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The Berlowitz Family Story

When I joined the family, almost 44 years ago, Max Berley, Davids son, was president of the Cousins Club, and the entire family met regularly. Unfortunately now cousin does not know cousin. Lets not lose our family and our roots (Reggie Belikoff Blum ZL, March, 15, 1988)

Our First Generation

Origin of the name
Each of the 12 Jewish tribes had a sacred symbol (totem) of a wild animal. The totem of the tribe of Issachar was originally a donkey, but in Europe it became a bear, according to Miriam Weiner. The Hebrew prefix for bear is Dov, with the Yiddish equivalent Ber. All Jews whose surnames begin with Ber are part of the Ashkenazi branch of the tribe of Issachar. Some variants of the name are Bereliovich, Berelevich, and Berlovich. (-owitz, etc., means son of)

This is the name "Berelowitz" in Russian & Hebrew characters, from Yad Vashem.org.

The father of all the Berlowitz children was Tzvi-Hirsch Berelowitz. The name Tzvi-Hirsch is a fairly common legal double name, the first part Hebrew, the second part Yiddish. Both names mean deer.

Our Families

The Family of Tzvi-Hirsch and Rochel Berelowitz.
Tzvi-Hirsch was a tinker or dealer and repairer of metal objects. He married Rochel around 1865 and they lived in the region of Ukraine around the Dnieper River, in the province, or "gubernia" of Ekaterinoslav, which today is called Dnipropetrovsk.

Their children:

David, born about 1867, married Rochel (Rachel) about 1892.
David was a tinsmith like his father.