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Still looking for my grand parents

So far I found out that my grandfather cox's first name is not R or A. Its should be Manson, but Im only find the middle name manson cox and no first names. Thats grandpa.

Now my grandmother, lol.
Well she had a few names. Her last name was given to me by my uncle as pinkston, but its not. I found out my great grandmothers name was eliska maggie margaurite picou and she married a verdin, so my grandmothers name was maggie or marguarite verdin.

I dont know where pinkstons came in at because my grandmother only married to a hines/hynes not sure of the spelling.

Oh this is a job. Anyone have any info that can help me, please let me know.

Thank you.

looking now for maggie verdin

Looking for grand mother maggie verdin, daughter of maggie picou

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looking for manson cox

Looking for my grand father manson cox from lousianna

update picou, verdine,cox

Just found out my grandmother was maggie verdine before she married and her mother was also named maggie last name picou. Dont know who
is a pinkston yet. but could be by marriage. As for my grand father his first name is manson and last name is cox, still search for this side of the faimily too.

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roosevelt cox father unknown

Still searching for my father's father last name Cox. And also my uncle Robert cox both of louisanna. My dad said one time my uncle had his foot up on a chair and my grand father told him to take it down. When he refused my grand father cut his big toe off. So now I am looking for my grandfather and his brother with the missing toe.

Lookng for grand Parents maggie picou and R. cox lousianna

I have been searching for info on my grand parents. The parents of my father Roosevelt A Cox born in Louisianna 1937. My grand mother passed away in 1985 and her death records have her as Maggie Pinkston of Lousianna. Now the problem I am having is my father says her name was margaurite pinkston and her maden name was picou.
I am also having a problem connecting with my dads father's information. I dont have my grand fathers first name only the initals R. or A. Cox. He also passed away in louisianna around 1986 or 87. My grand fathers brother my great uncle Robert is the closest information I have on my grand father. My uncle robert lived in lousianna until he passed around 2002. He had two adopted indian children. he had and oil field in lousianna and he once shot at some one for being on his property. So If I can find his family maybe they can tell me about my grand father.

looking for grand parents

My name is Julia Cox, I am the youngest of three children. My Fathers name is Roosevelt A Cox. I have been tring to find info on my grand parents. Problem is they were not married because of racial issues at that time. He is of german decent. and I only thing I have is my grand fathers last name cox and his first inital is either A or R. he died around 1985 in lousianna.
My grand mothers name was margaurite. maden name picou she also died about nine months earlier. Both died in the state of louisianna.
I would appriciate if someone can give me some advice where I should look and i have tried ancesty and I found nothing of help.

need help finding grand parents

grand father ? cox died in around 1987 louisianna
grand mother margaurite maden name picou died 1985 also louisianna
My dads name is Rooselvelt A. Cox

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