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I'm looking for the parents of Glendy Burke who lived in New Orleans and Louisiana around 1830

This Glendy Burke married Victoria Catherine De Bolle as a second wife in 1863. I'd like to know something about her family (which I think was from Philadelphia) and his as well. This following is what I've found about him.

BURKE, Glendy, commission merchant, planter, banker. Born, Baltimore, Md., December 31, 1805; son of David Burke, a Baltimore shipping executive. Removed to New Orleans in 1826, worked for Abijah Fisk (q.v.) and within five years bought Fisk's business. As a result of the Panic of 1837, amassed a debt of three million dollars which he paid off in ten years. By the 1850s became a millionaire for the second time with assets which included: commission merchant house, banking interests, sugar and cotton plantations, and one thousand slaves. A steamboat named for Glendy Burke served as the subject and title for one of Stephen Foster's most famous songs. Political service: was elected to the city council of the Second Municipality; served two terms in the state legislature. Helped to create the first public-school system in Louisiana in the 1840s. Was a Whig and later a Know-Nothing. During the occupation of New Orleans by the Union Army, served briefly as chairman of the bureau of finance under Mayor Hugh Kennedy (q.v.) and as a temporary mayor of New Orleans for three weeks (June 8-June 28, 1865). Married (1) Czarina Eliza Rogers of Baltimore (d. 1842). Married (2) Annie Hooke of Havana, Cuba (d. 1854). Married (3) Victoria Catherine de Bolle of Philadelphia (d. 1904). Three children: Corneal, George B., and Modesta, all of whom survived him. Religion: reared a Presbyterian, became an Episcopalian, and later a lay minister in the Church of the New Jerusalem (the Swedenborgian faith). Ruined financially as a result of the Civil War. Died, June 21, 1879; interred Girod Street Cemetery.

Looking for parents of Elliot Dixon, Beverly Carradine, Glendy Burke, and Victoria Catherine De Bolle, Virginia Carradine

Some geneologists have tried to trace my Great Grandfather Beverly Carradine's line back. Some say there were two Carradine brothers originally from Italy who immigrated via Spain and Ireland to the States. I can't find a record of them.

Trying to find the generation before my Great Grandfather, Beverly Carradine

Some say there were two Italian brothers who came over via Spain and Ireland. Beverly Carradine was a Holiness minister in Missouri, Louisiana, and in other states during the mid 1800's. He married Laura Reed and later my Greatgrandmother, Modesta Burke DeBolle. I know something about Modesta's father, Glendy Burke, but nothing about her and the De Bolle family.

Looking for Modesta de Bolle who married Beverly Carradine, the parents of Josephine Carradine, my Grandmother

My Grandmother, Josephine Carradine, was one of Beverly Carradine's last children of his second wife, Modesta de Bolle. Josephine loved music, and studied the piano and eventually performed Rachmaninoff's 2nd Piano Concerto with the St. Louis Symphony under Rudolf Ganz as a young teenager, while still living at home. But her father Beverly's Holiness ministry and writings had a big influence on her spiritual life, which is of course, deeply connected to living life as an artist. She stopped playing secular classical music and began to play religious music only, and religion, presumably her father's version of it, was her law. (However, during the years when I was engaged to a Hungarian violinist, he actually came to visit me in Canada during one of her few visits to our home in Toronto. She must have been in her 80's. The date was around 1975. She and Robert Muller played together, a Chaconne originally written for Violin and Organ. And then she played (showing off!) parts of a piano version of Bach's Chaconne for violoin and piano, before she then returned to the hymns that she normally played for us.)

The religious convictions of Beverly Carradine have played the major role in his daughter Josephine's life, her daughter Barbara's life, and in my life. Barbara married a Plymouth Brethern "preacher/writer" who loved the arts but I became a violinist.

My mother tells riotous tales told to her by her mother Josephine , of her and her husband Elliot Dixon's (St. Louis surgeon)large formal dinner parties (they lived with servants in St. Louis) of visiting aunts throwing butterballs at each other, of the two children (Barbara and Betty (married Leake))waking up from the party noise and one falling into the toilet, walking down the great stairs around the dinner party holding a dripping wet nightgown over her arm, and with her little finger, pointing to all of the gentlemen saying carefully: "Either you, or you, or you, or you, left the seat of the toilet open and I fell in."

Aunt Virginia Carradine was a writer, teacher, artist who eventually went to teach at Sophie Newcombe College in New Orleans. She must have married a Carradine, because I'm not sure of where she is in the family picture. I have her Citrine gold ring. There is/was a foot of her papers on archive at Sophie Newcombe College before the hurricane. I'm not sure whether that still exists. Aunt Lulu or Aunt Gundy ? was not well mentally I understood.

Josephine's husband was Elliot Dixon, a nephew? of a well-loved and well-known educator who began Sophie Newcombe College in New Orleans. Elliot was a St. Louis surgeon who lost his family wealth during the depression and died leaving Josephine alone with two daughters.

Josephine then moved to New York (I wonder if she met William Reed Carradine there, John's father, the son of Beverly Carradine and his first wife? Was this why she chose New York City? Otherwise it was a strange choice for a single parent to make in the 30's.

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