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Guang yi hua bao The Chinese Australian Herald

TROVE have digitised some copies of one of the chinese Language Australian newspapers The Chinese Australian Herald published in Sydney.
Issues from 1 September 1894 to 25 August 1923 are available for your research and interest.
For more information about Chinese language newspapers in Australia visit the Chinese Museum
The museum also contains some wonderful historic photographs like the one below of
Stanley Ah Mouy reading a book, c.1923, Ah Mouy Family Collection, Chinese Museum

Religious Smokers

At one period of its history smoking was so common that it
was actually practised in church.
Previous to the visit of James I. to the University of
Cambridge, in 1615, the Vice Chancellor issued a notice
to the students, which enjoined that "No graduate, scholer, or
student of this universitie presume to take tobacco in
Saint Maries Church, upon payne of finall expellinge the universitie."
The Rev. Dr. Parr, when perpetual curate of Hatton, Warwickshire,
which living he held from 1783 to 1790, regularly smoked in the
vestry while the congregation were singing long hymns, chosen for
the purpose, immediately before the sermon. The doctor was wont to
exclaim : " My people like long hymns, but I prefer a long pipe."
The Rev. Robert Hall, of Leicester, the well known Baptist minister,
regularly indulged in smoking during the intervals of Divine worship.
Sir Walter Scott, in his " Heart of Midlothian," refers to one
Duncan, of Knockdunder, an important personage, who smoked during the
whole of the sermon, from an iron pipe, tobacco borrowed from other
worshippers. We are told that, "at tbe end of the discourse he knocked
the ashes out of his pipe, replaced it in his sporran, returned the
tobacco pouch to its owner, and joined in the prayer with decency and
The Puritan Fathers, who settled in America, were greatly addicted
to smoking, indeed, the practice became so common that even these
strait-laced observers of time and seasons actually smoked in church.
The custom soon caused very considerable annoyance, as the religious
exercises were greatly disturbed by the clinking of steels and flints
and the clouds of the smoke in church.
Hence, in the year 1669, the colony passed this law :
"It is enacted that any person or persons that shall be
found smoking of tobacco on the Lord's Day, going to or
coming from the meetings, within two miles of the meeting
house, shall pay twelve pence for every such default."
Under this law several persons were actually fined, but
the punishment failed to secure the carrying out of the
arbitrary second portion of the enactment.
The custom of smoking during church service was not confined
to the laity and minor clergy, for it is recorded that an
Archbishop of York was once reproved by the Vicar of St.
Mary's, Nottingham, for attempting to smoke in the church vestry.
The Rev. John Disney, of Swinderly, in Lincolnshire, writing on the
13th of December, 1773, to James Grainger, says :
"The affair happened in St. Mary's Church,
Nottingham, when Archbishop Blackburn was
there on a visitation. The archbishop had ordered
some of the apparitors or other attendants to
bring him pipes and tobacco and some liquor
into the vestry for his refreshment after the
fatigue of confirmation. And this coming to
Mr. Disney's ears, he forbade their being
brought thither, and with a becoming spirit
remonstrated with the archbishop upon the
impropriety of his conduct, at the same time
telling his Grace that his vestry should not be
converted into a smoking-room

Dungog Chronicle
Friday 4 November 1898
Bowral Free Press
The Gundagai Independent

ships from England to Victoria 1851

January 25 1851
Slains Castle, barque, 503 tons, H. T. C. Andrew, commander,
from London 29th. September.
James Allen, wife and family, W Bastings, wife and family,
Joseph Blackenby and wife, T H Broughton, wife and family,
F Baines, wife and family, Eliza Bishop, Sophia Beck, Letitia Burgh,
Sarah Blackburn, Hy Chittle, wife and child, Jane Carter, Mary Anne Cohen,
Hannah and Matilda Davis, Fred, Hy, and F Danniels, Chas Duckett,
J Dilly, wife and family, Mary and Margaret Doyle, Eliza Dunford,
Charles Edwards, wife and family, George Francis, wife and Child,
John Field, wife and family, Ellen French, Henry George, Jasper John
Elizabeth Henry and Richard George, James Gibblet, wife and child,
A Gorman and wife, C. Groves, W Heath, Eliza and Wm Hunter, A Hinshull,
Sarah Harvey, Ellen Jackson, Charlotte Jeffrey, John Hay and wife,
William Kilpatrick, wife and family, Whalley King, Thos Lutz, wife and family,
Joseph Lucas, wife and family, Letitia Lee, Jas Marsh, wife and family,
William Maskell, wife and family, Sarah Macpherson, Roseana Macgregor,
George North, Samuel Penn, William Parsons, Madeline O'Brien,
Mary Ann Nugent, Mary Leeson, John Potter, S Risdale,
Jas Kister, wife and child, Joseph Shepherd, Geo Sanderson,
D Smith, wife and child, Thomas Tilly, wife and family,
Anne and Emma Taylor, Thomas Tilley, sen. wife and family,
James Williams, wife and family, William Threadgold, wife and child,
A. Whitely, wife and family, Mrs. Webster and family, Alex Webster,
John Whatten and wife, Eliza and Margaret Wheeler, E Ray, Lewis Daniells.
James Blackburn, wife and family, James Bletchmore, wife and family,
Stephen Bastard, M Bayley, J Croome and wife,
John Crossland, wife and family, F Deacon, wife and family,
Thomas Davis and wife, Hy Danisell, Thos Filaston, John Hornblower and wife,
E. Johnson, R Knewstub, W Maidmeal, wife and family, B Norton, wife and family,
Peter and John Norman, F Morton, Eliza Penny and family,
Eliza Poole, Fanny Peters, D Rees John Sorrell,
wife and family, Ellen Turner, Julia Wells and child.
Thos. D. Lateward, Agent.

January 25 1851
Maitland, ship, 648 tons, Wm. Henry, commander, from Plymouth 8th October.
Mr Ritter and lady,
Mr Grenfell, Mr Noding, Mr and Mrs Chinnery,
Mr. R Grant, Mr Bradshaw, Rev Wm Miller, United
Presbyterian Missionary, Mrs Miller, Mr Aitcheson, Mr Curling,
Miss Hickman, Mr Glass, Miss Glass, Mr and Mrs Rose. Davis, Esq. surgeon
George Baston, George Rogers,
John Hewitt, wife and family, James Cleghorn,
Thomas Baily, wife and family, Charlotte Carpenter,
Ursula Woolman, Mary Woolman, Eli Day, Boaz Buck,
James Fletcher, Henry Dunster, wife and family,
Charles Paul, James Chamberlain, wife and child,
Thomas Harbridge, A Smith wife and family, Lewis Butler,
C. Way and wife; Mary Fletcher, James Stoddart, W. Ling,
Robert Maubrey, S Thomns, Sarah Williams, Robert Breeze and wife,
D Chapman, wife and child, W. Hodgkin, Thomas Hooke, John Honey,
Patrick Haynes, A Hayes, wife and family, John Lachlan,
E Salter, Anne and John Shepherd, Mary and Louisa Smith,
?ary Thomas and family.
Dalgety, Gore, and Co. Agents.

January 31 1851
Harpley, ship, 547 tons, Thomas Buckland, commander,
from Plymouth via Adelaide, 27th inst.
Capt. Cameron, Messrs Mills, Purchase, Smith,
S Walsh, F. Walsh, Yellows, Townley, Johnson, McCooney,
Hills, Ratcliff, Brown, Smith, Calthrop, Maude,
Steinthrope, Mackeny, Cosby, Caurthors, Dunlop,
Hewitt, Cherey, Howell, Martin, Oliver, Fairhurst, Carter,
Hobler, Kimey, Birming, Leek, Smith, Wright, R and G Rogers,
Wheeler, Hodgetts, Gamble, Wood, J and T Allen,
G and T Reddish, George, Jones, Hammond, Hogue,
Lecke, Sheppard, Middleton, Clear, T Clear,
Warren, Sweetman, Henshaw, Misses Beard,
Davis, Tallow, Wood, C Wood, A and J Hugall,
A and T Motherwell, Jenndtt, A Saville, Algiers
Walker, Donovan, Fox, Mr and Mrs Allen, Mr and Mrs Murphy,
Mr. and Mrs Brooks, Mr and Mrs Williams and son, Mr and Mrs Phillips,
Mr. and Mrs Duncan, Mr and Mrs Browne, Mr. and Mrs. Headings,
Mr. and Mrs. Cain, and two sons, Mr. and Mrs. Harper,
Mr and Mrs Singleton and family, Messdames, Wright, Wheeler,
Gardaner, Gardener, Walsh, Davis, Motherwell, Bennett.
C. Browne and Co, Agents.

March 14 1851
Harry Lorrequer, ship, 985 tons,
Richard Jeffares, commander, from Plymouth
November 26, Passengers
Mrs. Jeffares, E. C. Strutt, Esq., Surgeon Superintendent,
and three hundred and eight emigrants in the steerage.
Watson and Wight, agents.

July 14 1851
John Knox, ship, 1194 tons, Captain
Richard Davidson, from Plymouth, March 24,
with 372 emigrants.

August 20 1851
Ballingeich, ship, 477 tons
John Todd, commander, from Plymouth 25th
R. T. Tracey, Esq. M.D.,
Mrs Tracey, Mr and Mrs Johnson, and family,
Mr and Mrs Brooks, Mr and Mrs Lush,
Mr A. Broad, Mr and Mrs James, Mr R. Clements,
Mr. L. Margrave, Mr W Lees, Mr. Bradley Haigh.
John Bath and wife, Mary Chard and child, R. Tiller,
J. Malone Mr. and Mrs. Ing and family, W. Child, W. Petney,
M. Smith, M. Page and family, J. Osborne and wife, Geo. Everett,
Sophia, Sarah, Alfred and William Agg, R. Greenin, Chas Hanley and wife,
F. Tickle, wife and family, J. Smith, J. Stanley,
W. B. Campbell, A. Eustace, wife and family, W. Lovrington,
J. Phillips, Jason Forbes, Mrs. Farland and family, Susan Hewitt,
T. Tarndon, R. Partridge, wife and family, A. Bright, J. Assenger and family,
Geo Assenger, R. Clarke and wife, F. Randall, wife and family,
Eliza Newton, W. Webb, Chas Falkner, W. C. Falkner , E. Law, W. H. Hepburn,
E. Agg, E. Roughton, T. Mitchell, J. Haile, James Jeffery, W. Rees,
W. Brynan, E. Brooker, W. Sebo, T. Taylor, J. Green, wife and family,
Martha Stacey, Mary and Ann Swanton, M. Stone, Wm Ansell, Miss Ward,
Geo. Haselhurst, B. Nayden and wife, Alex Melvin, W. Wilson,
J. Phillips, T. Parker, W. Jones, T. Jenkins, A. Platt, W. Jenkinson,
Geo. Mortimer, F. Bell, Jessie Geard and family.
J. B. Were and Co. Agents.

20 August 1851
arrival, Hobsons Bay, ship Sea 840 tons
Master: James McKay
Plymouth 18 May 1851
Partial passenger list
Hennessey James
Huthchinson William
Hodge William


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Sydney, 18th September 1820.
By Command of His Excellency the Governor,
JOHN OXLEY, Surveyor General.

NOTICE is hereby given, that GRANTS to the undermentioned Persons are ready for Delivery
at this Office ; and Persons who do not apply for their Grants within one Month from this Date,
will be considered as having relinquished all Claim to the Lands measured to them
the Grants will consequently be cancelled and allotted to such Persons (having Orders for Land)
as may make Application for the same.

Thomas Acres, Thomas Adams, William Aspinall,
Robert Bostock, William Bateman, William Blackman,
Wiliam Burgen, Thomas Blackett, William Barnett,
James Byrne, George Carr, William Clark, William
Carter, George Cribb, Thomas Cosgrove, Colebee (Black Native),
George Core, John Coogan, George Collisse, John Donnelly,
Roger Doyle, Philip Devine, William Deane, James Duff, William Dye,
Rowland Edwards, William Fairburn, Richard Freeman, Sam. Freeman,
John Freeman, Thomas Gorman, Frederick Garling, Esq. Edward Gould,
John Grover, Thomas Green, John Goldsmith, Richard Hicks, John Harris,
Esq. John Harris, Esq. John Harris, Esq. John Harris, Hamilton Hume,
Edmund Hobson, Mr. William Johnston, John Kennedy, William Lawson, Esq.
Paul Loutherborough, Robert Lowe, Esq. Francis Lloyd,
John Lame, William Lane, Sarah Middleton, Edward M'Gee, Bernard Moran,
Dennis Molloy, Joseph McLaughlin Peter McAlpin , Giles William Moore,
Thomas M'Guire,Thomas M'Dongal, Matthew Pearce, George Percival,
Richard Partridge, jun. George Panton, Esq. William Pawson,
George Pashley, jun. John Palfrey, Stephen Richardson, Jacob Russell,
Richard Rouse, Richard Rouse, Richard Rouse, William Sykes,
John Smith, George Smith, Timothy Sheady, Robert Sherringam,
John Stephenson, James Smith, James Smith, George Stanbury,
James Sherrard, John Small, James Smith, John Smith, William Shelly,
Edward Tutty, Daniel Tindall, jun. Andrew Thompson, Doctor Townson,
John Tonks, Antonio Vitrio, James Wilshire, John White; William West,
George Wilson, Henry York, Charles York.

The Sydney Gazette
Saturday 7 October 1820
Transcription, janilye 2014

Land Grants for 1821

Hughenden Primary School Prep 2 class photo, 1949?

From Flinders Shire Historical Photographic Project
Hughenden Primary School Prep 2 class photo, 1949?
About this object
A photo of Hughenden Primary School Prep 2 class, 1949?

Identified in this photo, from left to right:
Back Row: -- , Maxim Wilson, -- , Robert Wearing, Michael Laverty, Charlie Steene, -- , Gustav Van Latham, -- , Peter Galliott, Kevin Watson.

Middle Row: Pam Neville, -- , -- , Rodney Ingram, John Robinson, Robert Barton, Allan Paine, Ken Baker, Ian Alloway, Jenny Hunter, -- .

Front Row: Elizabeth Cooper, Marilyn May, Eileen Wall, Pearl Painter, Edna Rogers, Darial Long, Sandra Ellis, Norma Perry, Marlene Watson.


Handwritten on reverse side: "Hughenden Primary School, ? 1949
From Max Wilson -â Hughenden Historical Society - No. [262][212][244] P143" (text in square brackets crossed out)
Printed on paper and adhered to reverse side: "1949 - PREP 2 ?

Possible Names Keith Green, Mervyn Alloway, Dawn Corrigan, Daphne Corrigan, Herbert Clemments, Carol Walker, George Foster, Eric Conway, Ernest Wiggins, Noel Coffison, John Burr, Violet Burr, Robert Morris
Printed on reverse side: FUJIFILM Color Crystal Archive â Paper"

Exam Results Uncertified Teachers Launceston Tasmania 1929

The following candidates were successful in passing the examination held
on May 28 and 29 1929 for women candidates for the position of uncertificated
Muriel Adams
Jean Aitken
Millicent Anderson
Rita Arnold
Ethel Atkinson
Rita Batt
Constance Bauld
Jean Benson
Joan Brook
Lois Bryan
Lenna M. Chilcott
Jean M. Conroy
Hazel Cooper
Olive Eagling
Phyllis Goodman
Brenda Haney
Daphne Hays
Amy Ims
Rita Lowe
Pearl Ransley
Cora Healy
Mary Kelly
Florence Neville,
A. Josephine Singline
Mary Rogers
Winnie Smith
Violet Scott
May Webberley
Dulcie Walton
Henrietta Wallace
Florence Wellington

Examiner (Launceston, Tasmania)
14 June 1929
page 13
transcription, janilye, 2014

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Inverell & district schools Qualifying Certificates 1919


Ashford School.
Robert Schmidt,
Thelma Donaldson,
Frederick Henderson.

Ashley Public
Arnold Hiscock.

Bingara Public
Reta Brown
Robert Brooks
Leslie Smart
Sidney Steel.

Bingara Upper Public.
Edith White,
Linda Macey

Boomi Public
Clarence McMaster,
Dorothy Butler,
John Newman.

Bonshaw Provisional.
Claude Bentley.

Brodie Plains Public
Lucy Marquart.

Bundarra Public
Allan Jones,
Kathleen Munro,
Joseph Baker,
Milton Chapman
Keith Carey,
Eric Doak,
John Grieve,
Jean Mulligan,
Allan Mallyon,
Clarence Smith.

Chellas Public
Constance Browning,
Bert Schuman,
Ernest Schuman,
Alfred Schuman.

Delungra Public.
Marjoric Arnold,
John Behl,
Charlotte Ewan,
Nicholas Lennon,
Ellis Wasson.

Elcombe Provisional.
Douglas Cook.

Elsmore Public
Robert Sinclair,
Charles Fuller.

Emmaville Public
Dorothy Schumacher,
Doris Barrett,
Jeffrey Bawlay,
Archibald Bailey,
Leslie Cussen,
Thomas Dwyer,
Myrtle Gay,
Leonard Hartnett,
Richard Lennon,
Vera O'Donnell,
Harold Sheridan,
Phyllis Smith,
Beatrice Schumacker.

Fernhill Public
Corinda Clarke,
Marion Abbott,
Frank Hunt,
Wm. Joseph Whitby.

Garah Public.
Dorothy Horder,
Stephen Ure.

Gilgai Public.
Lily Hines,
Athol Hunt.

Goonoowigal Public.
Clifford Ellicott,
Juanita Ellicott.

Gravesend Public
Roy Manuel,
Ethel Beard,
Eva Daly,
Frank Floyd.

Greylands Subsidised.
Stanley Batterham,
Georgina Codrington.
Haystack Subsidised. â
Gladys Jurd.

Horton Upper Public.
Frederick Carlos.

Howell Public
Amiel Sobb,
Edna Allwell,
August Berndt.

Lance Armstrong,
Nina Blanch,
Mavis Campbell,
John Fuller,
Joseph Furniss,
Matthew Girle,
Margaret Halloran,
Vivienne Jones,
Harry Kee,
Malcolm Kilminster,
Stella McDonald,
Rita McLane,
Francis O'Lauchlin.

Keera Public.
James Sullivan,
Kelly Guss,
Una Hanscombe,
Samuel Robinson,
Vera Clay,
Marjorie Moore,
Thomas Smith.

Laura Provisional.
Elsie Ridgewell.

Little Plains Public.
William Killingbeck.

Maidenhead Public
Leslie Purvis,
Irving Thompson.

John Hodge,
Leslie Meulman,
Charles H. Boughtou,
Moreton Benson,
Trevor Buxton,
Eileen Childs,
Eileen Conroy,
Norman Davis,
Clement Eather,
Walter Francis,
Neville Glennie,
Francis Girard
Wolsley Hyland,
Marjorie Hollis,
Zena Kimmorley,
Harold Lewis,
Agnes MacKenzie,
Jack McDonald,
Dorothy Nell,
Miriam Tomkinson,
Reginald Wright.

Mount Drummond Public
Enid Turner

Nullamanna Public
Eric Ireland,
Somerlad MacDonald,
Harold Smith.

Pallamallawa Publlc.
Hilston Oldham,
vera Maunder.

Ross Hill Public
Ernest Finlayson,
John Lydiard,
John Toohey,
Jessie Northcott,
Allene Fitzgerald,
Allan Reardon,
Jean MacDonald.

Sinclair Public
Ray Allan.

Stanborough Public
Reginald Gray,
Gladys Nielsen.

Stannifer Public
Ernest Costello,
Veronica McCann,
Harvey Osborne.

The Glen Public.
Laura Russell.

Tingha Public.
Royal Deasey,
Ronald Dunstan,
Ivy Greg,
Aubrey Osborne,
Maude Wilson,
Marjoric Eggins,
Geoffrey Hay,
Henry Jones,
Dorothy Piper,
John Price,
William Tetong.

Topwater Subsidised.
Thelma Daley.

Warialda Public.
Owen Ryan,
Joan Scutt,
Bertha Graham,
Lucy Marshall,
Charles McGee,
Grace McGregor,
Roger Stewart,
Aubrey Young.

Ernest Armstrong,
Walter Baker,
Ivy Burtenshaw,
Frederick Delbridge,
Jessie Fraser,
Ellen Gilhome,
Olive Irwin,
Ida Jurd,
Elsie Trump,
Doris Williams,
Ronald Williams,
Alexander McRae,
H. Lawry.

St. Joseph's, Bundarra.
Eileen Smith.

Convent school, Emmaville.
James Callaghan,
Ellen Crowley,
Madge Collins,
Gregory Elsworthy,
Reginald Jennings.

Sacred Heart, Inverell.
Florence Carney,
Ada Curtis,
Peter Doyle,
Sybil Elbra,
Robert Esling,
Daisy Facer,
Marjorie Henderson,
Rebeccah Kersey,
Elsie Kelleher,
John Walshe,
Vera Judge.

St. Philomenas, Moree.
Mary McCarthy,
Heather Munro,
Doris Wilson,
Marion Webster.

Inverell Grammar.
Ethel Stucky,
Ida Wilson.

Downs Public
Dora Hurst.

Hotel Licenses granted Melbourne 1864

Abbott, Geo. G., Union Hotel, Bourke-street
Adams, Thos. G., Paddington Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Armstrong, J. M., Adam and Eve, Little Collins-street.
Asmussen, Augustus, Royal Railway, Elizabeth street.
Allen, John, Royal Surrey, Bourke-street.
Austen, Harry, Williams' Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Austin, Geo. G., Cross Keys Hotel Lonsdale-street.
Ashweek, Geo., Albert Hotel, Stephen-street
Astle, John, Emeu Hotel, Bouverie-street.
Alexander, Charles, Rose of Australia, King-street.
Brown, W., Saracen's Head, Bourke-street
Bignell, Geo., Bignell's New Hotel, Bourke-street.
Barnes, Elias, Dover Castle, Palmerston-street.
Bancroft, R. K., Halfway House Hotel, Albert-street.
Burton, W. T., Mercantile Hotel, Flinders-street.
Bane, Thomas, Duke of Kent, La Trobe-street.
Boland, John, Hen and Chickens, Flinders-lane.
Barnfield, Thos., Excelsior Hotel, Bourke-street.
Bannister, W., British Hotel, Queen-street.
Brown, Andrew, Rising Sun, Little Bourke-street.
Bryan, Anne, Essex Hotel, Cardigan-street
Barry, James, Spanish Hotel, Elizabeth-street.
Bunworth, Charles, Golden Ago, La Trobe-street.
Barton, W., Barton's Hotel, William-street
Bushell, N. E., Royal Oak, Swanston-street
Byrne, Michael, Railway Family Hotel, King street.
Brown, Henry D., Exchange Hotel, Swanston-street.
Bishop, Alex., Victoria Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Browne, Chas. T., Commercial Inn, Litte Bourke-street.
Byrne, James, Waverley Inn, Little Collins-street.
Barben, Robt., Newmarket Inn, Bourke-street.
Bartlett, Wm., Supreme Court, Russell-street.
Boobier, Wm. J., Boobier's Inn, Bourke-street.
Beggs, John, Stork Inn. Elizabeth-street.
Burrowes, Rd., Odd-Fellows' Inn, Little Lonsdale street.
Carlsen, C. H., Golden Fleece Inn, Russel-street
Chisholm, Wm. K., Niagara Inn, Lonsdale-street.
Coles, Robt., Builders' Arms, Cardigan-street.
Champion, Benj., Queen's Arms, Flinders-Lane.
Conroy, Wm. C, Royal Hotel, Victoria-street.
Cooper, Alfred, The Hummums, Bourke-street.
Corcoran, Jas., Westend Hotel, Spencer-street,
Clasby, Martin, Telegraph Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
Carroll, Peter, Kerry Hotel, King-street.
Cleeland. John, Albion Hotel, Bourke-street
Cozens, John, Carlton Inn, Leicester-street
Cowan, Alex. K., Queen's Head, Queen-street.
Colvin, James; Fitzroy Arms, King-street.
Crickmer, Saml., Ship Inn, Flinders-Lane.
Cope, Geo. J., Farmers' Inn, Little Collins-street.
Curtain, John, Leicester Inn, Leicester-street, Carlton,
Curran, Thcs., Nag's Head, Queen-street.
D'Arcy, MichL, D'Arcy's Hotel, Swanston-street.
Downie, Chas, Australia Felix Hotel, Bourke-street.
Downing, Hy., Old Lincoln Inn, Queensberry-street.
Debeaux, Augs., Hotel de France, Collins-street.
Dillon, James, Lamb Inn, Little Latrobe-street.
Danker, J. Henry, Globe, Swanston-street.
Daly, Elizabeth, Glasgow Arms, Elizabeth-street.
Derham, John, Cavan, Qneensberry-Btreet.
Daly, Peter, Governor Bourke, Little Lonsdale-street.
Davis, Aaron H., Australian Arms, Little Bourke-street.
De Pauw, Pierre, Garibaldi, Little Collins-street.
Davis, Thomas, Sarsfield Inn, Little Bourke-street.
Dunne, James, Ross's Family Inn, King-street.
Dolan, Mary, Olive Branch, Little Collins-street.
Elms, Geo., Rose, Shamrock, and Thistle, Elizabeth-street.
Evans, George. Royal Oak, Queen-street.
Eager. Gerald F., Ship Inn, Russell-street.
Fox, Honoria P., Britannia Inn, Bourke-street.
Florance, Susannah, Royal Highlander, Flinders-street.
Flanner, Hannah, Old White Hart, Bourke-street.
Finley, Wm., Finley's Prince of Wales, Collins-street.
Finn, Michael, Southern Cross, Bourke-street.
Feehan, Richd., City Arms, Elizabeth-street.
Forrester, Chas., Metropolitan, William-street.
Gattrell, Geo. J., Harwood's Colonial, Little Bourke-street.
Geehan, James, Harp of Erin, Queen street.
Goff, James, Council Club, Queen-street.
Grant, John, Governor Arthur, Little Bourke-street.
Glavin, John, Exploration, Little Lonsdale-street.
Gibb, Charles, Argyle, Lygon street.
Galloghly, Geo. D., Civil Service Club, Collins-street.
Gardiner, Draper, Canada, Madeline-street.
Hallett, Geo., South Melbourne Hotel, Gardiner's Creek-road.
Hannan, Denis, Galway Club, Little Bourke-street.
Hodgson, Walter, Yarra Hotel, Flinders-street.
Hogan, James, Prince's-bridge Hotel, Flinders-street.
Hunt, John, Rock of Cashel, Little Bourke-street.
Hornby, Wm., Waterman's Arms, Little Collins-street.
Hinds, Wm., Ulster Hotel, Little Oollins-street.
Hansen, Peter, Whittington Tavern, Bourke-street.
Hudson, C, Lygon Tavern, Lygon-street.
Hockin, Wm., Hockin's Tavern, Lonsdale-street.
Heffernan, Rody, Melbourne Tavern, Lonsdale-street.
Hayes, Michael, Barkly Hotel, Barkly-street.
Henry, Wm., Blue Bell Hotel, Little Collins-street.
Hughes, James, Sir Walter Scott, Elizabeth-street.
Hill, Rd. E., Otago Hotel, Flinders-street.
Isaacs, Barnett, London Tavern, Elizabeth-street.
Jordan, Ellen, Rainbow Hotel, Swanston-street.
Jenkins, Henry, Harry Jenkins' Hotel, Swanston-street.
Johnston, John, Melbourne Railway Company's Rooms, Flinders street.
Jones, Chas. Geo., Melbourne Exchange, William-street.
King, Achilles, Railway Refreshment-rooms, Flinders street.
King, Achilles, Theatre Royal Refreshment rooms, Bourke-street
Kost, Josh. S., Beehive Refreshment-rooms, Lonsdale street.
Kennon, Wm., Black Eagle Refreshment rooms, Little Bourke-street.
Kelly, John, The Young Queen, Madeline-street.
Kennedy, Wm., British-American, Bourke-street.
Kelly, Wm. L., Argus Hotel, Collins-street.
Keppel, Maurice, Old Governor Bourke, Spring-street.
Kennedy, Patrick, London Hotel, Market-street.
Kyle, Archibald, Queensberry Hotel, Madeline-street.
Kinna, Michael T., Travellers' Home, Swanston-street.
Lacey, Michael, Coachmakers' Arms, Cardigan-street.
Larkins, Walter T., Temple Court, Queen-street.
Lewis, Robert, Mechanics' Arms, Little Collins-street.
Love, Josh., Castlemaine Hotel, Little Bourke-street.
Lane, James H., Harvest Home, Flinders-street.
Letch, Nelson, Melbourne Cafe, Bourke-street.
Lamb, John, Olympian Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Laing, Alex., Alma Hotel, King-street.
Lowry, Matthew, Limerick Castle, Ellzabeth-street.
Lister, Charles, Bendigo Hotel, Bourke-street.
Laroome, Alfred, Mac's Hotel, Stephen-street.
Leyden, John, Old Lamb Inn, Elizabeth-street.
M'Millon, John, Westernport Hotel, Queen-street.
M'Lean, John, Buck's Head, Little Lonsdale-street.
M'Carthy, Wm., Welsh Harp, King-street.
M'Gregor, Mary, Colonial Bank, Little Collins-street.
M'Kinnon, Henry, Sir William Wallace Little Lonsdale-street.
M'Girr, Wm. P., Clarence Family Hotel Collins-street.
M'Gowan, James, Great Britain, Flinders-street.
M'Ginley, James, Cork crew, King-street.
M'Avoy, John, Sydney Hotel, William-street.
Maloney, Daniel, Exford Arms, Russell-street.
Hallam, B. W., Plazza Hotel, Sprlng-street
Michel, L. J., Duke of Wellington, Flinders-street.
Mulcahy, Thomas, Farmers' Arms, Swanston-street.
Moran, Michael, Mansion-house, Stanley-street.
Marshall, George, Cricketers' Arms, Swanston-street.
Mornane, Patrick, Clare Castle, Stephen-street.
May, John, Shamrock Castle, King-street.
Murphy, Matthew, Kilkenny Inn, King-street.
Mowney, James, Carriers' Arms, Elizabeth-street.
Marris, Thomas, Marris's Lincoln Inn, Rathdown-street.
Moran, James, Treasury Family Hotel Queen street.
Maher, Thomas, Victoria Railway Hotel King-street.
Mallet, David, Botanical Hotel, South Melbourne.
Martin, Andrew, Australian Hotel, Bourke-Street.
Mann, Samuel, Freemasons' Hotel, Swanston-street.
Menzies, Archibald, Menzies' Family Hotel La Trobe-street.
Mullins, Thomas, Morning Star, Bourke-street.
Murphy, M. B., European, Swanston-street
Morton, William, Criterion, Collins-street.
Niall, John, Clare, Little Bourke-street.
Nicol John, Australia Felix Family, Lonsdale-street.
Neeson, Ann, Butchers' Arms, Elizabeth-street.
Nealor, James, Railway Hotel, Swanston-street.
Nissen, George, Temple of Pomona, Bourke-street.
O'Shannassey, M., Hibernia, Little Lonsdale street.
O'sullivan, Jeremiah, Post-office, Elizabeth-street.
O'Halloran, D., City Hotel, Bourke-street.
O'Meara, Margaret, Rose of Denmark, Little Bourke street.
Ollis, Charles, Apollo Inn. Flinders-Lane.
O'Callaghan, D., Crown Hotel.
Pitches, Peter, Royal Saxon, Elizabeth-street,
Pope, Thos., Star, Swanston-street.
Phelan, Michl., Bouverie. Bouverie-street.
Parkington, Bidella, Woolpack, Queen-street
Plomer, John, Carlton Family, Grattan-street.
Phelan, Johanna, Windsor Castle, Little Bourke-street.
Power, Wm,, Carlton Rifle Brigade, Lygon-street.
Prendergast, Jas. Josh., Prendergast's Hotel, Lonsdale-street.
Peachment, Henry, Peachment's Hotel Bourke-street.
Paine, Wm., Galway Family Hotel, Flinders-lane.
Prosser, Daniel, Newport Arms, Lonsdale-street.
Purnell, Thomas, Plough Inn. Bourke-street.
Payne, John, Red Lion, Lonsdale-street.
Pitt, Wm., Garrick's Head, Bourke-street.
Perrett, Wm., Duke of Rothsaay, Elizabeth-street.
Purcell, James, Loughren Hotel, Elgin-street, Carlton.
Quinlan, Jeremiah, Kilkenny Inn, Therry-street.
Rupprecht, Chas., Sabloniere, Queen-street.
Rule, Josh., Prince of Wales, Lonsdale-Street.
Rayner, Wm. H, Cornwall Arms, Bourke-street
Richardson, Wm., Caledonion, Jeffcott-Street.
Richardson, J. F., Imperial, Bourke-street.
Ryan, Jeremh., Bay View, Madeline-street.
Ring, Patk., Foundry, King-street.
Ring, Patk , Golden Cross, King-street.
Ryan, Rody, Glenmore, Spencer-street.
Ryder, Wm. F., Leeds Arms, Swanston-street.
Rodda, Thos., Eagle, Swanston-street.
Sullivan, W. H, Parliamentary, Bourke-street.
Spooner, Samuel, Port Philip Club, Flinders-street.
Stephens, Thomas, King's Arms, Madeline-street.
Short, Hugh, Sir Charles Hotham, Flinders-street.
Scott, Edward, Scott's Hotel Collins-street,
Sullivan, Timothy, Bush Inn, Elizabeth-street.
Scott, Wm., City Buffet, Bourke street.
Scott, Charles C, Royal Mail, Bourke street.
Shiels, Wm., James Watt Hotel, Spencer street.
Sweeney, John, Exhibition Hotel, William street.
Story, Joseph, Royal Artillery, Elizabeth street.
Short, Alex., Union, Spencer-street.
Sullivan, Joseph, Cock, Bourke street,
Sullivan, Patrick, Spread Eagle, Elizabeth-street
Shanahan, John, Mount Pleasant, Lygon street,
Tipper, Geo. H., Royal Haymarket, Bourke street.
Timor, Henry, Waterloo, Little Bourke street.
Thomas, John, Royal George, Bourke street.
Towers, Thompson, Mac's Hotel, Franklin street.
Tracey, John, Railway, Hamilton-street.
Wiggles, Sarah, The Times, Elizabeth-street.
Whitford, Geo. T., Prince George, Swanston-street.
Walker, John, Britannia, Swanston-street.
Warming, F. H., Foresters' Arms, Drum
Wilson, Hugh, Friend in Hand, Little Collins
Wight, Geo., Bull and Mouth, Bourke
Webb, Wm., Parade Hotel, Wellington Parade.
Wright, Charles, Olive Branch, La Trobe street.
Whitcomb, Geo., Sandhurst Hotel, Collins street.
Woods, James, Sir Charles Darling, Swanston street.
Wilks, Saul, University, Lygon-street.
Welch, Stephen, Liverpool, Bourke-street.

Anderson, James D, Junction Hotel, Preston.
Powes, Wm. P., Mordialloc Hotel, Mordialloc.
Powes, Denis, Roscrea Hotel, Northcote.
Cann, Geo., Prince Alfred Hotel, South Preston.
Devine, John, Belmont Hotel, Thomastown
Freeman, Thomas, Alphington Hotel.
Hayes, Dennis, Shannon Hotel, Northcote.
Jamison, James, Preston Arms Hotel, Northcote.
Murphy, Pat., Camp Hotel, Wyndham.
Plant, Geo., Peacock Hotel, Northcote.
Pitchforth, Solomon, Pilgrim Hotel, Northcote.
Tulloch, Aeneas, Epping Hotel, Epping.

The adjourned meeting of the Licensing
Bench, for considering applications for annual
general publicans' licences, was held on the
3 May 1864 at noon, at the City Court ; Mr. Sturt,
P.M., Chairman, and the Hons. A Fraser and
W. Hull, and Messrs. Cohen, M. Phelan,
Thomas, and Walsh being present.
The meeting having been opened, Mr. Fraser remarked that,
in his opinion, it was desirable that the meeting should
be further adjourned, in view of the bill now before the
Legislature, which, if it passed at all, must
very soon become law.
Mr. Hull wished that, before the proposition
for adjournment was entertained, the
proposer would show in what way any benefit
could accrue to the public from such a step.
Mr. Fraser replied that, as the now act was
an improvement upon the existing law, it was
desirable that the public should have the
benefit of the improvement as soon as possible.
Mr. Sturt.-As the new act is not intended
to be a retrospective measure, it will have no
effect upon the business of the present session
of the Bench. We will go on with the business.
The list of applicants was then called over,
all unopposed licences being granted. The
following remarks are all of a noteworthy
character that transpired. On the application
of George Ashweek, for the Albert Hotel.
Stephen-street, Inspector Hare said it was not
his intention to oppose the granting of the
licence, although the way in which the house
had been conducted was not altogether satis-
factory. The locality of the house prohibited
it from being a very regular one, but some
publicans whose houses were similarly situated kept
their houses better than this one was kept. Mr. Sturt
told the applicant that the unfavourable report would be recorded
against him, and he must take it as a caution to be more careful in future.
A similar character was given of the Olive Branch Hotel, Stephen-street,
kept by Charles Wright ; and a similar caution was given to
the applicant. Alfred Laroome, applicant for
Mac's Hotel, Stephen-street, was also cautioned by the Bench.
The application of Emily Dollimore, for the Prince Patrick Hotel,
Stephen-street, was opposed by Mr. Hare, on the ground that the
applicant was an improper person to hold a licence.
The house had been conducted in a most disgraceful manner,
and was frequented by the lowest characters. However,
his principal ground of objection was against the character
of the applicant. The application, which was supported by Mr. F. Stephen,
was postponed for a week.
Mr. Hare opposed the application made on
behalf of Thomas Newbiggen, for Cooper's Family Hotel, Stephen-street, as
the applicant had quitted the colony heavily in debt. He intended to
take out a summons against him, for abandoning his licensed house without
leave. Mr. Cresswell also appeared to oppose the application, which was
supported by Mr. Miller. It was postponed for a week.
The application of Robert Richardson, for the
Assembly Hotel, Bourke-street, opposed by
Mr. Hare on account of the manner in which
the applicant had conducted his house for the
last few months, was also postponed for a
week. On the application of Frederick
Young, for the Elephant and Castle Hotel,
Little Bourke-street, being called on, Mr. Hare
opposed it, stating the house was not only
habitually frequented by prostitutes, but several
of these characters were, in fact, lodging
there, paying a regular weekly sum for their
board and lodging. These women took men
home with them to this house every night.
Mr. F. Stephen supported the application,
which was postponed for a week.
The applications of Denis Murray and
Thomas Birmingham, for the Harp of Erin
Hotel, Madeline-street; of William Hamey,
for the Nugget Hotel, Bouverie-street; of John
Burke, for the Carpentaria Hotel, Little
Lonsdale-street; of R. Richardson, for the
Seven Stars, Madeline-street; of Edmund
Brennan and James Taggart, for the Mistletoe
Hotel, McKenzie street ; and of John May, for
the Shamrock Hotel, Queen-street, were all
postponed till Tuesday of next week.
An application made by Wm. Tilke, for
the Halfway House, Albert-street, was withdrawn.
One made by Lamech Harlowe, for the Morning Star Hotel, was
opposed by Mr. F. Stephen, on the ground that the applicant's
licence had been cancelled by Mr. Hackett in the District Court
on the previous day. The applicant did not appear to support
his application, which was refused.
An application by James Hennessy, for a
new house called the Stockade Hotel,
situated in Nicholson-street, was postponed
for fourteen days, the house being as yet incomplete.
On the application of Henry Jenkins, for
Harry Jenkins' Hotel, Swanston-street, Mr.
Hare remarked that, without any wish to op-
pose the licence of this house, he must call
the attention of the Bench to an irregularity
connected with it. A portion of the licensed
house was used as an eating-house, and as
such was kept open on Sundays, and lighted
up on Sunday evenings. In fact, this was a
convenience to the public; but other publicans
complained that the applicant, by devoting
part of his house to the purposes of an
eating house, was tolerated in keeping his
house open when they had to keep theirs
closed. Mr. Hare made similar remarks
on the application of Nelson Leech, for the
Melbourne Cafe, and of G. Nissen, for the
Temple of Pomona. The Bench told each of
the applicants that this proceeding was contrary
to the rules under which their licences
were granted, and that by a continuance of
it they would render themselves liable to prosecution.

The Argus (Melbourne, Victoria)
4 May 1864
Transcription, janilye 2014

The photograph below is of Thomas Bane's Duke Of Kent hotel at 293 LaTrobe Street
It's still there and still a nice place for a coldie.


28 April 1821
JOHN OXLEY, Surveyor General.

THE following LIST of NAMES of NEW SETTLERS, who are to receive GRANTS of LAND, and of OLD SETTLERS, who are to have additional LANDS located for them in the Year 1821, is published for general Information:

James Atkinson, Thos. Arkell, Edward Alcorn, Robert Aull, James Arndell,
Thomas Allen, George Alleburn, Samuel Arndell, Richard Adams,
Francis Allen, Jos. Atkins, William Alsop, J. Aiken, Francis Able,
Michael Ansell, Edward Allen, Thos. Asplin, Thomas Ashford,
Charles Armitage, Pat. Allen, J. Andrew, J. Agland,
Alex Berry, George Barber, William Baker, David Brown,
Wm. Bradbury, Robert Bateman. Geo. Best, sen.
Bryan Byrne, Michael Bryan, J. Brown, Noah Bryan,
Charles Beasley, Timothy Brophy, J. Brown, John
Bryan, Wm. Bruce, Thos. Byrne, John Booth, N.
Boon, Wm. Beaumont, Thos. Bowers, Thos. Bates,
Wm. Beggs, Dennis Bigley, Jas. Bolsover, J. Brown,
J. Brackfield, George Bradley, Wm. Bannister, Thos.
Bowning, Sam. Barber, Thos. Bird, Michael Byrne,
Jas. Brackenry, J. Bent, Thos. Bates, Thos. Baker,
J. Barker, J. Byrne, Thos. Biggen, Andrew Biggen,
Jas. Beckett, J. Bell, Thos. Benson, Bursella Bensley,
Edw. Burke, Brien Bagnall, Jos. Bullock, Jas. Badgery,
H. Batman, Owen Byrne, Jas. Butler, Richard
Bryan, H. Butler, Aaron Burt, J. Burrell, Daniel
Brown, J. Bentley, Stephen Burr, Wm. Britain, J.
Bradford, Jon. Broker, J. Bowman, Wm. Barron,
Jas. Byrne, Martin Burke, Geo Best, jun. James Barker,
Jas. Brailey, Jas. Burgess, H. Bray, Thomas Byrne,
Robert Brodie, Jas. Burke, Thos. Brown, J. Brown, Thos Brian,
Wm. Burridge, D. Burne, Wm. Briant, Eber. Bunker, James Butler,
Silvester Butler, Owen Boyne, J. Bennett, D. Brown, John Bayley,
Edward Bailes, John Bull, John Bailes, jun.
Daniel Bisex, Michael Boland, Thos. Cowper, James Cobb,
Donald Cameron, George Cutter, Adam Clink, Isaac Cornwall,
William Chadworth, Timothy Connor, James Carroll, John Cahill,
John Cheers, Benj. Carver, Owen Connor, Peter Cooney, John Crawley,
Thomas Campbell, Richard Cavanagh, Jas. Cavanagh,
James Cox, George Clarke, Samuel Craft, Thomas Cross, John Cribb,
Peter Carrol, Roger Connor, John Cowley, John Craft, John Colcroft,
William Craig, Farrell Cuffe, John Cromen, Dennis Connolly,
James Connell, Michael Cartwell, Peter Carroll, John Collins,
Hugh Crabtree, Abraham Champray, Thos. Cowling, John D. Campbell.
Richard Carr, Dennis Conway, John Cummins, William Cheshire, Thos. Clarke,
Edward Churchill, John Chaseling, James Connelly, Thomas Cheshire,
John Day, John Dight, Andrew Doyle, William Davis, Edward Doyle,
Thos. Dutton, Jas. Donnelly, James Duffey, Wm. Douglas, Jas. Devlin,
Jas. Daly, Jas. Dempsey, Pat. Downey, Thos. Davy, Peter Dunn, Edmund Doyle,
Cyrus Doyle, Jas. Donahar, Stephen Dunn, Pat. Devoy, Pat Dacey, Michael Doran,
Nicholas Dukes, Thos. Downes, Charles Dodding, Geo. Dowling, J. Dell,
Francis Dalton, Jas. Dearing, Wm Dockrell, Michael Duggin, Richard Donelly,
J. Darrah, Isaac Dowse, Garrett Donally, John Dewhurst, Christopher Downes,
John Dogharty, Walter Duggan, Joseph Dargon, George Davis,
Shady Davey, Samuel Davis, John Davis, Thomas Davis, William Davis,
John Dalton, Patrick Downey, Edward Dillon, John Dunn, John Eyre,
John England, James Eldridge, Eliker Everitt, Joseph Eades,
Charles Eather ,Thomas Eather, Thomas Eather sen.
Joseph Emm, Joseph Earles, Daniel Eaton, Joseph Eyles, Henry Early,
William Edney, John Edney, Wm. Edwards, Wm. Eagleton, Wm. Etsell,
John Ellison, John Wm. Fulton, Wm. John Fitz, Henry Fleming,
Bernard Fitzpatick, John Frazier, Samuel Fry, George Freeman,
Wm. Field, Bernard Fitzpatrick, Robert Farlow, James Frazier,
Edward Field, sen. John Finch, Wm. Fulford, John Freebody,
S. Foley; James Freeman, Thomas Frost, Geo. Fieldhouse,
Francis Frendard, John Floyd, and J. Forster.
Robert Forrester, Wm. Forrester, John Farrell,
John Fowler, Richard Friar, John Foley, Edward Franks,
Edward Fletcher, William Flynn, Thomas Francis, jun.,
Patrick Flynn, Peter Fitzpatrick, John Ferguson, J. Golledge,
Wm. Guise, J. Galvin, Jas. Gooding, jun., James Goddard, Benjamin Grimshaw,
P. Garey, J. Grono, George Graves, James Greenslade,
J. Grant, Mich. Geary, Robt. Gray, Henry Gaskin,
Mich. Gavagan, Robt. Garratt, Benjamin Goddard,
Wm. Gwillim, Jas. Griffiths, Dennis Green, Wm.Goodere,
Wm. Galvin, Dennis Guinny, John Glade, Val. Goodwin, Richard Guise,
J. Goodwin, Thomas Galvin, Thos. Gilbert, J. Gosport, Joseph Gosport,
J. Gardner, Joseph Gilbert, Isaac Gorrick, John Higgins, George Howe,
J. Howe, Wm. Holmes, Wm. Hayes, Wm. Hardman, Joseph Hately,
Pat. Harper, Francis Hainsworth, William Hearn, Henry Howell,
Mich. Hogan, Richard Haviland, Philip Hogan, J. Harris, J. Harris,
William Hawkins, John Hanabus, Charles Herbert, Thomas Hinton,
Pat. Hand, Lawrence Harvey, David Horton, jun., J. Hope,
Thomas Hall, Wm. Hill, Peter Hough, Joseph Hunt, Henry Hunt,
Samuel Harding, D. Hawkins, George Hambridge, James Henry,
Maurice Hallihan, Edward Harrigan, Thomas Howell, George Hill,
Christopher Harris, Joshua Holt, Tim. Hoy, Wm. Harrington,
John Hodges, Mich. Hughes, John Hoile, Henry Hoile, Joshua Heap,
Abraham Herne, Lawrence Halfpenny, James Harper, John Herbert, jun.,
J. Hazard, Jas. Higgins. Robt. Higgins, Enoch Hutchinson,
Thos. Higgins, Peter Hibbs, jun., J. Holden, Wm. Hewitt, Edw. Hobbs,
J. Hearn, Thos. Hansey, Hugh Hughes, jun., Jas. Hall, Henry Huff,
George Hughes, J. Holt, George Higginson, Peter Hibbs, J. Holden,
Thos. Hooton, Wm. Howell, Francis R. Hume, J. Hendle, Jas. Hayden,
Jesse Hudson, David Horton, sen., Robt. Johnston, George James,
John Johnston, John Jacklin, Thomas John, George Johnstone, Wm. Jones,
Wm. Ikin, Joseph Inch, Wm. Jacklyn, Charles Ivory, Edward Jones,
Mich. Joyce, Thos. Jones, George Jubb, jun., Thos. Jones,
John Innes, John Johnson, Richard Johnson, Charles Jackson, John Joyce,
James Kay, William Klen endorlff, Pat. Kirk, John Kennedy,
Wm. Kearns, J. Keighran, Thos. Keane, J. Kirlaghan, R. Kibble,
Cornelius Keoe, Donald Kennedy, jun., John Kelly,
Joseph Lendall, Jas. Kavannagh, Duncan Kennedy,
John Kennedy, Wm. Kellow, Wm. Kenney, Thomas Kelly, Archibald Kane,
Daniel Kelly, Thomas Kelly, D. Knowland, Thos. Kendall, James Kelly,
James Kenney, J. H. Lawson, Walker Lawry, William Lilly,
Francis Lawless, Samuel Leverton, Henry Lendon.
J. Holmes, J. Lynch, Samuel Leverton, jun. Jas. Lewis,
Richard Lillis, Thos. Lawrence, J. Leadbeater, sen.
J. Larken, Peter Lawry, George Lilley, James Lyons,
Wm. Landron, Miles Leary, John Lavis, James Layton,
Nicholas Lacy, William Lees, Peter Lillis,
Elijah Lane, Wm. Lawrence, J. Lapish, Mich. Lamb,
J. Lees, J. Lacey, Owen Lenaghan, John Longford,
Wm. Lovegrove, H. Lamb, J. Lyons, Hannibal M'Arthur,
James M'Arthur, William M'Arthur, Charles M'Arthur, Andrew M'Dougal,
J. M'Henry, Henry Marr, Wm. Minchin, William Mobbs, J. Mobbs,
George Mobbs, Isaac Mobbs, J. M'Loughlin, Fred. Meurant,
Joseph Meyrick, Tristram Moore, Cornelius M'Arthy,
P.Moore, Pat. Mernan, J. Madden, Mich. Maloney,
Wm. Morgan, John Mills, Jas. M'Arty, jun.
Thomas Martin, jun. Jas. M'Arty, J. Mackey, Thos. Miller,
Christopher M'Guire, Thos Mortimer, J. May, Pat. Mason, Pat. Moore,
Thos. Maloney, Jas. M'Guire, Matthias Miller, Jas. M'Arty.
John M'Arty, William Makepiece, Thos. Moran, Fred. Murphy,
Patrick Mulhall, Thos. M'Caffery, George Maginnis, Edw. Merrick,
Thos. M'Kenna, Robert Maxwell, Henry M'Allister, James M'Manis,
John Murphy, George Marley, Kennedy Murphy, Patrick M'Hall,
George Murphy, Thos. Mustagh, Owen Martin, jun. George Mortimer,
Thos Murray, Charles M'Carty, William Mobbs jun. Jas. Mosely,
H. Morton, J. Merzagora, J. M'Peake, Isaac Mills, Jas. Macdonald,
Jas. Milson, Dennis M'Neary, Jas. M'Aloney, Brian M'Cormic,
John Moss Wm. Mannix, Michael Macdonald, John M'Donald, Joseph Mason,
John. M'Guigan, Joseph Mackinley, Thos. M'Guire, Jas. Marshall,
Thomas Moakson, Andrew' M'Dougall, Jame M'Dougall, J. M'Dougall,
J. Moss, Alexander M'Guigan, Patrick Mahar, Thomas McVitie,
Simon Moulds, Edward Meurant, jun, J. Matthews, Robt. Marshall,
William M'Haslan, Alexander M'Donald, Hugh M'Avoy,
J. Murphy, Mich. Minton, Jas. M'Donald, Patrick
Naughton, Richard Norris, J. Nash, Thomas Nugent,
Thos. Newman, Andrew Nash, Jas. Nugent, James Nowlan,
William Newport, John Norris, John Nowland, George Nash. J. Neil,
J. Nicholds, Walter Noy, F. O'Meara, J. O'Meara, p. Oakes,
James O'Brian, Charles O'Brien, James Owen, Thomas Owens, William Osburne,
Samuel Owen, James O'Harra, William Olds, Mark Opong,
Brien O'Brien, Wm. Oliver, Joseph Onus, Terence O'Brien,
Chas. Pennon, G. T. Palmer, George Panton,
Wm. Pithers, Mr. Parmeter, J. Price, Wm. Parkins
F. Pendergrast, J. Pike, J. Pike, Morgan Poor, N. Payton,
J. Pitcher, Saml. Paine, Wm. Page, John J. Peacock,
Robt. Plumb, J. Patfield, Thos. Prentice, J. Phillips,
Mich. Parker, George Pinkerton, F. Peisley,
George Phillips, J Pendergrast, Wm. Paris, J. Pye,jun.
Wm. Pritchard, Daniel Pegg, Saml. Perkins George Plummer,
H. Pullen, R. Partridge, Joseph Pashley, Mich. Power, J Pugh,
Deison Post, Tim Poor, F. Piper, Wm. Piper, H. Paul, J. Pender,
Jas. Pender, Edwin Rouse, Edw. Riley, Thos. Rose, Edw. Redmond,
J. Robinson, Chas. Rushton, John Riley, Malachi Ryan, Thos Riley,
J. Ready, J. Redmond, Wm. Reynolds, J. Ross, Barnabas Rix,
Wm Rafter, Mark Russell, Wm. Rose, Wm. Roberts, Joseph Rye, jun.
Mich. Rourke, Alex. Routledge, J. Riley, Nich. Ryan,
Wm. Rixon, Robt. Ray, Owen Riley, Thos. Rudd, J. Rudd,
Moses Rosetta, H. Rose, J. Roberts, Jas. Roberts, J. Ruby,
J.Robb, Edw. Redfern, Wm. Radley, Wm. Redfern, J. Rentwell,
Richard Ruff. H. Rochester, Barnabas Rix, Chas. Smith, Wm. Smith.
Mich. Stack, Jas. Stack, Jas. Shepherd, sen. G. Smith,
Wm. Scott, Jas. Shepherd, jun. F. Spencer, Andrew Scott,
J. Sunderland, Martin Sweeney, Dennis Shield,
Dan. Smallwood, George Sewell, Edw. Stinton, Jos. Smith,
H. Styles, Jas. Smithers, Wm. Skinn, Joseph Smith, jun. Wm. Smith,
Wm. Stenson, Jas. Smith, Edw. Shipley, Wm. Speers, Hugh Scott,
W. Scott, Wm. Smith, J. Smith, Jas. Smallwood, Roger Shea,
J. Scully, J. Stone, Thos. Stevens, Jos. Stubbs, Jas. Speers,
Wm. Stubbs, Wm Simms, Thos. Stone, Thos. Stack, Jos. Smith, Jas. Smith,
F. Stafford, James Smith, Dennis Stacey, Chas, Summerell, Stephen Smith,
J. Smith, Edw. Stowers, Daniel Step, Thos. Smith, Dan. Sweeney,
Thos. Sanders, jun. J. Smith, J. Stanbury, jun.
Robt. Smith, George Scott, Murty Shields, Wm. Sherries,
J. Sewell, Wm. Stabler, Chas. Throsby, jun.
Robt. Turnbull, Chas. Thompson, Wm. Tuckwell, J. Tindell,
J. Tarlington, Edw. Tompson, J. Turnbull, Jas. Thompson,
Chas. Thomas, Bishop Thompson, Thos. Thompson, J.Tague, J.Taylor,
H. Fretheway, Jas. Toucher, S. Tuckman, Chas. Tunks, H. Thorn, jun.
J. Thorm, jun. Jos. Tuzo, Jean Francois Theon,
J. Town, Jas. Turner, Wm Thorn, jun. Jas. Thomas,
D.Thompson, J. Taylor, Thos. Trotter, Jas. Turner,
George Tuckwell, Wm. Tyson, Philip Tully, George
Trace, Owen Tierney, Wm. Tompson, Thos. Turner,
James Vaughan, J. Vardy, R. Virgin, Thos. Vardy, J.Voildes,
Thos. Upton, Edw. Wollstonecraft, Wm.Walker,
George Woodhouse, G. P. Wood, George Ward, J. Whalan,
Wm. Welsh, Thos. Woolley, J.Williams, Edmund Wright,
Robt. Wilkinson, Daniel Wellings, J. Wright, J. Walker,
Jas. Williams, Wm. Wright, Chas. Wilson, Thos. Warner, P. Workman
Aaron Walkers, Job Wilson, Wm. Williams, Robert Wells, Thos. Wilson,
Thos. Wood, J. K. Williamson J. D. Wood, Wm. White, Chas. Watson,
J. Williams, Jas. Walbourn, J,. Weevers, Chris. Ward, H. Wells,
Wm. Walker, J. Warby, J. Warby, jun. J. Wood, James Wright.
Wm. White, Wm. Wakeman, James Whalan, James Were, J. Wright,
William Wall, Joseph Walker and Charles Yorke.

The Sydney Gazette
(NSW : 1803 - 1842)
Saturday 28 April 1821
Saturday 5 May 1821
Saturday 12 May 1821
transcription, janilye

Land Grants for 1820

The Hell-Ship Neptune 1790

THE name "Neptune" conjures up for, most people the
image of a, benevolent-looking old personageusually to be
seen depicted on the reverse of certain English coinswhose
main characteristic is the possession of a three-pronged fork
known in- mythology as a trident.
To others the term suggests the most distant of the planets, estimated
to be 2,780 million miles from the sun.
In Australian history, however, "Neptune" is identified with a convict
transport ship, a fine vessel of 792 tons, but a hell-ship if ever there-was
one, whose story, conjointly with that of her fellow transports, the Surprise
and the Scarborough, constituted one of the darkest and grimmest pages
in the establishment of the settlement of Port Jackson.
The tragic drama of the Neptune opens with a prologue, the leading
roles falling to John and Elizabeth Macarthur, with Captain John Gilbert
as the arch-villain, the chorus consisting of male and female convicts
and soldiers of the newly-raised N.S.W. Corps.
The scene is set, first at Gravesend, where-the ship lay for
a few days', and then at Plymouth. On board were 421 male and 78 female
convicts; two officersCaptain Nepean and Lieutenant Macarthurand
42 soldiers of the Corps, six convict wives, all free women, 13 children, and
a few passengers.
Amongst the crew was the surgeon, D'Arcy Wentworth, who was himself to be
distinguished in our early history and also in the person of his famous
son, William Charles. Just prior to embarkation, on December 9, 1783, he
had stood his trial at the Old Bailey Sessions for highway robbery, and
been acquitted on this and three later Indictments.
THE casus belli between Macarthur and John Gilbert, the captain of
the ship, arose from the former's complaints regarding the location and
fittings of his cabin, and "the stench of the buckets belonging to the
convict women of a morning." Hotter and hotter grew the language: Gilbert
threatened to write to the War Office and have Macarthur and his wife
turned out of the ship; Gilbert gave Macarthur a punch on the breast:
Nepean interfered and patched up the quarrel temporarily. This all happened
at Gravesend.
On the seven days trip round to Plymouth there was another flare-up.
Macarthur accusing the captain of ungentlemanly conduct towards, himself
and his wife, and calling him publicly on the quarter-deckhe had
a fine capacity for vituperation"a great scoundrel." In retaliation,
Gilbert told Macarthur that he had "settled many a greater man than
him," and that he was to be seen on shore, whereupon Macarthur named
4 o'clock at the Fountain Tavern, Plymouth Docks.
They met a duel was foughtapparently a bloodless one
honour was satisfied, and both parties agreed, to live in harmony thereafter.
The wranglings between Macarthur, Nepean, the officers, and Gilbert, not
only continued, but grew in violence, so that the authorities took action
and superseded Gilbert by Captain Donald Traill, who had formerly been a
Master in the Navy under Nelson.
The change, however, appeared to be much for the worse, so that after a
few weeks of misery on the Neptune, the
Macarthurs could stand the conditions no longer, and exchanged to the
Scarborough. The details still survive in Elizabeth Macarthur's Private
So much for the Prologue. With the appointment of Traill opens the
main action of the tragedy. The ship was so shamefully overcrowded that
200 seamen deserted before she left England. Conceive the sardine-like
packing of the convicts on the orlop, that is the lowest of the three decks.
Within a space 75 feet long, 35 broad and six feet high, were built the
miserable apartments for housing 40 men, in four rows of cabins one-storey
high, one row on each side of the ship; and two rows down the centre.
These cabins were six feet square.
A simple calculation will show that to each convict was allotted about
36 cubic feet of air space, about the capacity of two coffins of ordinary size.
It was not, however, until February 15 1792, when the report of the
Commissioners of the Navy was published that the whole of the sordid details
relating to the treatment of these "unhappy sacrifices to the justice of their
country" was made public.
On the Neptune was Lieutenant John Shapcote, the naval agent, whose
duty it was to see that the convicts received their full rations and the best
possible treatment. Apparently he failed in his duty. The crew, too, was
very disorderly, and "inclined to be riotous" throughout the voyage.
Before the Neptune left London, Shapcote put all the male convicts into
ironshe was not risking an uprising.
Even while in the river many of them died, their bodies being thrown
overboard. When a search was made for concealed weapons nearly a hundred
knives were found, so overboard they too went, with many of the
convicts' personal belongings, though rumour hath it that Traill and his
officers, appropriated everything of value. To make congestion worse, the
ship was crammed with goods, "ventures" as they were called, being taken
out as speculations by officers of the N.S.W. Corps, with the connivance of
Traill and Shapcote.
The whole voyage was one long horror. Shapcote and the ship's officers
kept every man in irons the whole six months of the voyage, many of them
coupled together, though batches of 50 or 60 were allowed on deck for two
hours each per day. The convict women were better off, having, much
to Mrs. Macarthur's disgust, the full range of the quarter deck and the
poop. At night, however, the ship's company invaded the rooms of the
women, whom they carried off to their own quarters.
DEATH soon began to take its toll.
The supply of water, was very limited, washing facilities non-existent.
An outbreak of scurvy and "a violent epidemical fever" killed scores of the
poor unfortunates, some of whom actually died in irons. Sometimes the
deaths were concealed until the stench of the corpses revealed their
presence to the surgeon. By such concealment, the survivors were enabled
to draw and share the rations of the deceased.
Sometimes a living man was discovered chained to a putrefying corpse.
There were 46 deaths on the Neptune before arrival at Cape Town.
Captain Hill, who came out on the Surprise, complained bitterly of the
treatment of the convicts., "The slave trade." he said, "is merciful,
compared with what I have seen in this fleet."
As the contractors, and thc captain of the Neptune were being paid 17/7/6
per head, not for the number of convicts landed, but for the number
shipped, the greater the number of deaths the fewer were the mouths to
feed and the higher the total profit.
Captain Traill, of the Neptune, appears to have been a first-class rogue
and an inhuman monster. On his return to England three of his
quartermasters and seven others of his crew lodged a formal complaint
before Alderman Clark at the Guildhall, that during the voyage he and
William Elrington, the chief mate, had cut down the convicts' water to
half a-pint-a day: that 171,(the official number is 158) died on the
voyage; that many of them were so starved that they had been seen to
take the chews of tobacco from the mouths of corpses; that men stole
and ate the hogs' swill; that on arrival at Botany Bay the captain, and
mate ransacked the convicts' boxes for anything saleable, opened a
warehouse, and disposed of the goods at a high profit;
that the ships swarmed with vermin. To these and other charges the
contractors. Camden, Calvert, and King, replied seriatim, publishing also
Traill's defence, which is not convincing. According to a letter from one
Thomas Evans to Under-secretary King. Traill and Elrington were next
charged before Alderman Boydell with the murder of Andrew Anderson, sixth
mate of the Neptune, Jno. Joseph, the cook, and an unnamed convict. Traill,
however, vanished into smoke, and the case did not come to trial. I cannot
find any details of the allegations beyond the bare affidavit in the
records, though Governor Phillip himself stated that "an enquiry into the
conduct, of the master of the Neptune
will, I make no doubt, have a good
effect. . . . for the convicts were certainly very ill-treated."
AT Cape Town further disorders occurred, it being alleged that a
certain Dutch captain and a Major Delisle came on board, ostensibly
to visit Captain Nepean, but in reality, "on account of the female convicts."
Shortly after leaving the Cape, a female convict, "who had constantly,
attended Lieutenant Shapcote"whatever that phrase may implyone morning
between three and four o'clock, came and informed the chief mate that the
agent, was dead. This "untimely death" was never investigated, for as
Traill asserted that the body was very offensive it was cast overboard that,
very morning; To say the least, the circumstances were all very suspicious.
By the time the Neptune reached Sydney 147 men and ll women convicts had died;
another 269 were placed in hospital. "The Governor," wrote one-correspondent,
"was very angry', and scolded the captains a great deal, and I heard
intended to write to London-about it, for I heard him say it was murdering them."
We possess several eye-witnesses' accounts of the landing of this mass
of human misery from the three transports.
The Rev. Richard Johnson, who went aboard one of them, he couldn't face up to
the Neptune, said he found men lying "some half and others nearly quite
naked, without bed or bedding, unable to help themselves"; the stench was
intolerable, dead bodies had been thrown into the
harbour, had drifted ashore, and were lying naked on the rocks; "some
creeped on hands and knees." Some were carried ashore on the backs of
others; "their heads, bodies, clothes, blankets, all full of lice";
within three weeks he had buried "not less than eighty-six."
And so the terrible tale, substantiated to the last detail
by dependable witnesses, draws to its conclusion, and the curtain drops.
Though many months later. Mr.Secretary Dundas informed the
Governor that he had "thoroughly investigated" and "taken the necessary
steps to bring forward the conduct of the parties concerned in the
treatment of the convicts on board the Neptune." no active measures to
sheet home the crime ever took place.

Sydney Morning Herald
Saturday 10 February 1945
page 8
Affair of the Neptune
George Mackaness
Transcription, janilye