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related to william brown in victoria,

browns in Victoria related to dunstall in sth Australia, mother deceased in 1980s ,7 kids. all living married with children

wilson g- g- grandmum mrs taylor also elizabeth park mrs taylor

our taylor granddads are james ??? married too . robert taylor wife also. which women ,goes with which grandfathers ,who 1st + who 2nd . also is iain wilson + wife elaine bruce related to carters taylor ,dunstall symons , drummond. need to find all wilson connections ,also james aymons , janet drummond in victoria . janet stewart,, our g-g-g- grandmum, all gardiners, + clark + george smith all from scotland to victoria australia

taylor symons wilson

looking for right connections to g- g- g- grandparents for carter family, elizabeth nee park, miss wilson mrs taylor both g- g- grandmums

wilson - taylor family connection

our great g-grandmum was a miss wilson married to our g-g- granddad, either james taylor , or robert taylor one , g- g- grandmum was elizabeth park but i do not know which one comes first + which one is married to which granddad. our g-grandparents were william taylor , + mary symons. william i had heared was born at sea from england to vic australia. i do not know which ship, only he was born about 1854 . hope some one knows who what + where. also are we related to iain wilson married to elaine m bruce in scotland. hope this halps others , + also may help my tree grow

our grandmum wilson

g-g- grandma wilson was married to our g- g- granddad mr taylor . I think it was grt grandfather robert taylor . . my 2nd grandparents for taylor was william taylor married to mary symons in 1877 in victoria,born on board ship , about 1858 , his father was james taylor, his dad dad was robert our 3rd g- g- grand father.the taylors are in dunstall family from our mums - mum , margaret ann nee taylor mrs frederick dunstall, margaret ann our grand mum was born in ballerat vic australia 1883, her mum mary was born in ballarat also , in 1861 , marys mum was janet drummond mrs james symons, 1854 . her mum was ann drysdale + dad was hugh drummond from muthill scot.anns mum was marion burt ,dad was james drysdale.. grandmum wilson ,I am still looking for

helping others to find family

when I see people who need help in your web site, I give them ideas by sending them ideas. I couldnot believe how many people do not even know who their parents were, put me on the list of people who have names which I have

distractions from messages

family keep popping up on message . then i lose the journal i was doing. i was stating who , my connections are to. the mcdonalds , have a gedcom for alex from scotland with his children going to london to live , until they moved to australia. catherine married a mr RIGG, in london. they are related to the thorpes family who also moved to hindmarsh sth au, thomas thorpe married kezia Hall , her mum was elizabeth Hill. there is a large thorpe gedcom done by our family in australia.carter family is one of the worlds largest families. carter in australia lived and born in footscray victoria au. but our dad donald , moved around following his elder brother gifford gordon. both deceased. we travelled from loxton sth australia, where his dad william henry , ran a bakery with the three,men working together , with mum grace linda ivy dunstall married our dad on 19thmarch,1932. the day the harbour bridge opened. my 2 sisters born in sth aus, then they moved to western australia. with t-diamond ford truck with two toddlers. mum pregnant with our eldest brother robert william, deceased with non hodgkins lymphoma , in june 20th2001 , in bribane leaving a wife + four children to greave. he was only 64. too young. love you bill. my big brother. dad + mum were either surveying or helping to build the road to western australia. when bill was concieved. he was born in western australia in 1937. when they came back to loxton, mum concieved myself in 1939. when i turned 2, we went by truck to mildura, taking our cat with us, but the cat jumped off . the truck, and ran into the bushes . never to be seen again. in mildura dad worked in the mildura baker baking bread, working in the family ,quicks bakery. we all 4 kids went to school ,there . until the eldest sister went to work in coles. they laughed about the xmas party at home , as her colegues ate fruit salad + ice-cream out of the new commodes ,for sale in the shop.that was a wonderful part of our lives. they ,the two eldest went on the murry paddle steamer when i was about 8 yrs old, they took me with them. by this time mum had the 5th child a girl, by the time i was ten mum had my 2nd brother. when he was 1 yearold we travelled on top of the furniture. to sydney to live. to live closer to his elder brother,giff + aunty jean his wife.. while travelling there the 5 eldest all sat on top of the furniture, trying to count the stars. some of the time dad let us, bill + myself only lie either side of the truck mudgaurds, that was amazing for two 12 + ten year olds. the kids of today can not have that experience as it is now illegal., + plus no mudguards on modern trucks or cars. when we arrived in deewhy near the beach , i was sent to dee why public , my new teachers mrs armstrong, + miss mckender. until leaving to go closer to manly at fairlight nsw. another move while mum was in manly hospital having our last + youngest sister. but while at dee why beach our 3 rd but last brother was born. making this 8 kids, + one grandaughter for mum only 11 months after the lat child. making the youngest girl an aunty at 1 months old. well this is enough for now. hoping this can get in to the trove news paper, as my family checks , this for family. also they can then find my journals to read.

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related to morrisons

film star joh wayne is a morrison connection. also we are related to j- moore family . montgomery,s are also related to carters from footscray vic au. jane cotton carter married john montgomery. also we are related to isobel drummond mrs john gebbie in england, milners in england related to walkers. also gordons from austrtalia mcdonalds are related to my thorpe family from london. does anyone have connection to carters thru these people.