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I seek anyone who may have any info on "THE GLEN" apparently a property of the THE WARREN family who lived in LEFROY TASMANIA 1800S & EARLY 1900S.

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I have heard there may be a booklet on "PEOPLE WHO ARE WANTED FOR HAVING JUMPED SHIP" in Australia or Tasmania or something similiar.
OR am I wrong again ???. jamesjohnson.

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Andrew Augustus johansson...johnson

The story goes, that Andrew Johnson's brother ( a watchmaker ) came out from Finland to visit Andy and they got very drunk in a small town and held up the pub and wrecked the joint. Fantasy or is there likely to be some truth in it.

I find it uncanny, just how dedicated some people are who are so very...

I find it uncanny, just how dedicated some people are who are so very helpfull to others in using their precious time to look up multitudes of pages, ( and knowing just where to look ) So i want to publicly thank the lady who has given me so much info ( of which I would have taken months to find ) namely JANILYE. regards james.

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I publicly thank Janilye

Hi all, so many people do so much for mugs like me who can't even find their way around their own back yard.
I am boasting about a helper who has been so valuable to me in my searches for ancestors. How do they do it? I try to get my way in to Cemeteries and their info and am refused entry. Into B.D.M and nothing of value, But Janelle has the touch. Sorry Jan if I am embarrassing you
but I am sick of floundering around on my own. THAANKS JANILYE James

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import families

Is there a site or a gov dept where convicts, soldiers and others can apply to have their families join them in Tasmania, for example?? Thanks to all who read and reply with info to these pages. Jamesjohnson

JOHNSONS of Lisle Rd , Tasmania.

Hi I am looking for parts of my family who are descended from the JOHNSONS of LISLE RD on the back road to DERBY, Tasmania. In the 1913 Electoral Role, there were many JOHNSONS; Names like ANDREW,ALFRED, KENNETH, RAYMOND, ALICE, MARY ARTHUR.LISLE IS, OR WAS A MINING TOWN 32 MLS FROM LAUNCESTON TASMANIA. TURNERS MARSH, BANGOR, KAROOLA ARE OTHER TOWNS IN THIS AREA. McCARTHY'S also lived in this area and MINNIE McCarthy married into the JOHNSON mob, Namely ANDREW JOHNSON.

I only know about the children of ANDREW AND MINNIE JOHNSON. But what happened to all the others???

Hope to hear something soonest, thanks, regards JAMES JOHNSON. MARCH 2011.

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I,like many others on this site are researching relatives.
When one clicks on a name and finds no journal or any information AT ALL, one just wastes one's time. SO I encourage people to place a little of what info you have about your relative ( because there are sooo many of the same name)so others can know they have the right or wrong relative. THANX HEAPS. Respectfully james.

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looking for JOHANSSON family in FINNLAND of my great grand father who jumped ship in Tasmania Australia in1880s onwards.

looking for ANDERS GUSTAVE JOHANSSON THE FINNISH equivalent of ANDREW JOHNSON family in FINNLAND of my great grand father who jumped ship in Tasmania Australia in the 1880s onwards. He was known here as ANDREW JOHNSON. His father was ANDERS AUGUSTUS JOHANSSON a shoemaker. His mother was MARIA JOHANNA ( could her MAIDEN name have been KALSTOM, KULSTUM OR SIMILIAR) He had a brother Charles JOHANSSON who I believe may have been a watchmaker in Finnland.
City / Town in Finnland unknown. Thank you for reading.