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I need help from the sellers or cain family. My great grand father was George Washington Cain born 1873.
He is also listed on some census records as George H Cain. And on Military records as George H cain/George Washington cain. This has made it difficulty to find his parents. His Wife was Florence Elizabeth Cole and they were married in Hardy, West Virgina. On the Marrage record it has Groom George Washington and Wife Florence Cole, but The only information I was able to Obtain about his parents was Mother Margert Sellers and Father unknown. I did find a record though on a Rosa Mae Sellers marring a George Washington Cain in 1891.
Aslo a census with George H cain and Rosa Mae Sellers. I don't know if this is George washington sr and if Rosa Mea is aka Margeret Sellers because I cant find the kids listed under the parents on any censu.
Any ones help would be greatly appreciated.

Cocke William Talbot Cocke and William 1787

Sorry about the last post please disregard. I am looking for William Cocke born 1787 Father of William Talbot Cocke. This is my line. William was Born 1787 and was married to Mahala Morrison and who else. Any one have married to a susannah crenshaw? I need her birth date and marriage date. I found some children listed under William born 1787 who have both the cocks and crenshaw name.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

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Cockes family Lousiana/Texas

I just wanted to thank everyone for the help.
I have not found out if my grand father Mansen Cocke changed his name or used another
first name, but thanks to family tree circles I was able to find his father, mother and
sibblings. Also with the use of ancestery com I am almost done with that side of the family.

Cox of Texas, looking for grand parent Manson Cox

I ran across obituary of Herbert Cox passed away 9/1982. According to the orbits he had 3 surviving brothers at the time. Freddie Cox of Theriot, Robert of Houma and Manson Of Texas. He also had two living sisters Eubie Roberts of los angels and Mandie Cox of mogan city. This is as close as I have come to finding out about my grandfather. Anyone here with links to this cox famly? I do know for a fact that
my grandfather's brother was my Great uncle Robert Cox from Houma and that uncle Robert had two adopted children one son named Paul and I dont know the daughters name.

Cox/Cock Family

Thanks Family Circles I have been finding alot of information about my Cox side of the family.
I haven't found out what other name grandpa Manson Cox's name was at death or his burial place, but I found a list of family members using family search. Thanks for the advice.

Now I need medical history. My dad Roosevelt Cox Born 9/20/37 is being treated for prostate and his doctor sujested he find out some information on his heritage and family medical history. Is there a place I can find this out or do I have to ask a family member?

Julia Cox

cox/leblanc family

Hello Family. I spoke to my father Roosevelt Cox this morning about the information I obtained through Herbert Cox's Obituaries. He confirmed this is my Cox family line. My Grandfather was Manson Cox, the brother of Herbert, Freddie, Robert and Dad said he had an uncle Charlie, but dont know if this is a great uncle or not.
Also My Dad remembers an aunt mandie and zenobie and that an aunt lived in california.
My great grand parents are Freddie Cox Sr and Elizabeth Leblanc. I plan to searching more ancestors from this line.

Cox/Leblanc so many secrets

I am searching for cox family.
My great grandfather was Frederick Cox married Elizabeth leblanc. children were Frederick, Hurbert, ?Manson and Robert. Daughters Eusibe Roberts, mindey Cox and zenobia Roberts.
My Grand father ? Manson was not married to my grand mother Maguerite Verdin and they seem to have both been good at keeping secrets.
Any way my Grand Father's name is questionable now. I can not find any record of a Manson Cox born or deceased from texas.
My great uncle Robert grandpas brother had been keeping in contact with my Dad all his life, but he passed away so I cant ask the one person who could have told me alot.
Now what I need to know is, if there is a way to find someone without having the first name and also is there a place to check for name changes?
I appreciate the help
Thank you

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ok I know with all these cox and leblanc families someone can help me. I am researching my dads side of the family. I am going to stick with just searching for his fathers family right now since we are such a mixed family. His Fathers name is Manson Cox I met his brother some years ago before he died and his brother was named Robert Cox he was from houma Louisianna. Recently I came across an orbit with the death of Herbert Cox brother of Manson, Robert and Freddie Jr. Son of Freddie Cox sr and Elizabeth Leblanc. I really would like to know about this line and if they are my ancestors. My grandmother raised my Dad and was not married to manson as far as I know. She is of Chactow and french decent and only spoke broken french, so when I went to see her when I was younger I didnt get much information there. Any help will be appreicated.
Thank you

Family Tree Circles

I just wanted to post a thank you. Thank you all the wonderful people working to maintain this site. I have met a few second cousins even a third, I have received a lot of information that I thought might be impossible to obtain on my family. I also was able to go back as far as the 15 century on my Olivier family line. This site is so helpful. During my search you have directed me so many helpful resources I was able to go along way in very little time. With out this site I really know how far I would be right now. So I just wanted to let you know and every one else that this is a great site to get in contact with others and obtain helpful information and the people that are maintaining it are outstanding. God bless what your doing and thank you.

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Trying to find information of Barthelany Sennette and Aspasie Frelow.

My great grand mother was born marguerite maggie sennette 1888. she married twice.
husbands where Robert Picou and Louis Jean Baptiste Prosper Verdin. This information
was obtained though family and also through louisianna census and marriage records.

Maguerite is said to be the daughter or grand daughter of Barthelany and Aspasie Frelow.