My grandfather James McLuskie born 1888 Perth; from early census there was a sister born around 1890 Isabella but next census 1901 shows the parents William and Bella - son James; son William and daughter Williamina (Ina) born 1898 in Glasgow. Would like to know what happened to Isabella (probably died very young) - also when William was actually born (think 1893) and do not know when he died and if he ever married. Sure could use some help. Regard Debbie

Erskine/Ross ancestry from Glasgow Scotland

I am trying to find out more information regarding my maternal great grandmother Eliza Ross (??Elizabeth). I know that she was married to Peter Duncanson born 1845 and she was born 1851?? - I believe from what information I can find her mother was also Eliza (Elizabeth) Erskine and was born around 1821 and her father was possibly Daniel Ross born about 1818 - if these are my true great great grandparents I would like to see who their parents were, when they married and other children they had besides Eliza and the sibling of the great great grandparents. There has been some hints that my great great great grandfather (father of Elizabeth born 1821) may have been Barclay Erskine but cannot find anything for sure. I know that the family names seemed to run in family for example my mother was Vera Ross McLuskie and her sister was Beatrice Kerr McLuskie so when my grandmother who was Mary Erskine Duncanson born in June 1886 Camlaghie Glasgow the family names were used as middle name - then the next question would be how to find out where KERR came into family. Also one of my great aunts (sister of grandmother Mary Erskine Duncanson) was Annie Campbell Duncanson - now the Campbell name or clan comes into the picture. Anyone out there have any ideas. Would be much appreciated.

The picture I posted is of my great grandfather PETER DUNCANSON born 1845 and great grandmother ELIZA ROSS (married name Duncanson) born 1851 and their daughter AGNES DUNCANSON born around 1893 and she never married so do not know when she passed away.

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Sutton family from Wexford County Ireland

I have some info that my great great great great grandparents came from Ireland on a ship called the Robert Nelson in 1821 - the info is that he was born in 1774 and died in 1839 and the info for her says she was Susannah Swain born in 1785 in Wexford Ireland and married in 1794 - this part confuses me as she would have been only 9 when they supposedly married - and then info says their first son was born in around 1794 I find this strange if she was so young - the info I received cannot be correct - I know that they married young but not that young. They did have the following children Richard (who married a Susannah Sterne b. around 1799, this is my third time great grandfather - info I received says they married March 1, 1820 in Clonegal Wexford Ireland next there was Edward, James, Robert, John, Anne, Susannah and Margaret. Anyone out there able to elaborate further so that I have the correct information.

I have info that Edward Pos Sutton's father was Richard Sutton born around 1750 and died in 1810 do not know who his wife was. There are also stories that Edward's ancestors were from Yorkshire England and had been sent to Ireland by Lord Mountnorris (he was his best tenant farmer)???

My Suttons died in Cavan Township, Durham County, Ontario Canada.

GEORGE DUNCANSON (further to my other journal of Duncansons from Glasgow)

About a week ago I posted a journal regarding the information I had about my great grandparents Peter Duncanson and Eliza Ross Glasgow Scotland. Tonight I am going to focus on my great uncle George Duncanson born 1876 Glasgow Scotland and died in Vancouver BC Canada December 16, 1939.

Somehow this great uncle ended up in Australia while many of his brothers and sisters came to Canada. He was married to a Dorothy Mae (last name unknown) but the address given on his Australian military enlistment papers give an address of 8 Shirley Road, Upper Shirley West Croyden, Surrey, England. He enlisted on March 16, 1915 at the age of 38 and papers say Regimental No. 837 28th Battalion 7th Brigade C Company Infantry Brigade - the enlistment card says Australian Imperial Force - Attestion Papers Of Persons Enlisted For Service Abroad and joined in Bridgetown West Australia. He was promoted to Sergeant in France in 1916. He was discharged in April 1919 and returned to Australia on ship called Ormonde on June 6, 1919 and the documents say his wife was with him on ship. and the. On the original document in 1915 said no wife then updated (I have been able to actually see the military documents on National Archives of Australia. The index card was updated in 1916 or 1917 showing next of kin was no longer sister in Vancouver Eliza Sanderson but Dorothy Mae Duncanson. (He must have met Dorothy in England??? and married in 1916 or so???) At the end of the war or when he returned to Australia and his daughter Margaret W. (Peggy) was born he would have been 44

They had a daughter Margaret W. (Peggy) Duncanson born in 1920. But from my research Dorothy Mae died in Australia in 1921. Great Uncle George brought his daughter to Canada where he felt he was unable to take care of her and his sister Annie Campbell Duncanson and her husband James Dunlop Kerr adopted her. They lived in Seattle, Washington where Peggy married James Neidigh in Seattle and they had 3 children.

The interesting thing is that her real father sort of became her uncle while her aunt and uncle became her parents. I would certainly like to know how George Duncanson went to Australia and did he meet his wife there or was she also from Scotland. I would also like to know what her last name was. I can understand a man who is a widower at age 45 with a one year old daughter finding it difficult to look after her on his own.

Sure would be nice if anyone out there could fill in a few blanks in his life.

Duncanson Family From Glasgow Scotland

I am a descendant from Duncanson family from Glasgow Scotland - the information I have is that my mother was Vera Ross McLuskie (born Vancouver Canada in 1921) and her mother was Mary Erskine Duncanson (born Glasgow Scotland. Mary's siblings were:

Eliza Erskine Duncanson born Oct 29. 1971 High Church Glasgow Scotland and died Vancouver BC Canada June 16, 1956 Eliza married Robert Henry (Harry) Sanderson who was born May 1872 and died in BC Canada June 16 1947

Janet (Jenny) Duncanson born Nov. 5, 1873 High Church Glasgow Scotland death place and date unknown
do not know who Janet married but think his first name was Charles and they had 2 children Charles and Margaret

George Duncanson born Glasgow 1876 and died Dec 16, 1939 Vancouver BC Canada - he married Dorothy Mae (last name unknown and she died in 1921 in Australia.

Maggie Duncanson born 1879 Scotland - no information on when she died or who or if she ever married??

Annie Campbell Duncanson born Sept 14 1881 Scotland and died in Seattle (year unknown). Annie married James Dunlop Kerr born 1884 Scotland and died unknown in Seattle Washington. They were married Jan 29 1911 in New Westminster BC Canada

Peter Duncanson born June 1884 Scotland and died Nov 12, 1951 Vancouver BC Canada. He married Henrietta (Etta) last name unknown. Henrietta was born 1887 Scotland and died Jan 13 1954 Vancouver BC Canada

James Duncanson born May 1889 Scotland and died July 11 1959 Vancouver BC Canada. He married Annie Thompson Smith born 1898 Scotland. Her death date is unknown.

Agnes Duncanson born 1893 Scotland and died unknown date and place. Do not know if she married.

The parents of my grandmother and all her brothers and sisters as listed above was
Elizabeth (Eliza) Ross born 1851 Glasgow and death date unknown - I have a picture taken around 1931 of her in Glasgow on her 80th birthday.

Peter Duncanson (father) was born 1845 in Scotland and I cannot find out when he died and where he is buried. Eliza and Peter were married Dec 31 1869 Anderston Glasgow Scotland.

I will do separate stories on all of the above on what information I have and will load pictures

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Looking for information regarding Peter Duncanson born Scotland in 1845

I know that Peter Duncanson was my greatgrandfather born 1845 and he married Eliza Ross on December 31, 1869 - she was born in 1851. I know that Peter's father was George Duncanson (born around 1807 and his mother was Janet Wilson born around 1802. I am stuck trying to find out what year my great grandfather Peter died and also when my greatgrandmother Eliza died (I do have a picture she sent to my grandmother on her 80th birthday so she would have been alive around 1931). Also who were her parents - am totally unable to get past her for her side of the family. Peter and Eliza had 9 children (at least that is what I am able to come up with). Many of them came to Canada in the early 1900's and settled in Vancouver, BC area; one great aunt Anne Campbell Duncanson married James Dunlop Kerr and they movedlived in Seattle. I would like to know what happened to a couple of the others who I presume chose to stay in Scotland (Janet (Jenny) Duncanson born around 1873; Maggie Duncanson born around 79; Agnes Duncanson born around 1892 or 1893 - they were all born in Glasgow and my great grandparents were married in Glasgow. Anyone know anything as I am stuck on a couple of dates and places for some of them. I do have a lot about the ones who came to Canada.

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John Thomas Holmes born Cantley, Quebec Canada

I have a lot of information regarding the Holmes family that came from Ireland in 1847 and my great grandfather was John Thomas Holmes and married Azaline McMillan. I have info re John Thomas but cannot find out much about Azaline - where and when she was born and where she died. I think it was in Saskatchewan (death) but wanted to find out who her parents, siblings were etc. I know the names of all the children they had together as my grandfather was one of them Joseph Robert Holmes born 1893. Any one know anything thanks in advance.

Looking for information About ROBERT THOMAS HOLMES born 1860 Cantley Quebec

I need to get more information about my great grandfather John T Holmes born about 1860 Cantley/Hull Quebec - parents William Holmes and Catherine Timlin Holmes. He married Azaline McMillan but do not know when or where they married and also when she passed away and where. I know that they were living in Kindersley Saskatchewan in early 1900's and maybe went to Drumheller Alberta. Their children were L. Alice Holmes b: 1891; Joseph Robert Holmes b: 1893; R. Alexander Holmes b: 1895; Catherine Holmes b: 1897; Florence Holmes b:1899; Patrick Holmes b: 1902; Mary Isabel Holmes b: 1903 and Olive Azaline Holmes b: 1907 and died 1936. They were all born in Canada but not sure all their birthplaces. Any help would be greatly appreciated.