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how to copy pedigrees of my ancesters

want to see my pedigrees or trees to copy for my records , have none to show for my journals , if I have how do we find them,to copy

information found on gebbie geddes family connections

found earlier this year another isobell drummond married to john geddes, do not know anything about who added our family to this gedcom file for ?? gebbies + isabell smith but this gedcom has many of our mothers family in it but not connected to janet , who ever it was they did not know that our janet was now born 12thfeb,1832 not in 1830 ,both married + lived in Victoria Also came from Scotland mine muthill ,the other married a Jarvis ,she came from stirling scot

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sir john walker ,miss m fuller 1870 abt, j

in edinborough, , Edmond summer walker , Frederick m emma Gertrude Whitehurst, parents to Eileen mrs jack milner, she was born Manchester 9th may 1912, jack born Manchester in 1913, parents jinnie holt + George milner , 10 kids ginnie, George, james, edith, Robert, jack last born do not know any more of the names hope this helps walker related family . also Eileen walker mrs milner is related thru marriage to ashton roche , + mrs Teresa Howie . they came from England to Australia. find the gedcom file for this connection to milners.

related to moore, bramhill , carter

who is J moore collecting carter family information , have not been able to find them, or him or her. find this moore family to help thefamily from England

my brother says his wife is

related to royalty , in Ireland , w h carter married to a Campbell , they have collected this information from web sight opc her name was barnett

caroline eliz nee schofield mrs henry carter born in footscray victoria

caroline , born 1856 had a sister born in England Florence Amelia mrs greenham born abt 1854 caroline born in Victoria their father was William schofield , mum was caroline eliz cotton Henry had only just arrived with his brother William carter in 1875 grandpa William henry carter was born 6th may,1876 in Footscray . he married Rebecca eliz Thorpe in 1903 in western Australia parents to our father 3rd child born 21st march,1908 in alberton in Victoria.thier first born was Gifford Gordon carter born in march ,1905. 2nd born Cassandra maude june 1906 mrs mick quast. then dad , then Lillian phebe known as phebe mrs doran , 2nd m Elliot no kids to him , only one child to mr doran stiil living so no comment, 5th child born died of dysntry a baby Robert abt 1921 THis the beginning , will add more when files are sorted from june marie carter

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Dutch Brother _ IN_LAW

he is still living so I will only add the surname alderding, they have a reasonable size family from Holland , parents are deceased about 20 yrs ago, also another dutch relative married to a relative in my Thorpe family tree is peter brandt. hoping this is a little more I can help, will reply where needed by seeing their posts

ned foy also more abt carters

ned is a great friend of our family married to fay. living in nsw Australia, they have two girls monica + Lynda. one boy Robert , rob has 1boy , one girl , one sister has the same they are ned in his 70s abt the kids are abt 40 yrs old the children are about school age also my carter family I had found in Garston eng that my grt distant grandparent john Thomas known as thomas ,1700s his father was john born abt 1680 + johns father was also john born abt 1645 , but I believe this john moved to London as a young man as the track was not clear to carters because of this anomaly, moving back later , one of these johns I believe married a sarrah smith, the father of john 1645 was Richard I believe I was told somewhere along my long road to ancesters since 1980 ,at Parramatta NSW aus at the church of later day saints. starting again in ancestry . com for about 3 years , a bit to much money for a pensioner , but in that time I had added many of my ancesters trees . if you are able to retrieve these from mundaia you will have many years of peoples ancesters this stopping and starting + stopped for many years To Tomkin family collection

are my family related to tomkins

we need to have something to show who our families are in these notes given , would love to have confirmation of blood relatives

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