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How do I contact support with a website problem?

I've just joined FamilyTreeCircles and I'm very keen to try it out. However when I try to register an interest in a surname then I get an error message such as
MDB2 Error: constraint violation, _doQuery: [Error message: Could not execute statement]
[Last executed query: insert into user_expertise set user_id = 284311, doe = '2019-02-27 15:29:12', dlu = '2019-02-27 15:29:12', status_id = 1, type = 'surname', tag = 'TENCH'
, notes = 'From Cheshire, England', local_lookups = '']
[Native code: 1062]
[Native message: Duplicate entry '161576' for key 'PRIMARY']

I would send this directly to 'Support' but I cannot see the Support button that is supposed to appear on the bottom right of pages.

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