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Dutch Brother _ IN_LAW

he is still living so I will only add the surname alderding, they have a reasonable size family from Holland , parents are deceased about 20 yrs ago, also another dutch relative married to a relative in my Thorpe family tree is peter brandt. hoping this is a little more I can help, will reply where needed by seeing their posts

ned foy also more abt carters

ned is a great friend of our family married to fay. living in nsw Australia, they have two girls monica + Lynda. one boy Robert , rob has 1boy , one girl , one sister has the same they are ned in his 70s abt the kids are abt 40 yrs old the children are about school age also my carter family I had found in Garston eng that my grt distant grandparent john Thomas known as thomas ,1700s his father was john born abt 1680 + johns father was also john born abt 1645 , but I believe this john moved to London as a young man as the track was not clear to carters because of this anomaly, moving back later , one of these johns I believe married a sarrah smith, the father of john 1645 was Richard I believe I was told somewhere along my long road to ancesters since 1980 ,at Parramatta NSW aus at the church of later day saints. starting again in ancestry . com for about 3 years , a bit to much money for a pensioner , but in that time I had added many of my ancesters trees . if you are able to retrieve these from mundaia you will have many years of peoples ancesters this stopping and starting + stopped for many years To Tomkin family collection

are my family related to tomkins

we need to have something to show who our families are in these notes given , would love to have confirmation of blood relatives

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more related to taylor

amy Victoria Chisholm born 1890 m 1909 nee taylor , mrs d,arcy + two girls beryl+ dawn ,amy,s sisters b 1901 Issabella ruby a taylor sister hazel Cynthia m taylor b 1899 ,mary jane b 1894, , their brothers albury Clifton 1896 Stanley George b 1905 born geelong Victoria to mary Symons born 1861 + married 1877, William taylor , names in order of date 1883 Margaret ann our grandmum ,mrs fred dunstall, no list connection until 1894 mary jane , albury Clifton ,1896 hazel Cynthia M , b 1899 , Isabella ruby A taylor 1901 , stanley George taylor 1905 , I believe there was about 12 either Robert or William or both from 1877 to 1880 more connection to this family the next generation Margaret ann family Martha olive dunstall mrs will brown ,seven children I believe, bill brown ,still living in Victoria + she is deceased abt 1986, her 7 kids and grandchildren live in Victoria mainly to this day, the browns kids are 2 boys + 5 girls I believe, related to speers + davidsomn , mcneal ,speers - kennedy, william brown, married Martha olive b 1918 nee dunstall, do not know if these are connected to brown speers family tree information , as I donot remember why I wrote it on this paper they are defries - McCartney tree + J.I parer

mcleod married dunstall s 1860s

+Martha ann m john McLeod, her brother james married,annie McLeod, brother , Charles guy m - Catherine stockwell, sister Philadelphia m james Williams,1870, born in sth Australia we have the dunstall road family history book. so only need the spouses families not dunstall. the parents were john dunstall married to Martha waller b 1822 grt grandparents to our mother ,grace linda ivy dunstall born 25th sept, 1913 graces aunties , + uncles mcleods
annie McLeod
john mcleod
Catherine stockwell
james Williams all born in1840s

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find in wkipedia enyclopedia

arpad dynasty for early name for drummond start in hungaria 1050 abt to Scotland 1066.

find your families in hungaria to scotland 1050

in Wikipedia encyclopedia

finding drummond connection

grt grandmum born 1861,died in geelong 1928 mary Symons 1877, mrs William taylor, Margaret taylor born 1883 in Victoria, married Frederick dunstall grandparents to carter family, from Footscray Victoria. mum was grace linda ivy miss dunstall born 25th sept,1913. married our father Donald lindley carter 19th march , 1932. 8 kids one deceased with non hodgkins lymphoma in 2001 age 64 . mary Symons was the daughter of janet (graham) drummond mrs james Symons born 12th feb,1832 in muthill Scotland parents ann Drysdale,mrs hugh drummond, next alexander married dew or dow Catherine , 2 or 3 marriages , Catherine clark , etc

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