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Looking for Haley families in Harrison County in the late 1700's and 1800's

I have been working on the Haley family in Harrison County. Here is the information I have, this information is from my great uncle, Shirley Haley and from the Barton papers. According to my great uncle my gggggrandfather and gggggrandmother's name were Marsh Haley and Katie Titiwit Haley and that they came from Ireland and that they had a son named Absolum, and two daughter's Fanny and Nancy. They lived in Shawhan Station, Ky. Absolum lived with a woman named Betsy Sowder and they had four sons, William, George Washington, Lewis and Joseph, they never married, and William and Joseph went by Sowder and George and Lewis went by Haley, although they all used Haley at some time in their life. George had a daughter named Cordelia and Joseph had a son named James. They married in Kentucky and went by the name of Sowder, but when they moved to Indiana they all went by the name of Haley, no one knows why. James was the father of Morton Haley and Morton was the father of Loren Haley, my father. I only have two pieces of information on Marsh and one is from Uncle Shirley and he said Marsh was his ggggrandfather. The other is from the Barton Papers where Joseph's son Joe Jefferson said that when Absolum and Besty split up he went back to Shawhan Station where Marsh lived only difference is that Joe Jeff called him Uncle Marsh. I have made several trips to Bourbon, Fayette and Harrison Counties to no avil. If anyone can help me I would so much appreciate the help. Thank you in advance.

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Haley's in Kentucky Counties that once were Virginia Counties

Hi, I am looking for any information on the Marsh Haley family from Berry, Pendleton County, Ky. I will start with my father, Loren Haley b. 1915 in Greensburg, Indiana, hi father was Morton Haley b.1887 in Ky. Here is where it gets dicey. Morton was born with the Sowder name, as was his father and grandfather, when the family moved from Ky to Indiana they took the Haley name. Will explain more on this later. Morton's fathers name was James F. Sowder/Haley and his father was Joseph Sowder/Haley. Joseph's father was Absolum [Abner] Haley and his mother was Elizabeth [Betsy] Sowder. They had 4 sons,George Washington Haley, Benjamin Haley, Lewis Sowder and Joseph, two took the Haley name and the other 2 took the Sowder name. They never married. My ggrandfater James married his first cousin, Cordilla, daughter of George Washington Haley. I know that Absolum is their father as it is on George's death certificate. Only information on Marsh is in the Barton Papers where Joe Jeff Sowder says that when Betsy and Absolum split up he went back where Marsh lived in a place called Shawhan Station. If anyone has any info and can help I would so appreciate the help. Thanks.