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Edward Shelton Stamp

Edward Shelton Stamp was the son of Dr. John Sundius STAMP 1799-1849 and Ann HAYWOOD formerly Davis or Davies 1807-1834
Edward Shelton STAMP was born 18 September 1831 • Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
He arrived by the emigrant ship, TASMAN to Port Phillip, on the 28 October 1849 • Geelong, Victoria, Australia
He married Emma RIDDLE at Christ's Church, Geelong Victoria on 2 May 1854.

Stamp, living at Customs House Geelong,since 1856, was Warehouse keeper, Customs, Geelong.
He became insolvent 24 June 1861 Then in August 1861, he was transferred to position of landing waiter in the Customs department, Melbourne.

I need a DATE and PLACE of DEATH
some time between 1863 and January 1884.
and possibly SUSSEX
from 1863 to 1884
Family rumour says he left Melbourne in 1863 changed his name and was a banker in India (nothing in my family is too far fetched). HE OWED A LOT OF MONEY unbelievable how many people were suing him.
Anyway he obviously left because he was the late Edward Shelton Stamp, of Sussex in 1884.

The Age (Melbourne, Vic) Tue 1 Dec 1863
PRAHRAN.— (Before Messrs Templeton, Mason and Pilley.) —
A woman named Emma Shelton Stamp applied for an order of the court, under the New Matrimonial and Divorce Act, to protect her property from being interfered with by her husband, whom she stated had left her six months ago.
She had been married for ten years, and it appeared that since her husband left, she had acquired a small amount of property, which she did not wish him to have any benefit from. The case was postponed until Thursday

In Sydney, in 1872, Emma married, Alfred Sanford Hutchison McKEE (1837–1883) So she was either a widow or divorced. The next I find is-

The Sydney Mail and New South Wales Advertiser, Saturday 8 March 1884
EVANS— STAMP.— January 29, 1884, by special license, at Noumea, New Caledonia, Mapson Thomas, second son of the late John Evans; of Wangarie, N.Z., to Edith Isabel, third daughter of the late Edward Shelton Stamp, of Sussex, England, and step daughter of the late A. S. H. M'Kie, manager of the Australian Joint Stock Bank, Burwood.

below is a photograph of his son (my great grandfather) whom I was told looked remarkably like his father

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ARRIVED.— October 28. Tasman, ship, 563
tons, J. B. Blackburn, commander, from
Left Plymouth on 12th July.
William Timms, agent.
Passengers Cabin:
Rev. William Singleton (religious instructor),
Mrs. Singleton and family,
Dr. Stamp (surgeon superintendent), Mrs. Stamp,
Miss Stamp, Mr. Stamp, jun., and Master Stamp,
Miss Armstrong, Mr. Henry Edmiston, Mr. Blackburn,

and 234 bounty emigrants — men, women, and children.
Aitken, Peter, Jane, and 4 children—Fife.
Anderson, James, Agnes, and 3 children—Stirling.
Band, Robert—Edinburgh.
Batten, Charles—Middlesex.
Bageley, Frances,—Hants.
Blows, William, Charlotte, I child—Cambridge.
Bown, John, Sarah, I child—Hants.
Bennett, John, Caroline, 2 children—Herts.
Bouchier, Ann—Herts.
Bradford, William, (widower) and 2 children—Kent.
Brooks, Robert, Mary Ann—Middlesex.
Bett, David, Elizabeth—Fife.
Carmichael, Elizabeth—Essex.
Cart, John, Emily—Kent.
Carty, Edward, Mary —Wexford.
Chappell, Alfred, Caroline, and 7 children—Gloucester.
Chisley, Harkless, Sarah, and 2 children—Surry,
Cook, George—Gloucester.
Corbett, William, Eliza, 1 child—Oxon.
Collins, Phillip, Sarah, and 3 children—Kent.
Costain, William, Eliza, and 2 children—Lancaster.
Couling, William, Mary—Oxon.
Coulson, George, Mary, and 3 children—Derby.
Cozens, William, Ann, and 3 children—Oxford,
Cutting, William—Middlesex.
Darby, Richard, Susan—Cambridge.
Davis, Edward, Andrew, Ellen, and 2 children — Middlesex.
Doyle, Catherine—Wexford.
Downard, George, Sarah—Essex.
Elwood, Ephraim, Mary, and 1 child—Hants.
Falla, Robert, Elizabeth, and 6 children—Edinburgh.
Farr, James—Surry.
Fletcher, Sarah Ann—Dublin.
Gathercole, Robert, Eliza, and 3 children—Surrey.
Glasher, John, Bridget, and 3 children—Tipperary.
Goode, John, Lucy, and 6 children—Cambridge.
Gunn, Jemima, Elizabeth, and George—Essex.
Hawkins, Jane, and Ann—Wexford.
Heath, John, Ann, and 2 children—Middlesex.
Higgs, Thomas, Hannah, and 3 children—Berks.
Hoey, Patrick, Bridget, ant 8 children—Derby.
Hughes, John, Sarah, and 2 children—Lancaster.
Haghan, Laura—Essex.
Kehoe, Jane—Wexford.
Kelly, Ann, (widow) and 3 children—Tyrone.
Kerr, John—Ayr.
King, John, Sarah, and 1 child—Herts.
Kirk, Frederick, M'Adam—Ayr.
Laird, Isabella—Edinburgh.
Lyons, Jacob, Susanna, and 1 child—Herts;
Mfiles, William, Sarah—Hants.
Mlichell, Alexnder, MaIgaret, and 4 children—Fife.
Neal, William, (widower) and 6 children—Derby.
Parker, Anthony, Hary—Tipperary.
Penfold, Joseph Henry—Surrey.
Pike, Alfred, Augusta, and 2 children—Hants.
Pike, Henry, Emily, and 1 child—Hants.
Poole, George, Louisa—Gloucester.
Ramsey, John, Sarah—Essex.
Read, Charles, Anne, and 2 children—Middlesex.
Robins, Winm. P., Joanna—Middlesex.
Smith, John, Christina—Aberdeen.
Smith, Joseph—Essex.
Timms, William, Susan—Oxford.
Treadwell, Thomas, Martha, and 2 children—Berks.
Trotman, Sanders, Mary, and 1 child—Middlesex.
Williams, William—London.
Viney, William, Elizabeth, 2 children—Middlesex.
Ward, James, Sophia, and 4 children—Surry.
Wall, Mary—Wexford.
Wells, William—Kent.
White, Henry—Surry.
Whitaker, John, Jane—York.
Willis, John G.—Surry,
Wright, Theodore—Kent.

The Shipping Gazette and Sydney General Trade List
Saturday 10 November 1849
page 279
Geelong Advertiser (Vic.)
Saturday 3 November 1849
page 2

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Pioneers of Taralga New South Wales 1922

Speaking on Saturday 29 April 1922, at the celebration of
the 152nd. anniversary of the landing of Captain Cook,
Sir William Cullen said: "We should be proud of the pioneers,
who by their courage and energy have helped to make Australia
what it is to-day."

Taralga is not only proud of her pioneers, she honours them.
What was probably a unique gathering, as far as New South Wales is
concerned, took place at Taralga on Saturday, 29 April 1922, when
the pioneers of the district were entertained at a dinner by a committee
representing the remaining residents of the township and district.
The following were the veterans present:
John Barry, aged 89
F. Baxter, 75
J. Bee, 70
C. Blay, 70
Walter Bradbury, 87
W. H. Bradbury, 79
J. Cameron, 70
Chas. Chalker, 81
Ted Chalker, 71
John Clifton, 73
Jas. Connor, 84
J. Cooper, 72
R. Cusick, 75
Geo. Corby, 69
J. Cosgrove, 69
Mat Daulton, 84
Thos. Fitzgibbon, 83
M. Fitzgibbon, 77
T. Gorman, 71
Pat Hearley, 82
W. Horne, 72
T. Horne, 70
Jas. Keogh, 86
T. McAlister, 69
Alex. McDonnell, 80
Angus McInnes, 72
Alex. McInnes, 82
J. L. McKenzie, 93
Chas. McKenzie, 80
K. McKenzie, 75
Colin McKenzie, 69
R. McLennan, 72
P. Mooney, 74
J. Ross, 76
C. Ross, 74
F. Sullivan, 69
J. Venn, 73
J. Williams, 77
W. M. Wright, 76
The oldest, Mr. J. L. McKenzie, bears his 93 years most ably,
while the youngest, Mr. Colin McKenzie, is a boy of 68.
Scotia thus headed and "tailed" the fine procession which filed into
the hall and sat down to an excellent dinner.
Cr. C. S. Bradbury presided, and in an eloquent speech paid a tribute to
the courage and hard work of the pioneers. Cr. Walsh supported, and
the toast of "The Pioneers" was drunk amidst great enthusiasm. Among other
toasts honoured were "The Pioneer Ladies of the District."
Mr. John McKenzie, the oldest of the veterans, who arrived in Richlands
in 1861, responded to the toast of the day, and Messrs. James Connor,
A. Mc-Innes, and Charles Ross also spoke.
Speeches were also delivered by the Rev. Mr. Bramble, Mr. C. Keith,
Mr. T. M. Chalker, Dr. Lyons, and others.
After the banquet a photograph of the group was taken.
The people whole heartedly went into the matter of entertaining the
veterans, and the response of those who were invited was most encouraging.
The lunch was prepared by Mrs. Spence, of the Argyle, and favourably
known as that good hostess's reputation is, on this occasion she excelled herself.
On arrival at the hall the guests of the day were met by Crs. Bradbury and
Walsh, and Messrs. A. E. Swan, M. Fitzgibbons, J.P., J. Alders, J.P.,
and others and treated to refreshments. They then dispersed themselves
around the hall, old friends meeting old friends, recalling old and stirring
incidents of the 40's, '50's, and '60's.
"You and I," said two men, well past 80, "went picking
up fleeces at Lethbridge's woolshed at Rockwell about 1855."
"Do you remember the cricket match we had about 1860?" said "Sandy" McInnes;
"W. H. Bradbury and Walter Bradbury, both present, were there,
and Rory McKay wearing a Scotch cap was fielding at long-on when a
catcher came his way, and he caught it in his cap."
But they were mostly horsey men in their day and generation.
Practically every man had done his 100 miles almost straight
on end for doctor or clergyman, and Paddy Hearley (82) had ridden
from "Lambing Flat" to Taralga in a day getting home in good time,
and not hurting his horse.
And didn't everybody remember the races on Humbug Flat, near Taralga,
when the prizes weren't very big, no bookies, and every horse was a trier,
and nobody thought a horse worth owning unless he could do a two or three
mile gallop. And later on Davis Hannabury had "Barebones," that won hundreds
for him, and later still Hillas had "Macaroni," and Martin Gallagher, recently
deceased, used to ride in Taralga.
All the pioneers present, down to the last one, are sons of the soil.
John L. McKenzie, of Fassifern, the father of the gathering, is 93 now,
and is 83 years out. "I came in '89, and George-street was nothing much
to look at then. My family later went to Illawarra, but then, as now, the
would-be-settler could not get on the land, and one of the worst droughts
the State has ever seen was just about winding up. Work was scarce, wages low.
The progress of Macquarie's day had given place to the stagnation of Gipps' term.
After a spell at the Snowy, the family came to Richlands and still no land
available only in isolated blocks of 80 acres, till Robertson's Land Act of '61."
And so this wonderful old man, who signs his name and writes letters with
the facility of a lawyer's clerk, tells his tale. "How old is Will ?" I asked.
"Oh, the baby, he was born on the 1st January, 1850."
And John Barry, of Hill Crest (89), is hale and hearty, able to eat like a boy,
and till very recently could ride about the Cookbundoon Ranges.
He bemoans the fact that Jack Williams ("Good old Black Jack"), who is 76,
is getting fearful and is not the man he ought be, at his age. But nobody
is sure of Jack's age, and barring Sandy Mclnnes - he is easily the youngest
looking man present.
There is a tradition in the Barry family that one day there arrived at the
old homestead a black boy, wearing only a long coat and generally
in a bad way. But Jack's star was in- the ascendant that day - Barry's has
been his home ever since, and a good home he has found it, and Jack has
been a good member of the family too, for he is treated like one. Jack can
still "shin" up an apple tree to get ripe apples for the kiddies, and any
day he will ride fifty miles for a pup. Recently Jack was confirmed by his
Lordship Dr. Gallagher, and he took a few days off to prepare. Anyhow Jack
reckoned the Bishop would not be "hard on him," because "once, when the
Bishop was only a young chap," said Jack, "I boiled his billy for him,
and he won't forget." Jack is a pious man still, and the only thing
worrying him on Pioneers' Day was the fact that there was Mass at
Myrtleville, but anyhow he felt pretty confident that Father Ryan
would give him a "Dispensation" if it was needed."
Walter Bradbury (87), of the Paling Yards, came to Taralga in '47 in Oct.
Grass was four feet high. The township was then called Trialgang, and
later Trialga and Taralga. It got its name from the three round hills
near the township. "The first races were on Humbug Flat. There was a
large tribe of blacks in the district, Miranda was the king. He was
buried at the Paling Yards, and I was at his wake," says Mr. Bradbury.
"There was a large ring made, and the body of the king was placed in it,
and fires were lighted all round to keep the 'Debil Debil' away.
The Macarthurs were at Richlands in these days, and left a good record
behind them. Sir Charles Cowper, who was Premier, had Chatsbury, and
the McAlisters had Strathaird and Lethbridge's at Rockwell."
James Connor (84) and M. M. Daulton (84) were both born in Taralga district,
and Sandy McInnes (82), who is the oldest native of Taralga present, was
christened in the old Strathaird Arms, Myrtleville, now John Miskelly's.
Pat Hearley (82) was born in Goulburn. Tom Fitzgibbon, Golspie (83), has
spent nearly all his life here, and it is not an unusual sight to see him
a dozen miles from home with a mob of fat bullocks at nine o'clock in the
John Keough (86) is still farming on The Meadows, but feels that he is
getting the old man on him a bit. W. H. Bradbury (79), C. Chalker (81),
M. Fitzgibbon (77), W. M Wright (73), John Ross (Hanapool (78),
Charles Ross, J.P.(75), as well as practically all the younger men present
are natives. John Ross, of the Abercrombie (73), rides in and out from
Goulburn when he has business to do, and practically every man in the
70's is actively engaged in farming, dairying, and grazing pursuits
The combined ages of these old people total 3645 years, an average of
76 years, or, taking a few of the youngsters out, the average is 80 years.
An analysis of the ages shows one over 90, 5 over 85, 7 over 80, 11 over 75, and
16 over 70.

decendants of ALLAN LAYFIELD Melbourne, Victoria

age 45 with wife, Sarah Anne 37 and children, Gordon 1, John 3, Alice 5, Hubert 7,
Percy 9 and Lawrence 11. arrived from London on the mail steamer R.M.S.S. OROYA, (Orient Line)
Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Origin: -; Master: James Brunton PARK;
Origin port code: B; Fiche number: 491; Page of list: 3,

Born ALLAN LAURENCE LAYFIELD, in 1842 at Darley, North Yorkshire. and according to the 1881 census was a Corn Miller, Journeyman. Allan was the son of James LAYFIELD and Ellen MOORE, Allan LAYFIELD died at the Austin Hospital in Melbourne, January 1899 and is buried in the Paupers Grave Section at the Warringal Cemetery, Heidelberg, on Upper Heidelberg-road.

Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Age: 37; Origin: -; Master: PARK JAS BRUNTON;
Sarah Annie LAYFIELD, nee MORLEY born at Birstwith, Yorkshire in 1851, died at East Melbourne Hospital in 1892, age 40

Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Age: 11.
Laurence James Edwin LAYFIELD born in Darley, Yorkshire, 1876, firstly married Elizabeth JOYCE b. 1876, in 1894.
The children of Laurence and Elizabeth were:-
Rosalie Joyce b. 1895 Carlton. In 1913 'Rose' married Fredrich FITT 1891-1930. Fred was the son of Fredrick and Emily Rebecca, nee Locke and killed when he was knocked off his bicycle on Dandenong-road on the 7 October 1930.
The Age, Wednesday 8 October 1930
FITT.— On the 7th October (suddenly),Frederick Fitt, dearly beloved husband of
Rose, and loving father of Roma, Jean, Joyce. Lance, and loving son of
Frederick and Emily Fitt
In 1939 Rose next married Henry Percy Ingham. 1877-1958 . Rose died at Caulfield in 1961 age 66.
Her mother, Elizabeth died at the Alfred Hospital in 1896.
Laurence next married Alice Mary WATT in 1900.
The children of Lawrence and Alice Mary, nee WATT were:-
Grace Beatrice 1900, Carlton. m. Connor d. 1963 at Heidelberg
Laurence 1902,Carlton. m. Ida May HANLEY 1897-1978 in 1924 d. 1985 Carlton
Mabel Eveline 1904, Geelong. In 1922 Mabel married Leslie Ormond HUNT 1893-1959 the son of John HUNT
and Bertha, nee LUCAS,
Sydney Allan 1906, Geelong. d. 1962 Parkville
Ivy Margret 1906, Geelong. m. Richard Baden LOH,at St.Matthew's, Prahran on 5 January 1929.
Stanley 1909, Geelong.
Leonard 1913, Geelong.
Laurence LAYFIELD died at Moolap, Geelong on 6 January 1940 age 64.
The Age (Melbourne, Vic.) Monday 8 January 1940

LAYFIELD.— On January 6, at his daughter's residence,
6 Alexandra-avenue, East Geelong;
Laurence James Edwin, loved father of Rose (Mrs. Fitt),
Grace, Laurence, Mabel (Mrs.Hunt), Ivy Margret (Mrs. Loh), and Sydney;
—Inserted by Laurence, Mabel, Margret.

Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Age: 9;
Percy Morley LAYFIELD born in Birstwith, Yorkshire, in 1877. Percy married Letitia STONE in 1905.
Children of Percy and Letitia were: -
Hubert Vincent b.1914 d.19 September 2000 at Austin Hospital Heidelberg, married Gwendoline ?
had a grandson, Allan. Gwendoline died 18 April 2000, at Elizabeth House, Rosanna
Alfred Morely married Edith Mary Livingstone BABIDGE in 1932 d: 1982
Percival James, married Linda Charlotte CLAYFIELD in Melbourne in 1934.
Linda Charlotte CLAYFIELD was born in Port Melbourne in 1906. The daughter of William Edward CLAYFIELD and Elizabeth Emma GOWTY(Linda was also a hairdresser)

Percy died at his home at 3 Spring-street, Port Melbourne on the 28 October 1945.
Record (Emerald Hill, Vic.) Saturday 3 November 1945
THE FINAL CALL Mr. Percy Layfield

The death occurred at his home, 3 Spring-street, Port Melbourne, on Sunday of
Mr. Percival Morley Layfield at the age of 68.
Six years ago he was severely injured in a motor accident and had been
an invalid ever since. For many years he was scorer for the S.M.C.C. Second
Eleven, and at its meeting on Tuesday night the club committee passed a motion
of sympathy with the bereaved family.
A widow, Mrs. Letitia Layfield, and three sons, Percy, Alfred and Hubert, survive.
Deceased was an elder brother of Cr. H. A. Layfield, of South Melbourne.
The remains were interred at the Melbourne Genera] Cemetery, Carlton, on Tuesday afternoon

Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Age: 7;
Three times Mayor of South Melbourne, Hubert Allan LAYFIELD was born Allan Hubert Vincent Layfield in Wetherby, Yorkshire on the 11 February 1879;
and in 1905 at the Presbyterian Church in Dorcas-street, he married Margaret Josephine PRATT.
Margaret was the daughter of Alexander PRATT 1829-1903 and Alice Susannah FINLAY 1849-1932
(Alice Finlay arrived with her parents at Geelong on November 1, 1853, by the 'Credenda').
Margaret was born in Clarendon-street, South Melbourne in 1883, and Christened at the Dorcas-street Presbyterian church. Margaret Josephine LAYFIELD died on Sunday 27 July 1952, Her funeral service at McKenzie's Chapel took place about 50 yards from where she was born. The LAYFIELDS had been living in Foote-street, Albert Park, when she died. Margaret had three times been Lady Mayoress of South Melbourne;

H. A. LAYFIELD known as 'Harry' to his friends, was a hairdresser in City Road, South Melbourne and secretary of the Victorian Master Hairdressers' Association. Few could forget when he played the tearful mother-of-the-bride at a pageant before a large crowd of residents in the Dispensary Hall in July 1920. He, along with the South Melbourne Council and the Education Department established a Boys’ Club, The Montague Youth Centre, at Montague which included a gymnasium as well as teaching automotive skills, boot repairing, carpentry, tin work and toy making. He was vice-chairman of the Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works and had been an unopposed member of South Melbourne City Council for 35 years, and Mayor in 1929-30, 38-39, and 49-50. A staunch Labor supporter, and chairman of several committees from 1925 until 1963. H. A. Layfield died in Armadale, Melbourne on 10 June 1966, before Layfield Court at 150 Victoria Avenue, was completed in 1967. The informant on his death registration incorrectly places his birth as being in South Melbourne.
Layfield said in later life that "he had seen the first cable cars run in the area, and the last,
and had been Mayor when the Spencer Street Bridge was opened, and also the first man to pass
over it in a motor car." *References: Miles; Priestley

born the last quarter of 1880 in Wetherby, Yorkshire. Died in the first quarter of 1881, in Wetherby, Yorkshire.

Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Age: 3;
Ernest John LAYFIELD Born in Wetherly, Yorkshire in February 1884, he married Alice Lavinia BOWERS in Melbourne in 1910. Alice was born in Balmain, Sydney, in 1887, the daughter of George Rueben Peeke BOWERS and Charlotte Ruth LEER.
On the 22 August 1914 Ernest John enlisted in the A.I.F. at the local South Melbourne office giving his occupation as 'Rubber Worker and his wife as next-of-kin. At the time they were living in Tribe-street, Sth. Melbourne
Ernest John died in Coburg in 1947.
Alice Lavinia LAYFIELD, nee BOWERS died in Baxter, Victoria on 10 April 1969.
The children of Ernest and Lavinia were:-
1.Raymond John Layfield b: 1915 South Melbourne d. 10 June 1989, at Peninsula Private Hospital m. Jessie RUSSELL in 1942

Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Age: 5;
Alice Gertrude LAYFIELD born in Yorkshire in 1882 married James JOYCE in 1899 and died in Armadale, Melbourne in 1963 age 81.

7. GORDON LAYFIELD 1887-1888
Ship: OROYA; Arrival Year: 1887; Arrival Month: DEC; Age:1;
Gordon LAYFIELD born 1887, died soon after arrival in 1888 in South Melbourne age 1

born in South Melbourne in 1888. On 9 August 1916, Alexander married Lena Myrtle OWEN, the daughter of William James OWEN and Bertha LAMBERT.
The Age, Saturday 25 November 1916
Husband's Contribution Equals One Penny Per Week.

At South Melbourne on Wednesday, Lena Myrtle Layfleld proceeded against her husband,
Alexander Layfield, for the maintenance of her child
It was stated in support of the claim that the parties were married in August last,
but two years previously complainant gave birth to a child, of which defendant was
the father. They made up their minds quite suddenly to get married, and after the
ceremony defendant had no home for her except a room at his brother's house. As there
were only four small rooms to accommodate the brother, his wife and three other
children, she refused to live there, and defendant agreed to pay her 10/ per week,
on the understanding that he saved and made a home.
In the meantime. he gave her one 10/-, but there his effort stopped. No other money
had been paid her at any time by defendant.
For the defence it was held that the offer of a home was bona flde. Defendant
earned £2/7/- per week on permit at Kitchen's (soap works), and the offer he made was the best
he could make.
Mr. Moore, P.M: We do not consider the offer bona fide. In two years this man pays 10/-,
less than 1d. per week, and then has the impudence to come here and say he has offered
a home. Defendant is ordered to pay 10/ per week.
Mr. Stevens: You are keeping them apart forever.
Mr. Moore, P.M.: From what. I see of defendant, I think the order is more likely to
bring them together.
An order was made for the payment of 10/ per week, with £2/5/ - costs.

The children of Alexander and Lena were:-
Rose born 1915 and died 31 October, 1925 at Alfred Hospital, Prahran, Alexander and
Lena were living at 67 Elizabeth street, North Richmond at the time.
James Allan b; 1922, died in 1924 at Prahran.
Margaret Derry born 13 July 1925 at the Queen Victoria Hospital, Melbourne,
lived 12 hours.

Lena Died in 1968 and Alexander in 1969 at Castlemaine, Victoria.

9. THOMAS LAYFIELD 1890-1890
born in South Melbourne in 1890 and died soon after birth.

The barque Lord Stanley 1850 Passenger List

ARRIVED. Port Adelaide
Monday, February 11.1850
The barque Lord Stanley, 336 tons, Hugh McKay, master,
from Gravesend 15th October, touching, at St. Jago on the 13th and sailing thence on the 18th
November with 104 passengers.

Passengers for Adelaide

Mr A D Bottomley

William Elijah Bonnett, wife & 4 children
James Evans and wife
James Ludom, wife, child
Charles Thawe Armitage
Henry Gibbons, wife, 8 children
Edward Turnbull
Maria Witty
Adolph Seidler
Henry Appleton
Joseph Balderson
Charles Cherry, wife, child
Jabez Hughes, wife, 5 children
George Watson and sister
Sarah Braby
Peter Thomson
Charles Spencer
Thomas Spice
Alfred Butler
William Mills and wife
George Beddowes
John Massey and 2 children
William Cann, wife, 4 children
Robert McMullen
William Tabor, wife, 2 children

Passengers for Sydney

George Collins Levey
Dr Dalleston

Alfred Burnham, wife, 4 children
Jas. Reading
Richard Cook
George and Charles Mason
Marion Cockerell
Eliza Lewis
Thomas Fryer
Robert Hamilton
Henry Beese
James Derrick, wife, 6 children
Charles Moore
Joseph Rose
Henry Woods
Thomas Meacher and wife

Passengers for Port Phillip

Benjamin Taylor
John Webster and wife

John Merrefield
Caroline Reeves
George Hinchen
William Turley wife and child
Richard Knight
Henry Miller
Thomas Cole
Richard and James Garton
Thomas Lilley
2 children named Reeves and Meacher were born on the voyage
One infant named Tearsley died on the voyage.

South Australian Register
Wednesday 13 Feb 1850
Page 2
transcription, janilye 2015

The ship Statesman 1850 passenger list.

ARRIVED Port Adelaide, Tuesday, February 12 1850 —
The ship Statesman, 874 tons, J. W. Lane, master,
from Gravesend 1st November, and Plymouth 19th November.

Passengers for Adelaide
Miss Smallpiece and servant (cabin)
Mrs Palmer (cabin)
Henry James (cabin)
James Westbrook, wife, 8 children
James Fendon and 2 children
Robert William Pearce
Richard Knowles and daughter
Mrs Brains
Wm Brains and son
William Sharman
John R Kemp
James Cresswell
Septimus Webster
John Brown
J Pattison
G Ritchie and wife
Timothy Eyde and son
T Pedley
Eliza Parton
W Webb and wife
Henry Turnbridge
Thomas Waiton
John Bond
W Thomas
Thomas Thomas
F Bourchier
Mrs Stock and 7 children
S Edwards, wife, 4 children
Henry Davis and wife
J Eno
W A Townsend
Mrs Stock and 5 children
George Derbyshire

Passengers for Port Phillip-

Mr & Mrs Lemann
Mr T H Puckle
Mr H F H Budd
Mr E W V Budd
Mr and Mrs Swatman
Mr J J Hood
Mrs Percival
Mr & Mrs George Symons
Mr R Tennant
Mr & Mrs F Beggs
Miss Beggs
Mr G Beggs
Mr Fenwick
Mr & Mrs J Stone
Mr D Stone
James Ward
Charles Noble
John Gill, wife & 3 children
Henry Sims, wife & 4 children
Mr Weston, wife, 2 children
Mr Rhode and son
John Fosey, wife, 3 children
James Mercer
Caroline Spencer
Caroline Gibbs
Thomas Sims
Jessie & Ellen Corbitt
Josiah Mitton
James Gregory and wife
Edward Nurse, wife, 6 children
John Nurse and wife
Robert Nurse, wife and child
Isaac Abraham, wife and child
Celia Brown
John Abbs and wife
John Phillips
William Eastaugh, wife, 5 children
Mary Ann Searle
John Bennett
Mary Donaldson, 4 children
Jane Block
James Main
G J Bridgeland, wife, 3 children
James Bridgeland
H Eveniss
W Jenkins and wife
Alfred Price
William Lewis
John Palmer, wife and child
William Bishop and wife
Henry Bassett
Charles Baker, wife, 2 children
Henry Bird
Hannah Sims
William Waken and wife
George Day
L Stunway
John Burke
J Pattison
James Rule
E Haylock, wife, 3 children
G Forster
J Leake
G Turner, wife and child
C Charlton
H J Whitbread
W Knight
E North and wife
J Pritnell, wife, 3 children
Josiah Pritnell and wife
H Franker
W Green
R Cann, wife, 6 children
Martin Hall
Eliza Parton
John Roberts
J Powell
W Berry, wife, 2 children
W Smith, wife, 4 children
J Wood, wife, 3 children
B Eggleton wife & 5 children
T Turpin
E Fletcher and child
G Brennet and wife
Mr Carnow, wife & 8 children
Edward Mitten
Eliza Mitten
Mr Dyer, wife & 3 children
John Savin and wife
N McGuire and wife
W B Phillips
M Menton, wife & 4 children
C B Smyth
Mr Morris, wife & 2 children
Mary Thomas

South Australian Register (Adelaide, SA )
Wednesday 13 Feb 1850
Page 2
Transcription, janilye 2015

Publicans' Licenses Melbourne 1860

Tuesday, 17th April.
Before the Mayor; Messrs Walsh. Benjamin,
Elliot, O'Brien, Watson, Degraves, Bennett, and
The following were GRANTED
Thomas Adams, Paddington Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
George Aitchison, British Hotel, Queen-street.
Charles Alexander, Odd Fellows Hotel, Little Lonsdale-street.
John Allen, Olive Branch Hotel, Latrobe and Stephen streets.
Joseph Weaver Allen, Sandridge Inn, Sandridge.
George Milton Allen, Tattersalls', Lonsdale-street.
John James Amos, South Yarra Club House, Domain road,
William Armitage, Peacock Hotel, Errol-street.
William Baker, Bull and Mouth Hotel Bourke-street,
John Bailey, Young Queen, Therry-street.
William Balch, Australia Felix Bourke-street.
William Bancroft, Bancroft's Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Robert Barber, Newmarket Hotel, Bourke and Stephen-streets.
Thomas Barnfield, Eagle Hotel, Swanston-street.
Richard Barrows, Governor Bourke, Little Lonsdale-street,
William Bignell, Bignell's Hotel, Victoria-street.
William Blannin, Parliamentary, Spring and Lonsdale-street.
William James Boobier, Colonial Family, Little Bourke-street.
Andrew Brown, Rising Sun, little Bourke-street.
Henry Donovan Brown, Exchange Hotel, Swanston-street.
Malcolm Brown, Buck's Head, Little Lonsdale-street,
Charles Bryan, Cumberland and Westmoreland, Franklyn-street.
James Bultitude, Harp of Erin, Madeline-street.
Richard Burke, Golden Age, Latrobe-street.
Edward Butler, Duke of York, Collins-street.
Peter Cameron, Canada Hotel, Madeline-street.
Johanna Cantwell, Glenmore Hotel, Spencer-street.
Benjamin Campion, Prince Patrick, Latrobe-street.
William King Chisholm, Niagara Hotel, Londale-street.
William Clarkson, North Star, Abbotsford-street.
Daniel Cleal, Cleal's Hotel, Swanston-street.
John Cleland, Albion Hotel, Bourke-street,
James Cleghorn, Caledonian Hotel, Jeffcott-street.
Henry Clifford, Railway Refreshment Rooms, Flinders-street.
Frederick Coates, Parkside Hotel, North Melbourne.
Lewis Coates, Royal Hotel, Flemington-road.
James Colvin, Golden Cross, King-street.
Jamea Council, Butchers' Arms, Flemington-road.
James Cooper, Cooper's Family Hotel, Stephen-street.
Richard Austin Cooper, Rainbow, Swanston-street.
William Corcoran Conroy, Royal, Victoria-street.
John Cosgrove, Fitzroy Arms, King-street.
Robert Cuttler, Nelson Hotel, Cardigan-street.
Lewis Count, Spanish Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
William Cowpar, Bendigo Hotel, Bourke-street.
John Cozens, Carlton Inn, Leicester-street.
William Daly, Glasgow Arms, Elizabeth-street.
Michael D'Arcy, D'Arcy's Hotel, Swanston-street.
Henry L. Davis, Egremont Hotel, Northcote.
Thomas Davis, Sarsfield Inn, Little Bourke-street.
Charles Edward Deane, Royal Charter, Bourke-street.
James Dempsey, Joiners' Arms, Cardigan-street.
Charlotte De Ruyter, Woolpack, Queen-street.
Mark Dian, Australian Arms, Little Bourke-street.
James Dillon, Lamb Inn, Little Latrobe-street,
Phillip Garnett Dixon, Suburban Railway Refreshment Rooms, Flinders-street.
George Douse, Salutation Inn, Bourke-street,
Christopher Donovan, Travellers' Home, Swanston-street,
Charles Dowule, Commercial, Little Bourke-street.
Christopher Doyle, Emu Hotel, Bouverie-street.
Patrick Doyle, Haymarket Hotel, Blackwood-street.
William Dunlop, Heather Bell, Flinders-lane,
William Dunnon, Builders' Arms, Cardigan-street.
Edward Fitzgerald Eager, Rook of Cashel, Little Bourke-street.
Thomas Emmerson, Queensberry Hotel, Madeline-street.
Richard Feehan, City Arms, Elizabeth-street.
William Finlay, Royal Mail, Bourke-street.
Owen Fisher, South Melbourne Hotel, Gardiner's Creek road.
Bridget Fitzgerald, Hibernian Hotel, Little Lonsdale-street.
Maurice Otho Fitzglbbon, Mechanics' Arms, Little Collins-street.
Honoria Fitzmaurice, Kerry Hotel, King-street.
William Planner, Old White Hart, Bourke-street.
Alfred Ford, Royal Artillery, Elizabeth-street.
Peter Forman, Elephant and Castle, Little Bourke-street.
Charles Forrester, Metropolitan, William-street.
William Freer, Madeline Hotel, Madeline-street.
Michael Gallagher, Rose of Australia, King-street
George D, Gallagly, Duke of Wellington, Flinders-street.
James Geehan, Harp of Erin, Queen-street.
Jam:s Augustus Glynn, City Hotel, Madeline-street.
Alexander Allen, Grant, Treasury Hotel, Queen-street.
John Grant, Bush Inn, Elizabeth-street.
James Gray, King's Arms Queensberry-street
Charles Groman, Golden Fleece, Russell-street.
Benjamin Halliday, George Hotel. Victoria-street.
David Hamilton, Exford Arms, Russell-street.
William Hawkins, Queen's Arms, Swanston-street
Michael Hayes, Barkly Hotel, Barkly-street.
Arthur David Harvey, White Hart, Little Bourke-street.
John Kirby, Empire Hotel, Errol-street.
Rody Heffernan, Melbourne Tavern, Lonsdale-street.
Christian Henry Heler, Star Hotel, Swanston-street.
William Henry, Blue Bell, Little Collins-street.
James Sloper Hill, Waverley Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Richard Evans Hill, Great Britain, Flinders-street
William Hinds, Ulster Family Hotel, Spring-street.
William Hockin, Commercial Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Henry Hooper, Prince of Wales, Flinders-street.
Barnett Isaacs, London Tavern, Elizabeth-street.
Harry Jenkins, Jenkins's Hotel, Swanston-street.
Joshua Jessop, Saracen's Head, Bourke-street.
Waldron Johnstone, Clarence Hotel, Collins-street.
Joseph Farrar Jones, Excelsior Hotel, Bourke-street.
Ann Jones, Yarra Family Hotel, Flinders street.
John Pritchard Jones, Welsh Harp Hotel, King-street
Charles George Jones, Jones's Hotel, William-street.
Sarah Anne Judd, Royal Oak, Queen street.
William Kavanagh, Britannia Hotel, Bourke-street.
Catherine Kelly, Galway Family Hotel, Flinders-lane.
James Kelly, Reform Hotel, Bourke-street.
William Launcelot Kelly, Argus Hotel, Collins-street
Morgan Kennedy, Edinburgh Castle, North Melbourne.
William Kennedy, Sir Walter Scott Hotel, Elizabeth-street
William Kennon, Black Eagle, Lonsdale-street,
Archibald Kyle, Cavan Hotel, Queensberry-street.
Richard Lecher, Seven Stars, Madeline-street.
Robert Lewis, Royal Railway, Elizabeth-street.
John Leyden, Lamb Inn, Elizabeth-street.
James Liddy, Adam and Eve, Little Collins-street.
Samuel Lowe, Shakspeare Hotel, Collins-street.
Henry Ludwick, Assembly, Bourke-street.
Augustus B. Macdonald, Mac's Hotel, Stephen-street.
Alexander Macgregor, Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock, Elizabeth-street.
Ronald Macgildowney, Telegraph Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
John M'Clure, Scotch Thistle, Northcote.
James Maguire, Clarendon, Collins-street.
Tbomas Maher, Victorian Railway, King-street.
David Mallett, Botanical Hotel, South Yarra.
Henry William Manuel, Royal Oak, Swanston-street.
James Marks, Cross Keys, Russell-street.
James Hall Marris, Ayrshire Hotel, Chetwyn-street.
Thomas Marris, Lincoln Inn, Rathdowne-street.
James Maver, Argyle Hotel, Lygon-street.
David Meikle, Pembroke Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Henry Mendell, Black Prince, Curzon-street.
Archibald Menzies, Menzles' Hotel, Latrobe-street.
Martin Melzger, Albert Hotel, Stephen-street.
Sutherland Miller, Southern Cross, Bourke-street.
William Mitchell, Foundry Hotel, King-street.
James Morony, Carriers' Arms, Elizabeth street.
Christian Mozer, Farmers' Arms, Little Collins-street.
Robert Cooke Moore, Melbourne Exchange Hotel, William-street.
Michael Moran, Central City, Collins-street.
Patrick Mornane, Clare Castle, Stephen-street,
William Morton, Morton's Hotel, Bourke-street.
William Muir, Corkscrew Hotel, King-street.
Ann Murray, Tam O'Shanter Hotel, Lothian-street.
John Murray, Harvest Home, Queen-street.
John Murray, New Constitution Hotel, North Melbourne.
James Nealer, Railway Hotel. Swanston-street.
Patrick Neylan, Farmers' Arms, Swanston-street.
John Neeson, Butchers' Arms, Elizabeth-street.
George Neeson, Royal George Hotel, Bourke-street.
William Nottley, Old Lincoln Inn, Queensberry-street.
Thomas Nunn, Nunn's Hotel, Bourke-street.
Denis O'Callaghan, Crown Hotel, Queen-street.
Patrick O'Connor, Mansion House Hotel, Stanley-street.
Dennis O'Halloran, Union Hotel, Bourke-street.
Charles Oakley, Temple Court Hotel, Queen-street.
Charles Ollis, Apollo Inn, Flinders-Lane.
Michael O'Meara, Lygon Hotel, Lygon-street.
Eugene O'Neil, Royal Highlander, Flinders-street.
James Orkney, Sir Charles Hotham Hotel, Flinders-street.
Thomas Orkney, Duke of Rothsay Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Charles Parsons, Victoria Hotel, Sandridge.
Elisha Pearce, British Queen, Nicholson-street.
Elizabeth Penglase, London Hotel, Market-street.
William Perritt, Freemason's Hotel, Swanston-street.
Peter Pilcher, Royal Saxon Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
William Pitt, Olympian Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Jobn Plummer, University Hotel, Grattan-street.
Christopher Pond, Piazza Hotel, Spring-street.
Thomas Purnell, Plough Inn, Bourke-street.
Ellen Rahilly, Olive Branch Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Ellen Reed, Limerick Castle Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
John Frederick Richardson, Western Port Hotel,Queen-street.
Edward Rigby, Council Club Hotel, Queen-street.
Patrick Ring, Old Ship Inn, Russell-street.
Charles. Rupprecht, Sabloniere Hotel, Queen-street.
Daniel Ryan, Lalla Rookh, Queensberry-street.
Patrick Ryan, Colonial Bank Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Michael Ryan, Essex Hotel, Cardigan-street.
Rody Ryan, Loughmore Castle, Leveson-street.
Benoni Salway, William's Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Edward Scott, Port Phillip Club Hotel Flinders-street.
James Seymour, Friend-in-Hand Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Thomas Sheahan, Bouverie Hotel, Bouverie-street.
William Shiels, James Watt Hotel, Spencer-street.
Alexander Short, Union Hotel, Spencer-street.
Hugh Short, Australian Hotel, Bourke-street.
William Philip Simons, Governor Arthur Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
Archibald Smart, Prince George Hotel, Swanston-street
William S. Southwood, Stork Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Felix W. Spiers, Royal Hotel, Bourke-street.
George Spray, Stratford Arms, Drummond-street.
Henry Spray, Carlton Hotel, Lygon-street.
Thomas Stevens, King's Arms, Madeline-street.
Charles Stewart, Old Ship Inn, Flinders-lane.
William J. Sugden, Globe Hotel, Swanston-street.
Henry Taylor, Waterloo Inn, Little Collins-street.
Henry Thompson, New Imperial Inn, Elizabeth-street.
Alexander Thompson, Beehive Hotel, Blackwood-street
William Tilks, City Hotel, Bourke-street.
James Turner, Mercantile Hotel, King-street.
Patrick Toohey, Kilkenny Inn Lonsdale-street.
James Walley, Mistletoe Hotel, M'Kenzie-street.
Patrick Walsh, Supreme Court Hotel, Latrobe-street.
John Walker, Britannia Hotel, Swanston-street.
Charles Wedel, Criterion Hotel Collins street.
James Wheeler, Royal Railway Hotel, Elizabeth-street
Henry Williamson, Hotham Arms, North Melbourne.
Robert Wilson, Cornwall Arms, Bourke-street.
George Whitcomb, Waterman's Arms, Little Collins-street.
James Woodward, Leicester Hotel, Leicester-street.
William Wood, Duke of Kent Hotel Latrobe-street.
George Charles Wyld, Sydney Hotel, William-street.
John M'Millan, Mac's Hotel, Franklyn-street.
James Carroll, Robert Burns Hotel, Franklyn-street
The consideration of new licenses, and others in
which there was any opposition, was postponed till Tuesday 24 April 1860.
Here are the results of that meeting published on page 5 of
The Argus 25 April 1860
The Age, Thursday 19 April 1860, page 7
The Argus, Wednesday 25 April 1860, page 5
Transcription, janilye 2015

The glass negative below is Madeline-street Carlton; the Harp of Erin on the right.
Queensberry-street on left.
Madeline-street is an extension of Swanstone-street, over Grattan-street.

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QUARTERLY LICENSES Melbourne September 1855

Melbourne, Tuesday 4 September 1855 at noon the Bench heard
applications for special licenses, transfers, &c.

The following gentlemen were on the Bench: Messrs. Sturt (chairman),
Vignolles, Hodgson, Greeves, O'Shanassy, and Noel.

The following were granted:-
Henry Russell, Liverpool Arms, Brunswick street, Collingwood,
from Joseph Hobbs.
James Bartholomew, Bull-and-Mouth Inn, Bourke-street.
from D. M'lntosh.
William Balch, Australia Felix Family Hotel, Bourke-street,
from Rachel Sawyer.
Thomas Crowle, Victoria Hotel, Little Bourke-street,
from D'Arcy Mundy.
Patrick Costello, Travellers' Home, Swanston-street,
from Michael D'Arcy.
Samuel Darby, Newmarket Hotel, Bourke and Stephen streets,
from Charles Lester.
J. E. Ellis, The Botanical Hotel, South Yarra,
from Charles Rogers.
Robert Frost, Royal Highlander, Flinders-street,
from William Blake.
Walter Ferguson, Union HoTel, Bourke-street,
from James Laurie
Edward Ford, Drewery's Family Hotel, Gertrude street, Collingwood,
from Thos. Drewery.
George W. Howse, The Parade, East Melbourne,
from John Thomas Shea.
Waldron Johnston, Clarence Hotel, Elizabeth and Collins-street,
from John Whitehead.
Michael Kelly, Australian Family Hotel, Spring-street,
from William Abbott.
David Lewis, Napoleon III , Emerald Hill, from
James M'Carthy.
Wm. J. N. Lewis, Bridge Inn, Flinders-lane,
from Thomas Seaward.
Augustus M'Donald, Royal Arch Inn, Gore street, Collingwood,
from Thomas Sutherland.
John M. McKee, Duke of Kent, Latrobe-street,
from Edward Steel.
Patrick Noylan, Farmer's Arms, Swanston street,
from James Stone.
Charles Oakley, Temple Court Hotel, Queen street,
from Michael Woodlock.
E. J. Prevot, Queensberry Hotel, Madeline-street,
from C. T. Hume.
James Pasfleld, Sydney Hotel,
from Benjamin Brittell.
Henry Reynolds, Queen'e Head, Queen-street,
from William Whitmore.
James Tenniel, Market Tavern, Emerald Hill,
from George Duncan.
George Wailey, Argus Hotel, Collins street,
from Charles Wedel.
Charles Wedel, the Criterion Hotel, Collins-street,
from John E. Jones.
John Wood, the William Tell, Brunswick street,
Collingwood, from John Filgate. Adjourned Transfers.
Charles Frahm/Frahan, the Northcote Arms, Northcote,
from Augustus McDonald. Granted
Charles Baxter, Star and Garter Hotel, St. Kilda. Granted.
Thomas Bryce, Cambrian Hotel, North Melbourne. Adjourned. (refused 12 Sept)
Peter Connelly, the Carlow Hotel, Little Bourke-street. Granted.
Wilson Cornwall, the Labor in Vain, North Melbourne, adjourned. (refused 12 Sept.)
Stephen Dorman, the Highway House, Sandridge-Road, granted.
James Lawler, Belle Vue Hotel, Little Collins-street, refused.
George Lewis, the Mazeppa Hotel, Spring and Little Bourke-streets, granted.
Patrick O'Connell, the Black Prince, Curzon-street, North Melbourne, adjourned. (granted 12 Sept.)
Edward Lloyd Robinson Smith, Yarra Club House Granted.
Benoni Salway, Yarra Steam Packet Hotel Flinders-street, refused,
as being next door to a new house.
George Walder, Golden City, Cecil street, refused.
Frederick Chambers, applied for a license for a restaurant
for the Cellar of the Hall of Commerce. Mr. Frank Stephen
appeared to oppose the application on the ground that the
restaurant was not required, or adapted for the business.
It was situated next door to the Imperial Hotel, and close
to the Criterion, and there were no accomodations
suitable for an Inn provided.
Mr. Trenchard supported the application on the
ground that it was a convenience much required by
the mercantile community. The Hall of Commerce
formed a centre of the public business of the city,
and a requisition for the establishment of refreshment
rooms had been signed by every member of the
Chamber of Commerce, save one ; and by a great
number of the merchants of the city.
The Bench adjourned the application.
George Coppin applied for a license for Coppin's Olympic Hotel,
Lonsdale-street. Mr. Head opposed the application, on the ground
that Mr. Coppin already held a license for the Olympic Theatre ;
this objection he considered must be a fatal one.
The premises were not such as would be entitled to a license: they
had not been constructed in accordance with the provisions of the act,
and were communicated with by several openings to the theatre. He
was sure that Mr. Coppin had enough already to attend to with theatrical
matters without the Bench imposing on him the Herculean task of another license.
Mr. Frank Stephen supported the application. Mr.Coppin had kept one of
the first hotels in Sydney, in Pitt street, and continued to hold his
license to the satisfaction of the citizens. He was then
connected with a theatre in Sydney, and if it were competent to him to
hold a license then, it would be now. The opposition to the application
had been got up by the proprietor of the house opposite. If this were
not so there would have been a petition from the neighbors against
the granting of the license, but no such a petition had been got up,
and he was consequently justified in supposing that the present
opposition arose from interested motives. The public-house opposite
did not afford sufficient accommodation to persons who frequented the
theatre, and the privilege had already been granted to the Theatre Royal.
The petition which had been presented to the Bench had been signed by
five or six hundred respectable persons in the city.
The application was granted.
Charles Jones applied for a license for his eating house, in Little Collins street,
for the establishment of a printer's club, for the convenience of the printers
of the city. A petition signed by a great number of compositors was handed to the Bench.
The application was refused.
Catherine Featly, Little Bourke-street; Granted.
Andrew Thomas Keny, bathing-ship, Beach-street, St. Kilda. Granted.
Ann Marks/Monks, Little Lonsdale-street east. Adjourned.(granted 11 September)
John Palmer, Bourke-street east. Adjourned. (granted 11 September.)
William James Robinson, Bourke-street east. Adjourned. (granted 11 September)
Edward Costello, Collins-street. Granted.
Jacques Sibberly, Queen street. Granted.
William Robert Hawkins Robertson. Granted.
The applications of the following persons
for hawkers' and pedlars' licenses were
granted on the 11 September 1855 :
Thomas Littleton, Susan Waters, John Williams, William Toun

Portrait below is George Selth Coppin
by Photographer FALK about 1890

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Annual Licensing Meeting MELBOURNE 1859

The following is a list of the applications for publicans' licences
heard at the Annual Licensing Meeting, Tuesday 19 April 1859.

Amos, John Jervis, South Yarra Club, Punt hill.
Armitage, William, Peacock, Errol-street
Abrey, Jane, Red Lion, Londsale-street.
Alexander, Charles, Oddfellows, Little Lonsdale-street.
Allen, Joseph Weaver, Sandridge Inn, Sanridge.
Aitcheson, George, British Hotel, Queen street.
Allen, John, Olive Branch, Stephen-street.
Annett, James, Morning Star, Little Bourke street.
Brown, Henry Donovan, Waverly, Little Collins-street.
Brownlow, Samuel, Northcote Arms, Northcote.
Boniface, Benjamin, Manchester Inn, Queen street,
Bennett, Thomas Knight, Garrick's Head, Swanston-street.
Bryant, James Mark, Parade Hotel, Wellington-parade.
Bryan, Charles, Leinster Hotel, Franklin street.
Butler, Edward, Duke of York, Collins-street
Barrows, Richard, Governor Bourke, Little Lonsdale-street
Brown, Andrew, The Rising Sun, Little Bourke-street.
Brighouse, John, Royal Park, Howard-street
Butterworth, Joseph Frank, Exchange Hotel, Swanston-street.
Blannin, William, Parliamentary Hotel. Lonsdale-street
Batch, William, Australia Felix, Bourke-street.
Bourke, George, Ship Inn. Flinders-lane.
Bignall, William, Bignall's Hotel, Victoria-street.
Bultitude, James, Harp of Erin, Madeline-street.
Barben, Robert, Newmarket Hotel, Bourke-street.
Barnfield, Thomas, Eagle Hotel, Swanston-street.
Brown, Malcolm, Buck's Head, Little Lonsdale-street.
Bancroft, Richardd, City Hotel, Madeline-street.
Boobirr, William James, Colonial Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
Conroy, William C Conroy's Hotel, Victoria-street.
Crawford, John, City Hotel. Bourke-street.
Crawford, James, Saracens Head, Bourke-street.
Cameron, Alexander, Merri Jig Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Clifford, Henry R, Railway Refreshment rooms, Elizabeth-street.
Carroll, James, Robert Burns, Lonsdale-street.
Cleghorn, James, Caledonian Hotel, Jeffcott-street.
Cosgrave, John, Fitzroy Arms, King-street.
Cooper, James, Cooper's Family Hotel, Stephen-street.
Cooper, Richard Austin, Treasury Hotel, Queen-street,
Coates, Frederick, Parkside Hotel, Flemington-road.
Champion, Benjamin, Prince Patrick Hotel, La Trobe-street.
Cantwell, Johanna, Glenmore Hotel, Spencer street.
Chandler, Henry, Butchers' Arms, Elizabeth-street.
Chanter, John, Royal Highlander, Fliiiders-street.
Cronin, Daniel, Black Boy, Little Collins-street.
Currie, John, Hall of Commerce, Collins-street.
Chisholm, William King, Niagara Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Cleal, Daniel, Cleal's Hotel, Swanston-street.
Clarkson, William, North Star Hotel, Abbotsford-street.
Colvin, James, Golden Cross, King-street.
Dowling, Thomas. Empire Hotel. Errol-street.
Doyle, Andrew, Ship Hotel, Sandridge.
Daley, William, Glasgow Arms, Elizabeth-street.
Dewis, Thomas, Sarsfield Inn, Little Bourke-street.
Dempster, Andrew, Sydney Hotel, William-street.
Dunnon, William, Builders' Arms, Cardigan-street,
Doyle, Patrick, Telegraph Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
Dunlop, William, Heather Bell, Flinders-lane.
Davidson, George, George Hotel, Victoria-street.
Downie, Charles Commercial Inn, Little Bourke-street.
Donne, George, Salutation Inn, Bourke-street.
Donovan, Christopher, Travellers' Home, Swanton-street
Dillon, James, Lamb Inn, Little La Trobe-street.
Dempsey, James, Ship Inn, Russell-street
D'Arcy, Michael, D'Arcy's Hotel, Swanston-street.
Dias, Mark, Australian Arms, Bourke-street.
Deane, Charles Edmund, Royal Charter, Bourke-street.
Dixon, Philip Garnett, Suburban Railway Refreshment-rooms, Flinders-street.
Eastwood, Henry, Prince George Hotel, Swanston-street.
Evans, Thomas South Melbourne Hotel, South Yarra.
Eager, Edward Fitzgerald, Rock of Cashel, Little Bourke-street.
Edmonds, George, Carlton Inn, Pelham-street.
Farrell, Robert, Melbourne Hotel, South Yarra.
Feinaigle, Charles Gregory, Crown Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Feehan, Richard, City Arms, Elizabeth-street,
Filmore, Egerton J., Royal Mail, Swanston-street
Fitzgerald J-Bridget, Hibernian Hotel, Little Lonsdale-street.
Ford, Alfred, Royal Artillery, Elizabeth-street,
Flanner, William, Old White Hart, Bourke-street.
Forman, Peter, Elephant and Castle, Little Bourke-street.
Ferris, William, Royal Hotel, Flemington-road.
Gilmore, Martin, Telegraph Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
Griffiths, Thomas, Powess Arms, 99 Flinders street.
Glynn, Henry, Freemasons Tavern, Sandridge.
Gallpen, George, Haymarket Hotel, Flemington-road.
Garton, James, Pier Hotel, Sandridge.
Gallogley, George Dunn, Duke of Wellington, Flinders-street.
Gallagher,Michael, Rose of Australia, King-street.
Grant, John, Bush Inn, Elizabeth-street.
Glassbrook, Isaac Knowles, Egremont Hotel, Northcote
Geach, Thomas, Spread Eagle, Elizabeth-street.
Hayes, Michael, Barkly Hotel, Barkly-street
Hill, Richard Evans, Great Britain, Flinders-street
Henry, William, Blue Bell, Little Collins-street
Heffernan, Rody, Melbourne Tavern, Lonsdale-street.
Hamilton, David, Rose and Thistle, Lonsdale-street.
Hooper, Henry, Prince of Wales, Flinders-lane.
Hockin, William, Commercial Hotel, Elizabeth-street
Hawkins, William, Queen's Arms, Swanston-street.
Heier, Christian H., Star Hotel, Swanston-street.
Hills, Thomas, Tattersall's Hotel, Lonsdale-street
Hill, John. Erin Hotel, Bouverie-street.
Hinds, Willam, Ulster Family Hotel, Spring-street.
Hassett, John, Young Queen, Therry-street.
Holmes, Robert, Victoria Hotel, Sandridge
Holland, William, Globe Inn, Swanston-street.
Hayward, George, Bull and Mouth, Bourke-street
Jones, Jos. F., Excelsior Hotel, Bourke-street
Johnston, Waldron, Clarence Hotel, Collins-street
Jordan, John, Rainbow Hotel, Little Collins-street
Judd, Sarah Ann, Royal Oak, Queen-street
Jones, Charles George, Jones's Family Hotel William-street
James, Daniel Gray, Waterman's Arms, Nott-street Sandridge.
Jones, Charles, Colonial Bank Hotel, Little Collins-street
Johnston, James, Canada Hotel, Queensberry-street
Jenkins, Harry, Jenkins's Hotel, Swanston-street
Jones, John Yarra Family Hotel, Flinders-street
Isaacs, John Andrade, Crown Hotel, Queen-street
Isaacs, Barnet, London Tavern, Elizabeth-street
Kyle, Archibald, Cavan Hotel, Queensberry-street
Kelly, James, Reform Hotel, Bourke-street.
Kelly, Patrick, Galway Family Hotel, Flinders lane.
Kennedy, Morgan, Edinburgh Castle, Courtney-street.
Kennedy, William, Sir Walter Scott, Elizabeth-street.
Kennon, William, Black Eagle, Lonsdale-street.
Kennedy, John, Lalla Rookh, Queensberry-street
Kelly, William Launcelot, Argus Hotel, Collins-street
Keller, William, Golden Fleece, Russell-street.
Keppel, Maurice, Old Governor Bourke, Spring-street.
Laffen, James, King's Arms, Queensberry-street.
Lecher, Richard, Seven Stars, Queensberry-Street.
Lowe, Samuel, Shakespeare, Collins-street,
Liddy, James, Adam and Eve, Little Collins-street.
Lynch, James, Golden Age, La Trobe-street.
Leyden, John, Lamb Inn, Elizabeth-street.
Mark, James, Cross Keys, Lonsdale-street
Mickle, David, Pembroke Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
M'Millan, James, Carriers' Arms, Elizabeth-Street,
Muir, Matthew, Mac's Hotel, Franklyn-Street.
M'Gregor, Alexander, Supreme Court Hotel, La Trobe-street.
Murray, George, Tam O'shanter, Lothian-street
Murray, John, Constitution Hotel, Lothian-Street.
Menzies, Archibald, Menzies' Hotel, La Trobe street
Miller, Sutherland, Southern Cross Hotel, Bourke-street.
Meaney, Daniel, Harvest Home Hotel, Flinders-street.
Mallett, David, Botanical Hotel, South Yarra.
Morris, James Nall, Ayrshire Hotel, Chetwynd-Street.
Murray, John, Harvest Home Hotel, Flinders-street.
Moore, Robert Cooke, Exchange Hotel, William-street,
Moser, Christian, Farmers' Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Merton, William, Tavistock Hotel, Bourke-street
Marris, Thomas, Lincoln Inn Cardigan-street
Murray, Margaret, Railway Hotel, Sandridge
Manuell, Henry William, Royal Oak Hotel Swanston-street.
Moran, Michael, Central City Hotel, Collins-street.
Mills, Stephen, Chusan Hotel, Sandridge.
Mendel, Henry, Black Prince Hotel Curzon-street
Mitchell, William, Foundry Hotel, King-street
M'Cowen, Thomas, Spanish Hotel, Elizabeth-street
M'Carthy, Thomas, Kerry Hotel, King-street.
M'Donald, Augustus, Tavistock, Hotel, Queen-street.
Muir, William, Corkscrew Hotel, King-street.
Maroney, James, Carriers' Arms, Elizabeth-street
M'Guire, James, Clarendon Hotel, Collins-street
M'Gregor, John, Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock, Elizabeth-street.
Metzger, Martin, Albert Hotel, Stephen-street.
Norman, Patrick, Clare Castlea, Stephen-street.
Maher, Thomas, Railway Hotel, King-street.
M'Lean, Jolm, Scotch Thistle, Northcote.
M'Girr, William Peter, Railway Refreshment rooms, Sandridge.
Nicholson, Robert, Governor Arthur, Little Bourke-street.
Nutter, Edward, Hotham Arms, Leveson-street.
Neeson, John, Paddington! Hotel, Little Collins-street
Nissen, George, Royal George, Bourke-street.
Nunn, Thomas, Nunn's Hotel, Bourke-street.
Nealer, James, Railway Hotel, Swanston-street.
Orknoy, James, Sir C. Hotham Hotel, Flinders-street
O'Halloran, Dennis, Union Hotel, Bourke-street.
Oakley, Charles, Temple-court Hotel, Queen-street.
O'Callaghan, Owen, Woolpack Inn, Queen-street
O'Brien, James, Madeline Hotel, Madeline-street.
Ottaway, George, Queen's Head Hotel, Queen-street.
O'Connor, Patrick, Mansion House Hotel, Stanley-street.
Orkney, Thomas, Duke of Rothesay Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Ollis, Charles, Apollo Inn, Little Flinders-street.
Punch, Richard, Leinster Arms, Lonsale-street
Perritt, William, Freemasons' Hotel, Swanston-street.
Pemberton, Thomas Lloyd, Royal Hotel Sandrldge.
Power, James, White Hart Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
Paynter, Robert, Mechanics' Arms, Little Collins-street.
Pitt, William, Olympian Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Pierce, Elisha, British Queen, Nicholson-street.
Phelan, Michael, Farmers' Arms, Swanston-street
Purneil, Thomas, Royal Saxon, Elizabeth-street
Prendergast, Patrick, Assembly Hotel, Bourke-street.
Penglese, Elizabeth, London Hotel, Market-street.
Plomer, John, University Hotel, Grattan-street.
Price, Thomas, Leinster Arms, Lonsdale-street.
Boss, William Alfred, Princess's Hotel, Spring-street.
Reed, Ellen, Limerick Castle, Elizabeth-street
Robertson, Lachlan, Queensberry Hotel, Madeline-street
Richards, Thomas, United States Hotel, Sandridge.
Ryan, Michael, Windsor Castle, Little Bourke-street,
Ryan, John, Joiners' Arms, Queensberry-street.
Rahilly, Patrick, Olive Branch, Little Collins-street
Richardson, John Frederick, Western Port Hotel, Queen-street.
Ryan, Rody, Loughnan Castle, Leveson-street
Ryan, Andrew, Britannia Hotel, Queen-street.
Rigby, Edward, Council Club Hotel, Queen-street.
Rupprecht, Charles, Sabloniere Hotel, Queen-street
Richardson, Richard, Royal Hotel, Victoria-street.
Short, Hugh, Australian Hotel, Bourke-street.
Stephens, Thomas, King's Arms Hotel, Madeline-street.
Simpson, George, Royal Charter Hotel, Bourke-street.
Simpson, James, Mercantile Hotel, Flinders-street.
Sheahan Thomas, Bouverie Hotel, Bouverie-street
Swannie, David, Howard Hotel, North Melbourne.
Southwood, William Stocker, Stork Hotel, Elizabeth-street
Stirling, John, Beehive., Hotel, Blackwood-street.
Shields, William, James Watt Hotel, Spencer-street.
Spray, Henry, Stratford Arms, Drummond-street.
Seymour, James, Friend-in-Hand Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Salway, Benoni, Williams's Hotel, Elizabeth-street
Spiers, Felix William, Royal Hotel, Bourke-street.
Scott, Edwaid, Port Phillip Club Hotel, Flinders-street
Simms, George, Bay View Hotel, Sandridge-street.
Sheedy, Michael, Plough Inn, Bourke-street.
Schadowsky, Henry Gustav, Imperial Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Spence, Francis, Spanish Hotel, Elizabeth-street
Taylor, Henry, Waterloo Hotel, Little Collins-street
Tookey, Patrick, Kilkenny Hotel, King-street.
Taylor, William, All Nations Hotel, Sandridge.
Walley, James, Mistletoe Hotel, M'Kenzie-street.
Wheeler, James, Royal Railway Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Watson, John. Albion Hotel, Bourke-street.
Wedel, Charles, Criterion Hotel, Collins-street.
Wright, Walter, Marine Hotel, Sandridge.
Wallack, Joseph, Original Scottish Hotel, Bourke-street,
Woodward, James, Leicester Hotel, Leicester-street
Washford, Edward, Exford Arms Hotel, Russell-street.
Walker, John, Britannia Hotel, Swanston-street.
Wood, William, Duke of Kent Hotel, La Trobe-street,
Witcomb, George, Waterman's Arms, Little Collins-street.
Wilson, Hugh, Metropolitan Hotel, William-street.
Wilson, Robert, Cornwall Arms, Bourke-street.

The issue and registration of Liquor licences in Victoria

From the time of first permanent settlement in Victoria licences authorising the sale and supply of liquor were granted by justices of the peace at Annual General Licensing Meetings held in June every year.
Following the English tradition of heavy control and excise of the licensing trade, over 40 Acts and Statutes were passed by the Victorian legislature between 1852 and the turn of the century.
The Act 3 Wm IV, No.8 (June 1833) provided for a General Meeting of the justices acting in and for each district in the Colony to be held in June each year and to be called the General Annual Licensing Meeting for the special purpose of considering all applications for licences for public houses. Three justices at least were required to be present. The justices were empowered to grant certificates authorising the issue of a licence. These certificates and the fee were then required to be lodged with the office of the Collector of Internal Revenue (Colonial Treasurer, New South Wales) who upon receipt would issue and register the licences. The Act also established Special General Sessions of the justices for the transferring of licences. All offences under the Act were to be heard at Courts of Quarter Sessions.
The Act 8 Wm IV, No.8 (1837) provided for the application of the 1833 legislation in the newly established Port Phillip District and empowered an officer, to be appointed by the Governor-in-Council, to issue publicans licences in lieu of the Colonial Treasurer in Sydney. The first officer authorised to do so was the Police Magistrate, Port Phillip District, William Lonsdale in September 1837. However by 1839 the Sub-Treasurer had been appointed to issue licences for the Port Phillip District. The Act regulating the sale and supply of liquor in the Port Phillip District at time of separation in 1851 was 13 Vic.,No.29 (1849). This Act did not substantially alter the liquor licensing law, continuing the system of General Annual Licensing Meetings within each district for the hearing of applications for licences but allowing for a bench of two justices of the peace when a third was unavailable. The Act provided for three types of licences, a publican's general licence, a packet licence (ship) and a confectioner's licence. The latter licence was confined to the sale of spruce beer and ginger beer. An 1854 Act 17 Vic.,No.24 provided for the registration of spirit merchants. Act 25 Vic.,No.147 (1862) introduced a requirement for distiller's licences, wine grower's and brewer's licences. Licensing Benches in Courts of Petty Sessions In 1864, all then existing statutes were repealed and replaced by the Wines, Beer and Spirits Sale Act 1864 27 Vic.,No.227 which first introduced the single bottle or grocer's licence to be held only by a spirit merchant. This Act abolished the General Annual Licensing Meetings and provided for the granting and transferring of licences to be a judicial proceeding within any sitting of the Court of Petty Sessions within a district.
Under the provisions of the Wines, Beers and Spirits Sale Act 1870 (34Vic.,No.390) the power to grant licences to be issued under the Act within each district was restricted to a Licensing Bench composed of a stipendiary magistrate and two other justices of the peace, nominated by the majority of and from amongst the justices resident within each licensing district. All applications for the granting, renewal, transfer or forfeiture of licences were to be heard by these appointed magistrates. Quarterly licensing meetings were to be held at each of the courts of petty sessions within a licensing district each year. Magistrate's were bound to give a months notice of the licensing meetings in the Government Gazette. The Act also allowed a municipal body to object to the granting of a licence in a district where there were already a sufficient number of licensed premises. The Act provided that on such an objection a poll should be taken in the neighbourhood, introducing for the first time the concept of the reduction of liquor licences. Licensing Courts were also supported, from 1876, by Inspectors of Liquor whose job it was to maintain the standard of liquor sold to the public and to ensure that it was unadulterated and fit for consumption. The position was apparently joined with that of Inspectors of Distilleries (Licensed Premises) and operated within the Trade and Customs area as part of the excise and customs function.
In the years 1900 to 1901 when the customs function passed to the Commonwealth the Inspectors of Liquor were placed under the authority of the Minister of Public Health The function has apparently remained with the Health portfolio and although there were no Inspectors of Liquor as such post c1978 the duties may possibly still be undertaken as part of the general health investigations area. District Licensing Courts The Licensing Act 1885 (40 Vic.,No.857) replaced the previous Licensing Benches with a separate Licensing Court for each licensing district to be constituted by three police magistrates except in the districts of Melbourne, Geelong and Sandhurst (Bendigo) where the chairman of the court was to be a County Court Judge. The Act also subjected licensed premises to the control and supervision of a Licensing Inspector who was empowered both to inspect premises and to give such reports and make orders as would ensure the maintenance of standards. Licensing Inspectors were appointed from the police force by the Governor. The Licensing Court would send duplicates of all certificates for licenses granted to the Treasurer, who continued to register and issue all liquor licenses. All fees, fines, penalties and forfeitures were to be paid to the Treasurer to be placed in a trust fund called the Licensing Act 1885 Fund which was to be applied to the carrying out of the provisions of the Act. The Licensing Courts had jurisdiction over all matters relating to: the granting or refusal of all applications for licences to be issued under the provisions of the Act the revocation, forfeiture, or cancellation of such licences the imposition of penalties authorised by the Act hearings of appeals from inspector's orders the disqualification of licensed persons and premises. The 1870 legislation empowered the licensing magistrate to approve or refuse all applications for entertainment licences for licensed premises and required the magistrate to forward lists of all applications to the agency responsible, the Chief Secretary's Department Licensing Court of Victoria The Licensing Act 1916 (No.2855) made provision for the concentration of the whole jurisdiction with regard to the granting of licences and their control and supervision under the newly constituted Licensing Court of Victoria (ss.34-37). The new Court consisted of three magistrates, where formerly this function had been administered throughout Victoria by twenty police magistrates and three County Court judges Each of the persons holding office as a member of the Licences Reduction Board was, under the Act, immediately deemed to have been appointed a Licensing Magistrate (s.35). Centralised administration was achieved with the appointment of the Secretary of the Licences Reduction Board as the Registrar of the new court. The system of licensing inspectors was continued, the duties of inspecting premises and enforcing the provisions of the Act being undertaken by nominated members of the police force who were not to be below the rank of sub-inspector. An additional duty of the inspectors was to submit an annual report to the Court. Hearings were held on a circuit basis in courts of petty sessions appointed by the Governor-in-Council as licensing courts to serve various licensing districts. Notification of the annual sittings of the courts and their location appeared in the Government Gazettes. The clerks of such courts would undertake the role of Licensing Clerk and would administer all licensing business in the locality and report directly to the Registrar of the Licensing Court. Prior to the passing of the Licensing Amendment Act 1922 (No.3259) there were two hundred and seventeen licensing districts in Victoria each consisting of one division of an electoral district. However section six of the new legislation provided that an entire electoral district should be the licensing district, thereby reducing the number to sixty-five. The Licensing Court had jurisdiction over all matters relating to: (the granting or refusal of all applications for licences to be issued under the provisions of the Act; ( the revocation ,forfeiture, or cancellation of such licences; (the imposition of penalties authorised by the Act; (hearings of appeals from inspector's orders; (the disqualification of licensed persons and premises.
The 1922 Act also empowered the Court to approve plans and to order the provision of additional accommodation and improvements where it thought them desirable section fourteen. Victorian Licensing Court The Victorian Licensing Court came into operation on 30 June 1954. It was constituted under the Licensing Amendment Act 1953 (No.5767) and assumed the functions of the Licensing Court of Victoria. The new Court was to be under the Chairmanship of a Judge of the County Court, the two other members being magistrates, with tenure extended from three to seven years (s.8). The Act also made provision for the appointment of a Supervisor of Licenced Premises (s.11) who was aided by nine assistant supervisors. The duties of the office included examining and reporting upon the nature and extent of hotel accommodation for the public and the provision made for the supply of meals and refreshments in hotels; consulting with licensing inspectors on proposed plans for new licensed premises, or alterations and extensions to existing hotels and clubs and reporting to the Court re same; and generally assisting the Licensing Court (s.11.2-4). The new Supervisor's Department of the Victorian Licensing Court was staffed by members of the Police Force. The Court had complete jurisdiction over the granting, transfer, cancellation and supervision of all liquor licences, with authority to impose penalties, hear evidence taken under oath and administer all related permits. Under the new legislation the functions of the Court were extended to include the control and supervision of "sanitation, hygiene, ventilation, cooling, heating, fire prevention and the cleanliness of food in all licensed premises". For the purpose of reviewing licences annually the Licensing Court held Annual Sittings usually in November and December. Applications for renewal were made by all licensees , country licensees setting down their applications with the Licensing Clerk for that particular area. A magistrate held a sitting on the appointed day in the Court House at each of the prescribed centres. The Court was not restricted as to the number of licences that it had the power to grant, the State having been constituted as one licensing district by the 1953 legislation (s.2). In the event of a cancellation of a licence the Court sat as the Licences Reduction Board in order to fix compensation. In 1968, the Victorian Licensing Court was abolished and the Liquor Control Commission (VA 1110) assumed all the responsibilities associated with liquor licensing in Victoria.
Public Record Office of Victoria