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STONE - Victoria- Australia

The Age Mon 4 Nov 1895 Page 1 Family Notices
STONE.— On the 2nd November, at his residence,
Graham-street, Port Melbourne, George, the beloved
husband of Catherine Stone and beloved father of Mrs.
Jas. Dawson, Heath-street, Port Melbourne North, aged
56. A patient sufferer gone to rest.
The Age Mon 4 Nov 1895 Page 8 Family Notices
STONE.—The Friends of the late Mr. GEORGE STONE are respectfully invited to follow his remains to their last resting place, in the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to leave his late residence, No. 141 Graham-street, Port Melbourne
THIS DAY (Monday), the 4th inst, at half-past 2 o'clock
R. M'KENZIE, Undertaker and Embalmer.
260 Bay-street, Port Melbourne ; and 87 Clarendon-street
South Melbourne.
BD&M Record information
Event: deaths
Registration number 14742 / 1895
Family name: STONE
Given name(s) Geo
Place of event: Pt Melb, Australia
Personal detail
Parent 1's family name at birth EBERETHET
Parent 2's given name: Thos
The Age Mon 5 Aug 1901 Page 10 Family Notices
STONE.— The Friends of the late Mrs. CATHERINE STONE are respectfully
invited to follow her remains to the place of interment, the Melbourne General Cemetery. The funeral is appointed to leave her residence, 66 Ross-street. Port Melbourne. THIS DAY (Monday), 5th August, 1901. at 2.30 p.m.
W. G. RAVEN, Undertaker, Smith-street, Fitzroy
Victoria BD&M
Record information
Event: deaths
Registration number 11231 / 1901
Family name: STONE
Given name(s) Cath
Place of event: Pt Melb, Australia
Personal detail
Parent 1's family name at birth REDMOND
Parent 2's given name: Baines Geo
The Age Mon 3 August 1903

In loving memory of my dear daughter
and our dear mother, Catherine STONE, who departed
this life on 2 August, 1901, at her residence,
Ross-street, Port Melbourne.
Sadly we miss her, but yet in our sorrow
Hope for the future will banish all pain;
Faith points the way to a brighter to-morrow.
And gives us the hope that we'll meet again,
Inserted by her sorrowing mother, also her loving
[and this below is possibly the sorrowing mother. ]
Record information
Event: deaths
Registration number 13062 / 1904
Family name: BAYNES
Given name(s) Gina Ann
Place of event: Melb H, Australia
Personal detail
Parent 1's family name at birth UNKNOWN
Parent 2's given name: Unknown

Victoria BD&M
Name: Rebecca Ann Baynes
Birth Date: Abt 1854
Birth Place: Emerald Hill, Victoria
Registration Year: 1854
Registration Place: Victoria, Australia
Father: George Baynes
Mother: Ann Redman
Registration Number: 1572

George BAYNES 1820- 1900 Canterbury City Sessions: Convicted of Larceny & sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia on 21 October 1841. He was born about 1820 in St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Transported to Tasmania in the 'Surrey' arrived 11 August 1842. Married Gina Ann BRAINE in Victoria in 1855. Marriage registered in name Georgina BRAINE. The following year George Jnr was born in Emerald Hill, sth Melbourne.
The children I found of George STONE 1840-1895 and Catherine REDMAN 1853-1901
1. Catherine Elizabeth Stone 1871–1959 usually known as Lizzy; she first married James DAWSON 1865-1896 in Victoria in 1888. they had an infant Olive who did not survive infancy. James Dawson died in Port Melbourne in 1896. Lizzy STONE next married Thomas Alexander PARKER 1874-1932 in Victoria in 1901.
2. Alfred Thomas Stone 1874–1945 m. Isabella WOOD in 1901
3. John Stone 1876–1971 m. Eugenine SHEEDY 1905
4. Herbert Ernest Stone 1878–1961 Isabella SHEEDY in 1919
5. Georgina Rhoda Stone 1881–1929 m. Frank MOULIN in 1900
The Age Fri 27 Sep 1929

MOULIN.—On the 26th.September, at the
Alfred Hospital, late of 221 Grant-street
South Melbourne, Georgina Rhoda Moulin, beloved
Frank, Rhoda ( Mrs. Lehuiann), Herbert,
Philip and lillian, aged 48 years.
MOULIN.— On the 26th September, at the Alfred Hospital, Georgina Rhoda Moulin,
beloved sister of Elizabeth (Mrs. Parker), Alfred, John, Letty ( Mrs. Layfield),
Violet ( Mrs. Marshall), Herbert, Olive (Mrs. Parsons). aged 48 years.

6. Sarah Jane Stone 1884–1968 m.1. John William Henry PEACHMAN 1904. m.2. William Henry HEFFEY in 1915
Before Sarah Jane Stone married William HEFFEY in 1915, she was married to John William PEACHMAN in 1904.
The Argus Melbourne,Fri 21 Nov 1913 Page 13
Sarah Jane Peachman, of City road, South Melbourne, boardinghouse keeper, sought divorce from John William Henry Peachman, on the ground that
he had been guilty of misconduct at the conjugal residence. After the marriage at South Yarra on April 15, 1904, the parties lived together till
August, 1911, when it was alleged that the petitioner had found the respondent in the house in a compromising situation. After hearing evidence,
Mr. Justice Hodges granted a decree nisi, allowing the petitioner custody of the child of the marriage and permanent alimony at the rate of 15/ a week.
7. George Stone 1886–1887
8. Victoria Ann Stone 1888– married Frank PEACHMAN in 1908
9. Olive STONE 1890-1981 m. Bentick Burnbury PARSONS in 1913
10. Violet May born 1892 married Clarence James David Marshall (died 1959) in 1912 Violet May died in 1978 at Heidelberg
11. Mabel Lillian Stone 1894–1923 m. Ernest DUGGAN in 1921
The Age Tue 10 July 1923

DUGGAN (nee Stone) —On the 8th July. at the Queen Victoria Hospital,
late of 14 Aberdeen-street, Northcote, Mabel Lillian. the dearly loved
wife of Ernest George Duggan, The loved youngest daughter of the late
George and Catherine Stone, late of Port Melbourne) , and loving sister
of Catherine ( Mrs. Parker). Georgina (Mrs. Maulin) Alfred. John, Herbert,
Lettie (Mrs. Layfield) Sarah, ( Mrs. Heffey ) Annie (Mrs. Peachman),
Olive (Mrs. Parsons) and Violet (Mrs. Marshall), and sister-in-law of
Mrs. Duggan, aged 28
DUGGAN (nee Stone). — On 8th July at
at the Queen Victoria Hospital, Mabel Lilian, dear
sister of Alfred, and sister-in-law of Isabel,
and [?] aunt of Ruby and Doris. R.I. P.
by A. T. Stone and family.
12. Letitia Stone xxxx-1957 who married Percival Morley LAYFIELD 1877-1945 son of Allan in 1905

Death Notice for George Baynes Junior. He'd married Annie JOHNSON 1855-1937 in Mathoura in 1886 the children I could find were:-
Francis Mary Baynes 1887–1953 m. 1. Alfred BUTCHER, 2. William DAVIES
Kathleen ( Kate ) Baynes 1888–1962 m. Thomas George HETHERINGTON
Maud Annie Baynes 1890–1963 m. James Taylor JOSS

The Australian Worker Wed 26 Jan 1938 Page 17
An old member, in the person of George Baynes crossed the Great
Divide recently at Mathoura, at the age of 80 years.
In the early years of the Union he was employed in the
pastoral industry, and subsequently was a teamster in the Deniliquin
and Mathoura districts, where he made a wide circle of friends.
The sympathy of all is extended to the relatives of the departed comrade.

The Romani people in Australia

Are you descended from the Romani.
Tell us your story. Have a listen to this interesting interview. Australia's Romani Gypsies

Because of a "Mary Ann Jackson" mentioned in my tree, I received this email last week and unfortunately I could not help 'sylviaeichler' -- The wrong Mary Ann.

[I am mystified by my great-grandmother, Margaret Jane Smith. Her death certificate says that her mother was Mary Ann Jackson, and father Joseph Smith. I can't find records for that match.
My Gran, Winifred McNeall, wrote on a piece of paper for me in about 1978, in front of me, that her grandmother was born at Parramatta.
Somehow the computer has led me to you.
Do you have any Romany ancestors?
My gran Winifred had dark skin, small feet, deformed hammer (overlapping ) toes, cramps, falls, skinny ankles(possible CMT). She was born in Maitland, and the Hunter Valley has the highest incidence in Aus of a rare nerve genetic disease called Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome. My sis and I have tingling and numbness in feet and hands. My sis is planning to go to Concord hospital to get tested for CMT.
Do you have anyone in family with CMT symptoms?
I noticed that one of my dna match ladies had a Barnes in her tree, so I wonder if my Mary Ann Jackson became a Barnes?]

This was the part of my tree which attracted the email
Elizabeth Eather 1825-1884
A Mary Anne JACKSON mentioned here as Rutter's girlfriend.


I found this story whilst correcting digital text in a Newspaper published in New South Wales, Australia;
The Kiama Independent, and Shoalhaven Advertiser.
This particular article published on Thursday 3 August 1865 Under the title MISCELLANEOUS.
I have not come across the story in any other local publication.
It's probably in publications in the United States, but, just in case it isn't, and rather than see it lost, I have repeated it here, for your interest.
Oh yes, and knowing little about the life and times of Lincoln, and knowing how aussies like to tell a bit of a yarn, I cannot guarantee the authenticity of the story.
The 'William D. Kelly' I would assume to be William Darrah KELLEY 1814-1890.
'Seward' would be Lincoln's Secretary of State, William Henry SEWARD 1801-1872.

Philadelphia, on the 24th April, the Hon.
William D. Kelly, who was on terms of
intimacy with the late President Lincoln from
the day of his election to that of his tragical
death, delivered an address upon his life and
character before the Girls' High and Normal
School, in the course of which he related the
following anecdote:—One evening in the
executive chamber there were present a num-
ber of gentlemen, among them Mr. Seward.
A point in the conversation suggesting the
thought. Mr. Lincoln said, " Seward, you never
heard, did you, how I earned my first dollar."
" No," said Mr. Seward. "Well," replied he,
"I was about eighteen years of age. I be
longed, you know, to what they call down.
South, the 'scrubs,'— people who do not own
land, and slaves are nobody there. But we
had succeeded in raising chiefly by my labor
sufficient produce, as I thought, to justify me
in taking it down the river to sell. After
much persuasion I got the consent of my
mother to go, and constructed a little flat boat
large enough to take the barrel or two of
things that we had gathered, with myself and
little bundle down to New Orleans. A steamer
was coming down the river. We have, you
know, no wharves on the Western streams,
and the custom was, if passengers were at any
of the landings, for them to go out in a boat,
the steamer stopping and taking them on
board. I was contemplating my new flat boat,
and wondering whether 1 could make it
stronger or imporve it in any particular, when
two men came down to the shore in carriages
with trunks, and looking at the different boats,
singled out mine, and asked, "Who owns
this ?" I answered somewhat modestly, ' I do.'
"Will you," said one of them, "take us and our
trunks to the steamer?" "Certainly," said I.
I was very glad to have the chance of earning
something. I supposed that each would give
me two or three bits. The trunks were put
on my flat boat, the passengers seated them
selves on the trunks, and I sculled them out
to the steamboat. They got on board, and I
lifted in their heavy trunks, and put them on
deck. The steamer was about to put on steam
again; when I called out that they had for
gotten to pay me. Each of them took from
his pocket a silver half-dollar, and threw it on
the floor of my boat. I could scarcely believe
my eyes as I picked up the money. Gentle
men, you may think it a very little thing, and
in these days it seems to me like a trifle; but
it was a most important incident in my life.
I could scarcely credit that I, a poor boy, had
earned a.dollar in less than a day—that by
honest work I had earned a dollar. The world
seemed wider and fairer before me. I was a
more hopeful and confident being from that

More Lincoln reading from Australian Newspapers

George Henry Cox 1824 - 1901

The Hon. G. H. Cox.
This is his Obituary as published in the Mudgee Guardian and North-Western Representative (NSW)
Monday 2 December 1901 p 2
Death on Thursday Evening. A Remarkable Man. Particulars of his Career.
The death of the Hon. George
Henry Cox, which occurred at Bur-
rundulla house on Friday evening
last, not only removes from Mudgee
its foremost citizen, but removes from
the life of the Mother State of the
Commonwealth, its senior legislator.
The deceased was born on the 18th of
October, 1824, and was therefore in
his 78th year. He was the grandson of
William Cox, the first of the family to
come to New South Wales, who in the
days of Governor Macquarie, cut the
road across the Blue Mountains, fol-
lowing the tracks of Wentworth, Blax-
land and Lawson. The Hon. George
Henry Cox was the eldest of the
family of seven. His surviving
brothers are Mr. J. D. Cox. of
Cullenbone, and Mr. Albert T.
Cox, of Broombee. The brothers
who predeceased him were Archie
Cox, of Menah, Charles Claren-
don Cox, of Broombee, the founder of
the famous flock, Alexander H. Cox,
of Oakfield, and Frederick S. Cox, of
Wallinga. The deceased's eldest sur-
viving sister is Mrs. Stephen, widow
of the late Canon Stephen, eldest son
of the late Sir Alfred Stephen, at one
time Chief Justice and Lieutenant
Governor of New South Wales.
Another sister is Mrs. White, who is
married to Archdeacon White, of
Armidale, brother of the late Hon.
James White, and Mr. H. C. White,
of Havilah. Mrs. John Cox, of Negoa,
and Mrs. Borton, also sisters of Mr.
Cox, predeceased him. Mr. Frank
Cox, J.P., of Menah, Mr. R. W.
Cox, of Bristowe, and Dr. James
Cox, of Sydney, and Mr. Viv. Cox,
are cousins of the deceased.
George Henry Cox was educated
at the Kings School, Parramatta.
that historic educational institution,
from the class rooms of which so
many of Australia's most worthy citi-
zens have come.
Immediately on leaving school he
embarked in pastoral pursuits, with
which he was associated during his
long life. In early years he owned or
part owned many very important
properties, including Garrawilla,
Nomby and Thargomindah. In him the
pastoral industry always had a warm
and able champion, for he realised so
fully, the debt Australia owed to
those men, who in the teeth of tre-
mendous difficulties fought the battle
on the frontiers of settlement. Mr.
Cox at one time took up a lot of
country in Queensland, having for his
partner, Mr. V. J. Dowling of Lue.
Pine Ridge was at one time the
property of deceased, and was pur-
chased by Mr. Buckland two years ago.
Mr. Cox was a firm believer in the
Australian type of the merino, and
throughout his life, spared no pains or
expense to keep pure and improve the
famous flock, which his family founded
with importations from the King of
Saxony's stud. Mr. Cox was winner of
numerous prizes at all the great inter-
national shows, and in 1861 won Mr.
Thomas Mort's'gold medal for greasy
wool, while at the Paris exhibition in
1878 his exhibit received the honor of
being awarded the gold medal for the
best wool in the world. One of the
last communications we received from
the honorable gentleman, was only a
few weeks ago, when he wired us from
Sydney stating that the wool from his
Menah flock had been sold up to 12½d
per lb, which stands as an easy record
for the year. It was characteristic of the
deceased that his energies were never
confined merely to the furtherance of
his own interests, and every move-
ment which had for its object the ad-
vance of the wool raising industry in
Australia had his hearty moral and
financial support, and for many years
and up to the time of his death, he
was the president of the New South
Wales Sheep Breeders' Association.
In 1853 Mr. Cox married his cousin
Henrietta, daughter of the late Henry
Cox, of Broombee. The issue of the
marriage number twelve. The eldest
son, Mr. George Henry Frederick
Cox, is now fighting at the front in
South Africa, this being his second
period of service in the Imperial Bush-
men. The second son, Mr. Herbert
A. Cox, formerly of Burrundulla, died
ten years ago, and the third son,
Reginald Cox, died about two years
ago, while on his road to South Africa
as a trooper of the 1st Australian
Horse. The sad circumstances of that
death are fresh in the minds of Mud-
gee people, whose sympathy with the
soldier's grief-stricken and aged father
was expressed, when the body was
interred with full military honors.
The two surviving sons are Mr. Allan
M. Cox and Mr. Vincent D. Cox, who
of recent years have worked a portion
of their father's Burrundulla estate.
The deceased's eldest daughter, who
died about three years ago, was mar-
ried to Mr. George Stewart, of Binna-
wee, and the second daughter is the
wife of Mr. M. R. Lowe, of Tingha,
Mudgee. The only other married
daughter is Mrs. McConochie, wife of
the Rev. W. G. McConochie, of Mel-
bourne. Three unmarried daughters,
Miss Lucy Cox, Miss May Cox, and
Miss Florrie Cox, survive their father,
who was predeceased by his other
daughter, Miss Maud Cox.
At the age of 32 Mr. Cox entered
the political arena, being elected in
1856 member for Wellington in the
Legislative Assembly under the Con-
stitution Act. During the first Par-
liament, Mr. Cox secured so well
the favor of his constituents, that
when he sought re-election he was re-
turned unopposed, but on a sub-
sequent election in 1863 he was de-
feated, and was appointed to the
Legislative Council, Mr. Charles
Cooper being Premier. At the time
of his death the Honorable George
Henry Cox was the sole surviving
member of the first representative
Parliament of Australia. Through the
long period in which he was a mem-
ber of the Council, he was a zealous
custodian of its privileges, and,
fully realized the high responsibilities
of the position. He was never at any
time a strong party man, but was a
consistent freetrader. One of the
first votes he gave was in favor of the
abolition of the law of entail, and he
was a strong supporter of the system
of State Education, being a member
of the Public School League. He
also voted for the discontinuance of
state aid to religion. Up to a few
weeks before his death the deceased
was a regular attendant in his place
in the Council, his rising always being
the signal for that respectful attention
which is accorded to men who never
speak unless they have something to say
worth listening to. The last speech de-
ceased delivered in the Council, was on
Friday, 24th Octobor, just five weeks
prior to his decease. The subject was
the proposed erection by the State of
some suitable monument to honor the
memory of Sir Joseph Banks, who
played a very important, but little
acknowledged part in the foundation
of the first settlement in Australia.
The subject was one peculiarly suited
to the honorable gentleman, who was
a master of Australian history, and
who held that honor should be done
to those to whom honor is due. Even
as the venerable legislator addressed
the House, of which he was the
oldest member, he knew that the irresis-
tible coming of the Angel of Death
would not be much longer delayed, for in
forwarding a proof of his speech to us
asking for its publication in the
"Guardian," he wrote, "It is the
last speech I shall deliver in the
council or elsewhere." The sharp,
clear writing betrayed no sign of
physical weakness, but the words were
true, and the implied prophesy ful-
filled all too soon. At the first elec-
tion for the Federal Parliament held
last March, the Hon. George Henry
Cox was a candidate for the Senate,
but failed to secure a seat. Local
affairs occupied a large portion of Mr.
Cox's time, and he was the first Mayor
of the municipality of Cudgegong,
established in 1868. The Agricultural
Society also was greatly indebted to the
honorable gentleman who was its presi-
dent for many years. For upwards of
40 years Mr. Cox was a trustee
of St. John the Baptist's Church,
Mudgee, to the funds of which he was
ever a liberal donor. A warm ad-
herent of the church of England, he
was a member of the Diocesan Coun-
cils of Bathurst and Sydney, and took
a leading part in the last sitting of the
synod of the first named diocese.
His last active work in this capacity
was as a member of the synodal com-.
mittee appointed in connection with
the All Saints difficulty. The Sydney
Meat Preserving Company always
had a very warm champion in Mr.
Cox, who was one of the directors, and
who was also a director for some years
of the Pastoral Finance Association.
Of late Mr. Cox had given a great
deal of time and energy to the affairs
of the Farmers and Settlers Associa-
tion, and was a prominent figure at
the conference of that body.
To write a personal appreciation of
the life and character of the subject of
this memoir one ought to have known
him intimately. It would, of course,
be mere deceit to say we agreed with
all his public acts and endorsed all his
opinions. We do, however, fully
recognise his honesty of purpose and
his keen appreciation of the great re-
sponsibilities of his position. He was
a man whose word was his bond, and
who was best appreciated by those who
knew him most intimately. His
numerous tenant farmers on the Bur-
rundulla estate unanimously speak of
him as being a good landlord in every
sense of the term. In many respects
his was a strange character, for while
on some quotations he adopted an atti-
tude of unbending conservatism, on
others he was a liberal, even to the
point of radicalism. This was well
illustrated by his struggle to bring
about co-operation among the farmers.
He believed in the principle, believed
in it with the absolute faith, with
which he believed in the teachings of
his church. He was the enemy of
commercialism. If he had had his
way he would have burst up the
Sussex-street commission agents, and
would have stopped all the profit going
into the storekeepers' pockets. He
went from end to end of the State
proclaiming the gospel of co-operation,
and while he could not be spared to
see the full results of his un-
selfish labors, it was doubtless a
consolation to him to know that the
success of the movement so far has
been most encouraging. He died
among his own people, in his beaufi-
ful home, amid the splendid sur-
roundings of the family estate. He
died respected and honored by the
public, aud affectionately esteemed
by those who knew him intimately.
To his family we offer our sincere
sympathy in an irreparable loss, the
the burden of which we hope will be
lightened by the memory of his splen-
did life, and the fact that he was per-
fectly resigned to the end, which
came with the close of last Thursday.
The burial took place on Saturday
afternoon, his Lordship Dr. Camdge,
Bishop of Bathurst, arriving in Mud-
gee by the mail train. The
remains left Burrundulla House at
2.30 p.m., there being an immense
attendance, among whom we noticed :
Messrs. Allan M. Cox, Vincent Cox,
F. Cox, J.P. (Menah), R. W.
Cox, J.P. (Bristowe), A. I. Cox (Oak-
field), E. D. Cox (Gunnagawah), O. D.
Cox (Wallinga), F. D. Cox, Norman
Cox, Bartle F. Cox, G. Stewart, R.
Rouse (Biraganbil), R. Rouse (Gunta-
wang), G. Cadell, C. D. Meares,
Edward Clarke, C. Barker ("A.M.P."),
Arthur Lowe (Wilbetree), A. F. Came-
ron (Mayor of Mudgee), C. J. Crocker,
Alderman H. Hall, James Loneragan,
E. Loneragan, II. A. Lowe, J. W.
Dnesbury, W. W. Millett, J. M. Cox,
C. H. Tuckerman, A. S. Tuckerman,
Harold Hardwick, A.I.A., T. H. Wil-
kinson, P.M., M. R. Lowe, W. Smith
(Carleon), B. Stacy (Commercial Bank),
C. J. Baker (Bank N.S.W.), —
Heath (A.J.S. Bank), G. Davidson,
W. Latimer, J.P., G. Rouse, W. H.
Green, Thomas Randell, J.P. Mr.
J. D. Cox and Mr. A. T. Cox,
brothers of the deceased were not pre-
sent, having been called away to the
bed side of their sister Mrs. Stephen,
who lay sick unto death at Katoomba.
On the cortege reaching St. John's
Church, the remains were received by
the Bishop of the Diocese, Archdeacon
Campbell, and the Rev. E. P. Lowe.
The coffin was borne into the church
by Messrs. J. Tarrant, A. Brown, W.
Mursh, jun., J. Mason. The service
was choral, Mr. F. Knight presid-
ing at the organ. The pulpit was
draped with black and white. After
the reading of the special lesson,
the Bishop entered the pulpit and re-
ferred to the very solemn and sorrow-
ful occasion which had gathered them
together. He could hardly realise
that it was only a month ago that his
dear form was present in that church.
He was weak and ill at the time, but
so great was his love and affection for
the church that he was determined to
come in spite of their efforts to per-
suade him otherwise, and he (the
preacher) would never forget the rapt
attention with which he followed the
service. The passing away of such a
one was a distinct loss to the whole
community, and they had only to
think of the deep interest he took in
public affairs to realise the loss to the
country. His hearers were people of
the town to whom the deceased had
endeared himself by many acts of
kindness. The Church of England
would feel his loss deeply, for there
was no layman more willing to sacri-
fice himself. He would never forget
how he raised himself from a bed of
sickness to help to bring to an end
a difficulty they all regretted. He was
always ready to help in the councils
of the churchmen, and in fact he felt
he mourned the loss of one who was
emphatically the right hand of the
Bishop. He had known him for 14
years, and from him he had always
received the greatest kindness. Those
who were near and dear to him had
suffered a terrible loss, but could take
consolation in the knowledge that his
belief in Christ was the guiding fea-
ture of his life. He was not dead,
only just the body lay in the church,
for in reality he lived as he had never
lived before, for he had passed from
a world of shadow and darkness into
the presence of the Eternal King, and
so while they felt great grief yet their
sorrow was not without hope. The
hymn, "Thy Will be Done," which
was one of the favorite hymns
of the deceased was then sung,
and as the body was carried from
the church the solemn tones of the
"Dead March" pealed from the
organ. It was an unpleasant after-
noon, a heavy wind-driven storm fall-
ing, as the long line of vehicles trailed
across Bombira Hill. The cermony
at the grave was brief, and standing
bareheaded in the scudding rain, the
people of Mudgee silently offered their
respectful tribute to the remains of a
remarkable man.
At both services at St. John the
Baptist's Church on Sunday, his Lord-
ship made special and eloquent refe-
rences to the worth of the deceased.

John Eather died in Melbourne 1877

According to the inquest into the death of John Eather, in Victoria, Australia.
He was born in Kent, approximately 1791
Victoria BD&M DEATHS
Record information
Event registration number 8531
Registration year 1877
Personal information
Family name EATHER
Given names John
Father's name U
Mother's name
Place of birth ENGLAND
Place of death
Age 86
He died in his room at Ercildoune on the 13 August 1877
Cause of death was Serous Apoplexy.
According to witnesses he was not married.
He owned land at Weatherboard Hill, Learmonth, Victoria
I submit the Inquest proceedings with witness statements
Witness, Patrick Morgan, had known John Eather for fourteen years. He thought John Eather
was 88 years of age which puts the birth date at 1789.

I am trying to find out more about this man
There were 10 HEATHER's transported
1 was Samuel Heather on the Morley.
Then there were 2 John HEATHER's one, convicted at Kent assizes given 7 years and sent out on the 'Caledonia' to Van Diemen's Land in 1820. He received certificate of freedom in March 1827 but was back in trouble in Tasmania in 1831.
The other John HEATHER convicted in Surrey Assizes transported on the 'Malabar' 1821

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The following Honor List had been officially compiled by the civic
authorities in 1916, and included volunteers who enlisted from Inverell
up until 18 January, 1916.

ATKINSON, Herbert Sidney Charles, Jerry's Plains, Inverell.
ANDERSON, Patrick, Newstead,
ADDISON, John Henry, Inverell.
ABRAHAM, George, St. Neot's, Herts, England.
ADAMS, Frank Edward, Inverell.
ANDERSON, Arnold, Oakwood, Inverell.
ASIMUS, Ernest James, Bukkulla, Inverell
ASIMUS, Geoffrey, Bukkulla, Inverell
ALLEN, George, Inverell
ADDISON, Archibald Walter; Inverell.
ARCHIBALD, Rowley Heyland, Mt.
Russell, Inverell.
ABBOTT, James Henry, Inverell
ANDERSON, A., Oakwood.
ASDERSON, N., Oakwood.
ANDERSON, E., Post Office, Oakwood.
ANDERSON, Ernest, Oakwood.
BULLUSS, James Edward, Inverell.
BURGIN, Walter, Croydon, Inverell.
BONE, Belfield, Inverell.
BONE, Anthony, Inverell.
BONE, Robin A., Inverell.
BERGIN, Henry Patrick. Sydney.
BROWN, Alexander Kirkwood, Goondiwindi, Queensland.
BLAIN, Norman George Howard, Goondiwindi, Queensland.
BOND, Percy, Inverell.
BRISSETT, Norman B., Inverell.
BOYD, John Adair, Inverell
BICE, Luke, Inverell.
BROWN, Duncan N., lnevrell.
BROWN, Hugh Horatio, Inverell.
BROWN, Alexander D., Inverell.
BOWD, Harry, Inverell.
BULLUSS, Herbert Gordon, Inverell.
BULMER, Albert, Melbourne.
BISHOP, Frederick kJames, Redfern.
BARRATT, David, Cornwall. England.
BATHERSBY, Charles, Tingha,
BANNISTER, Charles Frederick, Derby,England.
BAILEY, Stanley Meek, Ryltone, Mudgee.
BURGE, Herbert, Inverell.
BLAXEY, John Edward, Inverell.
BRICK, John Whittaker, Knighton.South Wales.
BROWN, Edward Lloyd, Woodstock.
BENSON, George, Captain's Hat, Inverell.
BALDWIN, Frank, Gum Flat, Inverell
BENJAMIN, William Henry, Bristol England.
BREW, William Ernest, Inverell.
BENJAMIN, Jocob Edward, Gum Flat,
BOURKE, Michael Herbert, Inverell.
BANKS. Frederick Henry. Gournama,
BELL, Percy Frederick, Bundarra Rd.
BENTLEY, Percy Herbert, Inverell.
BURNS, Robert, Nullamanna, Inverell
BULLUSS, Joseph Henry, Inverell.
BOTTOM, Joseph Charles, Inverell.
BULLUSS, Edward James, Inverell.
BOTTRELL, Alexander, Tingha,
BURKE, Richard Henry, Inverell.
BURNS, Patrick, Bonshaw, Inverell.
BARBOUR, Alexander, Inverell.
BARTLEY, Edward Charles, Howell.
BYRNES, Michael Henry, Inverell.
BARCLAY. David Gregg, Nullamanna.
BOURKE, Richard, Inverell.
BENSON, Albert James, Captain's Flat.
BAKER, Charles William, Ashford.
BROWN, William, Inverell.
BROWN, Arthur Thomas, Ashford.
BENTLEY, Lewis Stanley, Glen Alpin. Ashford, Inverell.
BURNS, Patrick, Nullamanna, Inverell.
BYRNE, Patrick Joseph, Inverell.
BOYS, Frederick George, Inverell.
BARTLEY, Reginald, Howell, Inverell.
BENGER, Henry John, Warialda.
BURNS, George, Nullamanna, Inverell.
BROWN, Edward Nullamanna.
BUTLER, Spencer, Inverell.
BRIGGS, Walter Edward, Bukkulla.
BUCKNELL, Wilfred John, Nullamanna
BRYNES, E., Inverell.
BUTLER, S., Inverell.
BUCKNELL. W. J., Spring Vale, Nullamanna.
BACON, W. M., Ross Hill, Inverell.
BURNES, G., Nullamanna.
BYRNE, P. J., Henderson St, Inverell.
BAKER, J. H., Rob Roy.
BARTLEY, P. J., Post Office, Howell.
BRYANT, A. G., Delungra Post Office.
BYRNE, C. S. J., Inverell.
BRIGGS, W. E., Bukkulla.
BARTLEY, R., Howell.
BACON, Cyril, Yamalia, Delungra.
BACON, Harley, Yamalia, Delungra.
COOK, Reginald Walter, Southampton, Inverell.
CHISHOLM, Norman Harold, Bonshaw,
CROSS, Arthur, The Ponds, Inverell.
CAMPBELL. Harold, Paddington, Inverell.
CALDOW, William Inverell.
CLARKE, C. E., Inverell.
CROSS, Hugh Ross, Copeton, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, Clifford, Hillgrove.
COOPER, Joseph Thomas, Armidale.
CANNONS, Edward Wilford, Inverell.
CORNOCK, Alfred Gardiner, London.
CHAFFERS-WELSH, John Thomas, Nullamanna, Inverell.
CLEEVE, Gordon, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, Archibald Bruce, Inverell.
CUTTS, Lionel Ray, Atholwood, Inverell.
CRUVEY, Donald, Mt. Russell, Inverell.
CAMERON, Joseph William, Dalrymple Warwick, Queensland.
CURTIS, George Henry, Inverell.
CHISHOLM, Sydney Herbert, Bonshaw.
CLARKE, James Joseph, Goondiwindi, Queensland.
COLLEY, Lewis Rowland, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, William James, Inverell.
CUSICK, Claude Reginald, Inverell.
CHAPPELL, William Thomas, Inverell.
CUMMINS, Ernest William, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, Archibald Duncan. Graman, Warialda, Inverell.
COGGAN, Clarence George, Inverell.
CAVANAGH, Charles Harold, Inverell.
COOK, William Black, Mundole, Ashford, Inverell.
COLE, Norman Henry, Nullamanna.
COOK, Robert Glass, Atholwood, Ashford, Inverell.
COOPER, Francis William, Little Plain.
CUGGEY, Gilroy Harold, Inverell.
CLUTERBUCK, Sylvester John, Inverell. .
CLYNE, Ridhard Herbert, Goondiwindi,Queensland.
CARTEWRIGHT, George, Elsmore, Inverell.
CONWAY, Michael Edward, Barraba.
GALEY, Thomas Delungra, Inverell.
CALLINAN, Stanhope John, Inverell.
CHAMBERS, N., Koloona.
CASEY, W., Moree.
CALLINAN, S. J., Little Plain.
CONWAY, M. E., Edward Street, Barraba.
CALEY, T., Post Office, Delungra.
COLE, N. H., Nullamanna.
COOPER, F. W., Little Plain.
COOK, R. G., Inverell.
CONDON, T., Inverell.
CUTCHER, H. L., Ross Hill, Inverell.
CANT, P,. Copeton, Inverell.
DUNN, John, Adelaide.
DOYLE, Thomas, Warwick (Q.)
DOUST, Robert, Inverell.
DANIEL. Edmund Wentworth B., Newstead, Inverell.
DAVIDSON, Cuthbert Glen, Inverell.
DAVIS, Joseph, Inverell.
DEAN, Leslie, Inverell.
DUFFIELD, Harry, Forbes.
DICK, Herbert Desmond Joseph,Arrawatta, Inverell.
DEER, Harry. Dog Trap, Inverell.
DRINAN, George, Inverell.
DOYLE, Francis Bernard, Inverell.
DAWSON, Donald, Inverell.
DOUGLAS, Alfred, Bukkulla, Inverell.
DAWES, George Herbert, Cherry Tree
Hill, Inverell.
DYER, Charles, Delungra, Inverell.
DORN, Allan, Oakwood, Inverell.
DOOLIN, Ray, Howell, Inverell.
DYER, C, C/o J W Watters, "Boronia, Delungra.
DIX, Harold, Inverell.
EWEN, John Finlay, Inverell.
EVANS, Cyril, Inverell.
EGAN, Edwin, Inverell.
EGAN, Ernest, Inverell.
ELLIS, Sidney Joseph, Inverell.
EDDY, George Hosken, Rob Roy,
ELLIOTT, James, Myall Creek, Delungra, Inverell.
ELLIS, Arthur Roymond, Stannifer.
EDWARDS, W., Bronsleigh, Elsmore.
ELLIOTT, J., Myall Brae, Delungra.
KNIGHT, J. T. S., Byron Street, Inverell.
ELLIS, A. R., Stannifer.
FLEMING, William, Victorian Border, Inverell.
FERRIS, Cyril, Botany.
FORGHAM, John, Crewe, Cheshire.
FRASER, Alexander Claude, Bonshaw.
FITZPATRICK, Thomas H, Delungra.
FARLAND, Fraser, Bukkulla, Inverell.
FOWLER, Aubrey Arthur, Brodie's Plains, Inverell.
FRAME, John Thomas, Ashford.
FOLLEY, Joseph Neal, Spencer's Gully.
FRISBY, John Albert, Spencer's Gully.
FRATER, Alexander Douglas, Arrawatta.
FUTTER, Reginald Lumley, Newstead.
FRASER, Harold Campbell, Brodie's Plains, Inverell.
FERGUSON, Harry, Clinton, Inverell.
FARLEY, Jack, Inverell.
FULMER, H. S., P.O., Narrabri.
FRASER, H. C., Brodie's Plain,Inverell.
FARLEY, J., Inverell.
FINNEY, W. J., Little Plain, Inverell.
GOLDTHORPE, Arthur, Sheffield,England.
GREEN, Frederick Stanley A, Ballymena, Ireland.
GARRATT, Horace, Charlestown, Newcastle.
GORDON, Charles G, Major, Inverell.
GROVE, Cecil, Inverell.
GIBSON, George, West Maitland.
GIBSON, Ray, Inverell.
GIBBS, Leslie, Inverell.
GILLIGAN, John, Gilgai, Inverell.
GIBBONS, John, Durham, England.
GAMBLE, Robert Dill, Inglewood, (Q.)
GILLIGAN, James Studley, Gilgai.
GILCHRIST, Alexander J. S., Inverell.
GRAY, Sidney Francis, Elsmore,
GRIFFEY, Charles Thomas, Inverell.
GATES, Langley Stuart, Newstead, Elsmore, Inverell.
GARRETT, Henry, Inverell.
GALVIN, William John, Oakwood, Inverell.
GALLAGHER, Bernard Patrick, Inverell.
GLASSER, Harold Malcolm, Ashford.
GOLDMAN, F. W., Sapphire, Inverell.
GAWKWELL, G. A., Codatai, Warialda
GILMORE, J. W., Elsmore.
GALLAGHER, B. P., Inverell.
GALVIN, W. J., Oakwood.
GOLDMAN, J. W., Sapphire, Inverell.
GOVER, Arthur William, Copeton.
HARDY, Ernest, H., Howell, Inverell.
HEWISON, Albert Walter, Inverell.
HARSTON, Stanley H., Inverell.
HORAN, Fenton, Dublin, Ireland.
HOWLETT, John Wyson, Brewarrina.
HUNTER, Robert, North London.
HOGG, Gordon, Tamworth.
HUGHES, Roland, Dudley, England.
HAMILTON, James Exeter, Devonshire.
HUNT, Thomas, Cambridge, England.
HARRIS, Frank Moreima, Inverell.
HINES, Hugh, Oakwood, Inverell.
HOWARD. William, Inverell.
HUNT, George James, Inverell.
HICKEY, Edward, Sydney.
HAYES, John, Sydney.
HARDY, Charles, Rob Roy, Inverell.
HUMPHRIES, Alexander Hugh Inverell.
HARNETT, Henry George, Inverell.
HUGHES, Henry Russell St Clair, Elsmore, Inverell.
HADLEY, John, Emmaville, Inverell.
HARDY, Reginald James, Inverell.
HOEY, Erick, Elsmore, Inverell.
HUNTRISS, Alexander Hughes, Inverell.
HARGRAVE, Carl Fletcher, Warialda.
HOBBINS, Martin Walter, Arrawatta.
HORNER, William James, Little Plain.
HICKEY, John Fitzpatrick, Inverell.
HUNDLEY, Richard, Shearer's Creek,Inverell.
HARGRAVE, Ernest, Kulki, Inverell
HOLDEN, David, Graman, Inverell.
HEATH, Robert, Gravesend, Inverell.
HOBBS, John Edward, Little Plain.
HUNT, George John, Lochinvar, Inverell.
HOBBS. Donald Baker, Little Plain.
HARDWICK, Reginald Alfred, Hillgrove.
HONEY, Ernest, Rosecarra, Delungra.
Hayes, N., Copeton, Inverell.
HOBDAY, W. E., Little Plain, Inverell.
HOBBS, J. S., Little Plain.
HINES, W. T., Graman.
HARPER, D. D., Oakwood.
HADKIN, W. L., Inverell.
HUNT, T., Nullamanna.
HOBBINS, L., Inverell.
HOBBS, D. B., Little Plain.
HALLORAN, George Edgar, Bindingle,Ashford.
McCHRONE, —, Tingha.
IRWIN, Colin James, Ashford, Inverell.
JONES, Bertie, Melbourne.
JOHNSON, Sidney Ellis Clare, Little
Plain, Inverell.
JONES, Frederick Theodore, Dumbold, Victoria.
JONES, William Winter, Inverell.
JOHNSTON, Osborne William, Delungra Inverell.
JONES, Stanley South, Inverell.
JONES, Oliver Richard, Inverell.
JOBSON Albert W., Barraba, Inverell.
JACKSON, Charles Edwin, Inverell.
JUDGE, J., Coolatai, Warialda.
JARRETT, E. H., Goomoorah, Inverell.
KIRKPATRIGK, Hugh, Ireland.
KRAMER, Edward James, Gilgai.
KENNEWELL, F., Howell, Inverell.
KERR, Frederick Raymond, Elsmore.
KNIGHT, William John, Inverell.
KNIGHT, John Thomas Stewart, Inverell.
KITCHING, Henry, Myall Creak, Delungra, Inverell.
KENNEDY, Frederick Donald John, Inverell.
KRUG, C. G., Gragin Station, Warialda.
KITCHING, H., Myall Creek, Delungra
KENNEDY, F. D. J., Inverell.
KRIPPNER, Lionel, Inverell.
LIPSCOMBE, Albert Ernest, England.
LILLIS, Leo, Windsor.
LAMB, Alick, Gulgong.
LEWIS, Eyre, Bathurst, Wales.
LYALL, John Arrawatta, Inverell.
LEE, Frank Richard, Inverell.
LEESE, Arthur Jackson, Arrawatta.
LYALL, William, Forfordshire, Scotland.
LEDGE, George Edwin, Inverell.
LOCKWOOD, Frederick Richmond, Monlameu, Riverina.
LEECH, Samuel, Rob Roy, Inverell.
LAMONT, James, Bannockburn, Scotland.
LOWREY, William, Inverell.
LEHLIE, Henry James, Inverell.
LENNARD, Charles Augustus, Inverell.
LAMROCK, Thomas Henry, Inverell.
LEWIS, Norman, Inverell.
LACEY, Phillip Warner, Delungra.
LAMONT, James, Arrawatta, Inverell.
LEWIN, Grovenor B, Nordale, Delungra, Inverell.
LORD, Percival Vivian, Inverell.
LLOUD, Norman Stanley, Newstead North, Inverell.
LENNARD, James Archibald, Swanvale.
LOWREY, W. J., Spencer's Gully.
LLOYD, N. S., Newstead North.
LLOYD, E. P., Newstead South.
LENNARD, J. A., Swan Vale, Inverell.
MATHER, Allan J., Inverell.
MAURER, Christopher George, Long Plain, Inverell.
MATTHEWS, John Henry, Staffordshire, England.
MILLER, William, Bromley, Kent.
MASON, Donald, Gum Flat, Inverell.
MOONEY, John, Macleay River.
MILLER, Gordon Hamilton, Bromley,Kent, England.
MILLS, James Edgar, Glasgow, Scotland.
MURRAY. Charles, Ballockshields, Glasgow, Scotland.
MOY, Patrick J., Inverell.
MOORE, Clarence, Glen More, Inverell.
MILLAR, M., Ashford, Inverell.
MURRAY, James Harold, Inverell.
MEDHURST, Walter Edward, Inverell.
MUNSTER, Samuel Clarence, Wallangra, Inverell.
MARTIN, Francis Paxton, St Kilda, Victoria.
MORGAN. William Andrew, England.
MAHONEY, Barry, Inverell.
MITCHELL, Bert, Wallangra, Inverell.
MASON, Elijah, Leviathan Mine,Inverell.
MADDIGAN, William, Inverell.
MOORE, Stanley Clarence, Kia Ora,
Ashford, Inverell.
MILLER, Herbert Robert Henry, Inverell.
MOORE, Clarence Stuart, Goulburn.
MOFFITT, Henry Briston, Bukkulla.
MILLER. John Keith, Rev, Inverell.
MATTHEWS, Harry, Clinton, Inverell.
MOORE, Charles Meryn, Inverell.
MANSFIELD, Frank, Mt. Russell.
MASON, Thomas Walter George, Newtown, Sydney.
MILLS, J., Copeton, Inverell.
MAYNES, L. V. W., Arrawatta, Inverell.
MILBERN, T., C/o G. F. Lewin, Delungra.
MITCHELL, A., Coolatai, Warialda.
MOORE, H., Post Office, Gilgai.
MASON, T. W. G., 201 King Street,Newtown.
MOORE, C. M., Elsmore, Inverell.
MANSFIELD, F., Mt Russell.
MILLER, David A., Gilgai
MELDRUM, David William Inverell.
McLEAN, Archibald Alexander, Inverell.
McGUFFICK, Frederick Leslie, Inverell.
McNAUGHT, Charles, Douglas, Inverell.
McKENZIE, Septimus Alister, Bonshaw.
MoDONALD, John, Perth, Inverell.
McGRATH, John, Melbourne.
McMAHON, Charles Walter, Collingwood.
McGREGOR, Donald, Hurstville, Sydney.
McMULLEN,Walter Purvis, Ashford,
McDIARMID, Allan Montrose, Inverell.
McELROY, Charles John, Ashford, Inverell.
McLEAN, Dougald, Inverell.
McCARTHY, Stanley Arthur, Goulburn.
McDONALD, John, Elsmore, Inverell.
McDONALD, Godfrey Sampson, Nulla Namma, Inverell.
McCALLUM. Peter Alexander, Scotland.
McCARTHY, Clarence Edwin, Inverell.
McGILL, William, Inverell.
MclLVEEN, Archibald Lang, Inverell.
McKEON, Rupert Clyde, Oakwood.
McERLEAN, Arthur, South Brisbane.
McKAY, Ronald Samuel Stewart, Purfleet, Taree.
McCOSKER, Ernest Owen, Kinross,
Wallangra, Inverell.
McLEOD, Lester Vivian, Delungra,
McCOLL. Eton, Inverell.
McTAVISH, George Alexander, Elsmore, Inverell.
McDONALD, Reuben Charles, Oakey Creek.
McGEE, Little Plain. Inverell.
MCLAUGHLIN, J. K., Evans Street, Inverell.
MCTAVISH, G. A., Elsmore.
McDONALD, R. C., Oakey Creek.
McLEOD, L. V., Delungra.
McGEE, J., Little Plain.
McGEE, E. H., Hope Street, Warialda.
McCUBBIN, Jno, Tingha.
McCUBBIN, George, Tingha.
NOONAN, John, Fermor, Ireland.
NEWMAN, Roy Allan, King's Plains.
NOBBS, George Rawdon French, Inverell.
NICHOLS, Colin Claude, Dinton Vale.
NORRIS, Cecil James, Inverell.
NELSON, Frederick, Hillgrove.
NICHOLSON, William Henry, Kenilworth
Bonshaw, Inverell.
NICHOLS, John Ernest Thomas, Moree.
NELSON, Sidney Raymond, Delungra.
NICHOLSON, Robert Alexander, Inverell.
NICHOLSON, R. A., Mandoie, Bonshaw.
O'REILLY, Edgar Jeremiah, St. George
Bridge, Queensland.
OAKES, Kentuck, Parramatta.
O'BRIEN, Norman Roy, Inverell.
PATTERSON, William Arthur Ernest,
Warialda, Inverell.
PILLEW, Leslie Charles, Clapham, England.
PARR, Urban Cambridge, England.
PERROTT. Sydney Clarence, Oakwood.
PALMER, Robert Clifford, Oakwood.
PITKEN, Thomas Henry, Dinton Vale.
PALMER, Frank Byron, Prairie Park,
Oakwood, Inverell.
POLLOCK, William, Sunnyside, Dinton
Vale, Inverell.
PATTERSON, W. E., Copeton.
PIGOTT, A. J., Inverell.
PITKIN, T. H., Dinton Vale.
POLLOCK, W., Sunny Side, Dinton Vale.
PALMER, F. B., Prairie Park, Inverell.
PALMER, A. L,. Oakwood Post Office.
PEACOCKE, Gerald, Inverell.
REDDINGTON, Francis Lynch, Copeton, Inverell.
ROWLEY, Alfred, Inverell.
ROSER, Alfred, Texas.
RIXON, Andy, Bannockburn, Inverell.
RYAN, Joseph, Bondi, Sydney.
RILEY, Clement, Warialda.
ROLFE, Claude Rolber, Cherry Tree Hill, Inverell.
RYAN, Cecil James, Inverell.
ROURKE, Harold, Branxton.
ROBERTS, Ernest Hugh, Warialda.
RAYNER, Edward, Sharlestone, England.
RIORDAN, John Hastings, Bendemeer.
RICHARDSON, George Francis Gerald, London.
ROBINSON, Stanley Joseph, Bundarra.
ROBERTS, Albert Leslie, Graman,
ROSSITER, Frank Gordon, Islington, North London.
RATLIFF, Herbert, Inverell.
ROBERTS, Richard Henry, Inverell.
RAMSAY, Thomas, Emamaville.
ROLLS, George Henry, Inverell.
ROBINSON, Ernest Albert, Gum Flat.
ROBERTS, William Ellis, Bundarra.
RYAN, Victor William. Inverell.
RYAN, Ernest Alwin James, Howell.
RYAN, Thomas James, Inverell.
RABBITT, William Robert, Yetman.
ROSS, James, Beaulleu, Inverell.
RYAN, Michael John, Howell, Inverell.
RABBITT, Alexander John, Inverell.
ROLFE, Francis Lawrence, Cherry Tree Hill, Inverell.
ROBERTS, Albert Hillar, Delungra.
ROLFE, S. E., Inverell.
RILEY, Clement, Aram, Oakey Creek. Warialda.
RANGER, George Harold, Inverell.
ROLFE, C. R., Cherry Tree Hill.
ROBINSON, W., Gum Flat.
RAINGER, C. H., Little Plain.
ROBERTS, A. H,. Green Hill, Delungra.
ROLFE, S. E., Woodall, Inverell.
ROBERTS, W. E., Bundarra.
SCOTT, John, Inverell.
STAGGS, Neil, Inverell.
STAGGS, Andrew, Inverell.
STAGGS, Frederick, Inverell.
SALMON, William, Inverell.
SMITH, Ashford, Inverell.
SMITH, Linde Ross, Woodstock.
SHAW. James Edward. Inverell.
SAWYER, John Willlam, HarrietvilIe, Victoria.
SMITH, Bertered George, Manilla.
SQUIRES, Samuel Thomas John, Little Plain, Inverell.
SMITH, David, Kent England.
SANDERSON, James, Westwratling, Cambridgeshire, England.
SMITH, Ernest William Rothertino, London.
STRONG, Frederick William, Inverell.
SOUTH, Walter Stewart, Gilgai.
STUART, Robert George, Dufftown, Scotland.
SMITH, William Forbes, Insch, Scotland.
SAUNDERS, Arthur Edwin Warwick,
Myall Downs, Delungra, Inverell.
STRACHAN, Frederick William, Inverell.
SENIOR, George, Inverell.
STORMER, Ernest Albert, Stannifer.
SPILSBURY, Claude A., Inverell.
SCOTT, James Roy, Nullamanna.
SEAGROTT, George Frederick, Gilgai.
SUTHERLAND, Robert, Ashford.
SUTHERLAND, George, Ashrord.
STORMER, George Henry, Stannifer.
STUTCHBURY, Kenneth Powell, Neutral Bay.
SINGH. Davy, Kelly's Gully, Warialda.
SIATWELL, H., Caloona.
SCHOLTZ, L. B., Delungra.
SMITH, J., Ashford Road, Inverell.
SQUIRES, H., Oakwood.
SIMPSON, F. J., Pond's Creek, Gilgai.
SINGH, D., Kelly's Gully, Warialda.
SUTHERLAND, R., Ashford.
SUTHERLAND, G., Ashford.
SCOTT, J. R., Nullamanna.
SMALE, Leslie, Dinton Vale, Inverell.
STEWART. John Alexander Duncan, Greenock, Inverell.
STEWART, Donald R., Greenock, Inverell.
TRENOUTH Sidney John. Mukadilla, Queensland.
TAYLOR, Edgar... Bristol, England.
TAYLOR, Edward, Bristol. England.
TRENERY, Harris Martyn, Inverell.
TURNER, Ernest Douglas, Ascot.
TOMLINSON, David, Inverell.
THOMAS, Ernest N., Inverell.
THOROGOOD, Henry Walter, Gum Flat.
THORLEY, Edwin, Brodie's Plains.
TAYLOR Horace Joseph, Binneguy.
THOMPSON, Roy, Red Rock.
TUBIE, Henry Harold, Inverell.
TOLLEY, Neal, Fern Hill, Inverell.
THOMPSON, Herbert, Kia Ora, Ashford
THORN, Leo Dam, Gilgai, Inverell.
THOMAS, Gordon, Inverell.
TURNER, Frank Gordon, Inverell.
THOMAS, G. D., Inverell.
THOROGOOD, O., Birilee, Inverell.
THORNE, L. D., Gilgai, Inverell.
TURNER, P. G., Inyerell.
TURNER, N. V,. 'Lisgar,' Wallangra.
TROTH, Alexander, Gilgai.
TROTH, Alfred W., Gilgai.
TIGHE. Frederick, Willow Grove, Bukkulla.
TIGHE, Victor, Willow Grove, Bukkulla.
TAYLOR, Henry Alexander, Inverell.
VALE, Percy, Beechworth, Victoria.
WALLACE, George, Queensland.
WHELDON, Walter, Burton on Trent, England.
WHITE, Leslie Galveston, Inverell.
WISKENS, Reginald, Inverell.
WOLSLEY, P., Ashford, Inverell.
WALMSLEY, William George, Stannifer.
WILSON, Albert Henry, Tingha.
WOODFORD, George Gordon, Middle Creek, Inverell.
WELSH, Francis, Queensland.
WRIGHT, Duncan Claude, Dog Trap.
WISDOM, Frank Allan, Glen Innes.
WILKINS, C., Inverell.
WARD, Patrick Michael, Scotland.
WILSON, John Harold, Inverell.
WHITE, Roland, Inverell.
WRIGHT, Percy, Inverell.
WALKER, Keith Thomas, Osborne, Greta.
WARBY, Charles, Inverell.
WRIGHT, Gordon Francis, Dog Trap.
WOODS, Charles Albert, Oakwood,
WETZLER, Frederick George, Inverell
WILLIAMS, Francis Wakefield, Arrawatta, Inverell.
WOODFORD; Austin Ainsley, Inverell.
WETZLER, Kenneth Beeton, Inverell.
WILSON, Valdemar Christian, Tingha.
WERNER, George Andrew, Swan Peak, Elsmore, Inverell.
WALKDEN, Donald Duncan, Inverell.
WOODBURY, Samuel, Inverell.
WELLS, Amos, Warialda.
WILLIS, Cecil, Inverell.
WILLIAMS. Reginald, Oakwood.
WIEGOLD, Arthur James John, Delungra, Inverell.
WALSH, J, Brodie's Plains.
WALDEN, L, Gilgai..
WHITE, R., Byron Arcade, Inverell.
WATSON, G. F., Inverell.
WILLIS, C., Tingha.
WIEGOLD, A. J. J., Delungra.
WILLIAMS, R., Oakwood.
WERNER, G. H., Swan Peak, via Elsmore.
WELLS, William, Ashford, lnverell.
WELLS, Oswald, Ashford, Inverell.
WELLS, Leslie, Ashford, Inverell.
YOUNG, James, Inverell.

Photograph below is Otho-street, Inverell taken around 1912.
In 1912 the Pharmacy in the foreground was run by Ernest A. Thomas There were about five dentists in town four in Otho-street, in the Phoenix Chambers was J. P. Bede Donovan.
The vet was around in Byron-street his name was Charles R. Albrey and he had come from Victoria.
The Cloonan brothers had the butchers and the baker in Byron-street was Mr. White.
James Ingram was the tailor and the undertaker was C. S. Thorley.
There were six or seven pubs, The Royal Hotel was run by Gabe Williams, The Telegraph Hotel was A. N. Brissett
The Federal was R. J Elbra and Kate Gilmore had The Australia Hotel.
There were six doctors; R. M. Kinross, W. J. Morton, F. S. Stuckey, E. Mooney, G Dansey and M. M.Vernon.
And six banks and Fred Futter was the manager of the Commercial Bank.
But the pride of Inverell was auctioneering; there were fourteen including Loxton & Son the Stock and Station agent.
By janilye.
Sourced from 1911-1912 Inverell Telephone Directory.
In my possession.

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Burck Whiting - mountain expressman

att WHITING researchers
I found this article in Australia, picked up from the 'Marysville Appeal', printed in the
Sydney Morning Herald dated, Thursday, 3 May 1860.
DOG EXPRESS TRAINS.—The California Expressmen beat
the world in display of enterprise and perseverence.
Burck Whiting, who runs an express between Marysville
and the American valley, employs dogs in transmitting letters,
packages, and passengers over the snow, between the Mountain House
and the American Valley.
He works five of the sagacious beasts, and has them harnessed to
a sled, upon, which which, besides himself as driver, he
frequently takes a load of seven or eight hundred pounds. Last winter,
his dogs hauled through a lady passenger, from the Mountain House to
Meadow Valley. One of the dogs, "Mark," has been in the
express business for some four winters. Whiting says he would have no
hesitation in sending this dog through alone. Mark always has the post of honour,
and "works in the lead." This not only instanced the daring and energy of our
Mountain Expressmen, but is another proof of the value and sagacity of
"man's best friend in the brute creation," — Marysville Appeal.

Dargie's 'Changeable Weather' Dromana

I just found a watercolor by William Dargie the title is " Study No.1 for Changeable Weather. Dromana. the date 1986. In excellent condition.
What I would really like to know, apart from 'AM I RICH?', is, what was the attachment to Dromana, Victoria? if any.

Arthur Murray WIMSHURST

This family,is WIMSHURST not WILMSHURST from Pembrokeshire Wales.

I think Arthur Murray Wimshurst was born about 1870 in Pembrokeshire. He died of Pneumonia in 1919, in what was once known as Rangoon, Burma, whilst in Military service. (He was in the merchant Navy)
His father was John Benjamin WIMSHURST and mother Sarah, nee xxxx
One brother George Hilton WIMSHURST b:1867, Pembrokeshire d: 1937, Fremantle, Western Australia, (worked for Govt. Stores).
Children of John Benjamin Wimshurst and Sarah:
Rebecca Sarah Wimshurst c.1859 m. Edward William GREAVES
Alice Maud Wimshurst 1864–
Henry James Wimshurst 1866–1930
George Hilton Wimshurst 1867–1937 m. Sarah BEADEL
Ada Marie Wimshurst 1869–xxxx m. Arthur Holdsworth DAVIS
Arthur Murray Wimshurst 1870–1919

The Father of John Benjamin WIMSHURST was Henry Wimshurst 1804-1884 John Benjamin Wimshurst's brother inventor James Wimshurst 13 April 1832 – 3 January 1903
Any information on this family greatly appreciated

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Edward Shelton Stamp

Edward Shelton Stamp was the son of Dr. John Sundius STAMP 1799-1849 and Ann HAYWOOD formerly Davis or Davies 1807-1834
Edward Shelton STAMP was born 18 September 1831 • Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
He arrived by the emigrant ship, TASMAN to Port Phillip, on the 28 October 1849 • Geelong, Victoria, Australia
He married Emma RIDDLE at Christ's Church, Geelong Victoria on 2 May 1854.

Stamp, living at Customs House Geelong,since 1856, was Warehouse keeper, Customs, Geelong.
He became insolvent 24 June 1861 Then in August 1861, he was transferred to position of landing waiter in the Customs department, Melbourne.

I need a DATE and PLACE of DEATH
some time between 1865 and January 1872.
and possibly SUSSEX

Family rumor says he left Melbourne in 1865 changed his name and was a banker in India (nothing in my family is too far fetched). HE OWED A LOT OF MONEY.

The Age (Melbourne, Vic) Tue 1 Dec 1863
PRAHRAN.— (Before Messrs. Templeton, Mason and Pilley.)
A woman named Emma Shelton Stamp applied for an order of the court,
under the New Matrimonial and Divorce Act, to protect her property
from being interfered with by her husband, whom she stated had left her six months ago.
She had been married for ten years, and it appeared that since her husband left,
she had acquired a small amount of property, which she did not wish him to have
any benefit from. The case was postponed until Thursday.

On the 8 May 1865 Edward Shelton Stamp (No.613) attended a special meeting at the Geelong Insolvent Court.

Then on 11 May 1865 in The Age
Edward Shelton Stamp, Geelong—A debt of £30 for a promissory note was proved by S. Leon.
[(Szymansky Leon 1810-1882 was a pawnbroker )]

In Sydney, in 1872, Emma married, Alfred Sanford Hutchison McKEE (1837–1883) So she was either a widow or divorced. The next I find is-

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 8 March 1884
EVANS— STAMP.— January 29, 1884, by special license, at Noumea, New Caledonia, Mapson Thomas, second son of the late John Evans; of Wangarie, N.Z., to Edith Isabel, third daughter of the late Edward Shelton Stamp, of Sussex, England, and step daughter of the late A. S. H. M'Kie, manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Burwood.

below is a photograph of his son (my great grandfather) whom, I was told, looked remarkably like his father

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