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carter related ,smiths

carters have, 3 different families, our fathers side, sarrah mrs john carter,in England 1600s. Thorpe family ,still my father on his mums side ,for Thorpe.then 3rd connection in Scotland ,on our mums family, George smith,father to georgina,+her sibling George, George smith family tree, + grahamjohn 1824,richard in1859.victor les,1886,george joseph smith1912. graham + smith ,is bill graham married annie galvin 1836 ellen 1863,related also to mckenzies,from smith.living now.

related to jenkins-taylor-dunstall-wilsons

june marie carter. our family, is connected to dunstall our mother-grace linda - ivy - nee dunstall,mrs donald lindley carter, dad died in 1966, after surgery for gall stones , one less than his age 58 ,57 stones, caused his life of pain from a young age now known to be what caused it,as our sister - in -law jenny ,her sister had the same symptoms, at age 5 yrs old, found to be gall age 21, also my mother - in - law, had the same symptoms as myself, the pain was in the wrong place,not on the right but on the left, confusing the doctors thoughts of what was wrong,until the stones were big enough to show up on the scan. medical information can be very un known, because people are all different, also my observations over year, told me, thru history, that our hormones, have caused ,many anomallies in our bodies, since, hormones , and antibiotics,were added to the animals ,to keep them fit + to grow,faster. i believe this has caused large bellies on men = WOMEN, ALSO CAUSING US MUDDLE HORMONES, CAUSING BIG BREASTS ON MEN + WOMEN, I WONDER HOW MANY OTHER PROBLEMS WE WOULD FIND IF INVESTIGATED BY SOME ONE WHO ,CHECKED THESE THINGS OUT.GYNOCOLOGIEST COULD HAVE A FIELDDAY ,IF THEY HAD THE TIME. IT WOULD HELP A LOT OF HEALTH PROBLEMS IN PEOPLE. , WELL I HOPE , PEOPLE WILL FIND THE FAMILYICONNECTIONS, MAYBE EVEN THRU HEALTH,FROM THESE THEORIES.

gedcom file to teresa howie

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ashton - roche gedcom file related to june carter mrjohn milner

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hi marie ,my 2nd name is marie

give me feed back . who are you searching for

teresa howie related to milner carter family

teresa + her sister cecilia ashton - roche family have done their gedcom file but i do not know how to print a copy to my note pad as the web site has covered it with a haze as the web site has stopped communicating as they have stopped paying in to their website

related to william brown in victoria,

browns in Victoria related to dunstall in sth Australia, mother deceased in 1980s ,7 kids. all living married with children

wilson g- g- grandmum mrs taylor also elizabeth park mrs taylor

our taylor granddads are james ??? married too . robert taylor wife also. which women ,goes with which grandfathers ,who 1st + who 2nd . also is iain wilson + wife elaine bruce related to carters taylor ,dunstall symons , drummond. need to find all wilson connections ,also james aymons , janet drummond in victoria . janet stewart,, our g-g-g- grandmum, all gardiners, + clark + george smith all from scotland to victoria Australia. ####
I have now found 2nd g-grandparents, were mary Wilson, +Robert taylor JAMES TAYLOR #RD G_GRANDPARENTS <TO CARTER FAMILY< HIS WIFE <OUR G_ GRAN ELIZ PARK< our mothers connection to taylors from England to Victoria Australia, g-ma, Margaret, mums mum , mrs fred dunstall,had a large family,and lived in sth Australia.

taylor symons wilson

looking for right connections to g- g- g- grandparents for carter family, elizabeth nee park, miss wilson mrs taylor both g- g- grandmums