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Ann And Anne, both Named Meaker

Ann MEAKER, 1771-6 Sep 1848, daughter of Edward MEAKER/Elizabeth LOVIBOND, married John HUCKER on 4 Jun 1798.
Anne MEAKER is very sketchy. She may have been born in High Ham in 1763, daughter of William MEAKER/Anne DOBIN. She married William JENKINS on 26 Apr 1787 in Othery, Somerset, UK.
If anyone has any information about either Meaker, particularly Anne, I would be most interested to hear from you.

Arnold/Willy of High Ham, Somerset, UK

Richard ARNOLD married Hannah WILLY on 1 Jan 1729 in the village of High Ham. I know nothing of Richard ARNOLD other than his wedding date. I think Hannah may have been the illegitimate daughter of Joanna WILLY of High Ham. Children I have found for this couple inlude: Elizabeth, 27 Oct 1730, High Ham, Mary, 15 May 1733, High Ham, (my ancestor) Thomas, 3 Aug 1735, High Ham, Hannah, 3 Dec 1738, High Ham, 31 Jul 1741, High Ham. I have been told there was a son John but I have found nothing of him. I fervently hope someone can add to my knowledge of this family.

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Beake's of Middlezoy, Somerset, UK

Thomas BEAKE of Middlezoy, abt 1650, married Mary BOND of Othery, also abt 1650, in the village of Aller on 22 Jun 1674. Their son John, my ancestor, was baptized 03 Aug 1673, married Ann GODFREY on 10 Jul 1703, and was buried in Middlezoy on 18 Aug 1728. Children for John/Ann include Mary, 1701, Amandus, 1703, and my ancestor, Ann, abt 1707--28 Dec 1782. The BEAKE line leads me to my JENKINS, HIGGINS, and DAVIES/DAVIS families. Any information someone might on have any of these Middlezoy familes would be greatly appreciated.

Brick Walls

I have a number of brick walls to knock down. Among these are wives with unknown maiden names. Again, I have no stories but if a distant cousins sees my journals they may have stories for me.
Tobias DAVIS/Prudence -----, mar.: abt 1698

Robert DAVIS/Elizabeth ----, mar.: abt 1728

Tobias DAVIS/Elizabeth -----, mar.: abt 1750

Thomas HAMLIN/Mary -----, mar.: abt 1743

William HIGGINS/Mary ----- mar.: abt 1717

William HIGGINS/Elizabeth ----- 2nd wife, mar.: abt 1734

Henry HUCKER/Mary ----- mar.: abt 1744

Richard PERRY, abt.1688/Ann ----, mar. abt 1708

Richard PERRY, abt 1688/Elinor ---- mar. abt 1718 (second wife)

All these people were from the Village of Middlezoy, Somerset, UK, but, of course, may have married in another village.

With the exception of PERRY, all these people were from the village of Middlezoy.

Children of Susannah POUNSFORD/Thomas HUCKER

Thomas, buried 29 Mar 1780, Middlezoy; Thomas, 22 May 1782-02 Feb 1826, Middlezoy, (married Amy BAKER, 22 Nov 1802, Middlezoy); John, 16 Jan 1785, Middlezoy, (married Hannah Frampton, ); Henry17 Oct 1787-23 Apr 1788, Middlezoy; William, (married Ellen Atwool); Jemima, 26 Feb 1790-Sep. 1862, Middlezoy, (married Thomas Barnstable, 19 Dec 1807, Middlezoy); Elizabeth, buried 15 Feb 1791, Middlezoy. If anyone has anything definitive to add to this data, it would be greatly appreciated.88

Hosier Family of Middlezoy, Somerset, UK

My HOSIER ancestry begins with my 5 x great-grandfather, George. He may have been born abt 1735. He first married Alice --- abt 1756 at least 3 children: Anne Maria, 15 Nov 1757 Middlezoy, Thomas, 24 Apr 1759, Middlezoy, William 24 Apr 1762,Middlezoy. Alice died in 1777. On 21 Oct 1781,George married widow Betty BAKER, nee HAMLIN. Their son George was baptized 5 Jan 1780. Their sons Benjamin and Uriah were baptized 13 jan 1784, the day their father George was buried. George the younger, married Mary STEVENS on 12 May 1806. Benjamin died at age 22 in Middlezoy. Uriah married twice, Priscilla LOVIBOND, in 1803 in OTHERY, and Mary Eddington in 1805, MIDDLEZOY. Any further information on this family would be greatly appreciated.

Jenkins Family of Middlezoy, Somerset, UK

John JENKINS, abt 1680-04 Jun 1712, Middlezoy, married Mary BURG, abt 1680, Lyng, 19 Mar 1708, Middlezoy, at Taunton St. James on 12 Feb 1701. Children include John, born 6 Mar 1701-29 Jan 1763, Middlezoy, Mary, born 20 Jan 1703, Middlezoy, Mary baptized 6 May 1708, Middlezoy, may have died in 1722, Middlezoy. John JENKINS, 1701-1763, married Ann BEAKE of North Petherton on 20 Oct 1728, Middlezoy. Their son John, 10 Mar 1731-20 Dec 1769 Middlezoy, married Betsy HIGGINS, 25 May 1739-20 Dec 1769, Middlezoy, on 12 Jan 1763, Middlezoy. Their son William, 30 Jun 1765-26 Dec 1812, Middlezoy, married Anne MEAKER, abt 1763, possibly High Ham, buried 13 Feb 1830, Middlezoy, on 26 Apr 1787 in OTHERY. Their son William, 06 Jan 1792-31 Mar 1831, Middlezoy, married Mary DAVIS, 01 Aug 1790-25 Jul 1852, Middlezoy. William/Mary married in Middlezoy on 15 Jul 1812. Their daughter, Rebecca Richards JENKINS, 12 Jun 1812-22 Feb 1876, Middlezoy, married Thomas HUCKER, 23 Jun 1809-29 Jan 1871, Middlezoy, on 14 Jun 1835, Middlezoy. This is my JENKINS ancestry as I know it.

Kicks of Somerset, UK

I have no KICK stories. What I know is: Henry KICK, abt 1702--1743, Aller, married Mary FOSTER, abt 1703, Aller, on 19 Nov 1723, Aller. I have found three children for this couple: Elizabeth, 18 Nov 1724, Aller (married John PETTY of High Ha in April 1754; Thomas, 1727--1731, Aller; and my ancestor, Matthias KICK, 12 Oct 1737, Aller, who married Jane WEBB on 30 Jan 1758, Langport. Their son, Thomas, 14 Mar 1759--4 Jul 1840, Aller, married Rebecca GROVE, abt 1763, Aller, on 25 Jul 1782, Aller. Their son, Thomas, 31 Jul 1785--18 Mar 1870, Aller-Mark, married Ann MURRAY, 11 Apr 1791, Cannington, 16 Jun 1871, Mark, on 8 Dec 1811, Othery. Their son, George, 2 Feb 1832, Othery, married Eliza HUCKER, 1835--1916, Middlezoy, on 31 Mar 1855, Meare. Their son, Fred, 8 Jul 1855, Westhay, 1927, Middezoy, married Emily HUCKER, 11 Jun 1855--3 Nov 1937, Middlezoy. This is only one branch of my extensive Somerset family.

Looking For My Murray Connection

Thomas MURRAY, abt 1728, married Mary ------ abt 1749. They had 4 children: John, 1750, William, 1752, Betty, 1753, Mary, 1755. My MURRAY ancestry begins for certain with John MURRAY, born abt 1769. Could he have been a gradnson of Thomas? John married widow Penelope PALLING, nee INMAN, in 1789 in Cannington, Somerset, UK. I really hope to be able to find a date of birth and parents for John MURRAY. He was buried in Cannington on 12 Apr 1848. His second marriage was to widow Elizabeth FURZE, nee BISS, on 30 May 1814. John/Penelope's first child, Ann, born in 1791, Cannington, is my ancestor.

Looking for Roach Family of Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Bridget ROACH was born 8 Feb 1825 in the civil parish of Ross, Co. Westmeath, Ireland. Her father's name may have been John. In the US, she married Matthew SULLIVAN, 15 years her junior. They married in Ohio and settled for the rest of their lives in Watertown, Wisconsin. Bridget died in Watertown, Wisconsin in May 1890.