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1. Let every wife be persuaded that there are two ways of governing a family; the first is by the expression of that will which belongs to force; the second by the power of mildness, to which even strength will yield. One is the power of the husband; a wife should never employ any other arms than gentleness. When a woman accustoms herself to say I will, she deserves to lose her empire.

2. Avoid contradicting your husband. When we smell at a rose, it is to imbibe the sweetness of its odour: we likewise look for every thing that is amiable from women. Whoever is often contradicted feels insensibly an aversion for the person who contradicts, which gains strength by time, and, whatever be her good
qualities, is not easily destroyed.

3.Occupy yourself only with household affairs. Wait till your husband confides to you affairs of higher importance, and do not give your advice till he asks it.
4.Never take upon, yourself to be a censor of your husband's morals, and do not read lectures to him. Let your preaching be a good example, and practice virtue yourself to make him in love with it.

5.Command his attentions by being always attentive to him; never exact any thing,
and you will obtain much; appear always flattered by the little he does for you,
which will excite him to perform more.

6.All men are vain ; never wound his vanity, not even in the most trifling instances.
A wife may have more sense than her husband, but she' should never seem to know it.

7.When a man gives wrong counsel, never make him feel that, he has done so, but lead him on by degrees to what is rational, with mildness and gentleness; when he is convinced,
leave him all the merit of having found out what was just and reasonable.

8.When a husband is out of temper, behave obligingly to him; if he is abusive, never retort;
and never prevail over him to humble him.

9.Choose well your female friends: have but few, and be careful of following their advice in all matters.

10. Cherish neatness without luxury, and pleasure without excess; dress with taste,
and particularly with modesty; vary the fashions of your dress, especially in regard to colours.
It gives a change to the ideas, and recalls pleasing recollections. Such things may appear trifling, but they are of more importance than is imagined.

11.Never be, - curious to pry into your husband's concerns, but obtain his confidence
by that which, at all times, you repose in him. Always preserve order and economy;
avoid being out of temper, and be careful never to scold.
By these means he will find his own house more pleasant than any other.

12. Seem always to obtain information from him, especially before company,
though you may pass yourself for a simpleton. Never forget that a wife owes all her importance
to that of her husband; Leave him entirely master of his actions, to go or come whenever he thinks fit.
A wife ought to make her company so amiable to her husband that he could not exist without it;
then he will not seek for any pleasure abroad if she does not partake of it with him.

transcribed from The Australian (Sydney, NSW : 1824 - 1848) issue Friday 1 August 1828, by janilye on the 29 January 2012

Still happily living by the code in 1900 in Dungog, New South Wales just as her mother and grandmother did.

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The following Honor List had been officially compiled by the civic
authorities in 1916, and included volunteers who enlisted from Inverell
up until 18 January, 1916.

ATKINSON, Herbert Sidney Charles, Jerry's Plains, Inverell.
ANDERSON, Patrick, Newstead,
ADDISON, John Henry, Inverell.
ABRAHAM, George, St. Neot's, Herts, England.
ADAMS, Frank Edward, Inverell.
ANDERSON, Arnold, Oakwood, Inverell.
ASIMUS, Ernest James, Bukkulla, Inverell
ASIMUS, Geoffrey, Bukkulla, Inverell
ALLEN, George, Inverell
ADDISON, Archibald Walter; Inverell.
ARCHIBALD, Rowley Heyland, Mt.
Russell, Inverell.
ABBOTT, James Henry, Inverell
ANDERSON, A., Oakwood.
ASDERSON, N., Oakwood.
ANDERSON, E., Post Office, Oakwood.
ANDERSON, Ernest, Oakwood.
BULLUSS, James Edward, Inverell.
BURGIN, Walter, Croydon, Inverell.
BONE, Belfield, Inverell.
BONE, Anthony, Inverell.
BONE, Robin A., Inverell.
BERGIN, Henry Patrick. Sydney.
BROWN, Alexander Kirkwood, Goondiwindi, Queensland.
BLAIN, Norman George Howard, Goondiwindi, Queensland.
BOND, Percy, Inverell.
BRISSETT, Norman B., Inverell.
BOYD, John Adair, Inverell
BICE, Luke, Inverell.
BROWN, Duncan N., lnevrell.
BROWN, Hugh Horatio, Inverell.
BROWN, Alexander D., Inverell.
BOWD, Harry, Inverell.
BULLUSS, Herbert Gordon, Inverell.
BULMER, Albert, Melbourne.
BISHOP, Frederick kJames, Redfern.
BARRATT, David, Cornwall. England.
BATHERSBY, Charles, Tingha,
BANNISTER, Charles Frederick, Derby,England.
BAILEY, Stanley Meek, Ryltone, Mudgee.
BURGE, Herbert, Inverell.
BLAXEY, John Edward, Inverell.
BRICK, John Whittaker, Knighton.South Wales.
BROWN, Edward Lloyd, Woodstock.
BENSON, George, Captain's Hat, Inverell.
BALDWIN, Frank, Gum Flat, Inverell
BENJAMIN, William Henry, Bristol England.
BREW, William Ernest, Inverell.
BENJAMIN, Jocob Edward, Gum Flat,
BOURKE, Michael Herbert, Inverell.
BANKS. Frederick Henry. Gournama,
BELL, Percy Frederick, Bundarra Rd.
BENTLEY, Percy Herbert, Inverell.
BURNS, Robert, Nullamanna, Inverell
BULLUSS, Joseph Henry, Inverell.
BOTTOM, Joseph Charles, Inverell.
BULLUSS, Edward James, Inverell.
BOTTRELL, Alexander, Tingha,
BURKE, Richard Henry, Inverell.
BURNS, Patrick, Bonshaw, Inverell.
BARBOUR, Alexander, Inverell.
BARTLEY, Edward Charles, Howell.
BYRNES, Michael Henry, Inverell.
BARCLAY. David Gregg, Nullamanna.
BOURKE, Richard, Inverell.
BENSON, Albert James, Captain's Flat.
BAKER, Charles William, Ashford.
BROWN, William, Inverell.
BROWN, Arthur Thomas, Ashford.
BENTLEY, Lewis Stanley, Glen Alpin. Ashford, Inverell.
BURNS, Patrick, Nullamanna, Inverell.
BYRNE, Patrick Joseph, Inverell.
BOYS, Frederick George, Inverell.
BARTLEY, Reginald, Howell, Inverell.
BENGER, Henry John, Warialda.
BURNS, George, Nullamanna, Inverell.
BROWN, Edward Nullamanna.
BUTLER, Spencer, Inverell.
BRIGGS, Walter Edward, Bukkulla.
BUCKNELL, Wilfred John, Nullamanna
BRYNES, E., Inverell.
BUTLER, S., Inverell.
BUCKNELL. W. J., Spring Vale, Nullamanna.
BACON, W. M., Ross Hill, Inverell.
BURNES, G., Nullamanna.
BYRNE, P. J., Henderson St, Inverell.
BAKER, J. H., Rob Roy.
BARTLEY, P. J., Post Office, Howell.
BRYANT, A. G., Delungra Post Office.
BYRNE, C. S. J., Inverell.
BRIGGS, W. E., Bukkulla.
BARTLEY, R., Howell.
BACON, Cyril, Yamalia, Delungra.
BACON, Harley, Yamalia, Delungra.
COOK, Reginald Walter, Southampton, Inverell.
CHISHOLM, Norman Harold, Bonshaw,
CROSS, Arthur, The Ponds, Inverell.
CAMPBELL. Harold, Paddington, Inverell.
CALDOW, William Inverell.
CLARKE, C. E., Inverell.
CROSS, Hugh Ross, Copeton, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, Clifford, Hillgrove.
COOPER, Joseph Thomas, Armidale.
CANNONS, Edward Wilford, Inverell.
CORNOCK, Alfred Gardiner, London.
CHAFFERS-WELSH, John Thomas, Nullamanna, Inverell.
CLEEVE, Gordon, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, Archibald Bruce, Inverell.
CUTTS, Lionel Ray, Atholwood, Inverell.
CRUVEY, Donald, Mt. Russell, Inverell.
CAMERON, Joseph William, Dalrymple Warwick, Queensland.
CURTIS, George Henry, Inverell.
CHISHOLM, Sydney Herbert, Bonshaw.
CLARKE, James Joseph, Goondiwindi, Queensland.
COLLEY, Lewis Rowland, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, William James, Inverell.
CUSICK, Claude Reginald, Inverell.
CHAPPELL, William Thomas, Inverell.
CUMMINS, Ernest William, Inverell.
CAMPBELL, Archibald Duncan. Graman, Warialda, Inverell.
COGGAN, Clarence George, Inverell.
CAVANAGH, Charles Harold, Inverell.
COOK, William Black, Mundole, Ashford, Inverell.
COLE, Norman Henry, Nullamanna.
COOK, Robert Glass, Atholwood, Ashford, Inverell.
COOPER, Francis William, Little Plain.
CUGGEY, Gilroy Harold, Inverell.
CLUTERBUCK, Sylvester John, Inverell. .
CLYNE, Ridhard Herbert, Goondiwindi,Queensland.
CARTEWRIGHT, George, Elsmore, Inverell.
CONWAY, Michael Edward, Barraba.
GALEY, Thomas Delungra, Inverell.
CALLINAN, Stanhope John, Inverell.
CHAMBERS, N., Koloona.
CASEY, W., Moree.
CALLINAN, S. J., Little Plain.
CONWAY, M. E., Edward Street, Barraba.
CALEY, T., Post Office, Delungra.
COLE, N. H., Nullamanna.
COOPER, F. W., Little Plain.
COOK, R. G., Inverell.
CONDON, T., Inverell.
CUTCHER, H. L., Ross Hill, Inverell.
CANT, P,. Copeton, Inverell.
DUNN, John, Adelaide.
DOYLE, Thomas, Warwick (Q.)
DOUST, Robert, Inverell.
DANIEL. Edmund Wentworth B., Newstead, Inverell.
DAVIDSON, Cuthbert Glen, Inverell.
DAVIS, Joseph, Inverell.
DEAN, Leslie, Inverell.
DUFFIELD, Harry, Forbes.
DICK, Herbert Desmond Joseph,Arrawatta, Inverell.
DEER, Harry. Dog Trap, Inverell.
DRINAN, George, Inverell.
DOYLE, Francis Bernard, Inverell.
DAWSON, Donald, Inverell.
DOUGLAS, Alfred, Bukkulla, Inverell.
DAWES, George Herbert, Cherry Tree
Hill, Inverell.
DYER, Charles, Delungra, Inverell.
DORN, Allan, Oakwood, Inverell.
DOOLIN, Ray, Howell, Inverell.
DYER, C, C/o J W Watters, "Boronia, Delungra.
DIX, Harold, Inverell.
EWEN, John Finlay, Inverell.
EVANS, Cyril, Inverell.
EGAN, Edwin, Inverell.
EGAN, Ernest, Inverell.
ELLIS, Sidney Joseph, Inverell.
EDDY, George Hosken, Rob Roy,
ELLIOTT, James, Myall Creek, Delungra, Inverell.
ELLIS, Arthur Roymond, Stannifer.
EDWARDS, W., Bronsleigh, Elsmore.
ELLIOTT, J., Myall Brae, Delungra.
KNIGHT, J. T. S., Byron Street, Inverell.
ELLIS, A. R., Stannifer.
FLEMING, William, Victorian Border, Inverell.
FERRIS, Cyril, Botany.
FORGHAM, John, Crewe, Cheshire.
FRASER, Alexander Claude, Bonshaw.
FITZPATRICK, Thomas H, Delungra.
FARLAND, Fraser, Bukkulla, Inverell.
FOWLER, Aubrey Arthur, Brodie's Plains, Inverell.
FRAME, John Thomas, Ashford.
FOLLEY, Joseph Neal, Spencer's Gully.
FRISBY, John Albert, Spencer's Gully.
FRATER, Alexander Douglas, Arrawatta.
FUTTER, Reginald Lumley, Newstead.
FRASER, Harold Campbell, Brodie's Plains, Inverell.
FERGUSON, Harry, Clinton, Inverell.
FARLEY, Jack, Inverell.
FULMER, H. S., P.O., Narrabri.
FRASER, H. C., Brodie's Plain,Inverell.
FARLEY, J., Inverell.
FINNEY, W. J., Little Plain, Inverell.
GOLDTHORPE, Arthur, Sheffield,England.
GREEN, Frederick Stanley A, Ballymena, Ireland.
GARRATT, Horace, Charlestown, Newcastle.
GORDON, Charles G, Major, Inverell.
GROVE, Cecil, Inverell.
GIBSON, George, West Maitland.
GIBSON, Ray, Inverell.
GIBBS, Leslie, Inverell.
GILLIGAN, John, Gilgai, Inverell.
GIBBONS, John, Durham, England.
GAMBLE, Robert Dill, Inglewood, (Q.)
GILLIGAN, James Studley, Gilgai.
GILCHRIST, Alexander J. S., Inverell.
GRAY, Sidney Francis, Elsmore,
GRIFFEY, Charles Thomas, Inverell.
GATES, Langley Stuart, Newstead, Elsmore, Inverell.
GARRETT, Henry, Inverell.
GALVIN, William John, Oakwood, Inverell.
GALLAGHER, Bernard Patrick, Inverell.
GLASSER, Harold Malcolm, Ashford.
GOLDMAN, F. W., Sapphire, Inverell.
GAWKWELL, G. A., Codatai, Warialda
GILMORE, J. W., Elsmore.
GALLAGHER, B. P., Inverell.
GALVIN, W. J., Oakwood.
GOLDMAN, J. W., Sapphire, Inverell.
GOVER, Arthur William, Copeton.
HARDY, Ernest, H., Howell, Inverell.
HEWISON, Albert Walter, Inverell.
HARSTON, Stanley H., Inverell.
HORAN, Fenton, Dublin, Ireland.
HOWLETT, John Wyson, Brewarrina.
HUNTER, Robert, North London.
HOGG, Gordon, Tamworth.
HUGHES, Roland, Dudley, England.
HAMILTON, James Exeter, Devonshire.
HUNT, Thomas, Cambridge, England.
HARRIS, Frank Moreima, Inverell.
HINES, Hugh, Oakwood, Inverell.
HOWARD. William, Inverell.
HUNT, George James, Inverell.
HICKEY, Edward, Sydney.
HAYES, John, Sydney.
HARDY, Charles, Rob Roy, Inverell.
HUMPHRIES, Alexander Hugh Inverell.
HARNETT, Henry George, Inverell.
HUGHES, Henry Russell St Clair, Elsmore, Inverell.
HADLEY, John, Emmaville, Inverell.
HARDY, Reginald James, Inverell.
HOEY, Erick, Elsmore, Inverell.
HUNTRISS, Alexander Hughes, Inverell.
HARGRAVE, Carl Fletcher, Warialda.
HOBBINS, Martin Walter, Arrawatta.
HORNER, William James, Little Plain.
HICKEY, John Fitzpatrick, Inverell.
HUNDLEY, Richard, Shearer's Creek,Inverell.
HARGRAVE, Ernest, Kulki, Inverell
HOLDEN, David, Graman, Inverell.
HEATH, Robert, Gravesend, Inverell.
HOBBS, John Edward, Little Plain.
HUNT, George John, Lochinvar, Inverell.
HOBBS. Donald Baker, Little Plain.
HARDWICK, Reginald Alfred, Hillgrove.
HONEY, Ernest, Rosecarra, Delungra.
Hayes, N., Copeton, Inverell.
HOBDAY, W. E., Little Plain, Inverell.
HOBBS, J. S., Little Plain.
HINES, W. T., Graman.
HARPER, D. D., Oakwood.
HADKIN, W. L., Inverell.
HUNT, T., Nullamanna.
HOBBINS, L., Inverell.
HOBBS, D. B., Little Plain.
HALLORAN, George Edgar, Bindingle,Ashford.
McCHRONE, —, Tingha.
IRWIN, Colin James, Ashford, Inverell.
JONES, Bertie, Melbourne.
JOHNSON, Sidney Ellis Clare, Little
Plain, Inverell.
JONES, Frederick Theodore, Dumbold, Victoria.
JONES, William Winter, Inverell.
JOHNSTON, Osborne William, Delungra Inverell.
JONES, Stanley South, Inverell.
JONES, Oliver Richard, Inverell.
JOBSON Albert W., Barraba, Inverell.
JACKSON, Charles Edwin, Inverell.
JUDGE, J., Coolatai, Warialda.
JARRETT, E. H., Goomoorah, Inverell.
KIRKPATRIGK, Hugh, Ireland.
KRAMER, Edward James, Gilgai.
KENNEWELL, F., Howell, Inverell.
KERR, Frederick Raymond, Elsmore.
KNIGHT, William John, Inverell.
KNIGHT, John Thomas Stewart, Inverell.
KITCHING, Henry, Myall Creak, Delungra, Inverell.
KENNEDY, Frederick Donald John, Inverell.
KRUG, C. G., Gragin Station, Warialda.
KITCHING, H., Myall Creek, Delungra
KENNEDY, F. D. J., Inverell.
KRIPPNER, Lionel, Inverell.
LIPSCOMBE, Albert Ernest, England.
LILLIS, Leo, Windsor.
LAMB, Alick, Gulgong.
LEWIS, Eyre, Bathurst, Wales.
LYALL, John Arrawatta, Inverell.
LEE, Frank Richard, Inverell.
LEESE, Arthur Jackson, Arrawatta.
LYALL, William, Forfordshire, Scotland.
LEDGE, George Edwin, Inverell.
LOCKWOOD, Frederick Richmond, Monlameu, Riverina.
LEECH, Samuel, Rob Roy, Inverell.
LAMONT, James, Bannockburn, Scotland.
LOWREY, William, Inverell.
LEHLIE, Henry James, Inverell.
LENNARD, Charles Augustus, Inverell.
LAMROCK, Thomas Henry, Inverell.
LEWIS, Norman, Inverell.
LACEY, Phillip Warner, Delungra.
LAMONT, James, Arrawatta, Inverell.
LEWIN, Grovenor B, Nordale, Delungra, Inverell.
LORD, Percival Vivian, Inverell.
LLOUD, Norman Stanley, Newstead North, Inverell.
LENNARD, James Archibald, Swanvale.
LOWREY, W. J., Spencer's Gully.
LLOYD, N. S., Newstead North.
LLOYD, E. P., Newstead South.
LENNARD, J. A., Swan Vale, Inverell.
MATHER, Allan J., Inverell.
MAURER, Christopher George, Long Plain, Inverell.
MATTHEWS, John Henry, Staffordshire, England.
MILLER, William, Bromley, Kent.
MASON, Donald, Gum Flat, Inverell.
MOONEY, John, Macleay River.
MILLER, Gordon Hamilton, Bromley,Kent, England.
MILLS, James Edgar, Glasgow, Scotland.
MURRAY. Charles, Ballockshields, Glasgow, Scotland.
MOY, Patrick J., Inverell.
MOORE, Clarence, Glen More, Inverell.
MILLAR, M., Ashford, Inverell.
MURRAY, James Harold, Inverell.
MEDHURST, Walter Edward, Inverell.
MUNSTER, Samuel Clarence, Wallangra, Inverell.
MARTIN, Francis Paxton, St Kilda, Victoria.
MORGAN. William Andrew, England.
MAHONEY, Barry, Inverell.
MITCHELL, Bert, Wallangra, Inverell.
MASON, Elijah, Leviathan Mine,Inverell.
MADDIGAN, William, Inverell.
MOORE, Stanley Clarence, Kia Ora,
Ashford, Inverell.
MILLER, Herbert Robert Henry, Inverell.
MOORE, Clarence Stuart, Goulburn.
MOFFITT, Henry Briston, Bukkulla.
MILLER. John Keith, Rev, Inverell.
MATTHEWS, Harry, Clinton, Inverell.
MOORE, Charles Meryn, Inverell.
MANSFIELD, Frank, Mt. Russell.
MASON, Thomas Walter George, Newtown, Sydney.
MILLS, J., Copeton, Inverell.
MAYNES, L. V. W., Arrawatta, Inverell.
MILBDRN, T., C/o G. F. Lewin, Delungra.
MITCHELL, A., Coolatai, Warialda.
MOORE, H., Post Office, Gilgai.
MASON, T. W. G., 201 King Street,Newtown.
MOORE, C. M., Elsmore, Inverell.
MANSFIELD, F., Mt Russell.
MILLER, David A., Gilgai
MELDRUM, David William Inverell.
McLEAN, Archibald Alexander, Inverell.
McGUFFICK, Frederick Leslie, Inverell.
McNAUGHT, Charles, Douglas, Inverell.
McKENZIE, Septimus Alister, Bonshaw.
MoDONALD, John, Perth, Inverell.
McGRATH, John, Melbourne.
McMAHON, Charles Walter, Collingwood.
McGREGOR, Donald, Hurstville, Sydney.
McMULLEN,Walter Purvis, Ashford,
McDIARMID, Allan Montrose, Inverell.
McELROY, Charles John, Ashford, Inverell.
McLEAN, Dougald, Inverell.
McCARTHY, Stanley Arthur, Goulburn.
McDONALD, John, Elsmore, Inverell.
McDONALD, Godfrey Sampson, Nulla Namma, Inverell.
McCALLUM. Peter Alexander, Scotland.
McCARTHY, Clarence Edwin, Inverell.
McGILL, William, Inverell.
MclLVEEN, Archibald Lang, Inverell.
McKEON, Rupert Clyde, Oakwood.
McERLEAN, Arthur, South Brisbane.
McKAY, Ronald Samuel Stewart, Purfleet, Taree.
McCOSKER, Ernest Owen, Kinross,
Wallangra, Inverell.
McLEOD, Lester Vivian, Delungra,
McCOLL. Eton, Inverell.
McTAVISH, George Alexander, Elsmore, Inverell.
McDONALD, Reuben Charles, Oakey Creek.
McGEE, Little Plain. Inverell.
MCLAUGHLIN, J. K., Evans Street, Inverell.
MCTAVISH, G. A., Elsmore.
McDONALD, R. C., Oakey Creek.
McLEOD, L. V., Delungra.
McGEE, J., Little Plain.
McGEE, E. H., Hope Street, Warialda.
McCUBBIN, Jno, Tingha.
McCUBBIN, George, Tingha.
NOONAN, John, Fermor, Ireland.
NEWMAN, Roy Allan, King's Plains.
NOBBS, George Rawdon French, Inverell.
NICHOLS, Colin Claude, Dinton Vale.
NORRIS, Cecil James, Inverell.
NELSON, Frederick, Hillgrove.
NICHOLSON, William Henry, Kenilworth
Bonshaw, Inverell.
NICHOLS, John Ernest Thomas, Moree.
NELSON, Sidney Raymond, Delungra.
NICHOLSON, Robert Alexander, Inverell.
NICHOLSON, R. A., Mandoie, Bonshaw.
O'REILLY, Edgar Jeremiah, St. George
Bridge, Queensland.
OAKES, Kentuck, Parramatta.
O'BRIEN, Norman Roy, Inverell.
PATTERSON, William Arthur Ernest,
Warialda, Inverell.
PILLEW, Leslie Charles, Clapham, England.
PARR, Urban Cambridge, England.
PERROTT. Sydney Clarence, Oakwood.
PALMER, Robert Clifford, Oakwood.
PITKEN, Thomas Henry, Dinton Vale.
PALMER, Frank Byron, Prairie Park,
Oakwood, Inverell.
POLLOCK, William, Sunnyside, Dinton
Vale, Inverell.
PATTERSON, W. E., Copeton.
PIGOTT, A. J., Inverell.
PITKIN, T. H., Dinton Vale.
POLLOCK, W., Sunny Side, Dinton Vale.
PALMER, F. B., Prairie Park, Inverell.
PALMER, A. L,. Oakwood Post Office.
PEACOCKE, Gerald, Inverell.
REDDINGTON, Francis Lynch, Copeton, Inverell.
ROWLEY, Alfred, Inverell.
ROSER, Alfred, Texas.
RIXON, Andy, Bannockburn, Inverell.
RYAN, Joseph, Bondi, Sydney.
RILEY, Clement, Warialda.
ROLFE, Claude Rolber, Cherry Tree Hill, Inverell.
RYAN, Cecil James, Inverell.
ROURKE, Harold, Branxton.
ROBERTS, Ernest Hugh, Warialda.
RAYNER, Edward, Sharlestone, England.
RIORDAN, John Hastings, Bendemeer.
RICHARDSON, George Francis Gerald, London.
ROBINSON, Stanley Joseph, Bundarra.
ROBERTS, Albert Leslie, Graman,
ROSSITER, Frank Gordon, Islington, North London.
RATLIFF, Herbert, Inverell.
ROBERTS, Richard Henry, Inverell.
RAMSAY, Thomas, Emamaville.
ROLLS, George Henry, Inverell.
ROBINSON, Ernest Albert, Gum Flat.
ROBERTS, William Ellis, Bundarra.
RYAN, Victor William. Inverell.
RYAN, Ernest Alwin James, Howell.
RYAN, Thomas James, Inverell.
RABBITT, William Robert, Yetman.
ROSS, James, Beaulleu, Inverell.
RYAN, Michael John, Howell, Inverell.
RABBITT, Alexander John, Inverell.
ROLFE, Francis Lawrence, Cherry Tree Hill, Inverell.
ROBERTS, Albert Hillar, Delungra.
ROLFE, S. E., Inverell.
RILEY, Clement, Aram, Oakey Creek. Warialda.
RANGER, George Harold, Inverell.
ROLFE, C. R., Cherry Tree Hill.
ROBINSON, W., Gum Flat.
RAINGER, C. H., Little Plain.
ROBERTS, A. H,. Green Hill, Delungra.
ROLFE, S. E., Woodall, Inverell.
ROBERTS, W. E., Bundarra.
SCOTT, John, Inverell.
STAGGS, Neil, Inverell.
STAGGS, Andrew, Inverell.
STAGGS, Frederick, Inverell.
SALMON, William, Inverell.
SMITH, Ashford, Inverell.
SMITH, Linde Ross, Woodstock.
SHAW. James Edward. Inverell.
SAWYER, John Willlam, HarrietvilIe, Victoria.
SMITH, Bertered George, Manilla.
SQUIRES, Samuel Thomas John, Little Plain, Inverell.
SMITH, David, Kent England.
SANDERSON, James, Westwratling, Cambridgeshire, England.
SMITH, Ernest William Rothertino, London.
STRONG, Frederick William, Inverell.
SOUTH, Walter Stewart, Gilgai.
STUART, Robert George, Dufftown, Scotland.
SMITH, William Forbes, Insch, Scotland.
SAUNDERS, Arthur Edwin Warwick,
Myall Downs, Delungra, Inverell.
STRACHAN, Frederick William, Inverell.
SENIOR, George, Inverell.
STORMER, Ernest Albert, Stannifer.
SPILSBURY, Claude A., Inverell.
SCOTT, James Roy, Nullamanna.
SEAGROTT, George Frederick, Gilgai.
SUTHERLAND, Robert, Ashford.
SUTHERLAND, George, Ashrord.
STORMER, George Henry, Stannifer.
STUTCHBURY, Kenneth Powell, Neutral Bay.
SINGH. Davy, Kelly's Gully, Warialda.
SIATWELL, H., Caloona.
SCHOLTZ, L. B., Delungra.
SMITH, J., Ashford Road, Inverell.
SQUIRES, H., Oakwood.
SIMPSON, F. J., Pond's Creek, Gilgai.
SINGH, D., Kelly's Gully, Warialda.
SUTHERLAND, R., Ashford.
SUTHERLAND, G., Ashford.
SCOTT, J. R., Nullamanna.
SMALE, Leslie, Dinton Vale, Inverell.
STEWART. John Alexander Duncan, Greenock, Inverell.
STEWART, Donald R., Greenock, Inverell.
TRENOUTH Sidney John. Mukadilla, Queensland.
TAYLOR, Edgar... Bristol, England.
TAYLOR, Edward, Bristol. England.
TRENERY, Harris Martyn, Inverell.
TURNER, Ernest Douglas, Ascot.
TOMLINSON, David, Inverell.
THOMAS, Ernest N., Inverell.
THOROGOOD, Henry Walter, Gum Flat.
THORLEY, Edwin, Brodie's Plains.
TAYLOR Horace Joseph, Binneguy.
THOMPSON, Roy, Red Rock.
TUBIE, Henry Harold, Inverell.
TOLLEY, Neal, Fern Hill, Inverell.
THOMPSON, Herbert, Kia Ora, Ashford
THORN, Leo Dam, Gilgai, Inverell.
THOMAS, Gordon, Inverell.
TURNER, Frank Gordon, Inverell.
THOMAS, G. D., Inverell.
THOROGOOD, O., Birilee, Inverell.
THORNE, L. D., Gilgai, Inverell.
TURNER, P. G., Inyerell.
TURNER, N. V,. 'Lisgar,' Wallangra.
TROTH, Alexander, Gilgai.
TROTH, Alfred W., Gilgai.
TIGHE. Frederick, Willow Grove, Bukkulla.
TIGHE, Victor, Willow Grove, Bukkulla.
TAYLOR, Henry Alexander, Inverell.
VALE, Percy, Beechworth, Victoria.
WALLACE, George, Queensland.
WHELDON, Walter, Burton on Trent, England.
WHITE, Leslie Galveston, Inverell.
WISKENS, Reginald, Inverell.
WOLSLEY, P., Ashford, Inverell.
WALMSLEY, William George, Stannifer.
WILSON, Albert Henry, Tingha.
WOODFORD, George Gordon, Middle Creek, Inverell.
WELSH, Francis, Queensland.
WRIGHT, Duncan Claude, Dog Trap.
WISDOM, Frank Allan, Glen Innes.
WILKINS, C., Inverell.
WARD, Patrick Michael, Scotland.
WILSON, John Harold, Inverell.
WHITE, Roland, Inverell.
WRIGHT, Percy, Inverell.
WALKER, Keith Thomas, Osborne, Greta.
WARBY, Charles, Inverell.
WRIGHT, Gordon Francis, Dog Trap.
WOODS, Charles Albert, Oakwood,
WETZLER, Frederick George, Inverell
WILLIAMS, Francis Wakefield, Arrawatta, Inverell.
WOODFORD; Austin Ainsley, Inverell.
WETZLER, Kenneth Beeton, Inverell.
WILSON, Valdemar Christian, Tingha.
WERNER, George Andrew, Swan Peak, Elsmore, Inverell.
WALKDEN, Donald Duncan, Inverell.
WOODBURY, Samuel, Inverell.
WELLS, Amos, Warialda.
WILLIS, Cecil, Inverell.
WILLIAMS. Reginald, Oakwood.
WIEGOLD, Arthur James John, Delungra, Inverell.
WALSH, J, Brodie's Plains.
WALDEN, L, Gilgai..
WHITE, R., Byron Arcade, Inverell.
WATSON, G. F., Inverell.
WILLIS, C., Tingha.
WIEGOLD, A. J. J., Delungra.
WILLIAMS, R., Oakwood.
WERNER, G. H., Swan Peak, via Elsmore.
WELLS, William, Ashford, lnverell.
WELLS, Oswald, Ashford, Inverell.
WELLS, Leslie, Ashford, Inverell.
YOUNG, James, Inverell.

Photograph below is Otho-street, Inverell taken around 1912.
In 1912 the Pharmacy in the foreground was run by Ernest A. Thomas There were about five dentists in town four in Otho-street, in the Phoenix Chambers was J. P. Bede Donovan.
The vet was around in Byron-street his name was Charles R. Albrey and he had come from Victoria.
The Cloonan brothers had the butchers and the baker in Byron-street was Mr. White.
James Ingram was the tailor and the undertaker was C. S. Thorley.
There were six or seven pubs, The Royal Hotel was run by Gabe Williams, The Telegraph Hotel was A. N. Brissett
The Federal was R. J Elbra and Kate Gilmore had The Australia Hotel.
There were six doctors; R. M. Kinross, W. J. Morton, F. S. Stuckey, E. Mooney, G Dansey and M. M.Vernon.
And six banks and Fred Futter was the manager of the Commercial Bank.
But the pride of Inverell was auctioneering; there were fourteen including Loxton & Son the Stock and Station agent.
By janilye.
Sourced from 1911-1912 Inverell Telephone Directory.
In my possession.

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(Before Septimus Martin, S.M. (chairman), P. Davis, Edward Cohen, Samuel Heape,
Walsh. Bullen, and Vaughan, Esqs., J.P.'s.)
The annual District Licensing Session was held yesterday at the District Police Court,
Little Collins-street, when there were 83 applications to be considered, all of which
were granted with the exception of two and three were withdrawn.
The following is a list of the applications :—
John Abbott, Lamb Inn, Yan Yean: Granted.
James Aram, Retreat Inn, Brunswick: Granted.
Horace Bastings, Quarry Hotel, East Brunswick: Granted.
William Bastings, Peacock Inn, Northcote: Granted.
Thomas Butt, Rose, Thistle, and Shamrock, Irishtown: Granted.
Patrick Bourke, Travellers' Home, Darebin Creek: Granted.
Denis Bowes, Roscray Hotel, Northcote: Granted.
Jones Brown, Rose of Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick: Withdrawn.
Charles Burrell, Harkaway Hotel, Nunawadin:. Granted.
John Bryan, Victoria Hotel, Broadmeadows: Granted.
Samuel Boyle, Bowling Green Inn, Hawthorne: Granted.
John Conran, Governor Hotham Hotel, Hawthorne: Granted.
Paul Cansick, Boundary Inn, Flemington: Withdrawn.
John Clarke, Stanley Arms, Footscray. (This application was opposed by
the constable stationed at Footscray, on the ground that the house was
badly conducted. Clarke was delicate in his health, and was consequently
frequently unable to attend to the house himself, and when so ill as to
be absent there was no one fit to take charge. The only person in charge
on a Sunday lately was a woman, who was so drunk that she could not
even tell what time it was. The Bench unanimously refused the application,
believing Clarke to be wholly unfit to have a licence.)
James Colvin, Beehive Hotel, Hawthorne: Granted.
John Connell, Hawthorne Hotel, Hawthorne: Granted.
John Connelly, Flemington Hotel, Flemington: Granted.
William Clinton, Brunswick Hotel, Brunswick: Granted.
Denis Delany, Royal Hotel, Nunawading. Granted.
John Devine, Belmont Hotel, Belmont, Epping-road. Granted.
Charles Dyson, Gardiner Hotel, Gardiner: Granted.
George Eastaway, Camberwell Inn, Camberwell. Cautioned, and granted.
George Forbes, Whittlesea Hotel, Whittlesea. Granted.
John Gisby, Marine Hotel, Brighton. Granted.
Joseph Gibson, Oakleigh Hotel, Oakleigh. Granted.
Peter McLean Ross, Bee Hotel, Elsternwick. (This application was opposed
by Mr. Read, on the ground that the house was not required in the locality.
The house, he said, had been twice previously refused a licence on the
ground that it was not required. Mr. F. Stephen supported the application,
and produced a numerously-signed petition in support of the application.)
The Bench unanimously granted the licence.
William Rose, Devonshire Hotel, Brighto:. Granted.
James Royle, Braybrook Hotel, Keilor Plains: Granted.
William Francis Short, Armagh Hotel, Moorabbin: Granted.
Charles Souffham, Lion Hotel, Hawthorn: Granted.
Hugh Sinclair, Pilgrim Hotel, Plenty-road: Granted.
John Scott, East Brighton Hotel, East Brighton: Granted.
George Self Smith, Malvern Hill Hotel, Malvern Hill. Granted.
John Hill, Thorncombe Hotel, Thorncombe: Granted.
Wm. Heffernan, Plenty Inn, Upper Plenty: Granted.
Cuthbert Joseph Harrison, Rising Sun, Geelong-road: Granted.
Samuel Spencer Hanger, Sir Robert Nickle, Hawthorn. Cautioned. Granted.
Denis Hayes, Shannon Hotel, Plenty-road. Granted.
John Holland, Holland's Hotel, Flemington. Granted.
William Hoole, Bridge Hotel, Flemington. Granted.
Lorenzo Horen, National Hotel, Moonee Ponds. Granted.
William James Irwin, Irwin's Hotel, Boroondara. Granted.
Robert Keys, Brighton Hotel, Little Brighton: Granted.
Matthew Lowry, Punt Inn, Hawthorn: Granted.
Stephen Lindsay, Prince Albert Hotel, Brighton. No objection.
Thomas Little, Cumberland Arms, Brunswick. Granted.
William Lewis, Darebin Creek Hotel, Darebin Creek. Granted.
Murdooh McDonald, Railway Hotel, Footscray. Granted.
Andrew Martin, Werribee Station,Werribee. Granted.
Jesse Morley, Plough and Harrow, Brighton. Granted.
Robert Mills, Harp of Erin, Boroondara. Granted.
Matthew Murray, Prince Albert Hotel, Flemington. Granted.
James Maher, Footscray Punt Hotel, Footscray. Granted.
Thomas Mannallock, Cornish Arms Hotel, Brunswick. Granted.
Francis McGlinn, Bridge Inn, River Plenty. Granted.
John Mullins, Farmers' Home Hotel, Oakleigh. Granted.
Patrick Murphy, Railway Hotel, Wyndham. Granted. Bench complimented
Murphy on the good house he kept.
William Myers, Sarah Sands Hotel, Brunswick. Granted.
Edward Murray, Rose and Crown Inn, Flemington. Granted.
George McKnight, Plough Inn, Plenty-road Granted.
George Gregory Nicholas, Junction Hotel, Footscray.
George Nissen, Boroondara Family Hotel, Hawthorn. Granted.
John Overman, Hunter's Rest, Brighton, Granted.
Michael O'Meara, Phillipstown Hotel, Phillipstown: Granted.
Patrick O'Shanassy, Kew Hotel, Kew. Granted.
John O'Connor, Pic-Nic Hotel, Gipsy Village, Moorabbin. Postponed for inquiry.
John O'Connor objected to by Mr. F. Stephen, on behalf of the proprietor, on the
ground that the house had been allowed by the applicant to fall into a dilapidated
state; and also that the applicant was an uncertificated insolvent. (The Bench adjourned
the case for 14 days for inquiry.)
James Patton, McDougall Hotel, Upper Plenty. Granted.
William Philllppe, Boundary Inn, Flemington. Granted.
John George Parsons, Brighton Hotel, Brighton. Granted.
John Price, Edinburgh Castle Inn, Brunswick. Granted,
Edward Sheldrake Plummer, Preston Arms, Preston. Granted.
Daniel Little Reed, Prospect Hill Hotel, Kew. Granted.
John Strachan, Grange Hotel, East Brighton. Withdrawn.
William Stanway, Retreat Inn, Brunswick, Granted.
Alexander Tulloch, Epping Hotel, Epping. Granted.
Patrick Trainor, White Horse Hotel, Nunawading. Granted.
George Williams, Fletcher's Hotel, Hawthorne. Granted.
Richard Watkin, Scurfield Hotel, Dromana. Postponed for 14 days.
William Wood, Racecourse Hotel, Doutta Galla. Granted.
James Whitty, Governor Barkly Hotel, Woodstock. Granted.
Patrlck Whittey, Woodstock Hotel, Woodstock. Granted.
John James White, Doncaster Hotel, Bulleen. Granted.
Thomas Chadwick, Broadmeadows Hotel, Broadmeadows. Granted,
Donald Steward Laurie, Yan Yean Hotel,Yan Yean. Granted.
Thomas Griffiths, Wattle-Tree Hotel, Gardiner. Granted.
John Fleming, Elsternwick Hotel, Elsternwick. Granted.

The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957)
Wednesday 21 April 1858
Page 6.
Transcription, janilye 2013.

Star of India to South Australia. 1879

The Star of India left London on January 25, 1879 and on reaching Plymouth embarked 309 souls,
under the superintendence of Dr. Mitcheson, with Miss Davison as matron.
The voyage has been accomplished in 101 days, during which time the people have behaved extremely well.
There was no outbreak of any serious character beyond the appearance of scarlet fever, which
was judiciously treated by the doctor, and only extended to the seventh case. One was fatal,
but all the others were convalescent two months before the vessel's arrival.
As usual in cases where sickness has existed, the Health Officer, Dr. Gething, visited the vessel on Monday, and
being satisfied as to her sanitary state awarded a clean bill of health. Early on Tuesday morning
the people were mustered by the Immigration Agent and the vessel towed into harbor.
She has about the usual number of immigrants on board.
On nearing the end of the voyage testimonials were presented to Captain Roe and the doctor expressive of the good feeling which had prevailed.
The following is a list of the passengers, with
their nationalities and occupations.

Married Couples.
Thomas, platelayer, Margaret, George, Thomas, and Joseph Angrave;
George, agricultural laborer, and Emma Arthur;
Robert, excavator, and Charlotte Bailey;
Henry, agricultural laborer, Susan, Ellen L.,
Charlotte, and Eliza E. Begent ;
Thos. F., agricultural laborer, Elizabeth, and John Berryman;
John, railway laborer, Johanna, John, and Emma Bickle;
Wm. E., cabinetmaker, Emily, Alice M., Mary J., Ada, and Alfred W. Boyton;
Wm., agricultural laborer, Elizabeth, and John Bradford;
John, navvy, Catherine, John, Margaret, Catherine, and Alice Cahill;
John, pick and shovel laborer, Mary A., Alice, Albert, and Walter Clifford;
William, platelayer, Emily M., and George H. Cole;
Thomas, platelayer, and Catherine Deverix ;
Alfred J., bricklayer,and Elizabeth Dyer;
Thomas, agricultural laborer, Martha, Emma, and Florence Eastley;
Joseph, agricultural laborer, Susan, and Annie England;
George, agricultural laborer, and Victoria Ford ;
Thomas, bricklayer, and Mary Fryer; William, Sarah, Elizabeth, John, and Amy Hill;
Robert, agricultural laborer, Margaret, John, Handry, and Esther M. Gray ;
Wm. H., railway laborer, Mary, and Mary L. Jones ;
William, pick and shovel laborer, Maria, and Beatrice Jones; Stephen, laborer,
Mary A, Grace, and David Lewis;
William, pick and shovel laborer, Isabella, Isabella, Wm.,and Joseph Maddison;
Hugh, pick and shovel laborer, Elizabeth, Mary A., and John Maguire;
John, pick and shovel laborer, and Jane Matthews;
Isaac, pick and shovel laborer, Susan, Mary, and George Miell;
William, railway laborer, Elisth. J., Louisa, Maude, and Alfred Morley;
George, agricultural laborer, Mary, Mary A., John, and Thomas Muggleton;
Robert, pick and shovel laborer, Sarah, Isabella W., Robert, Sarah, and Jane McConnell;
Charles, pick and shovel laborer, and Juliet McCarthy;
Michael, navvy, Mary, and Annie McNally ;
Thomas, agricultural laborer, Elizabeth, Elizabeth, William H., and Mary A. Newnham;
John, agricultural laborer, Margaret, Thomas, Marion, and Robert Nesbit;
Charles, pick and shovel laborer, Ann, Charles, John, Agnes, and Stephen Noakes;
John, railway laborer, and Sarah Prescott;
James, agricultural laborer, Rosina, Elizabeth, and Mary Priddle; George, agricultural laborer
Hannah, James, Mildred, and George Procter ;
Thomas, agricultural laborer, and Mary J. Robinson;
George R., agricultural laborer Louisa, William, and Thomas Russ ;
Samuel, bricklayer, Jane, Sarah, and Frank Sanders;
Frederick, pick and shovel laborer, Elizabeth and Bethenia Schrader ;
Double, laborer, Emma, Florence, and Margaret Shirlock;
Henry, sawyer, Elizabeth, William, John, Elizabeth, Samuel, and Thomas Simons;
William, laborer, and Matilda Sizer;
William, tinsmith. Rachel, Robert, Edward, Gertrude, and Lucy Smithson;
Charles, railway laborer, and Eliza Stevens;
John, laborer, Elizabeth, William H., and Sophia M. Stewart;
George H., farmer, and Lucy Swift;
Thomas, agricultural laborer, Eliza, and Eva Talbot ;
David, pick and shovel laborer, Elizabeth, Caroline, and David Thompson;
James, bricklayer, and Martha Travis;
George, agricultural laberer, Elizabeth, Alfred, Louisa, George H., and Robert Weatley.

Single Men.
James Ahern, laborer;
N. J. Andrew, agricultural laborer;
John Andrew, do. ;
James Ascough, do.;
Matthew Bailey, with parents;
Edward Barnes, plasterer;
Samuel Booth, bricklayer;
Simon Brown, agricultural laborer;
Robert Brown, pick and shovel laborer;
Thomas Bamford, do.;
John Beavan, bricklayer;
Robert Bush, agricultural laborer;
John Bourke, do.;
John Clifford, pick and shovel laborer;
Harry Clifford, ploughboy;
George Clifford, schoolboy;
James Conway, agricultural laborer ;
Henry Court, do. ;
John Coyle, rivet boy ;
Joel Crowther, laborer ;
Wm. Dawe, railway laborer;
Joseph Dennis, ditto.;
Richard Dent, do. ;
Joseph Dicker, agricultural laborer;
Edward Dewson, do. ;
Charlie Eastley, with parents;
Henry Eastley, do.;
Wm. Embleton, agricultural laborer;
John W. England, with parents ;
Joseph England, do. ;
Martin Fitzgerald, agricultural laborer;
John Fitzgerald, do. ;
Henry Flamank, railway ganger ;
John Fridlington, ploughman;
Silas Freeman, pick and shovel laborer ;
Robert Gloyn, railway laborer;
Charles Goodhead, agricultural laborer;
Alex. Gray, with parents;
Thomas Gray do.;
John Greenwood, platelayer;
John A. Grenfell, agricultural laborer;
Thomas Grey, laborer;
Samuel Gronwalt, railway laborer;
Edward Hicks, agricultural laborer;
Joseph Hudson, do.;
Charles Johnson, quarryman;
James Keary, agricultural laborer ;
Peter Kilcran, laborer ;
William Knight, navvy ;
William Lay, ditto ;
John Lewis, blacksmith's striker ;
William Lewis ;
James Lowry, pick and shovel laborer ;
John Maddison, with parents;
Florence M. Mander, brickmaker;
John Marshall, agricultural laborer;
George Mather, pick and shovel laborer;
Henry Matthews, with parents ;
Joseph Mellows, pick and shovel laborer ;
Oliver Milburn, agricultural laborer;
Henry Muggleton, with parents;
David Myers, railway laborer;
Jobn McConnell, farm laborer ;
William McConnell, ditto;
Martin McHall, pick and shovel laborer ;
John Nesbit, with parents ;
Frank Nurton, agricultural laborer;
Job Pacey, bricklayer;
Samuel Pilton, agricultural laborer;
Albert E. Pitkin, ditto ;
Denis Power ditto ;
Alfred Ramsbottom, bricklayer ;
Horace Reid, agricultural laborer:
Albert J. Ruth, ditto;
Frederick Sanderson, do. ;
Jeremiah Savers, do. ;
Joseph Schrader, pick and shovel laborer;
Patrick Skehan, agricultural laborer ;
Albert H. Simons, with parents;
James Smith, pick and shovel laborer ;
Joseph Taylor, ditto ;
Thos. H. Thompson, agricultural laborer;
William Trobe, ditto ;
William Trotter, ditto;
William Tunningley, ditto ;
Charles Waters, railway laborer ;
Thomas Williams, agricultural laborer;
George Williams, farm boy ;
J. H. Whitburn, agricultural laborer.

Single Women.
Mary E. Addi, domestic servant,
Hannah Armstrong, do.,
Amelia Bache, do..
Alice Bailey, do.,
Emily G. Basker, do.;
Caroline Bates, cook;
Emma E. Baugh, domestic servant ;
Jane Benstead, widow,
Fredk. Benstead ;
Annie Blakey,cook ;
Caroline Brakes, domestic servant ;
Ann Brakes, housekeeper ;
Statia Brannock, domestic servant;
Bridget Brennan, do., Mary Brennan, do. ;
Sarah Brown, cook ;
Catherine Burke, domestic servant;
Alice Burton, do.;
Catherine, wife, Annie, laundress,
Elizabeth, James, Daniel, and Patrick Coyle;
Elizabeth A. Dicker, domestic servant;
Frances Doward, nurse and cook ;
Jane Dunn, housemaid, Martha Dyers, do.;
Nellie Eastley, domestic servant;
Martha Eastley, housemaid ;
Eliza Fitzgerald, domestic servant ;
Betsy Ford, with parents,
Ellen Ford, domestic servant,
Emily Green, do.,
Jemima A. Hall, do.;
Mary Hunter, cook;
Florence Hodges, domestic servant,
Elizabeth T. Jones, do.,
Maria Kelly, do.,
Louisa Kemp, do.
Annie Kemp, do.;
Hannah Kemp, nursegirl ;
Honora Kinevane, domestic servant,
Ellen Kinevane, do.;
Matilda King, kitchenmaid;
Hester Kingston, domestic servant,
Mary Kingston; do. ;
Hannah Lewis, with parents;
Marion Matthews, domestic servant,
Mary Mann, do.,
Annie Mann, do. ;
Elizabeth Mann, with parents;
Mary A. Milburn, domestic servant,
Mary Morris, do. ;
Mary A. McConnell, with parents ;
Mary Newman, cook,
Rickschen Oppenheim, do. ;
Johanna Power, domestic servant;
Mary E Preecott, servant;
Elizth. Priddle, agricultural laborer;
Sarah Pye, housemaid;
Elizabeth Redding, wife;
Selina E. Redding;
Rosetta Ridgewell, domestic servant;
Elizabeth J. Richards, cook,
Mary A. Richards, do. ;
Agnes Rogers, domestic servant;
Mary A. Sutton, cook,
Annie Thomas, do.;
Elizabeth Thomas, domestic servant,
Rebecca Tipping, do.,
Emma Vale, do.;
Mary Webb, housemaid;
Lavinia Williams, domestic servant;
Jane, wife, Thos., and Philip Williams;
Maud Wilson, cook;
Emily Wonden, domestic servant.

South Australian Chronicle and Weekly Mail
(Adelaide, SA : 1868 - 1881),
Saturday 17 May 1879,
page 8
transcription, janilye 2013

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"Digger" 1914-1918

Digger, a dark brown and white bulldog accompanied his owner, Sergeant James Harold Martin, during his service overseas and is said to have served three and a half years with the AIF.

Martin, an electrician from Hindmarsh in South Australia enlisted on 18 September 1914, at the age of 22.
Digger seems to have been a stray dog that attached himself to soldiers training at Broadmeadows and followed them down to the troopships.
Martin adopted him as a mascot and he and Digger sailed from Melbourne on 20 October 1914. Martin served initially with 1 Division Signal Company on Gallipoli, but transferred to 2 Division Signal Company in July 1915.
He remained with the company, attached to the Engineers, during his service on the Western Front in France and Belgium.
Martin returned to Australia on 12 May 1918, according to his medical records he suffered with Rheumatism and was discharged medically unfit.

Digger accompanied him as strict quarantine regulations relating to the arrival of dogs in Australia from overseas did not come into force until June 1918.

Digger had been wounded and gassed at Pozieres in 1916 and needed cod liver oil for his burns.
This was expensive so a picture postcard of Digger, wearing the inscribed silver collar made for him on his return to Australia, with patriotic red, white and blue ribbons attached to it, was produced and the money realised from its sale used to buy the oil.

It is said that the dog was also presented with a free tram and rail pass so that he could accompany Martin.

Digger died, as an old dog, on Empire Day (24 May - year not known) when he was frightened by the celebratory fireworks.
Thinking he was under fire again he attempted to jump the fence but failed and fell back with a burst blood vessel.
Digger managed to crawl back into the house and died on Martin's bed. Martin was in the Prince of Wales Hospital at Randwick, NSW at the time, but he arranged through Mrs J A Little, a volunteer who visited the hospital twice a day to the help the soldiers there, to have Digger's hide tanned. After Martin's death the hide and collars were passed to Mrs Little. Her daughter recalled that the hide was displayed on the floor and that 'nobody put a foot on it.' His head was propped on a stool so that everyone could see him, he has been loved by all'.

Note that the postcard is signed by Sergeant Martin.

James Harold Martin the son of James Sampson MARTIN 1862-1921 and Ada Mary STEARNE 1862-1921, was born on the 21 August 1892 in Hindmarsh, South Australia and died at Daw Park in Adelaide on the 16 December 1963.

Whilst in UK during WW1, James and Digger stayed with a glass and china dealer James Henry LARKINS, his wife Sarah nee Clark and their family of five boys and two girls.

After the war James and digger returned to Australia, Frances Letitia LARKINS 1892-1975. followed on the next ship...

On the 11 June 1920 at Hindmarsh. James and Frances married.
The couple had two children James Ross MARTIN 1921 ? 1997 and Marjorie Joan MARTIN 1926 ? 1986

The Register (Adelaide, SA : 1901 - 1929) Saturday 28 December 1918

DIgger, THE DOG.

'Digger,' a bulldog that left Australia on board the Argyllshire in October, 1914, and is now the only surviving mascot of the original lst Division, has returned to Sydney.
If he could speak he could say that he has been over the top 16 times says the Sydney correspondent of The Melbourne Herald). He was in the landing on Gallipoli, went through Lone Pine, and was in the evacuation.
Afterwards he went to France with the boys, and at Pozieres was wounded and gassed.
He returned to the division again, and out in two winters with it, being gassed again in the Ypres battle.
Men who know him say that as soon as the gas alarm sounded Digger would rush up to, his nearest human comrade and make signs that he wanted his mask fitted.
But he was not a mere show dog. When a man was lying wounded out in front and no one could reach him, Digger would be sent out with artificial foods, and if it was possible for the man to write he would bring a message back.
He bears the marks of his wounds. A hole in the top of the lower jaw, three teeth gone, blind in the right eye, deaf in the left ear. He had to be put under chloroform to have the bullet extracted.

No one company or battalion can ever say that they owned Digger. He belongs to the 1st Division. Sometimes he would be with one battalion, next week with another. Then he would take up with a battery of artillery for a -while.
While convalescent in England he transferred to the flying corps. On one occasion he went up 8,000 ft. with the late Flight-Lieut. Gibba, and has, they say, flown all over England and Scotland. He always was a venturesome dog, but he was invalided home a couple of months ago, and now has to lead a more or less humdrum life.

However, so his present keeper says, he could not be kept in on the day of the news of the Armistice. He caught a train to Sydney to knock around with the boys and,' several days later, had to be bailed out of the Dogs' Home for half a crown. He had the reputation of being a hard drinker 'over the other side.'

His was a common face in the wet canteen and estaminets.

The 1st Division has allowed him to go into the custody of Sgt. J. H. Martin, also a returned Anzac, who since the war has lost a mother, father, two brothers, and a sister? the last three on active service.
It was thought that the dog might be some consolation for him.

National Archives/
Item details for: B2455, MARTIN J H
Australian War Memorial

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'THE CROPPIES ARE COMING'-1804 New South Wales

Just after supper on the 4th of March 1804, The Reverend Samuel Marsden, preparing for bed at his home in Parramatta, heard shouts from the street,"THE CROPPIES ARE COMING!" He was immediately struck with fear, God knows he'd flogged too many of them to feel safe.
In New South Wales, Marsden had earnt himself the nickname 'The Flogging Parson' for his terrible cruelty and harsh sentences. Therefore, he quickly bundled himself onto a boat and headed for Sydney.

The feared Irish rebellion in New South Wales was born.

The Irish croppies, so called because of their short cropped hair were Irish political prisoners who had arrived in the Colony in 1800.

After 4 years of ill-treatment, they had become desperate and decided it was time to take action.

The first armed rebellion by a group of about fifty convicts from Castle Hill began, marching towards Parramatta burning farms and looting muskets and pikes on the way.

Their leader Phillip CUNNINGHAM, hardened by rebellions in Ireland, knew this rebellion would not succeed without secrecy and discipline and although the convict farms on which the rebels worked were full of informers, word of the planned rebellion didn't leak out until that day, when a convict overseer, turned informer, warned them just hours before of the uprising, he was ignored. It began at nine o'clock in the evening with a signal fire that lit up the sky.

When Marsden arrived in Sydney, he alerted Major George Johnston who gathered fifty of his soldiers from the New South Wales Corps, marching them overnight to Parramatta.

On arrival in Parramatta they found no sign of the rebels and were told that after a night of drinking they'd headed up the Hawkesbury.

Johnston and his Red Coats gave chase and just 10 mile from Windsor, on a hill, the next morning, Johnston found the numbers had swelled to two hundred and thirty three, all shouting "DEATH OR LIBERTY"

Calling on them to surrender, Johnston rode forward to speak with Phillip Cunningham - then breaking all the rules of parley, he suddenly put his pistol to Cunningham's head and arrested him. At the same time, ordering the Corps to open fire. Within a few minutes fifteen convicts lay dead, several were wounded with not one British casualty.

Punishment was swift, nine were hanged and nine were flogged of the rest, some were taken, to serve out long sentences at Coal River* where a convict/military outpost known as Fort Scratchley had been established that year to mine coal, harvest timber and prepare lime. The rest to Van Dieman's Land.

The Hill was forever after known as VINEGAR Hill so named after Vinegar Hill in Wexford, Ireland. Vinegar Hill was the site of the only battle, apart from Eureka, (fought fifty years later) ever fought on Australian soil

NB: Skilled in-fighters in politics, the Irish produced more Australian Prime Ministers than any other group: SCULLIN,LYONS,FADDEN,CURTIN,FORDE,CHIFLEY,MCEWAN,MCMAHON,KEATING and John GORTON had an Irish mother. They were physically and mentally tough they helped to found and later dominated the Australian Labor Party. Their exploits, rebel songs and traditions would mix with those of the English and Scots to form the basis of our folklore.

*Coal River became Newcastle

A Hawkesbury Calender


1. 1827. The Australian Cricket Club held their annual meeting in Sydney;
when some good play was exhibited, lt was announced at the meeting that the
Windsor Cricket Club had refused to play their brother amateurs in Sydney.

1, 1844. Post office first established at Richmond.

1, 1870. Telegraph office opened at Richmond.

1, 1807. An address presented to Rev. Samuel Marsden- Parramatta,
Principal Chaplain of the colony signed by 302 magistrates and land owners'
in the interior?prior to his departure to England on a visit.
Marsden frequently visited ; the Hawkesbury in connection With his professional duties,
and he owned property at Windsor. He died at the Parsonage, Windsor.

1. 1839. Elizabeth Pitt, wife of Thomas Matcham Pitt, died aged 39.
The Pitts were the first free settlers to take up their residence in the Richmond district,
and were the founders of the Australian family of that name, descendants of whom still
reside in the district. The founders were related to Lord Nelson, and bore letters of
introduction from him when they arrived in the colony.

2, 1805. Advertisement appeals in the Sydney Gazette of this date of the auction sale
of a farm situated on the banks of the Hawkesbury, opposite Cornwallis, contesting
of 50 acres, mostly cleared, belonging to George Barrington (the famous Lon don pickpocket),
then deceased.

4, 1822. Governor Macquarie replies' to an address presented by Hawkesbury Settlers
on Dec. 12, 1821?just prior to his departure from the colony.

4, 1814. James Gordon married, to Miss Arndell, at Windsor, by Rev. Cartwright,
chaplain at St Matthew's.

4, 1816. W. Gaudry, a well-known settler, died at Windsor.

8, 1833. Thos. Hobby, of the N.8.W. Gorps, and afterwards Lieut., of the 102nd Regiment,
died, aged 57. Buried Richmond C.E. cemetery.

11, 1800; Father Harold, General Holt, Rev. Henry Fulton, participants
in the '98 Irish Rebellion, ; arrived with William Cox; and family in Sydney Cove
in the Minerva. William Cox eventually settled down at the Hawkesbury, and became the
founder of the famous and respected Australian family of that name. Holt for a time was
overseer of Cox's farms in the Parramatta and Hawkesbury districts.
Fulton became the much respected chaplain at Richmond and Castlereagh, and conducted a
school at the latter place. Tompson, the first Australian poet, attended this school.

11, 1819. Windsor Charitable Institution (now known as the Hawkes bury Benevolent Society)
established. ?300 value in wheat, and 60 head of breeding cattle donated by leading settlers
for its maintenance. The first public meeting was called on Dec. 31, 1818.
The first committee were Rev. R. Cartwright, William Cox (of Clarendon and Fairfield),
James Jones, Thomas Matcham Pitt (father of the late G. M. Pitt), Henry Baldwin, and George Hall
(founder of the Caddai family).

12, 1810. Andrew Thomson, the father of Windsor, appointed a magistrate by Governor Macquarie.
The appointment of an emancipist to the position gave great offence to the military and
prominent free settlers. Thomson died October 22, 1810, aged 37.

12, 1838. Solomon Wiseman (Wiseman's Ferry) died, aged 61.
He was the uncrowned king of the Lower Hawkesbury.

12, 1811. Thomas Gilberthorp, a Pitt Town farmer, advertises in the "Sydney Gazette"
of this date endeavouring to induce the Hawkesbury farmers to co-operate in the purchase
of wheat screens. This is the first record of practical farming co-operation in Australia.
Gilberthorp. was an industrious and honorable settler.

13, 1818. The following land grants to local settlers were gazetted at this date-
Samuel Terry, 950 acres in the Evan district ; John Palmer 1500 acres; John Pye, 300 acres;
and Richard Rouse, 450 acres.- all the latter being situated in the Bathurst district.

14, 1815, William Cox, of Clarendon, concludes the herculean task of constructing a
carriage road over the Blue Mountains from Emu; Plains to Bathurst--within six months.
Commenced July 7, 1814, and continued under adverse conditions as regards weather and
difficulties of crossing an unexplored mountain,' Distance ; accomplished, 101? miles.

15, 1855. 150yds footrace between Judd and Dalton for ?100 a-side at Windsor racecourse.
Won by latter by 3yds.

16, 1837. Ann Tebbutt died, aged 71. Buried St. Matthew's Cemetery, Windsor.
Mother of John Tebbutt, F.R.A.S.

16, 1897. Windsor Swimming Club held successful aquatic carnival in the river.
150 Sydney swimmers and New Zealand champions present.
Chief events-One mile championship of Australia won by Percy Cavill;
championship of Hawkesbury (440yds) won by Tom Atkins ;
monster banquet at the Fitzroy Hotel in the evening; Austrian band present.

17, 1900. John Low Thompson died at Burwood. He was Principal of Dookie College, Victoria ;
instructor in agriculture to the government of N.S W. ;
and the first Principal of the Hawkesbury Agricultural College.

20, 1850. William Cox, Junr., of Hobartville died, aged 60.

20, 1829. Jas. Watson died, aged 43. Buried Richmond.

21, 1815. Road over Blue Moun tains constructed and opened for traffic.
Superintended by William Cox, J.P., of Clarendon.

21, 1809. Andrew Thomson appointed auctioneer for the district of the Hawkesbury
by Deputy-Governor Paterson, the Hawkesburys first auctioneer.

21, 1809. The Portland Head Christian etc. Society at a meeting at this date agree to
engage William Harvey and William Barrow, stone masons (free men), to build the wall
of the Ebenezer chapel, and David Dunstan, carpenter, to do the carpentering.

26, 1788. Assistant-Surgeon Arndell arrives with the first fleet- as surgeon on "Friendship."
Captain Walton with 100 male and female convicts. Arndell soon afterwards resigned
from his government appointment, and received a land grant at Caddai, where he resided for
many years, as the first Hawkesbury magistrate and as a prominent settler identified with
farming pursuits. He was much respected.

26; 1788. Commissary John Palmer, purser Of the " Sirius," arrives in the first fleet.
Cobbold, the author of the life of Margaret Catchpole, makes frequent mention of Palmer
as the friend and patron of the Richmond midwife.

28, 1808. Governor Bligh deposed. Although Bligh incurred the enmity of the N.S.W. Corps,
he was well respected at the Hawkesbury, owing to his efforts to stop the iniquitous drink traffic
by the "Rum Selling Corps." Bligh stated that if he could have escaped to his friends at the
Hawkesbury, the high-handed proceedings of Johnston and Macarthur would never have occurred.

28, 1858. John Single died, aged 66.

30, 1889. Ann Elizabeth Hobby, widow of Thomas Hobby, died, aged 72.

31, 1855. 150yds footrace between Dalton and Davenport for ?100 and championship,
run on Parramatta-rd, Won by Dalton.

January, 1805 (day uncertain). George Barrington, the famous London pickpocket,
died at Parramatta, now compos mentis.

January, 1826, (day uncertain). Black snake, 22ft long (?) killed near the Hawkesbury by a
free settler named Fleming.

January, 1794. About the middle of this month the first farms were established on the
Hawkesbury by Deputy-Governor Grose, who placed 22 settlers there.
Amongst those receiving land were J.Ruse and C. Williams, the first Australian farmers.
These had previously been placed on poor land at Rosehill, but were after wards given land grants
at the mouth of South Creek and the Hawkesbury. They did not, however, enter into possession
at the Hawkesbury with the other settlers until some months afterwards, when they had disposed
of their farms at Rosehill. Ruse eventually left the Hawkesbury, and years afterwards died,
and was buried in the Camden R C. cemetery, his tombstone denoting the fact that he "sowed"
the first grain in this colony. Williams held his grant, which is now still held and
cultivated by his descendants, the Hannabus family.


1795, The firs?public store established at Green Hills ( Windsor) by Government
early in this month. Baker appointed first storekeeper.

1800. Captain Wm. Cox (after wards of Clarendon) purchases Brush Farm, on the
Parramatta River, early in this month, and commences farming. He appoints General Holt,
the '98 Irish Rebel, as his manager.

1, 1871. Hawkesbury Race Club established. Arthur Dight, president; John L. Smith, secretary.

1, 1828. Francis Beddek, better known as the Hawkesbury lawyer, admitted to practise
as a solicitor in the colony. He lived at Windsor for many years. He was the fifth lawyer
admitted to practise in Australia. It is said that he was the first solicitor practising
in Windsor, but one George Crossley (transported for forgery), preceded him.
William Walker was articled to Beddek.

2, 1802. Mary Pitt (Matcham) arrives with four daughters and a son at Sydney Cove
by the Canada. Founder of the Australian family of that name.
They settled at Mulgrave Place on the Hawkesbury. Mary Pitt died 1815, and the son
Thomas died in 1821, aged 39. The late G. M. Pitt, of North Sydney, was a son of the latter.

2, 1840. Frederick Bridges, chief inspector of schools, N.S.W., born at
Windsor. His father was one of the Scotch masons Dr. Lang brought out from Scotland.
The family left the Hawkesbury owing to disastrous floods.

3, 1821. Thomas Spencer, a mariner in the first fleet, died. Buried at Richmond.

8, 1837. William Harrington, who came with the 73rd regiment, died.
He was an honest and industrious man. Buried Richmond.

9, 1805. William Roberts advertises in the " Sydney Gazette" that he intends to run
at this date a covered waggon, to and from the Hawkesbury-once in three weeks-
with goods and passengers. Probably the first recorded regular communication with Sydney.

10th and 11th, 1791. Terrible heat at Rosehill (Parramatta.) 105 in shade at Sydney.
Birds and flying foxes dropped dead whilst on the wing. Bush fires. (Collins.)

10, 1873. John Richard Rouse died, aged 72. Buried Riohmond.

12, 1796. J. Brabyn, captain of the famous. 102nd regiment, better
known as the Rum Selling Corps, arrives in the colony with his regiment
in Marquis of Cornwallis. Magistrate from 1808 to 1810. Was concerned in the
deposition of Governor Bligh. For this he went to England in 1810
with others of the 102nd regiment to attend the trial of Major Johnston.
Re-appointed magistrate on his return to the colony shortly after.
Presided at Windsor for several years. Street named after him.
His residence, York Lodge, in George-street, near railway station, still stands.

12, 1822. Six men sentenced to death for breaking into the dwelling
of James Mackenzie at Caddai, and putting him on the fire and dreadfully beating him.

12, 1801. Shock of earthquake ; very sensibly felt at Parramatta and Hawkesbury at 11 p.m.,
lasting three minutes, and giving repeated shocks.

14, 1807. Governor Bligh issues ; an order at this date, forbidding the exchange of spirits
for food, on account of the destitution amongst the Hawkesbury settlers.

15, 1815. At a meeting of the Portland Head Society, it was decided
to establish a sabbath school. It was opened, but only continued a few weeks.
Probably the first recorded Sunday school at the Hawkesbury.

26, 1803. Andrew Thomson, chief constable at the Hawkesbury, takes into custody
two escaped convicts for rioting at Baulkham Hills.

17, 1797. William Cox, of Clarendon, appointed Lieutenant 68th Foot.

20, 1819. First ale and spirit license granted to Black Horse Hotel,
Richmond (Paul Randall, owner) The Inn was then known as the Black Horse Prince.
This is now the oldest licenssd hotel in Australia.
It has an ?nteresting history, and as a honeymoon resort at one time for leading colonista,
it was called "Honeymoon Cottage."

22, 1838. Samuel Terry died, leaving half a million in real and personal estate.

25, 1834. Caroling Louisa W. Calvert, author and botanist of Kurrajong, born.
Died April 28th, 1872. She was a talented lady, and a friend of Reverends Drs.
Woolls and Cameron, of Richmond.

25, 1868. James Stanbury, a champion sculler of the world, and a native of the Hawkesbury, born.

26. 1828. William Walker, member of the Legislative Council, born at Glasgow-
Represented Windsor in Parliament from I860 to the end of 1869. Alderman and Mayor
of Windsor. Founder of the Windsor School of Arts and its first president,
which position he occupied for many years. Secretary of tne Hawkesbury Benevolent Society
for eleven years, and wrote its history ; afterwards president. Writer of poetry and prose.
An early correspondent for the "Sydney Morning Herald," etc. His father was one of the
Presbyterian teachers induced to come to the colony by the late Dr. Lang.
He was educated by his father in Windsor, articled to Francis Beddek, of the same town,
and admitted an attorney in 1852, since which time he has practised in Windsor.

26, 1816. John Anderson murdered in his house at Caddai, aged 36 years.
Buried Church of England cemetery, Windsor.

27, 1815. Miss Wilshire, second daughter of James Wilshire
(Deputy Commissary General under Governor Macquarie) and Hester Pitt, born.
Died November 5, 1900.


1800. Several floods at Hawkesbury during this month.

1811. Floods destroyed maize crops during this month

1, 1795. Official communication of this date from Lieut Gov. Paterson states
that he "had erected a small store at the Green Hills (Windsor), putting Baker,
the Superintendent, in charge "--Windsor's first store.

2nd to 9th, 1788. Between this date Pitt Water (mouth of the Hawkesbury),
named by Gov. Philip, during an exploration.

2,1801. John Stogdell, a free settler, lost his life in the big flood in
attempting to swim his horse over a hollow 3 miles from Hawkesbury (Windsor).
Horse and rider were drowned. This man was evidently buried at Sydney in the
old cemetery upon which the Town Hall now stands.
A resident in Sydney not long ago stated in the press that he had a coffin nameplate
referring to this man which had been unearthed from this cemetery.

3,1799. Heavy flood at the Hawkesbury, lasting until the 19th.

4,1804. Insurrection of prisoners at Castle Hill. Martial Law proclaimed.
Repealed March 9.

4,1871. Windsor Municipality proclaimed, R. Dight first Mayor,
J. T, Smith Council Clerk.

4,1815. Laurence May (father of Christie May), advertises in the " Sydney Gazette "
of this date that he "has erected a horse flour mill in the middle of the town
of Windsor, and that he is prepared to grind his neighbour's wheat expeditiously."

5, 1819. Rebecca, wife of William Cox, of Clarendon, died at Clarendon after
several weeks' illness, aged 56, leaving 5 sons.

6, 1822. Road from Richmond to Wallis Plains (Newcastle) opened to the public.

6,1898. Benjamin Richards died, Aged 81.

10,1813. Terrific hailstorm in the Hawkesbury district, much damage done to crops.
The windows in the Windsor chapel and Fitzgerald's residence were broken,
poultry were killed, and Crossley, Armitage, and other settlers were, injured.
Some of the hailstones measured 6 inches in circumference.
The chapel referred to was situated on the site occupied by the present School of Arts.
Crossley ?a convicted attorney ?was prominent in the time of Governors Hunter, King
and Bligh, figuring largely as the friend of the latter during his (Bligh's) deposition
by the military.

11, 1804. The "Sydney Gazette" of this date states that Cunningham, one of the rebel chiefs
of the Castle hill insurrection was hanged at Hawkesbury (Windsor).
He was hung on the staircase of the public store, Hawkesbury, which he had boasted
in his march at the head of the rebels he would plunder.
He had been overseen by stone-masons at Castle Hill. The public store was situated
on the site where Mr. Brinsley Hall's residence now stands.

11, 1799. Rev. Ralph Mansfield, Wesleyan minister, and a prominent Sydney citizen,
was stationed at Wind sor; died June, 1880, at Parramatta.
Editor and co-proprietor "Sydney Gazette."

12, 1833. Mary, wife of Richard Fitzgerald, died, aged 53.
Buried Church of England Cemetery, Windsor.

15, 1837. William Cox, J P., Lieut, and Paymaster of N.S.W Corps or 102nd Regiment,
of Clarendon, died at Fairfield, aged 72. Buried at St. Matthew's Church of England, Windsor.
Founder of the Australian family of that name.

22, 1806. Memorable flood; immense damage done; caused a famine.
Bread rose to 4/6 and 5/-loaf of 2lbs. Wheat sold 70/- and 80/- per bushel.
This flood rose 8ft. higher than on any previous occasion. ?36,000 worth of property was
destroyed, and several lives lost. It commenced last week of February, and its greatest
height was reached on March 22, 6000 bushels of corn were destroyed.
100 persons, who had taken refuge upon the tops of their houses were saved through the
exertions of Arndell and Biggers, two settlers. Arndell was the founder of the
Hawkesbury family of that name. He arrived as a surgeon in the First Fleet.

1897. J. Ayling, Presbyterian minister at Pitt Town, and a noted apiarist,
died in New Zealand, aged 71.

24, 1807. The vessel Governor Bligh (owner, Andrew Thompson) launched from
the Green Hills (Windsor).

25, 1897. Sen. Coastable McNeely retires after 21 years' service in the

25, 1804. Governor King thanks the settlers for their assistance in putting down the
Irish insurrection at Castle Hill.

28, 1828. First postmaster at Windsor appointed. Salary ?84/7/9 per annum.

1814. Rev. Wm. Wools, Ph. Dr., A.L.M., F.L.S., born.
Incumbent of St. Peter's, Richmond, and Rural Dean.
Literateur and scientist, botanist, lecturer. Died 1894

A letter from Margaret Catchpole

MARGARET CATCHPOLE was born in Suffolk on the 14 March 1762 the daughter of Elizabeth Catchpole. She was transported for life and arrived in Sydney onboard the 'Nile' on the 14 December 1801. She worked at one time for a very good friend of the Eather's (my ancestors), Arthur DIGHT 1819-1895 at 'Mountain View' Richmond. She was a prolific letter writer and chronicler. paper, back in those days was not cheap and Margaret used every space on the paper first writing across the page and then down. There are several stories online about Margaret. For the interest of the members of Family Tree Circles I wanted to show you part of one of her letters, unfortunately I was not able to attach the whole page. All her letters have been transcribed. What a painstaking job that would have been.
For those interested, there are several stories about her online.

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ABRAHAM JOSEPH EATHER 1828-1906 Australia

The youngest son of Robert Eather 1795-1881 and Mary LYNCH 1802-1853 was Abraham, born in Windsor on 5 October 1828. In later life he settled in the Sydney suburb of Belmore and he died there on 12 May 1906.
His early years were spent as a jackaroo on his father's north-western properties and at the age of 19 he almost perished in a desperate adventure on the Narran River after setting out with a brother and two friends from Barwon with cattle and horses. It was then less than three years since discovery of the Narran and knowlege of local conditions was scanty. The waterholes had all dried up, so after travelling thirty miles Abe EATHER and James WARD left the other two in order to hurry to the Narran for water, but they lost their way and their companions, fearing disaster, tried to push on without the cattle. Young Abe was found by an aboriginal, almost dead after two days and nights without water.
With his brothers Tom and Jim, Abe spent some years on the Narran at his father's station at Angledool and on other family holdings nearby until they were driven out by drought.
In old age Abe used to talk about how in those remote parts he lit his pipe with one foot in Queensland and another in New South Wales.
On occasions Abe drove his father's stock from Angledool to Homebush, near Sydney, around 480 miles.
In the 1850's Abe settled in Sydney as a produce merchant in Sussex St. where he met and married his first wife, Margaret McELLIGOTT 1830-1856, who died at Ultimo leaving one daughter, Mary EATHER 1852-1853.
During this period, he was the winner of two pedestrian races which have gone down in the records of Australian sport. The former of these contests was held over 150yards on the Cook's River sporting paddock on Easter monday, 28 March 1853, with each contestant backed for 50 pounds. Eather was billed as the "pet' of Windsor while his competitor, HATFIELD, was backed by his hometown, Liverpool. Abe won easily and Liverpool rode home disconsolate; Windsor high up in the stirrups.
With his Easter success to support him, EATHER matched FARNELL of Parramatta at Cook's river on 25 April 1853, backed by his brother James, and Michel Despointes ( brother-in-law married to Cecilia) for a 100pounds each over 150yards. Excitement over the approaching contest gave circulation to some imaginative doggerel;

Parramatta says "Farnell
is a real Nonpareil" -
Windsor answers from afar,
"Look at Ether, see a star"

And indeed he was a star for he won easily.

"Abe used to race a horse fifty yards there and back for a wager.One day some shrewdies turned up with a stock pony instead of a racehorse; it turned the peg as fast as Abe did and Abe lost all his money".
Abe finished up running an hotel, but was a teetotaller all his life.
Abraham Eather's second wife, by whom he had eleven children was Ellen FARRELL 1842-1928 of Yarramundi, near Richmond. She survived him by many years and died at Belmore on 8 September 1928.

The children of Abraham and Ellen, nee FARRELL were:-

1. Margaret Eather 1864?1865

2. Abraham Eather 1866?1947 m. Mary Ann DUTCH 1867-1903

3. Herbert William Eather 1868?1955

4. Ellen Balbina Eather 1870?1957 m. Robert Francis Piers MURPHY 1868-1943 at Richmond, New South Wales in 1893.

5. Theresa Eather 1872?1946

6. Gertrude Elizabeth Eather 1873?1955 m. James Stephen LYNCH 1873-1948 at Canterbury, Sydney New South Wales in 1916.

7. Mary Magdalene Eather 1878?1952 m. Percy PLUMRIDGE 1892-1957 at
Belmore, New South Wales, in 1922.

8. Kathleen Cecilia Frances Eather 1881?1969 m. Vincent Joseph GATTENHOF 1881-1958 at Canterbury, New South Wales on 24 April 1906.

9. Joseph Bernard M Eather 1883?1944 m. Ellen Kinsela MADDEN 1886-1954 at Parramatta, New South Wales, in 1921.

10. Eileen Benedicta Eather 1890?1965 m. John Cole MEDCALF 1880-1947 at Canterbury, Sydney New South Wales,in 1915