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As a child up to the age of about nine I went through the marble stage. Always with dirty knees and the toes of my shoes scuffed.
My uncle worked at the glass factory and gave me lots of marbles.So many, in fact, I had a kerosene tin full. My dad taught me the finer points of the game(my dad knew everything!) and when I went to play I took with me my leather marble bag with the red and yellow string tie and all my favourites, A Tom Bowler and about 30 others.

I loved the big Tom Bowlers and the rainbows and the lovely red blood alleys. I didn't mind losing a steely or a cat's eye in a game because I had lots of those.

Do you Remember these;

Tom Bowler
Dogs Eye
Cats Eye
Blood Alley
Blood tracker
Pee wee

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Publicans' licenses. Hobart Town 1846

This is the complete list given at the Annual Meeting of Justices of the Peace for the purpose of granting Publicans' Licenses for the District of Hobart Town (including Kangaroo Point,) held in the Court of Requests' Room.

Tuesday the 1st September 1846

Present were :- Joseph Hone, Esq., Chairman,
Edward Abbott, William Moriarty, Thomas Mason, Thomas Hewitt, William Robertson, William Watchorn, and James Davis, Esquires.

The persons on the list below were granted Certificates:-

Thomas Abray, The Dusty Miller, O'Brien's Bridge

Henry Aburrow Adams, The Royal Oak Inn, Macquarie-st

Thomas Aherne, The Queen's Arms, Harrington-street

John Allen, The Dallas Arms, New Town Road

William Allison, The Uritich Hotel, Liverpool-street

Andrew Fleming Angus, The Jolly Scotchman, Brisbane-st

Peter Ayton, The Waggon and Horses, New Town

Neils Bastian, The Tasmanian Inn, Campbell-street

William Bastian, The Cornish Mount. Barrack-street

John Battersby, The Steam Packet Tavern, Old Wharf

Joseph Thomas Beaumont, The Britannia Inn, Macquarie-street

William George Beaumont, The Shades Tavern, Old Wharf

Robert Beech, The Black Swan, Argyle-street

George Bell, The Hibernian Inn, Liverpool-street

Hubert Bell, The Vine Tavern, Liverpool street

George Blackburn, The York Tavern, Brisbane-street

Samuel Blackhall, The Crown and Anchor, New Town

James Bonney, The Emu Tavern, Liverpool-street

Thomas Brooks, The Fisherman's Anns, Old Wharf

Samuel Burnell, The Rising Sun, Bathurst-street

John Boys, The Nag's Head, Melville-street

John Bridges, The Union Hotel, Campbell street

Richard Burt, The Shipwright's Arms, Battery Point

Ruben Bush, The Duchess of Kent, Murray street

Job Bye, Bye's Hotel, Camphell-street

Francis Canes, Help-me-Through the World, Liverpool st

James Carter, The Mariner's Compass, Murray-street

William Chaffey, The Travellers' Rest, Sandy Bay

William Champion, The Jolly Hatters, Melville street

John Chard, The Peacock, Barrack-street

William Chatley, The Gordon Castle, Liverpool-street

William Cleary, The Sir Thomas Brisbane, Veteran's Row

William Clues, The Lord Rodney, New Wharf

Martin Collins, The Bull's Head, Goulburn-street

Matthew Collins, The Derwent Tavern, Elizabeth-st

Susan Connor, The Kensington Inn, O'Brien's Bridge

Thomas Cooley, The Horse and Jockey, New Town

William Cresswell, The Bridge Inn, Macquarie-street

Adam Cummins, The Lord Nelson, Liverpool street

John Henry Dawson, The Plough Inn, Kangaroo Point

William Dawson, The Sailors Return, Old Wharf

Joseph Day, The Adam and Eve, New Town

William George Donaldson, The English, French, and American Hotel, Macquarie-st

Joseph Donolan, The Maypole Inn, New Town

Henry Dorman, The Waggon and Horses, New Town

William Dove, The Dog and Partridge, Barrack street

William Downie, The Dorchester Butt, Campbell-street

Peter Dudgeon, The Golden Gate, corner of Harrington and Collins-sts

Francis Edeson, The Blue Bells of Scotland, Murray street

John Edgecombe, The Whaler's Return, New Wharf

Henry Ellis, The George and Dragon, Campbell-street

James Featherstone, The Greyhound Inn, Antil street

Joseph Fisher, The Retreat, Brown's River

Anthony Fox, The Hope and Anchor, Macquarie-street

Isaac Friedman, The Kensington Inn, cnr of Bathurst and Argyle sts

Henrietta Garden, The Canterbury Inn, Elizabeth-st.

Susan Garth, The Victoria Inn, Collins-street

Charles Gaylor, The Custom House Tavern and Chop House, New Wharf

Robert Graham, The Royal Oak, Watchorn street

Charles Hartam, The William the Fourth, Liverpool-st

Margaret Harris, The Man of Ross, Liverpool-street

William Hartley, The Pack Horse, Melville-street

James Haughton, The Moulders' Arms, Macquarie st

James Hearll, The Eagle Hawk, New Town Road

Elijah Hedditch, The London Wine Vaults, Liverpool. st

Jeremiah Hefford, The Waterman's Arms, Liverpool st

Joseph Hewlett, The Cross Keys, Liverpool-street

Richard Hill. The Woodpecker, Harrington-street

Thomas Holmes, The Plough and Harrow, Murray-st

Francis Homer, The Saint Patrick, Barrack-street

Israel Hyams, The Rose and Crown, New Town Road

Andrew Jackson and David Manson, The Saracens Head, Macquarie-street

Benjamin Jackson, The Duke of Wellington, corner of Barrack and Macquarie-sts

William Johnson, The City Hotel, Elizabeth-street

Edward Jones, The Prince of Wales, Liverpool-street

Mary Ann Jones, The Angel Inn, Argyle.street

James Kennedy, The Labour-in-Vain, Campbell-street

Francis Laidman, The Lord Melbourne, Melville-street

George Henry Latham, The Rainbow Tavern, Liverpool st

William Lear, The Albion Inn, Elizaheth-street

John Providence Lester, The Ship Hotel, Collins-street

Solomon Hyman Levey, The Caledonian Hotel, Elizabeth-st

John Lewis, The Sir George Arthur, Campbell-street

Frederick Lipscombe, The Beach Tavern, Sandy Bay

Alexander Livingstone, The Black Bull, Harrington-st.

Thomas Lovick, The City of Norwich, cnr of Argyle and High-sts

James Lowe. The Mogul Tavern, cnr of Argyle and Collins-sts

Ann M'Andrew, The Duke of Clarence, Murray-street

John M'Grath, The Victoria Tavern, Murray street

Hugh M'Guinniss, The Highlander Inn, Macquarie-st.

Thomas M'Namara. The London Holet, Campbell-st.

Henry Marshall, The Star Inn, Goulbourne street

James Martin, The Haberdashers' Arms, Elizabeth St.

John Marlin, The British Hotel, Liverpool-street

John Martin, The Butchers' Arms, Argyle-street

William Horatio Mason, The Rainbow Inn, New Town Road

James Matches, The Brown Bear, cnr of Bathurst and Hamilton-streets

John Mezger, The Bird in Hand, Argyle-street

George Mills, The Brunswick Wine Vaults, Liverpool-st.

William Mitchell, The Doctor Syntax, Sandy Bay

William Montgomery, The Golden Anchor, Murray street

Edward Moore, the Belvidere Wine Vaults, Elizabeth-street

Frederick Moore, The Prince of Wales, Hampden Road

Henry Morris, The York Hotel, Glenorchy

William Edward Mullagh, The Turnpike Gate, Restdown

Joseph Oakley received a license to sell on board the 'Thames Steamer,' to run between Hobart Town and New Norfolk.

Henry Oliver, The Verandah Wine Vaults, Elizabeth street

John Alfred Outridge, The Old Fox Inn, Glenorchy

William Page Wells, The Fountain Inn, Argyle-street

Edward Paine, The Glasgow Wine Vaults, Elizabeth street

John Paisley, The Freemasons; Arms, Murray-street

John Parker, The Swan Inn, Liverpool-st

Frederick Paterson, The New Wharf Wine Vaults, New Wharf

John Paterson,The Thatched House Tavern, cnr of Argyle & Collins-sts

Joseph Perkins, The Royal Standard, New Town Road

John Petchey, the Highlander Inn, Kangaroo Point

Samuel Phipps, The Eardley Arms, Melbourne-street

Francis Piesse, The Berriedale Inn, Glenorchy

George Pollock, The Ordnance Arms, Liverpool-street

Richard Poole, The Quarryman's Arms, Argyle-street

Lewis Prentis, The Pickwick Tavern, Liverpool-street

James Priest, The Joiner's Arms, Davey-street

Thomas Priest, The Good Woman, Argyle street

William Punshon, The Gray's Inn Tavern, Patrick-st.

Richard Ramsden, The Whale Fishery Tavern, Bathurst street

Robert Rees, The Golden Fleece, Elizabeth-street

James Allan Reeves, The Wheat Sheaf, Macquarie st

Elizabeth Reynolds, The Shamrock Inn, Harrington-st.

John Richardson, The Turf Tavern, Murray street

Thomas Richardson, The Ocean Child, Argyle street

Joseph Riches, The Oporto Wine Vaults, Liverpool-st

Samuel Ridler, The Fortune of War, Marquarie-street

William Robertson, The Hammer-in-Hand Park-street

Thomas Robinson, The Saint Andrew's, Harrington-st.

Peter Albertus De Roock, The Stag and Hounds, Harrington st

Francis James Ball Robotham,The Black Prince, Elizabeth-st

Frederick Saville, The Derwent Hotel, Murray-street

John Shadwick, The Prince Albert, Collins-street

William Sharman, The Birmingham Arms, Murray street

Daniel Simpson, The Globe Inn, Davey-street

James Simpson, The Bricklayers' Arms, New Town Road

William Sims, The Commercial Inn, Collins street

James Smith, The Golden Cross, Murray-street

John Smith, The Greyhound Inn, Elizabeth street

John Smith, The Masons' Arms, Burnett-street

Mary Ann Smith, The Old Bell, Elizabeth-street

William Smith. The Harvest Home, New Town Road

William Smith, The White Pheasant, Upper Goulboune street

Thomas Spiller, The Travellers Home, Goubourn street

Mark Stump, The White Horse, Liverpool-street

William Sykes, The King George, New Wharf

James Thomas, The Emerald Tavern, Molle-street

Henry Thompson, The Union Club Hotel, Murray-st.

Thomas Thompson,The Man-of-War, cnr of Argyle and Brisbane sts

John Tilley, The Sawyers' Arms, Murray-street

John Trump, The Red Lion, Liverpool-street

Caleb Tupping, The Freemasons' Hotel, Harrington. street

William Turner, The Bowling Green Hotel, Sandy Bay Road

Francis Tynan, The Albermarle Arms, Goulbourn-street

Daniel Walagan, The Old Commodore, Brisbane-street

Robert Walker, The Davey-street Bottling Department, Davey-st

William Walker, The Bay Horse, Goulbourne-street

Henry Webb, The Neptune Inn, New Wharf

William Webb, The Elephant and Castle, Bathurst st.

Samuel Wellard, The Traveller's Rest, Glenorchy

John West, The Rob Roy, Liverpool-street

Thomas White The Lamb Inn, Brisbane-street

James Wiggins, The King's Arms, Murray-street

James Williams, The Stowell Arms, Elizabeth-street

Edward Wilson,The Sir John Falstaff, cnr of Collins & Murray sts

John Gittins Winter, The Cascade, Macquarie-street

Jane Mary Wise, The Waterloo Hotel, Murray street

William Hinds Wolding, The Lame Horse, High street

William Dawson Wood, The Seven Stars, Old Market Place

complete transcription by janilye 29 July 2005

Note: The Thames Steamer left The Old Wharf in Hobart Town for New Norfolk on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings at 8:00 and returned every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon at 2:00pm.

The photograph below shows the old Wharf with the Steam Packet Tavern on the left.
Title inscribed on verso in pencil.
"Beattie's Studios, Hobart"

Anthony Forster 1813-1897

Of Anthony Forster 1813-1897
little known outside of South Australia, he was never afraid to call a spade a spade which is certainly a trait I most admire in human beings.

As part of his varied career, he was newspaper editor of the South Australian Register, he wrote the following column entitled 'Military Settlers', declaring his stand against military settlement of New Zealand and Colonel Pitt's recruitment which Anthony Forster saw as little more than a scam.

Colonel Pitts mission to the Australian Colonies in quest of military settlers for New Zealand was first entered upon in May 1864.
The scheme was then introduced under the guise of enrolling volunteers to meet a serious emergency in New Zealand. Immediate assistance was required, additional troops were demanded, and, as the crisis was evidently a severe one, the call for volunteers was not unreasonable. But nothing was said at that time about family emigration The demand was for single men, and the exigencies of the war seemed to justify Colonel Pitt's demand upon the colonies. Even then, however, the Victorian Government saw that the volunteers were required for something more than to meet an emergency.

The Treasurer of the colony, in reply to a request from Sir George Grey that the Government would assist Colonel Pitt, recorded the opinion of the Ministry in a minute, which ran as follows :
"I observe that Colonel Pitt proposes not only to enlist militia for a temporary purpose, but also to secure permanent settlement. While desirous of aiding the New Zealand Government by allowing the removal of the troops, and indeed in every legitimate way, it appears to me that to encourage the settlement of Victorian colonists in another country is inconsistent with the policy of the Government and injurious to the advancement of the colony. I cannot, therefore, undertake that any extraordinary facilities will be rendered to Colonel Pitt in exporting military settlers to New Zealand. I trust I need not say that if there were insufficient troops in New Zealand to hold the Maories in check until reinforcements arrive, I should hold it to be the duty of the Government to aid the colonists of New Zealand at any sacrifice; but this does not appear to be the case."

Thus, as far back as August last, when this minute was made, it was held that the troops in New Zealand were quite numerous enough to protect the colonists. Since that time the forces have been largely increased, and battles have been fought which appear to have almost put an end to the war. What, then, can be the fresh cause which now induces Colonel Pitt to apply to South Australia for military settlers. If, in the height of the crisis, there was no emergency which justified such an appeal, there can certainly be none now.

It is not pretended that the British settlers are out numbered, that they are at the mercy of the natives, and that they want assistance to maintain their ground. The chances of war have been altogether in their favour, the Maories have been conquered, and what Colonel Pitt now wants is population to occupy the country. If this scheme of military settlement had been submitted at the time of its origin to the Britsh public, it would probably have induced many emigrants to turn their attention to New Zealand, especially if it had been shown that the Home Government approved of it.
But, what prospect is there that useful settlers who have already made themselves homes in these colonies will be inclined for the sake of a few acres of land to undertake the work of holding the conquered territory of New Zealand? Besides, there are onerous duties to be performed before the volunteer even sees the land which he is to possess.

Mr Dillon Bell, who dispatched the first detachment of military settlers from Victoria, said, in the course of his public address"Remember that as soon as you land in New Zealand you are soldiers, as amenable to military laws as we who are already in arms there".
It ought to be known, too, that the land which is offered to military settlers does not belong to the Government except by right of conquest, and that the native owners, though scattered and disheartened, are still in possession. On this point Mr. Bell, whilst repudiating the idea that the New Zealand Government had no power to fulfil their contract with the volunteers, said :- "One thing, indeed, is quite true, that the Government has not at this moment in possession the land which is offered to you. The land is still in the hands of rebel natives, and we trust to you and your military comrades to hold by the force of your arms that territory which will be hereafter allotted to you by the Government".
He further explained that nothing short of this system of military colonization would protect the wives and children of peaceful settlers, and that the scheme had received the full approval of Sir George Grey.

These particulars will give our readers some idea of what military settlement in New Zealand will be. The volunteers are to hold land in the midst of a subjugated race of war like and revengeful disposition, who have themselves been driven from that land. The beginning of such a settlement will be the commencement of a series of outrages and retaliations which will last as long as the natives themselves exist. We may be certain that there will be more fighting than farming for many years to come, though in the end the scheme will be successful if the supply of settlers be large enough.
But South Australia is not the right place to seek for them. We have no large migratory population from which Colonel Pitt can hope to get suitable recruits. The class of men whom he wants are either already settled or can become so on easier terms than are offered in New Zealand. But the Auckland authorities are evidently of opinion that the agricultural element which they want in their proposed settlements is most likely to be obtained in South Australia, and so they send here after having tried the other colonies.

That the volunteers who were enrolled in Victoria included but a very small proportion of men suited to rural occupations will be seen from the following list of registered trades or callings in one of the com panies of the Auckland battalion : 29 clerks, 1 custom-house officer, 3 surveyors, 1 seeds man, 4 farmers, 3 builders, 1 cabinetmaker, 14 carpenters, 2 shipwrights, 1 boatbuilder, 1 painter, 1 grainer, 1 mason, 2 bricklayers, 5 blacksmiths, 1 tinsmith, 2 bootmakers, 2 printers, 1 storeman, 1 storekeeper, 1 grocer, 1 chemist, 2 carters, 4 labourers, 2 teachers, 1 photographer, 1 keeper of lunatic asylum, 3 gentlemen, 8 servants, 1 ostler, and 2 without either trade or calling.

Such are the motley materials of the volunteer force which was enroled in Victoria. (see notes)

To convert these into good settlers for an agricultural country would be difficult, and probably this is the reason why Colonel Pitt has now been instructed to call for volunteers in South Australia. The fact that twenty-nine clerks can be found to enrol to every four farmers shows that the inducements to become agriculturists in a country where the land must first be wrested from the Maori, and then held at the point of the bayonet, are looked upon as of no great value by persons who are most competent to judge for themselves. To obtain a free grant of land, when the natives have been expelled, would be only a small compensation for the trouble and risk of having to keep possession of it afterwards.

The scheme, then, is not likely to meet with much favour in this colony, or to withdraw any portion of our settled population. At the same time, we have as much right to complain of the attempt of the New Zealand Government to import immigrants from South Australia as though that attempt were likely to be successful. As yet it does not appear that the imperial authorities know anything about the scheme, and we hardly think they would sanction it if they were aware of its true character.
The sole authority for the action of Colonel Pitt appears to be a notice published in the New Zealand Gazette ; and from the speeches of Mr. Dillon Bell we are led to infer that the idea of employing military settlers originated with the colonists of New Zealand, for he states that it has received 'the approval' of Sir George Grey.
Thus, the scheme apparently embodies the policy of the Local Government for permanently settling the country, and has little or nothing to do with the management of the war. Undoubtedly, the idea is a clever one, but the required settlers will not be found in South Australia.

The matter of Colonel Pitt's proceedings must be taken up by the Government and the colonists. We should be sorry to offer the slightest impediment to the emigration of colonists to assist the colonists of New Zealind in circumstances of pressing necessity, but we protest against the right of any person, supposed to be under the direction of imperial authority, to come to this colony and draft off by bribes of land persons brought here at considerable expense, for the mere purpose of saving New Zealand from the cost of maintaining a standing army.
If settlers are wanted for such a purpose they should be sought for in England, where they could readily be obtained at the expense of the New Zealand Government.


Colonel Pitt was sent to Victoria and given letters of credit by the New Zealand Government for around 70,000. However, the Melbourne banks would only advance 10,000 against the letters. Thomas Maxwell Henderson of Henderson and McFarlane was in Melbourne at the time on business and when he heard of Pitt's predicament. he went to the banks and offered them his firms guarantee of credit for another 15,000. He transfered the moneys so that Colonel Pitt's so called Victorian 'regiment' could sail for New Zealand aboard the company vessels. janilye

The Argus described the sight at Spencer-Street Station when the volunteers left as:
...crowded during the morning with people, desirous of seeing the volunteers start. The departure was rendered tolerably lively. Although the volunteers included may specimens of the genus 'loafer', they were altogether a fine body of men. It is a creditable fact that, ...not a single case of drunkenness was to be noticed.

In the book 'Australians leave for the Waikato War in NZ' (1863). By Scott Davidson he states;
"the man responsible for recruiting in the Australian Colonies, Lieutenant Colonel George Dean Pitt If the recruits lost their land, Pitt," assured, then so did he and that there would be no doubt of the outcome of this war. Pitt was in the colonies not just to recruit but to instill confidence in the land for service offer and by doing so, justify the Waikato War. The men wanted assurances, and received them, that the land would be there in three years time but the press and local governments of the Australian colonies had other concerns."

The photograph below shows Anthony Forster standing in the centre with journalist of the Register.

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FRIIS Births, Queensland, Australia

9 Registered Search 1830-1914

1871/C1639 Unnamed (M) Friis Johannes Meta Catherina Lund
1890/C11539 August Friis Henrich Wilhelmina Yax
1879/B25323 Clara Marie Friis Christian Peter Inger Marie Nielsen
1877/B21652 Margaritha Darling Friis Ole Hojland Hansine Frederikke Wittendorff
1886/B36265 Isabella Friis Ole Hojland Hansine Frederikke Wittendorf
1888/B41162 Robert William Friis Ole Hyland Hansine Frederikke Wittendorf
1908/C3865 Elizabeth Elva Jessie Friis William Emily May Tucker
1881/C5404 Christian Julius Friis Ole Hogland Hansine Frederikke Wittendarff
1883/B30425 Margaret Darling Friis Ole Hojland Hansine Frederikke Wittendbrff

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FRIIS Deaths- Registered in Queensland, Australia

21 matches from search 1840-1964

1952/B39463 Andrea Darling Friis Ole Hojland Hansina Frederikke Wittendorff
1886/C4051 Heinrich Friis Heinrich Friis Wilhelmina Yax
1908/C2380 Gladys Mary Ellen Friis - Mary Ann Dillworth ** now Friis
1890/C4013 August Friis Henrich Friis Wilhelmina Yax
1930/B12934 Edna Maude Friis Andrew Peter Friis Edith Maude Brooks
1957/B22380 Lucy Friis Henry Gilbert Costin Emily Baldwin
1948/B17901 Robert William Friis Ole Hyland Hansine Frederikke Wittendorf
1878/B12122 Carl Christina Friis Christian Friis Ingar Maria Neilson
1878/B12023 Margaret Darling Friis Ole Hojland Friis Hansine Frederikke Withendorff
1954/B1996 Edith Maude Friis George Brooks Maude Lowry
1928/B3969 Robert William Friis William Friis Emily May Tucker
1943/B60149 Nellie Evelena Friis William Davidson Ross Emma Andrews
1936/B31936 James Andrew Friis Andrew Darling Ellen Lindsay
1954/B1943 William Friis William Ellen Andersen ** then Stephensen
1927/B319 Betty Friis Andrew Peter Friis Edith Maude Brooks
1934/B24269 Ellen Friis John Lindsay Hannah McIlloy
1928/B3371 William Friis - - ** born Denmark aged 78 years
1939/B44581 William George Friis Andrew Peter Edith Maude Brooks
1883/B15604 Margaret Darling Friis Ole Hojland Friis Hansine Frederikke Wittendorff
1937/C2745 John Harold Friis Andrew Darling Ellen Lindsay
1906/C2761 Margaret Friis

Midwives in Western Australia - The first register

Supplement to the Government Gazette of Western Australia, 7 February 1913.
Further information can be obtained from an excellent book about nursing in Western Australia;
"But Westward Look - Nursing in Western Australia 1829-1979", by Victoria HOBBS.
(1980: University of WA Press: ISBN 0 85564 179 7)
WA Government Gazettes are held at the Alexander Library, Perth.

The photograph below is Mary Wilson, nee Smythe, an early settler in Beachport, South Australia who went to Western Australia in 1895 after losing her husband, Oliver Samuel Wilson, a Norwegian ship's carpenter, in a railway accident; she registered as a midwife November 8, 1911 and was the first maternity nurse in Freemantle
DATE 1890

ABBOTT Ellen : Perth
AITKEN Mary Agnes : Perth
ALCOCK Elizabeth : Kanowna
ALDERDICE Margaret : Gwalia
ALLEN Caroline Mary : Kalgoorlie
ALLEN Elizabeth Ann : Kalgoorlie
ALLEN Mary : Claremont
ANDERSON Adelaide Mary : Albany
ANDERSON Mary Ann : Boulder
ANDERSON Sarah Jane : Kalgoorlie
ANDREWS Annie Elizabeth : Worsley
ANGEL Cordelia Emma : Ravensthorpe
ANGUS Janet White : Perth
ANNELLS Louisa Harriet : Perth
ARBON Emma : Maylands
ARMSTRONG Julia : Fremantle
ARMSTRONG Lillian Margaret : Merredin
ARNOLD Clara Helena : West Perth
ARNOLD Kate Harriette : North Perth
ARNOLD Mary : Katanning
ARUNDALE Henrietta Helena : Fremantle
ASH Sarah : Perth
ASHTON May : Mt Lawley
ASHWORTH Helen : East Fremantle
ATKINSON Louisa : North Perth
AUSTIN Elizabeth Emma : Geraldton
AYLETT Caroline Florence : North Perth
AYTON Eva Elizabeth Jane : Fremantle
BACK Mary : Wagin
BACKMAN Clara Jane : Boulder
BAILEY Emma : Wagin
BAILLIE Elizabeth : Victoria Park
BALDWIN Ellen : South Fremantle
BALDWIN Mary Jane : Wagin
BALMER Catherine : Subiaco
BARKER Ada : Victoria Park
BARKER Lilian : West Guildford
BARKER Sarah Ann : Perth
BARLOW Mary Ann : Leonora
BARNES Elizabeth : Collie
BARNES Ellen Price : Wagin
BARNES Frances Catherine : Subiaco
BARNES Rebecca : Bridgetown
BARRASS Mary Jane : Kalgoorlie
BARRON May : Kanowna
BASTEN Jane Ann : Boulder
BAUER Elizabeth : Perth
BAWDEN Lucy Ann : Highgate Hill
BAXTER Annie : Kalgoorlie
BAXTER Phoebe Charlotte : Cottesloe Beach
BEADEN Annie : Perth
BEATTY Mary Ann Jane : Fremantle
BEECK Dorothy Johanna : West Guildford
BEER Lily : Bunbury
BEHRENDT Johanna : Perth
BELL Bessie Caroline : Busselton
BELL Elizabeth Alice : Subiaco
BELL Jane : Norseman
BENNETT Annie Elsie : Dwellingup
BENNETT Sarah Eleanor : Collie
BENTLEY Edith : Fremantle
BERGIN Sarah Ann : North Fremantle
BEVAN Louise : Perth
BILLET Dora Maria : West Guildford
BIRCH Elizabeth Ellen : Perth
BIRT Alice Rachel : Southern Cross
BIRT Margaret Coombe : Tambellup
BISHOP Henrietta : North Fremantle
BISHOP Ruth Alice : Bunbury
BLACK Allice : Kalgoorlie
BLACKBURNE Nellie : Busselton
BLACKMORE Minnie : Leederville
BLAKE Ada Elizabeth : East Perth
BLAKE Charlotte Catherine : Kalgoorlie
BLAKE Henrietta Eyre Maunsell : Perth
BOEHM Esther Augusta : Williams
BOEHM Selma Augusta : Lion Mill
BOHAN Lucy : Sandstone
BOLE Eliza Amelia : Perth
BOND Annie : Perth
BOOTH Margaret : Moora
BORWICK Isabella Tait : Sandstone
BOURKE Eileen Mary : North Fremantle
BOURKE Margaret Georgina : Kalgoorlie
BOWEN Mary May Elizabeth : Claremont
BOWEN Sarah Ann : Boulder
BRADBURY Kathleen : Perth
BRADSHAW May : Boulder
BREHENY Sarah : Maylands
BRIDGE Elizabeth : Menzies
BRIGHT Jessie Emily Jane : Cookerup
BROAD Minnie Elizabeth : West Perth
BRODIE Emma : Bunbury
BROOKS Sophia : Boulder
BROOMHALL Annie Eliza : Perth
BROTHERIDGE Amy Elizabeth : North Perth
BROWN Catherine Jeanetta : Coolgardie
BROWN Elizabeth : Gwalia
BROWN Emily : Albany
BROWN Eva Julia : Kalgoorlie
BROWN Frances Margaret : Perth
BROWN Jane : East Perth
BROWN Maud Mary : Victoria Park
BROWNE Ellen : Kanowna
BROWNE Matilda : Donnybrook
BRYANT Emily : Boulder
BURKE Christina : Hines Hill
BURT Hannah : North Perth
BURTON Kate : Bunbury
BYGRAVE Sarah : York
BYRNES Emma : Mount Morgans
BYRNES Harriett Ann Elizabeth : Mt Lawley
BYTHELL Sarah Frances : Cottesloe
CADLOLO Emma : West Perth
CAHILL Mary Anne : Kalgoorlie
CAIRNES Alice Duncan : Subiaco
CALLAGHAN Annie : North Fremantle
CALLAN Ellen : Highgate Hill
CAMPBELL Mary : Meckering
CAMPBELL Rosanna : Perth
CANNON Mary Agnes : Perth
CARPENTER Elizabeth : Geraldton
CARR Mary : Menzies
CARROLL Annie Jane : Tammin
CARSLAW Catherine Henderson : Perth
CARTER Martha Susana : Bunbury
CATCHPOLE Catherine : Gwalia
CAVE Jessie Ethel Olive : Boulder
CHAMBERS Mary Anne : Bayswater
CHAMPION Elizabeth Lorna : Perth
CHAPMAN Mary : Geraldton
CHARLES Louisa : Perth
CHATFIELD Norah Alicia : Guildford
CHEATLEY Alice : Perth
CHEATLEY Rebecca : Perth
CHINNERY Alice Mary : Bayswater
CHITTY Martha : Toodyay
CHRISTMAS Mary Jane : Grass Valley
CLARK Charlotte : Victoria Park
CLARK Margaret : Perth
CLARKE Elizabeth Darley : Albany
CLARKE Eva : Boulder
CLARKE Gertrude : Claremont
CLARKE Margaret : Geraldton
CLARKSON Sarah : Geraldton
CLATWORTHY Emily Elizabeth : Smith's Mill
CLAYDON Eleanor : Subiaco
CLAYTON Elizabeth Mary : Fremantle
CLEARY Jean : Perth
COATES Alice : Coolgardie
COLINS Sarah Ann : Geraldton
COLK Eleanor : Boulder
COLL Catherine : Boulder
COLLETT Edith : Boulder
COLLINS Amelia : Perth
COLLINS Beatrice Anne : Claremont
COLLINS Helena Mary : Kalgoorlie
COLLINS Mary Louisa : South Kalgoorlie
COLTON Mary Ann : Roelands
CONDON Eliza : Perth
CONN Margaret : Northam
CONNELL Annie Brown : Bridgetown
CONNORS Sarah Iane : Perth
COOK Elsie : South Fremantle
COOK Rose Jane : Northam
COOKE Fredericks Georgina Elizabeth : Boulder
COONAN Annie : Waterloo
CORBITT Catherine : Guildford
COWLING Edith : Kalgoorlie
COX Mary : Geraldton
COX Mary Ann : Leederville
COX Rose Darlington : Geraldton
CRAGGS Beatrice : Subiaco
CRITCHTLEY Winifred Ursula : Kalgoorlie
CROSS Evaline : Kelmscott
CROWE Annie Ursula : Perth
CRUDACE Clara : Burbanks
CUMING Hannah : Cottesloe Beach
CUNDILL Matilda Esther : Subiaco
CUNNING Emily : Perth
CUNNINGHAM Emma Maria : West Northam
CUTHBERT Mildred Stanley : Merredin
DALZIELL Margaret : Leederville
DAMYON Ellen Mary : Albany
DANES Rebecca : Bellevue
DANIELS Mary : Perth
DART Sadie : West Perth
DAVERN Susannah : Perth
DAVEY Alice Maud Mary : Boulder
DAVIDSON Sarah : Gwalia
DAVIES Isabella : Kanowna
DAVIES Martha : North Perth
DAVIS Catherine : Maylands
DAVIS Janet : Claremont
DAVIS Jean : Kirrup
DAVIS Mary Ann : Kulyaling
DAVIS Sarah : Bunbury
DAWSON Alice Frances : Greenbushes
DAY Ann Caroline : Maylands
DAY Jessie Yeldham : East Fremantle
DAY Mary Jane : East Fremantle
DEANS May : Fremantle
DELANEY Bridget Mary : Bunbury
DELANEY Ida Agnes : West Perth
DESPARD Charlotte Letitia : Beverley
DEUTSCHER Bertha Christina : Perth
D'EVELYNES Flora : West Perth
DHU Esther Ann : Perth
DICK Eleanor : Boulder
DILLON Lydia : West Subiaco
DIXON Catherine : Leederville
DIXON Grace : Perth
DODD Emma : Arrine
DONALDSON Catherine : West Perth
DONALDSON Maria : Claremont
DONNELLY Elizabeth : Perth
DONNELLY Margaret : Narrogin
DONOHOE Ellen : Boulder
DONOVAN Alice Maud Mary : Fremantle
DONOVAN Katherine : Bunbury
DORAN Agnes : Perth
DORE Margaretta : Cottesloe
DORRAT Sarah : Northam
DORRRNGTON Louise : Claremont
DOUGLAS Fanny Marion : Albany
DOULEAVY Louia Mary Eliza Blanche : Carnarvon
DOWN Mary Ann : Wickepin
DOWNEY Ellen : Boulder
DOWNEY Hariett Maud : Geraldton
DOYLE Annie : Wickepin
DOYLE Winifred Elfredith : Boulder
DRAFFIN Janet : Boulder
DRAKEFORD Julia : Perth
DRISCOLL Mary Ann : Dongara
DUCHATEL Marie : Perth
DUCKHAM Mary Ann : York
DUGDALE Mary Alice : Busselton
DUNN Lily Elizabeth : Perth
DUNNE Irene Hilda Agnes : Fremantle
DU RIEU Bertha : Perth
DURLACHER Miriam Dorothy : Toodyay
DWYER Catherine Beatrice : Bayswater
DYE Martha : South Bunbury
EADIE Ellen : Geraldton
EAGLES Emily : Midland Junction
EAMER Mary : Meekatharra
EDESON Eleanor : Leederville
EDMONDSON Letitia : Kodj Kodjin
EDWARDS Ellen : East Fremantle
EDWARDS GracE : Barrabup
EDWARDS Mary Ann : Perth
EDWARDS Mary Mervyn : Beverley
EGAN Alice : Boulder
EGAN Hanora : Boulder
EHRLICH Dora : East Perth
ELLERBY Sarah Ann : Cottesloe Beach
ELLIOTT Lucy Ruble : Boulder
ELLIS Mary : West Perth
ENGLET Mary : Maylands
ETHELL Rose : Geraldton
EVANS Sophia : Victoria Park
FAZEY Harriet Leah : Northam
FELL Elizabeth : Fremantle
FENN Elizabeth Ann : Perth
FERGUSON Christina Anne : West Midland
FERGUSON Martha : Meekatharra
FEWINGS Annie : West Perth
FIDDES Emma Joyce : Boulder
FIELD Selina Tryphena : Claremont
FISHER Margaret : Trafalgar
FITZGERALD Elizabeth Charlotte Ann : Trafalgar
FITZGERALD Margaret Frances : Perth
FITZSIMONS Agens Helena Jane : Guildford
FLAWS Rose : North Fremantle
FLAXMAN Louisa McGregor Jane : Guildford
FLINN Emily Sarah : Perth
FOAT Sarah Ann : Kalgoorlie
FOGARTY Ipsa Mary : Leederville
FORSTER Isabella : Cottesloe
FORTINGTON Ada Jemima : Broad Arrow
FOWLES Sophia Elizabeth : Albany
FOYEL Emily Jane : Albany
FRASER Mary : Fremantle
FREDBERG Sarah Anne : Perth
FRENCH Anne Elizabeth : Gosnells
FULLERTON Ellen : Northam
GANNAWAY Charlotte May : Kalgoorlie
GARBUTT Mary Jane : East Fremantle
GARD Ruth Yennings : Boulder
GARTRELL Susan Jane : Greenbushes
GAWTHORP Elizabeth Evena : North Fremantle
GIBSON Mary Anne : Claremont
GIDDENS Adelaide Mayston : Bunbury
GILBERT Hannah Maria : Fremantle
GILL Maud : Denmark
GILMOUR Elizabeth : Perth
GLASGOW Louisa Mary Josephine : Carnarvon
GLASKIN Laura Annie : West Perth
GLASS Beatrice : Narrogin
GOLDING Emily : Leonora
GOODALL Elke Zelde : Perth
GOODE Edith Ellen : South Boulder
GOODLET Ettie : Maylands
GOSSAGE Maria : Subiaco
GOULD Flora Ann : Narrogin
GOULD Elsie Gertrude : Perth
GRAHAM Augusta Carlotta : Midland Junction
GRANGER Liy Rosa : Cuballing
GRAY Emily : Meekatharra
GREEN Eliza Thomas : Collie
GREEN Emily : South Bunbury
GREENALL Annie : Subiaco
GREENALSH Kate Mary : Bayswater
GREGG Margaret : Fremantle
GRIFFITH Charlotte Magdalena : Bunbury
GROVER Elizabeth Bridget : Katanning
GROVES Bella : Kalgoorlie
GRUENERT Myra : Cottesloe North
GUNST Emily Lydia Elizabeth : Bunbury
HAGUE Millington May : Bunbury
HAINING Minna Mary Frances : Southern Cross
HALL Caroline : Kalgoorlie
HALL Mary Elizabeth : Claremont
HALL Sarah Elizabeth : Perth
HALLYBURTON Jeanet : Mt Lawley
HAMILTON Catherine : Kanowna
HAMILTON Martha Jane : Perth
HAMPSHIRE Mary Josephine : Toodyay
HAMPSON Elizabeth : Midland Junction
HANCOCK Mary : Kalgoorlie
HANCOCK May : Boulder
HANNAH Helena Longmore : Boulder
HANNAH Margaret : Perth
HANSEN Alice Maud : Midland Junction
HANSON Mary Anne : Cottesloe
HARMAN Frances : West Guildford
HARPER Hannah Norah : Armadale
HARRINGTON Mary : South Kalgoorlie
HARRIS Antoinette : Perth
HARRIS Margaret Gertrude : Gosnells
HARRIS Martha : Fremantle
HARRIS Nellie : Laverton
HARRISON Ellen Theresa : Busselton
HARRISON Jemima : Victoria Park
HARTMANN Pauline Anna : Boulder
HARTNUP Emma Jane : Albany
HARTSHORN Vergena : Wickepin
HATTON Mary : Perth
HAUB Auguste : Waroona
HAYES Lucretia Jane : Perth
HEAD Fanny : Nannine
HEANEY Sarah : Northam
HEAP Florence : Coolgardie
HEAP Mary Clarkson : Kalgoorlie
HEATH Hilda Rowena Estelle : Norseman
HEATH Mary Ann : Kalgoorlie
HELLWIG Mary : East Northam
HELSIN Elizabeth Ann : Cottesloe Beach
HEMBURY Amelia : Perth
HENDERSON Ann : Leederville
HERLIHY Ellen : Boulder
HETTICH Harriett Mary : Jarrahdale
HEWLETT Susan Ann : Kalgoorlie
HICKEY Elizabeth : East Fremantle
HICKMOTT Fanny : Leonora
HIGGINS Rosalina : Perth
HIGGS Esther Elizabeth : Boulder
HILL Gertrude Mary : Kalgoorlie
HILL Mary : Sandstone
HILLBRICH Jessie : North Perth
HITCHCOCK Martha Matilda : Jolimont
HOBBINS Annie : Yarloop
HOBLEY Jane : North Perth
HODGES Frances : Merredin
HOLCROFT Ada Davey : Kalgoorlie
HOLLAND Emily Jane : Wagin
HOLMES Ann : Williams
HOLMES Mary : Cottesloe
HOLST Rose : Moora
HORNBY-BROWN Jane : Fremantle
HOSSACK Margaret : Day Dawn
HOUGH Emily : Princess Royal
HOULAHAN Mary : Boulder
HOUSE Gertrude : Bunbury
HOWE Elizabeth : Guildford
HOWELL Mary : Perth
HOWELL Rebecca Jane : Narrogin
HUDSON Louisa Matilda : Fremantle
HUNT Elizabeth Jane : Kalgoorlie
HUNT Jane Elizabeth : York
HUNTER Harriet : Donnybrook
HUNTER Louisa : Holyoake
HUSSEY Emily : Boulder
HUTTON Helena : Perth
HUXTABLE Gertrude Isabel : Pinjarra
INGLIS Daisy : Perth
INGLIS Sarah : Cottesloe
IRVINE Mary : Cottesloe Beach
ISAAC Edith Lucy : Beverley
JACKSON Elizabeth Ann : Donnybrook
JAMES Alice Maud : Perth
JAMES Eliza : Day Dawn
JAMES Jane : Midland Junction
JAMES Theresa Adelaide : Leederville
JAMESON Elizabeth Anne : Bunbury
JEANES Charlotte Christina : West Northam
JECKS Martha : Guildford
JEFFREY Janet : East Fremantle
JENKINS Mary Eleanor : Menzies
JENSEN Laura : Narrogin
JOHNS Ellen : Kalgoorlie
JOHNSON Margaret Isabella : Bunbury
JOHNSON Ellen Maria : South Bunbury
JOHNSON Jane Susan Sophia : Leederville
JOHNSON Mary : North Fremantle
JOHNSTON Caroline : Wagin
JONES Elizabeth : Guildford
JONES Elizabeth : South Perth
JONES Elizabeth Ann : Brown Hill
JONES Ellen : Collie
JONES Emma Lydia : Wagin
JONES Josephine Elizabeth : Cottesloe
JONES Olive : Boulder
JORDAN Henrietta Janet : Perth
KALMUND Hulda : Boulder
KAZEA Jane : Fremantle
KEARNE Margaret Theresa : Perth
KEARNS Emily : Kalgoorlie
KELLIHER Bessie Bertha : Narrogin
KELLY Georgina : Fremantle
KELLY May : Leederville
KENNEDY Martha : Subiaco
KENNEY Rosina : Gwalia
KENNY Clare : Subiaco
KIDD Margaret Jane : Nannup
KIDSON Polly : Cottesloe Beach
KILMURRAY Bridget : Dongarra
KILPIN Louisa : Toodyay
KINANE Hanore : Kalgoorlie
KING Florence : Victoria Park
KING Harriett : Marley
KING Mary Jane : Boulder
KINSELLA Susan Gabriel : Albany
KIRKWOOD Annie May : Fremantle
KITOVITZ Rosa : Perth
KNAPP Elizabeth Margaret : Mundijong
KNIGHT Clara : Subiaco
KNIGHT Margaret Williamson : Fremantle
KNIGHT Rose Elizabeth : Perth
KNIGHTS Lydia : Perth
KROENERT Matilda Clara Alma : Perth
LANG Georgianna : Cottesloe
LARKIN Mary : Subiaco
LARSON Christina May : Kalgoorlie
LAWSON Jane : South Fremantle
LEE Sadie : Mt Lawley
LEE Sophy : Claremont
LEIGHTON Fanny Matilda : Subiaco
LENNON Margaret : Boulder
LEONARD Frances Mary : Northam
LESLIE Elizabeth : Perth
LETHLEAN Eliza Annie : South Fremantle
LEWIN Amy Kathleen : Goomalling
LEWIS Annie : Leederville
LEWIS Emily Elizabeth : Maylands
LEWIS Emma : Greenbushes
LILLIS Alice Mary Maud : Meekatharra
LINDLEY Florence Lucy : Pickering Brook
LISLE May St Clair : West Perth
LISTER Emma : Cottesloe Beach
LLOYD Minnie : Subiaco
LONG Emma : Cottesloe Beach
LONGMORE Isabel : Peak Hill
LOVELAND Elizabeth Ann : Cottesloe
LUDGATE Augusts Mary : Fremantle
LUKEIS Alice Louisa : Pingelly
LUNNY Bridget Agnes : Leederville
LUTH Florence Vera : Fremantle
LYFORD Charlotte Isabel : Subiaco
LYNCH Mary : Perth
MACAULAY Susan Elizabeth : Collie
MACKAY Margaret : East Perth
MACKIE Ethel Jane : York
MACLAGAN Margaret Doris Beatrice : Claremont
MAIN Margaret Annie : Perth
MALE Eleanor : Claremont
MALEY Clara Mary : Leederville
MALONE Maria : North Fremantle
MALONEY Annie : Northam
MALTMAN Sarah : Boulder
MANNING Elvina : Perth
MARKS Mary Ann : Fremantle
MARSHALL Ellen : South Bunbury
MARSHALL Florence Maud : Boulder
MARSHALL Jane Anne : Fremantle
MARSLAND Charlotte Cameron : Subiaco
MARTENS Hannorah : Narrogin
MARTIN Annie : Midland Junction
MARTIN Eliza Jane : Boulder
MARTIN Marion : Ravensthorpe
MARTIN Rose Alice : Perth
MASLIN Elizabeth Janet : Bridgetown
MASON Elizabeth : Victoria Park
MAYS Isabella : Boulder
McALINDEN Alice Harriett : Bridgetown
McARTHUR Marie : Highgate Hill
McAULAY Margaret : Perth
McCALLUM Bessie : Claremont
McCORMICK Sophia Lillian Floyd : Perth
McCROREY Elizabeth Margaret : Nanga Brook
McCUTCHEON Grace : Perth
McDONALD Elizabeth Marion : Northam
McDONALD Flora : Boulder
McDONNELL Maria : Beverley
McDONOUGH Catherine : Subiaco
McGLADE Elizabeth : Albany
McGOWAN Clara : Kalgoorlie
McGUCKIN Helena : Leederville
McINNES Amy : Bunbury
McINTOSH Minnie : Cannington
McKAY Amy Agnes : Northam
McKAY Isabella : Perth
McKENNAY Helen : Toodyay
McKENZIE Amelia Jane : Fremantle
McKENZIE Gwen : Leonora
McKINNEY Elizabeth Ann : Parkerville
McLACHLAN Annie Adelaide : Nanga Brook Mill, Via Yarloop
McLAREN Emma : Cannington
McLEAN Eugene Eve : Broad Arrow
McLEAN Robina : Boulder
McLERNON Malvena Helena : Youanmi
McMILLAN Emma : Leederville
McMORRAN Elizabeth : North Perth
McMURRAY Catherine : North Perth
McNABB Julia : Boulder
McNAMARA Ellen May : Perth
McNAMARA Mary Ann : Moora
McNERNEY Margaret Hannah : Boulder
McROHAN Mary Ann : Subiaco
McWHINNEY May Alice : Mt Lawley
MEDLYN Sarah : Perth
MENZIES Grace : East Narrogin
METTAM Hannah : Maylands
MILES Maggie Grace : Kalgoorlie
MILES Sarah Ann : Kalgoorlie
MILLEDGE Mabel : Perth
MILLEN Lydia : Kelmscott
MILLER Catherine Rachel : West Subiaco
MILLS Hannah : Subiaco
MILLWARD Elizabeth : Boulder
MITCHELL Alice : Claremont
MITCHELL Mary Catherine : Boulder
MOLAN Emily : Nannine
MOLISON-SMITH Gertrude Ellen : Claremont
MOONEY Bertha : Kalgoorlie
MOORE Adeline : Fremantle
MOORE Alice Forsyth : Perth
MORESBY Janet Caroline : Wongan
M0RGAN Charlotte : Fremantle
MORGAN Lucy Emma : North Perth
MORLOCK Alice Mary : Perth
MORRIS Gertrude Laura : Boulder
MORRIS Sarah Ann : Southern Cross
MORRISON Alice Catherine : Fremantle
MORRISON Jane Fothergill : Geraldton
MOSLEY Norah : Midland Junction
MOTTERHAM Elizabeth : Claremont
MUIR Catherine : Menzies
MUIR Margaret : Southern Cross
MULDER Mary : Kalgoorlie
MULLERY Margaret : Perth
MUNDAY Miriam Grace : Marradong
MURPHY Elizabeth : Northam
MURPHY Sarah Jane : Doodennaning, Via Green Hills
MURRAY Sarah Anne : Perth
NEEDLE Mary Ann : North Fremantle
NELSON Mary Jane : South Bunbury
NESS Elizabeth Ann : Narrogin
NEVE Frances Swan : Menzies
NICHOLLS Annie : Boulder
NICHOLLS Isabella : Fremantle
NICKOLL Elizabeth Harriet : Jarrahdale
NILSSON Eliza : Northam
NORTHEY Caroline : Boulder
NYE Eliza Constance : Cottesloe Beach
OAKLANDS Mary Anne : Norseman
O'BRIEN Mary Mildred : Subiaco
O'CALLAGHAN Mary : Perth
O'CONNOR Eliza : Dongarra
O'CONNOR Margaret : Yarloop
O'DEA Margaret Ellen : Geraldton
O'FARRELL Elizabeth : Midland Junction
O'GRADY Mary : Fremantle
OLDHAM Frances Maud : Perth
OLDHAM Mary Ellen : East Fremantle
OLIVER Elizabeth Lucy : Beverley
O'LOUGHLIN Harriet Rachel : Boulder
O'NEILL Agnes Frances : Kalgoorlie
O'NEILL Emily Gertrude : Perth
O'NEILL Mary Jane : Dardanup
ORR Maud Herrington : Greenbushes
OSMOND Marry Ellen : Mount Magnet
OWENS Ellen : Fremantle
PALMER Elizabeth : Subiaco
PARKER Annie : West Pingelly
PARKER Christina : Sandstone
PARKER Elizabeth : Maylands
PARRY Amelia Louisa : Perth
PARSONS Margaret Ann : East Fremantle
PATTERSON Annie : Norseman
PATTIESON Henrietta C.F. : Midland Junction
PAUL Annetta : Bunbury
PAYNTER Agnes Minnie : Beverley
PEACOCK Susan : Cranbrook
PEAKE Jane : East Northam
PEARSON Annie : Jarrahdale
PEARSON Barbara : Brown Hill
PEAT Jessie : Boulder
PENDREIGH Hannah : Laverton
PENGLASE Mary Ann : Coolgardie
PENNY Jenny : Pingelly
PERKINS Gertrude Maria : Leonora
PERRY Catherine : Tammin
PERRY Isabella : Mount Magnet
PETERS Ellen : Northam
PETERSON Emily : Cottesloe Beach
PETTERSON Kate Louisa : Sandstone
PHILLIPS Margaret : Sandstone
PHILLIPS Mary Louisa : Wilga
PHILLIPS Miriam : Kalgoorlie
PHILLIPSON Sarah Ann : Leederville
PHIN William Jane : Midland Junction
PICKERlNG Mary : Subiaco
PLAYLE Rose : Williams
PLEDGE Elizabeth : Katanning
PLUMMER Lillian Susan : Perth
PODGER Grace : Kelmscott
POLA Mary : Day Dawn
POOLE Jane : Boulder
PORTER Margaret : Fremantle
PORTER May : Kalgoorlie
POTTER Eleanor Annie : Kalgoorlie
POTTS Emma : Pingelly
POWELL Ellen : Albany
PRESCOTT Emily Jane : Cannington
QUARTERMAINE Fanny Alice : Katanning
QUIGLEY Catherine : Perth
QUINN Ada : Gwalia
QUINN Mary : Subiaco
RAISON Emily : Perth
RANFORD Sarah Agnes : Goomalling
RAUCH Annie Marie : Subiaco
RAYMOND Charlotte : Perth
RAYNOR Isabella : West Northam
READ Mary Ellen : Subiaco
READER Florence Emaline : Subiaco
REED Margaret Jane : Armadale
REGAN Hannah : Geraldton
RENNIE Rachel : Mount Magnet
REYNOLDS Susanna : Perth
RICHARDS Edith Ellen : North Perth
RICHARDS Elesa : Menzies
RICHARDS Eliza : Busselton
RICHARDS Martha : Boulder
RICHARDSON Cicely Margaret : Collie
RICHARDSON Jean Thompson : Perth
RIDDELL Alice Jane : Geraldton
RIX Ethel Grace : Subiaco
ROATCH Esther : Albany
ROBERTS Ann : Boulder
ROBERTSON Elizabeth Ann : Meekatharra
ROBERTSON Isabella : Comet Vale
ROBOTTOM Mary Annie : Subiaco
RODDA Catherine Morcom : Boulder
RODGERS Elizabeth : Bunbury
ROSS Namoi Souter : Cottesloe
ROSSER Mary : Kalgoorlie
ROUTLEDGE Florence : Kalgoorlie
ROWE Grace : Guildford
RUDD Alice : Northam
RULE Elizabeth : Perth
RULE Frances : Boulder
RUMBELLOW Emily : Subiaco
RUSSELL Emily Clara : Kalgoorlie
RUST Kate : East Perth
RYAN Grace Josephine : Subiaco
RYAN Helena : Subiaco
RYAN Josephine Mary : Malcolm
RYAN Mary Jane : Boulder
RYDER Louise : Pingelly
RYRIE Helen Blanche : Hillside, Benger, near Bunbury
SALMON Margaret Ann : Laverton
SAMPSON Anne Sarah Standfield : Kellerberrin
SANDS Fanny Mercy : Victoria Park
SAUNDERS Phoebe Jean : South Bunbury
SCALLY Winifred : North Toodyay
SCARFE Clara Gertrude : Perth
SCARFFE Margaret Ann : Fremantle
SCOTT Annie DeWitt : Northam
SCOTT Elizabeth Harriet : Worsley
SCOTT Esther Jane : Boyanup
SCOTT Matilda : Claremont
SCRIVENER Eliza Ann : Gosnells
SEABORN Agnes : Trafalgar
SEARL Mary : Victoria Park
SEARLE Annie : Geraldton
SEARLES Jean : Kalgoorlie
SEFTON Annie : Perth
SELLIN Ada : Leederville
SHADDICK Caroline : Mourambine
SHARP Jane Elizabeth : Queen's Park
SHARPE Annie : Victoria Park
SHARPE Frances Mary : Subiaco
SHAW Isabella : Leederville
SHEEDY Annie Jane : South Fremantle
SHELDON Mary Ann : Kalgoorlie
SHIELDS Florence Grace Goodall : Katanning
SHIELDS Margaret Evangeline : Perth
SHORT Susannah : Perth
SIEKMANN Franziska Brinkworth : Northam
SIEMONEIT Anna : Fremantle
SIEVERS Christina : Nannine
SIMCOCK Isabel : Darling Range
SIMMONS Annie Palmer : Kalgoorlie
SINCLAIR Georgina : North Perth
SINCLAIR Julia : Esperance
SINCOCK Isabella : Boulder
SING Louisa Emilie : Claremont
SIZER Emma : Boulder
SKENE Mary : Perth
SKINNER Elizabeth Maud : Narrogin
SKINNER Jane Wilson : Perth
SKINNER Mary Louisa : London, S.E.
SKOGLUND Mary Amelie : Fremantle
SLATER Mary Eliza : Perth
SLATTERY Teresa Anne : West Midland
SMALES Sarah Frances : Pinjarra
SMITH Amelia Anne : North Fremantle
SMITH Amelia Victoria : Dangin
SMITH Annie Maria : Wellington Mills
SMITH Barbara : Subiaco
SMITH Bridget : East Perth
SMITH Charlotte : York
SMITH Eliza : Bridgetown
SMITH Elizabeth : Kookynie
SMITH Elizabeth : Dwellingup
SMITH Ellen : Yarloop
SMITH Emma : Kalgoorlie
SMITH Emma : Cue
SMITH Emma Charity : Claremont
SMITH Emma Elizabeth : Mt Lawley
SMITH Eveleen MAud Hayes : Subiaco
SMITH Margaret : Gosnells
SMITH Maria : York
SMITH Maria : West Northam
SMITH Marjory : Cue
SMITH Mary Ann : Geraldton
SMITH Myra King : Geraldton
SMITH Marie Wilson : Perth
SMITH Rachel : Kalgoorlie
SMITH Susan : Perth
SMOKER Elizabeth Ann : Dangin
SOMERS Annie : Perth
SPEEDY Ellen Sarah : Narra Tarra, Via Geraldton
SPEERS Eliza Emily : Claremont
STAFFORD Agnes : Kalgoorlie
STAFFORD Margaret Maria : Wickepin
STARICK Henrietta : Gosnells
STEVENS Elizabeth : Armadale
STEVENS Sarah : Laverton
STEWART Helen : Midland Junction
STIRTON Isabella : Holyoake
STOBBS Mabel : Fremantle
STOCKLEY Alice Maud Mary : Perth
STREET Elizabeth : Bayswater
STUART Catherine Mary : Guildford
STURMAN Agnes Mary : Geraldton
STURT Margaret : Perth
SUMMERELL Mary Elizabeth : Perth
SUMPTON Mary Jane : East Fremantle
SUTTON Marion Elizabeth Margaret : Mandurah
SWANNELL Fanny Eliza : Lake Yealering, Via Wickepin
SWARBRICK Elizabeth : Subiaco
TAIT Marky Minto : Perth
TALBOT Ada Lucy : Fremantle
TALBOT Alice Mary Somerville : Fremantle
TALBOT Mabel Sophia : Fremantle
TATE Irene : Perth
TAYLOR Jessie : Gwalia
TCHAN Isabell : Midland Junction
TEASDALE Mary Nicholson : Boulder
TETLOW Elizabeth : Geraldton
THIRLOWAY Janet : Kalgoorlie
THOMAS Jane : Mount Magnet
THOMAS Mary : Menzies
THOMPSON Laura : Perth
THOMPSON Mary : Kalgoorlie
THOMPSON Mary Anne : Kalgoorlie
THOMPSON Mary Josephine : Boulder
TILLETT Louisa : Boulder
TINDALE Eleanor Forrest : Kookynie
TRACEY Eliza : Perth
TRATHAM Kathie : Tambellup
TREBY Sarah Avarilla : North Perth
TRIGWELL Ellen : Donnybrook
TRIGWELL Lucy : Donnybrook
TRUSCOTT Annie : Midland Junction
TRUSLOVE Sarah : Roebourne
TURNER Annie : Bellevue
TURNER Elizabeth Anne : Kalgoorlie
TURNER Susan : Tambellup
TURTON Mary Jane : Fremantle
TWINE Ethel Hannah : Toodyay
TYERS Lillian Rose : Perth
TYLOR Annie Louisa : Katanning
UHE Fanny Marie Annie : Perth
UNDERHILL Harriet : Parkerville
UREN Matilda Maud : Boulder
VAN HUERCK Annie : Perth
VIERK Ernestine Sophia : Perth
VINCENT Mary Esther : Geraldton
WAITE Sarah : Perth
WAITE Sarah Anne : Woodlupine
WAKEFORD Ruth : Burracoppin
WALKER Ellen : Perth
WALKER Margaret Ann : Leederville
WALSH Mary Ellen : Kalgoorlie
WANSBROUGH Mary : Beverley
WANSBROUGH Matilda : Beverley
WARD Sarah Jane : West Perth
WARMAN Mary Jane : West Perth
WARNE Wilhelmina : Fremantle
WARNER Bridget : Ludlow, near Busselton
WARNER Elizabeth : Busselton
WASHER Elizabeth : Victoria Park
WATERS Mary : Toodyay
WATKINS Josephine Mary : North Fremantle
WATSON Henrietta : Fremantle
WATTS Catherine : Boulder
WATTS Eliza Ann : Perth
WEAVER Charlotte : Highgate Hill
WEAVER Hannah : Maylands
WEBB Harriett : Boulder
WELLS Amelia : Perth
WELLS Sarah : West Northam
WEST Charlotte : Pinjarra
WEST Lavinia : Victoria Park
WESTBURY Catherine Eliza : North Fremantle
WHEELER Madeline : North Perth
WHITE Beatrice : Perth
WHITE Jane : Perth
WHITE Margaret Ann : South Bunbury
WHITE Marie : Doodlakine
WHITE Priscilla Faith : Maylands
WHITTLESTON Catherine : Perth
WILDING Mary : North Fremantle
WILKINSON Alice May : North Perth
WILKINSON Mary Ann : Subiaco
WILLCOX-PLUMMER Helena : West Perth
WILLIAMS Dorothea Ann : Burbanks
WILLIAMS Emily : Perth
WILLIAMS Gertrude : Perth
WILLIAMS Jane : Kalgoorlie
WILLIAMS Mary Elizabeth : East Fremantle
WILLIAMSON Mary : West Perth
WILLIS Elizabeth : Cue
WILLIS Maud Alice : Perth
WILLS Emilie Charlotte : Perth
WILLSON Ruth : Claremont
WILSON Annetta : Kalgoorlie
WILSON Agnes : South Fremantle
WILSON Emily : Perth
WILSON Margaret : Boulder
WILSON Mary : South Fremantle
WIGGETT Annie : Cottesloe Beach
WOOD Mary Anne : Pinjarra
WOODS Julia Ann : Donnybrook
WOODS Sarah Elizabeth : Collie
WOODWORD Ellen : Fremantle
WOOLER Annie : Boulder
WOOSNAM Mary Ann : Day Dawn
WRANKMORE Sarah Alice : East Perth
WRAY Ernestine : Collie
WRIGHT Adelaide : Perth
WRIGHT Margaret : Sandstone
WRIGHT Martha Annie : Boulder
WYATT Sarah : Kulyaling
WYLDE Sara : Bayswater
YEOMAN Florence : Leederville
YURACKA Catherine : Perth

Bardoc Murder suspects.

The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954) Thursday 20 September 1894
By Telegraph.
COOLGARDIE, Wednesday.
The sensation of the hour is still the discovery of the murdered man five miles beyond Bardoc. In addition to the principal blow several fractures were caused by blows with a pick, all apparently struck from behind. The only property found on the body was an old watch and a small compass. There was also a small speck of gold, evidently overlooked by the murderer when stripping his victim. The police have returned from Bardoc, and confirm the news of the murder committed there. They state that on the body being exhumed it was found that a pick had been driven with terrific force clean through the skull of the deceased. The body had then been huddled into the workings, which were then roughly covered in with dbris lying round the pit's mouth. The murderer, so far, has eluded the vigilance of the police, but as he is a foreignor, and a perfect Hercules appearance, his capture is considered certain. It is thought probable that he will try to make for the Mount Margaret district.
The body of the murdered man was buried without identification. It is generally regretted that the police did not publish a full description of the marks on the body as it is believed that these were sufficiently peculiar to make identification easy. A crowd inspected the body, but only one person had previously seen the deceased but did not know his name.

Western Mail (Perth, WA : 1885 - 1954)
Saturday 29 September 1894

William Sodding was arrested near Londonderry on Saturday, on suspicion of being the Bardoc murderer. He answers to the general description of the assassin, in regard to height, build, etc. and was known to have been out at the rush at or about the time the murder was committed, but beyond that there is nothing to connect him with the tradgedy as yet. Persons who saw the digger at the time he was burying the murdered man, have been telegraphed for to see whether they can identify Sodding. There are stains on the prisoner's trousers, but be states they were merely caused by carelessly eating jam. Sodding is a German tailor, formerly employed in the town.

The West Australian
Wednesday 2 January 1895

The Coolgardie Miner of December 22nd *writes:-
A member of the jury who sat on the Bardoc murder case has called at The Miner office to express his grave suspicion that one of the three 'discoverers' of the victim was actually the murderer.
He observed at the time of the inquest that one of them appeared to be almost paralysed with fear, and had himself to attempt to support him had he needed it. The same juryman was in the neighbourhood of Bardoc at the time of the crime, and thinks then if the three witnesses had done their duty they would have called a roll-up forthwith. Our informant says that he is moved to make this communication by a worrying fear that he has perhaps unwittingly contributed towards throwing justice off the track. He is prepared io identity the object of his suspicions, and to assist the police in every way.
For obvious reasons the juryman's name is not made public, but the police are welcome to it on application to us. It is not a little curious that this opinion coincides with the one so frequently expressed in these columns and echoed by Mr. A. G. Hales in an Adelaide journal. It is probable that intelligent investigation -even at this late hour would lead to a reopening of the case and the ultimate vindication of outraged humanity and law. We earnestly urge upon others who have scraps of evidence in their possesion either favourable or the opposite to our expressed opinion to forward them without delay. We promise the utmost secrecy in regard to such communications, except so far as informing the police ara concerned."

Kalgoorlie Western Argus (WA : 1896 - 1916)
Thursday 6 October 1898

A Lunatic at Large.
THE ALLEGED BARDOC MURDERER. The Bunbury Herald of Saturday has the following : For several months past the vagaries of a lunatic at large named Bret Holsten have been the case of considerable annoyance and no little alarm to the settlers in the Black wood district. The unfortunate man used to sleep in hollow trees, under logs and in such like resting places, and would wander about during the day, turning up at the various homsteads.
Information was conveyed to the police at Bridgetown and Bunbury,amid several attempts were made to capture the " wild" man, but without success. The force at Bridgetown became weakened through the illness of two con stables stationed there, so that when news of the whereabouts of the outcast was again sent to the officer-in-charge of police in Bunbury Constable Shields was sent out with a tracker, but the track was lost by the runaway swimming the river and escaping into the bush. Constable Vaughan, of Bunbury, was then despatched about 10 days ago to assist Shields to capture the man. After many days of fruitless search the tracks of the fugitive were picked up on Saturday last near Mr Wheatley's on the Warren River and going towards the south coast. The tracks led through a dense undergrowth,through which it was impossible to take the horses. The constables therefore dismounted and Shields took the horses round while Vaughan followed the tracks. Traces of the haunts of the man were found in several places, such as rush beds and camp fires, many of which seemed to have been several months old. On Monday the constables found the hollow tree in which the fugitive had slept on the previous night, and fresh tracks leading in the direction of Mr Wheatley's residence. Following the tracks the fugitive was sighted about 9 o'clock in the afternoon. He took refuge in the barn, and when driven to bay turned on his pursuers armed with a tomahawk and a butcher's lknife, remarking, "You will not take me alive, I will fight for my life. I know what I have done, and I know that I will swing for it." A desperate struggle lasting about 20 minutes then ensued, and when the constables disarmed him the lunatic kicked and bit like a dog and foamed at the mouth. He refused, when overpowered, to give his name, saying that the police knew his name, as they had been after him for four years. He refused to walk, and a cart had to be hired to bring him to Bridgetown. Before leaving he started to tell his captors that he had done away with his mate at the diggings." Vaughan warned him in the usual manner, and he started to pray to God to forgive him for what he had done. On the journey to Bridge town he made several attempts to escape, and one of the constables had to sit up at night to watch him. During the night the prisoner conversed with his captors quite rationally, and in the course of the conversation asked why it was that 1000 had been offered for Ned Kelly's head and only 100 for his. He was charged at the Bridgetown Police Court with being of unsound mind, and on the certificate of Dr Dickinson was committed to the Fremantle lunatic asylum. On his arrival in Bunbury in charge of Constable Vaughan; persistent rumors became current that the man was suspected by the authorities to be the man who was wanted in connection with the brutal Bardoc murder which took place on the goldfields nearly four years ago. To ascertain the correctness or otherwise of this rumor, our representative waited on Sergeant. Mitchell yesterday morning and was told by that official that he could not account for such a rumor, as he was not aware of the alleged identity of the prisoner. "If," continued Sergeant Mitchell, "people will circulate wild reports of this descriptin they should have some grounds for their statements." It is also said that at Picton Junction a former resident of the goldfields identified the prisoner as having been on the fields some four years ago.

Was Richard Ashe the man Butler? Was Ashe the Bardoc Murderer?


Butler, according to an old sailor, now resident in Newcastle, New South Wales, was at one time known as Richard Ashe, in which name he shipped about the year, 1893, in the barque, Olive Bank, at Rio de Janeiro. The barque was bound for the port of Newcastle, New South Wales, and during the voyage Ashe is represented to have given a great deal of trouble. On arrival at Newcastle he feigned illness, and on the captain taking him the prescribed medicine, Ashe flew into a violent temper, and threatened to take the master's life. For this offence he was charged at the Newcastle police court, and was sentenced to one month's imprisonment.


A Richard Ashe, presumably the same man, next appears on the scene at Newcastle, Western Australia, where he was sentenced on the 28th of August, 1893, to six months imprisonment for unlawful possession. On the 8th of February, 1894, he again faced Mr. Adam, the Newcastle magistrate, on a similar charge. On this occasion he is alleged to have stolen a horse, saddle and bridle at Newcastle, and started on a journey with them to Perth. He did not, however, get past Guildford, where he was arrested with the stolen property in his possession. For this offence he was sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour.


In a small way Ashe was evidently bent on distinguishing himself in the criminal records of Western Australia. Apparently his term of incarceration at Fremantle had only ended when he journeyed to Northam. There he again committed offences which brought him in trouble with the authorities. Several petty larcenies had occurred from the tents of men who were camping in Northam, en route to the goldfields. Ashe was held under suspicion, and, on a favourable chance offering, was chased by the police to his tent, where a search disclosed that he had concealed much of the stolen property reported. He was, there- fore, again brought before the Newcastle magistrate on the 1st of September, 1894, and tried on three separate charges of larceny. In each case he was sentenced to six months' imprisonment with hard labour.


From inquiries made it appears that Richard Ashe served all his terms of imprisonment at Fremantle gaol. Questioned as to the character of the prisoner while under his charge, the superintendent of that institution, Mr. Samuel Hope, informed a representative of this paper that Ashe had been well behaved. Good behaviour, it appears, is often the characteristic of an old gaol-bird, as previous experience may have shown him the inutility of fighting against the powers that be. It does not, therefore, follow that good behaviour on the part of a prisoner is an outward visible sign of an inward invisible goodness. The front of Mr. Hope's present home is protected by a cement and iron fence, in the erection of which Ashe assisted.


Ashe was released from Fremantle Gaol in about January 1896. It would then appear as if he worked his way on to the Coolgardie goldfield. There is strong pre- sumptive evidence that he was at Coolgardie on or about August, 1896; and, further, on his arrival in New South Wales he is reported to have shown jewellery made from gold which he represented he had obtained in Western Australia. At any rate, on the 2nd of December, 1896, the Sydney police received a telegram from Mr. Frank Horwood, mining engineer and assayer, of Coolgardie, informing them that a black bag had been stolen from him about 4 months previously, in which were contained his assayer's certificate from the Ballarat School of Mines. The bag contained other documents, but this telegram had special reference to the assayer's certificate. It appears that the Sydney police in tracking up Captain Lee-Wellerone of Butler's alleged victimsfound, at one of the camps, an assayer's certificate in the name of Frank Horwood.
Hence the connection of Butler with Coolgardie. In this respect, it must also be remembered that Lee-Weller first came in touch with Butler, owing to an advertisement in a Sydney newspaper, where a prospector enquired for a mate. On answering the advertisement Lee-Weller met Butler, who, it is alleged, introduced himself as Frank Horwood, showing the purloined assayer's certificate as a proof of his identity.


The next appearance of Butler, after the disappearance of Mr. Horwood's bag at Coolgardie, is recorded at Grafton in New South Wales, on the 15th of September, 1896. Here he represented himself as a prospector, and expressed himself well satisfied with the diggings in the locality, to which he promised to return. He is reported, whilst in this neighbourhood, to have presented to a fellow-traveller a mining map of New South Wales, on which was written the name of Frank Horwood. On the 19th of October he left Emu Plains station with young Preston, whose fate and that of Lee-Weller at a later date are now matters of common knowledge.
The embarkation of Butler under the name of Lee-Weller, en route to San Francisco, as a sailor on the Swanhilda, and the termination of his trip, are also matters on which the public have been kept fully informed.


It only now remains to investigate the reasons which lead to the inference that Richard Ashe, whose career in this colony has been referred to, and Butler of the Glenbrook tragedies, are one and the same man. Firstly, there is the statement of the old sailor at Newcastle, New South Wales, to the effect that Butler was known to him in 1893 as Richard Ashe.
Further, it appears that this same old sailor met him again in Newcastle in November, 1896, after the Glenbrook murders had been committed, and when Butler had booked as a sailor in the Swanhilda. It was on this occasion that Butler told his old shipmate that he had done well in Australia. On being asked how he had done so well Butler is alleged to have drawn two cartridges from his pocket and said, " This is how I got my living," with the significant addendum, "If they had any stuff on them it was only a matter of pinking them." The old sailor is positive that his shipmate Richard Ashe on the Olive Bank in 1893 was the same person who booked on the Swanhilda in the name of Butler. Further, the photographs and description issued by the Sydney police to the police of this colony of Butler, the alleged perpetrator of the Glenbrook tragedies, agree with the appearance of the man Richard Ashe, who served some two years in the Fremantle gaol. Both the Northam police, who arrested him, and Mr. Hope, Superintendent of the Fremantle Gaol, who saw him daily for two years, are emphatic on this point. Piecing these various items together, it would appear as if there is reasonable proof of the two names being used by the same man.


The WEST AUSTRALIAN of 16th September, 1894, contained a telegraphic account of a supposed cold-blooded murder committed near Coolgardie. It appears that a digger was discovered apparently working a reef by himself in the bush near Bardoc, ten miles from the Broad Arrow. The party who discovered him asked permission to inspect the workings, but were refused. Their attention, however, was diverted by him to another alleged find, which after careful search they could not discover. The party returned to the scene of the solitary miner's labour, and concluded from his absence and the fact of the workings being newly filled in, that they were on a rich find. On reopening the workings a gruesome discovery was made. A corpse was revealed from hip to shoulder on one side, which discovery being made the hole was again filled in and the matter reported to the police.
The supposed murderer was reported to be of extraordinary appearance, being a fair German or Swede, standing 6ft. 2in. in height, and proportionately built. The police on their return confirmed the murder, and stated that the deceased had been killed by a terrific blow from a pick, which had gone through the skull with great force. The body was buried without identification, as out of a crowd of visitors who viewed it, only one had previously seen the deceased, but did not know his name. Some arrests ware made, but none of them led to anything, and eventually the murder became one of those mysteries which ever and anon crop up. A reference to the dates mentioned will show that this murder could scarcely have been committed, as has been suggested, by the alleged author of the Glenbrook tragedies. The Bardoc murder was committed in September, 1894, at which period Butler, or Ashe, was in Fremantle Gaol; also, the alleged Bardoc murderer was described by those who had seen him as a person of Herculean proportions, which Butler is not, his height being 5ft. 10in., while that of the supposed Bardoc murderer was given at 6ft. 2in. These considerations seem effectually to dispose of the theorynatural under the circumstancesthat the author of the Bardoc murder and the perpetrator of the Glenbrook tragedies were one and the same person.

Printed when Charlie Walsh died-Sunday Times (Perth, WA : 1902 - 1954) Sunday 28 July 1918 p 16 Article

Charlie Walsh was a genial and popular pioneer of Bayley-street, where he ran a big store in conjunction with his brothers. It was the rendezvous of many of the prospectors who were probing the unknown wilderness north and north-east of Coolgardie, and Walsh Brothers were kept busy in fitting out the parties that were daily striking out to look for new El Dorados, it was Charlie Walsh who first brought in news of the Bardoc murder, which caused a great sensation in 1894. The body of a man was found in shallow trench, with only a little earth hurriedly thrown upon It. The murderer disappeared, and was never traced, though there was some slight evidence to the effect that he was a German. When Charlie reached Coolgardie, he told the news, to a Journalist connected with the "Golden Age," but it was too late for that day's issue, which was printed, so the journalist resorted to strategy in order to prevent the only man with the information from putting it into the hands of Vosper or Billy Clare, who were running the opposition "Miner." A bottle of whisky was produced, also a roll of copy-paper, and between questions and answers and taking notes, insidious invitations to partake of the potheen ended in a journalist and bis prey going to sleep. But the situation was saved, "for" the "Golden Age" next day came out with the first intimation of "The Bardoc Murder.'*

As ASHE/BUTLER was in Fremantle prison at the time of the Bardoc Murder here are a couple of more SUSPECTS

The photo below- taken in Bailey St., Coolgardie out side The Miner Newspaper office about 1894.
Stay tuned

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John Francis Fitzgerald aka Honey Fitz 1863-1950

Honey Fitz was grand father of the 35th President of the United States, John Fitzgerald Kennedy aka JFK. He was also the Mayor of Boston, an office that no Irish Catholic had ever held before him and a congressional representative.His warmth of character earned him the nickname, "Honey Fitz". He also gained the name because of the sweetness of his singing voice. "Sweet Adeline" was his favorite song to sing.

View- Honey Fitz and Boston's 1905 Mayoral Election .

John Francis FITZGERALD was born on the 11 February 1863 in Boston Massachusetts, and died on the 2 October 1950, he was one of 12 children born to Thomas FITZGERALD and Rosanna COX.

Thomas Fitzgerald was born 4 December 1823 in Bruff, Limerick and died in Boston on 19 May 1885 his parents were Michael Fitzgerald b: 1797 (see Notes)and Ellen WILMOUTH. Ellen had been born in Bruff in 1799 and her and Michael were married in Bruff on the 19 January 1821. Ellen FITZGERALD, nee WILMOUTH died in Boston on the 17 November 1875.
Michael FITZGERALD died on the 19 January 1823 at Duganstown, Wexford, Ireland.
The widow of Michael, Mrs. Ellen Fitzgerald, came to Boston with 3 of her daughters and 1 son and went to Prince Edward Island

Rose Anna Cox Fitzgerald was born in Tonymore County Ireland in 1835. The daughter of Philip COX and Mary MCGOVERN. She emmigrated to America where she married Thomas Fitzgerald at St Stephen's Catholic Church in the North End of Boston on the 15 November 1857.

Rosanna died in childbirth having her 13th child on the 18 March 1879. They lost their first child before he was 2. and two girls died in infancy. They had 9 sons, researchers only know of 5 of the sons marrying and having children: John, Michael, James, Henry, and George. Researchers don't know if James, William, and Edward married, and Joseph was the disabled son

Rosanna Cox was a first cousin to Patrick McGovern. Patrick's sister, Bridget was the maid of honor at the wedding of Rose and Thomas Fitzgerald. His sister Susan was the Godmother to Honey Fitz.

The children of Thomas FITZGERALD 1823-1885 and Rose Anna nee COX 1835-1879 were:-

Michael Fitzgerald 1858 1860
James T Fitzgerald 1860 1950
Thomas J Fitzgerald 1861 1893
John Francis Fitzgerald 1863 1950
Michael J Fitzgerald 1864 1925
William S Fitzgerald 1865 1899
Edward C Fitzgerald 1867 1940
Joseph A Fitzgerald 1868 1920
Ellen R Fitzgerald 1870 1870
George F Fitzgerald 1871 1914
Henry S Fitzgerald 1875 1955
Mary Ellen Fitzgerald 1879 1879

Political Career/Connections of John Francis FITZGERALD 1863-1950

Party Affiliation: Democrat

Member of Boston Common Council
1893-1894: State Senator (Massachusetts)

1895-1901 U.S. House of Representatives (Mass. 9th District)

1906-1907: Mayor of Boston

1910-1913: Mayor of Boston

1912: Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Massachusetts

1916: Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senator from Massachusetts (lost)

1919: U.S. House of Representatives (Mass. 10th District)

1922: Democratic Candidate for Governor of Massachusetts, (lost)

1932: Delegate to Democratic National Convention from Massachusetts

1. There is division as to where Michael Fitzgerald 1797-1823 was born. Some say Bruff, Ireland and other's say it was Amelia Springs, Amelia, Virginia!

2.Tom Fitzgerald came from Bruff. These records are on the parish records in both Knockainey & Bruff. when Jean Kennedy Smith was ambassador in Ireland, she visited Bruff and with her sister they viewed the Bruff parish church records, with the FITZGERALD information on it.

3.The bible used to keep the family records and to swear in JFK as president came from the palatine road, Bruff.

There is no disputing these facts.

4. Honey Fitz married a Hannon women whose parents also emigrated from the Bruff area in county limerick, Ireland.

The Bruff church record are still intact and have all the births,death and marriages of the Fitzgerald clan before they emigrated from Ireland. Although not online.

The Bruff Heritage Group are at present embarking upon a project which they hope will help clarify and establish dates of births and dates of death and marriages recorded in our parish records, relating to various member of the Fitzgerald family.

Below is a portrait of James Francis 'Honey Fitz' Fitzgerald

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