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Keeping the Kids Safe (Australia)

This isn't genealogy but a little bit about our interesting history.

My aunt told me, owning an air-raid bag and doing the drills was a marvellous adventure which lasted about a week then it became a chore and many bags were left at home or on the bus.
Nah, children haven't changed

World War Two was a difficult time for children. Some children didn't see their father for long periods of time and others would never see their father again. Many children were evacuated from England to Australia or from cities to country towns. Some pets had to be put down because of the lack of food due to rationing. School children contributed to the war effort by collecting rubber, paper and saucepans. Our empty toothpaste tubes were taken to school for scrap metal collections. There were also strict rules about wasting paper.
Many teachers left their jobs to join up. The return to school at the beginning of 1942 was delayed by two weeks while trenches were being dug in all the school grounds. Pupils were taught the procedures for moving into the trenches. Air-raid drills were performed regularly and children had to take their own air-raid bag to school containing all the items they needed for emergency.
The photo below shows children at a Sydney kindergarten practicing their air-raid drill. The headgear was designed to muffle the sound of explosions, protect their teeth and prevent them from biting their tongues.

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Wencil Vaclav Janda 1817-1911

Wencil was born in 1817 in Zdaslav Klatovy, Bohemia, Czechoslavakia, and died in Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa in 1911. He was the son of Josef JANDA b:1790 in Zdaslav, Klatovy, Bohemia and Magdalina MNU b: 1795 Klatovy, Bohemia.
In 1847 in Bohemia Wencil Vaclav JANDA married Anna MATOUS.
Anna MATOUS was born on the 19 November 1822 at Borice, Nova, Domachlice, Bohemia and died on the 27 March 1887 at Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa.
Wencil and Anna had 7 children:-

1.Magdalina Janda b:1848 Zdeslav, Klatovy, Bohemia d: 1896

2.Josef Yanda (Janda) b:Feb. 1849 Zdaslav, Klatovy, Bohemia and d: 1911 Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa m. (?)Katerena 'Katie' HANZLIK 1850-1911 on 4 March 1878

3.Barta (Barton) Janda b:1852 Zdaslav, Klatovy, Bohemia d:1954 Linn, Iowa m. Katherine CHERMAK 1857-1937 in 1873

4.Vaclav "Wenziel" Janda b:1854 Zdaslav, Klatovy, Bohemia d: 1914 Cedar Rapids Linn Iowa. m. (1)Adelia ? (2) Boena Chrpová

5. Frank (Frantisek) Janda b:1860 Zdaslav, Okris, Klatovy d: in Hawaii m. (1) Mary CARTER (2) Ann SIMON

6.Lizzie (Alzbeta) Janda b: 1865 Zdaslav, Klatovy, Czechoslovakia m. Vaclav E VANE on 20 January 1885 See Family Bible below

7. Rudolf/Rudolph Janda b: 1869 Wisconsin and died about 1883


[Family Bible in possession of Dr. L. F. Vane 2000 Grande Ave., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, 52403

RELATION: FHL 0984047 Marriage register, Linn County, Iowa, 1869 - 1908 page 154, item 5. Records Vaclav Vane age 22 md Lizzie Janda age 20 on 20 Jan 1885 by A. St.Clair Smith, Justice of the Peace.
Groom`s father is John Vane born in Bohemia, Austria;
groom's mother is Katie Oliver;
Bride's father is Wencil Janda, born Bohemia, Austria;
Bride`s mother is Anna Matous.
CENSUS:1885 Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa, 7th ward, Pg 369, item 10. FHL1021491 records Wencil Yanda, occupation Blacksmith. NOTE:FHL0989480 History of Linn Co., Iowa. The 1895 City Directory pg 99 records Janda Wenzel, laborer, res 346 s Second st.

An article writen by Vaclav Janda, Ochotnicke Druzstvo v Cedar Rapids, reveals that Vaclav was an enthuastic amateur actor. The name Vaclav and Wenzel or Wencil or Wencel are all the same name. Wencil is the German word for James and Vaclav is the Czeche word for James. The two are used interchangably, like Jim and James.
On the same file, FHL0989480, Vaclav Janda is listed as a committee member for the celebration of the founding of Cedar Rapids.
NOTE: Zdaslav, Wencils birth place, is a very small village (150 people) near Polen in Klatovy in western Czechoslovakia near the German border.
CENSUS:1900 Cedar Rapids, Linn, Iowa, Enumeration Dist. No. 100, Sheet 11 line 8 records Wencil Janda, father, living with Barta Janda and family.
Wencil's birth is recorded as Feb 1817. He was 83 years old and a widow. He immigrated to the USA in 1868, one year after his son Barta. FHL 1240444
NATRALIZATION:District Court, Linn, Iowa, Natralization records 1856-1906 records 3 of the family members; Wencil (Vaclav) { the (Vaclav) actualy appears in the record }, Frank Janda and Wenziel. Under Wencil a note records, "First oath taken before clerk Circut Court Kewaunee, Wisconsin". This record dated 31 Oct 1868. This event is also recorded under Wenzil Yanda with the same date.
BURIAL:Iowa State Historical Dept., museum archives, Des Moines, Iowa; Linn Co. Grave Records, Vol I A-J Pg 161; FHL1023103.
Records Vaclav Janda 1820 to 1911. Oak Hill Cemitary, Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
DEATH:1911, Obituary, The Cedar Rapids Evening Carrier, Saturday July 8, 1911; page 13. Records:The death of Vaclav Janda, aged 91 years, occurred yesterday....survived by Vaclav Janda...Mrs. V.E. Vane...his son Frank....another son John died in Arkansas....another son Rudolph died in this city...A fifth son, Who was in the service of the Austro-Hungarian government, died in Bohemia...also survived by a sister, Mrs. J. Kohout, who lives near Solon.]

1880 United States Federal Census
1900 United States Federal Census
1910 United States Federal Census
Iowa Cemetery Records
Iowa State Census, 1895
Iowa State Census Collection, 1836-1925
shipping records from Baltimore, MD and the ship "Braunschweig" and the 1880 Federal census,
ancestry.com trees
marriage record from the Linn County Courthouse in Cedar Rapids, IA Joseph Yanda's marriage to Katrina Sedlacek Hanzlik on March 4, 1878.

NOTICE of DIVORCE in the Cedar Rapids Tribune the following article which was written in 1876:

MARY JANDA. Plaintiff, JOSEPH JANDA, Defendant.
In the District Court of Linn County, Iowa
October term. A. D. 1876,
To said Defendant :
You are notified, that on or before the 5th day
of October. 1876, there will be on file
in the office of the Clerk of the District
Court of Linn County, Iowa, the petition of the
Plaintiff aforesaid, claiming of you a divorce
from the bonds of matrimony, the custody of
our child, born to her by you, to-wit: .Joseph;
Janda now 2 years old, and such other relief
as may be adjudged equitable in the premises.
You are also notified that unless you appear thereto and defend, before noon of the second day of the term of said District Court of Linn County on the 16th of October. A.D. 1876 a default will be entered against you, and judgement rendered thereon.

Belt & Hormel
Attorneys for Plaintiff

The above divorce shows one Joseph JANDA previous marriage to Anna SEVERA in Bohemia.
Disagreement on birthdate of Joseph one is 1847 in Tabor (American trees)and the other 1849 Zdeslav, Klatovy (Czech trees) Perhaps there were 2 Josef/Joseph's this needs further research.

William Hendrix 1766-1842 Spartanburg, South Carolina

William HENDRIX born on the 9 September 1766 in Woodruff, Spartanburg, South Carolina, United States, can trace is family back seven generations, through an illustrious dutch line to Elteko ELTEKENS born in abt.1517 at Woldendorp, Delfzijl, Groningen, Netherlands and died in 1580 at Groningen, Netherlands and Miss Hendrik b:1534 in the Nederlands.Through their son Hendrick ELTKENS 1558-1631 and Wipcke TAMMENS both from Midwolda,Groningen, Netherlands

William was the son of William HENDRICKS born 1742 in Granville,North Carolina,and died in Spartanburg, in 1842.

In 1788 William met and married Sarah WOODRUF. Sarah had been born at Woodruff on the 7 June 1767. She was the daughter of Joseph WOODRUFF b:1751 in Augusta, Virginia and died at Woodruff, Spartanburg on the 2 November 1817 and Anne LINDSAY born in 1756 in Augusta, Virginia, and died on the 7 January 1826 at Woodruff, Spartanburg. Joseph and Ann married on the 24 January 1774 at Yadkin Valley, Surrey, North Carolina.

Joseph Woodruff was the son of Nathaniel WOODRUFF who was born on the 14 October 1719 at Cranford, New Jersey and died at Spartanburg, South Carolina in 1805.

Anne LINDSAY was the daughter of- William LINDSAY who had been born on the 15 July 1743 at Mt. Pleasant, Fairfax, Virginia. and died on the 15 September 1792 at Laurel Hill, Culpeper, Virginia and her mother was Ann CALVERT who had been born in 1740 at Laurel Hill and died at Patapsco,Prince William, Virginia.

The children of Joseph Woodruff and Ann Lindsay were:-
Samuel Woodruff 1763 1836 Sarah Woodruf 1767 1849
Mary Woodruff 1777 1841 Thomas Woodruff 1780 1868 Elizabeth Woodruff 1796 1875

William and Sarah were the founders of the Abner Creek Baptist Church. Services were held in William and Sarah's cabin in Abner Creek about a half mile from where the Baptist church which they built, stands today. On the wall of the Baptist Church is a memorial plaque dedicated to the couple. At the site of where their cabin first stood a large stone marks the spot.

The children of William and Sarah HENDRIX were:-

William W Hendrix 1793 1876
Elisha Berry Hendrix 1797 1878
Nancy Hendricks Hendrix 1801
1880 Richard Ivy Hendrix 1804
Sarah Sally Hendrix 1810 1860

William died on 22 October 1842 at Spartanburg. His wife Sarah followed on the 7 February 1849.

Surname descendency in this tree Eltekens, Eltekens, Hendricksy, Hendricks, Hendrix

The photograph below is their cabin it is resting on the edge of the Abner Creek Baptist Church cemetery. It was the home of William (1766-1842) and Sarah Hendrix. It was moved to this location because it was in this cabin that the first meetings of the church were held.

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Mary GALE and Edward MILLER marriage

Pallot's Marriage Index for England: 1780 - 1837 Record for Mary Gale
*see photo below.married 1936 St.Pancras

In the 1851 England Census her Edward and children in March, Cambridgshire:-
Name: Mary Miller
Age: 38
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1813
Relation: Wife
Spouse's Name: Edward Miller
Gender: F (Female)
Where born: Hartford, Huntingdonshire, England

Civil parish: March
County/Island: Cambridgeshire
Country: England
Household Members: Name Age
Edward Miller 40 born at March, Cambridgshire. occupation hard to read
looks like Brewer and ??
Mary Miller 38
Charles Miller 13 March, Cambridgshire
Fred Miller 10 "
Mary E Miller 3 "
Frances Mary Miller 1 "
Sarah Dacher 24 Servant
Mary Ann Sutton 18 Servant

The Laws Of Genealogy (updated by our members)

1. The document containing evidence of the missing link in your research has been lost due to fire, flood or war.

2. The keeper of the vital records you need will just have had an argument with a previous genealogist.

3. Your great, great grandfather's obituary states that he died leaving no issue.

4. The town clerk you wrote in desperation, and finally convinced to give to you the information you need, can't write legibly, and doesn't have a copying machine.

5. The will you need is in the safe on board the "Titanic."

6. The spelling of your European ancestor's name bears no relationship to its current spelling or pronunciation.

7. Copies of old newspapers have holes which only occur on last names.

8. No one in your family tree ever did anything noteworthy, they always
rented property, never sued, never went to gaol or were never named in anyone's will.

9. You learned that great aunt Matilda's executor just sold her life's
collection of family genealogical materials to a flea market dealer.

10. Yours is the ONLY last name not found among the three billion in the world-famous Mormon archives in Salt Lake City.

11. Ink fades and paper deteriorates at a rate inversely proportional to the value of the data recorded.

12. The 37 volume, 16,000 page history of your county of origin isn't

13. The critical link in your family tree is named "Smith."

14. No matter how large the collection of special records, the one you are searching for is NEVER there!

15. You finally send away for that necessary certificate, and your aunt tells you she's had the original in a box under her bed for years.

16. The box of family photographs, you found in uncle Edgar's house after he died, have no names or dates on them

17. Your aunt can remember exactly how many times you missed sending her a birthday card, but not why her father went in gaol.

18. Everyone that shares your last name, but is not related is listed in great detail, your ancestor has nothing.

19. The family Bible that contains all the names you are researching was given to a person who doesn't care who any of his relatives are, and either misplaced, sold at a garage sale, or gave away the family Bible to his neighbor who is collecting Bibles to be sent to a mission in a non-English speaking nation.

20. The elderly great-aunt who could help you fill in the missing pieces says, "I don't believe in dredging up the past" and changes the subject - again.

Some of the above laws I found in The Hawkesbury Crier
of June 2006 (archived) author is unknown
The rest have been added by Family Tree Circle members

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Parents of Charlotte Bond JOHNSON

Charlotte Bond JOHNSON was born at Hamilton's Gully near Lavington, New South Wales. Her mother was Eliza NORRIS b:1843 in Frome,Somerset, England and died in 1922 at Albury New South Wales. Eliza was the 4th daughter of 7 children born to James NORRIS b:1813 in Somerset, England and died at Lavington NSW on the 3 August 1872 buried in Albury.
James NORRIS married in 1832 at Tellisford, Charlotte GEORGE, Charlotte was born in Tellisford on the 27 November 1808 and died at Lavington,nsw on 12 January 1885 she too is buried at Albury. Her parents were Thomas GEORGE and Mary ANDREWS.

The children of James NORRIS and Charlotte GEORGE were:-
Mary Ann NORRIS 1833 1920 Arthur NORRIS 1838 1898
Elizabeth Betsy NORRIS 1841 1923 Eliza NORRIS 1843 1922
Hannah NORRIS 1847 Louisa NORRIS 1849
Sarah NORRIS 1851 1881

Eliza NORRIS married Frederick JOHNSON at Albury in 1864 they had 4 daughters ;-

Charlotte Bond JOHNSON 1864
Charlotte married Charles Henry BRADY at Corowa, NSW in 1891

Eliza Bond JOHNSON 1868
Eliza Bond JOHNSON married Arthur CLARK in Albury in 1892

Hannah Bond JOHNSON 1870 1955
Hanna Bond JOHNSON married Francisco (Frank) ROMERO 1888 in Albury

Mary Bond JOHNSON 1872 1964
Mary Bond Johnson married James F WELLS in Albury in 1892

Frederick JOHNSON died in Albury in 1879.

Eliza in 1889 went on to marry Frederick FUGGER born 1859 somewhere around Canberra. He died at Albury He was the son of Christian Friedrich FUGGER 1829-1891 and Christine BENZ 1829-1891 both from Wurtemburg, Germany both buried in Albury,NSW


Eliza FUGGER nee NORRIS formerly JOHNSON died in 1922 in Albury, NSW

* note. On the 15 June 1909 Lavington a suburb north of Albury was officially named, having previously been known as Black Range.
** The Greville's postal list of 1872-Albury has Frederick Johnson listed as a farmer at Hamilton's Gully

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the children of Edmund AMYES 1852-1900 and Elizabeth nee ICK 1820-1892 NZ

The children of Edmund Amyes b:1812 Corely,Shropshire and baptised 20 March 1812 at Corely, Shropshire. Father Thomas Amyes. Mother Frances. Source-B&M&D at FamilySearch.Org. and Elizabeth ICK b:1820 at Stoke,Shropshire, England
Now found some trees that suggest Edmund's mother (Frances) maiden name also was ICK can find no documentary proof.
Now Edmund Amyes had two sons to a woman Mary Ann before he married Elizabeth ICK they were Charles AMYES b:1839 at Norely, Herefordshire. and Edmund b:1841 at Great Whitely, Worcestershire. Mary Ann born abt 1815 in Worcestershire, died in Martley, Worcestershire.

The first child of Robert Henry, was Clara AMYES was born in Hartley. I can't find a spouse for her.

The second child, Emily AMYES b:1847 in Shrawley, Worcestershire married Edmund Marriott DAWE on the 2 September 1878 at Canterbury, NZ. They had 2 children:- Laura Elizabeth Sophia Dawe 1879 Edgar Harold Selwyn Dawe 1881

The third child Alice AMYES b:1847 at Wolverhampton, Staffordshire married Robert JOHNSTONE in NZ in 1870 The children of this marriage were:-
Robert Henery Johnstone 1873 Emily Jane Johnstone 1875
Albert Edmund Johnstone 1876 Alice Johnstone 1878
Louisa Johnstone 1879 Maude May Johnstone 1882
Robert Alexander Johnstone 1884 William John Johnstone 1887

4th child Robert Henry AMYES b:June 1850 at Enville, Staffordshire, married Cornelia DAWS 18 October 1878 the children of this marriage were:-

5th Child Alfred AMYES b:Dec.1851, Wolverhampton,Staffordshire married Elizabeth Ann HANCOCK 1853-1928 on the 26 April 1882 the children of this marriage were :-
Thomas Reginald Amyes 1883 Alfred Cuthbert Amyes 1884
Arthur Edmund Amyes 1886 Mary Olive Gwendoline Amyes 1891 Constance Sylvia Amyes 1896
Alfred died on 7 October 1941 and is buried at Timaru Cemetery, NZ

6th child, Edward Burton AMYES b:Sept 1853 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire . married Maria Oxley in 1881 in NZ. children of this marriage were:-
Henry Edward Amyes 1882 Ernest Oxley Amyes 1884
Pearl Elizabeth Amyes 1887

7th child Joseph Owen AMYES b:June 1855 Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, married twice. firstly to Amy Florence White PARSONS 1876-1917 at Lyttleton, Canterbury NZ on the 9 September 1897. His second wife was Jessie Maria MCLAY whom he married at Canterbury NZ on 2 June 1921

8th Child Selina Eliza AMYES b:June 1856 at Bridgnorth, Shropshire. married Robert Kirtley OXLEY in NZ in 1876. The children of this marriage were:-
Hubert Kirtley Oxley 1877 Robert Antony Amyes Oxley 1878
Minnie Victoria May Oxley 1880 Kenderdine Owen Sidney Oxley 1887 Juanita Violet Ann Oxley 1889
Waikouaiti Collins Preece Oxley 1893 Lulu Moss Myrtle Oxley 1895 Alma Gwendoline Hidderington Oxley 1898

9th Child Sidney Herbert AMYES b:Sept 1857 at Bridgnorth, Shropshire married Maria SMART b:1861, On the 26 March 1890 at Irwell, Canterbury NZ. Children of this marriage were:-
Harold Cyril Amyes 1891 Herbert Westby Amyes 1894 Clarence Gordon Amyes 1897 Mabel Eileen Vesta Amyes 1900

10th Child, Edmund Philemore Ick AMYES b:March 1859 at Bridgnorth, Shropshire. married Annie Jane GIBB 1866-1910 at Christchurch on the 13 April 1898. Children from this marriage were:-
Stanley Leslie Edmund Amyes 1899 1957
Albert Ernest Amyes 1904 1904
Edmund died 9 February 1943 and is buried at Bromley Cemetery,Christchurch, NZ

11th child Precilla b:January 1861 at Bridgnorth Shropshire died around the end of 1862

Edmund AMYES died on the 30 November 1900 at Irwell, Canterbury, New Zealand
His wife Elizabeth died 12 March 1892 at Hornby, Canterbury, New Zealand. Both had arrived in New Zealand with their children in 1862.

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Amy Eather Guest born 1862 (Australia)

Up until last year, the majority of Eather family research claimed Amy E GUEST who was born on the 6 February 1862 at Muswellbrook, New South Wales married Somerset John VON STURMER. Using this marriage Registration as reference:-


It wasn't until last year that my research proved conclusively that in fact Somerset John VON STURMER married Amy Elvina GUEST the daughter of the late Henry George GUEST on 25 July 1900 at St Andrews Cathedral. I researched this family thoroughly and there is no doubt whatsoever.

Amy Elvina GUEST died 1901 in Paddington.

Then on the 11 December 1907 at All Saints Petersham Somerset VON STURMER married Bertha Amelia PODMORE, the youngest daughter of A S PODMORE of Narranderra. This marriage being performed by the bride's uncle J H MULLINS.

Once again 4 AMY Von STURMER death registrations-due to spelling differences:

My evidence is solid and conclusive with many many newspaper articles, certificates and hours of VON STURMER research to back it up.

Having proven the error, and alerted other researchers, I am still faced with the task of finding out exactly what happened to Amy E GUEST the daughter of Laban Thomas GUEST and Charlotte nee EATHER 1836-1888.
Many documents show her as Amy E GUEST. Family history research says the E was for EATHER.

So, Familytreecircles I need a death for Amy E GUEST and /or a marriage if there was one. Her father Laban Thomas GUEST 1835-1903 dropped the Laban and usually went by the name Thomas GUEST.
This is her birth registration:-

Below is a photograph of her, You can't see it here but there is a ring on the third finger of her left hand. My 1st cousin 3x removed.

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Charlotte Eather 1836-1888

Charlotte EATHER, the eighth child and fourth daughter of Thomas EATHER 1800-1886 and Sarah, nee McALPIN 1805-1884, was born at Richmond in the Hawkesbury district of New South Wales on 12 October 1836. She was baptised at Richmond on 18 December 1836. At that time her parents were residing in the "Union Inn" in Windsor Street, Richmond and her father was the publican there. Charlotte EATHER spent her childhood and teenage years at Richmond amongst her many sisters and brothers and their numerous relatives and friends. She undoubtedly had formal schooling and on Sundays attended church services in St Peter's Church with other members of her family. When she was twenty Charlotte EATHER was married to Laban Thomas GUEST on 3 December 1856. The groom, who was usually known as Thomas, had been born at Richmond on 18 July 1835, the eldest son in the family of fourteen children of George GUEST 1811-1893 and his wife, Jane,nee WHITE 1817-1865.
George GUEST had been born at Sevenoaks in Kent in 1811 and had arrived in New South Wales in 1832. He was a saddler by trade and had set himself up in business, firstly at Windsor and later at Richmond, where he was the proprietor of a tannery. In 1834 he married Jane WHITE, daughter of Laban WHITE, a prominent business man in the Hawkesbury district. George GUEST had shown enthusiastic support for St Peter's Church at Richmond when it was being established in the 1840's and had been generous in making financial donations towards the cost of timber for the building. Although a well respected businessman, George GUEST is probably best remembered as a sportsman, particularly for his prowess as a cricketer and a rifle shot.
During his teenage years Laban Thomas GUEST had served an apprenticeship as a saddler with his father.
Charlotte and Thomas GUEST didn't remain in the Richmond district for very long after their marriage. They moved to the Hunter Valley and were residing in the Maitland district when their first child was born in 1857. They were still there in July 1858, but by the time their second child was born in January 1859 they were at Muswellbrook. In 1863 Laban Thomas GUEST became publican of The Starof The North at Chain of Ponds, in the Muswellbrook district.
At that time Charlotte's sister Sarah was living at Muswellbrook, where her husband, William EATON, was the proprietor of the "White Hart" Inn, so there they were amongst relatives. They remained in the Muswellbrook district for about eight years. Their fifth child was born at Liddell in April 1867.
Between then and September 1869 they moved further up the valley to Murrurundi and lived there for at least the next eight years. The births of their last four children were all registered at Murrurundi.
Charlotte and Thomas Guest had nine children: It would appear that at some date between 1876 and 1885 Tom and Charlotte GUEST moved from Murrurundi to Gunnedah on the Namoi River. It was at Gunnedah that their third daughter, Sarah Jane, died on 25 August 1885 at the age of fifteen. Soon after this sad event the family moved to Tamworth.
Thomas was always one step ahead of the railway. There was a saying around for years, that if you saw Thomas building an hotel in town you could bet the railway was on it's way. Hence the many moves.
Charlotte died in Peel Street, Tamworth on 17 March 1888. She was only 51 years of age, and Tom was left with a family of seven, three of whom were still teenagers. Soon after the death of his wife, Tom and his family moved to Greta in the Hunter Valley about halfway between Singleton and Maitland. Son Lawson Charles married there in 1893, as did eldest daughter Ada Grace in 1899. Tom saw out his old age at Greta and died there on 5 September 1903.

The children of Laban Thomas GUESTand Charlotte nee EATHER :-

Thomas George Guest 1857 1858
Ada Grace Guest 1859 1922 m. Charles Francis PRUDAMES 1831-1909
Amy Eather Guest 1862 1932
Lawson Charles Guest 1864 1958 m. Sarah Thyra PHILLIPS 1872-1961
Walter Richmond Guest 1867 1956 m. Sarah Amelia BOYCE 1865-1946
Sarah Jane Guest 1869 1885
Edith Maud Guest 1871 1948 m. William Julian FORBES
Lancelot Arthur Guest 1873 1955 m. Delia Sarah YOUNGMAN
Kenneth Hilton Guest 1876 1953 m.Amelia Christina FORBES 1882-1946
note Kenneth Hilton Guest was the father of Kenneth Leslie DAY 1897-1973 but mother Phoebe Elizabeth May DAY 1879-1966 refused to marry him prior to Kenneth's birth. Kenneth was then reared as the Youngest Son of Phoebe's mother. Phoebe was always referred to as Aunty May.

The photograph below is Charlotte

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The Life of John Samuel EDMONDS 1799-1865

John Samuel EDMONDS was born in 1799, baptised 25 December 1799 the second son and 4th of 6 children to William EDMONDS who had been born in the coastal town of Swanage, Dorset in 1768 and Pricilla, also born in Swanage in 1770. William amd Pricilla were married on the 24 May 1791 at Langton, Dorset.
The children of William and Pricilla Edmonds were:-

Thomas Edmonds 1792 Sarah Edmonds 1794
Hannah Edmonds 1797 John Samuel Edmonds 1799 1865
Elizabeth Edmonds 1803 William Edmonds 1805 1861

On the 25 July 1822 at Swanage John Edmonds married local girl,Mary Anne STICKLAND born in 1804 the daughter of William STICKLAND 1784-1859 and Mary ANDREWS 1783-1825.

In 1833 John EDMONDS with the children and Mary Anne heavily pregnant boarded the 'Elizabeth' and sailed for New Zealand via Hobart.
John Samuel EDMONDS had been sent to New Zealand to build the Stone Store in Kerikeri by the Christian Missionary Society who, unfortunately, omitted to inform the Missionaries of this fact.
In the meantime, William PARROTT, a stonemason from Sydney, had been employed to do this job since July 1832, and by the time that John EDMONDS arrived with his wife and children on 7 February 1834 the stonework was almost finished. He did, however, help with the finishing off of the Stone Store.

Missionary,Henry WILLIAMS found him somewhat of an embarrassment and wrote on 9 July, 1834: "Spoke to Mr EDMONDS at the request of the brethren, respecting his removal to the colony, as there did not appear to be any prospect of employment for him. Mr E. to give his views of the subject in a few days."
But John EDMONDS refused to leave NZ, and for nearly six years rented a house near the foreshore close to the Stone Store. During this time he did odd jobs such as putting in chimneys, etc. for the mission.

In their report to the CMS, the missionaries wrote: " Of those who are here, there is Mr EDMONDS, costing the Society 300 pounds per annum, of little more use than a fifth wheel on a coach."

During 1837-1838, John EDMONDS, seeing the writing on the wall. Bought about 2,700 acres on both sides of the Kerikeri River, and described it as: "Covered with fern, stones of a volcanic nature, caves. Swamps and rough grass and a very little wood.

In March, 1839 he agreed to retire from the mission, but he did not move onto his property at Paetae on the Kerikeri Inlet until 1840, when he had a house "imported from Hobart Town" to live in.
Sometime between 1841 and 1859 he built his sturdy stone house which had walls over half a metre thick.
The building itself appears to have been about 38 feet long and 28 feet wide. It had a large living room with tall windows on two sides, and a big open fireplace. Next to the living room was a large bedroom, while at the rear was a roomy kitchen in which was a stone oven. Directly opposite the kitchen door was another smaller building, also with a fireplace, while at the back door was a stone wash basin. The roof was of shingles and descendants of the Edmonds family think the house had a wooden verendah on three sides. He called his house "Belle Vue" after his home in Worcestor.

John EDMONDS and his sons then set to work to surround their home, garden and orchard with rock walls, and eventually it was almost impossible to approach the house from any direction but the north without first scrambling over one, two or even three of these near-impregnable stone fences. Within his compound was a cowbail, also of stone. To help him clear the land and plant it in wheat, potatoes, maize and fruit trees, he constructed a stone roller, the first to be made in New Zealand.

Locally, John EDMONDS was described as a "character who supervised his sons in the planting of wheat and building of stone walls with a stock whip."
Nevertheless, even though the wooden part of the house was later destroyed by fire, the Edmonds Ruins remain as a unique example of a farmhouse of an early settler who worked in stone.

The children of John EDMONDS and Mary Anne,nee STICKLAND were:-

1.Samuel John EDMONDS b:19 November 1823 Yorkshire. d: 18 June 1888 Auckland, New Zealand.m. Louisa MAKEPEACE 1833-1896 at Auckland, on the 8 November 1853.Louisa Makepeace was born in Tasmania. They had 11 children. Samuel is buried in Symonds St Cemetery, Auckland.

2.Arthur EDMONDS b: 21 September 1825 Worcester, Dorset. d:20 June 1914 at Otahuao, Kerikeri, Northland, New Zealand m. (1) Erana Kaire KAREARIKI at Paihia,in 1842 Produced 7-9 children. (2) Ani Ngarepe at Kaikohe in 1874, produced 4 children.

3.William EDMONDS b:20 Nov. 1829 Bidborough, Kent d:13 January 1897 in Ponsonby, Auckland, New Zealand. m. Emmaline Marie IRVING 1820-1910 at Kerikeri on 14 January 1856.

4.Henry EDMONDS b:4 November 1831 Southborough, Kent d:1 Nov. 1906 Honoroa, NZ m. Anne Catherine Wilson KEMP 1844-1914 on the 6 June 1861 at Paihia Bay of Islands, New Zealand

5.Alfred Stickland EDMONDS b: 4 JUly 1833 Kerikeri, NZ d:1898 m. Sarah Ann MAKEPEACE 1834-1916 in Auckland, New Zealand on the 12 December 1857

6.John Tucker EDMONDS so named after the Reverend John Tucker in England was born on 17 July 1834 Waimate, Bay of Islands, NZ d: 8 December 1918 Ngawha, Far North.married twice the second to Eliza PEKAMA 1858-1931 on 4 August 1878 and produced 16 children.

7.Jane Elizabeth EDMONDS b:30 May 1837 NZ d:23 July 1910 USA m.Edward George BUDLONG 1836-1907 at Kerikeri,18 May 1857.

8.Reuben Edmonds b:1839 NZ d: ?

9. Sarah Gammon EDMONDS b:1839 Kerikeri d:11 Sept. 1903 Waimate Bay m. (1)Louis Clifford GOFFE 1836-1882 at Paihia, Bay Of Islands in 1857 (2) Samuel PROCTOR in 1887.

10. Matilda EDMONDS b: 27 Dec.1843 NZ d:21 Aug. 1921 Waimate, Bay of Islands. m.John Wright HINGSTON 1842-1890 at Kerikeri, in 1864.

11. Joseph Edmonds b: 27 December 1845 Auckland d: 1878 Auckland. m. (1)Felicia Ann TREMAIN 1845-1872 in 1872 (2) Ann COYLE 1856-1931 in 1878 NZ

Mary Anne died on the 9 March 1862 at son's home in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand

On the 21 January 1863 John Samuel EDMONDS remarried in Auckland, to Ellen DAVIES nee HUNTER,who had been born in England in 1805. He had 2 more children from his second marriage John George Petingale EDMONDS and Mary Anne EDMONDS.

Two years later on the 15 July 1865 John Samuel EDMONDS passed away at Kerikeri, Bay of Islands and was buried on that day 15 July 1865 at Kerikeri..

Researched and written by Janilye using several sources including notes from Florence Keene's "Legacies in Kauri, Old Homes and Churches of the North" Northern Publishing Co, 1978

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