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What a difference a day makes.....

I spent a lot of time this last week researching. I was excited when I got a message saying where to look for the Jackson clan. It was exciting. My Dad's side is Jackson, Loving (Lovien, Lovin and I did find a distant cousin,)Rife (Riffe), Blackburn, Bond, Ross, Smith, Ivy (Ivey)Driggers and the oddest one Kinge Negro Toney. We also have Peoples, Brown, So all in all it was an interesting few days.

I decided to move away from the Jackson's a little and look at the other side of my Dad's family. The Peoples family names everyone after the father and so in each family you have a father named William and a son or 2 named William with different dates. One could easily get confused. Fortunately for me, Mom had written my grandparents and great grandparents names and date of birth and death in a family Bible. The only problem was finding who my great grandmothers parents were. Many hours later bingo. I found them and after that for the most part you could not get the info into my brain fast enough. It was exciting. I checked and rechecked and tried different ways to come up to the info several times, to make sure I did not have mistakes.

There are a few wives that are being elusive but I feel sure in time I will be able to find them. I am learning to be a good detective. (Always wanted to go into police work)

I still have my Mother's side to work on. The Gabel's, Dambach's Pfeifer, Lentz, Duerr, Gaissat, and Zimmermaenn,and I am not sure who else. I know my great grandmother but she was from Germany and I have not found nor have I learned how to get to the other countries. If I have found something from another country I have just stumbled into it. I guess though that when one stumbles and picks themselves up your more determined to charge forward. So we are now in the charge mode. I have found some interesting facts and I am really curious as to what is going on but a little more research may help. Question, if someone was in a prison in say 1917 ( They were a juvenile I think or maybe 17 and would that have been an adult? and they have been dead since 1986 is there a chance that you can find the records of what happened? Then they said they married someone and can not find any records, but the person seemed to have lived for many more years? I am just not sure about that (Another side of the family might know but they won't talk or look anything up so I am left wondering at this point. I know that this person should have been my Aunt's father. I also know that once she married even though her husband was killed in the war she did not want to return to New Jersey. She never talked about it and neither did my mother. Family dark secret.. does mystery hide here? Probably. Will I be upset if I finally figure it out. Probably not enough to quell my curiosity.

I said I was going to take a few days off, but it is raining here and thinking about this had made me change my mind. I think I will do some more research and add some info to the ones I found. Yep, what a difference a day makes. I am from Texas and here we live by the adage that if you don't like the weather today wait a few hours and it will change.. I have my version which is What a difference a day makes.... Life is good and it is amazing and just figuring out the ancestors only adds to the flavor of a good life.

Searching for my Jackson family line

I started researching my family tree about a year ago. I know only a few things about the Jackson side. I know about my great grandmother Mary Ruth Loving that Married Thomas Jefferson Jackson. I have found little after that.

I had a newspaper copy of an Obituary of my great Grandfather Thomas Jefferson Jackson. He was born in Fairfax Virginia to Spencer Jackson and Mary A Richardson in 1848 and died in 1923. I was able to find him when I found his brother John Tyler Jackson and thus found Spencer Jackson and Mary A. Richardson.

The linage that I have is as follows:

Spencer Jackson
Thomas Jefferson Jackson
William L. Jackson
Bobby Lee Jackson
Elizabeth Kay Jackson

I know that Thomas Jefferson Jackson ended up on Fort Worth, Texas and married Mary Ruth Loving daughter of William Ransom Loving Jr. They had 4 children: William Lee Jackson, Francis Bell Jackson, Thomas Jefferson Jackson (Nick) and Ruthie Jackson. Francis Bell Jackson is sometime seen as Franklin Bell Jackson.

I don't know much else. Like I said I have found Spencer Jackson the father of Thomas Jefferson Jackson, but I know nothing else.

I am not good at the researching yet and have a lot to learn, but I am getting pretty good with some basic what if's and running people down. I have worked on other sections of our tree and have eventually have run down a lot of info, but the Jackson side has really stumped me. I hope I can learn some things from this group and find family members. Thank you.