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Hugh Jamieson obtained the 5120 acre special survey, between Mt Martha and Dromana,extending east to Bulldog Creek Rd, in 1841 but sold it soon after to a speculator (Hughes) who became insolvent so the property reverted to the ownership of Jamieson who also became insolvent (PAGE 144,Impressions of Australia Felix, During Four Years Residence in that ... )

Archibald, Thomas Bushby and Hugh Jamieson managed the Yerre Yerre run on the Murray for William Stawell in 1848 and later took up the run. In 1853, they renamed it MILDURA.P.6-7 in MILDURA

The SPECIAL SURVEY was split into three portions,(LIME LAND LEISURE, C.N.Hollinshed) probably by Jamieson's assignee. All three parts were eventually bought by Big Clarke who sold the northern part to John Vans Agnew Bruce. Bruce owned this portion by the first Kangerong Road Board assessment in 1864 and it was being leased by Edwin Louis Tassell; it was referred to as 1000 acres for decades. J.V.A. Bruce Snr. died in 1863 and ownership of the estate passed to his namesake son. It was referred to as the Bruce or Brokil Estate. In 1907 the southern 4000 or so acres, the Clarke Estate, was sold. I transposed the subdivision lots onto Melway and found that the MARTHA COVE WATERWAY (Tassells Creek)indicated the northern boundary. The northern boundary of the survey was Ellerina Rd.

In 1853 the northern portion was advertised as being available for lease. Leonard Wilding stated in his history of the Mornington Peninsula (serialised in the Mornington Standard of 1905*)that in the middle of January, 1851, Charles Graves and his partner Brownlee had leased the southern 4000 plus acres and that the Connells had the northern portion. It might have been the Connells who leased it in 1853 because Tassell arrived in 1859 according to Colin McLear.

Leonard Wilding wrote:
The survey was occupied for some time by Jamieson Bros, and later on passed into the hands of the Bank of Australasia.

The advertisement does not state which portion of the survey was to let but helpfully confirms my transposition of the Clarke Estate because the foreshore between Ellerina Rd and Tassells Creek is close enough to 32 mm, each millimetre on Melway representing a chain (20 metres.)

TO LET. 1024 acres of Land, a portion of Jamieson's Special Survey, having a frontage of 32 chains to the Bay of Port Phillip. Apply to Allison and Knight. (P.3., Argus, 1-3-1853.)

Edwin Louis Tassell did not leave the survey by choice. He died very young but was remembered by locals, just as was Henry Dunn, by two of the creeks on the survey being named after them. The third recalls Walter Gibson's sheep washing activities.

It is several years since I requested that recognition of the former name of the MARTHA COVE WATERWAY be indicated by signs, with no result. I will now push for a history board near the lifts.


EventDeath Event registration number1337 Registration year1871
Personal information
Family nameTASSELL Given namesEdwin Louis SexUnknown Father's nameJames Mother's nameJane Place of birthKENT Place of death Age37

MOUNT MARTHA- tenders Invited and received up to 12th Nov, 1874 (answered on 15th), for a three years LEASE of BROKIL ESTATE (lately occupied by R. B. Riddler, Esq. , butcher,,previously late E. L. Tassell Esq.) containing 1024 acres good pastoral land, well watered and subdivided, a large portion sheepproof.
J. VANS AGNEW BRUCE, Fletcher street, Essendon. (P.3, Argus, 29-4-1874.)

Edwin's sister appears to have died in 1856.
EventDeath Event registration number2810 Registration year1856
Personal information
Family nameTASSELL Given namesEllen Anne SexUnknown Father's nameJames Mother's nameJane Place of birthKEN Place of death Age16

EventDeath Event registration number5939 Registration year1872
Personal information
Family nameTASSELL Given namesJane SexUnknown Father's nameAshbee John Mother's namePhillis Place of birthKENT Place of death Age73 Spouse's family nameTASSELL Spouse's given namesJames

EventDeath Event registration number8666 Registration year1873
Personal information
Family nameTASSELL Given namesJames SexUnknown Father's name Mother's name Place of birthKENT Place of death Age73 Spouse's family nameASHBEE Spouse's given namesJane

An inspection of all 72 TASSELL death records seem to show that Edwin and Ellen Anne were the only children of James and Jane Tassell to die in Victoria but they may have had daughters who married and thus would be listed under other surnames. James may have come out with brothers or cousins. Edwin did not seem to have married and is not named as the father in any Tassell death records. No family notices have been found on trove.

It is possible that Edwin's parents and sisters lived on the survey but they may have lived on a farm near Solomon's Ford. Edwin was definitely on the Survey at the end of 1869.

IF the HORSES left in my paddock by Daniel Lovelock be not removed in 14 days, they will be SOLD for expenses. E. Lewis Tassell, Dromana.(P.7, Argus, 23-11-1869.)

Clearing sale of Farm Stock. Implements, Dairy Utensils, Ac., at O'Brien's Paddock, Solomon's Ford, Saltwater River.
In the Estate of the late Mr. Lewis Tassel, MCULLOCH,CAMPBELL, and CO. are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at twelve o'clock, at O'Brien's paddock, Solomon's Ford, Saltwater River, the whole of the dairy stock, &c., now
thereon, comprising 12 head well-bred cows in full milk, 30 head heifers and young stock,7 head working bullocks, 5 head bullocks fit for the butcher, Horses, drays, implements, dairy utensils, Household furniture and sundries. The whole to be sold without reserve, to close the estate. (P.27, The Australian, 11-2-1871.)

The Heritage Council of Victoria wrongly states that this was at the end of Canning St, Avondale Heights and in response to my protest about incorrect history and provision of evidence (Cut Cut Paw and Braybrook Township maps showing THE ORIGINAL FORD south of Rhonda St.and a meandering dotted line from it indicating the early settlers' track southwards, - and a dotted line indicating an extension of a township street to the river near the end of a ramp descending from the end of North Rd along the east side of O'BRIEN'S PADDOCK, CROWN ALLOTMENT 9A DOUTTA GALLA)would only state that they could not be responsible for information provided by municipalities.

The ford at the end of Canning St was not shown on these 1855 maps because it did not exist until it was later built by Michael Clancy!

To see O'BRIEN'S PADDOCK, type DOUTTA GALLA, COUNTY OF BOURKE in your search bar. Click on the SECOND result. The first road heading west north of the river is Buckley St. which for decades was known as Braybrook Road because it led to Braybrook Township which straddled the river south of Clarendon St and also to the west. It was the closest crossing place on the river for those early settlers heading SOUTH bound for Geelong and the western district. Milleara Rd. was known as North Pole Road until well into the 1900's and also provided access to the original ford, and by the end of the 1850's, via the east boundary of O'BRIEN'S PADDOCK to the new Solomon's Ford.

Baptisms at St. Augustine's Roman Catholic Church, Keilor.

In all entries, the comma was misplaced, giving the impression that the mother's maiden surname was the father's second given name. It is possible that Edwin Louis Tassell had married a Margaret Daly and a daughter named Emily was born shortly before Edwin moved to the Brokil Estate. The Keilor Plains were basically the flat land formed by volcanic flows through which the Maribyrnong River and other steams created valleys and covered a huge area hyphenated as the Keilor-Werribee and Keilor-Melton Plains. O'Brien's Paddock was on this plain.

There are no Victorian BDM records of a birth, marriage, or death (of a Margaret Tassell) to confirm the above speculation. In 1858, Edwin Louis Tassell would have been about 24 years old, old enough to be a father, but Edwin, the father in the baptismal record, could also have been a younger brother or cousin of James, the father of Edwin Louis Tassell.

In journals about Jamieson's Special Survey, Heritage Walk, Dromana, and Red Hill, I have speculated that H.Tassell, the grantee of crown allotment 74A Balnarring on 7-6-(1904?) might be descended from Edwin Louis Tassell. This portion of the Red Hill Village Settlement consisted of almost 20 acres, located on the west corner of Arthurs Seat Rd and Prossors Lane Melway 190 K4) and extending 370 metres west. H.Tassell did not seem to have stayed long.

A Henry Tassell from Gisborne had bought the Continental Hotel at Woodend which was only mentioned in connection with Henry because of his purchase, it being the venue of many auctions of nearby farms and its destruction by fire. The last mentioned article is interesting given Henry's address at the time.

WOODEND, Wednesday
About half past 1 o'clock this morning a
fire broke out in the diningroom of Mrs
Keating's Commercial Hotel, which speedily
reduced to ashes the whole establishment,
a two-story weatherboard building, contain-
ing over thirty rooms. The flames spread
to the fancy goods store and adjoining
drapery establishment of Mr. C. Long, and
were only kept in check from spreading
further in High-street by the brick wall of
the Commercial Bank. Fortunately, the
night was calm, or else the stables at the
rear of Mr. Nicholson's store in Anslow
street could not have been saved. The
whole of Mrs. Keating's stock and furni-
ture was destroyed, together with a loss of
L200 in gold and notes, though this morn-
ing 34 sovereigns were recovered from the
debris. The hotel was owned by Mr. Henry
Tassell, of Sorrento
, and was insured for
L400. Mrs. Keating's stock and furniture
was insured for L300.(etc.) (P.6, Argus, 12-11-1896.)

SORRENTO, BACK BEACH PALACE, under new management. Every ACCOMMODATION for visitors; terms moderate. Henry Tassell, proprietor. (P.8, Argus, 7-3-1895.)

TASSELL.—On the 23rd inst., at Fitzroy, the wife of Henry Tassell, Sorrento, of twin* daughters.(P.1, Argus, 24-9-1895.) This is not to be taken as evidence that Henry was living at Fitzroy. It is likely that the birth took place at the recently opened St Vincent's Hospital, which being on the north side of Victoria Pde, was in Fitzroy.

In 1889, five Sisters of Charity arrived in Melbourne with the dream of establishing a hospital. The dream was realised on 6 November 1893, with the opening of a small 'cottage hospital' in converted terraces on Victoria Parade. (History of St. Vincent's Hospital.)

(*ONE OF THE TWINS.An engagement is announced of Miss Marjorie E. Tassell, twin daughter of the late Mr. H. Tassell and Mrs. Tassell,Hawksburn, and Mr. Rupert F. Bullen,youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. George Bullen, Malvern. PAGE 33, THE AUSTRALASIAN, 11-5-1918.

Record information
EventBirth Event registration number20786 Registration year1895
Personal information
Family nameTASSELL Given namesMarjorie Eileen SexFemale Father's nameHy Mother's nameSusan Sybella (Collins) Place of birthFITZROY SOUTH

EventDeath Event registration number12966 Registration year1950
Personal information
Family nameTASSELL Given namesSusan Sibella SexFemale Father's nameCOLLINS Unknown Mother's nameSophia (Unknown) Place of birthST LEONARDS Place of deathST KILDA EAST Age89)

It is possible that Henry died in 1912 at or near Point Lonsdale. The following provides a link between the Geelong area and Woodend as well as Edwin Louis Tassell's father and Rosa Tassell's father being named James.

On the 28th inst., at St. Paul's Church, Geelong, by the Very Rev. Archdeacon Stretch, Mr. Harry K.Keen, of Woodend, to Rosa, only daughter of Mr. James Tassell, formerly of Underdown, Herne, Kent, England.
(P.4, Argus, 29-11-1859.)

Mt. Duneed is a suburb of Geelong. It is divided between the City of Greater Geelong and Surf Coast Shire local government areas. Was Rosa a sister of Edwin Louis or of Henry? No death record found for Rosa Keen.

EventDeath Event registration number11404 Registration year1912
Personal information
Family nameTASSELL Given namesHy SexUnknown Father's nameTassell Jas Mother's nameCharl Ann (Shepherd) Place of birth Place of deathMt Duneed Age61

TASSELL.—On the 9th September, 1912, at his residence, Torquay, Henry, the beloved husband of Susie* Tassell, and second son of the late James Tassell, solicitor, Faversham, Kent, England.(P.1, Argus, 10-9-1912.)

(*TASSELL—COLLINS.—On the 15th inst., at Christ Church, St. Kilda, by the Rev. T. Stanley Low, Henry, second son of Jas. Tassell, Esq., solicitor, Faversham, Kent, England, to Susie Sybil, second daughter of Mrs S. Collins-
Fitzroy-street, St. Kilda. The Telegraph, St Kilda, Prahran and South Yarra Guardian (Vic. : 1866 - 1888) Saturday 25 September 1886 p 4 Family Notices

TASSELL.—On the 21st inst., at her mother's residence, Gisborne, the wife of Henry Tassell, Belmont, Carrum , of a son. P.1, Argus, 26-8-1887.)

Toolern Vale is not mentioned in the article but that's where the pre-emptive right of the Greenhills run was, as detailed at great length in my DICTIONARY HISTORY OF BULLA journal. This was south of and connected by a road to Gisborne where Henry Tassell lived when he bought the hotel in Woodend. The mistreated boundary rider COULD NOT have been Henry's son or Henry himself, as the court report shows that the victim was married with several children at the time, (1872), while Henry did not marry until 1886.

This was unlikely to be Susie's husband, unless he'd suffered financial ruin but more likely H.Tassell of the Victorian Railways whose wife bore several babies during the 1890's. The railways were probably forced to retrench many employees because of the 1890's depression and massive unemployment was the reason village settlements were established by both Father Tucker and the government.

Unfortunately I have been unable to prove a connection between Edwin Louis Tassell and other Tassell families in Victoria but at least I have shed some light on the families in my two major areas of concern, the Mornington Peninsula and Melbourne's north west.


Many sources state that Henry Dunn leased Jamieson's Special Survey between 1846 and 1851. He wasn't on his own and possibly followed his brother there. Edmund may have been there from 1844 till 1849.

Edmund was a witness in the case, Young v Smith, and had gone to Tootgarook to collect some cattle which had been agisted on George Smith's run. See:

Edmund was still involved in the Peninsula in 1868, having purchased some sheep from Robert Anderson of Barragunda at Cape Schanck.

In 1868 the Melbourne Hunt whose master was Samuel Waldock caused much destruction as they rode through Viewpoint and Edmond's testimony at the trial in which he sued Waldock for damages shows that he retained links with the peninsula.
"Edmund Dunn, who stated,-I am a farmer at Tullamarine, in the neighbourhood of Broadmeadows." (He described the damage.)
"Cross-examined by Mr. FELLOWS.-I paid 6s. each for the sheep.
Mr. FELLOWS.-They were scabby, were they not?
Witness.-They were not. I bought them at Cape Schanck, from Mr. Anderson. I don't know why they were so cheap. I got them at 6s., because I suppose Anderson could not get more. They never had scab, and were never treated for it."

Edmund Dunn 22 (17 single man) Labourer Prot both* Devonshire, came 29 July 1841 on the Westminster
Edmund Dunn, letter at Melbourne Post Office. Source - Port Phillip Herald 2 Jan 1844
Edmond Dunn, List 5, 31 May 1844 letter at the Melbourne Post Office. Source - Port Phillip Herald 4 June 1844
Edmund Dunn wed Maria George in 1847 at Methodist / Wesleyan Melbourne

*BOTH refers to Edmund and his sister Elizabeth.Another genealogy website stated:
An Elizabeth and Edmund DUNN (brother and sister) arrive in Victoria 30 July 1841 aboard the WESTMINSTER Elizabeth aged 26 a housemaid living with her brother, Edmund aged 22 a lab. Both were protestants who could read and write. This could be Elizabeth's MARRIAGE record given Henry Dunn's wife's parents' names*. The parents of Elizabeth Bennett who died in 1858 seem to have been George Dunn and Elizabeth UNKNOWN, not the parents of Henry and Edmund. She may have been Edmund's cousin. See ????ELIZABETH BENNETT????at end of journal.

EventMarriage Event registration number4463 Registration year1841
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesElizabeth SexFemale Spouse's family nameBENNETT Spouse's given namesWilliam

(*EventDeath Event registration number20439 Registration year1943
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesBetsy Maria SexFemale Father's nameHARRAP Henry James Mother's nameSarah (Bennett) Place of birthMORNINGTON Place of deathMORNINGTON Age75)

Why did Edmund have to be notified in 1844 that there were letters for him at Melbourne's post office. If he was still in the parish of Jika Jika, surely he would have visited Melbourne occasionally and checked if any letters had arrived for him. Was he already on JAMIESON'S SPECIAL SURVEY between today's Dromana and Mt. Martha?

DUNN, Edmond, Broadmeadows, is a native of Devonshire, who arrived on the WESTMINSTER in 1841 after a voyage of 100 days. He resided in the metropolis for a few years working for others and doing a little farming on his own account, growing oats on a small patch of land on which Coburg now stands. After leasing some land on JAMIESON'S SPECIAL SURVEY for FIVE YEARS,he purchased Viewpoint Farm at Broadmeadows in 1849 and commenced growing wheat. The area of his farm is 325 acres and he also owns 3000 acres and leases 5000 acres on the Loddon, all grazing land. He was married in 1847 to Miss George, a native of Somersetshire, who came out on the same ship with him, and has a family of five sons and two daughters, the youngest being twenty one years of age. He also has three grandchildren.

parish of Tullamarine
THE LINK DOESN'T SEEM TO BE WORKING. If it doesn't work for you, type TULLAMARINE, COUNTY OF BOURKE into your search bar.

Viewpoint consisted of crown allotments 1 and 2 of section 4 so it was actually 3 acres and 28 perches short of the 325 acres stated in the above biography. The south west corner adjoined the north boundary of Camp Hill Park. There was a toll gate at the junction of today's Melrose Drive and Micklekam Rd so, according to the Tullamarine Methodist Church Centenary souvenir of 1970, Edmund would exit his property via section 5 (Stewarton) or c/a's 3 and 4 of section 4 (Camp Hill)to avoid paying repeated tolls.
William George Edmund Dunn was buried at the Will Will Rook Cemetery on 23-7-1876.
Esme Bell, a parent of one of my pupils at Gladstone Park Primary School in late 1989 when I was writing the D volume of my Dictionary History of Tullamarine, and a descendant of Edmund Dunn, told me that he used to stay overnight at the site of Queens Park in Moonee Ponds when driving his sheep to Newmarket and built a ti tree bench there.
Edmund was one of the original committee members of Broadmeadows (Common?)School 982 at the end of 1869 when C. of E. school 45 and National school 27 were amalgamated. (Centenary of Westmeadows State School 7-11-1970.)
He was also an original trustee of the Tullamarine Wesleyan Church. (Tullamarine Methodist Church Centenary 1970.)

In 1989 I had no idea that Edmund had a brother named Henry and Jamiesons Special Survey meant absolutely nothing to me.

Edmund's biography in Victoria and Its Metropolis: Past and Present (above) stated that Edmund had married Miss George. Her given name was Maria.

Edmund and Maria were married in 1847.
EventMarriage Event registration number17B Registration year1847
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesEdmund SexMale Spouse's family nameGEORGE Spouse's given namesMaria

EDMUND'S DEATH RECORD. (Edmund died in the same year as Henry.)
EventDeath Event registration number6010 Registration year1891
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesEdmund SexMale Father's nameUnknown Mother's name Place of birth Place of deathEsdon Age66


EventBirth Event registration number6124 Registration year1855
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesEmma SexUnknown Father's nameEdmund Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birthM.PONDS
(Moonee Ponds meant anywhere the Moonee Ponds Creek and as Henry had purchased Viewpoint in 1849, that was probably the birthplace.)

EventBirth Event registration number8887 Registration year1857
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesHenry Edmund SexUnknown Father's nameEdmund Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birthM.PONDS

EventBirth Event registration number18596 Registration year1859
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesMaria* SexUnknown Father's nameEdmund Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birthM PONDS (*See below.)

EventBirth Event registration number3777 Registration year1862
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesSamuel SexUnknown Father's nameEdmund Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birthTULL

EventBirth Event registration number16477 Registration year1864
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesAlfred Alexander SexUnknown Father's nameEdmond Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birthTULL

EventBirth Event registration number6808 Registration year1867
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesCharles Edwin Hooper SexUnknown Father's nameEdmund Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birthBROADMEADO (SEE SILVER WEDDING NOTICE BELOW.)
The above four sons and two daughters were the only births found on Victorian BDM. Was William George Edmund Dunn their child?
EventDeath Event registration number4497 Registration year1876
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesWilliam Geo Edmund SexUnknown Father's nameWilliam Mother's nameClara (Lane) Place of birthMTGA Place of death Age18

The place of birth may have been Mt. Gambier. THE STORY AND BURIAL LISTING OF THE WILL WILL ROOK PIONEER CEMETERY indicates that the deceased was one year and six months old (18 MONTHSold.)The details re the parents were as above. It is possible that the father was a brother of Edmund and Henry and the reason that Henry's death notice requested Devonshire and South Australian* papers to copy.

*DUNN-on the 16th October, at his residence, Park Hill, Mornington, after a short illness, Henry Dunn, aged
83. Deeply regretted. A colonist of 50 years South Australian and Devonshire (England) papers please copy.
(P.1, The Age, 19-10-1891.)

In 1888, Edmund was said to have five sons. There are only four above. It seemed strange that Edmund and Maria married in 1847 but their first child was not born until 1855. None of the 51 Dunn births between 1847 and 1854 had Edmund and Maria as parents. The 21 year old mentioned in 1888 would be Charles Edward Hooper, born in 1867.

Maria and Mary Ann were two different children. Edmund and Maria (nee George) must have been visiting James Dunn (son of Adam born Inverness who died 1873 aged 38)in Gippsland when little Maria died. She was buried in the Sale cemetery. Mary Ann Goman's death record (after the marriage notice) indicates that she was born in about 1850.

2547 DUNN Maria Age17M b.00/00/1859 bur.06/02/1861 d.01/02/1861 4 A 21 Daughter of Edmund Dunn & Maria George. Born in Moonee Ponds, Victoria, Australia.

GOMAN — DUNN. — On the 29th March, at St- Luke's Church, Emerald Hill, by the Rev. Canon Dickinson, Abel Worth Goman, of Mornington, to Mary Ann, eldest daughter of Edmund Dunn, of Tullamarine.
(P.15, Weekly Times, 14-4-1883.)

EventDeath Event registration number15791 Registration year1927
Personal information
Family nameGOMAN Given namesMary Ann SexFemale Father's nameDUNN Edmund Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birth Place of deathMORNINGTON Age77

The death notice of Edmund's widow, Maria, lists her children and confirms that she did come to Australia on the same ship as Edmund.
DUNN.—On the 1st November, at her residence, 21 Robb street, Essendon, Maria, widow of the late Edmund Dunn, and beloved mother of William G., Henry E., Samuel, Alfred A., Charles E. H., Emma, and Mrs. Gorman, in her 88th
year. Arrived in Port Phillip Bay per sailing vessel Westminster in 1841.(P.1, Argus, 3-11-1913.)

It appeared that, in the marriage notice, Mary Ann should have been described as the second eldest daughter but Mary Ann Gorman's death record shows that she was about five years older than Emma whose death notice** confirms that she was the child born in 1855.

EventDeath Event registration number5060 Registration year1926
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesWilliam George SexMale Father's nameDUNN Edmond Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birth Place of deathDANDENONG Age74

EventDeath Event registration number9941 Registration year1928
Personal information
Family nameDUNN Given namesEmma SexFemale Father's nameDUNN Edmund Mother's nameMaria (George) Place of birth Place of deathELSTERNWICK Age73

DUNN-ANDERSON.-[Silver Wedding] - On the 9th May, 1893, at Presbyterian Church, Borung, by Rev. John Kirkwood, assisted by Rev. W.Attwood, Charles Edwin, youngest son of late Edmund Dunn, J. P. Tullamarine, to Annie Louise, eldest daughter of late J. C. Anderson,J.P., Borung and Lage Boga. Present address, Swan Hill.
(P.11, Argus, 25-5-1918.)

??????????? ELIZABETH BENNETT??????????
Even though the Elizabeth Bennett (parents George Dunn and Elizabeth UNKNOWN)who died in 1858 could not have been Edmund and Henry's sister, a search of 334 Bennett births revealed many births to William and Elizabeth UNKNOWN, most in Melbourne, Sydney Rd and Pentridge. One of these births in 1845 was that of William Henry Bennett in Melbourne. Could this be that child's death notice? You will recall that Edmund Dunn spent some time on the site of Coburg (Pentridge) before moving to Jamieson's Special Survey.

BENNETT— On the 14th October, at St. Vincent's Hospital, William Henry Bennett, of Mornington, dearly loved brother of Mrs. Harrap,* Mornington; Mrs. Thomas Wright**, Tullamarine, and James D.Bennett***, St.Kilda.
(P.1, The Age, 18-10-1904.)

EventDeath Event registration number12385 Registration year1904
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesWm Hy SexUnknown Father's nameBennett Wm Mother's nameElizth (Dunn) Place of birth Place of deathFitz S Age59

*Sarah Bennett.
EventBirth Event registration number1265 Registration year1843
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesSarah SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthSYDNEY ROAD

EventMarriage Event registration number1955 Registration year1860
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesSarah SexFemale Spouse's family nameHARRAP Spouse's given namesHenry James

**Elizabeth Bennett.
EventMarriage Event registration number3240 Registration year1874
Personal information
Family nameWRIGHT Given namesThomas SexMale Spouse's family nameBENNETT Spouse's given namesElizabeth

EventBirth Event registration number16316 Registration year1849
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesElizabeth SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthMELBOURNE this child would seem to have died young.
EventBirth Event registration number10947 Registration year1851
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesElizabeth SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthPENTRIDGE

***Hours have been spent trying to find a birth, marriage or death record or notice for James D.Bennett of St. Kilda or for his daughters. Luckily, while searching for a notice of the death of Thomas Wright's wife, Elizabeth, I discovered that James D.Bennett had moved to Western Australia. He died in 1933 aged 80 so he was born in about 1853.
BENNETT.—James Dunn Bennett (Jim), killed in action at the Dardanelles, the second youngest son of James Dunn Bennett, of Western Australia,nephew of Mrs. Wright*, Tullamarine, Victoria, and the late W.* Bennett and Mrs. Harrop*, of Mornington, and loved brother of Mrs. Lindsay Campbell,Perth, and W. J. Bennett, Willis-street, Prahran,aged 21 years and 9 months. (P.1, The Age, 22-6-1915.)
(*, Elizabeth Wright; William Henry Bennett died 1904; Sarah Harrap died 1912.)

BENNETT. —On August 8, James Dunn Bennett,of Lake Pinjar, Wanneroo, loving father of William (Prahran), Herbert* (killed in action),Horrie* (Wool Exchange, Melbourne), Lilian(Mrs. McCarroll, North Perth), Ethel (Mrs.
McGuinness St. Kilda), Daisy (Sister,A.T.N.A., Richmond), Albert (died of war gas); aged 80 years
(P.1, The West Australian, 4-8-1933.) (*Herbert was obviously James Dunn Bennett Jnr; Horace of St. Kilda.)

Only three children of William Bennett and Elizabeth UNKNOWN were alive in 1904. What happened to the others?
(As mentioned later,there may have been two families involved, the other one pioneers near Geelong.)

SARAH.1843. See above. Married James Henry Harrap. Her death record:
EventDeath Event registration number5476 Registration year1912
Personal information
Family nameHARRAP Given namesSarah SexUnknown Father's nameBennett Wm Mother's nameElizth (Dunn) Place of birth Place of deathEsdon Age68
The age and year of death roughly confirm Sarah's birth in 1843. She was probably born in July 1843.

It is with profound regret we have to record the death of Mrs Sarah Harrap, relict of the late Mr Henry James Harrap (who predeceased his wife 28 years ago), which occurred at the residence of her daughter, Mrs G. Beattie, of Essendon, on Sunday morning last, at the age of 68 years and 11 months. The deceased lady retired on Saturday
night in good health and spirits, but a little before 5 o'clock on Sunday morning she complained of not feeling well, and expired within ten minutes, the cause of death being heart failure. Mrs Harrap was born at Kilmore, Victoria, and resided in Mornington for many years. She was well known and highly respected. She was the beloved mother of Mrs A. Wright, Mrs A. Hickson, Mrs W. H. Dunn, Mrs G. Beattie, Mrs E. Wright, Jim, Edmund, Frank, and Tom, grandmother of 28 children, and great-grandmother of 6. The remains were interred in the Keilor Cemetery, Melbourne, on Tuesday last. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 1-6-1912.)

EventBirth Event registration number14271 Registration year1845
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesJane Maria SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthMELBOURNE (Perhaps a different family)

EventDeath Event registration number4157 Registration year1846
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesJane Maria SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT W Mother's nameJ (Unknown) Place of birthUNKNOWN Place of deathMELBOURNE Age10

EventBirth Event registration number10388 Registration year1847
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesMary SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthPENTRIDGE

No death record under maiden name and each of the 60 marriage results would have to be checked for a marriage notice.

EventBirth Event registration number16560 Registration year1849
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesAnne SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthMELBOURNE (Perhaps a different family)

No death record under maiden name. Check for marriage notices.

ELIZABETH BENNETT,(See above) born to William Bennett and Elizabeth UNKNOWN in 1849 and 1851 but no death of the first in 1849 to 1851 was found. One of them married Thomas Wright.

WRIGHT-BENNETT [Golden Wedding].-On the 5th August, 1874, at the Presbyterian Manse,Essendon, by the Rev. W. Fraser, Thomas,eldest son of late John and Ann Wright, Tullamarine, to Elizabeth, second daughter of late
William and Elizabeth Bennett, of Euroke(colonists). (Present address, North Pole road, Keilor.)
P.11, ARGUS, 9-8-1924.
N.B. The parish of Yuroke extended north and east from Melway 178C11 (top left corner) to the bend in Mickleham Rd at the bottom left of 385 H2. The northern boundary went from the right centre of 385 E2 east to the Merri Creek at about 387 F5. The southern boundary was a line roughly 18 chains (1760 metres) south of Somerton Rd from 178 C11 to the Merri Creek at the bottom of 387 K6. North Pole Road was Milleara Rd, East Keilor from Keilor Rd to Buckley St.

I will repeat the birth notice of Sarah, the first daughter of William and Elizabeth Bennett, with a warning of what SYDNEY ROAD meant in 1843. It meant Mickleham Rd, which past the "Marnong" gates and Donnybrook Lane is still known today as OLD SYDNEY ROAD.

Sarah Bennett.
EventBirth Event registration number1265 Registration year1843
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesSarah SexFemale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthSYDNEY ROAD

EventBirth Event registration number17583 Registration year1852
Personal information
Family nameBENNETT Given namesIsaac William SexMale Father's nameBENNETT William Mother's nameElizabeth (Unknown) Place of birthRIVER EXE*
(* The A-Z story of Melbourne's suburbs | Herald Sun
Jan 6, 2014 - This suburb by the Maribyrnong River became one of Melbourne's .... Competitors slogged it out at last year's Victorian All Schools Cross ..... The Exe was also a name used by some early white settlers for the Werribee River.)

My extensive searches on Victorian BDM and in family notices have alerted me to a William Bennett in the Geelong area. This birth may concern him and therefore the other children not listed in William Henry Bennett's death notice (above and now in bold type)may have been members of the Geelong family.

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Hello ---, I'm the Joan who rang you about the re-union at Red Hill later this month. I hope I have your email correct.

As I am 83 and not keeping the best of health I thought I would send this to read if you wish, if I can't make the journey from Mansfield.

One thing I forgot to add was Millie won several awards for her cooking at the Red Hill show and I won four ribbons with my horse riding.

One horse I rode was owned by Judge Federico who owned property there and I helped his daughters with their riding.

Thanks for your efforts, regards Joan Peasnell

p.s. when I married Jim Bell in Mildura we were married for 22 years, then Jim was killed in a construction accident, then 10 years later I married Bill Peasnell and he has put up with me for 29 years.!!!!!

Red Hill Memories ------Joan Blatchford/Bell/Peasnell
My father William (Bill) Blatchford purchased 105 acres of timbered country
at Red Hill South in 1943. The land had a large road frontage, on the main
Red Hill to Merricks Nth road. It was next door to Edgar and Margaret
Clarke’s large orchard of apples and cherries. It was opposite an orchard
owned by Mr George Clarke father of Edgar. Another location was the CRB
area opposite where barrels of tar were stockpiled. This was known as Tar
Barrel Corner.
Adjoining this was a small cottage owned by Mr Harold Ratcliffe, commonly
known as Ratty, and he delivered the mail. He had a small Bedford van and
he was renowned for revving and clunking as he stopped and started at the
mail boxes. He amazed everyone by always wearing an old grey overcoat
and white silk scarf, he said whatever kept the cold out could keep the heat
out too!!!
Dad was not free to move from his employment until after the war had
ended, his job was controlled by “Man Power” a government agency.
We, my father, mother Millie, brother Lee and I moved to Red Hill Sth in 1945
and I finished my state school time at the Red Hill Sth State school about two
and a half miles from home. I rode my push-bike and it was a hilly ride.
Dad rented a house on an orchard owned by Jim Clarke and his wife Betty.
For a cash crop Dad and Lee started clearing trees and cutting firewood for
sale. Dad purchased two light draught horses, both Greys and we called
them Gracie and Fella. He purchased them from Hicks Stables in Mentone
and rode one and led the other all the way home, not a bad feat for
someone who did not have a lot of horse experience since boyhood days.
A goods train came to Red Hill every Friday and Dad would use Gracie to
pull a sleigh/sled the more than 2 miles to collect his barb-wire and posts etc.
She was wonderful to watch,
Mum settled in to life in a house with no electricity, no running water, just
tanks to the sink and bath. Cooking was on a wood fired stove, so different
to the lovely new gas cooker she left in Melb. It was my job to fill the lamps
with kero. Large containers of water were heated on the stove and Dad or
Lee had to carry them to the bath to get warm water.
In 1946 I started two years at Frankston High School. A Dyson semi-trailer
school bus left Flinders at 7am and travelled through Main Ridge, Red Hill,
Merricks North, Balnaring, Bittern, Hastings, Somerville, Tyab and Frankston.
Students were picked up from their drive-ways and I had to be ready at 7.45.
and got home close to 5.30, I left school the day I turned 14.
As soon as Dad had some cleared land he grew strawberries and carrier
Gordon Chambers would take them to Vic Market in Melb. and agents would
handle the sales.
It was fun (for me) when planting was on as Dad would dig the holes, I would
place a runner there, Mum would move up and plant and Lee came along
and watered each plant.
At different stages Dad developed his acres and sold off 3 pieces of
approximately 30 acres each and my grandfather built a small cottage at the
far end of the land on the rest.
Also part of the cash crop days saw 6 cows milked twice a day by hand and
milk sold, separated and cream made in to butter, which sold quickly to the
local cooks. Added to this, they had many hens to look after and I was kept
busy collecting eggs and helping when young cockerels were prepared for
A big change came when my parents bought George Clarke’s orchard and I
spent a couple of years packing for Dad and Blue Moon packing shed. If we
were having a good harvest of either apples or cherries Dad would load our
Bedford truck and leave about 10pm to go to Vic Market and sell direct then
come home and get some sleep. Lee and I worked with some local pickers
and have another load ready for him. Again, if we didn’t have enough he
would get Gordon to pick them up and deliver.
People may well recall Dad doing contract ploughing, discing and hay
pressing when automated pressing first arrived, He often followed Albert
Storer and his sons Wally and Cob who used 2 Caterpillar Bulldozers a D7
and a D5 who cleared the land then Lee and Dad ploughed etc. We had an
International TD6 and I loved a chance to drive this track vehicle.
When I was packing at Bluemoon the manager was Rueben Edwards and his
wife Mavis and son Ken packed as well. There was a time we had to pack
pears, trucked from Shepparton, not as good to pack as apples! Then they
decided to take us up there to Shep, and I stayed with Mavis & family for six
weeks, I was 16 at the time and worked at Geoffrey Thomson’s shed.
Some folk may well remember when Millie played piano at the local dances,
Bill Saunders played the sax and sometimes the violin and Ron Farrant
played the drums or the banjo.
They were very popular and played regularly at Red Hill Hall, Main Ridge,
Flinders, Dromana, Mornington.
It was great for me as I got to go to Saturday night dances at age 13!
Another great night for the teenagers in the area was when the Milburn
family would decide to go to Dromana for a meal at our favourite cafe and
then go to the pictures. They drove a large truck with a canvas canopy all
over the back and we sat on fruit cases and enjoyed every minute of the trip.
They would pick us up from our homes.
I was lucky to have Dad buy me my first pony and I loved riding anywhere
and everywhere, but always by myself! The only other horse rider in the
district was Keith McIlroy, we managed to get a few rides together, but Keith
was working hard supporting his widowed mother. He milked a large herd of
cows for the Shannon family who worked or owned “Kingston Park” at
Merricks North. I often helped for the fun of it and I managed to learn about
cows etc.
Working horses were used on many properties and I was often asked if I
could take one to Balnarring to the nearest Blacksmith. I would ride one of
my horses and lead the other and I got paid to have so much fun!!!
The boys who lived in the area graduated to motor bikes and us girls
seemed to pair off and become pillion passengers. Don Andrews and Lois
Dennis from Shands Road, Main Ridge rode a bike, where as Marie, Lois’s
sister rode with Ian Hoskin in his MG car. Kevin (known as Pud) Holmes and
another Joan got together and I think I’m correct in saying the 3 couples got
Other friends were Lea Ventura who married Ray Wooley, June Griffiths who
married Kevin Wooley. I was lucky to ride many safe, happy miles with
Gordon May on his BSA Twin 500..
I must mention that I was also fortunate to have Len Clarke living next door
to Mum and Dad’s. Len taught me to shoot and how to look after guns, he
was Captain of the Red Hill Fire Brigade and I was sorry to learn, only
recently, of his passing.
If you are lucky enough to live in the Red Hill area I hope you will gather
many wonderful memories as I have. I now live in Mansfield, another lovely
part of the world. Sincerely, Joan Blatchford

This could only be crown allotment 15A or 15B, parish of Kangerong, each of 104 acres 3 roods 34 perches (104.9625 acres.)I will get Joan to confirm which from the Kangerong parish map*. The former was bounded by Red Hill Rd on the south east and east as far north as the bend in the road in Melway 191 at the border of F3 and G3, and c/a 15B went north from there to adjoin the Kangerong Nature Conservation Reserve. The western boundary of 15AB is a line joining the south west corner of the nature reserve and the end of Station Rd. See the south west corner of the parish of Kangerong. If I recall correctly, Harold Ratcliffe and the Clarkes were on crown allotment 78A Balnarring across the Red Hill (to Bittern North)road on the north corner of Stanleys Rd with the said bend being at the middle of its road frontage.


Hello Ray, have just had a serious look at Melways Map 191 and can see exactly where we lived.
From H30 travel down to McIlroys Rd and keep going towards Red Hill Sth. Looking right

I believe that the boundary of Darling Park Wines would be the end of one boundary. You need to continue on that road till you get to Vines of Red Hill. That would have been the other boundary of the 105 acres. Tar Barrel Corner was there, opposite.

Hillside, also on the opposite side of the road was the property owned by George Clarke and purchased by William & Millicent Blatchford a few years after they arrived there. I know of at least one house along from there, up to Tar BC and Ratcliffe's.

George Clarke had 3 sons who all owned adjoining land planted to apples and cherries. They were Edgar/Margaret, James/Betty and Heini, father of Len Clarke who kept operating the orchard after serving in the Aust.Army and was Red Hill Fire brigade Captain, who I was told passed away recently, he was married to Tess. Len has a sister, Aileen.

I haven't located any parish maps. regards, Joan

ME.The road frontage (very long as you stated earlier) from DARLING to VINES (BOTH INCLUSIVE) confirms that your first property was c/a 15A Kangerong, known in 1902 as "Hillside Orchard"*. George Clarke seems to have used the same name for his property on c/a 78A Balnarring across the road.

This orchard, which belongs to the
Misses Huntley, is somewhere about
12 acres in extent, and is noted for its
large yields of fruit, especially of
cherries and plums. It is situated in
a well-sheltered valley and is perhaps
the most thoroughly-drained garden
in the locality. Of cherries, Black
Margaret do exceptionally well; and
of plums, the most successful seem to
be the Pond's Seedling. Apples and
pears grow to perfection, and the same
may be said of the strawberries and
raspberries, for which the Red Hill
soil and climate seem eminently
adapted. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 30-8-1902.)


--- ---- 9:43am Oct 3
Mary Nemarich, WELCOME TO THE GROUP.. The Back to Red Hill (District) reunion you were hoping for will take place in nineteen days. It will be at the cricket club pavilion at the Red Hill showgrounds from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m. on SUNDAY 22 OCTOBER.

Thankyou --- ..... oh yes, we go way back. I was an Iapozzuto. We were on Flinders Road just before Shands. My dad (John) and Uncle Sam had two adjoining apple orchards. Uncle Sams's is now T'Gallant winery. Along with the Delgrosso's, Tedesco's, Pilla's, Valente's, the Gallace's (Strawberry Farm) and many more, they all moved across from Italy, when there was a move to get the area developed into farming. They were all given incentives to come out post war to start up very prosperous farms. Of course it was bloody hard work. Everything was cleared by hand as you can imagine. Sadly, most moved away from the area. Hard work took its toll unfortunately. We moved back to Tucks Road many years ago. The pull of Main Ridge was strong and still is. We relocated to Tasmania 15 years ago and do love it, even though my heart will always have a place on the Peninsula. In some ways the Huon Valley reminded John and I so much of what it was like growing up on the Peninsula. I think that was the attraction. I do visit often as all our family are buried in the Flinders Cemetery. Thankyou again for adding me. I don't know if I will make this coming reunion. Such a pity I hadn't realised this group was around and joined earlier, but I will keep active and hopefully re-connect with families that we know. Mary

--- ---- 8:56am Oct 4
Mary Nemarich. Here's a sad tale about the early settlers on c/a 65B Balnarring of nearly 97 acres on which T'Gallant is now situated and on which your uncle, and possibly your father, had their orchards.

*BULLOCK Thomas.
F.Bullock was the grantee of 96 acres at Melway 190 E-F12, the north west corner being the bend in the Mornington-Flinders Rd and Tucks Rd the eastern boundary.

Mr. Candler, the district coroner, on Tuesday held an inquest at Dromana on the body of Thomas Bullock, aged 51 years. Deceased had been burning logs for clearing purposes in a paddock near his house at Balnarring,and on the 10th instant, at about a quarter-past 1 o'clock in the morning, his son, when out shooting, smelt flesh burning, and searching amongst the fired logs, found the deceased lying on some hot ashes on his back in the paddock about 100 yards from the house. He was last seen alive at about 10 o'clock the previous evening, when he was poking up a fire in the paddock, and said he would be in shortly. His daughter, to whom he said this, then went in to bed, as did also her brother; and the other brother, who found the deceased, on going into the house found them in bed. Deceased was not subject to fits, but he dragged one foot, scraping the ground with it, and when he got on his back he could not get up or change his position. Deceased was dead, and a post-mortem examination by Dr. Rodd showed that the body was charred throughout externally, some portions being completely baked even in the internal organs. The back was especially burnt. The cause of death appeared to have been burning. The jury found that deceased was found dead, having been accidentally burnt to death.
(P.7, Argus, 14-7-1870.)

Mary Nemarich 9:07am Oct 4
Oh my goodness, that is sad :(

Dear Mr ----

I wish you well for your back to Red Hill

I'd like to be there if I can, although its a bit far to come on my own

My family on both sides came from Red Hill and I was born there.

My father was Geoff Skidmore, son of Henry and Esther who lived up past the school at "Fairview"

My mother was Sheila Sheehan, daughter of Annie Douglas Sheehan of Sheehan's Rd.

It is still a beautiful place and will always remain so in my memory

Thank you for sharing the past and the future of Red Hill


Libby Skidmore

It's a pity that Libby can't attend because her terrific mother contributed so much to my knowledge of Red Hill's history with her THE RED HILL, which apart from a short Holmes family history was the only source available. How things have changed since then, with histories being written recently by Stephen Lynch, Helen Blakeley, Barry Wright and Ray Holmes.

A very pretty wedding took place at the Presbyterian Church, Gardenvale, when Miss Sheila Sheehan was married to Mr. Geoffrey Skidmore(late A.I.F.), both of Red Hill.
The bride was dressed in cream satin with-a lovely old lace wedding veil; she carried a bouquet of frangipanni and water lilies. Her attendants were her sisters, Nancy (in dusty pink) and Patricia (in mistyblue). Both carried bouquets of pink and blue hydrangeas and delphiniums. The best man was Mr.Ken Skidmore (A.I.F.,
Queensland) and the groomsman was Mr. F. McGregor.
The church was beautifully decorated in shades of pink and blue, and Rev. R. T. White, B.A., of Red Hill,
After the ceremony the guests were received at the residence of the bride's aunt (Mrs. Lewis).The young couple are spending a short time at Sorrento before taking up residence at Red Hill. (P.2, Standard, 11-1-1945.)

The recent histories, although they are family histories, add details not found in Sheila's history. Sheila, on the other hand, wrote about other families and gave very little detail about her own family, apart from the Sheehan arrival in South Australia and the move to Victoria. This is probably why Libby described her mother as being the daughter of Annie Douglas Sheehan. It is rare for a local history not to contain more extensive information about the author's own family; rather too self sacrificing by Sheila, so I will try to provide some detail.

Here is Annie's marriage record.
EventMarriage Event registration number9550 Registration year1920
Personal information
Family nameSHAW Given namesAnnie Douglas SexUnknown Spouse's family nameSHEEHAN Spouse's given namesRegd Arth

Annie's maiden name seemed familiar. Aha, MEMOIRS OF A LARRIKIN, Hec Hanson's biography, written by Petronella Wilson.
P.11. "I (Hec) spent my early school years at the Red Hill State School that was at the lower end of Arkwell's Lane on the corner of Wiseman's property. Miss Shaw, who married a local gentleman by the name of Reg Sheehan, was my teacher when I started. (Hec was born on 14-2-1913 so he probably started school in 1918 or 1919.)

P.25. During World War 2, my cousin Peter Purves was away with a few of the boys from Red Hill, including Stan White and Reg Sheehan They were in the 6th Division.

Now that we have Sheila's father's name, we might find which member of the Sheehan family was her grandfather Sheehan. Sheila's grandfather Sheehan was JOHN SHEEHAN*.


EventDeath Event registration number19644 Registration year1975
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesReginald Arthur SexMale Father's nameSHEEHAN John Mother's nameEsther (Rees) Place of birthDandenong Place of deathGlen Iris Age79

Reg. had been prominent in the Red Hill R.S.L. Had his love of poetry been inspired by his teacher wife, Annie? (By the way, Annie was probably the Mrs R.Sheehan who taught temporarily at Red Hill circa 1944.)

DIED APRIL 29, 1929.
(Late 29th Battery A.I.F.)
Silently marching up Flinders Hill
Escorting a comrade to rest;
Diggers observing the last sad rites
For one of their own, gone west.

Thoughts winging back to other days
Memories that never grow dim—-
That night when death in the shape
of a shell
Took his brother—- but crippled him.

Dugouts and gunpits in far-off
When he shared all he had with a
And his whimsical smile when things
looked black
In those days of slaughter and

The ranks open out and inward turn
As the cortege passes through
The beautiful masses of wreaths are
With Artillery's red and blue.

A Dinkum Digger—- a real good sport
Too soon he has gone to his rest,
May he sleep in peace, for he truly
This epitaph—"One of the Best"
Red Hill. (P.8, Frankston and Somerville Standard, 10-5-1929.)

Annie Douglas Sheehan, daughter of Frederick Davenport Shaw and Elizabeth, nee Neale,died aged 84 in 1978, her death certificate giving her place of birth as Terang. She was born in 1894 with the birth record giving her place of birth as BLLANGEICH. The correct spelling is BALLANGEICH. From Ballangeich to Terang in the Western District is as follows:
36 min (40.4 km) via Terang-Framlingham Rd
37 min (39.1 km) via Ellerslie-Sisters Rd
41 min (48.5 km) via Princes Hwy/A1

Having established that Sheila's grandfather was John Sheehan and with the knowledge that the original end of White Hill Rd (before Wiseman's Deviation was constructed), Sheehans Rd, was so-named because of John and ROBERT Sheehan, I wondered if Robert was John's son or brother. My curiosity was increased when I found a par about Mrs G.Scholefield of Geelong visiting her mother, Mrs R.Sheehan of Red Hill with her baby daughter, Susan, in the mid 1940's. Even (as I thought) correcting the surname to Scholfield, I could not find a marriage record or marriage notice to find Mrs Scholfield's given name(s). Was she the daughter of Reg Sheehan or Robert Sheehan?

A "Mrs R.Sheehan, Red Hill" search explained why the marriage notice had not been found.It is very probable that Aileen was the daughter of REGINALD ARTHUR SHEEHAN and Annie Douglas (nee Shaw)and thus Sheila Skidmore's eldest sister.

At the John Knox Presbyterian Church, Gardenvale, the marriage was celebrated on Saturday by Rev.J. McLean, of Lieut Aileen Dorothy Sheehan, AANS, eldest daughter of Mr and Mrs R. A. Sheehan, Red Hill, and Lieut. George Schofield, AIF,eldest son of Mr and Mrs A. Schofield, Geelong. The bride wore uniform, and both bride and bridegroom were unattended. Rev J. Alexander officiated.(P.6, Argus, 22-5-1944.)

In 1900-1, Robert Sheehan's assessment on 48 acres and house was crossed out.In 1910-11, Mrs Robert Sheehan was assessed on 28 acres, 6 of 10B, Kangerong. Crown allotment 10B was on the west side of Sheehans Rd and c/a's 11AB east of Sheehans Rd to Arkwells Lane were granted to James Wiseman, hence the name of the deviation.

By 1900, Robert Sheehan was about 69 years old and there will be no death record on Victorian BDM. You will see shortly why I am certain that Mr. R. Sheehan is Robert, not Reg.

Mr R. Sheehan, of Red Hill, has gone for a trip to W.A., accompanying his daughter Mrs C. Lapman who has been in (Red Hill?) on a visit. (P.2, Mornington Standard, 19-2-1902.)

SHEEHAN.— On the 4th May, in private hospital,Adelaide, of pneumonia. Robert Sheehan, of Red Hill, son of the late William Sheehan, of Youhall,Ireland*, in his 72nd year.(P.48, Leader, 24-5-1902.)

Sheila Skidmore stated that her GREAT grandfather came from County Cork. Was YOUHALL in that county?
Youghal - Wikipedia
Youghal is a seaside resort town in County Cork, Ireland.

p.12-13. "The McKeowns had sold the property (73AB Balnarring)to Sheila's great grandfather.He had come from County Cork to Adelaide where he worked as a brickmaker. He married Mr Ewer's daughter, Eliza, and they set off looking for land in their bullock cart, a wedding present, selecting land at Lake Marma (Murtoa) and staying 15 years before coming to Red Hill in 1885."

Fancy not checking this before I looked at Reginald Arthur Sheehan's death record. Sheila's grandparents were John Sheehan and Esther (nee Rees)but it was Sheila's GREAT GRANDFATHER who had married Eliza Ewers. Her G.G.F. was ROBERT SHEEHAN.

EventBirth Event registration number15929 Registration year1861
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesOlive Emily SexUnknown Father's nameRobert Mother's nameEliza (Ewers) Place of birthAMHE (Amherst?Amherst, Victoria - Wikipedia,_Victoria)

EventBirth Event registration number11749 Registration year1863
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEliza Priscilla SexUnknown Father's nameRobert Mother's nameEliza (Ewers) Place of birthMAJO (Majorca? Majorca, Victoria - Wikipedia,_Victoria)

EventBirth Event registration number17192 Registration year1873
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEdith Sarah Ann SexUnknown Father's nameRobt Mother's nameEliza (Ewers) Place of birthHORSHAM

If Sheila was correct about Eliza being her great grandmother, her grandfather John must have been born in South Australia before they left as only a trio of daughters seem to have been born in Victoria.

EventDeath Event registration number1213 Registration year1917
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEliza SexUnknown Father's nameEwers Wm Mother's nameSarah (Boltwood) Place of birth Place of deathDromana Age82

Eliza was born in about 1835 and if her husband, Robert, was the one who died in Adelaide in 1902, he was born in about 1830. Did one of these daughters marry Mr Lapman?

There was no marriage of a Sheehan girl to a Mr Lapman but result 122 of 130 for Sheehan marriages (1880-1900) wiped the snarl from my lips.

EventMarriage Event registration number3447 Registration year1898
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEdith Sarah Ann SexUnknown Spouse's family nameCHAPMAN Spouse's given namesJno

See pages 75-78 of Colin McLear's A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA.
John Chapman (1866-1901)was the first child of George Chapman (who established Seawinds near the summit of Arthurs Seat) and Elizabeth, nee Bain. John and his brother Thomas (see Helen Blakeley's book for details of his occupancy of "Ecclesall")went to Western Australia during the gold rush in the 1890's. (Thomas returned to become a much respected central riding councillor.) John Chapman remained in Western Australia and died in Bunbury during a typhoid fever epidemic. His wife, Edith, (nee Sheehan) returned with her little daughter to her family at Red Hill.

EventMarriage Event registration number1831 Registration year1891
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesJno SexMale Spouse's family nameREES Spouse's given namesEsther Maria

EventDeath Event registration number18351 Registration year1945
Personal information
Family nameSHEEHAN Given namesEsther Maria SexFemale Father's nameREES Henry Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthAVOCA Place of deathDROMANA Age76

Sheehans Road was originally part of White Hill Road until the deviation was built, which was more direct to the Arthurs Seat Road. The intersection to the west became Sheehans Corner.
The Sheehan family moved to Red Hill in 1885. The first services of the Church of Christ were held at‘Gunbower’, the home of Robert and Eliza Sheehan. There is scope for an article on the Sheehans as the children married into other respected Red Hill families. Annie Sheehan was much loved. Daughter of Annie Sheehan, Sheila Skidmore, wrote ‘The RED HILL’*.
The preface to her book reads:
‘The story of a farming community is lovingly dedicated to my mother Annie Douglas Sheehan at whose insistence and for whose enjoyment it has been compiled’.

McGREGOR (nee Lorraine Skidmore).-On February 7, at Mornington, to Bdr. F. A. McGregor (A.I.F. Darwin) and Mrs.
McGregor, Red Hill-a son (Ian Francis).P.2, ARGUS, 10-2-1942.

EventBirth Event registration number4797 Registration year1916
Personal information
Family nameSKIDMORE Given namesDorothy Lorraine SexUnknown Father's nameHy Jack Jas Mother's nameEsther (Baldwin) Place of birthKYNETON

Although Libby Skidmore's contribution was short, her grandmother Sheehan's given names and the following information about her father's parents have proven to be very valuable.
"My father was Geoff Skidmore, son of Henry and Esther who lived up past the school at "Fairview."

Mrs F.A.McGregor and Sheila's husband, Geoff, had the same parents so they were siblings.
My attempt to find Geoffrey Skidmore's birth record to confirm Libby's information met with no success, but luckily his death record was found and confirms his parents' names.

EventDeath Event registration number14662 Registration year1984
Personal information
Family nameSKIDMORE Given namesGeoffrey Baldwin SexMale Father's nameSKIDMORE Henry Jack James Mother's nameEsther (Baldwin) Place of birthKyneton Place of deathDandenong Age65

Henry and Esther must have moved to Red Hill after Geoffrey's birth. The first mention of the SKIDMORE name in connection with Red Hill was in 1934, in a report of the Red Hill and District Show written by the Mornington correspondent: "Gladioli: J. Skidmore." Kenneth John Skidmore was definitely living at Red Hill by 1935, a decade before his marriage, and was playing footy for Red Hill by 1938.*.

My word, the Sheehan and Skidmore families can be proud of their war service! It looks as if such service was a key element in almost every marriage.

EWINGTON - SKIDMORE, - Shirley Eva, eldest daughter of Captain and Mrs.James Ewington, Lorn, West Maitland,
N.S.W., to Sgt. Kenneth John (A.I.F.),younger son of Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Skidmore, Fairview. Red Hill, Victoria.(P.14, Argus, 28-7-1945.)

BALDWIN.-On January 15, at Mornington, Arthur Begg, son of late Mr.and Mrs. E. Baldwin. Kyneton, loved brother of Menzies (Stanhope),Jeanie (Mrs. A. M. Perkin), Margaret, Esther (Mrs. H. J. Skidmore,Red Hill).
(P.2, Argus, 19-1-1948.)

When I received Libby's contribution, I tried to find her birth record,but I didn't know that her given names were ELIZABETH ANNE, which I just discovered in her birth notice.She was born about one and a half months after the Ewington-Skidmore marriage.


Pardon my use of Rosebud West to name the suburb which is now, due to historical stupidity, called Capel Sound. Before the real Capel Sound existed, when Port Phillip was called Nerm by the Boon Wurrung, a stream did flow where the real Capel Sound is now situated, the Yarra River. It joined the Tamar River in what is now Bass Strait and the Tasmanian aborigines probably followed it on their walk to Tassie.

Anybody aware of the deep water anchorage but unaware of the stupid suburb name change would think I was stupid if I referred to a creek running through a deep water anchorage!

"William Wong-Shing was born not far from Kowloon in 1880. As a very young man he became a crewman of a ship which sailed to Sydney and heard about the possibilities offered by this foreign land so he returned to China, married his arranged bride, Ah Yip Chinn, also born in 1880, who lived in a neighbouring village.He returned to Sydney with his bride and worked there for about two years before they travelled overland to settle in Carlton, where William worked at the Victoria Market.

William enjoyed travelling to Sorrento on the steamers and became friendly with Charles Morgan, a businessman there who encouraged William to take a lease on land in a hollow near the Sorrento Football Ground (detailed on a history board just inside the entrance of the David MacFarlan Reserve), which he did in about 1910.

In late 1912, William leased 38 acres, bounded by today's Johnson Avenue, Brendel Street, Eastbourne Road and the creek, from David Cairns (of Eleanora in the hospital grounds)at a rental of five pounds one shilling and eightpence."

So begins the story of how the Boneo Swamp Drain became known as Chinaman's Creek.

The rest of the story can be seen in Bettyanne Foster's STORIES OF ROSEBUD WEST. If you are quick you may still manage to purchase a copy of this excellent book from the Seawinds Community Hub:
Visit us: 11a Allambi Avenue, Capel Sound, 3940.
Phone us: (03)5982 2204

The Wong-Shing name became Wong and many seemingly unrelated members of the family are buried in the Rye Cemetery, if I remember correctly, near the north west corner of the hill.

This journal was prompted by a question on the PIONEERS OF THE MORNINGTON PENINSULA Facebook page which I shared on the HISTORY OF DROMANA TO PORTSEA Facebook page, and supplements the very detailed information in Bettyanne's book.

SUE LEGGETT.-Hi. What is the history of the naming of Chinaman's Creek. Is it to do with the King family from Limestone rd.

Joy Booth, a Cairns descendant, told me that some Wong descendants bought land in Limestone Rd.
Luckily I found my notes from the interview.Freddy King married Nellie Wong. He had a dairy farm in limestone Rd. half a mile west of the Boneo school. Their son Barry* walked behind a horse and was kicked in the head. He died despite two operations having been performed. Dennis Wong married Grace Armstrong** and had a property in Limestone Rd near Fred and Nellie. Teddie Wong married Minnie*** and George Wong married Hazel****.

Fred King's marriage record is below.

* EventDeath Event registration number9768 Registration year1948
Personal information
Family nameKING Given namesBarry George SexMale Father's nameKING Frederick George Mother's nameHelen Leslie (Wong) Place of birthMORNINGTON Place of deathCARLTON Age2

** No marriage record found for Dennis Wong or Grace Armstrong. That was because of my rushed note making. Dennis was actually Dennis King as Sue Leggett, who'd asked the original comment pointed out, having read that I hadn't found the marriage record.
Sue Leggett Dennis is Dennis King who married Grace and yes lived on the hill on Limestone rd. Dennis sister is Bev Blakely. I know Bev was born in the little Daub hut still on the property on cnr sandy and limestone rd. Unfortunately a marriage record was still not found.

***EventMarriage Event registration number14466 Registration year1935
Personal information
Family nameWONG Given namesEdwd SexUnknown Spouse's family nameELLIOTT Spouse's given namesMinnie

****EventMarriage Event registration number7820 Registration year1936
Personal information
Family nameWONG Given namesGeo SexUnknown Spouse's family nameMAYBREE Spouse's given namesHazel

Bettyanne Foster's STORIES OF ROSEBUD WEST, although it doesn't mention the Kings, has some terrific information about the Wong-Shings such as William leasing the portion of c/a 13 Wannaeue bounded by Brendel St, Johnson Ave, Eastbourne Rd and the creek from 1912, eventually purchasing this land and much later selling this land to MR. JOHNSON who subdivided it as the Beach Gardens Estate.

Bob Parr's Memoirs on page 37 mention that the Wongs (later) owned today's Village Glen and that all Bob's brothers worked for them. On pages 79-80 is information about William Wong Shing regarding his birth in 1880, his arrival as crewman on a ship in Sydney, returning to marry, returning to Sydney for two years, settling in Carlton and working at the Vic. market, travelling to Sorrento on steamers and being persuaded by Charles Morgan to take a lease on land in a hollow near the Sorrento Sports Ground in about 1910. A HISTORY BOARD JUST INSIDE THE ENTRANCE OF DAVID McFARLAN RESERVE, EXPLAINS THE NAMING OF THE RESERVE AND ALSO GIVES DETAIL ABOUT THE MARKET GARDEN.

In late 1912 David Cairns and William agreed on the aforementioned lease of 38 acres at a rental of five pounds one shilling and eightpence a month. David Cairns was an excellent landlord and erected a three bedroom house and stabling. In 1940 Ted and George purchased (the now) 45 acres and in 1944 Ted bought 68 acres on the eastern side of Chinamans Creek BUT ON THE SOUTHERN SIDE OF EASTBOURNE RD from the Williams family.

In 1967, Ted sold his 68 acres to Charles Coleman but Ted's son, Darren leased part of it until he bought five acres in Fingal, built a home and operated the business from there (at the west end of Limestone Rd as specified by Joy Booth.)

I have only posted a tiny fragment of the information in Bettyanne's book about the family after which Chinamans Creek was named but hopefully I have given an idea of the fantastic detail that is available. There may be some copies still available at the Seawinds Community Hub, next to Eastbourne Primary School.
11a Allambi Avenue, Capel Sound, 3940.
(03)5982 2204

Jeanette Ross Elliott Teddy Wongs sister married Fred King of Limestone rd. Decendants are still living here

Thanks Jeanette Ross Elliott. Marriage record below.
EventMarriage Event registration number9693 Registration year1942
Personal information
Family nameKING Given namesFredk Geo SexUnknown Spouse's family nameWONG Spouse's given namesHelen Lesley

Faye Burnham I remember Ted Wong. But I also remember Charlie Wong (I don't know if Charlie was his real name) who delivered fruit and veges with a horse and cart in the 1950s Then he sold fresh produce from Cairns Avenue. He was a lovely man.

Jeanette Ross Elliott I think George Wong was Teds father

Faye Burnham. On page 78 of STORIES OF ROSEBUD WEST, it is stated that William Wong had three brothers, (George, Toy) and Sammy Wong but this could be wrong as no detail is given about Toy. George was said to be known as Uncle George to distinguish him from William's son, George, and was well known, making deliveries of fruit and vegetables to local customers from before the second world was until about the mid fifties. Ted was said to have moved into his Cairns Avenue home in 1967 but I believe that this home had been built by a man (who may have had reason to be known by a nickname, such as Uncle George or CHARLIE to prevent confusion) and is the one shown on page 195 of A DREAMTIME OF DROMANA, and in ON THE ROAD TO ROSEBUD if I remember correctly.

As Ted was only 52 when he retired to the Cairns Avenue home, there was no way his son, Darren, could have been the one that Faye knew as Charlie who was doing deliveries in the 1950's. I believe that William only had two brothers and have bracketed the first two brothers above, the two names possibly describing one man, UNCLE GEORGE, and possibly CHARLIE, who would have been 82 years old when he gave up his deliveries in the mid 50's and sold fresh produce from Cairns Avenue, as stated by Faye.

This could be Charlie's death record, his given names being GEORGE TOY. He would have been born in about 1873, about seven years before William.

EventDeath Event registration number5573 Registration year1961
Personal information
Family nameWONG Given namesGeorge Toy SexMale Father's nameTOY Unknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthCANTON CHINA Place of deathROSEBUD Age88

His nephew, William's son, George had died in 1947 so from that time there was no need for the bloke doing deliveries for the next eight or so years to have a nickname but customers who had been referring to him as Uncle George (more likely to have been in use among family members) or Charlie, were not going to suddenly start calling him by another name.

WONG SHING.— On May 18 (suddenly),
.at Rosebud, George, beloved husband
of Margaret, son of the late William and
Yip Wong, aged -47 years. At rest. (P.7, The Age, 20-5-1947.)

EventDeath Event registration number18355 Registration year1947
Personal information
Family nameWONG SHING Given namesGeorge SexMale Father's nameWONG SHING William Mother's nameYip (Ah) Place of birthMELBOURNE NORTH Place of deathROSEBUD Age47

EventDeath Event registration number18465 Registration year1946
Personal information
Family nameWONG SHING Given namesWilliam SexMale Father's nameUNKNOWN Unknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthCANTON CHINA Place of deathROSEBUD Age74*

If this age is correct, William may have been born in 1881 or 1882, not 1880. Therefore his brother, Sam, may have been slightly older than William.

EventDeath Event registration number7089 Registration year1947
Personal information
Family nameWONG Given namesSamuel SexMale Father's nameWONG Unknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthHONG KONG Place of deathPARKVILLE Age67

This Sam Toy would have been born in about the same year as William but at Hong Kong rather than Canton.However Cantonese is the main dialect in Hong Kong so there could be a connection. The death was probably at a hospital.

No death records for Sam Wong-Shing!

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My HERITAGE WALK, DROMANA journal contains much biographical information about the pioneers and it was probably in the ARTHURS SEAT HOTEL entry that I'd found reasonable proof that Catherine Wainwright had become Catherine Allison based on Catherine Allison being the grandmother of a Wainwright lad and that the licensee of the Arthurs Seat hotel was Catherine Wainwright one year (1886?) and Catherine Allison the next year.

Colin McLear mentioned that William Allison had run the Arthurs Seat hotel and that a member of the Allison family had been a coach driver. It was in doing a search for Dorey's Gully that I discovered that the coach driver was David Allison*, not William as falsely impressed into my memory.

At the time of writing the HERITAGE WALK journal, I was not aware the Victorian BDM records could be accessed online so I decided to search for Catherine Wainwright's marriage AND FOUND NOTHING! Aware of frequent Victorian BDM typos, I changed the 1880's search to Allison marriages.

EventMarriage Event registration number3011 Registration year1887
Personal information
Family nameALLISON Given namesWilliam Henry SexMale Spouse's family nameWEINRIGHT Spouse's given namesCath Jane

William was a blacksmith and seems to have returned to that trade after being listed as a licensee one or two times.

Catherine was the widow of Henry Wainwright.

EventDeath Event registration number1184 Registration year1886
Personal information
Family nameWAINWRIGHT Given namesHoratio Molyneux SexUnknown Father's nameHoratio Molyne Mother's nameJane (Lewis) Place of birth Place of deathDROMANA Age35 Spouse's family nameMARTIN Spouse's given namesCatherine Jane

ALLISON.—On the 4th April, at Brighton, Cathe-
rine Jane, relict of the late William Harry
Allison, Footscray, loving mother of H. M. Wain-
wright, and Jennie (Mrs. J. Wellenoweth),
aged 65 years.
"With Christ, which is far better."
(Inserted by her loving daughter and son-in-
law) .
ALLISON. — On the 4th April, at St. Andrew's
private hospital, Brighton, Catherine Jane,
dearly loved sister of Rosina Tuffs (nee Mar-
tin), and dearly loved aunt of Barley and Jack
Tanner, Belmont avenue, Kew. aged 65. (85?) (The corrector did not know about BDM either!)
For ever with the Lord. (P.13, Argus, 10-4-1920.)

EventDeath Event registration number4565 Registration year1920
Personal information
Family nameALLISON Given namesCath Jane SexUnknown Father's nameMartin Wm Mother's nameJane (Roberts) Place of birth Place of deathBrton Age65

ALLISON.—The Friends of the late Mr. WIL-
LIAM HENRY ALLISON, of 3 Herbert street,
Footscray, are respectfully invited to follow
his remains to the place of interment, in the New
Melbourne General Cemetery, Fawkner.
The funeral is appointed to move from his
brother's residence, No. 61 Vine street, Moonee
Ponds, THIS MORNING (Friday, 18th inst.), at
10.30 o'clock. (P.1, Argus, 18-8-1916.)

MRS. ALLISON, Relatives, and Friends of the
late William Henry Allison, 3 Herbert
street, Footscray, desire to THANK the many
friends for visits, letters, and cards of sympathy,
especially his workmates of brassworks*, Gordon
street; also for the extreme kindness received at
the Melbourne Hospital. (P.13, Argus, 16-9-1916.)

*William's background as a blacksmith would have made him a valuable employee.

EventDeath Event registration number11272 Registration year1916
Personal information
Family nameALLISON Given namesWm Hy SexUnknown Father's nameAllison Jas Drummond Mother's nameElizth (Pentecost*) Place of birth Place of deathMelb E Age55

*N.B. The Pentecosts were very early pioneers of Mornington.

EventBirth Event registration number4205 Registration year1854
Personal information
Family nameMARTIN Given namesCatherine Jane SexUnknown Father's nameWilliam Joseph Mother's nameJane (Roberts) Place of birthWILL


My Lacco/ Durham journals mention that the relationship between the two families was due to Elizabeth Lacco and Emily Durham being sisters, as revealed by a death notice for Elizabeth that was obviously inserted by Emily in 1934. This morning I consulted Victorian BDM of which I knew nothing until recently, and after five hours research I had discovered much more than was in the said journals but all of my findings were lost when I submitted. However I will paste key documents here.

LACCO.—On the 6th August, passed peacefully
away at Rosebud, Elizabeth, wife of the
late Fort Lacco, beloved mother of Mary, John
(deceased), Christie (deceased), Annie, Emily,
Mitchell, Margaret, grandmother of Bobby,
Lucy, Edna, Kenneth, Harold, Alick, George,
and Gwen, great-grandmother of Douglas aged
[?] years, a colonist of 77 years. —At rest.

LACCO.—On the 6th August, passed peace-
fully away, at Rosebud, Elizabeth Lacco, dearly
loved sister of Emily, Ellen, Clara and the
late William King. —Peace, perfect peace.
(Both P.1, Argus, 7-8-1934.)

This indicates that Elizabeth was aged about 2 when the Kings arrived circa 1857. As it was about 56 years since Elizabeth's father's death, the informant can be excused for getting his given name wrong.

EventDeath Event registration number16170 Registration year1934
Personal information
Family nameLACCO Given namesElizabeth SexFemale Father's nameKING John Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathDROMANA Age79

EventDeath Event registration number11527 Registration year1878
Personal information
Family nameKING Given namesWilliam Elijah SexUnknown Father's nameElijah Mother's nameSarah (Unknown) Place of birthLOND Place of death Age48 Spouse's family nameLANE Spouse's given namesElizabeth

Dr. Youl, the city coroner, hold an inquest
on Thursday at Heidelberg concerning the
death of William E. King, a labourer, aged
48 years, who died from injuries received
through being thrown out of a cart at Heidel-
berg on Monday last. From the evidence
it appeared that the deceased was driving a
spring-cart loaded with furniture through
Heidelberg on Monday evening, and
.whilst crossing the water channel near
the Roman Catholic Church he was
jerked out of the vehicle, and fell on to
the road upon his head. When picked up
he was bleeding from a wound at the back of
the head, but was perfectly sensible. He
was assisted to a house close at hand, where
he died the following morning from the effects
of the injuries he had sustained. The jury
returned a verdict that the deceased died
from the effects of an accidental fall.
(P.3, Argus, 27-12-1878.)

EventBirth Event registration number19395 Registration year1861
Personal information
Family nameKING Given namesEmily Trin SexUnknown Father's nameWilliam Elijah Mother's nameElizabeth Beckworth (Lane) Place of birthSANDRIDGE

There is no birth record for Elizabeth because she was about two years old when the King family arrived circa 1957. William's birth record cannot be found. Although he was the last sibling named in Elizabeth Lacco's death notice, he, like Elizabeth, might have been born before the family's arrival in Victoria.
Like Emily, Ellen and Clara King were born at Sandridge, in 1864 and 1870.

EventMarriage Event registration number1453 Registration year1872
Personal information
Family nameKING Given namesElizabeth SexFemale Spouse's family nameTELO Spouse's given namesFote

Thanks to TONKIN, I knew better than to search for the marriage by entering Fort Lacco. Weird spellings of his name had disappeared by the time of Annie Lacco's birth at Queenscliff in 1879 but it's going to be fun finding the death records of the first three children mentioned in Elizabeth's death record, namely Mary, John (deceased), and Christie (deceased). Emily Christina was born at Dromana in 1880, while Patrick Mitchell (1883) and Margaret Elizabeth (1886) were born at Carlton, where Elizabeth's widowed mother, Elizabeth, nee Lane, might have been living.

The great grandfather of Judith Mavis Cock (Judith Durham of The Seekers) was also a Greek fisherman like Fort Lacco and registrars had even more difficulty spelling his name.
EventMarriage Event registration number3393 Registration year1882
Personal information
Family nameKING Given namesEmily SexFemale Spouse's family namePANWTEO Spouse's given namesDimitri Antoni

EventMarriage Event registration number5814 Registration year1887
Personal information
Family nameDURHAM Given namesFrancis William SexMale Spouse's family namePUNWETO Spouse's given namesEmily

EventDeath Event registration number7854 Registration year1893
Personal information
Family nameDURHAM Given namesFrank Wm SexMale Father's nameFrank Mother's nameFanny Elizabeth (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathSt Kilda Age50

William Francis Durham and Emily (King) had the following children:
Frank William (b. and d. 1889), Frank Richard (1890, d. 1943?), Henry Joseph* (1892, d. 1963.)

*Wondering whether Emily had raised the two surviving boys and if they were involved at Rosebud, I remembered that there was a Durham assessment at Rosebud which, because of the initials, could not be linked AT THAT TIME to Emily or her son, Anthony. Luckily this assessment was in my original transcriptions of assessments, not hidden as a side note in special investigations of particular people and properties. In 1919, J.H.Durham's assessment was listed out of alphabetical order, indicating that he had recently bought his block from somebody with the surname of Freeman, perhaps F.E.Freeman (maybe Emma Flora Freeman, born 1880 to Robert Henry and Mary Jane Adams, who married George Freeman in 1903.) F.E.Freeman was assessed on lot 29, section A and 29 section B, part crown allotment 19 Wannaeue, net annual value 4 pounds. The next assessment was:

Captain Henry Everest Adams had purchased c/a 19 Wannaeue between Parkmore Rd and Adams Avenue, from the grantee, his friend Isaac White before the first assessment in 1864. His son, Robert sold the 191 acres to William Tetley in about April 1889. Tetley subdivided the land south to South Rd, Rosebud's second private subdivision following Woolcott's subdivision of c/a 17 (between Jetty Rd and the line of Norm Clark Walk) circa 1878. Tetley numbered his half acre blocks 1 to 29 from Govt.Road (Parkmore Rd)to Adams Avenue with section A blocks fronting "Government 3 chain road" (Pt Nepean Rd)and section B blocks fronting Rosemore Road. There were seven blocks of about 4 acres south of Rosemore Road. (Land Plan 3513.)

Flora Freeman's lots 29 AB fronted Adams Avenue. The surveyor or Melway don't quite agree that there are 29 chain frontages between Parkmore Road and Adams Avenue, they being 31 chains apart on Melway. J.H.Durham's lot 24 section A was about 20 metres west of a point directly opposite the drive into Tom Salt Park, just before the divided road ends in Melway 158 F11. The net annual value in the above assessments show that these Freeman and Durham blocks were vacant. I believe that J.H.Durham used his block for his horse to graze.

My "Durham, Rosebud" search on trove produced only one result.
STRAYED, dark brown Gelding. white star on forehead, .ear marked, scars on both hind legs. H. Durham, Rosebud.
(P.1, The Age, 13-5-1920.)

A ratebook inspection will be necessary to confirm this but I suspect that the death of Emily's second husband in 1893 (which seems to be verified by the birth dates of the three children above, there being no others born to the couple), was the impetus for Emily to spend more time in the weatherboard house which Judith Durham remembers being in the middle of the block on the west side of Durham Place, crown allotment 20 of the Rosebud Fishing Village granted to Fort Lacco on 16-10-1872 (the year of his marriage.)

It was probably at about the same time (circa 1893) that Fort Lacco built Pier Cottage on crown allotment 12 (or perhaps 12 and 11 of the fishing village, the site of the farcically-named Banksia Point apartment/ cafe development near the jetty. It was probably on that site that Mitch built the SURPRISE to show his expertise before moving to Queenscliff to further hone his skills. This was at about the same time that the hero of the La Bella, William John Ferrier of Number seven (crown allotment 7 of the fishing village, 858 Pt Neapean Rd)made the same move. Elizabeth went with Mitch and known as Granny Lacco to them, baby-sat the Ferrier youngsters, such as Lew (named after Lou Bucher), Queenscliff's barefoot fisherman in "Rosebud" at 20 Beach St., Queenscliff. Did Elizabeth leave Fort to cope on his own? No, Elizabeth was now a widow.

EventDeath Event registration number4813 Registration year1915
Personal information
Family nameLACCO Given namesFort SexUnknown Father's nameLacco Jno Mother's nameMary (Comeo) Place of birth Place of deathDromana Age72

When Mitch returned to Rosebud he built a house with a boat building shed behind it (fronting Mitchell St) on the east side of Murray Anderson Rd. Elizabeth* probably lived with Mitch's family and Pier Cottage was leased or bought by Cr.Edward Campbell of Melbourne City Council who spent every day he was down fishing on the bay**. Pier Cottage was destroyed by fire in 1936 despite the efforts of the Rosebud footballers on their way home from a function*** and Edward replaced it with the double storey building that stood on crown allotment 11 until it was recently demolished to make way for the three storey Banksia Point complex.
Mitch Lacco and family Back row Ken Lucy Harold My mother Edna Grandma in middle Alec George and Mitch taken on the front porch at corner of Murray Anderson Rd in front of the boat shed
Photo and caption supplied by Marie Laurier.

Mitch Lacco was born in McCrae into a lighthouse keeper family and became an apprentice to Hansen. He eventually established his own boat building business in Fisherman’s Flat in 1916 where he built boats in the backyard of 31 Beach Street and launched them, with the help of his mates, from right there – so close was the shoreline back then. Payment to the helpers was in the form of a keg of beer. Superstition prevented launching of boats on a Friday. And the fishing fleet also did not fish on that day, mainly because the Melbourne Fish Market was closed on weekends, but used the weekend for boat maintenance.

Peter Locke, a fisherman from St. Leonards, was asked by Mitch to join him. He eventually took over the business in 1926 when the Lacco family shifted back to Rosebud.

When I read this, I thought the writer was referring to Mitch being born into the famed Dunk lightkeeping family whose original head was on the vessel sent north to search for Burke and Wills and after whom Dunk Island was wrongly claimed to have been named. The Lacco/Dunk connection took place in 1934 when Mitch's daughter, Edna was married. Ironically this was the same year that Mitch's mother, Elizabeth, nee King died.

EventMarriage Event registration number13306 Registration year1934
Personal information
Family nameLACCO Given namesEdna May SexUnknown Spouse's family nameDUNK Spouse's given namesAdam Edwd

Mitch was born in 1883, the birth place being named as Dromana which could mean that his father was working at the lighthouse at McCrae, which, even in 1907 when William John Ferrier arrived to do duty there, was regarded as being part of Dromana; or it could just mean that Mitch's birth was registered in Dromana.

Another possibility is that Fort's father in law was a light keeper at Sandridge between about 1857 and the birth of his youngest daughter in 1870, perhaps longer.I'll place finding proof of Mitch's father or maternal grandfather being a light keeper on my list of things to do.


I just tried a Google search to see if there was any mention of James Hearn Snr. having married Big Clarke's sister and there was no mention of the relationship in CLARKE biographies. In fact there was precious little about James Hearn Snr. There must have been mention of the relationship somewhere* because I have stated that it exists but was my source correct? The proof is in the pudding!

I'd always assumed that James Hearn Jnr. would have died at "Roseneath" on the east side of Woodland Park,in Woodlands St, Essendon but he'd obviously sold it. After 1887, James is not mentioned in regard to the property, owned by 1906 by William Salmon, who donated Salmon Reserve alongside Five Mile Creek to the Council. It was at "Roseneath" that Big Clarke had died in 1874. James Jnr. died thirty years later at another house in Fletcher St, Essendon.

HEARN.—On the 19th July, at his late residence, "Uardry," Fletcher-street, Essendon, James Hearn, aged 62 years. (No flowers, by request.)P.1, Argus, 20-7-1904.

His death record is included because his parents aren't mentioned above.
EventDeath Event registration number8576 Registration year1904
Personal information
Family nameHEARN Given namesJas SexUnknown Father's nameHearn Jas Mother's nameLouise (Clarke) Place of birth Place of deathEsdon Age62

My purpose is not to list all the children of James and Louisa but here's another one. The precise location of Thorngrove (granted to Big Clarke) is given in another journal.

HEARN.—On the 6th February, at his residence,Jessamine, Sydney-road, Brunswick, Henry, the youngest son of the late James and Louisa Hearn,of Thorngrove, Somerton. (No flowers, by request.) P.1, Argus, 8-2-1907.)

Unforunately and amazingly VICTORIAN BDM seems to have lost half of the pudding, the part concerning one of Australia's most prominent pioneers, William John Turner Clarke! That's why I have included his death notice, had to inspect every CLARKE death record in 1874, in vain, and will have to document his parents from another source.

EventDeath Event registration number6018 Registration year1890
Personal information
Family nameHEARN Given namesLouisa SexFemale Father's nameClarke Wm Mother's nameSarah (Turner) Place of birth Place of deathBrnswk Age77

CLARKE.—On the 13th January, at Roseneath, Essendon, William John Turner Clarke, in the seventy- third year of his age. (P.14, Illustrated Australian News for Home Readers, 28-1-1874.)


About William Clarke
Biographical Summary

William Clarke, of the parish of St. Botolph, Aldgate, London, baptised 11th July, 1772, at Weston Zoyland, settled when young in London, and subsequently resided at Barnstaple, co. Devon. He m. 18th February, 1796, Sarah Turner, of Weston Zoyland, and had issue,

Charles, of Chelsea, co. Middlesex. England, m. Elizabeth, daughter of John Howe, of Merridge, near Bridgwater, and d. March, 1878, leaving two surviving sons and four daughters.
William John Tueneb* (Hon.), of whom hereafter. (*Turner)
Lewis, of Essenden, Victoria, Australia, left two sons and seven daughters.
Sarah Turner, m. Richard Comer, of West Bermudas, and d. s.p., 1843.
Caroline, m. Mr. Mead.
Louisa, m. James Hearn, formerly of Lower Petherton, co. Somerset, and afterwards of Thorngrove, and d. at her residence at Brunswick, May, 1890, aged 78*, leaving issue four sons and four daughters, several of the sons being well known amongst pastoralists. She had lived in the colony of Victoria for forty-nine years, and survived her husband many years.(*Probably a misinterpretation of "the 78th year of her age." or an estimation.)
William Clarke d. 1819.

SOURCE: Burke, Bernard, Sir, 1814-1892. cn; Burke, Ashworth Peter, 1864-1919. A genealogical and heraldic history of the colonial gentry, Vol. I; London, Harrison; 1891; page 20

David Duncan, co-grantee of section 14 Tullamarine (extending a mile west from the Melbourne Airport terminal building) built this house. See DUNCAN BUILT ROSENEATH

A trove search for "Roseneath Essendon" reveals much information about Lewis Clarke's family, the advertisement (1877) of the property with 27 acres grass soon after Big Clarke's death, tenders being called for repairs in 1878, that it was occupied by a seemingly unrelated Ayre family in 1876,that it comprised "10 rooms, with commodious outbuildings, large garden, and about 23 acres of land"when advertised for sale or to let in 1880,that James Hearn Jnr. still occupied the property in 1887 but by 1889, Roseneath was occupied by poultry farmer,F.Edmondson* possibly till at least 1892, and about William Salmon's family from 1906.

William Salmon owned much land across Woodlands St from Roseneath which was used for grazing but used his Roseneath property for poultry farming.There is supposed to be a reference to the Roseneath Estate on page 74 of THE STOPOVER THAT STAYED but I can't see it. Bob Chalmers' THE ANNALS OF ESSENDON (1850'S TO 1924) states that William Salmon, who arrived in Australia in 1878 had donated the aforementioned 8 acre portion of the Roseneath Estate on 4-11-1918 (P.196) and that 44 home sites with frontages to Woodlands St, Napier St and Salmon Avenue and the now eight- roomed* Roseneath residence on a block 150 x 156 ft, formerly owned by the late William F. Salmon were to be sold on 11-10-1924. (p.256.)
(*As in many early houses, the kitchen was probably detached and the other missing room may have been servants' quarters.)
Be warned that Heather Smith's ROSENEATH, ESSENDON in the 1920's was another property on the site of Peter McCracken's 1857 Ardmillan mansion at 33-37 Ardmillan Rd, Moonee Ponds.


POSTCRIPT. The name of John Rankin's wife has never been properly recorded in Victorian birth records. I hate loose ends, and like her son James Forbes, I've struck gold. Pardon my pun, but if I didn't find this information, I would have had to show CAUSE.

This looked like a possibility because the death record of one of John and Jean's children had a mother's maiden name starting with C*. Death records and notices(e.g.McDougall) had shown that Jean and Jane were often used for the same person.

*EventDeath Event registration number5899 Registration year1916
Personal information
Family nameRANKIN Given namesJames Forbes SexUnknown Father's nameRankin Jno Mother's nameJane (Canse) Place of birth Place of death Age77

EventDeath Event registration number7108 Registration year1880
Personal information
Family nameRANKIN Given namesJane SexUnknown Father's nameCause John Mother's nameHelen (Dunnan) Place of birthU Place of death Age73 Spouse's family nameRANKIN Spouse's given namesJohn

RANKIN.—On the 4th inst., at Kensington, Jane, the beloved wife of John Rankin, in her 74th year.
(P.1, Argus, 5-7-1880.)

John Rankin, of Learmonth-street, Moonee Ponds,
gentleman, by his will dated August 25, 1891, and
presented for probate by Messrs. Pentland, Roberts
and Thompson, of Melbourne, solicitors, appointed
his daughter Margaret McDougall, of Holmes-road,
Moonee Ponds; widow, sole executrix. He bequeathed
his household furniture and other articles of house-
hold use or ornament to his daughter Joanna Brooks;
to his daughter Margaret McDougall his gold watch
and chain ; to his son James Forbes Rankin, the use
of piece of land with house, situate on the Racecourse-road,
Flemington, and at his death the same
to be sold, and divided amongst, his children, two
shares to his daughter Jessie and one share each to
his other children (at 21), excepting his eldest son
John Forbes Rankin. He bequeathed his residuary
estate equally to his four children Margaret
McDougall, Joanna Brooks, Jane Eadie and Andrew
Rankin. By a codicil dated January 27, 1892, he
bequeathed to the said Joanna Brooks part of Crown
allotment C, section C*, parish of Doutta Galla, with
house, and directed that in the division of his
residuary estate she shall take £1100 less than the
other legatees, that being the amount paid by testator
for said land, Testator, died July 19, 1892, and
the will is sworn at £1950 real and £12,200 personal;
total, £14,150. (P.11, Table Talk, 19-8-1892.)

*This had me puzzled but stupidly I didn't inspect the page, thinking that John was referring to Roseneath. It was only after Learmonth St. dragged my mind into gear, that I realised that John was referring to lot C of section 6, which is bisected by Puckle St-Holmes Rd., and includes Learmonth St. See the parish map whose link is given at the end of the journal, but select map 1 instead of map 3.

Peter Eadie, who lived in the heritage-listed Dunblane in Sunbury after selling his hotel and store, was a relative* of Robert Eadie of Ben Eadie at Sunbury, near Jacksons Creek,who would have gained his expertise regarding platypus habitats as a boy. Robert moved to South Africa and while there saved the life of Winston Churchill during the Boer War. Later returning to Australia he set up the platypus enclosure at Healesville Sanctuary and lived nearby till his death. See my Eadie family of Sunbury journal.

*EventDeath Event registration number14940 Registration year1900
Personal information
Family nameEADIE Given namesPeter SexUnknown Father's nameEadie Jno Mother's nameJean (Headrick) Place of birth Place of deathSbury Age66

EventDeath Event registration number18746 Registration year1949
Personal information
Family nameEADIE Given namesRobert SexMale Father's nameEADIE Robert Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthSUNBURY Place of deathHEALESVILLE Age85

Robert McDougall lived at Glenroy, Aitken's Estate between today's Aberfeldie and Avondale Heights, and Arundel between Tullamarine and Keilor, also owning Warlaby on the west corner at the north end of Oaklands Rd., Bulla, which he named after Major Booth's Shorthorn stud. Robert had died in 1887, before his father-in-law's death so Margaret was now a widow. See my Robert McDougall journal.

John Rankin's daughter, Joanna, had obviously met her husband at Kensington. She married John, obviously the son of John and Eliza, in 1866. Unsurprisingly, like Robert McDougall and Robert Eadie's weddings, the ceremony was conducted in John Rankin's Roseneath Cottage on the corner of Rankins Rd and Macaulay Rds, and opposite the temporarily closed (1864- circa 1872) Kensington station.
BROOKS.—On the 22nd inst, at Kensington-hill, Eliza, widow of the late* John Brooks, aged 69 years.
(P.24, The Australasian, 31-7-1875.)
(John had died, aged 76, at Kensington Hill on 19-7-1871 -P.4, Argus, 22-7-1871.)

EventMarriage Event registration number2837 Registration year1866
Personal information
Family nameRANKIN Given namesJoanna SexUnknown Spouse's family nameBROOKS Spouse's given namesJohn

Brooks— Rankin. — On the 11th inst., by the Rev. A.D.Kininmont, at the residence of the bride's father, Roseneath, Kensington, Mr J. Brooks, of H.M. Customs, Williamstown, to Joanna, youngest daughter of John Rankin, Esq. (P.4, The Age, 12-7-1866.)

EventBirth Event registration number526 Registration year1838
Personal information
Family nameRANKIN Given namesJames Forbes SexMale Father's nameRANKIN John Mother's nameJean (Unknown) Place of birthMELBOURNE

EventMarriage Event registration number3108 Registration year1862
Personal information
Family nameRANKIN Given namesJames Forbes SexMale Spouse's family nameROBERTSON Spouse's given namesJessie Stuart

James Forbes Rankin was probably Isaac Batey's "old mate, Jimmy Rankin." He apparently farmed near Redstone Hill for quite a while.
"Gold in loose quartz was first discovered on a Sunday in 1865. J. R.,S. F, and T. Batey, in company with
J. F. Rankin, began napping quartz,when to to their surprise it was seen to contain gold."
(P.2, Sunbury News, 17-9-1910.)

These would be his death record and Jessie's. Jessie may have been born in Flemington.(Typos are common.)
EventDeath Event registration number5899 Registration year1916
Personal information
Family nameRANKIN Given namesJames Forbes SexUnknown Father's nameRankin Jno Mother's nameJane (Canse) Place of birth Place of death Age77

EventDeath Event registration number12357 Registration year1917
Personal information
Family nameRANKIN Given namesJessie Stuart SexUnknown Father's nameRobertson Gilbert Mother's nameMary Semple (Stuart) Place of birth Place of deathFltin Age80

RANKIN.—On the 5th June, at his residence, Racecourse road, Newmarket, James Forbes Rankin,beloved husband of Jessie Stuart. (lnterred private family burying ground, Brighton Cemetery.)Born in Melbourne 1838.
(P.13, Argus, 17-6-1916.)

RANKIN. —On the 31st October, at Racecourse road, Newmarket, Jessie Stewart, dearly beloved wife of the late James Forbes Rankin. (Interred privately at Brighton.) A devoted wife and mother.(P.1, Argus, 14-11-1917.)

Section 2.
The land bounded by Racecourse, Boundary, Macaulay and Rankins Rds was sold by the Crown in 1849 in allotments of about 2 acres.
John Rankin bought two blocks fronting Macaulay Rd and was living there as a (market) gardener by 1851. He spent a short, successful time at the diggings and lived on Princes St (as Rankins Rd was originally known) for many years. His house, located at the Macaulay Rd corner, was demolished by the early 1890’s and he was living in Moonee Ponds when he died on 20-7-1892.
This portion of Land Plan 520 (sheet 2) shows the location of Rankin’s house, just near the station.
*See attachment.
Also see DOUTTA GALLA(Map 3.)

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Having been looking for information about William Savage, who'd taught at the Roman Catholic St. Augustine's school at Keilor before becoming the first teacher at Keilor State School in 1875, I found the notice, on page 4 of the Argus of 3-2-1869, of the marriage of William Savage, son of Mr. William Savage, Sligo, Ireland to Margaret E.J.Victoria Clarke, youngest daughter of the late John Clarke Esq. of Gooparle, Saltwater River. I remembered the name of that property very well, because, having seen it mentioned in Isaac Batey's memoirs as being the property of a member of the Clarke family, I'd spent considerable time trying to work out exactly where it was. I had my doubts about a teacher, who had to run night classes after a hard day's work in order to make ends meet, marrying a member of the Clarke family, presuming that John Clarke would be nearly as well off as his relative, William John Turner (Big) Clarke.

The first of Isaac's articles on trove that I tried was on page 4 of the 30-5-1903 issue of the Sunbury News.
He mentioned at the start that the Clarke referred to (obviously in the previous installment)was a wild one and long gone so that could have been John Clarke. Perhaps William Savage, teacher, really had married his daughter.

EventDeath Event registration number13113 Registration year1908
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesMargt Emily Jane Victoria SexUnknown Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathC Hill Age62

SAVAGE.— On the 31st October, Margaret Emily Jane Victoria, dearly beloved wife of the late William Savage, mounted trooper. late of Heidelberg, beloved mother of Percy of Fltzroy; Ethleen, Olive,Edwin' Alma, Hubert, Mabel, aged 65 years. Interred privately .Melbourne General Cemetery, 3rd November. Rest in peace,
— Inserted by Percy Savage. (P.5, The Age, 7-11-1908.)

POSTSCRIPT. William's death record shows that he was only 42 when he died in 1887 and would have been a boy when the school was established at Sunbury, as mentioned below.

SAVAGE.—On the 2nd inst., at the Melbourne Hospital, William Savage, late of the Mounted Police.
Funeral will leave the hospital at 2.30 p.m. this day(Friday).(P.1, Argus, 4-3-1887.)

EventDeath Event registration number2870 Registration year1887
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesWilliam SexUnknown Father's nameWilliam Mother's nameMary Ann (Pilson) Place of birth Place of deathMELB E Age42 Spouse's family nameCLARK Spouse's given namesMargaret

John Clarke's (probable) widow was still at Gooparl in 1857 when she took another son-in-law to court. I hope she didn't give William Savage, the mounted trooper, similar grief.
Portland Guardian and Normanby General Advertiser (Vic. : 1842 - 1876) Friday 27 February 1857 p 2 Article

Could Margaret's late husband, a mounted trooper, have been the teacher at Sunbury in the 1850's? NO, AS ABOVE. William Savage the teacher at Keilor, seems to have been a Roman Catholic because like other Keilor stalwarts of that faith such as Patrick Phelan and George Dodd he had contributed to a Roman Catholic building fund in 1868. Many teachers lost their jobs because of the 1890's depression, whose effects lasted at least as long as 1905 when schools were still being closed, and because unemployed people were likely to steal, not pay their rent etc., more police may have been employed despite the government being almost bankrupt.

However the death notice uses Rest in peace rather than the Latin version almost invariably used by Catholics. There was also another William Savage, definitely a teacher*, who married in 1860 and was maybe a Presbyterian.

*SAVAGE—MALLOWS.—[Golden Wedding.]—On the 22nd February, 1860, at the Presbyterian School-house, Rokewood, by the Rev. John Cooper, William Savage, head teacher of the school, to Catherine Charlotte Mallows. Present address, Corindhap. (P.1, Argus, 22-2-1910.)

The funeral of Mr William Savage retired State school teacher of Corindhap, took place on Friday afternoon,
and was largely attended. The late gentleman/ who was a native of England. came to-Victoria in the fifties, and
opened the school in Rokewood in the year 1856. He also occupied during his time as a teacher the State schools at Napoleons, Dereel, and Corindhap....... He leaves a widow, two sons, both of whom are in the State service. and two daughters.(P.2, The Ballarat Star, 10-7-1911.)

All the places where this William Savage taught were near Ballarat so he wouldn't have taught at Sunbury or Keilor. His children were Emma Elizabeth b.1861 at Geelong, William Selwyn b. 1863 at Barr (Bararabool west of Geelong), Martha b. 1867 Rokewood, Catherine b.1870 Rokewood, Unnamed male b 1873, Rokewood Mary Louisa b. 1874 Rokewood, Walter Owen b. 1878 BR EA (Brokewood East?)
William Selwyn would have been only 14 years old in 1875, when the Keilor State School opened under William Savage who'd previously taught at St. Augustine's school at Keilor.

More about Keilor's teacher at the end.

In the same article, Isaac mentioned that the first school at Sunbury was on the site* of the Roman Catholic Church and operated under the old system**. He thought that the first male teacher was William Savage and that there was a female teacher whom he named.
(*The township map would probably show that the site had been reserved for the R.C. Church.
** Any denomination could get government aid for a school but this led to a proliferation of schools in well- populated areas and none in others, so the Government passed the Common School Act in 1862 to ensure that every area would have a school.)

Also in this article, Isaac mentioned that Arthur Frost who had run the Franklin (in Sunbury and built by Tulip Wright)had married Fanny, Tulip's second daughter.

Isaac made few mistakes but did call David William O'Nial's LADY OF THE LAKE HOTEL at Tullamarine the LADY OF THE LADY, a mistake that was repeated in the Tullamarine Methodist Church centenary souvenir of 1970 whose author realised what a great source Isaac was but lacked the means to confirm the name. I do have the means to confirm Arthur Frost's marriage.

EventMarriage Event registration number2400 Registration year1859
Personal information
Family nameFROST Given namesArthur Thomas SexMale Spouse's family nameWRIGHT Spouse's given namesFrances

The Shire of Bulla was preceded by the Bulla Roads Board, established in 1862 and extending south almost to Essendon until the Keilor Road District was proclaimed shortly afterwards. A history of the shire was sought for its centenary, I.W.Symonds' BULLA BULLA being chosen over THE SHIRE THAT TOOK OFF by Grant Aldous, a decision that was probably influenced by the Clarke family which would not have been impressed by Grant's story about George Evans laying a pistol on his table when Big Clarke came calling as a reminder to the visitor not to flirt with George's young wife, Annie, nee Holden. No prizes for guessing where this racy tale would have come from!

It was probably in Symonds' book that I read about the Bulla Road Board being formed at a meeting at the Bridge Inn (built by Tulip Wright) and meetings being held there until Frost asked for rent to be paid; the office and meetings then being transferred to Melville's Inverness Hotel at Oaklands Junction until the shire hall was built in Bulla Township. Now we know why Frost was running the Bridge Inn. Symonds might have got his information from histories of the shire (possibly written in 1912) by young Daniel and another student who came first and second respectively in a competition. The Daniel boy had the assistance of two members of his family being involved as shire secretaries but you can bet that Isaac's memoirs were the main source.

I can't find the reference to Big Clarke's relative of Gooparle but you can be certain it's there. John Clarke had died by 1857 when probate of his will was sought and Gooparle may have been a large slab of Ascot Vale West with the homestead in Langs Rd, (between Chauvel and Anderson Sts) later being occupied by William Anderson of the Flemington Meat Preserving Company. I would never have discovered this without Isaac's racy, descriptive, detail-packed memories of the pioneers in a huge area around Sunbury. He and Harry Huntington Peck should be awarded a posthumous Order of Australia for their services to history!

THE Gooparl Estate is the property of Charles Payne, Esq comprising 48 acres of Land, five of which are in a high state of cultivation, as a flour, fruit, and kitchen garden. Also ten acre cultivation paddock, and two
grass paddocks of 33 acres.

The whole is substantially fenced with post and three rails,and dividing fences, with very superior gates. The buildings consist of a neat verandah cottage, of seven rooms, kitchen and scullery; the out buildings comprise, stabling, harness room, coach-house, open shed, and fowl-house, and sleeping apartments, and store-room over.
There is a large water tank, built of stone, and cemented, the yard is paved, and everything in first-rate order.

The property is situated near the racecourse, four miles from Melbourne, and is always accessible by good roads; it has a frontage to the Salt Water River, and two Government roads. It is now offered for sale in whole or in portions on liberal terms. Further particulars on application to the undersigned
JOHN MACKENZIE, Queen Street.(P.7, Argus, 6-11-1852.)

Link for Doutta Galla Parish map; select map 1. DOUTTA GALLA

Crown allotment 31, section 3 Doutta Galla of 48 acres was granted to Charles Payne on 3-6-1846,the same day on which George Newsom (recalled by Newsom St) bought c/a's 32 and 33. My 1999 Melway has Clark* written by me on crown allotment 31 which extended north west from Langs Rd for 1000 links (200 metres), obtained from measurement on Melway as it is not on the parish map, to the north west boundary of Ascot Vale West Primary School. Crown allotments 31 to 36 all had the same 200 metre frontage to the road to Raleigh's punt (Epsom Rd.)
*This indicates that I may have information about John Clarke in my EARLY LANDOWNERS:PARISH OF DOUTTA GALLA.

Allotment 31.
This was subdivided in 1854 with John Clark buying 15 acres between (roughly) Anderson St and Victory Pde for 10 000 pounds, and John Wilson paying 3900 pounds for 19 ½ acres between Clark’s land and a line 2 chains from Epsom Rd; the road frontage apparently having been purchased by James Young. Clarke and Wilson’s purchases are shown ON THE ATTACHED MAP: A = Young B = Wilson [20 157], C = Clark [29 52].For the price, Clark must have also bought the land to the river.
William Lang bought Young’s 4/5 acre in 1861 and in 1866 bought an adjoining 3 ¾ acre portion of Wilson’s land from Hugh Glass, giving him most of the Victory Park site.

In 1882, William Anderson resigned as chief meat preserver at the famous factory on the Living Museum of the West site, and launched his own business on allotment 31. He built a house called Gooparle between Anderson and Chauvel Sts and ran the Flemington Meat Preserving Co. until 13-7-1915, six months before his death. Anderson’s Paddock, subdivided as the Victory Estate in 1920, contains Anderson and Monash St houses.

There is a photo of the Gooparl(e) house on GOOPARL

Lenore Frost's superb index revealing which people and places are mentioned in which books (which can be purchased from the Essendon Historical Society at the Court House Museum at Moonee Ponds) includes:
Gooparl (pages) 34 – 35 (book) 15 Fine Homes of Essendon and Flemington

The Government Gazette of 26-9-1862 had notified the appointment of William Savage as the deputy registrar of births and deaths for the Keilor District, vice (in the place of) T.P.Dowling.
(P.4, The Star, Ballarat,29-9-1862.)

Aha, we have the right bloke. I thought I'd start looking for his children's births between 1876 and 1880.
EventBirth Event registration number24024 Registration year1876
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesValentine Patrick SexUnknown Father's nameWilliam Mother's nameBridget (Gough) Place of birthKE IL

William had married Bridget in 1863 but unfortunately marriage records don't mention locations.

EventMarriage Event registration number1682 Registration year1863
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesWilliam SexMale Spouse's family nameGOUGH Spouse's given namesBridget#

Their children were: William Francis b.1864 Keilor (with the father's name as Willianm and the mother's maiden name as Goff), Maria b.1865 Keilor, Michael Vincent b.1866 Keilor, John James**, *** b.1868 Keilor, Joseph b. 1869, Keilor (with William's second given name recorded as Aloysius),M. b. 1870 Keilor****, Louisa b.1872 Keilor (William Aloysius as the father's name again), Charles Baromas b. 1873 Keilor, V.P. (above) b.1876, Margaret* b 1881 Keilor.

# SAVAGE - On the 12th July, at her residence. No.12 Robert- street, Footscray, Bridget Savage, dearly loved wife of William Savage, late of Keilor, beloved mother of John, Charles. Maria, William,Vincent, Joseph, Louisa and Margaret Savage, aged 63 years. R.I.P.(P.5, The Age, 13-7-1901.)
SAVAGE.— On the 12th July, at her residence, 12 Robert-street, Footscray, Bridget (Delin) Savage,
dearly beloved daughter of Francis Gough, beloved sister of Joseph Gough, Mrs. J. Gibson and Mrs. H..
Serres. Fortified in the rites of her church. Interred 14th July. R.I. P. Sydney papers please copy.
(P.1, The Age, 16-7-1901.)

*BROWN— SAVAGE.— On the 1st January, at St.Ignatius' Church, Richmond, by Rev. Father Cahill, Thomas Richard Brown, of Bendigo, to Margaret, youngest daughter of William Savage, schoolmaster, late of Keilor.
(P.31, Weekly Times, 27-1-1906.)

**SAVAGE.— On the 1st June, at the Public Works store yard, 104 Wells-street, South Melbourne. John James, the beloved husband of Margaret Savage, and third son of William Savage, formerly State school teacher, Keilor, aged 36 years. R.I.P.(P.1, The Age, 2-6-1902.) JOHN'S FIRST WIFE HAD OBVIOUSLY DIED!

*** SAVAGE—TYRER - On the 3rd November, at SS.Peter and Paul's, south Melbourne, by Rev. Jas. O'Neill,
John, third son of William Savage, of keilor. to Maggie,only daughter of William Tyrer, of South Melbourne.
(P.5, The Age, 29-11-1890.)

**** The unnamed male born in 1870 unsurprisingly died in 1870.
SAVAGE, unnamed male - Parents: William & Bridget SAVAGE - Place of Death: Doutta Galla
Being east of the river, St Augustines was in the parish of Doutta Galla. Crown allotment 19, between Collinson St and the river, was part of Keilor Township.

Like any good Catholic, William kept the baby factory busy but what stopped the production line for a while after 1876? Had William given up teaching?

William Savage, of Keilor, gentleman.
Causes of insolvency-Having given accommodation bills, sickness in family, and pressure of creditors. Liabilities, £465 10s. 5d ; assets, £422 14s.10d.; deficiency, £42 15s. 7d. Mr. Jacomb, assignee.
(P.5, Argus, 24-5-1877.)

William was still teaching and the insolvency did not seem to have affected his performance.

An examination for results was held at the local State School on Monday last, when the splendid percentage of 94 was obtained. This must be very gratifying to the persons who have children attending the school, as well as to the teacher, Mr. Savage.(P.3, The Bacchus Marsh Express, 26-5-1877.)

AN examination for results was held in the Keilor State school on Friday last, which was, on the whole, one of the most satisfactory that has been held for some time past. The percentage obtained—within a very small fraction of 90—is an exceptionally good one, and when we take into consideration the fact of its being obtained under difficulties, such as sickness, which has been prevalent among children of late to an alarming extent, it must be regarded as a very high commpliment to the teaching powers of the head master, Mr. Savage, and of the staff of the school.(P.3, Bacchus Marsh Express, 13-12-1879.)

When Mr. McCusker's house was burnt down he was left penniless,and a fundraising committee was formed with W.Savage junior as joint treasurer with Donald McDonald. (P.3, Bacchus Marsh Express, 28-1-1882.) William had been born in 1864 so he would have been 18. Donald,now about 23 who had become a pupil teacher under William Aloysius Savage's tuition at the school in 1876, had by this time probably started his career as a journalist at Samaria, north east of Yea. Robert Dodd, son of George Dodd of Oakleigh Park,was a schoolmate of Donald and no doubt owed his successful journalistic career to W.A.Savage as well. See my journal about George Dodd and his siblings.

SAVAGE.—On the 22nd July, William Francis Aloysius Savage, formerly state school teacher of Keilor, beloved father of Mrs. R. S. Owen, of No. 8 Survey-street, Burnley, and Mrs. T Brown,of Bendigo, aged 70 years. R.I.P.

SAVAGE.—The Friends of the late Mr. WILLIAM FRANCIS ALOYSIUS SAVAGE are respectfully informed his remains will be interred in the Keilor Cemetery. The funeral will leave the residence of his daughter, Mrs. R. S. Owen,No. 8 Survey-street, Burnley, THIS DAY (Wednesday, 24th July, 1907), at 12.30 o'clock, arriving at cemetery about 3.30 p.m.
(P.1, Argus, 24-7-1907.)

EventDeath Event registration number9648 Registration year1901
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesBridt Margt SexUnknown Father's nameGough Frank Mother's nameBridt Mary (Enniss) Place of birth Place of deathFcray Age63

EventDeath Event registration number9993 Registration year1907
Personal information
Family nameSAVAGE Given namesWm Aloysius SexUnknown Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathRmond Age70

Not unexpectedly there are no birth records on Victorian for Bridget or William in 1836-1840. It seems a forlorn hope to find details of William's parents but perhaps we can explain how William and Bridget met each other. Did William arrive at Keilor in 1862 when he was appointed a deputy registrar of births and deaths for the Keilor district, had he been there for some time or had he been teaching elsewhere such as Pentridge (Coburg)?

They were married in 1863, at which time Bridget's father Francis Gough did not seem to be at Keilor; he seems to have moved there two years later.

NOTICE of INTENTION to APPLY for a TRANSFER of PUBLICAN'S LICENCE.-I, WILLIAM PEARCE, the holder of a publican's licence for the house and premises known as the Prince of Wales Hotel, situated at Flemington, do hereby give notice, that it is my intention to APPLY to tho justices sitting at the Court of Petty Sessions, to be holden
at Flemington, on Monday, 10th July, 1865, to TRANSFER the said LICENCE to Francis Gough, now residing at Keilor. (P.7, Argus, 24-7-1865.)

It will need someone cleverer than yours truly to explain how a person living in Keilor could run a hotel at Melway 28K9. Obviously, Francis would have had to then reside in the hotel, which is confirmed by incidents at Flemington involving Francis such as his alleged assault of a neighbour named Neighbour and a counter charge in 1868. GOUGHvNEIGHBOUR

In 1861, Francis may have been the Pentridge farmer of that name whose horse had been appropriated by Alexander Brown and Thomas Edwards who were charged with stealing the horse after it had escaped from a hitching post.
Gough's horse

In 1862, Francis Gough was one of eight residents who requested the local J.P. to convene a public meeting for ratepayers in regard to receiving reports and electing auditors and members for the Pentridge Road Board.

In 1864, the same Pentridge farmer was found not guilty of wounding William Corrigan with a sword at Pentridge. This Francis Gough was fetching clothes for his wife who was in the lock-up.

As the only results for Francis Gough in the 1860's concerned the person at Pentridge till 1864, at Keilor in 1865 whose connection with Flemington was established, and at Flemington, it is reasonable to assume that they were all the same person. It is also reasonable to assume that he was, from 1863, the father-in-law of Keilor teacher, William Savage. Therefore Bridget's mother died in 1867. Unfortunately there is no death record for Bridget's mother whose name is given in Bridget's death record as Bridt Mary (Enniss), only those of a Margaret and Julia. There was no death notice and the funeral notice did not mention the name of the publican's late wife.

THE Friends of Mr. FRANCIS GOUGH are respectfully invited to follow the remains of his late wife to the place of interment, Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral to move from his residence, Prince of Wales Hotel, Flemington, THIS DAY (Monday), 28th inst., at one o'clock p.m.(P.8, Argus, 28-1-1867.)

The mother's name on Bridget's death record seems to be wrong. Let me repeat Bridget's second death notice to explain.
SAVAGE.— On the 12th July, at her residence, 12 Robert-street, Footscray, Bridget (Delin) Savage,
dearly beloved daughter of Francis Gough, beloved sister of Joseph Gough, Mrs. J. Gibson and Mrs. H.
Serres*. Fortified in the rites of her church. Interred 14th July. R.I. P. Sydney papers please copy.
(P.1, The Age, 16-7-1901.)

*Mary Jane-see below.

I'd tried to find the death notice of Joseph Gough, apparently without success. I next tried Mrs J.Gibson. A Margaret Gough whose father was Francis Gough had been born in 1848 at PENTRIDGE.
EventBirth Event registration number2725 Registration year1848
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesMargaret SexFemale Father's nameGOUGH Francis Mother's nameMargaret (Unknown) Place of birthPENTRIDGE

She was possibly the one who had married John Gibson in 1870. John would have checked that she was a female!!!
EventMarriage Event registration number1802 Registration year1870
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesMargaret SexUnknown Spouse's family nameGIBSON Spouse's given namesJohn

I though I'd found Margaret Gibson's death record but haven't been able to refind it. Let's press on.

Other children of Francis Gough of Pentridge with the mother's name recorded as Margaret (no maiden name or Richards/Rickens/Rickers/Rickards) were, (with Coburg abbreviated to C if this is used instead of Pentridge, and M for Melbourne):
Anna Maria 1850 C; Catherine 1842 M; Francis 1846 P; James Joseph 1844 M; (Margaret as above 1848 P);
John 1854 P; Mary Jane 1860* P; Frances 1852 P.

* EventDeath Event registration number1979 Registration year1912
Personal information
Family nameSERRES Given namesMary Jane SexUnknown Father's nameGough Francis Mother's nameMargt (Righards) Place of birth Place of deathHberg Age52

Catherine died at P. in 1862 aged 2 (20 of course!). William died at M in 1863 aged 7 (probably born 1856.)There are no death records for the other sons after 1860.

(This could be Bridget's father but there was no death notice to clear up the unknowns.
EventDeath Event registration number9990 Registration year1903
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrancis SexUnknown Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birth Place of deathHoth E Age84)

As recorded above, a child named Francis was born to Francis and Margaret Gough at Pentridge in 1846 but this is a mistake unless Francis had a brother also living there who had named a son Francis. Francis wouldn't have named this boy Francis if he already had a boy named Francis who did not die until 1847.

EventDeath Event registration number40441 Registration year1847
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrancis SexMale Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthUNKNOWN Place of deathPENTRIDGE Age10 (Parents possibly John George Gough and Sarah as explained below.)

This Francis Gough seems to have been born in about 1844.
EventDeath Event registration number45160 Registration year1852
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrancis SexMale Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthUNKNOWN Place of deathPENTRIDGE Age8

Francis and Margaret had a daughter named Frances born in 1852. Another Frances died in 1847 at Pentridge, having been born in about 1837.
EventDeath Event registration number349 Registration year1847
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesFrances SexFemale Father's nameUnknown Mother's nameUnknown (Unknown) Place of birthUNKNOWN Place of deathPENTRIDGE Age10

(Perhaps there was a birth record for Bridget Gough who married William Savage. No, the first Gough birth recorded was that of Catherine, daughter of Francis Gough and Margaret Rickens/Rickers born in Melbourne in 1842 as noted above. This would seem to indicate that Francis and Margaret had arrived in 1841 at the earliest.


Francis Gough 23 hus (8 family) Labourer RC both Galway, came 30 Nov 1841 on the Mary Nixon
Margaret Gough 23 wife of Francis (8 family) Housemaid RC reads Clare, came 30 Nov 1841 on the Mary Nixon
Francis Gough, and Margaret Rickers baptised female Catherine at Roman Catholic St Francis, Melbourne born at Melbourne 1842 # 191
Francis Gough and Margaret Rickards baptised James Joseph 1844, Francis 1846 died
Directory 1847 constable, Pentridge
John Gough wed Sarah Bruce in 1845 at Church of England baptised Martha Elizabeth 1847 Letters unclaimed at Post-Office, Melbourne, 30th April, 1847
William Gough and Ann Mary baptised William 1847

The above confirms the date of arrival and a claim in a court report (when Francis was charged with fraud, the allegation being dismissed), that Francis had been a constable at Pentridge before becoming a humble but respected farmer there, but unfortunately does not establish the correct spelling of Margaret's maiden name.

Whether William Gough was related to Francis or not, he seemed to have moved to Portland by 1847. However John George Gough was at Darebin Creek, not far easy of Pentridge by 1849* and may have been the UNKNOWN father of Francis Gough who died at Pentridge in 1852 aged 8. The maiden name of his wife Sarah was Bruce according to the GOUGH ENTRY.

* EventBirth Event registration number16130 Registration year1849
Personal information
Family nameGOUGH Given namesJohn George SexMale Father's nameGOUGH John George Mother's nameSarah (Unknown) Place of birthDAREBIN CREEK