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Frequently asked Questions about Heraldry

Answered by The Heraldry & Genealogy Society of Canberra Inc.

Written by Administrator
Saturday, 04 December 2010 16:38

Q.1 What does the word Arms mean in the context of heraldry?

A. The word Arms in the heraldic context (as in coat of Arms) refers to a distinctive design worn on a knight's shield, his banner, and elsewhere on his clothing that enabled him to be identified in battle. A knight in full armour, including a face-covering helmet, was difficult to identify without these distinctive insignia. A coat of Arms is depicted on a shield, referring to the origin of the term.

Q.1 How did the term coat of Arms originate and what does it mean?

A. The term coat of Arms is derived from the cloth garment or surcoat that a knight wore over his armour. On the front and back of the surcoat there would often be displayed the knight's arms. Originally the surcoat was full length, reaching almost to the ankles; it was sleeveless and was split at front and back to allow the material to hang freely when the wearer was riding his horse.

Q.2 What is the connection, if any, among heraldry, genealogy and family history?

A. Heraldry can be regarded as the root from which genealogy and family history grew and developed. This is because genealogical studies developed from the work of Heralds in recording pedigrees in order to determine lines of succession and the rights of individuals to inherit arms. All modern library systems recognise this and regard genealogy and heraldry as two faces of the same genre; and similarly, all booksellers group the two together, usually in the reference section.

Q.3 Is there a family or clan coat of Arms, and can all people with the same surname use the same arms?

A. NO. There is no such thing as a coat of Arms for a family, clan or surname. A coat of Arms is a visual mark of identity of an individual. There is an ancient heraldic principle which states that each person's coat of Arms is unique to that individual and cannot be used by anybody else. In Scotland, a Chief of a Clan has his or her personal coat of Arms that belongs to that individual alone. A member of the clan or a person with the same surname may, with the Lord Lyon's approval, have a variation or a differenced version of the Chief's Arms by way of different tinctures (colours), bordures or other devices to make the Arms unique to the individual seeking Arms. A clan member may also use the clan badge consisting of the Chief's crest (see next Q.4) within a belt and buckle design containing the Chief's motto.

Q.4 Is the crest the same thing as a coat of Arms?

A. No. The word crest is often misused, particularly by the popular press, as a general overall description for a coat of Arms. The word crest has the same meaning in heraldry as in the dictionary, namely on the top of as in crest of a wave or crest of the hill or a Cockatoo's crest. In heraldry it refers to the three-dimensional object on top of the helmet, which itself is on top of the shield on which the Arms are shown. The Arms themselves are depicted on the shield. The shield is the essential part of a coat of Arms. Without it the device may be more correctly called a badge, emblem or a logo.

Q.5 Is the Bar Sinister a mark of illegitimacy?

A. In heraldry there is no such thing as the bar sinister. When people talk about the bar sinister they are referring to the couped (cut of at both ends) bendlet sinister. A bendlet sinister extends from the top left (sinister) to the bottom right of the shield. This is just one of the many marks of cadency to differentiate one coat of arms from another and does not necessarily mean illegitimacy. The origin of the bar sinister' may have come from the French barre which is always in the sinister position, so the term bar sinister is incorrect and is an example of heraldic tautology.

Q.6 Why are there marks of illegitimacy?

A. Where marks of illegitimacy were used, they were not used to denote punishment or disgrace. They were used simply to denote that the illegitimate child (particularly if he were a first born male) could not inherit his father's arms unchanged. He could carry his father's arms provided they were so marked to indicate that he was establishing a separate branch of the family without any right of succession to the unchanged arms. Some of the illegitimate sons of King Charles II bore the Royal Arms debruised by a baton sinister, as do the illegitimate male descendants of King William IV. (The term 'debruised' indicates a charge in front of or obscuring another).

Q.7 Why is the description of coats of Arms made in what seems to be an arcane or technical language instead of plain English so that everyone can understand it?

A. Blazon, which is the technical term for describing the details of a coat of Arms, evolved so that heralds, in whatever country they may be, could describe a coat of Arms precisely, clearly and briefly. The technical terms in a blazon are in Norman French, reflecting their origin. Although blazon may seem strange to the uninitiated, it performs the same function that musical notation does on a sheet of music enabling the musician to reproduce sounds the way the composer intended. Blazon allows the heraldic artist to reproduce accurately the design on the shield as the herald intended. The use of plain English, by way of contrast, would tend to be verbose and open to widely different interpretations thereby destroying the integrity of the original design.

Q.8 Do you have to pronounce heraldic terms (blazon) with a French accent?

A. No. Blazonry in English is pronounced phonetically. Gules (red) is pronounced with a hard G, Argent (silver) is ar-gent and so on.

Q.9 Why do heralds confuse people by calling the right side of the shield sinister, which means left, and the left side dexter which means right?

A. The sides of the shield (arms) are described from the point of the armiger standing behind his shield. Therefore the armiger's right is the viewer's left and his left is the viewer's right.

Q.10 Are the colours used in heraldry fixed in any way and do they have any particular significance?

A. No. There are no fixed shades in heraldry. The blazon (description) of a coat of Arms provides the colours (tinctures) as Gules (red), Azure (blue), Sable (black), Vert (green), Purpure (purple). There are two metals, namely Or (gold) and Argent (silver). Other colours are called stains and consist of Murrey (mulberry) , Tenne (orange), and Sanguine (blood red). Sometimes other stains are encountered such as Celestial azure (sky blue) and Carnation ('skin' tone). It is up to the heraldic artist to decide upon the shade he or she thinks is most appropriate for the whole design.

Q.11 Who can have a coat of Arms?

A. In Australia there is no heraldic authority to administer and regulate Arms so there is a legal vacuum as to which individuals or groups are eligible to apply for arms. In practice any adult, male or female, may have a coat of arms granted to them by an officially recognised overseas heraldic authority (which would be authentic), or may self-assume arms (which would not be authentic). (See also below).

Q.12 How and where do I apply for a coat of Arms?

Australians who can prove they are of English descent may apply, by way of a petition, to the English College of Arms in London; those of Scottish ancestry to the Court of the Lord Lyon King of Arms in Edinburgh; and those of Irish ancestry to the Chief Herald of Ireland in Dublin. Australians may also apply for registration of arms by the South African Bureau of Heraldry.

Q.13 Can a person who is not of English, Scottish or Irish ancestry apply for Arms?

A. Yes, if they are an Australian citizen. They can apply to the English College of Arms for a grant of Arms as that organisation asserts it has the right to grant Arms to any of Her Majesty's subjects where there is no indigenous heraldic body in the Commonwealth country in which they reside and where the Queen is still Head of State.

Q.14 Can anyone who is descended from someone who had a coat of Arms use it?

A. No. A coat of Arms belongs to, and is unique to, an individual at any one time. For a person to have the right to a coat of Arms they must either have it granted to them or be descended in a legitimate line of descent from a person to whom Arms were granted or confirmed in the past. As a general rule the Arms pass from the original grantee to his eldest son and continue on to the next eldest son in each succeeding generation. In Scotland a person, depending on their familial relationship and surname, may apply for a differenced version of a particular coat of Arms. (See Q.3 above).

Q.15 I have located my coat of Arms on the Internet. Can I use it?

A. No. Unfortunately many websites which purport to show Arms belonging to a particular name are misleading and completely unauthentic. Usually the Arms shown are those of prominent people or the Chief of a Clan. To use these Arms as though they are yours is akin to fraud. It is no different to stealing another person's passport or driver's licence and using or passing it off as your own.

Q.16 I have bought my coat of Arms from a heraldic shop. Is it authentic and can I display and use it?

A. NO, in so far as using the Arms as though they are yours (See Q.15 above). However, tt is important to note the distinction between the display of Arms and the use of Arms. A person may purchase a copy of the Arms, for display purposes only, of his or her school, college, university, institution or organisation as a means of showing their association or allegiance. The display of Arms as distinct from using them is perfectly legitimate as it can be regarded as a souvenir.

Q.17 What is the relevance of heraldry in the 21st Century?

A. There are several possible reasons why this question is asked. Many people are completely unaware that heraldry is all around them and continues to be a part of their everyday life. The arms of the Nation, the State or Territory, the local municipal council, schools, universities, commercial concerns and other various organisations and associations are on buildings, on letterheads, legal documents and other artefacts, and help in their respective identification. This public display and use of arms is a manifestation of the various interests and loyalties that interact with one another and make up our pluralist society. The current use of logos by various organisations is an indication that a need for a visual symbol of identity is still important in the 21st Century. Heraldry can meet this need in a more timeless way that transcends quickly outdated fashions like logos, which tend to have short flavour of the month lives.

Q.18 In modern society isn't the display and use of arms pretentious and rather snobbish?

A. No. It is most unfortunate that there is sometimes a suspicion that heraldry is somehow associated with snobbery. This attitude could also be a reason why many armigers (people entitled to bear Arms) are reluctant to openly display their armorial bearings in the belief that to do so would be seen as pretentious. Coats of Arms are visual symbols of identity; the use of Arms can only be considered pretentious if they were used without authority and deliberately used and displayed as if they were legitimate. It is interesting to note that the association of heraldry with snobbery coincided with the rise of the industrialist, merchant and middle classes during the latter part of the 18th Century and in the 19th Century which, in the main, assumed arms in an attempt to raise their social standing.

Q.19 I have a coat of Arms granted by an overseas heraldic authority. Is this protected in Australia?

A. No. At present the only way to obtain legal protection is to register an illustration of the Arms with IP Australia at the federal level and with the relevant state or territory organisation dealing with title deeds etc. This can be an expensive exercise if you want Australia-wide coverage. Creation of an Australian Heraldic Authority would rectify this situation.

Q.20 Is there an official body that administers and regulates heraldry in Australia?

A. No. At present there is no official heraldic organisation in Australia so there is a legal vacuum as to the usage and protection of Arms in Australia. HAGSOC supports the creation of an Australian Heraldic Authority.

Q.21 Why does Australia need its own heraldic authority when coats of Arms can be registered with IP Australia?

A. The staff of IP Australia probably will not have any expertise with the rules of heraldry because they are not responsible for the administration of heraldry in Australia. Consequently when a coat of Arms is submitted to them for registration they will most likely not be concerned whether the Arms are authentic or not. Nor will they check with overseas heraldic authorities as to whether the arms have already been granted to somebody else who is an Australian citizen. Their main concern will be to check that the design of the Arms is not the same as any design (as a logo or a trademark) already entered in their Register. Should the design of the arms prove to be original, in so far as they are concerned, it will most likely be registered as submitted. IP Australia only registers a design for 10 years, after which time the protection must be renewed. Only an Australian Heraldic Authority will be able to protect and maintain the integrity of arms granted to Australian citizens, in perpetuity.

Q.22 Will members of the HAGSOC heraldry interest group design arms for me?

A. Some individuals within the group may be prepared to undertake this as a private commission. The group is happy to comment on and make recommendations on the design of any arms.

Q.23 Does the HAGSOC heraldry interest group undertake research?

A. The group undertakes heraldic research at the current HAGSOC scale of research fees.

The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Goudhurst Church, Kent #151 to 482

D. North west yard
151. (157) Here lyes ye body of John COLLENES who dyed October ye 4th 1710 aged 57. Neare this place lye the bodyes of Thomas MEERE and Elizabeth his wife and 2 sons John and George. Also Sarah ye wife of John COLLENES who dyed November ye 8th 1730 aged 87 years.

152. Altar, north side On this side lieth buried the body of Grace his wife / Also the body of Grace his daughter and the body of John SMITH his brother. South side facing all gone. Early 18th century

153. On left side? In memory of A(?ndrew) HOARE of this who died M . Foot AH
On right side .Hoare wife of William GIBB ?November 15 Aged.Foot AH

154. (416) On left side Richard HOARE of this parish Yeoman died April 4 1723 aged 58 On right side Ann? wife of Richard Hoare died January 23rd 1723 in her 41st

155. (160) On left side John HOARE of this parish died February 10 1758 (or 38?) aged 21 On right side
In memory of Richard Hoare of this parish who died March the 30th 1783 aged 73.

156. Jane widow of the late Charles OSBORNE born October 31 1803 died July 22 1886.

157. (156) Ann wife of William FUGGLE daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth TOLHURST died 29 April 1817 aged 24. Left issue one son William Marchant.

158. (155) Ann wife of Richard RATCLIFFE died 3 June 1767 aged 43. The said Richard died 3 January 1788 aged 61(or 4).

159. (158) Altar, south side The body of Mrs Elizabeth BRIDGLAND / who departed this life ye 1st day of May 1746 aged 88.

160. (159) Altar. Here lyeth the body of Mrs Ann LIGHT daughter of Mr John Light who died 21 day of June 1734 in ye 31st year.

161. (163) Altar Here lyeth the body of John LIGHT of this parish, yeoman, who died ye 18 day of September 1730 in ye 66th.

162. (162). Altar, north side Reb. LIGHT wife of John Light died 18 of July 1704 in the 39th year of her age Issue 2 sons and 2 daughters, William, Rebeckah, Ann and John. South side cannot be read as 161 top falls over it.

163. (161) Here lyeth / body of / William . (LIG)HT son of John .. and Rebeckah Light of this parish, yeoman, died the 14 September 1737 in his 37th year.

164. (154) Mary Ann wife of William FENELL of this parish died 4 August 1822 aged 23 years.

165. (148) Margaret wife of Henry STEPHENS junior, died March 27 1755 aged 24. Left issue one son Henry. Sarah their daughter died 31 March 1755 aged 3 weeks.

166. (150) Henry STEPHENS of this parish died 11 July 1799 aged 70. Elizabeth second wife of above Henry Stephens died February 15 1813 aged 72.

167. (151) John BENNETT of this parish died 25 April 1770 aged 79. Sarah his wife died 10 August 1740 aged 42. Left issue William, John, Sarah, Henry and Richard.

168. (152) Elizabeth wife of Thomas TOLHURST of this parish died 21 August 1809 aged 48. Above Thomas Tolhurst died August 14 183- (broken) aged 76. Left issue 2 sons and 5 daughters Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Ann, Sarah, Mary and Jane.

169. (153) John BEARSBY for many years blacksmith at Stone Crouch in this parish died 1 August 1839 aged 80. Elizabeth his wife died 29 June 1860 aged 86.

170. Flat possibly head face down no inscription visible.

171. (145) Hannah wife of William FULLER of this parish died 17 February 1798 aged 57. Near lieth Hannah daughter of William and Hannah Fuller aged 15 years. Also James aged 11 weeks.

172. (149) Ann wife of Edward . JURY of this parish ..ied April 30 1800 aged 30 years.

173. (147) Elizabeth wife of John COLLENS late of Burrs Farm [NB Twyssenden] in this parish died 20 November 1846 aged 71. Above John COLLENS died 6 October 1852 aged 73.

174. (146) John COLLENS eldest son of John and Elizabeth Collens of Burrs Farm in this parish died 15 June 1836 aged 23.

175. (144) William HEATH late of Bosell Hall, Bosell Heath near Birmingham Warwickshire died 18 May 1821 agd 61. An affectionate husband, loving father. Leaving a widow and 2 children William Henry Wilkins and Harriet Jordan Knowlys [Left half blank]

176. (137) James BESBEECH of this parish died (?May) ye 2nd 1740 aged 77. Mary his wife April 14

176- (transcript has 1748). They left issue. daughters Anngone.

177. (138) Elizabeth wife of ???? COLLENS died 9 October 1758 aged 56. Left issue 2 sons John and William. Above John Collens died 2 August 1797 in the 90th year of his age.

178. (141) Marsha BESBEECH of this parish died January 1786 in her 78th year.

179. (139) Ann wife of John LAMBERT died 2 May 1751 aged 40. Left issue one son and 1 daughter John and Ann. Above John Lambert died August 23 1794 aged 81.

180. (140) John COLLENS of this parish died 15 January 1807 aged 66. Sarah his wife died 12 February 1809 aged 63. Left surviving 2 sons and 3 daughters John, William, Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary. Also James Tompsett Collens who died at Jamaica 20 June 1805 aged 27.

181. (142) Isaac BATES died 7 October 1840 aged 66. Sarah his wife died 1 January 1842 aged 81. Mary their daughter died January 25 1814 aged 14.

182. (143) Eleanor daughter of Anthony and Martha BROWNLESS of Paynetts in this parish died 15 September 1836 in her 17th year.

183. Large flat stone on bank by side of walk, no inscription.

184. (135 and 417) . body of Robart JAFFARY who died 23 of October 1715 aged 51.

185. (136) William FUGGLE died 11 October 1828 aged 86. Ann his wife died 20 January 1836 aged 92.

186. (134) Sarah COLLENS daughter of John and Sarah Collens died 20 August 1836 aged 52.

187. (133) Fanny wife of Benjamin WICKHAM of this parish died 16 July 1835 aged 51 leaving issue 2 sons and 1 daughter Humphrey, Thomas and Elizabeth. Above Benjamin Wickham, yeoman of the Guards upwards of 60 years died 26 February 1863 aged 81. Also Elizabeth daughter of Benjamin and Fanny Wickham died 28 March 1862 aged 42.

188. (132) Humphrey WICKHAM died 2 May 1837 aged 83. Sarah Wickham wife of above died 8 October 1828 aged 73. Issue 3 sons and 3 daughters Mary, Humphrey, Elizabeth, Benjamin, Thomas and Sarah.

189. (131) upper part blank John son of John and Sarah DIPLOCK of Brighton died 7 January 1832 aged 10 years.

190. (130) Sarah WICKHAM daughter of Mr W Wickham of Tudeley died at the Gatehouse (Riseden Quarter) 12 September 1858 aged 16. (Back) Humphrey Wickham died at his residence Grove Place in this parish 2 April 1866 in 57th year.

191. All gone

192. (164) Mrs Rebecca HEABLE wife of Mr John Heable and daughter of Mr John LIGHT died 12 September 1733 in her 32nd year. She lieth interred in Yalding Church. 193. (120) Mary wife of John FIELD of this parish died 12 March 1756 aged 36. Left issue one son and one daughter Larrance??? and Ann.

194. (121) Ann wife of Mr Charles FIELD (this place) died 3 December 1832 aged 42. Near Charles their son died 1 May 1823 aged 5. An? an infant who died 13 September 1825 aged 2 weeks.

195. (122) Francis son of John and Ann HANSON died 29 June 1798 aged 35. Erected by Edward RUSSELL of Maidstone as a token of gratitude for his faithful services and respect for his virtues.

196. (123) John HANSON junior of this parish died 13 July 1788 aged 31. Left Mary his wife and 2 daughters Harriot and Mary.

197. (124) Mrs Hannah HANSON wife of Mr John Hanson of this parish died 8 March 1806 aged 74. Above John Hanson born 27 June 1721 died 18 August 1808.

198. (126) Thomas WICKHAM late of Maidstone died 3 June 1823 aged 34. Leaving issue by Phebe his wife 2 sons and 3 daughters Henry, George, Elizabeth, Mary Ann and Emily.

199. (125) Ann HAMMOND spinster daughter of George Hammond of Broadhurst in Sussex died June 22 17(?57) aged 35.

200. (127) Elizabeth wife of Benjamin TANNER late of Maidstone, woolstapler, died 4 November 1790 aged 34. John their son died 24 February 1792 aged 4 years 5 months. Elizabeth their daughter died 11 March 1792 aged 1 year 5 months. Left issue 2 sons and 1 daughter Benjamin, John and Elizabeth. Benjamin their son died 11 November 1855 aged 70.

201. (128) John HAMMOND of this parish died 10 September 1784 aged 70. Elizabeth his wife died 1 June 1780 aged 69. Elizabeth their daughter died 5 April 1717 aged 17 weeks. Left surviving 3 sons George, John and Thomas.

202. (129) Thomas HAMMOND died 18 February 1787 aged 27. Thomas son of George and Sarah Hammond died 3 March 1787 aged 6 months. Elizabeth their daughter died November 1791 aged 1 year 10 months.

203. (165) ??? in rails Ada daughter of Thomas and Anne WICKHAM of Goudhurst died 14 June 1864 aged 9 years 11 months.

204. (166) Cross in same rails as 203 Thomas WICKHAM died at his residence Grove Court 7 December 1868 aged 31.
205. (109) ody .. William HESELDEN son of John Heselden and Bridget his wife He died 12 of June 1716 aged 6 years.

206. (108) William HAZELDEN died 28 May 1783 aged 67. Issue William,Mary, Elizabeth, Deborah, Sarah, John, Thomas, Hester. Deborah wife of William Hazelden died 9 April 1807 aged 79.

207. (107) Mary wife of John BESFORD died 3 June 1790 aged 35 (?55). Issue 3 sons John, Edward, William. Also above William died 17 January aged 20 months.

208. (106) Sarah wife of Richard EVANS daughter of William and Deborah Hazelden of this parish died May - 1791 aged 30 years and months. Left issue Richard, John, Tarcon? Also the above Richard died November 1791 aged 3 years and 9 months. Sarah his second wife died 2 May 1797 aged 40. The aforesaid Richard Evans died 16 November 1814 aged 59.

209. (105) William HAZELDEN of this parish died 7 October 1824 aged 72. Jane his wife died 29 May 1836 aged 82.

210. (104) Harriott-Mary Hanson HAZELDEN only daughter of William and Mary Hazelden died 23 October 1869 aged 26. William Hazelden died 23 February 1875 aged 59. Mary Hazelden wife of William Hazelden died at Maidstone 21 November 1893 aged 78.

211. Altar, south side Katherine ..ertus wife of Sa..TURK changed this life for a better .ll. 29. 1675 aged 52 years. North side Her husband Harri.. / that sh- did wil edv / who hath issu o. baptized Samuel Richards.

212. (119) Here lyethe interred ye body of Margaret Ellis late wife of Edward Ellis BAKER in ye town of Chatham in ye county daughter of Stephen and Margaret BARBER of this parish who died ye 12 of December 1717 aged 30 years. Also ye bodys of Edward Ellis their son aged 6 months. Here lyeth the body of Elizabeth Barber daughter of Stephen and Margaret Barber of this parish died 13 August in the year of our Lord 1718.

213. (118) Stephen BARBER and Margaret his wife. He died August 28 1709 in his 79th year. She died March 12 1709 aged 65. They left issue five daughters Jane, Elizabeth, Margaret, .., Mary.

214. (117) Richard TICKNER, clothier, of this parish died 27 September 1718 in ye 37 year. They left issue 2 daughters Elizabeth and Mary. Mary wife of Richard Tickner and daughter of Stephen and Margaret BARBER died 28 May 1729 in her 37th year.

215. (115) Thomas TANNER of this parish, clothier, died 26 May 1758 aged 77.

216. (116) Ye body of Elizabeth ye wife of Thomas TANNER of this parish died 17 January 1742 aged 52 years..(this part ommited in transcript).C Here also lieth ye body of John son of ye said Thomas and Elizabeth .. Tanner who died..August ye 13th 1741 aged 25 years.

217. (114) Thomas TANNER of this parish, woolstapler, died 10 March 1799 aged 48. Ann his wife died 18 January 1811 aged 68.

218. (113) Sarah daughter or Thomas and Elizabeth TANNER died ye 10 October 1745 aged 30 and Mary their daughter died 17 March 1745/46 aged 28.

219. (112) Benjamin TANNER of this parish, clothier, died July 2 1783 aged 60. Left issue 3 sons and 3 daughters Thomas, John, Benjamin, Mary, Sarah and Elizabeth.

220. (110) Mary wife of Benjamin TANNER of this parish, clothier, died 24 April 1777 (?3) aged 5(?2).

221. (111) William WICKHAM late of Maidstone died 1 January 1795 aged 36. Elizabeth his wife died 10 May 1842 aged 80. Left issue 3 sons and 2 daughters Thomas, William, Edward, Fanny and Elizabeth. Near lieth Elizabeth daughter of above William Wickham and Elizabeth Wickham of Maidstone died 17 August 1785 aged 3 years. Also William their son died 18 August 1792 aged 6.

222. (98) George BURR died 1 February 1830 aged 73. Hannah the wife of George Burr of Chart Sutton died 9 February 1839 aged 61. Left issue 6 sons George, Henry, Robert, Alfred-Edward, Edgar-Walter, Charles-Rowles. Also of 3 deceased sons John died 13 April 1809 aged 7, Thomas died 4 November 1823 aged 18, James died 10 March 1825 aged 18.

223. (99) John son of Henry and Barbara BURR died 30 September 1804 aged 31.

224. (101) Heneretta daughter of Henry and Barbara BURR of this parish died 16 April 1792 agd 12 years. Jane their daughter died 9 October 1792 aged 15. Foot HB 1792.

225. Barbara wife of Henry BURR of this parish died 27 October 1803 aged 61. Henry Burr died 10 February 1822 aged 78. Left 2 sons Henry and George.

226. (102) Elizabeth wife of Henry BURR died 3 April 1823 aged 49. Above Henry Burr died 29 November 1851 aged 80. Leaving issue 9 children Henry, Frederick Hayward, Henrietta, Jane, Barbara Rowles and Caroline. Thomas, Francis and Elizabeth by a former husband.

227. (103) Thomas HAZELDEN, butcher, of this parish died 20 October 1828 aged 63. Jane Balcomb Hazelden his wife died 27 June 1869 aged 91. Likewise following sons and daughters of above Thomas and Jane Balcomb Hazelden Eliza died 26 July 1832 aged 20 Walter died November 1832 aged 15 Deborah died 6 June 1863 aged 57 and lies interred at Hawkhurst. and Thomas who died at Islington 8 June 1870 aged 51 and is buried in the cemetery of that place.

228. (94) Mary wife of Older WAGHORN of this parish died 7 July 1800 aged 34. Left issue surviving 4 sons and 4 daughters Older, Thomas, William, Charles, Mary, Elizabeth, Ann and Frances. Also Older Waghorn died 17 February 1811 aged 46 years. Also 2 children of Thomas and Elizabeth STANDING JS and WS (sic) who died in infancy.

229. (95) Sarah wife of Thomas MASTERS of this parish died 4 February 1792 aged 56. Left issue 7 sons and 4 daughters George, Thomas, William, John, Robert, Richard, Samuel, Ann, Sarah, Mary, Frances. Also Thomas Masters aforesaid died 4 October 1821 aged 89.

230. (97) Richard MASTERS of Milkhouse Street in the parish of Cranbrook died 30 September 1834 aged 57. Left surviving Elizabeth his wife and 3 children Elizabeth, Ricahrd and Thomas. Also Elizabeth wife???? of the above Richard Masters died 13 February 1844 aged 68.

231. (96) George MASTERS of this parish died 26 June 1818 aged 59. Left a widow and 1 daughter Elizabeth.

232. (93) Older WAGHORN late of Pembury died 3 July 1819 aged 30. Charlotte daughter of above died 18 August 1833 aged 21. His widow erected this stone.

233. (92) John UDALL of this parish who died October 1800 aged 70 years. Left issue 5 sons and 3 daughters
John, Gains???, William, George, Jesse, Mary, Sarah and Ketura??? Foot JU???

234. (91) Elizabeth daughter of John and Catherine UDALL of this parish died 23 April 1787 aged 3 years. Also David son of John and Catherine Udall who died 29 October 1791 aged 13.

235. (88) Eliza(beth) ye wife of Thomas VENIS She dyed ye 15th day of September 1718 aged 70.

236. (89) William Dawson JENNINGS of this parish died 7 February 1808 aged 38. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife one daughter Ann.

237. (90) Edward JENNINGS of this parish died 26 August 1787 aged 50. Mary his wife died 27 November 1805 aged 63. Thomas Jennings son of above Edward and Mary Jennings died 5 May 1775 aged 1 month. Left issue William, Dawson, Susannah, Mary, James, Francis, Alice and Zachariah.

Four in one iron railed enclosure
238. (170) Here lieth Stephen LAW Esquire late resident of Bedgebury in this parish in expectation of the last day. What sort of a man he was that day will discover. He was born December 26 1699 and died December 20 1787.

239. (169) To the memory of John CARTIER Esquire late of Bedgbury in this parish who died 24 January 1802 aged 68. He was a man respected etc.

240. (168) To the memory of Stephana CARTIER relict of John Cartier Esquire of Bedgbury in this parish who died 22 August 1825 aged 80. She so imitated her husbands benevolence etc.

241. (167) Sacred to the memory of Ann Mary the Right Honourable Baroness FORRESTER who died at
Bedgbury in this parish on December 30 1808 aged 63.

242. (171) Here are interred the remains of Mary WYCHE daughter of the late Peter Wyche Esquire who died at Bedgbury on June the 8th 1810 aged 75.

2 in iron rails.
243. (173) Flat Abram TWOPENNY of this parish, clothier, and of Mary his wife He died 6 February 1747 aged 55. She died 16 November 1759 aged 75. Had issue 5 sons George, William, John, Abram and Richard. Abram died 26 April 1758 aged 34.

244. (172) Richard TWOPENNY Esquire of Weni House in West Malling in Kent died 30 May 1809 aged 81.

245. Jane CHAPMAN died 12 February 1897 aged 60. Belson Chapman husband of above died 29 July 1902 aged 83.

246. Jarvis LAMBERT of this parish died 4 August 1882 aged 76. Mary Wickham Lambert wife of above died 8 August 1892 aged 78.

247. (87) Kate only daughter of Jarvis and Mary Wickham LAMBERT died 9 February 1873 aged 31.

248. (and see 257) in churchyard wall outside Here lyeth buried the / body of John SABB of / this parish clothier who / died the XV day of February / 1636 being of the age / of LXXVI yeares and upwards / [Note the Sabbs of Riseden Gatehouse] This seems to be the side of an altar tomb.

249. (84) Richard PRICE late of this parish died January 22 1819 aged 77. Elizabeth his wife died 18 April 1838 in her 90th year leaving one daughter Sarah.

250. (83) Ann wife of Thomas STEPHENS one of the daughters of David MORGANDER who died 25 January 1735 aged 37. who left issue one son and one daughter Thomas and Ann Morgander.

251. (82) Judith wife of Thomas COLVILL of this parish died 6 January 1812 aged 6(?5). Above Thomas Colvill died 20 December 1827 aged 83.

252. (81) Elizabeth wife of William COLVILL of this parish died 12 January 1790 aged 27. Also William Colvill aforesaid died 18 January 1826 aged 76. Also Rachel his second wife died 8 June 1835 aged 71.

253. (80) Josiah COLVILL of this parish, carpenter, died 28 March 1786 aged 71. Elizabeth his wife died January 7 1786 aged 77. Issue 8 sons and 2 daughters: Joyhn, .iah, Thomas, George, William, Edward, Elizabeth and Mary. Also Thomas and Charles their. near this place.

254. (79) Mary widow of the late William BURTON of Strood in this county died 11 January 1812 aged 74.

255. (86) William BRACKFIELD of this parish died 30 August 1811 aged 38. William son of above William Brackfield and Sarah his wife who died February 7 1795 aged 23.

256. (85) Robert BRACKFIELD of this parish died 3 January 1808 aged 66. Left surviving Mary his wife and 3 sons and one daughter William, Thomas, George and Mary. Mary the relict of the above and late wife of Thomas CHATFIELD of Wadhurst died 1st April 1826 aged 78.

257. Low altar South side blank North side missing? Is it the stone in the wall of SABB No. 248?

258. (69) William HAINES, died 8 May 1717 in his 22nd year. Also Thomas Haines died 17 November 1719 in ye 27th year.

259. (70) Ye body of Elizabeth HAINES youngest daughter of Gabriel Haines departed this life February 11 1711 aged 15 years 9 months and 11 days. William Haines her uncle erected this stone.

260. (72) Elizabeth wife of Thomas WILLIAMS of Combourne in this parish died 28 April 1843 aged 64. Above Thomas Williams died 22 May 1856 aged 78.

261. (71) Joseph LIDWELL died 7 March 1724 in his 49th year. Left issue 5 sons and 2 daughters Joseph, Thomas, Mary, William, Haines and Elizabeth. Also Mary Lidwell, wife of above, died 7 May 1731 aged 67.

262. (73) William HAINES, yeoman, died October 18 Ano Dom 1737 in ye 89th year. Also Martha Haines, wife of above William Haines, died 17 December 1729 in her 83rd year.

263. (74) Altar, south side Here lieth the body of Richard WOODE son of William Woode of Horsmonden who departed this life the 24 of January 1652 (age gone) and left no issue.

264. (75) Thomas AYEARST of this parish, carpenter, died May ye 29 1746 aged 62.

265. (76) Richard HOLINES???? son .. and Mary died 7 of June 1716 aged 28 years.

266. (77) William and Martha son and daughter of Laurence and Martha COLLENS. He died December ye 12 1774 aged 6 years. She died May ye 16 1772 aged 1 year.

267. (78) Ann daughter of William and Phoebe FREEMAN of this parish who died with the enoculation of the small pox January 11 1798 aged 11 years.

268. (68) William MANWARING of Trottenden in this parish died 2 July 1803 aged 50. Mary his wife died 30 April 1812 aged 57. Left issue 2 sons, 3 daughters Thomas-Williams; William, Mary, Elizabeth and Nancy. Near remains of James and John, sons of above, died in infancy. Charlotte daughter of William and Eliz???? COLLENS, granddaughter William and Mary Manwaring, died at Hastings 30 April 1823 aged 4 years 3 months.

269. (69) Peter TICKNER of this parish, cloathier, died 23 November 1752 aged 64. Issue 2 daughters Mary and Elizabeth. Mary wife of above died 21 February 1753 aged 69.

270. (66) Peter TICKNER junior died February 20 1739 aged 22.

271. (65) Elizabeth wife of Thomas WILLIAMS of this parish died 11 September 1770 aged 46. Issue one son and one daughter Thomas and Mary.

272. (63) Thomas WILLIAMS of this parish died 9 January 1785 aged 52. Issue Thomas and Mary.

273. (64) Thomas WILLIAMS of the Gore Farm in this parish died 21 September 1820 aged 61. Deborah his wife died 11 October 1821 aged 64. Left issue 5 sons and 3 daughters Thomas, William, John, Elizabeth, Mary, Joseph, Deborah and Charles. 274. (62) John WILLIAMS of this parish died 12 March 1835 aged 49. Jane his wife died at Hastings 12 March 1878 aged 86.

275. (69B) In affectionate remembrance of Lilly FRY who died September 21st 1875 aged 6 months.

276. (56) Here lyeth ye body of John NEWNHAM who dyed May ye 4 1707 in ye 50th year. Here lyeth also ye body of William Newnham who dyed March ye 19th 1705 in ye 39th year.

277. (57) Elizabeth wife of John KING of the parish of Wateringbury in Kent died 2 March 1804 aged 38. Also Mary GIBBON of this parish (sic).

278. (58) Thomas Wickham WILLIAMS late of Combourne died 26 December 1872 aged 66. Charlotte his wife died 10 March 1889 aged 81. Sarah daughter of above died 1 July 1847 aged 17. Humphrey son of above died at Hereford 19 November 1869 aged 30 years and was buried there.

279. (59) Edward PENFOLD died 7 June 1846 aged 75. Mary his wife died 30 June 1848 aged 78.

280. (60) Mary wife of Peter BONNICK died 20 February 1788 aged 73. Also Peter Bonnick died December 7 1783 aged 82. William FRIEND died May 1- 1791 aged 44. Also Mary wife of William Friend died 9 November 1836 aged 86. Peter Bonnick died 8 August 1838 aged 86. Sarah wife of John Bonnick died 19 September 1848 aged 71.

281. (61) Mary Smith FRIEND daughter of Sarah FAGG of this parish died 28 March 1821 aged 13 years.

282. Here lyeth ye body of ..bug-s who died January ye in 1679 aged 22 years.

283. The . Will .w August 10 1699 Aetatis sue 73

284. The .. .f Elizabeth .. Will ..er-s who died February (?15) 1686 Aetatis suae 73.

285. (55) Mary Ann only daughter of Lawrence and Jane THURGOOD of Gore Farm in this parish, born at Debden in Essex died 14 June 1846 aged 7 years and 9 months.

286. Stephen DOUST of this parish, many years a faithful and useful Christian died 21 January 1880 aged 83. Helena his wife died 1 July 1856 aged 55.

287. (49) Samuel ATWOOD of this parish died 16 November 1811 aged 67. Charity his wife died 9 February 1827 aged 59.

288. (50) Catherine MANWARING died 26 April 1847 aged 76. James Manwaring died 3 June 1836 aged 80. Left surviving 3 sons and 3 daughters.

289. (51) James SMITH of Cliff who died July 25 1778 aged 45.

290. (52) Charles OSBORNE of this parish, baker, died 15 March 1864 aged 62. William son of above died 3 August 1839 aged 11. Charles son of above Charles Osborne who was drowned in Australia. Mark son of said Charles Osborne died 19 December 1861 aged 22 and 5 other children died in infancy.

291. (53) John TOLHURST of this parish died December 2 1805 aged 78. Ann his wife died 10 September 1810 aged 74. Left issue 3 sons and 3 daughters John, Thomas, William, Mary, Ann and Elizabeth.

292. (54) Martha wife of Henry CARLOW of this parish died 15 July 1830 aged 44. Henry Carlow died 28 December 1846 aged 65. Leaving issue 3 sons and 4 daughters Thomas, John, James, Mary, Harriott, Sarah and Caroline.

293. (48) Here is interred the body of William PAWLEY who dyed ye 26th of July 1715 in ye 20 year of his age. In remembrance of whom Robert MERCHANT his uncle erected this stone.

294. (47) Back. Sarah wife of John BONNICK died 19 September 1848 aged 71. Front. Mary wife of George LEIGH died 11 March 1804 aged 22. Also two infants. George Leigh aforesaid died 18 January 1817 aged 41.

295. (45) William son of William and Mary DODSON of this parish died 18 November 1795 aged 8 years.

296. (44) Emma wife of Edwin BUSS died 27 April 1864 aged 42. Edwin Buss died 7 May 1907 aged 79.

297. Richard BUSS died 21 December 1873 aged 82. Sophia Buss wife of above died 16 September 1863 aged 72.

298. Coped Eliza SWATLAND of this parish born 8 October 1830 died 7 November 1911 aged 81.

299. (46) George BROWN died 30 November 1781 aged 78. He married Elizabeth only daughter of John LAMBERT of this parish, butcher. Also Elizabeth wife of above George Brown died 15 September 1796 aged 85. Left issue 2 sons and 5 daughters.

300. (42) George BROWN, yeoman, of this parish, died 26 October 1822 aged 81. Mary his wife died 29 August 1823 aged 64.

301. (43) Cross by north gate Mary Annie wife of John KEMP died 8 April 1874 (no age).

E. North-east portion
302. (40) William MASTERS who departed this life February the 13 1767 aged 50 years. Through the blood of Christ his name etc. (etc sudden death)

303. (39) William KINGSMELL of Bethersden in this county died 6 November 1764 aged 77. Also Edward Kingsmell, son of above William Kingsmell, who died at Cranbrook 16 May 1792 aged 57.

304. Edward WENHAM, late of this parish, died at Maidstone 31 May 1890 aged 74.

305. Thomas WENHAM died 27 December 1882 aged 90. Mary wife of above and daughter of Mary NOAKES died 4 January 1855 aged 67. The above Mary Noakes died 14 December 1844 aged 85 and the following children of above Thomas and Mary Wenham. Thomas, died 27 April 1836 aged 12. Matilda, died 9 September 1839 aged 21. Mary died 30 January 1851 aged 29. Caroline died 26 April 1881 aged 53.

306. (41) Here lyeth interred the body of Edward SCOOT (sic) who departed this life 8th day of January 1704 aged 84. He left issue 2 daughters Elizabeth and Mary. Here lyeth ye body of Mary SCOTT of Goudhurst, wife of Edward Scott, who departed this life 5 April 1714 aged 93.

307. (38) Mary Ann, daughter of Robert and Ann STONE of this parish, died 30 May 1824 aged 20. Also Ann, wife of Robert Stone, died 13 December 1847 aged 74. Also Robert Stone died 11 June 1856 aged 78.

2 in rails
308. (36) In vault beneath Thomas MILLER Esquire of this parish died 11 December 1823 (no age). Mary his wife died 10 June 1826. Also Mary, daughter of above, at Maidstone 18 January 1894 aged 98.

309. (37) Giles MILLER Esquire, late of this parish, died 30 March 1853 aged 55. Anne Augusta his wife, died 14 May 1837 aged 31. Also Edward Lewis, their only child, killed by a fall from a cliff at Freshwater in Isle of Wight, 28 August 1846 age 15. Their remains are deposited in a vault beneath this stone.

310. (35) Mercy MILLER late of this parish died 8 October 1798 aged 57.

311. (34) Jane wife of Thomas STEPHENS of this parish died 3 October 1777 aged 51. Above Thomas Stephens, Gentleman, died 26 April 1787 aged 55.

312. (30) Mr Henry STEPHENS of this parish died 12 December 1761 aged 74.

313. (28) Mr Thomas STEPHENS of this parish died 16 October 1759 aged 51. Left issue by Ann his wife one son and one daughter Edward and Ann. [Transcript has 1739 aged 71 and issue Thomas and Ann and name STEVENS.]

314. Flat in rails. In memory of Robert Henry ALEXANDER, late of Brandfold in this parish, born 2 May 1838 died 26 May 1901. Catherine his wife born 28 October 1838 died 2 April 1914.

315. (27) John LINGHAM late of Park Farm, Horsmonden, died 22 February 1859 aged 77. Ann his wife died 8 February 1874 aged 83.

316. (24) Sarah wife of John LINGHAM of this parish died 23 March 1824 aged 69. Left surviving 3 sons John, Thomas and James. Above John Lingham died 17 February 1833 aged 80.

317. (31) Jane wife of Thomas HONESS of this parish died 23 March 1850 aged 28. A sudden change dear friends upon me fell.

318. (33) William HUNT of this parish died October 22 1799 aged 70. Also Elizabeth wife of above William Hunt likewise the wife of William HONESS died June 26 1809 aged 79.

319. (32) Henry HAYWARD for 50 years occupier of Trillinghurst Farm in this parish died 29April 1866 aged 76 leaving a widow, 1 son and 2 daughters George, Emma and Jane. Jane Hayward his wife died 23 August 1875 aged 79.

320. William COLWELL, builder, late of this parish, died 4 June 1867 aged 65. Ann his wife died 24 March 1870 aged 75.

321. (26) Henry WESTON of this parish September 1833 aged 69. Foot HW 1833

322. (25) Jane Colvill CLEMETSON wife of James Clemetson junior of this parish died 5 July 1872 aged 44.

323. (24) Mary wife of William VOUSDEN of Iden Green in this parish died 14 December 1869 aged 77. Edward son of above died 4 May 1871 aged 44. Above William Vousden died 19 May 1889 aged 92.

324. (23) Harriet SIVYER died 28 December 1869 aged 70. John Sivyer died 11 November 1878 aged 89. Near 4 of their children taken away by fever in the year 1848.

325. (22) In memory of Miss Sarah KITE, spinster of this parish, daughter of Mr and Mrs Kite of Hancock in Cranbrook died 22 July 1796 aged 67. Foot SK

326. Mary wife of James GILBERT of this parish died 18 June 1871 aged 24. Matilda second wife of above died 13 May 1891 aged 43.

327. Old coffin shaped tomb low no inscription.

328. (20) Mary MESSENGER, eldest daughter of George and Sarah Messenger of this parish died 19 April 1875 aged 58.

329. (21) James HAYWARD (late) of the Vine Inn in this parish died 10 April 1873 aged 60. Ann, wife of James Hayward, died 22 June 1871 aged 62. Jane, daughter of above James and Ann Hayward, died 13 January 1870 aged 24.

330. (19) George MESSENGER of this parish, tailor, died 22 August 1863 aged 80. Sarah Messenger, wife of above, died 30 August 1853 aged 64.

331. Thomas MESSENGER of this parish died 19 October 1899 aged 76. George Messenger of this parish died 7 April 1903 aged 83.

332. (18) Ann wife of Henry FALKNER died 14 June 1848 aged 25.

333. (17) John BAKER of this parish died 25 October 1862 aged 68. Elizabeth wife of above died 20 March 1879 aged 82.

334. (14) Richard RUSSELL died 21 December 1836 aged 44. Elizabeth his wife died 22 December 1867 aged 74. William their son died 21 June 1861 aged 33. All of this parish.

335. (15) Elizabeth daughter of Henry and Mary HARRIS of this parish died 26 June 1822 aged 31.

336. (16) Richard SOUTHON son of Charles and Ann Southon of this parish died 27 March 1882 aged 43.

2 coped in one rail
337. (10) William only son of Thomas and Elizabeth BRISSENDEN of this parish died 16 January 1848 aged 18. Sarah only daughter of Thomas and Elizabeth Brissenden of this parish died 16 April
1846 aged 18.

338. (9) Elizabeth wife of Thomas BRISSENDEN who died at Wolseley House, Tunbridge Wells, 13 April 1883 aged 78. Thomas Brissenden of Pleasant Place in this parish died 17 December 1872 aged 70.

339. (13) Ann SOUTHON of this parish died at Horsmonden 26 January 1872 aged 46. George, eldest son of
David and Harriett Southon born 13 September 1860 died 24 August 1881.

340. (12) Charles SOUTHON, butcher, of this parish died 15 December 1875 aged 77. Ann wife of above died 19 October 1886 aged 85 years 11 months.

341. Thomas APPS died 3 March 1869 aged 52. Eliza his wife 20 June 1895 aged 75.

342. (8) John APPS died 25 January 1871 aged 44.

343. (11) Hannah wife of John APPS died 28 March 1832 aged 41. Also 3 of their children William died 29 November 1823 aged 15 months. Mary Ann died 6 March 1831 aged 9 months. Elizabeth died 16 April 1832 aged 7 years. Also John Apps died 23 August 1846 aged 73.

344. (4) Richard SUTTON son of Richard and Mary Sutton of St James in the Isle of Grain died 2 February 1810 aged 17 years.

345. (7) Mary daughter of William and Ann APPS died 23 December 1851 aged 47.

346. (6) Ann wife of William APPS died 27 February 1863 aged 83. Above William Apps died 14 March 1871 aged 92. Leaving 3 daughters Ann, Elizabeth and Sarah.

347. (5) Ann APPS died 1 October 1877 aged 74. Mary daughter of above died 4 October 1880 aged 56.

348. (1) Elizabeth daughter of George and Mary Ann WOOLLETT died 14 February 1835 aged 15.

349. (2) George WOOLLETT of Brompton in this county died 18 August 1826 aged 37. Mary Ann Woollett his wife died 10 August 1855 aged 67. Elizabeth Wilmshurst Woollett, Michael George, George and George Augustus all died in their infancy.

350. (3) William WOOLLETT of this parish, miller, died 16 January 1832 aged 74. Elizabeth his wife December 21 1832 aged 73. Left surviving 4 sons and 4 daughters.

351. Harriett WOOLLETT daughter of George and Mary Ann Woollett died 8 August 1886 (no age).

End of north east yard.

F. Eastern Yard
352. (264) Sarah wife of Thomas USHERWOOD of this parish died 13 June 1819 aged 62. Thomas Usherwood died 25 April 1826 aged 76. Left issue one daughter Elizabeth.

253. William FORWOOD who dyed October ye 30th 1734 aged 51. Left issue ?4 sons and 4 daughters.

354. (297) William COLLISON of this parish died 15 October 1797 aged 53. Mary his wife October 1 1801 aged 60.

355. (386) Low altar Daniel COLLISON of this parish died December ye 2 1740 aged 67. Also Mary his wife died 12 February 1749 aged 73. Also Catherine their daughter died 5 February 1729 aged 11. Left surviving 3 sons and 7 daughters Daniel, Ann, Constance, Eliza, Sarah, Martha, John, Susanna, Thomas, Emma and Mercy.

356. (296) William ROWLES late of the Nags Head Inn Boro? died 12 April 1824 aged 58. Left issue one son and 5 daughters.

357. (245) Walter ROWLES of this parish died 30 August 1794 aged 56. Alice his wife died 11 August 1790 aged49. Barbara their daughter died 27 June 1784 aged 2. Left issue 5 sons and 1 daughter viz William, Walter, Thomas, Edward, John and Mary.

358. (294) Ann BAKER died 16 February 1787 aged 22.

359. (243) Thomas BAKER died 4 June 1789 aged 17.

360. (292) Robert BAKER died 13 November 1789 aged 21.

361. (291) John BAKER late of Marling Gate died 30 March 1803 aged 71. Left surviving his wife and one daughter. Mary his wife who died 23 April 1809 aged 81.

362. (290) William CHILDER died 27 May 1792 aged 26. Ann his wife died 18 January 1793 aged 27.

363. (300) Harriet STANDEN wife of Thomas Standen died 5 August 1866 aged 52.

364. Alfred, eldest son of Thomas and Mary HONESS, born 9 November 1858 died 8 September 1890.

365. (301) William HONESS died 21 December 1813 aged 69. Ann his wife died 24 January 1798 aged 47. Left issue William, Thomas, Richard, Henry, Ann, Sarah, Elizabeth and Fanny.

366. (303) Charlotte wife of Thomas HONESS of this parish died 19 September 1850 aged 70. Above Thomas Honess died 22 May 1851 aged 77. Left issue 2 sons and 1 daughter Mary, Thomas and John.

367. (302) Elizabeth wife of Richard HOLBROOK of Brighton, Sussex, died 15 December 1843 aged 75.

368. Thomas HONESS died 1 January 1897 aged 81. Mary his wife died 18 July 1906 aged 73.

369. (298) Daniel COLLISON died 15 July 1811 aged 82. Ann his wife died 25 December 1816 aged 81.

370. (299) Mercy DAVIS of this parish died 21 May 1796 aged 75.

371. (?388) Flat, ?head. No inscription. See end after 476.

372. (387) William TWORT of this parish, Gentleman, died 11 June 1777 aged 51. Left issue 2 sons and 3 daughters William, James, Ann, Elizabeth and Jenny.

373. (304) Sarah CONSTABLE died 9 December 1835 aged 79. Near be her father and mother Henry and Mary Constable formerly of Marden in this county.

374. (265) Rhoda daughter of William and Mary USHERWOOD of this parish died 2 January 1838 aged 27.

375. William USHERWOOD, wheel wright of this parish 55 years, died 30 October 1867 aged 81. Mary, wife of above, died 20 May 1867 aged 77. Left surviving William, Elizabeth, Sophia, Thomas, Edwin and Alfred. Also Thomas, son of above, died at Hoo 13 March 1876 aged 50.

376. (275) Mary Harriet Lucy CLOUTT, eldest daughter of William and Martha Cloutt, late of this parish, died 1 September 1865 aged 18 years 8 months. Also Martha Cloutt, mother of above, died 10 May 1867 aged 55. Eliza Martha, daughter of the last named Marth Cloutt, died 15 November 1876 aged 22.

377. (274) Stephen Henry FREELAND late of this parish died 16 October 1857 aged 30 leaving a widow and 2 children viz William-Henry and Harriote-Eliza-Mary-Martha.

378. (276) William WAGHORN of this parish died 5 June 1821 aged 57.

379. (306) Thomas BRATTLE of this parish died 21 March 1746 aged 72. Elizabeth his wife died December 25 1753 aged 79. Thomas their eldest son died October 1773 aged 77.

380. (307) James BRIGHTRIDGE of this parish died 23 December 1723 or 5 in 47th or 41st year and in ys place lies two children.

381. (305) Charles CUTBUSH died 13 November 1839 aged 36.

382. (312) Harriet LEWIN wife of C D Lewin Esquire of this parish died 16 July 1826 aged 34. Also Harriet, second daughter of above Harriet and Charles Lewin died 27 April 1838 aged 37.

383. (311) Flat Mary Ann widow of the late Thomas WELSH of Brighton died 13 December 1867 aged 65.

384. (309) ??? Cross Lydia LARGE, daughter of William and Caroline Large of Taywell died 2 March 1862 aged 3 years 6 months.

385. Here lyeth the body of / William CHAR.. / Yeoman departed this life / the day of May / 1686 aged years. Here lyeth .. . 18 .. .this life T.. D. AR .. J . ES in the 5- year of this age.

386. (310) Ambrose COVENEY of this parish died 6 January 1791 or 4 aged 77. Susanna, wife of above, died February 14 1776 aged 61. Left issue one son and one daughter Ambrose and Susanna.

387. (308) Ann HONESS wife of Charles HONESS of this parish died 10 February 1873 aged 52. Charles Honess died 28 April 1903 aged 81.

388. (273 John HUMPRIS (sic) of this parish died 10 March 1757 aged 88.

389. (314) Samuel VOUSDEN of this parish died 9 April 1830 in his 67th year. Mary his second wife died 1 October 1833 in her 67th year. James their son died 21 March 1824 aged 19.

390. (316) Martha VOUSDEN, wife of Samuel Vousden of this parish, died January 19 1787 aged 25. Issue one daughter Martha.

391. (315) John VOUSDEN late of Iden Green died 29 November 1833 aged 29.

392. (313) William VOUSDEN, son of William and Mary Vousden of Iden-Green in this parish, died 27 December 1862 aged 34.

393. (317) William VOUSDEN late of Iden Green in this parish, died 14 November 1803 aged 47. Left surviving his wife and 3 children Ann, William and Jane and John unbornd. Also of Ann, wife of above, who died 1 March 1848 aged 75.

394. (318) Peter POPE son of John and Elizabeth Pope died 7 August 1819 aged 25. Harriet Pope, daughter of said John and Elizabeth Pope died 10 January 1821 aged 25.

395. (279) Here lyeth the body of Robert FULLER who departed this life the 19th day of November Ano Dom 1678

396. (332) James GATES of this parish who died in the year 1803 and was buried near this stone. Also 2 children who died in their infancy. Also Dorothy his wife died in the year 1839. Also following sons and daughters of above who died and were buried at the places named. Mercy at Norwich in 1803 John at Canterbury in 1807 George at Tunbridge in 1811 Mary at Goudhurst in 1839 Richard at Portsmouth in 1845 James at Halden in 1847 Thomas at Crowborough in 1853 Stephen at West Wickham in 1855 Hannah at Tunbridge in 1857 William at Plumsted in 1873 Captain late Royal Artillery by whom this stone has been erected Ann at Pembury in 1873 The last of the family.

397. (330) John WILLIAMS third son of William and Judith Williams born 25 November 1818 died 23 August 1821. John Williams, fourth son of above, born 2 July 1824 died 7 April 1831.

398. (329) George son of John and Susanna WILLIAMS of Cranbrook died 3 February 1820 aged 24.

399. (327) coped in rails Judith WILLIAMS, widow of William Williams, died 3 September 1872 aged 79 of Triggs. To husband and father William Williams of Triggs Farm in this parish died 29 June 1860 aged 72.

400. (328) Elizabeth, eldest daughter of William and Judith Williams of Triggs in this parish born July 11 1821 died 2 July 1881.

401. (326) Susanna wife of John WILLIAMS of Cranbrook died 18 July 1806 aged 47. Left issue 4 sons and 3 daughters Mary, William, Thomas, John, George, Frances and Sarah. Above John Williams died 12 March 1826 aged 78.

402. (325) Charles son of William and Elizabeth MANWARING died 10 April 1795 aged 18.

403. (324) John MANWARING late of Cranbrook died 30 March 1772 aged 81. Gardener.

404. (323) William MANWARING of this parish died February 24 1762 or 4 aged 80. Left issue one son William

405. (322) Mary wife of William MANWARING of this parish junior died 17 February 1763 aged 37. Left issue 2 sons and 3 daughters William, Thomas, Mary, Susannah, Martha. Also the above William MANWARING died June 14 1805 aged 82.

406. (321) Elizabeth second wife of William MANWARING of this parish died December 7 1783 aged 43. Leaving issue 2 sons and 2 daughters George, Charles and Elizabeth and Ann.

407. (320) Thomas VOUSDEN of this parish died 21 March 1787 aged 45. Left surviving a wife and 4 children John, Thomas, William and Richard. Sarah his wife who after the death of her husband married Henry MANWARING and died June 16 1826 aged 83.

408. (319) Thomas KNIGHT of this parish died 20 April 1854 aged 66. Jemima Knight, wife of above, died 13 November 1867 aged 79. Ann their eldest daughter died 22 May 1844 aged 35. Ellen their ninth daughter aged 15 died 17 August 1848 at Milton and was buried there.

409.(333) Emila HARDEN died 17 May 1828 aged 11 years.

410. (331) Thomas-Williams MANWARING of Trottenden in this parish died 11 October 1868 aged 82 leaving issue 2 sons and 4 daughters Eliza, Mary, William, Thomas, Elizabeth and Anne. Elizabeth his wife died at Summer Hill 20 November 1877 aged 88.

411. (338) David STANDEN died 11 May 1872 aged 60. Elizabeth his widow died 7 May 1900 aged 92.

412. (339) Richard SCOONES of this parish died 30 April 1870 aged 73. Mary wife of above died 14 August 1870 aged 65.

413. (267) Small cross William ROBERTS born 21 March 1824 died 4 September 1873.

414. (266) Henry BLUNT died 30 May 1874 aged 79. Ann his wife died 29 June 1877 aged 74.

415. (334) Large altar in rails North side Beneath this tomb are deposited the remains of Thomas MARTIN late of this parish, Gentleman, who died July the 4th 1801 aged 61 years.

416. (335) Stephen GROOMBRIDGE late of this parish and Mary his wife. Stephen died 28 November 1785 aged 67. Mary died 28 October 1785 aged 65. Also Elizabeth sister of said Stephen Groombridge died 18 October 1790 aged 75.

417. (336) Thomas GROOMBRIDGE died 6 March 1797 aged 76. Mary his wife died 1 April 1793 aged 75. Had issue 7 children viz Thomas, John, Mary, Peter, Elizabeth, Stephen and Ann. Thomas born 16 July 1746 died 3 December 1754 John born 13 April 1748 died 15 March 1751 Mary born 31 August 1750 died 7 December 1751 Peter born 26 August 1752 died 23 October 1752 Elizabeth born 26 August 1752 died 23 October 1752 Ann born 22 November 1756 died 2 November 1763 and lie buried at Westminster.

418. (337) Large altar. South Here lieth the body of John GROOMBRIDGE of this parish, Gentleman, who departed this life ye 16 day of October 1727 in ye 42nd year of his age. North Here also lieth the body of Elizabeth wife of ye said John Groombridge, daughter of Peter PARIS late of this parish, mercer, who departed this life ye 29 day of March 1736 in ye 51st year of her age. East end Leaving issue 5 sons and 2 daughters Peter, Alexander, Stephen, Thomas, James, Elizabeth and Mary.

419. (351) Mary Jane EVENDEN wife of Thomas Evenden of this parish died 4 January 1874 aged 46. Thomas Charles Evenden, husband of the above died 8 December 1877 aged 72.

420. (349?) .. . ONGLEY..aged Foot IO This is probably 349 of transcript: Thomas ONGLEY died 7 July 1801 aged 60. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife (who survived him) 4 sons and 5 daughters viz Thomas, Edward, Nicholas, William, Elizabeth, Nancy, Mary, Fanny and Maria.

421. (350) John ONGLEY of this parish died 21 August 1769 aged 72.

422. (348) Thomas ONGLEY son of Thomas and Margaret Ongley died June ye [19 . 1703 aged 20]. Also Margaret daughter of Thomas and Margaret Ongley died December ye 12 1726 aged 35.

423. (347) Catherine daughter of Thomas and Margaret ONGLEY died 1 April 1757 aged 71.

424. (345) Thomas ONGLEY of this parish, yeoman, died June ye 10 1717 aged 69. Margaret wife of Thomas Ongley died May 16 1741 aged 79. They had issue ten children.

425. (346) Nicholas ONGLEY son of Thomas and Margaret Ongley died October ye 17 1741 aged 59. Ann ye daughter of Thomas and Margaret Ongley died 7 March 1742 aged 49.

426. (354) [Edward son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth ALLEN] [of] Marden died [February] 3rd [17]9[0] aged 23. [all you that] are young [prepare to die] Though I was young yet here I lie My wedding bride [lies in the dust] [Christ is my bridegroom in whom I trust]

427. (344) [Eli]zabeth [wife] of William [ALLEN] of this parish [Marden] [May 1]0th 17[93] Left [issue surviving one] son [William]. 2 footstones 1 JA????? 2 blank

428. (343) Alfred TEMPSON who died at the Vicarage 25 February 1839 aged 21. The Reverend B HARRISON MA for his faithful services dedicates this stone to his memory.

429. (341) Mary Ann wife of John GULLIVER died 4 December 1851 aged 64. John Gulliver died 29 September 1863 aged 72 for 37 years the faithful servant of the Reverend Sir William Smith MARRIOT, Baronet??, Rector of Horsmonden in serving whom he did not forget his higher duty to his heavenly master.

430. (342) Frances SCOONES died 4 July 1834 aged 62. She lived 44 years with a mistress by whom she is greatly lamented.

431. (340) Small cross Herbert JENNINGS for 10 years master of the National School died at his post aged 56 on 6 March 1868. Faint yet pursuing.

432. .. departed this.. of December 1689 .ar of his age.

433. (352) Ed[ward ONG]LEY late of [Brenchley] yeoman [he had 2] w[ives Ann and] Elizabeth H[e died November] ye 7th [173]5 82 years.

434. (353) Elizabeth wife of Edward ONGLEY died May 22 1760 aged 61. The said Edward Ongley died February 8 1762 aged 73. Margaret their daughter April 8 1765 aged 23. Left issue 2 sons and 2 daughters Edward, Thomas, Elizabeth and Ann.

435. (355) Flat Edward ONGLEY of Smugley in this parish who died January 9 1803 aged 69. Frances Ongley died 29 September 1814 aged 65. Issue one daughter Fanny.

436. (356) Richard SCOONES late of this parish died 24 April 1837 aged 65. Mary his wife died 22 December 1854 aged 77. Had issue one son and 7 daughters Richard, Frances, Mary, Sarah, Ann, Elizabeth, Harriet and Jane.

437. (357) Mary SCOONES of this parish died 1 November 1850 aged 19.

438. (364) Henrietta GODFREY relict of William Godfrey of Brookland Kent died 26 February 1870 aged 83. Also their son William Godfrey of this parish who died 21st November 1844 aged 29 and his son William Godfrey born 9 March 1845 died January 31 1849 Also his daughter Henrietta Godfrey born 29 January 1836 died 6 March 1867 Foot WG 1844

439. (362) Hannah eldest daughter of Richard and Mary CUTBUSH of this parish died 14 May 1863 aged 29.

440. (361) John PENFOLD died 9 July 1876 aged 81. Elizabeth his wife died 20 September 1883 aged 85. Also Richard third son of above died 6 April 1882 aged 57.

441. (360) Mercy widow of the late William DAVYE died 27 January 1872 aged 69. Mary PENFOLD sister of above died 19 December 1873 aged 73.

442. (359) Mary Ann wife of William PENFOLD of this parish bricklayer died 14 July 1865 aged 72. Above William Penfold died 26 February 1874 aged 82.

443. (358) Fanny wife of Thomas MILLER of this parish died 8 June 1846 aged 66. Thomas Miller died 16 October 1865 aged 84. Left issue one son Edward.

444. (363) Small cross Albert FORDHAM died 27 May 1873 aged 27.

445. (365) Mary SATTIN of this parish died July 23 1803 aged 72. Near lieth her father and mother.

446. Sundial 1801 Hugh WELCH Humphrey WICKHAM Churchwardens.

447. (368) Small iron cross inscription lost [Francis Wellesley third son of Frederick Thomas and Louisa MONKHOUSE died 21 June 1871 aged 11 years].

448. (366) Miss Ann WOOLLVEN daughter of John and Elizabeth Woollven of St Georges, Southwark, died 11 December 1831 aged 18 months.

449. (367) Mary WOOLLVEN wife of William Woollven died November 27 1824 aged 25. Also William Woollven died 6 May 1827 aged 32. Richard son of William and Mary Woollven died 31 May 1825 aged 2 years and 7 months. William son of William and Mary Woollven died 15 August 1848 aged 29.

450. (371) William second son of John and Mary Ann RAYNER died 26 April 1852 aged 18.

451. (369) Henry WOOLLVEN son of Charles and Sarah WOOLLVEN of this parish died 1 May 1828 aged 4 years and 2 months. Also of William their son died 15 January 1850 aged 24. Sarah wife of Charles Woollven late of this parish died 29 April 1858 aged 71. Charles Woollven late of this parish died 29 March 1866 aged 78.

452. 2 crosses in a curb On curb:
Stewart Algernon CLARKE killed in action Hulluch October 13 1915
Basil Edward Clarke killed in action Ypres 24 April 1915
Seaforth St John Clarke died on active service Doullens 26 March 1918.

453. Cross in above curb Rest in Peace. James Sanderson CLARKE 47 years Vicar of this parish died 19 May 1911 aged 90. Also Annie his wife born 14 July 1841 died 4 July 1921.

454. (271) Another cross head in above curb Mabil Emily infant daughter of James Sanderson and Annie Clarke died 1 September 1868

455. (268) Mary Ann BEECHING child of Samuel and Ann Beeching died 2 February 1868 aged 10 years 9 months. Also of Samuel-Henry, Frederick-John and Edgar-George 3 children of above Samuel and Ann Beeching, died in infancy.

456. (269) Samuel BEECHING late of this parish died 23 February 1850 aged 59. Sarah his wife died 12 November 1865 aged 73. Catherine fifth daughter of above Samuel and Sarah Beeching died 16 October 1840 aged 6. Mary Ann second daughter of above died 9 May 1848 aged 22. Elizabeth fourth daughter of same died in infancy.

457. (270) Samuel DRAWBRIDGE died 22 April 1866 aged 64 years 11 months. Harriett Drawbridge, daughter of above, died 6 March 1898 aged 91.

458. (278) in rails Beatrice Jessica daughter of Benjamin Sidney and Beatrice Sophia WILMOT of Highams, Goudhurst born 26 April 1873 died 21 October 1873

459. Coped with flat cross in rails Robert Samuel NEWINGTON born 13 December 1834 died 23 October 1891. For 25 years surgeon of this parish. Also his wife Lucy SIDDLE died 12 August 1902 aged 68.

460. (370) Coped with flat cross in rails Samuel Wilmott NEWINGTON 40 years surgeon of this parish died 13 July 1868 aged 67. Mary wife of above died 7 January 1855 aged 57. Jane, second daughter of Samuel Wilmott and Mary Newington, wife of Roger NUNN, surgeon, Bisceter??? Oxon, whose remains are interred in the cemetery of that place died 7 September 1866 aged 34.

461. (372) Samuel Plasted NEWINGTON late of this parish, surgeon, died 22 August 1832 in 71st year and left issue by Elizabeth his wife Anne, Elizabeth, Samuel, Frances Georgiana, John and Emma. Above Elizabeth Newington died 5 July 1834 aged 68.

462. (373) James THOMPSON of this parish died 17 May 1834 aged 66. Ann his wife died 28 March 1843 aged 78. Left issue 5 sons and 2 daughters James, William, Thomas, John, George, Ann and Jane.

463. (374) Catharine Ann ELLIOTT late of Bramley, Surrey, died 21 November 1817 aged 21.

464. (375) Long narrow tomb North side Beneath this tomb have been deposited the earthly remains of James WEBB late of this parish, Gentleman, who died on the 20 January 1828. Also of three of his children namely Harriet who died 15 May 1826 James 22 August 1848 and Mary the wife of Richard WHITE also of this parish died 29 June 1849. South side Anna Maria HILLS daughter of Richard and Mary WHITE died 26 June 1851. Also Sarah daughter of James WEBB the elder and widow of John POPE, Gentleman, late of this parish, died 9 October 1857. Also the before named Richard White, solicitor, who died 21 May 1864 aged 90. Also Mary White of Barnet, Herts, and niece of the said Richard White who died 25 May 1857 aged XI.
Top is sloping, on south slope. Also Emily White the fifth daughter of the said Charles White and niece of the said Richard White, who died 8 February 18(?69) aged 51.
North slope Also Sarah White, eldest daughter of Anna Maria Hills, died 31 July 1862 aged 23. And of Ellen, youngest daughter of Anna Maria Hills, died 12 September 1867 aged 30.

465. (376) Thomas BELLINGHAM of this parish, died 29 March 1825 aged 80. Mary, sister of above, died at Pembury 3 September 1830 aged 78 and is there buried.

466. (378) Elizabeth wife of John JONES of this parish died 20 January 1835 aged 80 leaving issue 3 daughters Hannah, Susannah and Jane. Above John Jones, died 5 August 1848 aged 83.

467. (377) Susannah daughter of John and Elizabeth JONES of this parish died 2 July 1840 aged 49.

468. (379) Anna Blinks wife of Alfred POILE, only daughter of James and Ann CLEMETSON of Hope Mill in this parish died 15 September 1865 aged 28. Also Anna Clemetson, only child of Alfred and Anna Poile died 2 November aged 9 weeks (no year so apparently 1865?)

469. (381) Maria wife of Edward CLEMETSON died 28 December 1867 aged 33. Also Margaret Clemetson died in infancy.

470. (380) Charles KEMP of Bockingfold in this parish, died 24 November 1869 aged 64. Charles son of Charles and Olivia Kemp died 29 April 1861 aged 23 years 10 months. John, son of above Charles and Olivia Kemp died 26 February 1853 aged 3 weeks and 5 days and is buried near. Also Olivia, wife of above Charles Kemp, died 2 March 1879 aged 68.

471. (385) Flat Thomas SMART died 8 April 1837 aged 19. Also Samuel LEWIN, Esquire, died 21 June 1846 aged 46. Also Ann Smart died 2 November 1846 aged 21. John Smart, Esquire, died 24 February 1849 aged 63. Sarah Lewin, wife of Samuel Lewin, died 24 October 1876 aged 62.

472. Lucy THOMPSON died 24 January 1892 aged 58.

473. (384) Coped ???? cross William DURRANT died 25 May 1852 aged 25.

474. (383) ????? coped cross Frederick William SPRINGETT deceased July IX MDCCCLIX aged XXX.

475. (382) Coped with cross Richard SPRINGETT died 6 November 1869 aged 84 and Ann Elizabeth his wife who died 9 November 1862 aged 70.

476. Coped at east gate. Maria, daughter of Richard and Ann E SPRINGETT of Finchcocks, died 7 September 1900 aged 83.

Location of following not clear from Duncans notes

477 (? 371) seems a head lying on its face ?is this 388 of transcript to Samuel Dent RUDDUCK of this parish died 19 July 1802 aged 70. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife 1 son Thomas Dent. Elizabeth wife of above Samuel Ruddock was buried at Kimbolton in Huntingdonshire.

478 (No. 415) of transcript is Thomas Dent RUDDOCK of this parish died 28 July 1803 aged 42.

479 (420). This is probably 349 of transcript: Thomas ONGLEY died 7 July 1801 aged 60. Left issue by Elizabeth his wife (who survived him) 4 sons and 5 daughters Thomas, Edward, Nicholas, William, Elizabeth, Nancy, Mary, Fanny and Maria.

480. (194) Thomas DODGE of this parish died 23 May 1827 aged 80. Alice his wife died 12 May 1808 -- years. 193 is my 26 and 195 my 21

481. (272) John DUGGIN died 3 September 1872 aged 16 ? now lost

482. (415) Thomas Dent RUDDOCK of this parish died 28 July 1803 aged 42.

INDEX of names Buried at Goudhurst Church, Kent

Index of Names, buried at Goudhurst Church, Kent

Name Index
ALLEN 426, 427
APPS 69, 71, 341-347
Bagshaw 511, 512, 515
BAKER 21, 36, 42, 95,
211, 333, 358-361
BARBER 38, 211, 213, 214

BATHURST 53, 54, 60,129,
135, 493, 494, 495, 496,
498, 503, 504, 517, 522
BEECHING 455, 456
Birchet? 39
BIRD 521
BLUNT 414, 521
BONNICK 280, 294
BROWN 299, 300
BURGESS 65, 66
BURR 222-226
BUSS 296, 297
CAMPION 514, 520
CARTIER 239,240,241,530
CHALKIN 18, 19
CHANTLER 96, 101, 111
CHAR* 385

CLARKE 141, 452-454, 529
CLEMETSON 322,468,469
COLLENS 173, 174, 177,
180, 186, 266, 268
COLLISON 354, 355, 369
COLVILL 251-253, 322
Cordell 520
CROUCH 92, 93
Culpeper 532
CUTBUSH 381, 439
DOUST 10, 102, 286
DOWN 134

DUNN 499
Earl of Shrewsbury 519
Ellis 211
FAGG 281
FIELD 193, 194
FINCH 500, 501
FREELAND 78, 90, 377
FRIEND 118, 280, 281
FRY 275
FUGGLE 157, 185
FULLER 171, 395
GIBB 153
GIBBS 5, 6
GLYN 514
515, 518

C.A.H. 541
M.H. 51
W.H. 541
HAINES 258, 259, 262
HAMMOND 22,199,201,202
HANCOCK 325, 329
HANSON 195, 196, 197
HARRIS 79, 80, 335
HARRISON 428, 511-513, 515, 530, 534, 539, 540
HAWT 519 HAYWARD 40, 89, 91, 319, 329
HAZELDEN 208-210,227
HESELDEN 205, 206
HINDS 531, 535
HOARE 153, 154, 155 HOBBS 20
HODGSKIN 129, 135, 136
HOLINES???? 265
HONESS 317,318,364-366,
368, 387
HOOK 126
HUNT 318
JENNINGS 236, 237, 431
JOHNSON 75, 76
JONES 466, 467
JURY 172
KEMP 301, 470

KING 277
King Charles 495
King Charles the First 514
KINGSMELL 84, 127, 303
KITE 325
Knowlys 175 LAKE 502, 507
LAMBERT 30, 31, 179,
246, 247, 299
LAUSDELL 121, 122,
LAW 238, 530
LEE 504 LEIGH 294
LEWIN 382, 471
LIGHT 160-163, 192
LINGHAM 315, 316
MANWARING 268, 288,
402-407, 410
Marchant 157
MARTIN 124, 415, 519
MASTERS 229-231,302

MESSENGER 328,330-331
MILLER 308-310, 443, 509,
MORRIS 44, 113 MUNK? 47
MYNN 137, 138, 140
NUNN 460
NYE 22 OAKDEN 150, 524
OLLIVE 483, 484
ONGLEY 420-425,433-435,
OSBORNE 108, 156, 290,
PACK 509
PARIS 418, 487, 488, 538
PENFOLD 279, 440-442
POLHILL 486, 505
POOLEY 87, 88
POPE 394, 464, 490
T.R. 16
Rachell 520

RATCLIFFE 140, 158
RIDGWAY 542 543
ROBERTS 2, 413, 521
ROWLES 146, 356, 357
RUDDUCK 477, 478, 482
RUSSELL 11-15, 195, 334
B.S. 50
R.S. 52
SABB 248, 257
Sanderson 453
SCOONES 412,430,436/7 SCOOT 306
SIMS 56, 57, 58
SMART 471, 517
SMITH 74, 118, 152, 289
SMITHE 61, 506
SOUTHON 336, 339, 340
SPRANGE 143, 144
SPRINGETT 474-476, 489,
STANDEN 26, 28, 34, 35,
115-117, 363, 411 STANDING 228
STEPHENS 165, 166, 250,
311, 312, 313
STEVENS 147, 148, 313
STONE 307, 520
STRINGER 62-64,506, 522

TANNER 200, 215-220
THOMPSON 462, 472
THORPE 23, 24, 25

TICKNER 214, 269, 270
TOLHURST 157, 168, 291
TWOPENNY 243, 244
UDALL 233, 234
UPTON 145 USHERWOOD 352, 374,
VOUSDEN 42, 43, 323,
389-393, 407
WAGHORN 100, 228, 232,
Warmington 515
WEBB 83, 464
WELCH 27, 446

WENHAM 304, 305
WEST 81, 138
WESTON 107, 109, 321
WICKHAM 106, 131, 132,
187, 188, 190, 198, 203,
204, 221, 446 Wilkins 175
WILLIAMS 260, 271, 272,
273, 278, 397-401
WILMOT 458, 460
Wilmshurst 349 WOODE 263
WOOLLETT 348-351,
WOOLLVEN 448, 449, 451
Wyment 515

The Monumental Inscriptions in the churchyard of Goudhurst Church Noted by Leland L. Duncan August 1923

Transcribed and typed up by Dawn Weeks for the Kent Archaeoligical Society

2 comment(s), latest 4 years, 11 months ago

Inscriptions inside the Goudhurst Church, Kent

483. (480). Here lyes the body of Benjamin OLLIVE late of London died 26 February 1777 aged 28. Elizabeth Ollive mother of the above Benjamin, died January 8 1789 aged 71. Also her son John Ollive died November 17 1789 aged 50. Elizabeth Ollive, wife of the above John, died September 20 1780 aged 40. John, son of above John and Elizabeth Ollive died 3 December 1816 aged 42. Thomas Ollive late of Taywell in this parish and brother to above Benjamin Ollive died 14 January 1817 aged 75. Ann, youngest daughter of the above John and Elizabeth Ollive died 18 July 1822 aged 42.

484. (479) Flat west end of nave east of last In the family vault beneath this stone are deposited the remains of Elizabeth OLLIVE, widow of the late Benjamin Ollive. She died 2 May 1831 aged 78 years. Also Mary, second daughter of the late John Ollive, died 20 August 1832 aged 54 years. Also Elizabeth the eldest daughter of the late John Ollive and Elizabeth his wife. She died 25 August 1852 aged 76 years.

485. (488) Flat at west end south aisle In memory of Sarah the wife of the Reverend William DOWTHWAITE, who died December 29 1800 aged 43. Also 4 of their children who died in their infancy. Likewise the Reverend William DOWTHWAITE who departed this life 4 October 1828 aged 77.

486. (489) Flat, west end south aisle Mrs Miliscent POLHILL, wife of the Reverend Robert Polehill vicar of this parish, died 30 July 1771 aged 36. Mr D STANFORD obiit 9 June 1781 aetatis 72. Rebecca Polhill died 11 April 1799 aged 38.

487. (490) Flat, west end south aisle Here lyeth the body of John PARIS, who departed this life 22 day of August 1717 aged 41 and left issue Peter, John, Thomas and Elizabeth. Here also lyeth ye body of John son of John Paris who dyed ye 21 of April 1721 in ye 15 year of his age. Here also lieth Peter son of Peter Paris and Elizabeth his wife died 27 September 1748 aged 6 years.

488. (491) Flat, west end south aisle Here lieth the body of Mr Peter PARIS of this parish who died May aged years. Also Mrs Elizabeth Paris who died December 24 1772 aged 59 years. Also Mr Thomas Paris who died May 17 1782 aged 75.

489. (493) Flat, west end south aisle Here lieth ye body of John SPRINGETT who departed this life ye 4th day of August 1680 aged 74. He left issue one son and 2 daughters John, Elizabeth and Martha. His son John by Jane his first wife and his 2 daughters by Ann his last wife: his wives lye both buried near this place.

490. (494) Flat in aisle by south wall, south aisle, western end Near this place are deposited the remains of Matthew POPE of this parish, Gentleman, and Elizabeth his wife and their children as follows. William Thomas Pope, Catherine Pope, Ann Pope, Elizabeth Pope and John Pope. Matthew Pope son of the above named Matthew and Elizabeth died and was buried in the colony of Victoria. (no dates).

491. (542) Here lyeth ye body of Robert PHILP, carpenter of this parish, who departed this life November ye 6 1722 aged 61. Also Ann Philp his wife who departed this life February ye 23rd 1723 aged 67.

492. (543) Armorial drawing Here lyeth the body of Judith GOZWITT widow late of Combwell in ye parish of Goudhurst in ye county of Kent who departed this life March ye 16th 1720 in ye 82nd year of her age.

493. (483) Here lyeth buried John BATHURST of Trillinghurst in this parish, Gentleman, who departed this life the 16th day of April 1697 in the 57th yeare of his age. [Tomb NW end of aisle] Bread dole is placed on this.

494. (513) West end, north chapel Armorial drawing Here under lyeth buried the body of Elizabeth BATHURST late of Finchcocks, spinster, who departed this life the 12th day of February 1710/11 aged 74. She was one of the daughters of Edward Bathurst of Finchcocks, Esquire, and Martha his wife who we also buried nigh here unto.

495. (514) ? under organ Here lieth interred ye body of Edward BATHURST of Finchcocks in ye parish of Goudhurst, Esquire and Gentilman Harbinger to the late King Charles who had to wife Martha HOOPER one of the daughters of John Hooper of Stockbury in Kent, Gentleman. He had issue by here eight sonnes and six daughters and departed this life on ye 20 of August in the 51st year of his age Anno Dom 1651.

496. (515) Flat, west end north chancel. No arms Here lieth the body of John BATHURST, Gentleman, son of Edward and Math Barthhurst of Finchcocks who died a bachelor the 24 day of September 1726 in the 85th year of his age.

497. (516) East of last No arms. Here lieth interred the body of John SAWYER late of this parish and of Ann his wife. Also of Elizabeth their daughter. John died 1 June 1775 aged 67 years. Ann died 19 August 1775 aged 65 years. Elizabeth died 13 December 1764 aged 19 years.

498. (517) West end, north chancel north of 14. Armorial {HORDEN of Great Horden] In hope of joyfull resurrection here lieth interred the body of Edward BATHURST of Finchcocks, Esquire (eldest son of Edward Bathurst, Esquire and Martha his wife) who departed this life on the 9th day of June in the year of our Lord 1690 and in the 52nd year of his age. He marryed Judith the daughter of Robert OLIVER, Gentleman, of Layborne in Kent and died without issue.

499. (518) Flat, north chapel, north of 15 No arms Underneath are deposited the remains of the Reverend Joseph DUNN, late vicar of Benenden in this county who departed this life November the 16 1798 aged 63 years. Also underneath are deposited the remains of the said Rose Dunn, widow of the abovenamed Joseph Dunn, who died 27 September 1806 aged 83. Likewise near this place are interred the bodies of Stephen OSBORNE of this parish and Mary his wife who had issue 3 children one son and 2 daughters John, Rose and Mary. John is buried near this place and Mary in St Magnus Church, London Bridge. Rose their surviving daughter and widow of the abovenamed Joseph Dunn caused this stone to be placed here.

500. (519) Flat, east end, north chancel. No arms The Reverend Mr Isaac FINCH Vicar of this parish died ye 16 of August 1756 aged 59. Also John son of Isaac and Mary Finch was born August the 26 1737 died June ye 14 1739.

501. (520) South of it is another to Here lies interred Mary FINCH ho died December ye 14 1762 aged 23 years.

502. (506) In chancel floor, south side Armorial drawing Here lyeth Arthur LAKE, Gentleman, one of the Ancients of St Clements Inn, London, who died the 13 October 1716 aged 63 years who was second son of Thomas Lake of Taywell in this parish who died the day of March in the year of our Lord 1666/7 aged 60 years and was buried near this place.

503. (498) On west wall, south aisle Armorial drawing (Bathurst/Haffenden) Robert BATHURST died 15 June 1731 aged 66 Elizabeth Bathurst died 26 November 1752 aged 76 Elizabeth LONGSTAFF died 28 October 1743 aged 40 John VICKERS died 16 March 1744 aged 20 Mary Bathurst only daughter of Robert and Elizabeth Bathurst abovenamed died 7 August 1770 aged 62.

504. (499) Buried [outside vestry, south side of western tower] Tablet on west wall, south aisle Armorial drawing (Bathurst) Inclosed by rails on the outside of this wall is interred the body of Dorothy BATHURST (daughter of Lancelot LEE of Coton in Shropshire, Esquire, and widow of Edward Bathhurst, Esquire, eldest son of Edward Bathurst late of Finchcocks in this parish, Esquire) who departed this life on 3rd of March 1794 aged 78 years. Dorothy Bathurst, daughter of the above died December 10th 1837 aged 94 years.

505. (481) On south pier, tower wall Armorial drawing (Polhill/De Buckland) Near this spot lie the remains of the Reverend Robert POLHILL a.m. vicar of this church above 40 years who died 2 June 1801 aged 67. (an exordium) His sons William and J B Polhill from a sentiment of filial duty consecrate this tablet to his memory.

506. (484) Mural, north aisle over north door. Armorial drawing Near this spot lie the mortal part of William STRINGER late of Ashford in this county, Esquire, who departed this life 10 July 1817 aged 47. He married Catharine, second daughter of Henry SMITHE of Eastling, Gentleman, by her he left 2 sons and 6 daughters viz Charlotte William Henry Stringer Catherine Emily Ann Sarah Frances Helen and Elizabeth. His widow in affectionate regard erected this tablet.

507. (485) Mural centre of north wall Armorial drawing Within this church are deposited the remains of the very ancient and truly respectable family of LAKE of Taywell in this parish (exordium) Richard Lake, Robert Lake and Joan HICKMOT, Robert Lake and Catharine LUCAS. Thomas Lake and Ann ERNIOT, Thomas Lake and Philadelphia PIERS, Thomas Lake and Alice KIRILL
The names are on ribbons connected by a longitudinal ribbon. These 6 are on one ribbon as children of Thomas and Alice. Lancelot, Arthur, Alice, Philadelphia, Frances, Elizabeth.

508. (486) North wall, east of 24 Armorial drawing In a vault near this place are deposited the remains of Robert SPRINGETT, Esquire, of Finchcocks in this parish who departed this life 20 April 1826 aged 73. Also of Avis his wife who died February 6 1809 in the 55th year of her age and of John second son of the above named Robert and Avis Springett who died 9 April 1819 aged 31. Richard, eldest son of the above, died 6 November 1869 aged 84 and Ann Elizabeth his wife 9 November 1862 aged 70 and are buried in the churchyard.

509. (523) Mural, east wall, north chancel, north of window Armorial drawing Grateful affection records on this ablet the memory of Richard PACK, Esquire, of Flore House in the country of Northampton who was born 23 December 1768 died 17 December 1838 at the residence of his son in law Giles MILLER, Esquire, of this parish in whose vault on the north side of the churchyard his remains are deposited with those of his eldest daughter, Anne Augusta the wife of Giles Miller Esquire who died deeply lamented after a short illness 14 May 1837 aged 31. Dulcis est memoria and also of Mary, widow of the above Richard Pack who died 29 October 1859 aged 78.

510. (524) Below 26, no arms In memory of Edward Lewis MILLER the only and beloved child of Giles Miller of this parish and the late Anne Augusta his wife. This youth who exhibited at an early age many proofs of great mental endowment was born 4 March 1831 and killed by a fall from the cliff at Freshwater in the Isle of Wight on Friday 28 August 1846. His mortal remains are deposited in the family vault on the north side of the churchyard. (sermon on early death). (2003-06-11 Lesley Abraham, Isle of Wight, reports that she was very interested to see Nos. 309 and 510 about the MILLER family as there is a small obelisk monument to Edward Lewis Miller on the cliffs above Freshwater Bay on the Isle of Wight. Some months ago she had tried to find out who "E.L.M." as stated on the monument was, but there was no information on him. Now you have very kindly solved the mystery and I will pass on this information to our local PRO. Thank you again)

511. (509) Mural, north wall, sanctuary Near this lieth Charlotte HARRISON late wife of William Bagshaw Harrison, a.m. Vicar for nearly 50 years of Goudhurst who deceased 23 November AD 1853 aged 76. In the churchyard of Warmington are deposited the remains of Amelia Harrison fifth daughter of the Reverend B & Charlotte Harrison who died 7 May 1870 (no age).

512. (510) Brass below 28, on north wall, sanctuary In loving remembrance of the Reverend William Bagshaw HARRISON, eldest brother of the above who died 6 November 1875 aged 73 and was bured at Gayton-le-Marsh of which parish he was rector 43 years. Also of their sister Elizabeth Harrison who departed this life 21 June 1876 aged 72 and was buried at Kilndown.

513. (511) North wall sanctuary, east of last 2 Armorial drawing Grateful affection not to be suppressed has caused this tablet to be erected to the memory of the Reverend William HARRISON, Master of Arts at Merton College, Oxford, 49 years vicar of this parish. He died the 4 Sunday after the Epiphany AD 1849 in the 80th year of his age.

514. (526) A fine marble mont east wall south chapel with bust Armorial drawing above? Sacred to the memory of William CAMPION Esquire of Combwell the true inheritor of the virtues of his father Sir William Campion Knight famous for his steadfast loyalty to King Charles the First in whose glorious cause he was at last killed at the fatal siege of Colchester and was buried there. The above named William Campion Esquire married Frances ye third daughter of Sir John GLYN Knight by whom he had issue Elizabeth, Grace, William, Anne-Barbara, Philadelphia, Frances, Catharine and Henry. He dyed September ye 20 AD 1702 in the 63rd year of his age after having served his country with an unbyased integrity through the course of several Parliaments as in his private station he was deservedly esteemed a loving husband a prudent and kind father a true friend a sincere and charitable Christian.

515. (507) Mural on south chancel pier Armorial drawing In a vault near this spot are deposited the remains of Charlotte Affleck HARRISON, eldest daughter of the Reverend William Bagshaw Harrison vicar of this parish and Charlotte his wife. she died 7 April 1812 in the 12th year of her age. In the same vault lieth Samuel Wyment Bagshaw Harrison, Queens Scholar of St Peters College Westminster, eldest son of the Reverend William Harrison MA Rector of Warmington who died at the vicarage 28 of May 1848 aged 15 years.

516. (500) On west wall, south aisle. No arms Sacred to the memory of Stephen GROOMBRIDGE Esquire FRS SRA of Blackheath Kent who died on the 30 March 1832 aged 77. (Exordium) Also sacred to the memory of Lavinia Martha relict of the above named Stephen Groombridge Esquire who died 30 August 1832 aged 65.

517. (522) Mural tablet, west wall, north chapel, behind organ Near this place lyeth the body of Thomas BATHURST of Finchcocks, Gentleman. He was a younger son of Edward and Martha Bathurst, educated at London in the practice of the Common Law to which he applied himself with a great industry, vigilance and fidelity thus he gained the favour and esteem of the wise and good men and crowned his early labours with deserved success. In him the poor found a friend. His friends a father. At the death of his elder brother he gradually withdrew from the hurry and fatigue of business to pass the remainder of his days in the calm repose of a retired country life. As his dress was plain, his manners sincere so in obedience to his last command this plain but sincere acknowledgement is gratefully offered to his memory. He died a bachelor the 29 September 1718 in the 77th year of his age. Bene qui latunt bene vixit.
He gave five pounds per an for an English School to be taught about Riseden Quarter and one pound per an to be laid out in good books which two legacies to be charged upon certain lands in Horsmonden. as by his last will proved in the Pregroahu? Court at London may more at large appear if there be occasion to have recourse there unto.

518. (501) South aisle, west wall. No arms Sacred to the memory of Mary Susanna wife of the Reverend Newton SMART a.m. of Trewhitt House in Northumberland who died in giving birth to a son at the house of her father Stephen GROOMBRIDGE Esquire of Blackheath on 4 August 1824 in 29th year of her age and is interred in a vault to the north-east of this church. In the same vault are deposited the remains of Stephen Paris, only son of Stephen and Lavinia Martha Groombridge who died 7 January 1803 aged 2 months.

519. (527) South wall, south chapel Armorial drawing (Hawte/Shelving/Bedbury) Here lieth interred Thomas COLEPEPYR of Bedbury Esquire, eldest sone of ould Sir Alexander Colepepyr Knight of ye same which Thomas had two wyves his first was Elizabeth daughter and one of ye heires of Sir William HAWT of Bishopsbourn in Kent Knight. His second was Ellin daughter and one of ye heires of sir Walter HENLEY of Corsehorne in Kent Knight. By the first the said Thomas had 5 sonnes and 2 daughters. By the last 3 sonnes and 1 daughter and dyed the 13 May 1558. Beati mundo corde quoniam ipsi Devm videbunt. Matt V 8
Armorial drawing (Culpeprer/Hardeshall/Shelving/Bedgbury/Hawte) Here lyeth the body of Sir Alexander COLEPEPYR sonne of ye said Thomas who had to wyfe Mary one of ye daughters of ye Lord William DACRE of ye north who had issue by her Anthonye Colepepyr onelye and dyed ye 16 day of January 1599 (no age).
Memorare novissima et in eternu non peccabis Eccles VII 36
Sir Anthonye COLEPEPYR Knight sonne and heire of ye said Sir Alexander had to wife Anne one of ye daughters of Sir Roger MARTIN Knight Armorial drawing (Hendley/Bedgbury) and had by her 12 sonnes and 4 daughters which Sr Anthonie made this tombe Ao Do 1608 Aetatis suae 48 being liveinge. Pulvis es et in pulverem redibis. Gen III 19 Let us heare ye end of all Feare God and kepe his commandmets for ys is ye whole dutie of man Eccle XII 13
This worthy lady noblie borne on bothe sides wise and mylde grandchilde to the Earlle of Shrewsburye and noble Dacres childe Here lyeth: to dust and ashes changd Her earthly body is Here soule devine transported eke to heaven and heavenly blisse.
4 armorial drawings Her father London great eune? ?ruilde as maior a worthye man Her mother borne of ancyent stock a noble Grecian Her children manye, virtues more God sent and cheerful will Ye naked poore and needy soules To helpe and succoure still My children if summers entise you consetne not (Prov I 10) For blessed is ye soule of him yt feareth ye Lorde Eccls 34.15

520. (512) South wall of sanctuary a fine mont? with kneeling figure of him and wife in ruffs 2 armorial drawings
behind the figures are 2 shields
Here lyeth interred ye body of William CAMPION late of Coombwell in ye county of Kent Esquire and of Rachell his wife who had issue between them five sonnes and 4 daughters the which said William departed this life ye 10 December Ano Domini 1615 and ye said Rachell ye 11 of November 1606. Henry mort William married to Elizabeth daughter of Sir William STONE of Layton in ye county of Essex Knight Henry married to Anna one other of the daughters of ye Sir William Stone. Edward Robert mort Cordell married to Sir Richard MICHELBORNE of Broadhurst in ye county of Sussex Knight Margarett mort Rachell married to Thomas CHOWNE of Oxenhothe in ye county of Kent Esquire Ellen late ye wife of John TURNER of Ham in the county of Surrey Esquire Mors ita commissum morsute sustulif alto: atro Commissiq tenax morte benenda tenet. Virtutis zeliq tui invenescit imago vivida: Nec sinium morte senenteferet Hic premissa iacet nonus quos segregat annus Funere conjunctos comparat una dies Conveniunt (es tanta piae Concordia vitae) Vivendo similes sunt moriendo pares
Thomas Chowne armiger privignus in perpetum amoris testimonium. Memoriae sacrum Hic jacet in tumulo verae virtutis imago In tumulo virtus pertiuis imbre genas Fallor: ab humana corpus compage solutum Rapta abit angelica mens rediviva manu
Duplex conubium: ducit paers terrea mortem Jungifur oeterno purior aura deo Illuxisti orbi: coelestibus advena fulges Phosphorus in vita: vesper ab inferitu
Rodolphus Clayton theologus in aeternam verae observantae tesseram.

521. (325) North chapel, south of east window Armorial drawing and 2 crests (Roberts) Baeti mortui. Apocal +1473 In propinquo hic sepultus est Edmondus ROBERTS Armiger frater secundus Thomae Roberts militis et baronetti qui in primam uxorem duxit Juditham tertiam Gulielmi BIRD Arm. Civitatis Londinensis telonarii filiam Thomae BLUNT Arm viduam ex qua 5 liberos tres nempe filios duasque filias suscefuit quorum unum solum modo Thomean scilicet filium et heredem supersitem reliquit erga paupers benignus et liberates fuit; quod etiam suprema voluntate satis pro faculta- tibus ampliter sapressit Et postquam annos 65 in terrio egissit + 12 die Septembris + 1627 + mortem obiit + Dilectae que uxori (quae eum anteivit et bene moriendi viam monstravit)
Post aliquat annos denua redittus + hoc in tumulo una com illa quiescit.
Chari mihi quos rapuit mors saeva parentes Quesque simul junctos his lapis unus habet. Queis ego vos plangam lacrimis? Queis laudibus obnem? Funere quo vobis solvere iusa queam? O utinam quam vos vitae mortisque praeistis. Ispe bonae possim gnatris inire viam
Parentibus charissimis. Monumentum hoc Thomas Roberst filius nati maximus pietatis ergo moestissimus posuit.

522. (487) Mural, north wall, east end over rood door Armorial drawing (Stringer see 23) MS
A parte hujus parietis exteriori nixta sex pedes sub lapide impolito jacet Elizabetha uxor Edwds BATHURST ex alde de Finchcocks filia Steph STRINGER de Triggs, Arm. (Latin eulogium) Effulsore suis Quatuor beate fuit puerulis Edwardo, Johanne, Elizabetha, et Thoma; matris suae mammas (rarum in inopia cogis) premente. Hae curia hae deliciae o si hujisce matris memores. Si hi sci virtutibus heredes. Fururi! Haud septem anni a nuptiis elaspi, cum ille opt: max: Quinill ad hue utrinsque votes renni s set lethali Variolarum morbo percussit et a merito suo moestissimo ad eandem (si detur) redituro eripuit. Obt 3 die Junii Ano Domini 1715 aetatis suae 30. Vitiis iniquam ohor aura.
Tollit Supradictus Edwardus Bathurst Ob 1 August 1772 Aet 92 & in eodem tumulo sepultus est. Edward the eldest son of Mr Bathurst who erected the monument and the father of the writer of this died in Jamaica 1751.

523. (251) In north chancel, north east end matrix of brass. Drawing

524. (541) In north west window of north chancel Armorial drawing

523. (540) North west window, north chapel Armorial drawing

524. (539) In east window, north chapel See No. 150 Armorial drawing (OAKDEN of Ladham House)

525. (538) Glass shield in third window from west of north aisle it is modern Armorial drawing (Newington)

526. (531) On floor south chancel Armorial drawing

527. (533) 2 armorial drawings

528. (532) on tomb arch shield

529. (508) Tablet on north pier of chancel arch. To the glory of God and in memory of James Sanderson CLARKE MA Vicar of this parish for 47 years 1864-1911 This tablet is erected by his parish ioners to perpetuate the memory of the faithful work he did and as a token of their appreciation of his constant desire for their good. The church was largely restored through his initiative and the parish provided with adequate schools. He entered into rest on May 19 1911 in the 91st year of his age. Psalm 91.16

530. (528) Tablet on north west wall of south chancel Armorial drawing Sacred to the memory of Catharine the beloved wife of Francis LAW Esquire of Woodstock House near Sittingbourne (late proprietor of Bedgebury Park) second daughter of the Reverend W B Harrison MA Vicar of this parish. She died April 2 1838 in 37th year leaving issue Stephana Cartier an infant and her remains are deposited in a vault in the churchyard of Tunstall in this county. Francis Law Esquire died 16 August 1842 and was buried in the same vault.

531. (529) Brass below last To the glory of God This chapel was restored and filled for divine worship by a father and mother in gratitude for special belssigns granted during the Great War 1914-1918 by sons and daughters in loving memory of their parents George and Sarah Ann HINDS late of Beechhurst in this parish. (Jetwell???)

532. (505) Culpeper tomb with effigies in south aisle to Sir Alexander Culpeper and Dame Constance his wife.

533. (502) In west wall of south aisle Armorial drawing (FOWLE of River Hall Sussex( Juxta hunc lapidem situs est Anthonius FOULE Armiger ex hospitio Grayensis publicae pacio et justicae in Cantio et Sussexia curator Anthonii Foule de Rothenicki in comitatu Suffsexiae filius secondo senitite et Elizabethae filiae et cohoeridis Gulielmi Austin Generori de Goudhurst que supulta est in septemeron insula huis Ecclesie Duxit Margaretam filiam et cohoeridem Thomae JEFFERY de Chitingley in agro Sussexiensi Armigeri Ex qua unicam filiam reliquit moriens 27 Augusti Anno Domini 1672 Aetatis 60.
Non fuit humani consultior ------ Nec coleret leges qui probitate po----- Divinas idem tabulas evolvere doctus justitaie latices hauserat inde sacros ultima naturae lex observanda manebat cui non invitus paruit et moritur.

534. (503) On west wall, south aisle brass To the glory of God and in affectionate memory of his father the Reverend W B HARRISON MA 50 years vicar of this parish this western wall with the vestry adjoining have been rebuilt and restored at the expense of the Reverend H Harrison MA Vicar of Kilndown, Easter, MDCCCLXXXV

535. (504) On west wall, south aisle, tablet. In loving memory of Herbert HINDS fourth son of George Hinds of Beechurst Goudhurst born 10 December 1864 Lost in the wreck of the "Drummond Castle" off Ushaut, France 16 June 1896 and buried on the Island of Molne.

536. (482) Bronze tablet on north wall of west tower arch. To the glory of God and in memory of John Gordon STIRLING DSO 9 Lancers Born in London May 28th 1874 Died at Sialkote India May 22 1902 This memorial is erected as a tribute of affection by his brother officers.

537. (497) Flat, west end, south aisle c. 1680 Here lieth the body of Richard BEALE son of Richard Beale of Biddenden He died. ..

538. (492) Flat in aisle by south wall, south aisle Here lieth the body of Elizabeth wife of John PARIS who departed this life the 2- day of December 1749 aged 6- years.

539. (535) windows- North of sanctuary Ad Gloria dei et in piai memoriam Caroltae natu TONKIN uxoris Gulielmi Bagshaw HARRISON matris dilechssimae haue fenestram filii et filiae posierunt quod habuit heac fecit.

540. (534) East window In memoriam Gulielmi Bagshaw HARRISON hujus ecclesiae per XLIX annos vicarii patris dilechssini have festram filii et filiae posuerant consummatis est.

541. (530) NB in floor of south chapel a small stone. Reverend W B H MA Obiit 28 January 1849 aet 79
CAH SW BH SB 1812 1848 Ob Jan 1 Ae 57

542. (536) Window of south door of nave In memoriam Joseph RIDGWAY Obiit Jan 19 1879

543. (537) next (and last) window south aisle In memoriam Georgiana C RIDGWAY obiit March 18th 1871

This list was made by Leland Duncan in 1923 for the Kent Archaeology Society.

Monumental Inscriptions in the Churchyard of Goudhurst, Kent from 1 to 150

1. Martha Maria wife of James DOBELL died 29 November 1868 aged 59. Above James Dobell died 29 January 1892 aged 85.

2. Richards ROBERTS of Little Augley Cottages Cranbrook died 16 October 1902 aged 85. Jane Roberts his wife died 4 April 1909 aged 75.

3. (174) George LOCK of Pembury died 18 May 1875 aged 69. Susanna widow of above died at Tunbridge Wells 15 January 1885 aged 79.

4. (177) Samuel FORD of this parish died 5 June 1866 aged 89. Ann his wife died 14 June 1867 aged 68. Martha daughter of above died 28 September 1863 aged 39.

5. (176) Mr William GIBBS of this parish died 4 September 1778 aged 72. Mrs Margaret Gibbs spinster sister of above William Gibbs died 5 June 1764 aged 56.

6. (175) Mrs Anna GIBBS spinster late of this parish died 4 June 1791 aged 76.

7. (178) Louisa wife of George BOLDING of Mount Pleasant in this parish died 3 March 1864 aged 53. Above George Bolding died 27 January 1884 aged 74.

8. (179). Ann daughter of Thomas and Ann MERCER of this parish died 2 November 1808 aged 9 weeks. Thomas their son died 15 March 1840 aged 14 years.

9. (180) Thomas MERCER of this parish died 3 July 1856 aged 66. Leaving a widow and 2 daughters. Ann his wife died 20 January 1868 in 79th year.

10. John DOUST of this parish died 20 March 1875 aged 67. Leaving a widow and 2 daughters. Jane DOUST eldest daughter of above died 9 April 1888 aged 41. Fanny Elizabeth Kate Doust second daughter died 17 November 1888 aged 41 and lastly Jane Doust wife of above John Doust died 20 April 1889 aged 85.

11. (185) J?????? RUSSELL of this parish died 15 May 1784 aged 29. Left Elizabeth his wife and 4 children: Thomas-Nevya, William, Ann and Elizabeth.

12. (184) Susanna wife of Nevya RUSSELL of this parish died 17 January 1789 aged 67. Above Nevya Russell died th February 1795 aged 76.

13. (183) Mary wife of Nevya RUSSELL of this parish Senior died 13 January 1763 in 75th year. Left issue one son Nevya. Also above Nevia Russell died 6 February 1778 aged 89.

14. (182) Thomas RUSSELL late of Biddenden died 8 November 1763 in the 74th year.

15. (181) Body of Lucya wife of Thomas RUSSELL of .. .h, Yeoman, wh ye 6th . (gone) (Early 18th Century) Footstone LR 1719

16. Early 18th Century face gone Footstone TR 1736

17. (186) Ann wife of Henry STYLES of this parish died 30 August 1848 aged 48. Jane Elizabeth second wife of above died 18 September 1872 aged 64 and the following children of Henry and Ann Styles who died and were buried near this place viz 4 sons and one daughter. Also Henry Styles died 1 December 1885 aged 85.

18. (187) Here lyeth ye body of Elizabeth CHALKIN died July ye 3 1707 aged 21.

19. (188) Henry CHALKIN and Ane his wife. He dyed January ye 31 1709 aged 66. Ane died February ye 7 1708/9 aged 64. They had issue: Thomas, Catharine, Henry, Mary and Elizabeth.

20. (189) Sarah wife of Thomas HOBBS of this parish died 10 May 1860 aged 64. Also Thomas Hobbs husband of above died 25 October 1871 aged 77. Also 3 sons viz Thomas, John and Joseph.

21. (195) Thomas COALE and Elizabeth his wife. He died January ye 14 1703 about 78 years. She died December ye 21 1702 aged about 70 years. Thomas STENNARD marryed Elizabeth BAKER their nephew and they in memory of them erected this stone.

22. Mary wife of John NYE of this parish. Sister of Thomas HAMMOND of Penshurst. Died 19 July 1878 aged 77. Above John Nye died 2 April 1883 aged 79. Had issue 5 sons and 1 daughter Mary Ann, Frederick, Walter, Thomas, George and Charles. Above Mary Ann died June 1844 aged 11 years. Above Walter Nye died 28 January 1851 aged 13 years.

23. (196) Altar. North side Ann widow of John THORPE who died April ye 24th in ye year 1727 aged 89.
They left issue 3 sons. South side: John Thorp [no e] died ye 15 February 1725 in ye 71st. On west end but upside down is a coat of arms a helmet but no crest [diagramme] Tudor rose and crown

24. (197) North side Here lyeth the bodyes of Richard THORP of this parish Barbar Chirugeon and Elizabeth his wife which said Elizabeth was aged 48 years and the said Richards was aged [6?/8?]0 years. Leaving issue John and Richard Thorp now living. Contra uim mortis non ?? medicam in hortis edisse? On west end same arms as on no. 23 No date c. early 18th century

25. North side. In this tomb lieth the body of Richard THORPE, Chirurgeon, who died in this parish 20th of April 1712 aged 48 years. On west end: Coat as before South side: Richard Thorpe son of John Thorpe of Hawkhurst, Surgeon, died November ye 16th 1712 in ye 26th year.

26. (193) Richard STANDEN late of this parish died 23 March 1766 aged 42. Left issue 3 sons and 4 daughters Richard, Francis, Stephen, Elizabeth, Mary, Jane and Susanna. Also Jane and Frances who died in infancy. Jane Standen wife of above died 13 December 1807 aged 85.

27. (192) Hugh WELCH late of this parish, Woolstapler, died 21 September 1806 aged 54. Susanna wife of above died 18 December 1827 aged 70. Left issue one son and 3 daughters Francis, Elizabeth, Jane-Jarvis and Harriott. Amelia daughter of Hugh and Susanna Welch died in her infancy.

28. (190) Elizabeth STANDEN late of this parish died 18 December 1805 aged 55.

29. (191) James JARVIS late of Calcutta, Bengal, died December 24 1787 aged 38 years. Also Jane his wife died May 1792 aged 36 years at Bencollen in her passage to England . Here also Francis Standen died January 19 1789 aged 27 years.

30. (202) Jarvis LAMBERT of this parish plumber died 4 January 1844 aged 68. Ealey (sic) his wife died 14 February 1847 aged 70. Issue 7 children Jarvis, Sarah, Henry, Elizabeth, Ealy, John and Mary Ann.

31. (201) Jarvis LAMBERT of this parish Plumber died 13 November 1816 aged 72. Elizabeth his wife died 5 October 1770 aged 35. Sarah his second wife died 27 February 1827 aged 80. Left issue by Sarah his second wife Jarvis, Sarah, Mary Ann, John, Fanny and Harriet.

32. (199) Margaret COPPER died 14 day of July Anno Dom 1691 aged above 50 years.

33. (198) John BUTCHER of this parish died 15 June 1768 aged 39.

34. (200) [?Thomas] STANDEN late of Smugly in this parish who died December ye 29 1681 aged 58. He left issue by his first wife 2 sons William and John and by his surviving wife on daughter Martha.

35. (203) Louisa wife of Isaac STANDEN of this parish died 14 November 1841 aged 32.

36. (204) Alexander BAKER of this parish died 23 September 1831 aged 75. Also Sarah his wife died 13 February 1830 aged 72. Alexander their son died 11 February 1813 aged 20. Ann their daughter died 30 July 1816 aged 20. Left surviving 2 sons and 1 daughter James, William and Sarah.

37. (414) Altar, north Elizabeth wife of George WORSLEY who departed this life on the 30th October 1732 aged 72. South: George Worsley of this parish Butcher who departed this life on the 12th December 1738 aged 74.

38. (205) John BARBER son of William Barber (?Barber) died 22 of July 1714 aged 42 years.

39. Altar. North side. IOHES Bir-HET? (Birchet?) IOHES LEIGH Geno / erecerunt hunc tumulum in memoria IEDRI ROADE NV / COMBOORN IN GOVDHE / ST SOD V VIII MAM VOLVNI / . PIV QVI OBIIT QVI / ..O Die Maii Anno Domm 1631 / Hic sepultus est cum / na uxroe ??????

40. (206) Eliza HAYWARD youngest daughter of James and Ann Hayward of this parish died 4 April 1864 aged 11 years 8 months. Also Ann-Elizabeth Hayward eldest daughter of James and Ann Hayward died 13 April 1864 aged 23 years and 7 months.

41. (208) Alice wife of Thomas WATERHOUSE of this parish died 28 June 178-(?) aged 46. Also 3 children aged 2 years..Also said Thomas Waterhouse died 26 December 180(?7) aged 79..

42. (210) Ann wife of James BAKER of this parish died 13 June 1807 aged 53. Left issue James, William, Alexander, Thomas, Samuel, Ann and Elizabeth. Above James Baker died 6 March 1840 aged 91. Ann their second daughter wife of George VOUSDEN died November 5 1813 aged 27. Elizabeth their third daughter died 29 December 1814 aged 19 years and Thomas their fourth son died 13 July 1826 aged 33.

43. (209). George VOUSDEN of this parish died 23 January 1842 aged 52. Susan his second wife died 10 March 1836 aged 59. Also Winifred his third wife died 28 September 1844 aged 52 leaving 2 daughters Hannah and Susannah. Also Robert son of George and Ann Vousden his first wife died 10 July 1832 aged 21.

44. (211) Thomas MORRIS of this parish died 25 July 1771 aged 72.

45. (207) Harriet relict of Samuel-George BIRCH late of Sutton Valence died 18 May 1867 aged 35. Leaving 3 children Harriet, Ellen and Samuel-George.

46. Flat no inscription.

47. RY M.N../../ IUNI/.died November/ -2 years./
(?MUNK) (c 1810)

48. (212) John LATTER eldest son of John and Elizabeth Latter of ys parish. He died 26 September 1750 aged 25 years.

49. (213) Frances wife of Joseph CAVEY died 17 July 1863 aged 62. Joseph Cavey died 30 December 1874 aged 75.

50. A footstone BS 1728.

51. A footstone MH no date c 1800

52. do. RS no date c 1800

South west tower angle
53. Iron cross in rails Dorothy BATHURST widow of Edward Bathurst of Finchcocks died 3 March 1794 aged 78.

54. Do. Dorothy daughter of above died 10 December 1837 aged 94.

55. Cross. Frieda Sigrid eldest daughter of Canon and Mrs RAIKES born 27 February 1886 died 3 December 1918.

South yard
56. (216) Barbara SIMS /./Died July the . (2nd) / 180-(8) aged .. 81.

57. (214) Barbara wife of Zachariah SIMS died 12 August 1729 in 23rd year. Left issue 1 son and 2 daughters Zachariah, Barbara and Mary. See 50

58. (215) Zachariah SIMS of this parish died 6 March 1777 aged 81. Ann his wife died 8 July 1742 aged 30 years. Ann their daughter January 8 1789 aged 56.

59. (217) Mrs Susan WELDON daughter of Mr Thomas Weldon of Goudhurst who died March ye 13 1728 aged 84? years. Foot SW 1729

60. (219) Altar. Here lyeth ye body of Elizabeth one of ye two surviving daughters and coheirs?? of William COMDEN. She was first married to Edward BATHURST fourth son of Edward Bathurst of Finchcocks Esquire by whom she had issue one daughter. She was after married to Thomas WELDON eldest son of Sir Anthony Weldon of Swanscom in Kent Knight by whom she had issue 2 sons and 2 daughters. She left this mortal life January 28 1679 aged 77 years.
South side. Here lyeth ye body of ?William..--DEN of Trillingherst in this parish and also ye body of Alice his wife and South side here of 7 of on ye???? their children who dyed young.
West end. Here under lieth the body of ye be forenamed Thomas Weldon who died ye 18 of October 1682 in the 78 yeare of his age.

61. (218) Coped cross Ann SMITHE deceased 6 January 1855 aged 76.

62. (220) Altar, north side. Neare this place lyeth buryed John ALPHE clothier who departed this life August ye 31th Anno Domini 1669 aetatis 88.
South side. Here lyeth interred the body of Stephen STRINGER, Gentleman, who died the 17th day of July in the yeare of our Lord 1670 and in the 57 yeare of his age leaveing his surviving wife Hannah daughter of John Alphe clothier deceased by whom he had 2 sons and 3 daughters, John and Stephen, Hannah, Hester and Jane.

63. (221) Altar, south side. Here lyeth interred the body of Edward STRINGER, Gentleman, whose pius single life deserves our remembrance. He departed this life ye 12 of November Anno Domini 1680 in the 63 yeare of his age.

64. (222) Altar, south side. Here lieth ye body of Thomas STRINGER of this parish, Gentleman, who died December ye (20) 1699 in ye (?80 but indistinct? 89?) year of his age. He married Chathe-ie (Chatharine?) daughter of William /BVOINAND in ye coun. / . / He had issue.. / Z /..E /

65. Louisa third daughter of William and Anne BURGESS of this parish died 19 February 1843 aged 1 year 8 months. Also Charles third son died 2 January 1859 aged 16.

66. Anne wife of William BURGESS of this parish died 30 November 1866 aged 66. George Burgess second son of above died 29 September 1866 aged 26. Also William Burgess died 4 February 1898 aged 89.

67 & 68. Flat stones no inscription apparent.

69. (224) John APPS of this parish, bricklayer, died 11 March 1800 aged 46. Hannah his wife died 3 September 1804 aged 42. Left issue one surviving son John.

70. (223) Mary wife of Thomas APPS of this parish, bricklayer, died 29 October 1815 aged 73. Thomas Apps of this parish, bricklayer, died 12 December 1823 aged 75.

71. (225) Footstone JB Head. James BRISELDEN of Horsmonden died March 15 1793 aged 60.

72. (226) Samuel BRIDGLAND and Elizabeth his wife. He died 28 January 1717 aged 65. She died ye 6 July 1728 aged 73. He had issue by his said wife 8 sons and one daughter Elizabeth who from a just sense of filial duty this stone by her was erected.

73. (227) Elizabeth BRIDGLAND who departed this life 31 January in 1754 aged 71.

74. (228) Base of a cross Thermutis Ashe daughter of Haskett SMITH of Trowswell born 29 September 1854 died 27 February 1864. Haskell Smith of Trowswell died 7 October 1895 aged 83. Anne (DAVIES) his wife died 6 September 1893 aged 74. Algernon HASKETT-SMITH born 4 July 1856 died 27 November 1887.

75. (230) George JOHNSON of Forge Farm in this parish died 1 February 1815 aged 70. Anne Elizabeth widow of above died 10 March 1847 aged 90. He left issue 3 sons and 1 daughter, George, John, Samuel and Anne Elizabeth.

76. (231) George JOHNSON late of the Forge Farm died at Broadford in Horsmonden 6 April 1850 aged 65. Left a widow, 3 sons and 5 daughters. Mercy Johnson, widow of above, died at Tenterden 19 July 1859 aged 62.

77. (229) John WATERS who was for many years a faithful servant on the Scotney estate died 19 September 1847 aged 64 leaving issue 7 sons and 6 daughters. Erected by E HUSSEY Esquire. Phoebe his wife died 1 April 1856 aged 72.

78. (232) Harry Ernest son of C & S FREELAND born 27 April 1869 died 15 January 1870.

79. (233) Richard HARRIS 34 years sexton of this parish died 29 December 1811 aged 50 leaving one son Richard. Hannah his wife died 25 February 1821 aged 64.

80. (234) Ann wife of Richard HARRIS of this parish sexton died 3 February 1856 aged 66. Richard Harris died 2 January 1865 aged 79.

81. (235) Altar in rails, South Daniel WEST late of Lidwells in this parish died 16 April 1847 in 74th year leaving a widow and 2 daughters. North. Mary Ann widow of Daniel West died 15 January 1850 aged 69.

82. (236) Harriott BISHOP died at St Johns, Sutton at Hone in this county 23 September 1849 aged 42. This stone is erected to a faithful and attached servant. Also William Bishop of this parish father of the above who died 27 June 1836 aged 62. Also Mary wife of above William Bishop died 18 October 1849 aged 73. George son of above William and Mary Bishop died 11 July 1836 aged 22.

83. (237) Stephen WEBB of Ticehurst died February ye 5 1733 aged 67.

84. (238) Here lieth the body of ?Mary wife of Richard? KINGSMELL who died June ye (16) 1719 aged 50? or 59? years.

85. (239) Flat. Stephen MATHEWS, Gentleman, died 30 March 1818 aged 65. Ann widow of above Stephen Mathews Esquire died May 28 1836 in the 76th year.

86. (243). Thomas GATLAND of Goudhurst died 20 April 171(2) aged 75. Issue 2 sons and 3 daughters Thomas, John, Elizabeth, Mary and Deborah. Also Deborah his wife died August ye 9 1728 aged 81.

87. (242) Barbary wife of Thomas POOLEY died 16 March 1822 aged 63. Thomas Pooley above died 12 March 1832 aged 79.

88. (241) John POOLEY of this parish died 28 July 1808 aged 62.

89. (240) Samuel HAYWARD of Trillinghurst in this parish died 15 April 1816 aged 76. Mary his wife died 12 February 1830 aged 79. Leaving issue 6 sons one daughter Samuel, Thomas, John, James, William, Henry and Ann.

90. (246) Stephana wife of George FREELAND of this parish died 7 May 1863 aged 49. Following children buried near. John died 20 February 1849 aged 4 years 7 months. Eliza died 9 July 1851 aged 16. Also George Freeland husband of above died 2 December 1879 aged 70 leaving 3 sons and 3 daughters.

91. (250) James HAYWARD of Marlingate in this parish died 16 March 1842 aged 58. Sophia Hayward his wife died 17 August 1855 aged 64. Henry and Mary Ann Hayward, children of above, died in infancy.

92. (244) John CROUCH of this parish died 15 July 1818 aged 72. Hannah his wife died 6 July 1792 aged 41. They had issue 1 son and 4 daughters John, Elizabeth, Sarah, Hannah and Ann.

93. (245) Elizabeth ye wife of Thomas CROUCH of this parish junior died 17 August 1754 aged 29. Issue one son John Crouch.

94. (247) John WILLETT Junior died 20 July 1856 aged 36 leaving a widow and 2 children John Thomas, Elizabeth Jane. John Willett senior died 29 January 1871 aged 85. Harriett Willett wife of above died 5 March 1873 aged 90.

95. (248) Sarah BAKER wife of William Baker of this parish died 27 November 1816 aged 39.

96. (253) Mary Ann wife of Thomas CHANTLER late of Cranbrook died 4 December 1845 aged 33. Left issue surviving 3 daughters Mary Ann, Frances and Susanna. Frances Chantler daughter of above died 25 March 1859 aged 18.

97. (249) Stephen STANBRIDGE the Estate carpenter at Finchcocks in this parish for 42 years died 9 November 1852 aged 61. Left surviving 5 sons Stephen, James, William, Thomas and Charles. Erected by Stephen and William who are in Australia.

98. (252) Thomas STANBRIDGE late of Cranbrook died 8 September 1804 aged 57. Mary wife of above died 16 April 1822 aged 78. Left issue by Mary his wife 6 sons and 2 daughters viz Zachary since dead and lies buried at Greenwich, George, Joseph, Benjamin, James, Stephen, Mary and Eleanor.

99. (251) John son of Thomas and Mary STANBRIDGE died 24 August 1783 aged 16 years. Also Thomas their son died 7 June 1799 aged 20. Eleanor their daughter died 14 January 180(3?) aged 19 and 2 sons died in infancy and Benjamin son of Benjamin Stanbridge who died 13 December 1804 aged 3 years.

East of south chancel window
100. (277) Ann wife of Samuel WAGHORN? of this parish ?December /?February the 2? / 12? 1765 (or 3?) aged 5 (?3 or 5) Issue 1 daughter..Ann.Also.

101. (258) Hannah wife of Thomas CHANTLER of this parish died 6 April 1802 aged 52. Above Thomas Chantler died 21 March 1836 aged 87. Issue 4 sons and 4 daughters Thomas, Edward, Hannah, John, James, Elizabeth, Ann and Jemima. Also Thomas son of above died 5 April 1842 aged 68. Thomas William his grandson died 29 January 1840 aged 4 months.

102. (255) Joseph DOUST of this parish died 16 November 1852 aged 78. Mary his wife died 29 November 1840 aged 64. Issue 21 children Elinor, Thomas, Stephen, Joseph, Mary, George, Isaac, Elizabeth, Zechariah, James, Benjamin, Susanna, William, John, Eliza, Stephana, Emelia, Edward and 3 died in infancy. Also Susanna daughter of above Edward Doust and Caroline his wife died 19 February 1832 aged 10 months. Also Walter son of above Edward and Caroline Doust died 30 April 1851 aged 1 year 10 months.

103. (254) George STANBRIDGE of this parish died 5 March 1836 aged 58.

104. small coped. Susanna DOUST died 19 February 1852 aged 10 months.

105. small coped. Walter DOUST died 30 April 1854 aged 1 year 10 months.

106. (260) Humphrey WICKHAM of this parish died 31 January 1827 aged 80. Mary his wife died 6 January 1835 aged 85. Left issue by Mary his wife one daughter viz Mary.

107. (261) Mary wife of Richard WESTON died 25 April 1835 aged 41. Also 2 children of above, Richard and Mary, who died in infancy leaving surviving 1 son and 5 daughters Mary-Wickham, Humphrey, Elizabeth Ann, Frances, Jane and Emma. Above Richard Weston died 1 May 1841 aged 53 deposited????? in Northfleet churchyard.

108. (262) Stephen OSBORNE died 12 July 1846 aged 82. Mary Osborne widow of above died 12 January 1856 aged 85.

109. (263) Frances WESTON died 21 January 1857 aged 33.

110. (259) Head now flat. Elizabeth wife of Edward DRURY died 28 May 1817 aged 69. Edward Drury died 18 March 1820 aged 62. Issue 5 sons John, Thomas, Samuel, Edward and William.

111. (258) Mary wife of Edward CHANTLER of this parish died 15 (or 13) February 178(3 or 5) aged 60. The said Edward Chantler died 29 March 1794 aged 71. Issue 3 daughters Elizabeth, Mary and Ann.

112. (257) Philadelphia FARLEY died 19 December 1870 aged 77.

Under east window
113 (280) Mary wife of William MORRIS of this parish died 27 December 1756 in her 47th year. Verse

114. (281) David BROOKER died 1 January 1836 aged 86. Elizabeth his wife died 3 September 1829 aged 72. Elizabeth daughter died 10 August 1791 aged 16.

C. Slip, north of north aisle
115. (289) William STANDEN of this parish died 8 September 1846 aged 86. Sarah his wife of this parish died 24 December 1831 aged 74. Left issue 3 sons and 5 daughters Richard, Stephen, William, Elizabeth, Sarah, Sophia, Susanna and Mary.

116. (288) William STANDEN of this parish died 3 January 1808 aged 74. Left issue surviving 5 sons and 3 daughters John, William, Thomas, Jesse, Desper (sic), Elizabeth, Sarah and Mary. Also Sarah his wife died 16 May 1816 aged 83.

117. (286) Stephen son of William and Sarah STANDEN of this parish died January 25 1794 aged 30. Left surviving Sophia his wife and one daughter Sophia.

118. (287) black letters erected by Thomas FRIEND to the [memory of?] William SMITH perished (?Fe) ????by ye 1st 1808 .. 27 years Footstone WS

119. (285) Ann wife of Mark William STOAKES of this parish, butcher, died 31 March 1858 aged 29.

120. (282) Helen wife of William PEIRCE died 21 April 1798 aged (blank) years. Charles Peirce son of William and Lucy Peirce died 16 November 1833 aged 24. Also William Peirce died 12 September 1843 aged 74. Lucy Peirce, second wife of William Peirce, died 19 December 1850 aged 76. Left surviving 2 sons and 3 daughters John, William, Eliza, Hannah and Mary.

121. (283) James LAUSDELL late of this parish died 23 December 1826 aged 85. Jane widow of James Lausdell died 17 April 1817 aged 63. Left issue 2 sons and 1 daughter James, Elizabeth and George.

122. (284) Mary daughter of James and Jane LAUSDELL of this parish died 29 October 1790 aged 10 years and 3 months. 123. (389) James LAUSDELL of this parish died 2 May 1846 aged 70. Ann Lausdell his wife died 27 February 1849 aged 75.

124. (390) Edward son of Thomas and Ann MARTIN of this parish died 9 November 1795 aged 8 years. Also Abigail their daughter died 30 October 1795 aged 8 years. Thomas their son died June 25 1792 aged 8 weeks. Also David their son died November 9 1795 aged 3 years. George their son died November 14 1795 aged 10 years.

125. Jesse ONION died 10 May 1862 aged 30. Elizabeth Onion died 21 May 1913 aged 82.

126. (392) In rails beneath east window of north aisle Mr William HOOK of this parish died 11 August 1819 aged 75. Mrs Ann Hook wife of the above died 30 August 1810 aged 74.

127. (391) H ..dy (H Kingsmell) of Richard . KINGSMELL son of Richard Kingsmell who died Novem ye 7 17(?11) aged 11 years.

128. Here Lyeth . an .. (Frances?_ HILL w.. dy (who dyed?) . (gone) wife to H..who dyed February the ..1676 and Dorothy daughter of their eldest son who dyed November ye 6th 1680

129. (393) Harriett Bathurst HODGSKIN daughter of Thomas and Ann Hodgskin died 7 April 1833 aged 31.

130. (394) Mary GUNNER relict of Alexander Gunner of Tonbridge (Tollridge?) who died 16 November 176(2?) aged 75.

131. (395) Humphrey WICKHAM of this parish died 17 October 1786 aged 58. Left issue by Mary his wife four sons and 2 daughters Humphrey, Edward, William and Thomas, Mary, Frances. Also Thomas their son died 1 December 1792 aged 28. Mary wife of above Humphrey Wickham died 6 September 1793 aged 68.

132. (396) Mary wife of Edward WICKHAM died 17 April 1805 aged 50. Edward Wickham died 27 November 1821 aged 67. William Wickham their son died 18 January 1792 aged 5 years 6 months.

133. (399) Altar north side 1618 Jane the wife of Richard MASCALL died the 16 day of June.

134. (400) Charles DOWN late of Maidstone died 23 August 1828 aged 40. The pale consumption struck the fatal blow.

135. (398) Mrs Mary HODGSKIN wife of Mr John Hodgskin daughter of Edward BATHURST late of Finchcocks Esquire died 25 September 1788 aged 57. Above Mr John Hodgskin died 3 January 1795 aged 74.

136. (397) Ann wife of Thomas HODGSKIN died 9 March 1835 aged 69. Above Thomas Hodgskin died 19 April 1842 aged 75.

137. (401) Elizabeth wife of John MYNN of this parish and daughter of John and Elizabeth GRANT of Horsmonden

138. (402) Matilda wife of Mr John Lambert WEST of Hammersmith, Middlesex and fourth daughter of Mr William MYNN of Harrietsham in this county died 6 August 1832 aged 30. Also Eliza fifth daugher of Mr William Mynn died 28 May 1821 aged 17.

139. (405) Low altar Mary TAMPSETT late of this parish widow and relict of John Tampsett late of Wittersham (?) in this county, Gentleman, died 27 October 1786 aged 86.

140. (404) John MYNN of this parish died 17 April 1767 aged 39. Left issue 2 sons John and William. Elizabeth widow of above John Mynn and late wife of Richard RATCLIFFE died April 30 1798 aged 68. Also Thomas Parker aged 5 years. Joseph aged 14 days, sons of William Mynn.

Newspaper clipping included in notebook From Kent? Express? of 3 November 1923 "Thursday of the present week was not only All Saints Day, but was to Kentish people notable as being the anniversary of the death of our greatest champion cricketer, Alfred MYNN, who so often demonstrated his prowess with bat and ball on old Bearsted Green, and was world-widely known as "The Lion of Kent". He was the son of William and Anne Mynn, of Twisden Lodge, Goudhurst, where he was born on January 19th, 1807. For many years before his death, on November 1st 1861, he resided at Mount Pleasant, Thurnham, and in the secluded churchyard of that parish of romantic and historic interest, the great cricketer lies, with his tombstone almost hidden beneath fir trees."

141. (403) Joseph CLARKE of this parish died December 24 1808 aged 80.

142. (406) Ye body of Easter FORSTER who dyed ye first of October 1717 in the 85th year of her age. This stone is erected by her son Stephen Forster.

143. (409) Jasper SPRANGE died 7 November 1979 aged 86. Susannah wife of Jasper Sprange died 2 June
1793 aged 76. Also Elizabeth De-Gois Sprange, daughter of the above Jasper and Susannah Sprange late of Tunbridge Wells died 20 March 1803 aged (3 or 5)0 years.

144. (408) Isaac SPRANGE late of Tunbridge Wells died October 4 1825 aged 77.

145. (407) At Pattenden died June 9 1859 aged 32 Thomas UPTON husband of Mary Ann Upton leaving her and 4 young children.

146. (410) Here resteth ye body of William ROWLES. He died July 17 1724 aged 42. Also Thomas son of William Rowles who died November 11 1723 aged 8 years.

147. (411) North of tower William STEVENS of this parish died 5 February 1858 aged 71. Harriett Stevens wife died 5 May 1882 aged 94 years and 7 months. Jonathan died 10 December 1821 aged 5 years. Catherine died 10 September 1849 aged 20 Children of above.

148. Emily STEVENS of this parish died 31 May 1895 gaed 83. Matilda Mary Stevens, sister of above died 27 September 1906 aged 87.

In triangle in front of tower
149. (412) Samuel HICKLING of Cawston, Norfolk, died at Combwell in this parish 31 January 1857 aged 59. Thomas second son of Thomas and Ann BARTON of Combwell died 19 October 1872 aged 11 years 7 months. Arthur George infant son of same died 10 January 1863 aged 6 weeks.

150. (413) Large flat Ralph OAKDEN Esquire of Ladham House in this parish died 17 April 1840 aged 80. Ralph Oakden, eldest son of Ralph and Anne Oakden died at Ladham 6 December 1868 aged 28. Mary Ellen, daughter of Ralph and Anne Oakden, died 24 April 1881 aged 39 and is buried at Freshwater, Isle of Wight. Also Annie Blanche Oakden died 28 June 1904 aged 59, buried at Bramshall, Staffs. Right half. Elizabeth ROBINSON ob 24 March 1856 aet 85. Also Anne wife of Ralph OAKDEN late of Ladham House died at Hurst Hill, Freshwater, 15 July 1878 aged 73. Above Ralph Oakden died at Sutton Maddock, Shropshire, February 5 1885 aged 79.

This list was made by Leland Duncan in 1923 for the Kent Archaeology Society.

How to find Indexes to Civil Registration of B.D & M in Ireland

The indexes to civil registration of births, marriages and deaths for all 32 counties of Ireland
from their commencement in 1864 to 1921 and the indexes to Protestant marriages 1845-1863
as of 2008 are available on microfilm in the library at Hughes.
These 90 films have been purchased by the Society from the Church of Jesus Christ
of Latter Day Saints on a permanent loan basis. At the present time 72 are
available with the remaining 18 to arrive shortly. They are housed in the lower
drawers of the LDS film cabinet. The list of those still to come is in the drawer with the films.

All the indexes are arranged in alphabetical order and include the surname,
first name, name of the Registration District, volume and page number of the register
in which the entry is recorded.

The indexes are arranged alphabetically by year to the end of 1877 and
from 1903 to 1921.
From 1878 to 1902, they are divided into quarters, January-March, April-June,
July-September, October-December. The mothers maiden name is included in the
indexes to births from 1903 onwards.

To identify the correct person, it is necessary to know the Registration District.
The Poor Law Unions were used as a Superintendent Registrar's District (SRD) and
within each SRD a Dispensary District or Registrar's District was created.
Each quarter the District Registrar sent certified copies of births, deaths
and marriages to the Superintendent who in turn sent these to the Registrar General in Dublin.
These records were in turn indexed for the whole country and made available to the public.
Thus, knowing the Poor Law Union will identify the correct registration district.

How does one find the Poor Law Union? If one knows the townland or parish in which
their ancestor lived, there are two books in the library that they can consult.
These are General Alphabetical Index to the Townlands and Towns, Parishes and Baronies
of Ireland based on the Census of Ireland for 1851 (R9/10/01) and Townlands in
Poor Law Unions (R7/94/03).
Once an ancestor is identified, bearing in mind that there could be many with the
same name in the one town and many spelling variants, the simplest way to view the
actual certificate would be to order the LDS film containing the certificate.
For details of how to purchase a photocopy of the certificate
from Ireland. See the The General Register Office of Ireland.

From your certificates you can expect the following information:-

A birth certificate will state the date and place of birth, the name given to the child, sex, also the surname, occupation and place of dwelling of the father and, after 1903, the maiden name of the mother.

A marriage certificate will state the names of the parties, age, marital status, date and place of marriage, the residence of each at the time of the marriage and the names and occupations of the fathers of both parties to the marriage and names of witnesses.

A death certificate is the least informative of these documents, merely stating date and place of death, the name, sex, age, occupation, cause of death and name of informant.

Honorah Collins -Marriage certificate

Honora COLLINS The daughter of Michael COLLINS 1722-1815 and Ann RYAN b:1730 was born in 1763 in Kerry, Ireland d:5 September 1837 at Castlereagh. married by the Rev. Samuel Marsden, using the name Norah Collins on the 3 July 1801 at St.John's Parramatta to Thomas FRANCIS b:4 April 1764 in Warwickshire d:3 September 1820 at Castlereagh. Honora arrived 11 February 1796 on the 'Marquis Cornwallis'which had left Cork on 9 August 1795. She had been tried at Kerry and sentenced to 7 years. Cannot find her crime recorded. Her husband Thomas arrived with the third fleet on the 'Admiral Barrington' 16 October 1791.

See below for a copy of the entry in the marriage register at St.John's Parramatta.

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JAMES BOOTH 1836-1931

James BOOTH the son of William James BOOTH 1808-1875 and Mary STRETTON 1805-1877, was born on the 12 June 1836 at Edensor,Derbyshire,and died at the age of 95 in Barraba, New South Wales on the 8 July 1931. He arrived in Australia in 1856 as an assisted immigrant aboard the ship 'Conway' he settled at Camperdown in Sydney where he worked as a clerk. There, he met and married Mary Ann COLLINS,b:1837 in Donegal, Ireland. Mary Ann arrived as an assisted immigrant on the 'Bee' on 6 June 1856. James and Mary Ann were married in 1862 at Camperdown. the children of this marriage were:-

1.Alfred Booth 1862 1885, North Sydney

2. William James Booth b:28 Oct.1864 d:9 April 1948, Lidcombe,married Ann CUTMORE 1871-1958 daughter of William CUTMORE 1829-1909 and Ann BASHAM 1833-1914 at Barraba in 1889 -7 Children

3. John A. Booth 1866 1869, Sydney

4. Rose Booth 1867 1869, Sydney

5. Mary Emily Booth 1869 1949, Ryde NM

6. Elizabeth Booth b:25 Feb 1870 d:11 October 1949, Sydney Married Frederick RABE at Barraba 11 June 1895 - 3 children

7. Catherine Booth b:27 June 1872 Newtown d:5 December 1951, Werris Creek. married Arthur Charles BARTIER b:1869 - d:28 July 1955 at Werris Creek. on 27 June 1897 at Barraba, NSW

8. Rose Booth b: 19 Dec.1873 Newtown d: 19 March 1944, Barraba

9. James Henry Booth b: 17 July 1875 Newtown d:2 August 1949, Sydney

10. Frederick Charles Booth b:16 May 1877 Barraba 1945, Queensland, Australia

James and Mary moved to Barraba around 1878 and James opened a general store.
Mary BOOTH, nee COLLINS died on the 6 February 1880, at Barraba,after an illness of two days, leaving James and 8 children. Buried at Barraba General Cemetery.The headstone is broken and laying on the ground but the date of death is clear, and newspaper obituaries clearly give 6th as d.o.d.

In 1881 at Warialda, NSW James BOOTH married Sarah Jane CUTMORE b:25 November 1858 at Wilberforce,NSW d:11 April 1938 Barraba, NSW. The children of this marriage were:-

George James Booth 1881 1947, Rockdale, Sydney

Arthur William Booth 1883 1958, Katoomba

Albert Booth 1885 1951, Burwood, Sydney

Walter Booth 1887 1949, Concord, Sydney

Thirza Jessie Booth 1889 1968, Barraba

Stanley Roy Booth 1891 1946, Barraba

Percy Cecil Booth 1893 1953, Kempsey

Stella May Booth 1898 1964, Barraba

James died on the 8 July 1931 at Barraba and his second wife Sarah Jane followed on the 11 April 1938 at Barraba. Both, are buried at the Barraba General Cemetery, West St, Barraba in the old CofE section.

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Hiding Your Convict Past

Because of embarrassment and the desire to gain status in their community, there was a widespread cover-up involving ordinary families and officials to keep their convict past secret. During the early nineteenth century some families who had aquired wealth thought their convict antecedants were a handicap to them attaining status and respect. A case in point is Mary REIBY, nee HAYDOCK 1777-1855, the first female retailer in Sydney. At 13 she was transported to New South Wales for dressing up as a boy and stealing a horse. She arrived in 1792 on the 'Royal Admiral' and spent two years as a nursemaid. She married Thomas REIBY 1769-1811, an irish officer she had met on the voyage from Britain. Mary and Thomas set up a store near Sydney Harbour. Thomas spent a good deal of time buying ships and travelling and Mary looked after the business and their 7 children.
Thomas died in 1811 and Mary was left with the lot including a new warehouse in George Street. Mary was one of the earliest settlers of Hunters Hill. She built a cottagelater known as Fig Tree Houseon land that fronted the Lane Cove River; Reiby Street is named after her.
In 1821 She travelled back to England and bought valuable property and buildings over there, She lived off her investments and died a very wealthy woman.
Mary was far-sighted and when a sequence of official musters culminating in the census of 1828 came around she recorded the ship on which she had returned on after her visit to England, thereby appearing in the 1828 muster as came free on the 'Mariner' in 1821.
If Mary had not been so well known this stratagem would have created a huge puzzle for her decendants and family researchers.
*The full story of Mary REIBY as Mary REIBEY 1777-1855 can be obtained online.
**Dr.Alison Alexander an academic historian at the university of Tasmania asked 127 of her students if they were decended from convicts. Of nearly 20% who knew they were. 60% had only, discovered the information through research done by a family member.

Thomas EATHER 1836-1929

The eldest son of James EATHER 1811-1899 and Mary Ann HAND 1815-1894.
Thomas was born in Richmond, New South Wales on the 17 January 1836.
Thomas married Charlotte Margaret HOWELL on the 22 November 1860 at Parramatta. Charlotte was born in Richmond, New South Wales on the 3 October 1842, the daughter of Thomas HOWELL 1809-1876 and Elizabeth CROWLEY 1815-1891.
The children of Thomas and Charlotte were:-
1. Emily Ann Eather 18621944 m. James Cousins DUNCAN 1856-1909 at
Baan Baa, New South Wales, on 5 April 1882.

2. Albert Eather 18631949 m.Harriett PRATT 1869-1937 at
Narrabri, New South Wales in 1886.

3. Laura Lavinia Eather 18641950 m. William Francis BOYLE 1860-1928 at Narrabri, New South Wales, in 1885.

4. Thomas Charles Eather 18661943 m. Hannah Mary McGINNITY 1871-1929 at Narrabri, New South Wales,in 1890.

5. Jane Charlotte Eather 18681954 m. John Reading 1863-1936 at
Narrabri, New South Wales, in 1889.

6. James Vincent Eather 1870 1870

7. Celia Eather 1871 1871

8. Julia Eather 1871 1872

9. James Hilton Eather 18731950 m. Ada Amelia NELSON 1866-1944 at
Boggabri, New South Wales, in 1893.

10. Arthur Howell Eather 1874 1900

11. Sydney Eather 18761960 m. Susannah Anastasia BENNETT 1879-1931 at Boggabri, New South Wales, in 1906.

12. Alexander Eather 1878 1942 m. Linda Pearle BRACKENREG 1881-1965 at Boggabri, New South Wales,in 1905.

13. Edith May Eather 18791952 m.James Robert NELSON 1868-1950 at
Boggabri, New South Wales,in 1899.

14. Julia Eliza Eather 18801955 m. Leopold GUEST 1869-1932 at
Boggabri, New South Wales, in 1899.

15. Eva Elizabeth Mary Eather 18841919 m. Sidney A EATHER 1889-1944 at Sydney, New South Wales,in 1911.