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adding these surnames to one gedcom file

all of these surnamed are connected to dunstall married to carter family from Scotland - England + Australia, the gedcom file for carter from Victoria aus are from Lancashire ,the gedcom is done 2006, dunstalls from sussex have the dunstall road family road bible done by stan + his cousin. this has photos to add from who ever knows how it is done, dunstall folly, church, road , park , etc. please,anyone add if you know how,they are beautiful photos of our dunstall photos . jolly,s are many in this dunstall road book. oliver , Ogilvy ,carter,edwick alderding ,kidd,campbell, Jenkins, hole,brown, are all related to the dunstalls + carters from Garston , sussex England to Victoria, + south Australia,I believe the family have now added a new book in color.thru Symons + taylor connection our families are now connected to drummonds, janet (graham)drummond mrs james Symons , her daughter Mary,married willaim taylor their daughter Margaret ann taylor married Frederick dunstall ,our mum Grace linda ivy dunstall ,married Donald lindley carter making carter family related to famous people , related to Maurice (gyorgy arpad from hungaria, in 1066 to Scotland . he carried the future king of England + the two sister Christian, + saint Margaret to safety , but ended up in Scotland in a ship wreck. Maurice like Scotland so much he decided to live there + change his name to drummond, to become a Scottish citizen. from this one famous man came thousands of drummonds many of them famous, amazing men + women .

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archibald drummond + miss key marry

Archibald is janet (graham)drummonds, abt 5th grt grandfather , born in Scotland in 1600s,believed to have emigrated to USA. the generations to janet ,next ??? then,1760s is john + eliz gardiner, son alexander m Catherine dew dow , 2nd marriage was cathy clark,1780s then hugh drummond our 3rd grt grandparents m ann Drysdale,born muthill Scotland,these are janets parents our 2nd grt grt grandparent, m james Symons in 1854.lived in Victoria aus , 5 children ann , john , janet, mary mrs William taylor ,our 1st grt granparents he was born 1860 , mary born ballarat Victoria, 1861, m 1877. died in geelong 1928 his death 1929,there were abt 12 children , 1890 amy Victoria Chisholm mrs E D,arcy, our grandmother was Margaret ann taylor mrs Frederick dunstall born 16th april,1883. they had 12 children- 6 boys fred , Arthur , walter uncle wally ,Robert,james + stanly all deceased , last male died july 2013 , in Adelaide STH AUS, then 6 females still living ,the youngest , then 1st girl born - ellen, 2nd ada, 3rd girl our mother born 25th sept ,1913 in sth aus grace linda ivy mrs Donald carter 7 living children one boy died 20th june 2001 .in Brisbane Q aus died of non hodgkins lymphoma. 5 girls still living , + 2boys. back to dunstalls, our mothers + her sibblings born in sth aus, from 1903 until last female living born 16th dec ,1922. abt, dunstalls have a folly in sussex England ,also, road , street + church , in Australia the men share farmed on large farms, with their cousins,in south aus. also they started up , a coach from yankallili to Adelaide, + granddad Frederick received trophies for hay stacking , and training brumbie horses,

are my family related to tomkins

we need to have something to show who our families are in these notes given , would love to have confirmation of blood relatives

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BROWN FAMILYvic australia

caroline eliz nee schofield mrs henry carter born in footscray victoria

caroline , born 1856 had a sister born in England Florence Amelia mrs greenham born abt 1854 caroline born in Victoria their father was William schofield , mum was caroline eliz cotton Henry had only just arrived with his brother William carter in 1875 grandpa William henry carter was born 6th may,1876 in Footscray . he married Rebecca eliz Thorpe in 1903 in western Australia parents to our father 3rd child born 21st march,1908 in alberton in Victoria.thier first born was Gifford Gordon carter born in march ,1905. 2nd born Cassandra maude june 1906 mrs mick quast. then dad , then Lillian phebe known as phebe mrs doran , 2nd m Elliot no kids to him , only one child to mr doran stiil living so no comment, 5th child born died of dysntry a baby Robert abt 1921 THis the beginning , will add more when files are sorted from june marie carter

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carter family on facebook

,carter Jones ,Davies , knowles , pemberton, smith , all wives of carter men from garston , childwell, wavertree , lancashire england , john carter 1645 lived in london until he moved back home to garston ,his son john was born in garston late to mid 1600 , his son john thomas known as thomas born 1690 to 1700 still all in lancashire until grt grandfather henry + his brother william moved to footscray victoria australia in 1874 to 75henry met + married our grt grandmother caroline eliz schofield in 1875 ,daughter of william + caroline schofield nee cotton . william henry our grandfather was born 6-may 1876 in footscray, they had 12 children one every 2 years. caroline carter was born 1856 still footscary,. thier second born was jane cotton carter ,Mrs john montgomery all still in footscray, son frank became a priest + travelled to live in america married + had children.but never came back to australia to live. william henry married rebecca thorpe in western australia, daughter to kezia Hall married to thomas thorpe his parents from petticoat lane london charles + mary anne sir name disputed green or kingsford . kezia mum was elizabeth Hill ,dad was John Hall . william + rebecca had 5 children , gifford gordon carter 2nd born cassandra married mick quast, they had josiphene + julie in 1930s. donald lindley , born 21 march, 1908 in alberton vict, married our mum grace linda ivy dunstall born 25th sept 1913, dad died 1966 , mum survived another 40 yrs abt until 2002. children was 5 girls 3 boys but robert william known as (bill died 2001 on 20th june ,from non hodgkins lymphoma), 7 still living. grand parents rebecca+ williams 4th child lillian phebe married mr doran , elizabeth doran ,knowen as beth mrs reg schurr ,was thier only child, beth has a son karl + daughter kathy. the 5th child born was robert carter who died at 6 months old of dysntry. we still have alive in mum + dad carters * 5 girls ,ranging from 80 yrs old to youngest near 60 . the boys 2 only alive 65 to 63 yrs. all have many grandkids + grt grandkids .

carter related ,smiths

carters have, 3 different families, our fathers side, sarrah mrs john carter,in England 1600s. Thorpe family ,still my father on his mums side ,for Thorpe.then 3rd connection in Scotland ,on our mums family, George smith,father to georgina,+her sibling George, George smith family tree, + grahamjohn 1824,richard in1859.victor les,1886,george joseph smith1912. graham + smith ,is bill graham married annie galvin 1836 ellen 1863,related also to mckenzies,from smith.living now.